Henry Wadsworth



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Anthony Wager


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Max Wagner



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Robert Wagner



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Ralph Waite




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Raymond Walburn



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Robert Walden



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Otto Waldis



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Charles Waldron

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Ethel Wales



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Helen Walker



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Nancy Walker 



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Nella Walker



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Virginia Walker



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Walter Walker



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Geraldine Wall



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Dee Wallace

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Jean Wallace



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Julie T. Wallace



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Lee Wallace

May Wallace



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Morgan Wallace



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 Eli Wallach


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Eddie Waller 



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Deborah Walley

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George Walsh



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J. T. Walsh



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Kay Walsh

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M. Emmett Walsh



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Kay Walsh




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Pat Walshe



  The Wizard of Oz 1939, Rosanna McCoy, Panic in the Streets 1950

Ray Walston 



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Julie Walters



 Educating Rita 1983, Mama Mia! 2008, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Becoming Jane, Driving Lessons,

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 She'll Be Wearing Pink Pajamas 1985

Thorley Walters

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Henry B. Walthall                         http://www.henrybwalthall.com/


  The Devil-Doll, A Tale of Two Cities 1935 , 42nd Street 1933, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, The Jazz Age 1929Wings 1927,

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Douglas Walton

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Mutiny on the Bounty 1935, The Thin Man 1934, Charlie Chan in London, The Count of Monte Cristo 1934,

Madame Spy, The Secret of Madame Blanche, Over the Hill



Fred Walton

Lili, Torture Ship, The Story of Louis Pasteur, Lloyd's of London, Dracula's Daughter 1936, Little Lord Fauntleroy, 

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New Brooms, Marriage in Transit, The Fast Set, The Hall-Room Boys

Gladys Walton



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Herbert C. Walton



The Crowded Day 1954, The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp, Forbidden Cargo, Hobson's Choice 1954, The Weak and the Wicked, The End of the Road, The Titfield Thunderbolt, The Beggar's Opera, The Cruel Sea, Terror on a Train, Mr. Denning's Drives North, Your Witness, Marry Me, Britannia Mews, The Little Ballerina, Take My Life 1947

John Warburton



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Amelita Ward

Smuggler's Cove, When a Girl's Beautiful, The Best Years of Our Lives, Who's Guilty, Come Out Fighting, Swingin' on a Rainbow 1945, Men of the Deep, Gildersleeve's Ghost 1944, The Falcon and the Co-Eds 1943, Gangway for Tomorrow 1943, The Falcon in Danger 1943, Aerial Gunner, Clancy Street Boys



Katherin Clare Ward



The Magic Garden, Kitty Carstairs, Parasites, Manslaughter, Abraham Lincoln 1930, Midnight Daddies, Three Girls Lost, Too Many Cooks, Under 18 1931, The Famous Ferguson Case, Vanity Street, Call Her Savage, Grand Slam, The Constant Woman, Midnight Mary, Three Wise Girls 1932, Lilly Turner, The Son of Kong, The Key 1934, Jealousy, Concealment, Party Wire, The Glass Key 1935, White Lies, Stage Struck, The Man Who Lived Twice, Beloved Enemy, Vogues of 1938, Mannequin 1937



   Escape Me Never 1935, I Stand Condemned , Hell's Cargo 1935, The Frightened Lady, Major Barbara 1941, Her Man Gilbey,

 In Which We Serve, The Citadel 1938, English Without Tears 1944

Harlan Warde

Corvette Summer, Billie, Cry for Happy, The Gazebo, Cry Terror!, Hot Spell, Beau James, The Spirit of St. Louis 1957, The Monster That Challenged the World, A Cry in the Night, Julie 1956, I'll Cry Tomorrow, Athena, Dragnet 1954, The Juggler, Flat Top, The Sniper, Loan Shark, Criminal Lawyer, The Magnificent Yankee, The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951, Operation Pacific, When Willie Comes Marching Home 1950, The Asphalt Jungle 1950Caged 1950, Task Force, Flaxy Martin, The Doctor and the Girl 1949,The Fountainhead, Johnny Allegro, It's a Great Feeling, State Department File 649, Night Wind, Lady at Midnight,  He Walked by Night, O.S.S., It Had to Be You,



Jack Warden                  http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/13974886/ns/today-entertainment/


Twelve Angry Men 1957 , A Dog of Flanders 1999, Problem Child, Bullets Over Broadway 1994, Ed 1996, The Presidio,

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 Summertree 1971

Helen Ware



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Irene Ware



Mutiny of the Seas, Around the Town, Gold Diggers of 1937, Federal Agent, No Parking, Murder at Glen Athol, The Dark Hour 1936, Happiness C.O.D., Cheers of the Crowd, The Raven 1935, Night Life of the Gods, King Kelly of the U.S.A., The Affairs of Cellini, Orient Express 1934, Moulin Rouge, Brief Moment, Humanity, Chandu the Magician 1932, Society Girl 1932

Richard Waring



Eagle in a Cage (TV) 1965, Macbeth (TV), Mr. Skeffington 1944, The Imperfect Lady 1935

H.B. Warner                               http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/participant.jsp?spid=202080


It's a Wonderful Life 1946, Prices Unlimited, Hitler's Children , Bulldog Drummond's Bride, Bulldog Drummond In Africa, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936, A Tale of Two Cities 1935, Sorrell and Sam, Victoria the Great, Lost Horizon, Five Star Final, Whispering Smith, Harp of Tara, The Ten Commandments 1956, The King of Kings 1927,Sunset Boulevard 1950, Hellfire 1949, The Lost Paradise 1914, You Can't Take it with You 1938, , Wrath 1917, Felix O'Day 1920, Zaza, Silence 1926, Conquest 1928, The Second Floor Mystery, The Trial of Mary Dugan, The Argyle Case, The Princess and the Plumber 1920, Cross-examination, The Adventures of Marco Polo 1938, Nurse Edith Cavell, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Driftwood, Faces In the Fog, Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime

Jack Warner



Dominique, Jigsaw, Carve Her Name With Pride, Now and Forever, The Ladykillers 1955, The Quartermass Xperiment, Bang! You're Dead, The Final Test, Albert R.N., Those People Next Door, Meet Me Tonight, Emergency Call, Scrooge 1951, Boys in Brown, The Blue Lamp 1950, The Huggetts Abroad, Vote for Huggett 1949, It Always Rains on Sunday 1947, Here Come the Huggetts, Against the Wind, Easy Money, Holiday Camp 1947, Dear Murderer, The Captive Heart, The Dummy Talks

E. Alyn Warren



Broadway Melody of 1940, Convicted Woman, Gone With the Wind 1939, The Amazing Mr. Williams, Miracles for Sale, Idiot's Delight, Dramatic School, Port of Seven Seas, Hold That Kiss, The Girl of the Golden West, The Last Gangster, Night Club Scandal, Madame X 1937, Between Two Women, Women Are Trouble, Revolt of the Zombies, Annie Oakley 1935, Chinatown Squad, Ship Cafe, Limehouse Blues, Wagon Wheels, The Cat's Paw, Operator 13, The Cat and the Fiddle, The Mask of Fu Manchu, The Hatchet Man 1932, Daughter of the Dragon, Shipmates, Abraham Lincoln 1930, The Medicine Man, Judgement, Red Wine, The Courtship of Myles Standish, The Truthful Liar, Outside the Law, Twins of Suffering Creek, Yvonne From Paris, The Wine Girl, The Silent Lady, Money 1915

Fred Warren



Shorts: The Lady Killer, Too Many Highballs, The Man on the Rock

The Microscope Mystery 1916, The Matrimaniac, Stage Struck, The Cricket, Confession, Turning the Tables 1919, Unseen Forces, The Man Who, The Exiles, The Shooting of Dan McGrew 1924, Capital Punishment, The Masked Bride 1925, The Desert Flower, Pawn Ticket 210, Miss Nobody, Eager Lips, The Jazz Singer 1927, The Cat's-Paw, The Crash, Synthetic Sin, Kiki, Come and Get It 1936, Convicted Woman, Marx Brothers Go West, The Girl of the Golden West 1930

Gloria Warren



Bells of San Fernando 1947, Dangerous Money, Don't Gamble With Strangers, Cinderella Swings It, Always in My Heart 1942

Janet Warren



The Twonky 1953, Romance on the High Seas, Smart Girls Don't Talk, A Double Life 1947, Hit Parade of 1947, Rendezvous With Annie, Winter Wonderland, The Jade Mask, Pardon My Sarong, Broadway 1942, The Ghost of Frankenstein 1942, Moonlight in Hawaii, Mob Town, It Started With Eve 1941, Cracked Nuts, Law of the Range, Too Many Blondes, Double Date, Buck Privates 1941

Katherine Warren (Katharine Warren)

I'll Give My Life, Drango, Inside Detroit, The Country Girl 1954, The Bamboo Prison (voice), The Caine Mutiny 1954, The Glenn Miller Story, Bad for Each Other, The Steel Trap, Son of Ali Baba, This Woman is Dangerous, The Prowler 1951, Target fro Scandal, Scandal Sheet, The Lady Pays Off, The People Against O'Hara, Force of Arms, Lorna Doone, Dear Brat, Harriet Craig, All the King's men 1949, The Story of Molly X  1949



Ruth Warren

Auntie Mame, Screaming Mimi, The Last Hurrah 1958, The Phantom Stagecoach, Prince of Players, My Sister Eileen 1955, A Star is Born 1954, The Kid From Left Field, House of Wax 1953, O. Henry's Full House 1952, Monkey Business 1952, Corky of Gasoline Alley, Caged 1950, Side Street, Bodyhold, Mary Ryan, Detective, The Lone Wolf and His Lady, The Snake Pit 1948, Sitting Pretty, A Close Call for Boston Blackie, Week-End at the Waldorf 1945, The Song of Bernadette, Lake Placid Serenade, Strange Affair, Pin-Up Girl 1944, Dixie Dugan, The House Across the Bay, Young People, My Kingdom for a Cook, The Shop Around the Corner 1940, Manhattan Heartbeat, Inside Story, Free, Blonde and 21 1940, Union Pacific, Island in the Sky, Prison Farm, Big Town Girl, 45 Fathers, Wells Fargo, Pepper 1936, Freshman Love, Our Relations, Doubting Thomas, Let's Fall in Love, Mama Loves Papa, Hello Trouble, Doctors' Wives, The Guilty Generation, Mr. Lemon or Orange 1931, Lightnin' 

Ruth Warrick 



The Great Bank Robbery 1969 , Ride Beyond Vengeance, Let's Dance, Arch of Triumph, Guest In the House, Journey Into Fear, Citizen Kane 1941, The Corsican Brothers, Mr. Winkle Goes to War 1944, Petticaot Larceny, China Sky, Daisy Kenyon 1947, Three Husbands 1951, The Returning 1983, A Letter to Nancy, Beauty on Parade


Robert Warwick



The Dollar Mark 1914, Alias Jimmy Valentine, The Face in the Moonlight, Friday the 13th, The Argyle Case 1917, The Heart of a Hero, The Family Honor, In Mizzoura, Jack Straw, The Spitfire 1924, Three Rogues, So Big!, I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1932, The Three Musketters, Female, Cleopatra 1934Charlie Chan's Greatest Case 1933, Night Life of the Gods, Whipsaw, Mary of Scotland 1936, The Vigilantes are Coming, Give Me Liberty, The Farmer Takes a Wife 1935, The Life of Emile Zola 1937, The Awful Truth 1937, A Tale of Two Cities 1935, The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 1939, Four Wives 1939, The Sea Hawk, The Lady Eve 1941, Christmas In July, The Great McGinty, Juarez 1939, The Palm Beach Story 1942, The Deerslayer, In a Lonely Place 1950, The Three Musketeers (II), Against All Flags, Passion, Walk the Proud Line, It Started with a Kiss, Gentleman's Agreement 1947, Annabel Takes a Tour

Mona Washbourne                         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mona_Washbourne



Evergreen 1934, The Winslow Boy 1948, Adam and Evalyn, Dark Interval, The Gambler and the Lady 1952, Cast a Giant Shadow, Doctor in the House 1954, The Good Companion, Betrayed, The Brides of Dracula 1960, Night Must Fall, Billy Liar, My Fair Lady 1964Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter 1968 , The Collector, If..., What Became of Jack and Jill?, December Flower, The London Connection, The BluebirdThe Old Curiosity Shop 1975, Tea at Four, What Became of Jack and Jill? 1972, 

Blue Washington



Rowdy Ann (short) 1919, The Blood Ship, The Haunted Ship, Passion Song, Wyoming, Ransom, The Phantom City, Hallelujah! 1929, Rio Rita, Parade of the West 1930, Desert Vengeance, King Kong 1933, King of the Arena, One Year Later, Roman Scandals, Belle of the Nineties, Menace, The Crusades, Annie Oakley, The Prisoner of Shark Island, The Plainsman 1936Charlie Chan on Broadway 1937, Wells Fargo, Over the Wall, Kentucky, Charlie Chan in Honolulu, Charlie Chan in Rio, Gone With the Wind 1939, Lady for a Night, A Girl, a Guy and a Gob, Sundown, It Happened in Flatbush, Tales of Manhattan, Tarzan's Magic Fountain, Road to Morocco 1942, Pinky 1949, Tarzan and the Slave Girl, I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. 1951, Golden Girl, Stars and Stripes Forever, The Kid From Left Field, The Hustler 1961

