The Woman

Hulitoon by Becky Hulit



not knowing real

fantastic zeal

perfect locks

fingerprinted docks

as she sails away

in a light plum gale

she so strong

unfettered not blown

but the storm is within

lashed oats yet sewn

curious eyes

cute lips

teasing her memories

unquestioned tips

the eyes almost teared

but bold when steered

to passion, no fear

of unknown fate

a shadowed brow

cross swords firm

symbolic of term

as temptress bewitched

DeaBeePea 3-1-15

One Seat For Me

before '53

I was creeping in flee

trying to hide

before my birth you see

somehow I had

tickets to events

that nurtured my "me"

in pre-eminent fad

concerts and clubs

and theatres too

jazz and film

jitterbugs tubs

Savoy supreme

and palaces that gleam

a speck of my echo

in reversing stream

always feeling

that I was there

since I bopped into being

and swung before seeing...

DeaBeePea 2-17-15


A cylinder with mirrors

mirrors, cylinders

beads, pebbles, bits of glass

bits of glass, pebbles, beads

an eye, one end, light the other

light shines against the eye

Patterns of colour

coloured patterns

reflections, deflection

deflections, reflections,

Kaleidoscopic beauty

Athenic beauty

that is seen and formed

formed to be seen

Observational delight

delightful observation

sixty-degree angles

angled in multiples

juxtaposed light

lights in juxtaposed colour

Rectangular three

triangular rectangle

jolted polygons

equilateral visions

magical precision

six perceptions

perceived as six times infinity

Arbitrary reflection

numerous selection

as each moment glares

through our mind in stare

symmetry and isolation

mirrors of two or three

Brass, glass, and wood

steel, gourds and what could

chambers of magic

cellular growth

as if living

maybe through sun

an era of dreams

not knowing seams

amazement at ease

a simplistic breeze

so much fun

Renaissance…is done

DeaBeePea 2-27-15

The Unknown Tent

Hulitoon by Becky Hulit

My knapsack thrown

and my tired bones

but happiness lead

as far as binoculars spread

Camera storing

immediate memories shared

Nikonic dreams

preserved on roots and streams

The twig and cane

resting by the old oak tree

a lens to childhood

grass patted withstood

A flare to safety

adventure canteened

as the sombriolet hangs

and papyrus brims that sang

DeaBeePea 2-26-15

Summer 0f '59

Hulitoon by Becky Hulit

As the tire swings

only with help

from the sentimental breezes

tickle the spring-like sneezes

the channeled bark

signals a timeline

as the vine strangles the rope

the past suffocated in hope

The brightness dulls

but the red of the cart

stings my heart

the tongue conversing

The tricycle complacent

in pneumatic stead

Sunnyside laughter

and tumbling bruises on head

The crabgrass and dandelions

never swept till now

with my eyes so spoked in hurry

with my three faced Murray

Conquering identity

accepting my worth

limited in scope

from my rosebud of youth

DeaBeePea 2-25-15


The new stuff

a concept

in electronic integration

but I prefer

specialized segregation

my ears to refer

A stereo in the den

jazz LP a la carte

swinging it’s part

spinning in crackle

the needle worn

skipping adorned

A television to start

in family room place

in theatric gathering

for loved ones in grace

no equalizer for leverage

as I sit with my beverage

The dial phone in the ante

to sit and talk

while the cat curls up

on my lap to gawk

as leery as a hawk

conversation ad hoc

computer in my room

for research and mail

each beautiful thing

it’s own place to sing

internet spawns

a new world each dawn

A role to attach

our senses to our thatch

our minds in solitude

absorbing each thought

and message in our hearts

not scrambling to decipher

The words, sounds and clamber

as our world fails to camber

allow us to drain

our avalanche of claim

our obligation to minute fame

and information that is ingrained

Prioritized by medium

instead of it’s tenor

Our life’s tremor

Embellished by capital

And it’s potential brag

but it really means nothing

As we lose control of our drag

So let’s gather our impression

And have a quiet session

And conquer our souls

In step by step throes

Solitude of purpose

Rooms in life

Each wall demarcates

through many doors

our feet do skate

ending the circus

Peace of mind

And piece so kind.

