image a chorus

of grunts, burps and farts

groans and whimpers,

giggles and creaking parts


what kind of concert

would this be

tickling my nose

and fitting my ears to a tea


such earthy music

of human refrain

creating a connection

to symphonic pain


what could I add

to make it even better

maybe an off-key singer

screaming unfettered


the music must adjoin

with the putrid aroma

in immaculate dissonance

creating a coma


and as the mirrors

shatter and splay

there arises commotion

on this discordant day


but one thing is good

it is easy to join

this fabulous group

of gross phrases to coin


what key are we in

I ask at this time

no one really knows

now ain't that a crime


DeaBeePea 3-8-19



image a chorus

of grunts, burps and farts

groans and whimpers,

giggles and creaking parts


what kind of concert

would this be

tickling my nose

and fitting my ears to a tea


such earthy music

of human refrain

creating a connection

to symphonic pain


what could I add

to make it even better

maybe an off-key singer

screaming unfettered


the music must adjoin

with the putrid aroma

in immaculate dissonance

creating a coma


and as the mirrors

shatter and splay

there arises commotion

on this discordant day


but one thing is good

it is easy to join

this fabulous group

of gross phrases to coin


what key are we in

I ask at this time

no one really knows

now ain't that a crime


DeaBeePea 3-8-19



I like that you are crazy with me,

And as sophisticated

A well-read Vonnegutarian

And silly in frustration’s plea


And yes, I am crazy too

Living in a lop-sided world

As I am continentally drifting

Into an oily sea


You are funny and brave

Yea… that is my aspiration too

Playing with words and free-behaved

And humble in my brilliance!