Mildred Washington





Uncle Tom's Cabin 1927, Tenderfeet 1928, The Shopworn Angel 1928, The Thoroughbred, Blonde Venus 1932, Bed of Roses, Morning Glory 1933, Torch Singer 1933, A Man of Sentiment, Only Yesterday 1933

Willard Waterman




Flaming Fury, Free For All, No Man of Her Own, Riding High, Louisa 1950, Mystery Street, Hit Parade of 1951, Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone 1950, Fourteen Hours, Darling, How Could You!, Rhubarb 1951, It Happens Every Thursday, How to Be Very, Very Popular 1955, Auntie Mame 1958, The Apartment 1960, Walk on the Wild Side, Get Yourself a College Girl 1964, Hail 1973

Ethel Waters                 



On With the Show! 1929, Cabin in the Sky 1943, Pinky 1949, The Member of the Wedding, Carib Gold, The Sound and the Fury 1959, The Heart is a Rebel 1958

Pierre Watkin                            

http://www.supermansupersite.com/pierrewatkin.html                               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzcxAY-loHA                             

The Flying Fontaines, High School Confidential, Marjorie Morningstar 1958, Pal Joey, Spook Chasers, The Challenge of Rin Tin Tin, Shake, Rattle & Rock! 1956, Creature With an Atom Brain, The Lost Planet 1953, Life Begins for Andy Hardy 1941, The Story of Seabiscuit, The Maverick Queen, The Big Bluff, About Mrs. Leslie 1954, Francis Goes to West Point, Three Little Words, The Stranger Wore a Gun, King of Hockey 1936, Hold That Line, Over the Border, Atom Man VS Superman, Knute Rochne All American 1940, The Fountainhead 1949, Look for the Silver Lining, Miss Mink of 1949, An Innocent Affair, The Strange Mrs. Crane, Superaman, You Can't Take It With You 1938, Trapped by Boston Blackie, The Shadow Returns 1946, Monsieur Verdoux, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947, The Kid From Brooklyn, The Shocking Mrs. Pilgrim, Claudia and David, Murder is My Business, Over 21 , Apology for Murder, I'll Remember April 1945, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936, Swing Time 1936, Hit Parade of 1937, Under Southern Stars, Stage Door 1937, Marked Woman 1937, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Rosalie, Mr. Moto's Gamble, Road to Singapore, The Adventures of Jane Arden 1939, The Life of Emile Zola 1937, Dr. Kildare's Crisis 1940, Five Little Peppers in Trouble, Lydia, Meet John Doe 1941, Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring, Du Barry Was a Lady 1943, Swing Shift, Maisie 1943, Mission to Moscow, Dangerous 1935

Linda Watkins



Bad Ronald (TV), Huckleberry Finn, Good Neighbour Sam, The Parent Trap, Because They're Young, Cash McCall, Ten North Frederick 1958, Going Steady 1958, From Hell it Came, Murder in the Library, Charlie Chan's Chance, Good Sport, The Blonde Reporter 1931

Adele Watson



Pilgrimage 1933, Treason, Three on a Match, Pack Up Your Troubles, Arrowsmith, We Three, Street Scene 1931, Once a Sinner, Navy Blues, This Thing Called Love, The Very Idea, Jazz Heaven, The Public Enemy 1931, Blue Skies, The Black Pearl, Once and Forever, Good as Gold, Rolling Home, Welcome Home, Don't Doubt Your Husband, The Lying Truth 1922

Bobs Watson




Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives (TV) 1993, Grand Theft Auto, Saintly Sinners, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962, Hit the road, Men of Boy's Town 1941, Scattergood Pulls the Strings, Dr. Kildare's Crisis 1940, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, Blackmail, Calling Dr. Kildare, Kentucky, Boys Town 1940, Young Dr. Kildare 1938, In Old Chicago 1938, Maytime, Show Boat 1936, Libeled Lady 1936, Manhattan Parade

Jack Watson



Peeping Tom, Konga, This Sporting Life 1963, Master Spy, The Hill 1965, Grand Prix 1966, The Gorgon, Tobruk, The Devil's Brigade 1968, Kidnapped 1971, 11 Harrowhouse, Un Taxi mauve, The McKenzie Break, Beyond the Fog, Decline and Fall...of a Bird Watcher 1969, Ffolkes, The Sea Wolves, New World

Lucille Watson



A Woman Rebels, Sweethearts 1938, The Woman 1939,  Watch on the Rhine 1943, The Thin Man Goes Home 1945, The Razor's Edge 1946, Everybody Does It, My Forbidden Planet, The Royal Family of Broadway 1930, Three Smart Girls 1936, The Bishop Misbehaves, Waterloo Bridge 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Smith 1941, The Great Lie 1941, Little Woman 1949

Minor Watson                     http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/participant.jsp?spid=202718&apid=113665


A Brother's Loyalty, No. 28 Diplomat , 24 Hours, Babbitt 1934, Age of Indiscretion 1935, Pursuit, Navy, Blue and Gold 1937, Fast Company, The Hardys Ride High 1939, Maisie 1939, The Flying Irishman, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Moon Over Miami 1941,  Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940, The Monster and the Girl, Birth of the Blues 1941, The Remarkable Andrew, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Gentleman Jim, Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout 1944, They Died With Their Boots On 1941, Women of the Year 1942,  The Thin Man Goes Home 1945, The Virginian, The Jackie Robinson Story, Mister 880 1950, Trapeze


Richard Wattis

 A Yank at Oxford, Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Happiest Days of Your Life 1950, The Clouded Yellow, The Lavender Hill Mob, The Happy Family, Lady Godiva Rides Again, The Importance of Being Ernest 1952, Park Plaza 605, A Touch of the Sun, Second Fiddle, Blue Murder at St. Trinian's 1957, The Prince and the Showgirl, Ten Seconds to Hell, The Ugly Duckling, Libel 1959, The Longest Day 1962, The V.I.P.'s., The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, Carry on Spying, Confessions of a Window Cleaner, Egghead's Robot, Sex and the Other Woman, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Wonderwall, Bunny Lake is Missing 1965, The Alphabet Murders 1965, The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery, The Liquidator



Charles Watts




The Killer That Stalked New York 1950, Dallas, the Man With a Cloak, Storm Warning, The Painted Hills, The Prisoner of Zenda 1952, Million Dollar Mermaid, Just This Once, Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie, She's Working Her Way Through College, The Jazz Singer, Scandal at Scourie 1953, The System 1953, The Boy From Oklahoma, A Star is Born 1954, The Scarlet Coat, Tall Man Riding, Canyon River, Giant 1956, The Big Land, Raintree County 1957, An Affair to Remember 1957, The Big Circus, The Spirit of St. Louis 1957, Cimarron,Lover Come Back, Ada 1961, Jumbo, Summer and Smoke, The Wheeler Dealers 1963, Dead Ringer 1963, Baby the Rain Must Fall 1965

Christina Wayborn



Octopussy 1983, Hostage flight (TV), Little Ghost, Forbidden Warrior, The Frankenstein Syndrome 2010

Billy Wayne

The Best Things in Life Are Free, The Spoilers, Outside the Law, Tarantula, My Sister Eileen 1955, Girls in the Night, The Sniper, Because of You, O. Henry's Full House 1952, Meet Danny Wilson The Winning Team, Jim Thorpe- American,Rhubarb, The Lady Pays Off, Frenchie, Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man 1951, Angels in the Outfield, A Woman of Distinction, Caged 1950, Harvey 1950, Mighty Joe Young, Oh, You Beautiful Doll, The Lady Gambles 1949,, Panhandle, Blaze of Noon, The Hoodlum Saint 1946, The Kid From Brooklyn, Centennial Summer, Wonder Man, Henry Aldrich's Little Secret, Swingtime Johnny, Destiny, The Fighting Seebees, Dangerous Blondes, Pilot #5 1943, Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour, Sweet Rosey O'Grady 1943, You Can't Escape Forever, Who Done It?, Captains of the Clouds, Dr. Kildare's Victory 1942, Jackass Mail, Henry Aldrich, Editor, Sin Town, Roxie Hart, Springtime in the Rockies 1942, All Through the Night, 
The Girl From Jones Beach 1949, Sitting Pretty, River Lady, Conflict 1945, Private Buckaroo, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break 1941, Blues in the Night 1941, Belle Starr, Out of the Fog 1941, Hellzapoppin' 1941, Affectionately Yours, The Wagons Roll at Night, Back Street 1941, Two in a Taxi, Tight Shoes, The Great Profile, City of Chance, Strike Up the Band, Girl in 313 1940, Elsa Maxwell's Public Deb #1, Castle on the Hudson 1940, Young People, Brother Rat and a Baby, Star Dust, Eternally Yours, Tail Spin 1939, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Hollywood Cavalcade, East Side of Heaven, The Roaring Twenties 1939, Indianapolis Speedway, Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence, Time Out for Murder, Midnight Intruder, Strange Faces, One Wild  Night, Rascals 1938The Storm 1938, A Slight Case of Murder 1938, Hollywood Hotel, The Missing Guest, Tenth Avenue Kid, Ladies in Distress, Sinners in Paradise, The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse 1938, Born Reckless, Top of the Town, Marked Woman 1937, Love and Hisses, Back in Circulation, Carnival Queen, The Main Who Cried Wolf, My Dear Miss Aldrich 1937, Hot Water, Charlie Chan at the Olympics 1937, Kid Galahad 1937, The Case of the Black Cat 1936, Theodora Goes Wild 1936, Gold Diggers of 1937, The Luckiest Girl in the World, The Case of the Lucky Legs, 

David Wayne



 The Tender Trap 1955 , Adam's Rib 1949, Portrait of Jennie 1948, How to Marry a Millionaire 1953,

 Down Among the Sheltering Palms, The Three Faces of Eve 1957, The Strawberry Blonde (TV 1959), The Last Angrty Man,

 The Sad Sack, Anatomy of an Accident, The Front Page, The Prizefighter, Stella, With a Song in My Heart,

 As Young as You Feel 1951, Huckleberry Finn 1974, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Finders Keepers, The Survivalist 1987

Keith Wayne                                                     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Wayne 


The Night of the Living Dead 1968, Autopsy of the Dead

Patrick Wayne



Rio Grande 1950, The Long Gray Line, Mister Roberts, The Alamo, The Comancheros, Donovan's reef, McLintock! 1963,

An Eye for an Eye, Big Jake, Beyond Atlantis, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Yesterday's Child, Texas Detour, 

Rustler's Rhapsody, Revenge 1986, The Searchers 1956, Three on a Date, Young Guns, Her Alibi, Machete Maidens Unleashed!

Dennis Weaver            



Horizons West 1952, Dangerous Mission, Touch of Evil 1958, Duel, Centennial, Cocaine: One Man's Seduction 1983,

Mastergate, High Noon 2000, No Way Up 2005

Clifton Webb 


  Let Not Man Put Asunder, New Toys, The Razor's Edge 1946, Cheaper By the Dozen 1950, Mr. Belvedere Goes to College 1949,

 Belles on Their Toes, Laura 1944, Stars and Stripes Forever, Woman's World, Boy on a Dolphin 1957, Satan Never Sleeps,

 Dreamboat, Elopement, Titanic 1953, Three Coins in the Fountain, Holiday for Lovers, The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker 1959,

 Satan Never Sleeps

Doodles Weaver



  My American Wife, A Girl, a Guy and a Gob, Mrs. Parkington 1944, For God and Country, The Errand Boy, Mail Order Bride,

 Kitten With a Whip 1964, Bigfoot, Under the Rainbow, Behind the Headlines, Topper 1937, Another Thin Man 1939,

 Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of a Woman 1940,  Invitation to Happiness, Mitt Me Tonight, Girl Trouble,

 Shine on Harvest Moon, Two Girls and a Sailor, That's My Baby!, San Antonio, Superman 1948, Because of You,

 Macon County Line, Powder River, The Tunnel of Love 1958, The Rookie, The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock 1959, Ring of Fire,

 The Birds 1963, Cancel My Reservation, Tammy and the Doctor 1963, The Nutty Professor 1963, The Plainsman 1966,

 The Road to Nashville, Rosie! 1967, Bigfoot, Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 1976, The Great Gundown,


Fritz Weaver



  Fail-Safe, The Maltses Bippy, A Walk in the Spring Rain, Marathon Man 1976, The Day of the Dolphin 1973, Demon Seed,

 Black Sunday, The Big Fix 1978, Nightkill, The Thomas Crown Affair 1999, Citizen Cohn, I'll Take Manhattan 1987,

 Power 1986, A Death in California 1985, Creepshow, Holocaust, Demon Seed, The Legend of Lizzie Borden 1975

 The Guns of August, The Power and the Glory 1961


Marjorie Weaver



We're Not Married!, Fashion Model 1945, Leave It to Blondie, Shadow of Suspicion, The Great Alaskan Mystery, Just Off Broadway, The Man Who Wouldn't Die 1942, Man at Large, Murder Among Friends, Murder Over New York 1940, Mayland 1940, Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise, The Honeymoon's Over, Chicken Wagon Family 1939, Young Mr. Lincoln 1939, I'll Give a Million, Hold That Girl, Three Men and a Girl, Second Honeymoon 1937, Hot Water, Sally, Irene and Mary 1938, Ali Baba Goes to Town, Big Business, On the Avenue, Gold Diggers of 1937 1936, China Clipper