DeaBeePea 2-23-15

The 5th Season “Wispsufa”

Sixty-eight point four-five-three

a sunny sky

with floating clouds

cycling like spy

Five point one knots

The breeze is fleeting

The trees are green

hibernating in wheating

Nutrition control

vitamin balance

seven meal days

for all subjects of Frey

Rain every fifth day

Four hours of gentle spray

Setting sun at eight zero six p.m.

By satellite prism

International accord

for climate control

formed by consensus

and “social cost” poll

Weather accounting

economical barometer

steady thermometer

obscured human counting

A cybernated ambiance

prosperous but dull

pleasant but stagnant

and humanely flagrant

Reckless use

of knowledge employed

romantic view

of essence destroyed

DeaBeePea 2-23-14


The masters muttons

trimmed to exact

symmetric beard

fearsome and sheared

but I am suspect

perhaps evil doubt

shady hues

and shifting views

Light refracted

turquoise poise

and purple bruising

imminent fusing

of prisms message

contradicting peril

divine in birth

love in dearth

DeaBeePea 2-17-15

Caramel Corn

Not just popped

but coated so sweet

brown sugar and butter

and corn syrup dolloped

Crunchy and sticky

my hands are tacky

crumbs on lap

my teeth so picky

sometimes in box

Jack’s famous snack

at ballgames with dogs

as taste buds talk

excited delight

warm sentiment spreads

memories and fun

with each creamy bite

DeaBeePea 2-17-15

2 Red Herrings

Mislead by two

A distracted fork

Relevance in pair

Leading to despair

Logical maybe, in even stare

Go down the middle

A compromise of sorts

A fallacy of fair

Used by writers

A device of mystery

An immaculate plot

Changing history

Negative and negative

Positive maybe

Two schools of thought

Imaginations baby

rhetorical and strategy

over-rated I think

scaled to high

in arguments rink

a kippered path

picking plankton for breath

diversion amusing

conquering death

DeaBeePea 2-17-15


The master plan

mucky and smooth

a chocolaty glaze

a sloppy haze maze

Utopia for pigs

and playful kids

a recipe for Tide

a Mother’s chide

Bitter pies

a crust of dirt

Slinging games

“you did it” claims

Rain and ruts

Puddles and such

or made from scratch

Ideas hatched

Filling grooves

and chinking walls

magic epoxy

a hearts faithful proxy

DeaBeePea 2-17-15


Some say “Beauty”

in a brief joyful pang

broad expression of pleasure

too lazy to explain

I could go on forever

with a list of things

that create that vision

that makes me ting

A Hollywood starlet

a wind-swept tree

a sparling lake

paddling lovers in glee

A kaleidoscopic sky

and mountains so high

glaciers of white

and valleys in comply

A voice in French

seductive in purr

and music that swings

as gentle as myrrh

Pastoral and sweet

a beckoning call

that allows to touch

our feelings enshawled

Miracles of God

sometimes strange

but magical and awesome

like a fantasy grange

So when I say “beauty”

it’s all these things

and many more

as my passion wings

DeaBeePea 2-17-15


Silent or loud

they come when called

unconscious demand

an overhead cloud

An unknown friend

In tricky guise

lips closed

in cautious trend

The words of censor

or encouragements cry

an unencumbered character

advice dispenser

sometimes in frustration

it grabs my head

and shakes me in impatience

reminding me of station

2-17-15 DeaBeePea



fit to be

confused and knotted

my stomach plotted

To arouse me, curious

fear now furious

I must settle down

stop being a clown

So I dress up

and Windsor my look

straight and deliberate

a dignified hook

Creating image

although I could choose

a bow-like version

for my social excursion

A verb and noun

requiring action to perform

is formal gaze

that is quite renown

The people score

each man, by standards high

some rated the same

it is called a tie

I try to stay together

railroaded by tradition

but learning to express

myself in mission

Twisted in purpose

singing my song

two notes together

running so strong

My social connections

are nice for my network

as I learn by listening

maturation a perk

2-17-15 DeaBeePea


they always exist

these perameters of occasion

sometimes deliberate

or coincidental in equation

"under the circumstances"