I mingle with everyone

Or so I say with a pubbish smile

But I repel the fat-cats

Because of their bullshit resilience


You are in my heart

Because you survive

And I like reading your mind

And being wrong, every time


It doesn’t matter if you love me

Because I’m not sure if you’re real

You come and go

And turn ideas on a dime


This madness had better not end

As it stumbles through day and night

A thought between glasses

Of magically stimulating wine


And as I think of peeling a grape

There is a fermentation

An acceptance of limitation

Where noting is really fine


But why does this silly happiness

Rear its clownish head

Thinking I’m content

With my freshly baked loaf of bread


I will not walk under the moonlight

And bare my kaleidoscopic soul

As that lunar face sneers

Contemplating what I said


I don’t mind losing my mind

For it is comfortable in being lost

And if you look for it

You might find a frivolous poem


This journey will someday end

But for now I will tromp

While… sadly I roam

Far from the old folks at home


DeaBeePea 3-7-19



I remember

The crackling silent light

The trees like twisted vines

Colours of heaven

And spookiness

As happy as a lollipop

My loneliness a shiver


There is no moon

Or sun

The roof is only my thoughts

A village is my confusion

Transformed to a magic castle

My starvation

Is a numbing quiver


The rocky beach

No room for feet

but my evacuated eyes

listen to my ears

I whisper

Knowing this voice

Is mine


The turquoise patches

Dancing on the surface

Reflecting aught

A most beautiful nothing

I think of reasons

For this painless ache

a contended pine


and clinging to my face

is a clutching awe

keeping me from falling

to the world’s edge

an open mouth

of temptation

asking for my advice


this place out-flung

but somehow fenced

by selfishness

and a sudden knowing

of love

without meaning

an unnamed spice



On all the seasons

Fragrant in stillness

The boat has sunk

But I have wings

As I crop dust the shore

As the welcoming mist sings


DeaBeePea 3-6-19




In sleeping pain

With the naturalness

Of a waking dog



For sunlight

Shedding light

On me

In self-embarrassment



My day

Things which please

Regardless of my blemishes

And paled skin




No particular place

Acceptance of the naked

Ideas and truths




The windows

As particles tickle

My crescendoing voice

a Song


not Knowing

Right or wrong

In this vast realization

The walls become air




Becoming grey

Like a stormy sky

Encrusted joints




A curious bird

Overlooking that image

I am a mirror




I feel the shredding

Elephant skin

And flying peanuts




Disappears in the patina

of all the yesses

opening my tired eyes

to a Rockery



Placed erratically

And the water

Coming from my imagination



To me

A Renaissance

Leading to joy

Reasonable facsimiles



DeaBeePea 3-6-19



Flappy Jack they called him

Oh how he loved it

Making glamourous batters

That received a multitude of flatters


Champagne and peach

Were those wonderful crepes

So light and espris

Fitting everyone to a tea


And his beer and cinnamon cakes

With shredded cocoa chips

Almost tasting like malteasers

a chocolate-lovers appeaser


and the lemon jacks

with whipped cream sky high

and that creamy filling

oh! That gave him top billing


oh yes… the blackberry blini

now that was a treat

fried in peanut oil

his guests so permanently spoiled


Now those banana flappers

With French vanilla ice cream

And topped with Galiano

As joyous as a tinkling piano


But when it comes to plain

With just buttermilk and shortening

There arises an issue

That required very large tissues


At his latest event he flipped very high

And the ceiling became a mural

Of spongy circular tiles

A variation on baldachin styles


And it was a week later,

Twas the day they came down

The kitchen was full of chili cooks

Who were now on tender hooks


So when their heads were adorned

With these griddled flat-hats

They became a new fad of the day

Called a flapjack beret


DeaBeePea 3-6-19

A feminist poem that I have composed this morning inspired by my recent reading of Anne Bradstreet.




What is the offspring of my feeble brain

Bouncing like a ball

Down slippery streets

Avoiding hell-bound ditches


After birth I start to laugh

And listen to chronic ignorance

Dividing friends; between

Sincerity and idle pitches


I feel exposed

To those public eyes

In what I think are tattered rags

A rambling brat, of mother’s call


The light thus; does shine

And I feel the taunting warmth

That photosynthesizes my face

Into its vocal poetic crawl


I blush in horror

But yeah a crimson of love

Looking at the gowns

That sweep before my passionate eyes


I amending my blemishes

As my arms in confident stretch

To women of raking foresight

Collecting the leaves that rise


I wade through the flaws

Of humanities tricky game

My new dress trimmed to hold

A homespun sword wield


is there vulgarity to fear

Thus dampening my scream

But no, the anger is sharp

As I walk behind my shield


But nay: not fear

But thoughtful caution

Searching for that bolted door

Opening to vengeful fire


What is this to conquer?

A man’s world so derelict

Of no steady streams of love

Facing hate and a dreadful mire


This dream has awoken

But hope is tired and weak

But the march of many feet

Is a song of muscled truth


The critics comminuted

And enemies brought to moral trial

Alas the power of vulnerability

Born of freedom’s deciduous tooth


DeaBeePea 3-4-19



Does she linger so idle

Gathering work and yawns

This tiring load

A sack of threadbare hope


she marches

Her tarry is a loathful drag

In scorn of her place

Within a throng to cope


Is there a mission

Before her lounge and sun

The long-drawn days

A hopeless song?


the dreams begin to launch

What was happiness

Is now a past of nothingness

Of ignorance and wrong


contentedness is blowing away

And her glass begins to trickle

The water of distaste

Cold hands now a fist


moved by her unknown days

Losing all the pity

Angry at the motionless

And her stagnant emotional cyst


what is the new deal

Can it be spoke

Is there danger or new fear

For an infinite voice you hurl


her clothes begin to tighten

No longer a sail

It is her skin that arrives

In her inspired churl


her hair changes colour

In its flaming red strands

Sometimes pointing twigs

Pricking the worlds trees


that stand for single dominance

Shadowing subjects of scorn

Breaking and ebbing away

What is the wardrobe she sees?


is there grace?

Not a worry in point

As the steps she takes are loud

Laced in potent discourse


The sisterhood holds hands

The new and rosy cheeks

Not from bitter cold

but a union of loving force


DeaBeePea 3-2-19

I Want to Take a Holiday


Perspiration for nothing

And realization

Am I entering

A Twilight zone


My words blasé

And a stale mind

Reading others

That times have sewn


Is the mirror mundane

And breath so quiet

Eyes so focused

Blinded in light


Where is the door

And is there a reason

To walk into another

Creative blight


So where is this place

A rainbowed beach

Or rugged shore

Of sharpened rocks


Speechless people

Of foreign thoughts

An introduction

To alternative phrases


That sound like music

And dance with love

Promising romance

And moonlight walks


Is it in the past

in Daybreak Grey

with those Frankfort Berries

and Vivekananda’s gazes


The cotton-picker strum

And Toodle-Oo’s notes of joy

Giving weeks and days

Of mesmerizing thunder


Is this where I live

In my fictionalized hotel

Living dreams

And drinking ageless wine


I feel the freedom

Wrapped in former dignity

Absorbing respect

Amidst the world asunder


And the ears entertain

That laugh and cry

Taking my voice

In a fictional shrine


DeaBeePea 2-23-19

A Year Older



such a fun number

it's attractive

works well upside down

but I won't live that long

in my birthday song (suit?)