Jack Webb


The Last Time I Saw Archie (27-May-1961) 
-30- (11-Nov-1959) 
The D.I. (30-May-1957) 
Pete Kelly's Blues (31-Jul-1955) 
Dragnet (20-Aug-1954)    

  Three on a Match, He Walked By Night, The Men, Sunset Blvd. 1950, Dark City, Halls of Montezuma 1951,

 Appointment With Danger 1951, The D.I., A Force In Readiness, Patrol Dogs of the United States Air Force, Dragnet 1954,

 The Last Time I Saw Archie, -30-, Pete Kelly's Blues 1955, 

Richard Webb

 I Wanted Wings, Sullivan's Travels 1941, The Remarkable Andrew, O.S.S., Out of the Past 1947, The Big Clock 1948, 

Night of a Thousand Eyes, Sands of Iwo Jima, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, I Was a Communist for the F.B.I, 1951,

Starfire, Carson City, This Woman is Dangerous 1952, The Nebraskan, A Star is Born 1954, Git!, Town Tamer, 

Artists and Models, The Gay Deceivers, Mule Feathers



Peggy Webber



Her Adventurous Night, Macbeth 1948, Little Miss Big, Journey Into Night, Submarine Command, 

The Wrong Man 1956, The Screaming Skull 1958, The Space Children,

'Tis the Season to Be Smurfy (voice) 1987

Honeysuckle Weeks




A Dark Adapted Eye (TV), Lorna Doone (TV) 2000, My Brother Tom, Red Mercury 2005, The Wicker Tree 2011, 

Virginia Weidler



  The Philadelphia Story 1940, Mr. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1934, Surrender, The Big Broadcast of 1937 1936,

 Too Hot too Handle 1938, The Women 1939, Young Tom Edison, Babes on Broadway,  Best Foot Forward 1943,

 All This, and Heaven Too 1940, Love Is a Headache, Born to Sing, 

Paul Weigel



Bewitched 1945, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Hitler Gang, Paris After Dark, Above Suspicion, Miss V From Moscow, Crossroads, Joan of Paris, The Great Dictator 1940, Never Say Die, The Great Waltz, Confession, Maytime 1937, Espionage, Anthony Adverse 1936, Lady of Secrets, Dracula's Daughter 1936, Just My Luck, The Black Cat 1934, One More Spring, Guilty Parents, Neighbours' Wives, Topaze, Back Street, The Samaritan, The Vanishing Legion, Viennese Nights 1930, Lady of the Night, Skyscaper, The Wagon Show, Hidden Aces, Blonde or Brunette 1927, For Heaven's Sake, The Verdict 1925, Excuse Me, Soft Shoes, The Silent Accuser, Mademoiselle Midnight, Bluebeard's 8th Wife, Bring Him In, Kismet 1920, The Breath of the Gods, Under Crimson Skies, Luck in Pawn, Evangeline, The Parisian Tigress, The Only Road, The Claim, Forbidden Paths, The Bond Between, The Black Wolf 1917, Witchcraft, Each Pearl a Tear, Maud 1916

Niles Welch



Empty Saddles, To Mary- With Love, Gentle Julia, Mary of Scotland, Wife vs Secretary 1936, The Story of Louis Pasteur 1936, The Singing Vagabond, Stranded, Air Hawks, Living on Velvet, The Count of Monte Cristo 1934, Cross Streets, This Side of Heaven, Massacre, The Women in His Life, Zoo in Budapest, The Constant Woman, Silver Dollar, A Scarlet Week-End, Come On, Tarzan, Cornered 1932, Cross-Examination 1932, Convicted 1931, The Phantom, Faithful Wives, The Virgin Wife, Ermine and Rhinestones, The Girl on the Stairs, Fear-Bound, Scandal Street 1925, My Man, Wine of Youth, Dangerous Pleasure 1924, The Six-Fifty, Sawdust, Rags to Riches, Under oath, Evidence, Reckless Youth, The Way of a Maid, Who Am I?, Reputation 1921, The Luck of Geraldine Laird, The Courage of Marge O'Doone 1920, Stepping Out, The Law of Men, Reclaimed: The Struggle for a Soul Between Love and Hate 1919, Shame 1917, Miss George Washington, Our Wives (short), The Carpenter (short), One Good Joke Deserves Another (short) 1913

Raquel Welch



  Forget About It, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, Mother, Jugs and Speed,  Myra Breckenbridge 1970, 100 Rifles 1969,

 The Biggest Bundle of Them All, One Million Years B.C. 1966, A Swingin' Summer, A House is Not a Home,

 Fantstic Voyage 1966, Legally Blonde 2001, Bedazzled, The Beloved, Hannie Caulder 1971, Bluebeard, The Four Musketeers,

 L'Animal, Chairman of the Board, Tortilla Soup 2001, The Last of Sheila 1973, Crossed Swords, Get Bruce

Tuesday Weld




  Rock, Rock, Rock 1956, The Wrong Man, The Five Pennies, Sex Kittens Go to College, High Time, Return to Peyton Place,

 Bachelor Flat, The Private Lives of Adam and Eve, I'll Take Sweden 1965, The Cincinnati Kid 1965, Pretty Poison 1968,

 Lord Love a Duck, Play It As It Lays, Looking for Mr. Goodbar 1977 , Who'll Stop the Rain, Serial, Author! Author!, Thief,

 Once Upon a Time in America 1984, Heartbreak Hotel, Falling Down, Feeling Minnesota, Investigating Sex 2002

Ben Welden



The Man From Chicago 1930, 77 Park Lane, The Innocents of Chicago, This is the Life, Mannequin, The Medicine Man, The Black Abbot, Aunt Sally, The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes, Alibi Inn, The Man Who Could Work Miracles, Maytime, Marked Woman 1937, Varsity Show, That Certain Woman, Prison Nurse 1938, Alcatraz Island, City Girl, Gateway, The Saint in New York 1938, 10th Ave Kid, Up the River, The Lone Wolf's Daughter, The Roaring Twenties 1939, The Earl of Chicago, Wolf of new York, South of Pago Pago, Strange Alibi, Manpower 1941, All Through the Night, Highways by Night, Circumstantial Evidence, Shadows in the Night, Dangerous Business, The Big Sleep 1946, Hit Parade of 1947, Little Miss Broadway, The Pretender, The Noose Hangs High, Smart Girls Don't Talk, A Song Is Born, Impact 1949, Mary Ryan, Detective, Prison Warden, The Lemon Drop Kid, Rhubarb, All Ashore, Killers From Space, The Steel Cage 1954, Night passage, Hidden Guns, Spook Chasers

Joan Weldon



 The System 1953, So This is Love, The Boy From Oklahoma, Have Gun- Will Travel 1958, The Stranger Wore a Gun 1953,

 Shirley Temple's Storybook 1958, Cheyenne 1957, Home Before Dark, Deep in My Heart, Gunsight Ridge, Day of the Bad Man,

 Home Before Dark 1958, Them! 1954, Colt .45 1958

James Wellman



Mrs. Pollifax-Spy 1971, Glass Houses, Wild, Wild Winter, Beach Ball, 

Dawn Wells




This is Our Time, Forever for Now, Super Sucker, Lover's Knot 1996, Soulmates 1992, The Princess and the Dwarf,

High School U.S.A. (TV), The Castaways on Gilligan's Island (TV) 1979, The Town That Dreaded Sundown,

Return to Boggy Creek, Winterhawk, The New Interns 1964, Palm Springs Weekend,  

Bill Welsh


Savage Intruder, Dragstrip Girl 1957, The Atomic Kid, Just This Once 1952, The Las Vegas Story 1952, Three Secrets,

The Great Jewel Robbery 1950 

William Welsh 

www.askactor.com/actress/ William_Welsh/gossip/


Thou Shall Not Lie 1915, Trailed by Three, Crossed Clues 1921, Ridin' Wild 1922, The Shock 1923, Beasts of Paradise,

Around the World In Eighty Days 1923, The Fighting Ranger, The Iron Man

Howard Wendell 



  Frankie and Johnnie, The Cincinnati Kid 1965, Mirage, How to Murder Your Wife 1965, Where Love Has Gone,

 It Happened to Jane 1959, A Stranger in My Arms, Mardi Gras 1958, Storm Center, Never Say Goodbye,

 The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake, Affair in Trinidad, The Big Heat 1953, Captain Scarface, Wiretrapper,

 My Blood Runs Cold, Sail a Crooked Ship, Rescue 8, Zorro, Affair in Trinidad 1952, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953,

 By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Athena, Wiretapper, King of the Roaring 20's: The Story of Arnold Rothstein

John Wengraf



The Seventh Cross 1944, Song of Russia 1944, Sahara, Mission to Moscow, Lucky Jordon, Convoy,

Night Train to Munich, Call Me Madam, 5 Fingers 1952, Tropic Zone, Flight to Tangiers,

The Loveable Cheat, Sofia, T-Men, The Razor's Edge 1947, Ship of Fools, The Prize, Hitler 1962, 

Sealed Verdict, Judgement at Nuremberg, Portrait in Black, 12 to the Moon, The Return of Dracula,

Gog, The Racers 1955, Oh Men! Oh Women!, The Pride and the Passion 1957, The Disembodied, 

Strange Affair, Week-End at the Waldorf 1945, Sailors Three, The Boy From Stalingrad

Barbara Werle

Perilous Voyage, The Weekend Nun, Charro!, Gunfight at Abilene, The Rare Breed 1966, Harum Scarum, Tickle Me, 

Battle of the Bulge 1965, Seconds 1966



Eleanor Wesselhoeft

The Monster and the Girl 1941, The Man I Married, Four Sons, Intermezzo 1939, Dramatic School 1939, Alexander's Ragtime Band, The Baroness and the Butler, The Prisoner of Zenda 1937, A Son Comes Home, Bolder Dam 1936, Stranded, The Woman in Red, Black Moon, Pier 13, Cradle Song, The Great Jaspar, The Woman From Monte Carlo, Street Scene 1931 


Adam West                http://www.adamwest.com/


Voodoo Island 1957, The Young Philadelphians 1959The FBI Story 1959, Tammy and the Doctor, Mara of the Wilderness,

Batman 1966, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker 1971, Hardcore, Hooper,

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood 1980, Hell Riders, Young Lady Chatterley II, Omega Cop, Zombie Nightmare, 

Mad About You 1990, The New Age, Run For Cover, The Clinic 1995, The Size of Watermelons, Drop Dead Gorgeous,

BAADASSSSS! 2002, Chicken Little (voice) 2005, Nuclear Rescue 911, Sexina: Popstar P.I., Super Capers


Judi West     



A Man Called Gannon 1968, The Fortune Cookie 1966, Dreams Don't Die (TV), La donna, il sesso, e il superuomo

Martin West

Captain Newman M.D., The Man From Galveston, A Swingin' Summer, The Girls on the Beach 1962, Freckles 1960,

Sweet November, The Sergeant Was a Lady, Harper 1966, Soldier Blue, Best Seller, Mac and Me, Listen to Me, Hellhole 1985,

Lord Love a Duck 1966

Pat West


  Road to Utopia 1946, To Have and to Have Not 1944, Moon Over Las Vegas, Passport to Destiny, Presenting Lily Mars 1943,

 Are Husbands Necessary?, This Gun for Hire 1942, The Fleet's In, Johnny Eager, Sullivan's Travels 1941, Ball of Fire 1941,

 Night of January 16th, Birth of the Blues, The Lady Eve 1941, Nice Girl?, Christmas In July, The Great McGinty 1940,

 My Favourite Wife, Seventeen, His Girl Friday 1940, Babes In Arms, Million Dollar Legs, Some Like It Hot 1939,

 Only Angels Have Wings, Nancy Drew...Reporter, You Can't Take It With You 1938, Men With Wings, Bringing Up Baby 1938,

 Broadway melody of 1938 1937, Saratoga, A Family Affair, Woman In Distress, Gold Diggers of 1937, Libeled Lady 1936,

 Cain and Mabel, Murder With Pictures, Sins of Man, Parole! 1936, Rose-Marie, The Girlfriend 1935, Page Miss Glory 1935, 

 Page Miss Glory...poster

Gordon Westcott                                             



Our Dancing Daughters 1928, Merrily We Go to Hell, Devil and the Deep, Crime of the Century 1933, Private Detective 62,

The Case of The Howling Dog, Fashions of 1934 1934, He Learned About Women 1933, This is the Life, Front Page Woman,

A Night at the Ritz 1935, The White Cockatoo, 6 Day Bike Rider, Voltaire 1933, Footlight Parade

Helen Westcott                                    



  Thunder Over Texas, Henry Aldrich for President 1941, 13 Lead Soldiers, The Affair of Susan, Smart Girls Don't Talk,

 Adventures of Don Juan 1948, Mr. Belvedere Goes to College, The Girl From Jones Beach 1939, Whirlpool, Backfire,

 The Secret of Convict Lake 1951With a Song in My Heart 1952, Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1953,

 Hot Blood, God's Little Acre 1958, Pieces of Dreams 1970, I Love My Wife

James Westerfield




 The Magnificent Ambersons 1942, The Pride of the Yankees, On the Waterfront, Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town,

 Three Hours to Kill, The Violent Man, The Cobweb, Man With the Gun, Cowboy 1950, The Shaggy Dog, Hang 'Em High,

 Son of Flubber, The Plunderers, Wild River, The Love God?, True Grit, The Sons of Katie Elder 1965, True Grit 1969,

 Smith!, Hang 'Em High 1968, Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round, The Gunfight at Dodge City, The Proud Rebel, Jungle Heat,

