Wolfe to Wynyard

Ian Wolfe



Dick Tracy 1990, Jinxed!, Mae West, Reds 1981, The Frisco Kid, The Fortune, THX 1138,

The Andersonville Trial, Games, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm 1962, 

Witness for the Prosecution 1957The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell 1955, Moonfleet, 

Rebel Without a Cause 1955, The Silver Chalice, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 1954, 

About Mrs. Leslie, 99 River Street, The Actress, Scandal at Scourie, Les Miserables 1952,

The Great Caruso, They Live By Night, Julia Bisbehaves, The Pearl of Death, Zombies on Broadway,

Murder in the Blue Room, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948, The Scarlet Claw,

Foreign Correspondent, Fast and Loose, Blondie, Mutiny on the Bounty 1935, The Raven,

The Fountain, The Prince and the Pauper, Saboteur 1942

Louise Wolheim



  The Sunbeam 1916,The Millionaire's Double 1917,  The Eyes of Mystery, Number 17, Sherlock Holmes 1922,

 Two Arabian Nights, All Quiet on the Western Front 1930, The Racket, Condemned,  The Avenging Trail,

 The House of Hate 1918, Opportunity 1918, Determination, Unseeing Eyes 1923, Lover's Island, Tempest, The Sin Ship 1931

Edna May Wonacott

The Model and the Marriage Broker 1951, Sunny Side of the Street, The Bells of St. Mary's 1945, This Love of Ours, Under Western Skies, Hi, Beautiful, Shadow of a Doubt 1943



Anna May Wong



 The Red Lantern 1919, The First Born, Shame 1921, Bits of Life, Mary of the Movies, Drifting, The Thief of Bagdad 1924, The Alaskan, Peter Pan 1924, Forty Winks, The Octopus 1926, The Silk Bouquet, Mr. Wu, Old San Francisco, The Chinese Parrot, Streets of Shanghai, The Crimson City, Song, Piccadilly 1929, Pavement Butterfly, Flame of Love, Daughter of the Dragon, A Study in Scarlet 1933, Chu Chin Chow, Java Head, Tiger Bay, Daughter of the Orient, Dangertous to Know, Limehouse Blues 1934, Island of Lost men, Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery, Impact, Portrait in Black 1960

Barbara Jean Wong



Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, Soldier of Fortune, China Corsair, The Chinese Ring 1947, The Golden Eye, That Brennan Girl 1946, Calcutta, The Trap, Babes on Swing Street, China, Charlie Chan in Honolulu 1938

Iris Wong



Charlie Chan in Honolulu 1938, The Good Earth 1937, Charlie Chan in Reno, Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation, The Girl in 313 1940, Charlie Chan in Rio,  The Amazing Mrs. Holliday, Macao

John Wood



   Stolen Face 1952, The Challenge, The Rebel, That Kind of Girl 1963, The Mouse on the Moon, Nicholas and Alexandra,

 Slaughterhouse-Five 1972, Love is a Ball, Which Way to the Front? , The Purple Rose of Cairo 1985, WarGames 1983,

 Jumpin' Jack Flash 1986, Shadowlands, The Young Americans, Uncovered, Sabrina 1995, Richard III,

 Jane Eyre, The Avengers 1998, Chocolat 2000, The Body, The White Countes

Judith Wood (Helen Johnson)



Gold Diggers of Broadway, The Divorcee 1930, Soldiers and Women, Children of Pleasure, Sin Takes a Holiday, It Pays to Advertise, The Road to Reno, Girls About Town 1931, Working Girls, Advice to the Lovelorn, The Crime Doctor 1934, The Man Who Reclaimed His Head, Riffraff 1935, The Asphalt Jungle 1950

Lana Wood



 Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D 2012, Wild Michigan, Silver Lake, Renovation, Satan's Mistress, Grayeagle, Speedtrap 1977,

 Son od Sassoun, Goodnight, Jackie 1974, Scream Free! 1969, Diamonds Are Forever 1971, The Fool Killer,

 Five Finger Exercise, The Searchers 1956, One Desire, Driftwood 1947

Peggy Wood



The Sound of Music 1965, The Story of Ruth, Main Street to Broadway, Dream Girl, Magnificent Doll, The Bride Wore Boots, The Housekeeper's Daughter 1939, A Star is Born 1937, Jalna, Call It a Day, The Sacred Flame, Handy Andy, Wonder of Women, Almost a Husband 1919

