it's a hard word

that crispy crunch

I can hear it now

that deafening munch

good for your teeth

that whitish bunch

some food is tough

pancakes like clunch

not ideal at all

for late mornin's brunch

a soft tropical drink

known as Hawaain Punch

but not so cushy

if applied I have hunch

hard on the knees

picking that garden runch

but I like the crack

of a hard taco's scrunch

DeaBeePea 5-4-15


A Captains breakfast

with a crispy crunch

a gourmet treat

not for mates and bunch

they get porridge

without the scrunch

but he has that cereal

with his picture on the frunch

DeaBeePea 5-4-15

The Tin Man VS Mr. Kettle

there were signs of stress

on the golden walk

some from Wizard

and the Witch's gruff talk

but nothing like this

ever came up

this boiling nonsense

anger runneth over his cup

the man of mettle

must hold his words

and practise restraint

and sing with the birds

smile in derision

a polite way to chide

then walk away

on an addled ride

the flying monkeys will stop

and pause in reflection

admiring the canistered man

in his patient election

a vote to allow

the cauldron to speak

then retire in serenity

with oiled limbs, no dawdling pique

DeaBeePea 5-3-15


can be a state of illiteracy

being a legend in one's own mind


but masking in fancy words

a purpose from a narcissistic kind

When one

clearly feels

that their voice is profound

It's likely

that it's not

tunneled in conceit to astound

but from the heart

with experience formed

it can be quite intellectually adorned

seeing confusion

in its simplest terms

can often spur ideas born

so speak in quiet

and honest feeling

and you never receive the scorn

DeaBeePea 5-2-15

Saturday Night

used to be tradition

going there

or coming here

watching hockey

Go Leafs Go

generally a victory cheer

now things vary

options galore

sometimes staying home to read

cleaning house

cooking for tomorrow

nothing for future to impede

PVR allows re-shedule

independent timetable drawn

even sleepings chance arises

so Saturday Night means little now

except pondering

what Sunday hides in guise

DeaBeePea 5-2-15

May Day

although it is May

I cannot help but to think

of a grand old movie

Key Largo is the link

to the expression of Mayday

a call of distress

three times it is called

in falsehood is stress

Frank McCoud appears coward

but in the end is crowned

a hero for killing

Johnny Rocco is bound

Nora and James

very relieved

that Frank comes back

in his floating reprieve

the Straits of Florida

a glorious set

for romance and drama

on my TV set

DeaBeePea 5-1-15


she is a woman

I am a man

trouble connecting

figure it out if you can!

DeaBeePea 4-30-15

Connecting 2

the line seems severed

no internet served

and my cable seems cut

no television, unnerved!

phone isn't working

what shall I do

I have no life

as I slumber so blue

then it comes to me

the best of all deed

look at the cover

open it and READ

DeaBeePea 4-30-15

Cotton, Felt, Damask and Weft

Photo my Marco Pucci

shutters like washboards

towels like sponge

silkscreened covers

pinned in hoards

crying for sun

and a little breeze

catching the fluff

curtailing a dandelion sneeze

inside a coffee

and mornings prattle

no rush today

in washings slight brattle

waiting to dry

an afterthought in time

relax and enjoy

Saturday's prime

DeaBeePea 4-29-15

Anomalitic Anemones

The anomaly flower

amazed in my glower

so many colours

one-hundred twenty in few

daughter of the wind

from nectar and blood

wood and sea

are versions to glee

wild and free

a visual delight

hardy might, and

sessile clusters of fruity achene

Japanese and Poppy

Snowdrop and Greek

peace to the world

and its perennial dream

DeaBeePea 4-28-15

Oh Yeah!

once upon a time

four lads from Liverpool

wrote a song

with strange new word

they kept saying yeah

which was not poetic

I humbly thought

actually a bit absurd

but it grew to become

a keyword to bless

and now I get it

a celebration of yes

it not really profound

or fancy you see

but it quite appealing

to a slang degree

she loves you yeah

I saw her yesterday

it's me she's thinking of

she told me what to say...