 Cell 2455 Death Row, Cry Danger 1951, O.S.S. 1946

Helen Westley



  Moulin Rouge 1934, Death Takes a Holiday 1934, The Age of Innocense, Anne of Green Gables 1934, Showboat, Stowaway, Wife, Husband and Friend, Heidi 1937,  Alexander's Ragtime Band, Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm, Adam Had Four Sons, Cafe Metropole, Zaza 1938, Lillian Russell 1940, The Captain is a Lady, Adam Had Four Sons, My Favourite Spy 1942, Splendor 1934, Sunny 1941 

Nydia Westman



Rabbit, Run, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit, The Reluctant Astronaut, The Swinger, The Chase,

For Love or Money 1963, The Late George Apley, The Bad Man 1941, They All Kissed the Bride, 

The Cat and the Canary 1939, Bulldog Drummond's Peril, Bulldog Drummond's Revenge 1937, 

The Gorgeous Hussy, Pennies From Heaven, A Feather in Her Hat, Dressed to Kill 1934, Rose Bowl,

The Goldwyn Follies, Little Women 1933, Two Alone, The Trumpet Blows, Ladies Shouls Listen,

Sweet Adeline 1934, Strange Justice 1932, Bondage, Strange Justice

Doris Weston



Chip of the Flying U, When Tomorrow Comes, Mandrake the Magician 1939, Delinquent Parents, Born to Be Wild,

Submarine D-1, The Singing Marine 1937,

Jack Weston                                                            



  The Ritz, All in a Night's Work, A New Leaf, Cactus Flower 1969, The Thomas Crown Affair 1968, Wait Until Dark 1967,

 The Cincinnati Kid 1965, The Incredible Mr. Limpett, Please Don't Eat the Daisies 1960, Ishtar 1987, The Four Seasons 1981

 Cuba, Short Circuit 2, Dirty Dancing, Terror in the Aisles, Cuba, I Want to Live! 1958, Imitation of Life

Ruth Weston

Made for Each Other 1939, That Certain Age 1938, Splendor 1935, The Sporting Age, Devotion, The Public Defender, Too Many Cooks, Three Who Loved, Transgression 1931



Arleen Whelan                             



  On Again- Off Again 1937, Charley's Aunt, Young Mr. Lincoln 1939, The Senator Was Indiscreet 1947, Dear Wife,

 The Sun Shines Bright, The Badge of Marshall Brennan, The Women of Pitcairn Island, Never Wave at a WAC 1953,

 The Women of Pitcairn Island 1956

Leigh Whipper



The Young Don't Cry 1957, The Shrike, Lost Boundaries, Untamed Fury, Undercurrent, The Yellow Rose of Texas, The Impostor 1944, Mission to Moscow, The Ox-Bow Incident 1942, Heart of the Golden West, The Vanishing Virginian, Lady for a Night, King of the Zombies 1941, Road to Zanzibar 1941, Virginia, Of Mice and Men 1939, The Spirit of the Unconquered 1920 

Slim Whitaker



Tested by Fire (short) 1914, In Search of a Sinner, Full Speed, On the Go, Billy the Kid, A Streak of Luck 1925,

The Fighting Cheat, The Twin Triggers, Rawhide 1926, The Ace of Clubs, The Bonanza Buckaroo, The Stolen Ranch, 

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O'Malley Rides Again, Shadow Ranch, The Fighting Legion, Breed of the West, In Old Cheyenne, The Avenger 1931, 

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Texas Tornado, The Saddle Buster, Ghost Valley, The Night Rider, Come on, Tarzan, The Big Stampede 1932, Drum Taps,

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War of the Range, Mystery Liner, The Lost Jungle, Arizona Nights 1934, Smoking Guns, The Man From Hell, 

The Dude Ranger, The Law of the Wild, Tailspin Tommy, Prescott Kid 1934, Gunfire, The Westerner, The Unconquered Bandit, 

Mystery Mountain, The Cactus Kid, Coyote Trails, The Rustlers of Red Dog, Wolf Riders, Sunset Range, The Miracle Rider 1935, 

The Circle of Death, The Silver Bullet 1935, Shadows of the Orient, Men of Action, Heir to Trouble, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, 

Tailspin Tommy and the Great Air Mystery 1935, Last of the Clintons, Gallant Defender 1935, Escape From Devil's Island, 

Fast Bullet, The Adventures of Frank Merriwell, Feud of the West, O'Malley of the Mounted, Flash Gordon 1936, 

The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand 1936, Roamin' Wild, The Riding Adventure, Ghost Patrol, The Traitor,

The Big Show, General Spanky, Valley of Terror 1937, Borderland, Melody of the Plains, Mystery Range, Guns in the Dark, 

Roaring Six Guns, Smoke Tree Range, Prairie Thunder, Hollywood Round-Up 1937, The Lone Ranger 1938,

Riders of the Black Hills, The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 1938, Phantom Gold, Black Bandit, In Early Arizona,

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Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns 1942, In Old California 1942, The Silver Bullet, The Mad Monster, Arizona Stage Coach, 

The Mysterious Rider, Fighting Frontier, Death Rides the Plains 1943, Wolves of the Range 1943, Silver Spurs,

Man From Music Mountain, Raiders of Red Gap, In Old Oklahoma, The Falcon Out West 1944, The Laramie Trail, 

Outlaws of the Plains, Law of the Lash, Pioneer Justice, Black Hills, Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains, 

The Gal Who Took the West  1949 

Billie Whitelaw



Hot Fuzz 2007, Quills, Jane Eyre 1996, Deadly Advice, The Krays, The Dressmaker 1988, Maurice, Shady, Tangiers, The Chain, An Unsuitable Job for a Woman 1982, Leopard in the Snow, The Omen, Night Watch, Frenzy 1972, Start the Revolution Without Me 1970, Twisted Nerve, Charlie Bubbles 1967, The Comedy Man, Mr. Topaze, Payroll, Hell is a City, The Flesh and the Fiends, Breakout, Small Hotel, Room in the House, The Fake 1953


Peter Whitney                                                    



Destination Tokyo 1943, Mr. Skeffington 1944, Northwest Outpost, The Big Heat 1953, Day of Triumph,

 The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, In the Heat of the Night 1967,

 The Ballad of Cable Hogue, The Great Bank Robbery

Alice White                                                    



  The Sea Tiger 1927,  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1928, Show Girl, Playing Around, The Private Life of Helen of Troy 1927,

 Sweet Music, Big City, Broadway Babies 1929, Flamingo Road, Girls' Town, Night of January 16th 1941,

 Murder at Midnight 1931Secret of the Chateau 1934, Annabel Takes a Tour 1938

Dan White                                   



  Destry Rides Again 1939, Our Town 1940, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, Lady of Burlesque, Voodoo Man,  The Utah Kid 1944,

 The Invisible Man's Revenge, The Big Bonanza, The Yearling 1946, Giant 1956, The Sea of Grass, Red River 1948, Cover-Up,

 Dual in the Sun 1946, Rawhide, His Kind of Woman, Touch of Evil 1958, The Red Badge odf Courage 1951,  

 Suddenly 1954, The First Travelling Saleslady, The Cheyenne Social Club 1970, Jailhouse Rock 1957, Beloved Infadel 1959

David White     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bewitched



  The Sweet Smell of Success 1957, the Gofddess, The Apartment 1960, The Great Imposter, Madison Avenue,

 Brewster's Millions 1985, Fast Forward, The Lollipo Cover, The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington 1977

Jesse White           http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_White_%28actor%29


  Harvey 1950, Death of a Salesman 1951, Kiss of Death 1947, Witness to Murder 1954, Gunsmoke, The Bad Seed,

 Hell's Half Acre, Designing Women 1957, Not as a Stranger, Johnny Trouble, Period of Adjustment 1962, The Big Night,

 Marjorie Morningstar 1958, Dear Brigitte, Togetherness, Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 1976, Dear Brigitte, 

 Pajama Party, The Reluctant Astronaut, The Brothers O'Toole, Las Vegas Lady,  Matinee

Johnston White



From the Terrace, The Scarlet Hour, Sincerely Yours, Knock on Wood, Anything for a Thrill, Shed No Tears, Tough to Handle, Get That Man

Leo White

The Fountainhead, Homicide, Flaxy Martin, Smart Girls Don't Talk, Silver River, April Showers, The Unfaithful, The Verdict, Cloak and Dagger, Devotion, Lady on a Train 1945, Mr. Skeffington, Arsenic and Old Lace 1944, Appointment in Berlin, Casablanca 1942, Gentleman Jim, The Gay Sisters, Spy Ship, Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942, Four Jacks and a Jill, All Through the Night, Passage From Hong Kong, Million Dollar Baby 1941, The Great Lie 1941, Knockout, Meet John Doe, The Great Dictator 1940, The Sea Hawk, Torrid Zone, The Letter 1940, No Time for Comedy, Four Wives, The Roaring Twenties, Blacknmail, Each Dawn I Die, City for Conquest, Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter, Women in the Wind, Nancy Drew... Reporter 1939, Four's a Crowd, Angels With Dirty Faces, Trouble in Panama, Tovarich, Hollywood Hotel, Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo, Broadway Melody of 1938, Confession 1937, Torchy Blane in Chinatown, Studio Romance, Marked Woman 1937, Espionage, Cain and Mabel, Stage Struck, Public Enemy's Wife, Injustice, A Night at the Opera 1935, Dr. Socrates, Mad Love, Front Page Woman, Stranded, In Caliente, Black Fury, Gold Diggers of 1935, All the King's Horses, Secret of the Chateau, Jealousy, British Agent, Dames, Midnight Alibi, The Thin Man 1934, Sadie McKee, The Scarlet Empress 1934, Riptide, Fashions of 1934, The House on 56th Street, The Invisible Man, The Kennel Murder Case, Stage Mother, Pilgrimage,Rasputin, the Mad Monk, The Keyhole 1933, Crooner, Grand Hotel 1932, The Beast of the City, Monkey Business, Anna Christie 1930, Soup to Nuts, The Gay Nineties, Born to the Saddle, Breed of the Sunsets, Sunrise 1927, The Ladybird, McFadden's Flats,The Blonde Saint, Devil's Island, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ 1927, Pluck, Paths to Paradise, The Lost World 1925, Wine, Breaking Into Society, The Goldfish, Sporting Youth, Blood and Sand 1922, The Rage of Paris, The Devil's Passkey, Mrs. Temple's Telegram, An Adventuress, The Flirts (short),The Love Swindle 1918, The Orderly (short) 1918, The Slave (short) 1917, The Goat (short), Dough Nuts (short), The Count (short), The Vagabond (short), The Bank (short) 1915, The Tramp (short) 1915, Curiosity (short), The Champ (short), The Fable of a Felloe Who Had a Friend Who Knew a Girl Who Had a Friend (short), Sweedie's Suicide (short), The Battle of Love 1914, The Laundress (short), Sweedie's Skate (short), One Wonderful Night 1914, Beans (short), The Wedding of Prudence (short) 1914, Speak No Evil (short)




Marjorie White           http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marjorie_White


Happy Days 1929, Sunnyside Up 1929, New Movietone Follies of 1930 1930, Just Imagine 1930, Charlie Chan Carries On 1931,

Possessed 1931, Her Bodyguard 1931, Diplomaniacs

Pearl White



The Missing Bridegroom (short) 1910, An Unforeseen Complication (short) 1911, Helping Him Out (short) 1911,

The Terms of the Will (short) 1911, The Power of Love (short), Naughty Marietta (short), The Only Woman in Town (short), 

The Quarrel (short) 1912,  Locked Out (short), A Dip Into Society (short), The False Alarm (short), Knights and Ladies (short), 

Calicowani (short) 1913, Forgettable Flossie (short) 1913, A Joke on the Sheriff (short), False Love and True (short), 

Her Joke on Belmont (short), The Paper Doll (short) 1913, What Popa Got (short), A Child's Influence (short), 

The Hand of Providence (short), A News Item (short), A Hidden Love (short), Girls Will Be Boys (short), Daisy Wins (short),

Her Secretaries (short), A Father's Devotion (short) 1914, The Shadow of a Crime (short), Oh! You Puppy (short) 1914, 

A Grateful Outcast (short), What Pearl's Pearls Did (short) 1914, Willie's Disguise (short), Was He A Hero? (short),

East Lynne in Bugville (short) 1914, Liferitis (short), The Exploits of Elaine 1914, The New Exploits of Elaine 1915,

The Romance of Elaine 1915, Mayblossom, The White Moll, The Tiger's Cub, The Broadway Peacock, The Perils of Paris 1925,

The Perils of Pauline 1914

Sammy White  




   Show Boat 1936, Hit Parade of 1937 1937, 711 Ocean Drive 1950, Sound Off, About Mrs. Leslie 1954,

 The Bad and the Beautiful 1952, Pat and Mike, Designing Women 1957The Helen Morgan Story, Living It Up 

Thelma White



Mary Lou 1948, Bowery Champs, Spy Train, Syncopation 1942, Wanted by the Police, Syncopation 1942,

Forgotten Faces, The Moon's Our Home, Tell Your Children (Reefer Madness) 1937, 

Shorts: What Price Jazz, Her Wedding Night-Mare, Season's Greetings, Good Pie Forever, One Way Out,

Sixteen Sweeties,  A Night in a Dormitory 1930

Wilfrid Hyde White                                                 



   My Fair Lady 1964 , The Scarab Murder Case, Poison Pen, The Ghosts of Berkeley Square, The Browning Version,