they always say

no one considers "over"

as an optional way

blanketing the situation

seems like a plan

suffocating confusion

with a definitive scan

DeaBeePea 9-21-15

Illuminated Window

best by candle
in its sweet beckon
flickering and pointing
in sparkling chandelle

a mesmerising glow
of welcoming flame
warm and cozy
in its silent show

the mullion dances
in intermittent rhythm
as shadows pass by
in short steady prances

curtain never drawn
when this message speaks
until night secedes
to the gleamless dawn

DeaBeePea 10-13-15


very useful
but usually misplaced
when I think of discomfort
created in haste

it's a normal reaction
to stuff these things
the first place you think
that convenience brings

but it's hard to enter
these tightly packed orifices
my fingers barely make it
let alone objectices

the ones on your sleeve
in James Deanish style
are only cool if you smoke
in pulmonary defile

and watch for such things
with its protective fob
dignified with waistcoat
and a pleasant bob

there are six at a table
which doesn't apply here
that's another discussion
of cueball disappear

the zippered ones
located further down
are the best for me
leaving much less of a frown

but they do get full
of such a collection of things
even an unfinished sandwich
and onion rings

but the right rear wallet
seems a tradition forever
even if it wrinkles your buttocks
and occasionally needs a heaver

DeaBeePea 10-13-16

The Wrong Thread

I needed repair
on a shirt I wear
it was tartan you see
so the colour was trickee

so I bought some thread
green in shade
but when I stitched it up
quite a mess it made

so I went right back
and got some black
and did a re-stitch
but there was a glitch

it looked even worse
but I didn't give up
and went right back
and got red before sup

after I ate
I stitched it great
but when I looked
my goose was cooked

I shook my head
in sorrowed disdain
trying to figure things out
with frustration's pain

so I decided to try
once more without cry
and bought some blue
I thought it would do

but I couldn't believe it
it still looked bad
I was really distraught
never being this sad

but I got a yelp
when I asked for some help
my friend was rude
he's an awfully mean dude

he said the design
was complex in motif
and any colour
would cause some grief

you should use polyester
of an invisible gesture
it's an obvious rule
you stupid spool!

I was quite devastated
not knowing how to react
so I left the shirt
hanging up in fact

it will probably stay there
with that unfixed tear
a symbol of my story
of plaids lost glory

DeaBeePea 10-14-16


dappled things
what a glorious list
from spinning skies
to concentric rings

the glittering trout
speckled in shine
and the brinded cow
in pastures about

singing in merriment
that songful thrush
and tabbied in stripe
that cat of parament

the blazing leopard
mottled in gold
and the autumn field
gazed by a shepherd

the sun's rays splashing
a rainbow mist
before the moon's night glow
a silhouette flashing

a modish robe
of paisley and flecks
and cheetah ribbon
on chapeau of strobe

those stippled with freckle
and coquelicot hair
a lively allure
a flare of speckle

and my cluttered mind
is a collage of iotas
my imaginations sprinkle
of a twisted kind

DeaBeePea 10-23-16


people say
that was moving
which implies
twitches and wiggles

inspiring one to write
poetry or prose
so emotional
turning into squiggles

often sorrow
but with a happy twist
survival of the downtrodden
or star-crossed lovers fate

tears and laughter
so often joined
courage and fear
and love conquering hate

we are transferred
into our inner world
tasting hidden emotion
closer to our truer selves

looking back
and maybe forward
forgetting the details
that control us as we delve

into relationships and fields
where we dance and play
teetering in a storm
where mischief abounds

but it is our root
our steadfast being
these moving things
our senses they astound

DeaBeePea 10-22-16

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