DeaBeePea 4-27-15

New Hopes

a concept to ponder

as I reflect on my wishes

dreams of travelling

tasting spicy dishes

but these are superfluous

on our planets stage

when poverty and hate

create tearful rage

do hopes ever change

from year to year

or are there new ones

as specified here

sadly each day

there are more to ail

so the prayers for those

are new in prevail

but the love is the same

it lingers in sorrow

needing a spirit

to conquer and borrow

we cannot let go

of this powerful ambition

to free the world

of this pathetic tradition

it can be won

this battle of greed

let's join together

and plant the seed

DeaBeePea 4-27-15


When I think of citrus

I think of squirt

that delightful burst

in eye does flirt

squeezy and bright

lemon and lime

bumpy peels

and grapefruits that rhyme

For aspiring mornings

tangy and fresh

quartered in sections

such juicy flesh

it just seems so cheerful

thinking of these

happy fruits

of nutritional breeze

DeaBeePea 4-25-15


don't mean much to me

a lot of math

and memories of wrath

but as I age

it's becoming cool

those number games and rules

I like Sudoko

it steretches my mind

massaging membranes rind

and when I do the books

I lie at the end

feeling rich with a pencils bend

so play with numerals

and have lots fun

not to serious, start with one

DeaBeePea 4-24-15

The danger of wishful thinking...

I hate to be a pooper

but I do not sense the danger

of wishful thinkings loom

as hope is not a stranger

it is not as if I'm a dreamer

although many say I am

I just want things better

for those who suffer scam

so when I wish upon a star

it makes no difference who I am

it's where my heart is

as I pray for the lamb

DeaBeePea 4-22-15

Story of my life. I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop

after many years

of falls and spills

I look back

and get the chills

but I now accept

that my life is an equation

a precise result

of all my decisions

so what I have

is what I have chosen

there are no regrets

my world now ambrosian

laugh and cry

it's much the same

the lollipop is sweet

whichever end I claim

DeaBeePea 4-23-15

Home Remedies

for my ailments
I have tried so much
but still don't have
the golden touch

so I have paired with prescriptions
to do the job
and it's worked quite well
including some gobs

creams and jellies
and drinkable things
and the accompanying joy
that being ill brings

turmeric milk
is one of my favourites
and ginger tea
and lemon to savour it

and a special salad
with dandelion leaves
is really quite good
and all the things it relieves

and blackstrap molasses
with a little warm water
and an ointment with cayenne
to make things hotter

do they work or not?
I believe they do
even if it's psychosomatic
the treatment is true

DeaBeePea 10-28-16

Tip of the Tongue

so often
on the tip of my tongue
no, it's not what you think

I'm not referring to the thing I've forgotten
that well-known word
that just won't blink

I'm referring to that insult
that is ready to fling
just ready to roll in patois

that well-deserved jibe
that someone should receive
despite its verbal flaw

but because I tend to be nice
I hold it back
which really hurts my soul

but there is always that possibility
that it will slip
and land in someone's empty bowl

DeaBeePea 10-29-16

I'll Give You the Moon

giving someone you love
held in earth's orbit
that gives them light and dark
maybe they still want more, but

they don't understand
the thought behind the embrace
as unique as green cheese
or a strange evening face

how high is this celestial ball
coming from a soaring heart
tied in passionate ribbons
never wanting to be apart

the cratered thoughts
that allow us injury
and helpless bitterness
a taste so gingery

so, must celebrate the beam
and look at the source
and not ponder the whys
of our negative divorce

the present is now
and the wrapping is humility
covering the moondust
as we filter our tranquility

DeaBeePea 10-31-16

My Cup of Tea

don't touch or sip
it's my cup of tea
bagged for me
and filtered to see

the ways of the world
in a satirical way
wit and wisdom
at least, my best effort's play

green or black
or an herbalistic approach
the cup is important
if above reproach

it follows the morning
coffee's place for sure
a sunny afternoon
or cold night to endure

maybe Drambuie's mate
a party excuse
keeping priorities straight
without imposing abuse

my mug runneth over
inspiration overwhelms
staying on my saucer
flying over my realm

DeaBeePea 10-31-16

Night Owl

years ago on CBC
every night
was the late show
in its black and white glow

11:40 was the time
I waited for the news
to end
excited for the goodnight send

sometimes there would be two
the next at 1:05
it didn't matter at all
I had found my nightly call

it might be film noir
or a Deanna Durbin sing
maybe even silent
and occasionally even violent

those days seem to be
gone with the wind
as time is being played
and activities are sprayed

now day is night
and night is day
and we have more choices
for various voices

but somehow the habit
of blanket and chair
and the smiling moon
is a very special tune

DeaBeePea 1-1-16

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