 Helter Skelter 1949, The Third Man 1949, The Winslow Boy 1948That Dangerous Age, My Teenage Daughter 1956,

 See How They Run, The Million Pound Note, Let's Make Love, In Search of the Castaways, The Chamber of Horrors,

 The Cat and the Canary 1978, Josser on the Farm 1934, Alibi Inn, Rembrandt 1936, Meet Mr. Penny, Poison Pen,

 Wanted for Murder 1946, Mr. Drake's Duck 1951, The Browning Version 1951, Mr. Denning Drives North, 

 The Truth About Women, Carry on Nurse, Ten Little Indians

Blackie Whiteford



The Way of the Strong, Courtin' Wildcats, The Utah Kid, The Texas Ranger, Pardon Us, Ghost City, Mark of the Spur, The Scarlet Brand, The Loud Mouth (short), Cornered 1932, Crashin' Broadway, King Kong 1933, Deadwood Pass, St. Louis Woman, When Lightning Strikes, The Laramie Kid, Barbary Coast, The Last Assignment, Captain Blood 1935, Silly Billies, Framed 1936, The Black Coin, Valley of Terror, The Toast of New York 1937, The Lone Ranger 1938, Romance of the Rockies, The Secret of Treasure Island, The Shadow Strikes, The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, Rio Grande, The Oklahoma Kid, Mutiny in the Big House 1939, Mandrake the Magician, Union Pacific, Destry Rides Again 1939, Virginia City 1940, Deadwood Dick, Santa Fe Trail 1940, Western Union, Lady From Louisiana, Jail House Blues, Ambushed, Batman 1943, Hunted, Days of Glory, Men of the Deep, Dakota, San Antonio, Gilda 1946, The Virginian 1946, The Claw Strikes, California, The Cheat, The Lady From Shanghai, The Denver Kid, The Paleface, Rope of Sand, Convicted 1950, Frightened City, The People Against O'Hara, Scandal Sheet, Captain Blood, Fugitive, Fair Wind to Java, The Juggler 1953, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962


O. Z. Whitehead

Ailsa, Hello Stranger, The Lion in Winter 1968, Philadelphia Here I Come, Panic in the Year Zero!, Ulysses,

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962, Chartroose Caboose, The Last Hurrah 1958, Feudin' Fools, The Body Beautiful,

We're Not Married! 1952, The San Francisco Story, FBI Girl, The Hoodlum, Ma and Pa Kettle 1949, Road House, 

The Romance of Rosy Ridge, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, The Scoundrel 1935



Jack Whiting                                                         



   Give Me a Sailor 1938, Sailing Along 1938, Men of College Lovers, The Life of the Party 1930, Top Speed

Crane Whitley



A Man to Remember, Television Spy, The Invisible Killer, The Invisible Man Returns, Bewitched, Duffy's Tavern, To Each His Own, Hold That Blonde!, The Razor's Edge 1946, California, Pursued, Night and Day, The Lost Weekend 1945, Cloak and Dagger, The Big Sky, Above and Beyond 1952, Mutiny, Oh! Susanna, The Son of Monte Cristo, The Pilgrimage Play 1950, The Damned Don't Cry, Train to Alcatraz, Hellfire, The Crooked Way, Unconquered, Variety Girl 1940, Brute Force 1947, Paula, Easy Come, Easy Go, Danger Street, The Scarlet Clue, The Affairs of Susan, Jungle Queen, To Have and Have Not 1944, Till We Meet Again, Black Magic, The Tiger Woman 1944, Mr. Skeffington, The Hitler Gang, The Fighting Seabees, Campus Rhythm, Hostages, Daredevils of the West, Arabian Nights, Who Done It?, My Favourite Blonde, Hold That Woman!, Underground, They Raid By Night 1942, The Flying Deuces, The Scarlet Clue, Swamp Fire, Captain America, The North Star

Ernest Whitman



The Sun Shines Bright 1953, Blonde Savage, Banjo, The Lost Weekend 1945, Dillinger, The Impostor, Stormy Weather 1943, Cabin in the Sky 1943, The Human Comedy, Arabian Nights, Drums of the Congo, The Bugle Sounds, Among the Living, Blues in the Night 1941, The Pittsburgh Kid, The Getaway, Road to Zanzibar, Birth of the Blues, Back Street, Santa Fe Trail, The Return of Frank James, Safari, Buck Benny Rides Again, Years Without Days, Congo Maisie, Gone With the Wind 1939, Pacific Liner, Tell No Tales, Daughter of the Orient, Jesse James, 6,000 Enemies, Nothing Sacred, White Hunter,  King for a Day (short) 1934

Stuart Whitman                       http://www.thegoldenyears.org/whitman.html   


  Ten North Frederick 1958 , When Worlds Collide, One Minute To Zero, All I Desire, Brigadoon , Rhapsody 1954,

 Interrupted Melody, Passion, Diane, Crime of Passion, The Story of Ruth, Las Vegas Lady, The Invisible Six,

 The Comancheros, The Longest Day 1962Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines 1965, Ruby, Delta Fox, Vultures,

 Lightening in a Bottle, The Color of Evening 1994, Second Chances, The All American 1953, The Girl in Black Stockings 1957,

 The Sound and the Fury 1959, Murder Inc. 1960, Night of the Lepus 1972, Shatter 1974 

James Whitmore                                              

http://www.answers.com/topic/james-whitmore                                        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcV78KE38J4

   The Asphalt Jungle 1950 , The Shawshank Redemption 1994, Where the Red Fern Grows, Give 'Em Hell Harry 1975,

 Guns of the Magnificent Seven, Black Like Me 1964 , Crime In the Streets, Above and Beyond,

 Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone 1950Bully: An Adventure With Teddy Roosevelt 1978, The Harrad Experiment,

 Tora! Tora! Tora! 1970Planet of the Apes 1976, Who Was That Lady?, The Deep Six, The Eddie Duchin  Story

Claire Whitney



Dancing in the Dark 1950, Ladies of the Chorus, An Old-Fashioned Girl, The Strange Mrs, Crane, Rocky 1948,

The Snake Pit 1948, Dangerous Years, The Babe Ruth Story, Kilroy Was Here, Christmas Eve 1947, Anchors Away,

G.I. Honeymoon, She Gets Her Man, The Mummy's Ghost 1944, Gypsy Wildcat, Ladies of Washington, Wintertime,

Mister Big, False Faces, The Mad Doctor of Market Street, Saboteur 1942, Lady in a Jam, Silver Queen,

The House of Seven Gables, Chip of the Flying U 1939, Charlie McCarthy, Detective 1939, Secrets of a Nurse, Innocent Love,

The Great Gatsby 1926, Enlighten Thy Daughter, The Passionate Pilgrim, The Leech, Fine Feathers 1921,

The Chamber Mystery, The Career of Katherine Bush 1919, The Isle of Conquest, The Kaiser's Finish, Tangled Lives,

Shirley Kaye 1917, Camille 1917,  The New York Peacock, The Spider and the Fly, Sporting Blood, The Victim, East Lynne 1916, 

The Nigger 1915, The Blindness of Devotion, The Song of Hate, The Million Dollar Robbery, The Dream Woman,

Behind the Czar 1914, The Walls of Jericho, The Lure, Shadows of the Moulin Rouge, The Paralytic (short) 1912

Helene Whitney


NO VIDEO avail.

The Philadelphia Story 1940, Millionaire Playboy, The Saint's Double Trouble 1940, The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1939

Peter Whitney                                                    



Destination Tokyo 1943, Mr. Skeffington 1944, Northwest Outpost, The Big Heat 1953, Day of Triumph,

 The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, In the Heat of the Night 1967,

 The Ballad of Cable Hogue, The Great Bank Robbery

Renee Whitney



Under 18, Play-Girl, 42nd Street 1933, The Keyhole, Ex-Lady, The Gold Diggers of 1933, Private Detective 62 1933

She Had to Say Yes, Goodbye Again, Footlight Parade 1933, The Kennel Murder Case 1933, The House on 56th 

Street, Bedside, Fashions of 1934 1934, The Big Shakedown, Journal of a Crime, Fog Over Frisco, Gambling Lady 

1934, Midnight Alibi, Housewife, Side Streets, Elinor Norton, Grand Exit, Showboat 1936

Whitney on left

Josephine Whittall



Alimony 1917, Marie Ltd., The Inner Chamber, Caught Plastered, Peach-O-Rama 1931, What Price Hollywood? 1932,

Servants' Entrance, It's a Gift, Mills of the Gods, Shanghai, Redheads on Parade 1935, Follow Your Heart, Double Wedding, 

Stage Door 1937, Hotel Haywire, Married Before Breakfast, Larceny on the Air, Too Hot To Handle 1938, Blondie!, 

Double Wedding, Boy Trouble, Glamour Boy, Life With Henry, Unfinished Business,  Lady in a Jam, The Magnificent Dope, 

Dixie 1943, Life With Blondie, State Fair 1945, The Enchanted Cottage 1945, That Brennan Girl, Easy to Wed, 

The Virginian 1946, The Shocking Miss Pilgrim 1947, Song of Love, Train to Alcatraz, The Fountainhead, Forever Female,

In the Good Old Summertime 1949, The Accused, Chinatown at Midnight, Shakedown, Molly, A Place in the Sun, 

A Star is Born 1954, The Search for Bridey Murphy, The Life of Vergie Walters 1934

Dame May Whitty           http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/participant.jsp?spid=205675


  The Little Minister 1915,  The Lady Vanishes 1938, Mary Rose, The Royal Family at Broadway, Night Must Fall 1937,

 A Bill of Divorcement 1940, Suspicion, Mrs. Miniver 1942, The Constant Nymph 1943, Flesh and Fantasy 1943,

 Lassie Come Home, Madame Curie, Gaslight 1944, The White Cliffs of Dover, My Name is Julia Ross,

 Green Dolphin Street 1947, The Return of October

Mary Wickes           http://www.findadeath.com/Deceased/w/Mary%20Wickes/mary_wickes.htm


  The Man Who Came To Dinner 1942, The Mayor of 44th Street 1942, The Petty Girl, By the Light of the Silvery Moon,

 The Actress 1953, Destry, Now, Voyager 1942, Rhythm of the Islands, June Bride, Anna Lucasta 1949, On Moonlight Bay,

 I'll See You in My Dreams, The Story of Will Rogers, Dance With Me Henry, It Happenend to Jane 1959, White Christmas 1954,  

 Napoleon and Samantha, The Sins of Rachel Cade, The Music Man, Fate is the Hunter 1964, The Spirit is Willing,

 Touched by Love, How to Murder Your Wife 1963, The Trouble With Angels, Postcards From the Edge 1990 , Sister Act 1992, 

 Sister Act II: Back in the Habit 1993, Little Women 1994

Crane Wilbur



Anona's Baptism (short) 1911, Pals (short), The Artist's Trick (short), A Woman Scorned (short), The Infernal Pig (short), The Climax (short), The Smugglar (short), The Corsair (short) 1914, The Mirror (short), Vengeance is Mine! 1914, The Mystery of Carter Breene, The Love Liar, The Wasted Years, Unto the End 1917, The Unborn, High School Girl 1934, Public Opinion 1935, Yellow Cargo

Frank Wilcox



Postal Inspector 1936, The Fighting 69th 1940, Virginia City, Murder In the Air, The Sea Hawk 1940, They Drive by Night 1940,

 Lady With Red Hair, Sante Fe Trail, A Shot in the Dark, Affectionately Yours 1941, Navy Blues, They Died With Their Boots On,

 Murder In the Big House 1942, Flying Fortress, Across the Pacific, The Hidden Hand, The North Star, The Imposter 1944,

 Conflict 1945, Notorious 1946, Cloak and Dagger, Dead Reckoning, Hit Parade of 1947 1947, Cass Timberlane 1947,

 Gentleman's Agreement 1947, Out of the past 1947, The Babe Ruth Story, South of St. Louis, The Clay Pidgeon,

 The Fountainhead 1949, All the King's Men 1949, East Side West Side, Blondie's Hero, Mister 880 1950, Annie Get Your Gun,

 Gambling House, Inside Straight, The Greatest Show on Earth 1952, Scaramouche 1952, Carrie 1952, Invaders From Mars,

 Those Redheads From Seattle, Black Widow 1954, The Eternal Sea, Ruby Gentry, Trial, Uranium Boom,

 Earth VS the Flying Saucers, The Ten Commandments, 7th Cavalry, Hell's Crossroads, Kelly and Me, Pal Joey 1957,

 Good Day for a Hanging, North by Northwest 1959, Swingin' Along, A Majority of One 1961, Johnny Cool,

 I'll Take Sweden 1965, The Million Dollar Duck 1971

Henry Wilcoxon



Sweet 16 1983, Caddyshack 1980, Doomsday Machine, Against a Crooked Sky, The Man With Bogart's Face, F.I.S.T.,

Man in the Wilderness 1971, The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell,  The War Lord, The Ten Commandments, Scaramouche 1952,

The Greatest Show on Earth, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Mrs.Miniver 1942, Dragnet, The Corsican Brothers,

Scotland Yard, That Hamilton Woman 1941, Earthbound, Free, Blonde and 21, Woman Doctor, Mysterious Mr.Moto,

Keep Smiling, Prison Nurse, The President's Mystery, The Last of the Mohicans 1936,