George Woodbridge

Doomwatch 1972, Along the Way, Up Pompeii, Where's Jack?, The Reptile, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, The Secret of My Success, Carry on Jack, Out of the Fog, What a Carve Up!, The Final Test (TV 1961), The Flesh and the Fiends, The Mummy, Jack the Ripper 1959, Son of Robin Hood, The Moonraker, The Revenge of Frankenstein, Three Men in a Boat, A King in New York, Eyewitness, A Yank in Ermine, The Green Carnation, Passage Home, Companions in Crime 1954, Isn't Life Wonderful!, The Crowded Day 1954, Stryker of the Yard 1953, The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan, Cloudburst, Murder in the Cathedral 1951, Double Confession, Silent Dust, Maria Chapdelaine 1950, The Fallen Idle, The Red Shoes, Blanch Fury, The October Man,. I See a Dark Stranger, Black Sheep of Whitehall



Joan Woodbury



Eight Girls in a Boat 1934, Bride of Frankenstein 1935, Here Comes Trouble, Dangerous Waters, Anthony Adverse 1936, 

The Rogue's Tavern, Four Naughty Girls, Charlie Chan on Broadway 1937, Always in Trouble, Cipher Bureau, Crashing Hollywood, 

Night Spot 1938, Barnyard Follies, I'll Sell My wife Two Latins From Manhattan, Paper Bullets, King of the Zombies 1941, 

The Desperados, The Hard Way 1943, The Living Ghost, Man From Headquarters, Confessions of Boston Blackie 1942, 

A Yank in Libya, Shut My Big Mouth, In Old Cheyenne, Here Comes Trouble, Blue Skies, Ten Cents a Dance 1945, 

Brenda Starr, Reporter 1945, Bring on the Girls, The Whistler, The Chinese Cat, The Time travelers, Come Next Spring, 

The Ten Commandments 1956, Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture

Barbara Woodell



The Great Imposter 1960, Go, Johnny, Go!, Bullwhip, Showdown at Boot Hill, Westward Ho, the Wagons!, Gunpoint, Sudden Danger, The Night Holds Terror, Seven Angry Men, Silver Lode, The Flaming Urge, The Great Jesse James Raid, The Homesteaders, The Private Wore Skirts 1953, The Star 1952, The Ring, The Rose Bowl Story, Montana Incident, Dreamboat, Dead Man's Trail, Confidence Girl 1952, And Now Tomorrow, The Silent Voice, Wild Stallion, Loan Shark, Fort Osage, Red Skies of Montana, Reunion in Rio, The Fighting Seventh, Canyon Raiders, Highway 301, Walk Softly, Stranger 1950, The Reunion of Jesse James, Gunfire, The Baron of Arizona, My Foolish Heart, And Baby Makes Three, The Stratton Story 1949, Bad Boy, I Shot Jesse James, Force of Evil, Joan of Arc, Assignment in China, Framed 1947, The Unsuspected, Curley, The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival, The Millerson Case, Paula, Carnegie hall, Shadow of Blackmail, The Mysterious Mr. Valentine, Smash Up: The Story of a Woman 1947, Samurai, Leave It to the irish, Lady, Let's Dance, Mr. & Mrs. Smith 1941

Donald Woods



   As the Earth Turns, Fog Over Frisco, Merry Wives of Reno, The Florentine Dagger 1935, Stranded,

 A Tale of Two Cities 1935, The Story of Louis Pasteur, Anthony Adverse 1936, The Case of the Stuttering Bishop 1937

Charlie Chan on Broadway, The Black Doll, The Girl From Mexico, City of Chance, Forgotten Girls, 

Mexican Spitfire Out West, The Gay Sisters 1942, I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island, Watch on the Rhine 1943,

The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Hollywood Canteen 1944, Night and Day, Stepchild, The Time, the Place  and the Girl, 

Scene of the Crime, The Lost Volcano, The Du Pont Story 1950, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, 13 Ghosts 1960, 

Tammy and the Millionaire 1967, Moment to Moment, True Grit 1969, Sweet Revenge

Edward Woods

 Shadows Over Shanghia, Navy Blues, Dinner at Eight 1933, Bondage, Reckless Decision, Hot Saturday 1932, 

The Public Enemy 1931, Mother's Cry

Harry Woods



Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon 1942, Belle of the Nineties, Beau Geste, Western Heritage, Tycoon 1947, Code of the West, In Old Oklahoma, Monkey Business 1931, Haunted Gold, The Lawless Nineties, The Texas Ranger, The Viking 1928, Jesse James 1927, Dynamite Dan, Wolves of the North, The Steel Trail, The Plainsman 1936, Conflict 1936, Outcast, Mr. Moto In Danger Island, Beyond the Last Frontier, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949, A Cafe in Cairo, 30 Below Zero, The Outlaw Rider, China Bound, Pardon My Gun, Night World 1932, Hoop-la, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang, School for Girls, The Scarlet Empress 1934, False Faces, Ticket to Paradise, The Emperor's Candlesticks, Big City, Joy of Living, Block-Heads, Crime Takes a Holiday 1938, The House of Seven Gables, The Man in the Iron Mask 1939, Meet the Missus, Triple Justice, Petticoat Politics, Reap the Wild Wind, The Ghost Rider 1943, Westward Bound, Call of the Rockies 1944, The Adventures of Mark Twain, My Darling Clementine, South of Monterey, Road to Rio 1947, Hellfire, South of St. Louis, Backfire, The Restless Breed 