divisible by identicals

like 11 and 22

also 33

so I will divide

my day into sections

of various inflections


my mind is young

and body aging

no changes evident

but I sense a wisdom

that I humbly announce

before critics pounce


celebration is easy

as my wine ferments

just like my mind

in its nodding restraint

viewing the crazy world

my anger unfurled


but I do it in poetry

instead of screams

it makes me mellow

as imagination squirms

thinking of funny rhymes

while I count my dimes


all the wishes are great

aren't people awesome?

I count my blessings

so thankful for friends

as my greyish exterior

implies the inferior


but no, it's just years

quite a natural thing

a universal phenomenon

and no, I'm not worried

because I'm alive today

and quite able to play


and tomorrows are uncertain

but I do have some plans

including travel

through glorious lands

happiness will never die

even if I cry


because sadness and laughter

work hand in hand

a juxtaposed chaos

keeping me moving

here's CHEERS to life

and a partying rife


DeaBeePea 2-19-19



So many boundaries

around us all

hoping to keep us

from a stumbling fall


countries and yards

regulations and rules

fences and walls

in spirit’s stall


this organization

called mankind

articulating fear

in better and best


the lines are drawn

with arbitrary power

weakly dotted

in escaping jest


where is the heart

in silly lines

wiggling and squirming

like a hostile snake


what is the experiment

we hopefully ask

doubting the result

in nature’s quake


we call it politics

but that’s too simple

there’s hate involved

in this perilous zone


safe or secluded

we know not which

as we hesitate

to turn the stone


I feel these contours

Within my soul

And find some answers

With opening eyes


There is a chill

Down to my bones

My mind is looking

For those audible cries


it’s time to admit

the border is me

questioning others

and their suspicious glee


this link must be broken

for us to see

humanity’s hopes

to set us free


DeaBeePea 2-15-19

Fight for Humility


These are outsiders, always.

Unlike the stars

Evaluating the seasons

And light and dark so calm


Thousands of years

These inklings of wisdom

Our heads over-scratched

With our outlying palms


Our pain inflicted

With our selfish knives

Slicing our bread

In greedy anticipation


Dare I say,

Are we on the other side of history

Values and laws

In sneaky segregation


We bend down and pray

Denying the friendly ear

Sitting in an invisible throne

Drowning in hopeless tears


What does it mean

This human thread

Is it some kind of honour

Demanding cheers


Because I cannot see beyond

I take notice

Of a designated course

With mortality’s tale


Therefore; I ask

What is the choice

Do we dare to read

The obvious mail


Myth is written

Orbiting through the stars

Connecting magic

To our unbending mind


Rivers, roads and imagination

All take us there

As we travel in time

All our senses that we find


This ordeal, need not be

The gifts have been laid

Under our tree

Ever green in its love


How slowly I die

In this awakening

Is there a power to shine

On the humility we must behove


DeaBeePea 4-5-19

New Hemisphere


The grey sea and the long black land;

Visions like a shell

Seeing in partial halves

Like a suddenly stopped, ringing bell


Drops of water taunting

As I think of such a warning

But before my realization occurs

It is a bright new morning


Blinding me with sand

Sprinkled over my face

Reminding me of oceans

And my human-bound disgrace


The half-moon smiles at me

Threatening to swoop down low

Taking me somewhere

Where my enlightenment takes a blow


And the tidal waves leap at me too

The whitecaps tickle my nose

Swirling and playing

With my shifting dreams to impose


Fiery ringlets of contradiction

As I fear of losing my prow

My navigational instincts

Dripping from my sweaty brow



My beaches are my wandering mind

In its warm-scented bask

Looking at scattered psamma

And its vulnerable seaside mask


Is there an unopen window

With a pristine and untouched handle

For me to light, and set beside

A glowing modest candle


The lighted match skims me

And a voice from within me screams

I am afraid of this voyeuristic game

That shy curiosity deems


My joys and fears so intoxicating

My every move so watched

Cannot humility and awareness

Avoid this self-penaltied botch


These simple times and actions

Of such little intrinsic cloth

Tearing at the insecure being

Dressed in colour and froth


So this smooth and golden floor

My footprints imbeded in moment

Yes, I am here, my mind

Directing my hands in foment


DeaBeePea 4-1-19

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