Cleopatra 1934, The Flying Squad, The Perfect Lady

Cornel Wilde


Flesh and Bullets, The Norseman, Gargoyles, The Comic 1969, Beach Red, Edge of Eternity, The Big Combo, Passion,

Star of India, Storm Fear, Saadia, Main Street to Broadway, Woman's World, Treasure of the Golden Condor,

Operation Secret, Shockproof, Two Flags West, Road House, Forever Amber 1947, It Had to Be You 1947,

Stairway for a Star 1946, A Song to Remember 1945, The Homestretch, Centennial Summer, Wintertime, 

High Sierra 1941, Kisses for Breakfast, Knockout, Lady With Red Hair, The Greatest Show on Earth 1952

Lee and Lyn Wilde



Jingle Bells (short), Presenting Lily Mars, Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble 1944, Twice Blessed, Campus Honeymoon, Tucson 1948 (Lyn), 

Look for the Silver Lining 1949, Invitation 1952 (Lyn), The Girl Next Door, Sheriff of Wichita (Lyn), Two Girls and a Sailor,

Reveille With Beverley

Gene Wilder



Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971, Haunted Honeymoon 1986, The Woman in Red 1984, Blazing Saddles,

Rhinoceros, The Little Prince, Young Frankenstein 1974, Hanky Panky, Stir Crazy 1980, The Frisco Kid 1979,

Murder in a Small Town (TV), The Lady in Question, Silver Streak 1976, Another You, See No Evil, Hear No Evil 1989, 

Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother,

Quasar Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx, Bonnie and Clyde

Patricia Wilder (Honey Chile)



Walking on Air 1936, Bunker Bean, On Again---Off Again, New Faces of 1937 1937, That Girl From Paris, Speed 1936,

Wanted! Jane Turner 1936, My Lucky Star, The Big Broadcast of 1936, Little Miss Broadway, Thanks for the Memory 1938


Jan Wiley



The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, The Brute Man, Below the Deadline, I Ring the Doorbells, The Bride Wasn't Willing, There Goes Kelly, Adventures of Kitty O'Day 1945, San Diego I Love You, A Fig Leaf For Eve, Follow the Boys, Law Man 1944, Swing High, The Underdog, So Proudly We Hail!, Fired Wife, Rhythm Parade, Gals, Incorporated 1943, City of Silent Men, Almost Married, The Strange Case of Dr. Rx, Thunder River Feud, Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc. 1941, Zis Boom Bah, Tonto Basin Outlaws, Citizen Kane 1941, Stage Door 1937, New Faces of 1937

Barbara Wilkin

The Flesh Eaters 1964, I Saw What You Did 1965, Black Spurs, Stagecoach 1966, Six in Paris



June Wilkins



Hold Back the Dawn, The Lady From Cheyenne 1941, The Boys From Syracuse 1940, Pioneer Days, Bachelor Mother 1939, Meet the Girls, Love and Hisses, Broadway Melody of 1938, Song of the City, One in a Million, Camille, Born to Dance, Sing, Baby, Sing

Fred Willard




The Magic of Belle Isle, 12 Wishes of Christmas (TV), My Future Boyfriend (TV), Lilly's Light (TV), Holyman Undercover,

Street Poet 2010, Expecting Mary, Youth in Revolt 2009, Scouts Honor, School Gyrls, Harold, WALL-E 2008, 

The Adventures of Captain Cross Dresser (TV), I'll Believe You, I Could Never Be Your Woman, Fighting Words 2007, 

 For Your Consideration 2006, Epic Movie 2007,, Ira & Abby, Church Bell, Date Movie, Lovewrecked, Wiener Park (TV),

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 2004, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle 2004, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,

Killer Diller, Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure (TV), American Wedding 2003, A Mighty Wind 2003, 

Nobody Know Anything! (TV), Teddy Bear's Picnic, The Year That Trembled, How High 2001, When Billie Meets Bobby (TV), 

The Wedding Planner 2001, Best in Show, Chump Change, Dropping Out, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 1999, 

Idle Hands, Can't Stop Dancing, Permanent Midnight, Elvis is Alive! I Swear I Saw Him Eating Ding Dongs Outside the 

Piggly Wiggly's, Breast Man, steve.oedekerk.com, Waiting for Guffman 1996, Back to Back (TV),

Hart to Hart: Old Friends Never Die (TV), A Spinal Tap Reunion: The 25th Anniversary London Sell-Out (TV) 1992, 

Louise Dyart: The Secret Life of Barry's Wife (TV), I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood (TV), High Strung,

Merrill Markoe's Guide to Glamorous Living (TV), Martin Mull Live From North Ridgeville, Ohio (TV),

Portrait of a White Marriage, Roxanne 1987, The History of White People in America: Volume II (TV), Moving Violations,

The History of White People in America (TV), This is Spinal Tap 1984, National Lampoon's Movie Madness, First Family,

Salem's Lot (TV) 1979, How to Beat the High Co$t of Living, Americathon, Space Force (TV),

Flatbed Annie & Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers (TV), Cracking Up 1977, Fun With Dick and Jane, Silver Streak 1976, Hustle,

How to Break Up a Happy Divorce (TV),  Harrad Summer, Jenny 1970, Model Shop, Operation Greasepaint (TV), 

Teenage Mother 1967

Jean Willes



The Winner's Circle 1948, A Yank in Indo-China, All Ashore, Abbott and Costello Go to Mars, From Here to Eternity 1953,

 The Glass Web, 5 Against the House, Bowery to Bagdad, Bobby Ware is Missing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956,

 The Revolt of Mamie Stover, The Lieutenant Wore Skirts, The King and Four Queens, The Man Who Turned to Stone 1957,

 The Tijuana Story, Desire Under the Elms, No Time for Sergeants 1958, These Thousand Hills, The F.B.I. Story 1959,

 Elmer Gantry 1960, Ocean's Eleven, Gypsy 1962, By Love Possessed, McHale's Navy, The Cheyenne Social Club

Warren William



  Plunder, Under 18 1931, The Dark Horse 1932, Three on a Match 1932, Gold Diggers of 1933, Lady for a Day 1933,

 The Case of the Lucky Legs, Imitation of Life 1934, The Dragon Murder Case 1934, Cleopatra 1934,

 The Private Affairs of Bel Ami, The Wolf Man 1941, Madame X 1937, Arizona, Lillian Russell, The Case of the Velvet Claws,

 The Gracie Allen Murder Case 1939, The Man In the Iron Mask 1939 , Satan Met a Lady, Wives Under Suspicion 1938,

 Madame X, The Firefly, Satan Met a Lady, Go West Young Man, The Town That Forgot God 1922, Passport to Suez, Fear

Adam Williams



  Queen for a Day, Crashout, The Lonely Man, The Oklahoman 1957, The Badlanders 1958, North by Northwest 1959,

 The Last Sunset, Convicts 4 1962, The New Interns 1964, The Glory Guys, The Horse In the Gray Flannel Suit 1968,

 The Glory Guys, The Last Sunset, Fear Strikes Out 1957, The Rack 1956, The Proud and the Profane, Dragonfly Squadron, 

 The Big Heat 1953, Flying Leathernecks, 

Bill Williams



  Night of the Zombies 1981, 69 Minutes, Moon Over the Alley, Scandalous John, The Giant Spider Invasion 1976,

 Spaceflight IC-1: An Adventure in Space,  Law of the Lawless 1964, Tickle Me 1965, The Sergeant Was a Lady,

 Oklahoma Territory, Slim Carter, Pawnee,  Wiretapper, Young Couples Only, The Great Missouri Raid, The Stratton Story,

 A Dangerous Profession, Deadline at Dawn 1946, Johnny Angel, Murder In the Blue Room, King Kong,

 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Murder In the Blue Room 1944, A Woman's Secret 1949, The Clay Pidgeon 1949,

 Rose of Cimarron, Son of Paleface,  

Cara Williams



              Girls' Town 1942, Laura 1944, Boomerang! 1947, The Saxon Charm, In the Meantime, Darling,

 Meet Me In Las Vegas , The Defiant Ones 1958The Helen Morgan Story 1957,The Man From the Diners Club 1963,

 Doctors' Wives, The One Man Jury, Wide Open Town 1941, The Girl Next Door,The Great Diamond Robbery,

 The One Man Jury 1978,  Doctor's Wives, The Great Diamond Robbery, The One Man Jury 1978 


Charles Williams




         A Lawless Street 1955,  Dancing Lady, Sadie McKee, In Old Chicago, A Star is Born, The Lone Ranger,

 You're the One, My Favourite Spy, Career Girl, The Postman Always Rings Twice 1946, It's a Wonderful Life 1946,

 Lullaby of Broadway, Fighting 1956, Main Street to Broadway, Corky of Gasoline Alley, According to Mrs. Hoyle,

 Gasoline Alley 1951, The Woman on Pier 13, Arson Inc., The Accused 1949, Heading for Heaven, Deadline for Murder,

 Duffy's Tavern, Hollywood and Vine, Atlantic City 1944, Career Girl, Redhead From Manhattan,

 The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine 1942, The Pride of the Yankees, My Favorite Spy, Girls' Town 1942, Girl in 313 1940,

 The Great Train Robbery, Blue, White and Perfect 1942, Sabotage, Ambush, Alexabder's Ragtime Band 1938,

 Man-Proof, Merry Go Round of 1938, Wake Up and Live 1937, It Happenend in Hollywood, Vogues of 1938, 

 In Old Chicago, Dames, The Cats-Paw, This Side of Heaven 1934, The Crosby Case,  Dancing Lady 1933, Flesh,

 70,000 Witnesses, Delicious, The Old Homestead 1922

Chili Williams



3000 A.D., The Lusty Men, A Girl in Every Port 1952, Las Vegas Story, Frenchie, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Kill the Umpire, Assigned to Danger, Heartaches, Gas Hose Kids Go West, Wonder Man George White's Scandals 1945, The Falcon in Hollywood 1944, Girl Rush

Emlyn Williams



                The Walking Stick 1970, The L-Shaped Room 1962, The Wreck of the Mary Deare, I Accuse! 1958,

 Friday the Thirteenth, Criminal at Large, I, Claudius 1937, They Drive by Night 1938The Stars Look Down,

 Major Barbera 1941, Three Husbands 1951, The Magic Box, Hatter's Castle, Girl in the News, Jamaica Inn 1939,

 The Deep Blue Sea, The Wreck of the Mary Deare, The Eye of the Devil, The Walking Stick, The Frightenend Lady 1932,

 Sally Bishop, My Song For You, Evensong 1934, Road House 1934, The Dictator 1935, The Citadel 1938, Ivanhoe, 

 The Magic Box, The Scarf 1951

Hugh Williams



Khartoum 1966, The Intruder, The Holly and the Ivy 1952, The Fake, The Romantic Age 1949, The Gift Horse, Elizabeth of Ladymead 1948, One of Our Aircraft is Missing 1942Inspector Homleigh, Brief Ecstasy, The Perfect Crime, The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observations of David Copperfield 1935, Wuthering Heights 1939, Dead Man Tell No Tales, Her Last Affaire, Bitter Sweet, Rome Express, In a Monestary Garden, Charley's Aunt 1930Outcast Lady, The Man Behind the Mask, The Blind Goddess, An Ideal Husband 1947Take My Life, Bank Holiday, The Dark Stairway, A Gentleman of Paris 1931, Insult, Premiere 1938, Side Steet Angel, The Windmill 1937, The Man Behind the Mask 1936, Gypsy, The Happy Family, Elinor Norton, All Men are Enemies, 

Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams

The Comancheros, The Alamo, Five Bold Women, The Hired Gun 1957, Hidden Guns, Outlaw's Daughter, Southwest Passage, Springfield Rifle,  Al Jennings of Oklahoma, Hoedown, Station West, Bad Men of Tombstone, Over the Santa Fe Trail, Smokey River Serenade, Singing on the Trail 1946, That Texas Jamboree, Song of the Prairie, Belle of the Yukon 1944, 
The Man Who Walked Alone, Swing in the Saddle, Cowboy and the Senorita 1944, Hands Across the Border 1944, American Empire, Between Us Girls, Minesweeper, Silver Queen, Lure of the Islands, The Bugle Sounds 1942, Swamp Water, Riders of Death Valley, Country Fair, Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga 1941, Santa Fe Trail, Dulcy, Wagons Westward, Virginia City 1940, The Fighting 69th, Blackmail, Badlands, 6,000 Enemies, I Demand Payment, Dodge City 1939, Army Girl, Hold That Co-Ed, The Marines Are Here, Everybody's Doing It, Big City, Wise Girl 1937, The Singing Marine, Girls Can Play, Dangerous Holiday, A Star is Born 1937, You Only Live Once, Career Woman, End of the Trail, The Vigilantes Are Coming,
Grand Jury, Muss 'em Up, The Law of 45's, Powdersmoke Range, Society Fever, The Glass Key 1935, Private World's, Cowboy Holiday, Flirtation Walk 1934, Romance in the Rain, Half a Sinner, Cheaters, Palooka, The Mystery Squadron 1933Rafter Romance 1933, Laughing at Life, The Devil is Driving, You Said a Mouthful, 70,000 Witnesses 1932, Drifting, Ladies of the Jury, The Phantom 1931, Liliom 1931, The Bad Man 1931, The Forward Pass, My Man, Noah's Ark, City Girl, Vamping Venus, Lightning 1927, Burning Daylight, Snowbound, Arizona Bound, Backstage, Quarantined Rivals, Big Stunt, Riders of the Sand Storm, Black Cyclone, Sporting West, Wolfheart's Revenge 1925, Red Blood and Blue, The Eagle's Claw, The Avenger, $1,000 Reward, Riders at Night, The Freshie 1922, Blaze Away, Remembrance, Western Firebrands, Across the Border 1922, The Vengeance Trail, Cupid the Cowpuncher 1921, Almost a Husband 1919

JoBeth Williams

          TiMER 2009, Crazylove, Searching for Debra Winger 2002, Jackie's Back!, It Came From the Sky, Little City,

Jungle 2 Jungle, Voices From Within, Parallel Lives 1994, Chantilly Lace, Dutch, Victim of Love, Welcome Home 1989,

Memories of Me, Poltergeist II: The Other Side 1986, Teachers 1984, The Day After, Poltergeist 1982, The Big Chill 1983,

The Dogs of War,

John Williams



        Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936, A Woman's Vengeance, Kind Lady, Dial M For Murder 1954, Sabrina 1954,

To Catch a Thief 1955, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, The Solid Gold Cadillac, Witness for the Prosecution 1957,

The Young Philadelphians 1959, Midnight Lace, Dear Brigitte, Double Trouble, Hot Lead and Cold Feet 1978

Kenneth Williams



                  Valley of Song 1953, The Hound of the Baskervilles 1978, Carry On Behind, Carry On Abroad, Carry On Matron,

 Carry On Henry, Carry On Camping 1969, Carry On... Up the Khyber 1968, Carry On Screaming! 1966, Carry On Cleo,

 Twice Round the Daffodils 1962, Raising the Wind, Make Mine Mink, Tommy the Toreador 1959, Carry On Teacher 1959,

 Carry On Nurse 1959, The Beggar's Opera 1953

Mack Williams

Cape Fear 1962, A Public Affair, Ada, The Shaggy Dog, Ten North Frederick 1958, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? One Desire, Ain't Misbehavin', Unchained 1955, The Bigamist 1953, The Girl in Room 17, Call Me Madame, Monkey Business, Deadline, Law of the Badlands, Call Me Mister, Now Way Out, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Destination Big House 1950, Backfire, Whirlpool 1949, Trapped 1949, An Act of Murder 1948, Heartaches



Rhys Williams



Midnight Lace 1960, Our Man Flint, Skullduggery 1970, How Green Was My 

Valley 1941, Mrs. Miniver 1942, Cairo, Random Harvest 1942, The Corn is

Green 1945, Blood on the Sun, The Bell's of St. Mary's, The Spiral Staircase 

1945Blood on the Sun, There's No Business Like Show Business, The 

Farmer's Daughter 1947, The Crooked Way, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Les 

Miserables 1952, Julius Caesar 1953, Men In the Attic, The Trouble With 

Women 1947, Johnny Guitar 1954, The Scarlet Coat, Raintree County 1957,

The Kentuckian, Midnight Lace, The Sons of Katie Elder,

Easy Come, Easy Go 1947, Tokyo Joe, Bad Boy, The Black Arrow, One Too 

Many 1950, Devil's Doorway, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Carbine Williams, The

Son of Dr. Jekyll, The Law and the Lady, Plymouth Adventure,

Scandal at Scourie, How to Be Very, Very Popular 1955, The Boss

Robert Williams



Thoughtless Woman, The Common Law, Platinum Blonde 1931, Devotion, Rebound, 

Robert B. Williams



 The Last Angry Man, The Phynx, Hang 'Em High, Satan's Bed 1965, Everything's Ducky, Sunrise at Campobello, Pillow Talk 1959, The Bat 1959, A Hole in the Head, The Giant Claw, The Spirit of St. Louis, I'll Cry Tomorrow,  The Killing 1956, The Blazing Forest, Two April Fools 1954, Playgirl, The Lady Says No, The Unknown Man 1957,  One Shivery Night, Pioneer Marshal, Stagecoach Kid, Strange Gamble 1945, Key Witness 1947, Black Angel,  A Bird in the Head 1946, Over 21, Two-Man Submarine 1944, Cry of the Werewolf, Black Arrow, The Girl in the Case, Eve Knew Her Apples, I Love a Bandleader, Teenagers From Outer Space, Father's Little Dividend, A Face in the Fog, The Lady Says No

Norman Willis



The Bounty Killer, A Hatful of Rain 1957, Drum Beat, Mighty Joe Young, Little Miss Broadway, Cheyenne, War Brides, Apology for Murder 1945, Dillinger, Desert Hawk, Illegal Rights, Johnny Come Lately, No Escape, A Night to Remember 1953, Falling Stones, The Adventures of Mark Twain, Belle Starr, The Iron Claw, Faro Jack, They Drive By Night 1940, Virginia City 1940, Johnny Apollo, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, The Roaring Twenties, Tell No Tales, Serenade, Convict's Code, Racket Busters, Three Comrades, Prison Nurse 1938, City Girl, The Joy Parade, That Certain Woman, Men of Exile, The Voice of Scandal 1936, Charlie Chan at the Race Track, F-Man, Mary Burns, Fugitive, Atlantic Adventure, The Great Schnozzle 1934

Beverly Wills

Son of Flubber, The Ladies Man 1961, Some Like It Hot 1959, The Student Prince, Small Town Girl 1953, Skirts Ahoy!, Mickey, Raw Deal 1948, George White's Scandals 1945, Anaesthesia (short),



Chill Wills



  Anything Goes 1936, Way Out West, Call of the Prairie, Boom Town 1940, Western Union, Honky Tonk 1941,

 The Bad Man, Way Out West, The Immortal Blacksmith, Meet Me in St. Louis 1944Francis, Best Foot Forward, Giant 1956,

 See Here, Private Hargrove 1944, Timberjack, The City That Never Sleeps 1953, Cattle Drive, The Sundowners 1950,

 Red Canyon, The Sainted Sisters, The Harvey Girls 1946, I'll Be Seeing You, The Alamo 1960, Where the Boys Are, McLintock!,

 The Cardinal 1963, The Wheeler Dealers 1963, Fireball 500, The Over-the-Hill-Gang Rides Again,

 Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 1973, Stubby Pringle's, Christmas 1978

Charles C. Wilson



   Lucky Boy 1928, My Sin, Dancing Lady 1933 , Female 1933, It Happened One Night 1934, The Lemon Drop Kid 1934,

 Dantes Inferno, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936The Gentleman From Louisiana, Satan Met a Lady,

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 Blues In the Night 1941, Gentleman Jim, The Chicago Kid, Blonde for a Day, Gold Diggers of 1933 1933, Car 99 1935,

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 Brewster's Millions 1945, Meet John Doe 1941, They Drive By Night 1940, Girl in 313, Little Orphan Annie,

 Rose of Washington Square

Clarence  H. Wilson



Duds 1920, The Little Grey Mouse, The Land of Jazz, Oliver Twist Jr. 1921, Big Town Ideas, Lovetime, Queenie, The Jolt,

Winning the Wits, Extra! Extra!, The Cub Reporter, The Last Hour, Soft Boiled 1923, Little Robinson Crusoe, What Price Glory?, 

Mountains of Manhattan, Sunrise 1927, Uncle Tom's Cabin, A Girl in Every Port, Big News, Dangerous Paradise 1930, 

Paid, Ladies' Man, Wicked, Flying High, The Sea Ghost, Under 18 1931, Amateur Daddy, Winner Takes All, Love Me Tonight,

The All-American, The Sport Parade, Rasputin and the Empress, 20,000 Years in Sing Sing 1932, Pick-Up, The Keyhole,

The Girl in 419, Bondage, Lady Killer, Tillie and Gus, Blood Money, Nana, Viva Villa! 1934, Operator 13, Unknown Blonde,

Half a Sinner, The Old Fashioned Way, Beyond the Law, The Count of Monte Cristo 1934, The Lemon Drop Kid 1934, 

I'll Fix It, When a Man's a Man, One Frightened Night, The Great Hotel Murder, Waterfront Lady, It's In the Air, It's Up to You,

Educating Father, Little Miss Nobody, Love Begins at Twenty, The Case of the Black Cat 1936, Hats Off, In Old Chicago,

Outcast, Maytime, Damaged Goods, Small Town Boy, Kentucky Moonshine, You Can't Take It With You 1938, 

Some Like It Hot 1939, Quick Millions, Drums Along the Mohawk, Little Old New York, We Who Are Young, Melody Ranch, 

Friendly Neighbors, Little Men 1940Come Back, Miss Pipps (short) 1941, 

Don Wilson



   Broadway Melody of 1936 1935, Million Dollar Legs, Meet the Missus, Hi Neighbour!, Radio Stars on Parade,

 Cinderella Jones, Thank You Lucky Stars 1943, The Kid From Brooklyn 1946The Chase, Larceny 1948, The Roundup 1941,

 Sailor Beware, Niagara, The Mouse thet Jack Built (voice), Behind the Mike 1937, Village Barn Dance 1940, Du Barry Was a Lady 1943

Dooley Wilson 



   Passage West , Free For All, No Man of Her Own 1950, Knock on Any Door, Keep Punching 1939, My Favourite Blonde 1942,

 Casablanca 1942, Stormy Weather 1943, Seven Days Ashore,

 Come to the Stable 1949

Dorothy Wilson



Whistling in Brooklyn, Craig's Wife, The Milky Way, In Old Kentucky, The Last Days of Pompeii 1935,

Circus Shadows, His Greatest Gamble, The Merry Widow 1934, Eight Girls in a Boat 1934,

Scarlet River, The Age of Consent 1932, Men of America

Harry Wilson



365 Nights in Hollywood 1934, Mills of the Gods, Les Miserables 1935, Under Pressure, The Bohemian Girl, Anything Goes, 

A Day at the Races 1937, The Bride Wore Red, The Big Broadcast of 1938, Stand by for Action, The Cross of Lorraine, 

One Million B.C. 1940, Bermuda Mystery, Adventure 1946, Of Human Bondage 1946, Forever Amber, A Southern Yankee, 

Wild Harvest, Kiss the Blood Off My Hands 1948, Hills of Home, Knock on Any Door 1949, The Enforcer, Million Dollar Mermaid, 

Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion 1950, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Them! 1954, 

Frankenstein's Daughter 1958, It's Always Fair Weather, Crime Wave 1954, Hell Bound, Robin and the 7 Hoods

Janis Wilson

Now Voyager 1942, Watch on the Rhine, Snafu, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 1946, Heading for Heaven, The Creeper 1948  



Lois Wilson



  The Girl From Jones Beach 1949,  The Return of Jimmy Valentine 1936, The Return of Jimmy Valentine, Life Returns,

 The Show-Off, Female 1933, Life Returns 1935 , Deluge, The Secrets of Wu Sin 1932, Drifting, Seed 1931, Temptation,

 On Trial, Coney Island 1928 , The Gingham Girl, The Great Gatsby, Monsieur Beaucaire 1924, North of 36 1924,

 To the Last Man, The Covered Wagon, The Hell Diggers, What Every Woman Knows 1921, A Full House, Love Insurance 1919,

 The Bells, Alimony 1917, Green Eyes, Married on the Wing, Road to Paradise, When a Queen Loved O'Rourke (short),

 The New Adventures of Terence O'Rourke 1915 

Marie Wilson



   Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation 1962, The Story of Mankind 1957, , My Friend Irma 1949, Broadway 1942, The Invisible Menace,

 Satan Met a Lady, Colleen 1936, Babes In Toyland, The Private Affairs of Bel Ami 1947, Shine on Harvest Moon 1944,

 Virginia 1941, The Invisible Menace 1938, The Girl Friend, Down to Their Last Yacht 1934, The Great Garrick 1937,

 King of Hockey 1936

Marjery Wilson



The Charcoal-Burner's Son (TV) 1939, That Something, Insinuation, Why Not Marry?, The Blooming Angel, Desert Gold,

Crooked Straight, The Hand at the Window, Marked Cards 1918, Without Honor, Wild Sumac, Mountain Dew 1917, 

The Mother Instinct, The Clodhopper, The Last of the Ingrams, The Sin Ye Do 1916, The Bride of Hate, A Corner in Colleens,

Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages 1916, The Primal Lure, Double Trouble,

The Bankhurst Victory, The Opal Pin, The Stab, A Dark Horse, A Woman of Nerve, Unwinding It, Fooey and Axel, The Man of It,

Lucky Transfer 1915, Jane Eyre 1914,  

Perry Wilson                                     



  The Matchmaker 1957, Fear Strikes Out 1958

Scott Wilson



Dorfman 2011, Radio Free Albemuth 2010, For Sale by Owner, Bottleworld, Saving Grace B. Jones 2009, Big Stan,

The Heartbreak Kid 2007, The Sensation of Sight, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, The Host, Saving Shiloh 2006, 

Come Early Morning, Junebug, The Last Samurai 2003, Monster 2003, Coastlines, Bark!, Pearl Harbour 2001, The Animal,

The Debtors, Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season 1999, Clay Pigeons, G.I. Jane 1997, Dead Man Walking, Judge Dredd, Tall Tale,

Geronimo: An American Legend 1993, Fish and Bone, Elvis and the Colonel: The Untold Story (TV), Femme Fatale,

Young Guns II, The Exorcist III 1990, Johnny Handsome 1989, Malone, Blue City, The Aviator 1985, The Right Stuff,

The Ninth Configuration, The Passover Plot, The Great Gatsby 1974, Lolly-Madonna XXX, The New Centurions,

The Grissom Gang,  Castle Keep, In Cold Blood 1967, In the Heat of the Night 1967,  

Tom Wilson



Critic's Choice 1963, The FBI Story Compulsion, Peyton Place, Warlock, Edge of Hell, The Shrike, A Star is Born 1954, 

Phantom of the Rue Morgue 1954, The System, Strange Fascination, Montana, Embraceable You, The Enforcer, Storm Warning,

A Kiss in the Dark, The Unfaithful, Mr. Skeffington, Vaudeville Days, Sergeant York 1941, The Big Shot, Bullets for O'Hara,

City for Conquest, Strange Alibi, Meet John Doe 1941, Knockout, The Case of the Stuttering Bishop, They Drive By Night 1940

South of Suez, Cheers for Miss Bishop, Torrid Zone, Kid Nightingale, Dust Be My Destiny, Hell's Kitchen, 

Nancy Drew- Trouble Shooter, Women in the Wind, Devil's Island, You Can't Get Away With Murder 1939. Valley of the Giants, 

My Bill, Over the Wall, Submarine D-1, Sergeant Murphy, Slim, Blazing Sixes, Once a Doctor, Gold Diggers of 1937

King of Hockey, Early to Bed, Hot Money, the White Angel, Love Begins at Twenty, Captain Blood 1935, Dr. Socrates, Stranded, 

'G' Men 1935, 6 Day Bike Rider, The Circus Clown, The Personality Kid, The Chief, The St. Louis Kid, Girl Missing, 

The Phantom Express, Sooky, Doorway to Hell 1930, Big Boy, Dark Skies, Ham and Eggs at the Front 1927, The Rainmaker, 

California Straight Ahead, Seven Days, Madame Behave, The Heart Buster, The Courtship of Miles Standish, Quicksands, 

Goodbye Girls, Itching Palms, Scrap Iron, Dinty, Sink or Swim 1920, Greatest Question 1919Hell-to-Pay Austin, 

The Yankee Way 1917, The Children Pay 1916, The Little Liar, The Half-Breed, Martyrs of the Alamo,  The Americano, 

An Old Fashioned Young Man, Amarilly of Clothes- Line Alley 1918Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages 1916, 

The Birth of a Nation 1915

Shorts: Oh! Oh! Cleopatra, Bring Home the Turkey, Sunnyside, The Bond, A Dog's Life, His Last Deal, The Immigrant, 

Little Marie, The Highbinders, Sympathy Sal, The Lucky Transfer 1915, The Emerald Brooch, 

Eric Wilton



The Joker is Wild 1957, Three Bad Sisters, A Star is Born 1954, Young Bess, Limelight, The Unknown Man, Rhubarb, Lorna Doone, Royal Wedding, Valentino, A Place in the Sun 1951,Armed Car Robbery. Love That Brute, Jolson Sings Again, Kidnapped, The Sign of the Ram, Appointment With Murder, Docks of New Orleans, My Wild Irish Rose, Cass Timberlane, Forever Amber, Variety Girl 1947, Lured, Ivy, The Unfaithful, The Imperfect Lady, The Jolson Story, Crack-Up, Of Human Bondage 1946, Night and Day, Cluny Brown, The Kid From Brooklyn, The Hoodlum Saint, The Kid from Brooklyn, Captain Kid, The Fatal Witness, Divorce, Lady on a Train 1945, Incendiary Blonde, National Velvet 1944, Laura, Ministry of Fear, Gaslight, The Scarlet Claw, The Fallen Sparrow, Journey for Margaret 1942, Random Harvest 1942, Tales of Manhattan, The Wolf Man 1941, Moon Over Miami, Hudson's Bay, Waterloo Bridge 1940, The Blue Bird, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1939, Outside these Walls, Wuthering Heights 1939, Three Smart Girls Grow Up, Torchy Blane in Chinatown, A Christmas Carol 1938, The Storm, Marie Antoinette 1938, Lord Jeff, Holiday, Penitentiary, Conquest, Angel, Big City, Topper, Lost Horizon 1937, Nancy Steele is Missing!, Gold Diggers of 1937, After the Thin Man 1936, Libeled Lady 1936, The White Angel, The Great Ziegfeld, Follow the Fleet, Mutiny on the Bounty 1935, Rendezvous, Living on Velvet, Les Miserables, Desirable, Dr. Monica, Gambling Lady, Fashions of 1934, Female, The Song of Songs, The Secret of Madame Blanche, Employees' Entrance, Thirteen Women, What Price Hollywood?, Society Girl, Lovers Courageous, Arrowsmith, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1931, Newly Rich, Submarine 1928


Walter Winchell



Wild in the Streets, Wild Harvest, Dondi, College Confidential 1960, The Bellboy (voice), The Scarface Mob (TV), Beau James, 

Daisy Kenyon, Love and Hisses 1937, Wake Up and Live, Broadway Thru a Keyhole, Beauty of Broadway (short) 1933, 

I Know Everybody and Everybody's Racket (short), The Bard of Broadway (short) 1930

William Windom



Dopamine, Fugitive X: Innocent Target, Miracle on 34th Street 1994, Sommersby, Committed, She's Having a Baby,

Funland, Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night, Planes, Trains and Automobiles 1987, Means and Ends, Surviving,

Velvet 1984, Desperate Lives, Side Show, Leave 'Em Laughing, Off Sides (Pigs VS Freaks) 1980, Goodbye Franklin High, 

Bridger, Richard Brockelman: Missing 24 Hours, Echoes of a Summer, The Abduction of Saint Anne, 

The Girls of Harrington House, The Day the Earth Moved, Escape From the Planet of the Apes 1971, Escape, 

The Homecoming, Marriage: Year One, Fools' Parade, A Taste of Evil, Brewster McCloud, Gypsy Moths 1969, The Angry Breed, 

The Americanization of Emily 1964, One Man's Way, To Kill a Mockingbird 1963,  For Love or Money

Barbara Windsor



  The Bells of St. Trinain's 1954, Alice In Wonderland (voice) 2010Double Vision (TV) 1992, It Couldn't Happen Here,

 That's Carry On, Carry On Dick 1974, Carry on Girls, Not Now Darling,Carry On Abroad, Carry On Matron, The Boy Friend 1971,

 Carry On Henry, Carry On Camping 1965A Study In Terror 1965, Crooks In Cloisters, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968,

 Carry On Spying 1964, Hair of the Dog, On the Fiddle, Too Hot To Handle, A Kid For Two Farthings 1955

Marie Windsor



  Playmates 1941, The Big Street, Four Jacks and a Jill, Chatterbox 1943, The Eddie Cantor Story 1953, City That Never Sleeps,

 Trouble Along the Way 1953, Hell's Half Acre 1954, Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, The Hucksters 1947,

 The Romance of Rosy Ridge, Force of Evil, The Three Musketeers 1948, The Pirate 1948, Hellfire, Frenchie 1950,

 Swamp Woman, The Killing 1956, The Unholy Wife, The Day Mars Invaded Earth, Critic's Choice 1963, Chamber of Horrors,

 Mail Order Bride, The Narrow Margin 1952Support Your Local Gunfighter 1971Freaky Friday 1976, 

Toby Wing

A Boy of Flanders, Percy, Dollar Down, The Kid From Spain, Young Onions (short) 1932, 42nd Street 1933, Baby Face 1933,

Private Detective 62, College Humor, Torch Singer, School for Girls 1934, Murder at the Vanities, The King's Plate,

Mister Cinderella, Silks and Saddles 1936, True Confession 1937, Sweethearts


Charles Winninger                    http://www.answers.com/topic/charles-winninger


  The Bad Sister 1931, God's Gift to Women, Showboat, White Fang , Three Smart Girls 1936, Three Smart Girls Grow Up 1939,

 Nothing Sacred, Destry Rides Again, Ziegfield Girl 1941, A Lady Takes a Chance 1940, State Fair 1945, Little Nellie Kelly 1943,

 Flesh and Fantasy 1943, Babes In Arms,  Lover Come Back, Give My Regards to Broadway

Lutra Winslow

Secret Interlude, Devil's Playground, Private Number 1936


Looking for more information.

Roland Winters  



  Citizen Kane 1941, 13 Rue Mafeleine 1945, The Golden Eye, Cry of the City, Kidnapped 1948, Guilty of Treason,

 Convicted 1950, The West Point Story, Follow the Sun, So Big 1953, Jet Pilot, Never Steal Anything Small 1959, Blue Hawaii,

 Follow That Dream, Loving 1970, The Chinese Ring 1947  

Jane Winton



Tomorrow's Love, The Love Toy 1926, My Old Dutch, The Passionate Quest, Don Juan, The Honeymoon Express, 

Millionaires 1926, Across the Pacific, The Occasional Wife, The Monkey Talks, The Beloved Rogue, Sunrise 1927

Lonesome Ladies, The Fair Co-Ed 1927, Burning Delight, Melody of Love, The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1929, 

Show Girl in Hollywood, Scandal, Hell's Angels 1930, Furies, Limelight, Hired Wife

Estelle Winwood



 Murder by Death 1976, Jenny, The Producers 1968, Camelot 1967, Games, Dead Ringer 1964, The Cabinet of Caligari,

 The Notorious Landlady, The Misfits 1961, This Happy Feeling 1958, 23 Paces to Baker Street 1956, Quality Street 1937


Googie Withers




  Shine 1996, Port of Escape, Devil on Horseback, The Magic Box, White Corridors, Night and the City 1950, It Always Rains on Sunday 1947, Miranda, Pink String and Sealing Wax 1945, Dead of Night, On Approval. One of Our Aircraft is Missing 1942, Jeannie, She Couldn't Say No 1940, Murder in Soho, Kate Plus Ten 1938, Dead Men Are Dangerous, Convict 99, Paradise for Two, Pearls Bring Tears, Crown v. Stevens, Her Last Affair, Accused 1936The Girl in the Crowd 1935, Windfall, Dark World, Accused, Crime Over London 1936, Paid in Error, Convict 99 1938, The Lady Vanishes 1938, Trouble Brewing, Country Life,


Grant Withers



I, Mobster 1959, Hell's Crossroads, Lady Godiva of Coventry, The Sun Shines Bright 1953, Tropic Zone, Fair Wind to Java, 

Tropical Heat Wave, Woman of the North Country, Million Dollar Pursuit, Trigger Jr., Rio Grande 1950, Hit Parade of 1951

Tripoli, Duke of Chicago, Hellfire, Old Los Angeles, Wake of the Red Witch, Sons of Adventure, Homicide for Three, 

The Plunderers, Wyoming 1947, The Show of Shows 1929, Gambling Sex, Mr. Wong in Chinatown, The Fatal Hour 1940

The Gentle Cyclone, Upstream, College, Tillie's Punctured Romance 1928, In the Headlines, Bringing Up Father 1928,

Saturday's Children 1929, Tiger Rose, Sinner's Holiday, Dancing Sweeties, Scarlet Pages, Swanee River 1931, First Aid, 

Red Haired Alibi, The Secrets of Wu Sin 1932, Waterfront Lady, Society Fever, The Test 1935, Skybound,  Other Men's Women,

Ship Cafe, Lady Be Careful, Border Flight, Hollywood Round-Up 1937, Radio Patrol, Three Loves Has Nancy 1938, 

Mr. Wong, Detective, The Secret of Treasure Island, The Mystery of Mr. Wong, Doomed to Die, H. M. Pulham, Esq., 

Mexican Spitfire Out West 1940The Quarterback 1940, Billy the Kid 1941, The People vs Dr. Kildare 1941

Father Takes a Wife, Woman of the Year 1942, Panama Hattie, Petticoat Larceny, A Lady Takes a Chance, 

Gildersleeve's Bad Day, Minesweeper, Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case 1943, Silent Partner, The Fighting Seebees, 

Road to Alcatraz, The Vampire's Ghost, Bring on the Girls, My Darling Clementine 1946, Tycoon, Blackmail, 

Night Time in Nevada, 

Withers, left

Jane Withers 



   This is the Life, Shooting High 1940, Gentle Julia 1936, The Holy Terror, Pack Up Your Troubles 1939, Affairs of Geraldine,

 Small Town Deb 1941, Giant 1956, My Best Gal, The North Star 1943, Rascals, Checkers, Pepper, Little Miss Nobody 1936,

 Paddy O'Day, Imitation of Life 1934, Tommy Tailspin 

Florence Wix



The Story of Three Loves 1953, Hollow Triumph, B. F.'s Daughter, Green Dolphin Street 1947, Devotion, Those Endearing Young Charms, George White's Scandals, The Brighton Strangler, We Were Dancing, Mrs. Miniver 1942, Sunny, The Gracie Allen Murder Case 1939, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, In Name Only 1939, Wells Fargo, Yours for the Asking, The Big Broadcast of 1938, When G-Men Step In, Gentle Julia, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, My American Wife 1936, The Return of Boston Blackie, Naughty Nanette, Enticement, Secrets 1924, The Female, Nothing Sacred 1937

Cora Witherspoon



  Tarnished Lady 1931, Midnight, Piccadilly Jim, On the Avenue, Quality Street 1937, Port of Seven Seas, Marie Antoinette 1938,

 Dodge City, Charlie Chan''s Murder Cruise 1940 , Dark Victory 1939,  The Women 1939, Over 21 1945 , Just for You,

 The Mating Season 1951, It Should Happen to You, The Bank Dick 1940, Follies Girl

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