Judith Woods

William Woodson

The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, Rocketeer, Tunnel Vision, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, More Dead Than Alive, Synanon, FBI Code 98 (TV), The Garment Jungle, Fear Strikes Out (voice) 1957, Cell 2455, Death Row (voice), Down Three Dark Streets, Assignment: Paris, Playgirl, The Girl in Room 17, Trapped 1949

Marjorie Woodworth

Alexander's Ragtime Band, Balalaika, Dance, Girl, Dance, Broadway Limited 1941, Road Show, Niagara Falls 1941, All-American Co-Ed 1941, Brooklyn Orchid, Flying With Music, Prairie Chickens, Yanks Ahoy, Salty O'Rourke, In Fast Company, Decoy 1946, A Double Life, It Should Happen to You

Sheb Wooley

Uphill All the Way, Hoosiers 1986, The Dollmaker, The Outlaw Josey Wales 1976, The War Wagon, Country Boy, Hootenanny Hoot, The Oklahoman, Giant 1956, Trial, The Second Greatest Sex, Rose Marie, Johnny Guitar 1954

Monty Woolley



   Ladies In Love 1936, The Girl of the Golden West 1938, Young Dr. Kildare 1938, The Man Who Came to Dinner 1942,

 Arsene Lupin Returns, The Girl From the Golden West, Honeymoon In Bali, The Pied Piper, Life Begins at Eight Thirty 1942,

 Holy Matrimony, The Bishop's Wife 1947, As Young as You Feel, Kismet, Three Comrades, Young Dr. Kildare,

 Since You Went Away 1944Molly and Me, Midnight 1939, Dancing Co-Ed, Paris 1900 1947, As Tall as You Feel 1951,

 Kismet 1955

Hank Worden                                http://www.allmovie.com/artist/hank-worden-77513


  Big Bad John  1990, Space Rage, Runaway Train 1985, Swamp Rats, Scream 1983, Island Fury 1983, Uforia, Bronco Billy,

 They Went That-A-Way and That-A-Way, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band 1978, Every Which way But Loose 1978,

 Which Way is Up?, The Legend of Frank Woods 1977, Smokey and the Bandit 1977, Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1971,

 Zachariah 1970, True Grit 1969,  Big Daddy, Paradise Road 1965, McLintock! 1963, The Music Man 1962, One-Eyed Jacks 1961,

 The Alamo, The Trial of Sergeant Rutledge, The Notorious Mr. Monks 1958, The Quiet Gun 1957,  The Buckskin Lady 1957,

 Forty Guns, The Searchers 1956, Meet Me In Las Vegas 1956, Davy Crockett and the River Pirates, Accused of Murder 1956,

 The Vanishing American 1955, Ma and Pa Kettle at Home 1954, Crime Wave 1954, Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation 1953,

 The Quiet Man 1953,  The Lawless Breed, The Big Sky 1952, Boots Malone, Father is a Bachelor, Curtain Call at Cactus Creek,

 Take the Stage, Streets of Loredo 1949, Red Canyon, The Three Godfathers 1948, The Sainted Sisters, Red River 1948,

 Fort Apache, The Shockink Miss Pilgrim 1947The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947, The Sea of Grass, The High Wall,

 Duel in the Sun 1946, The Bullfighters, None Shall Escape, So Proudly We Hail, Mad About Moonshine, Ghost Town Riders,

 The Cowboy and the Lady 1938, The Stranger From Arizona, Stagecoach 1939, Brigham Young 1940, Molly Cures a Cowboy,

 Northwest Passage 1940, Come and Get It 1936, Singing Outlaw, The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman 1937, 

 The Plainsman 1937                  

Constance Worth



Western Renegades, The Set-Up, Dillinger 1945, Sagebrush Heroes, The Kid Sister, Why Girls Leave Home 1945, 

Frenchman's Creek, Cover Girl 1944, Jam Session 1944, City Without Men, Let's Have Fun, Cyclone Prairie Rangers, 

Confessions of a Vice Baron, Appointment in Berlin 1943, Crime Doctor 1943, G-Men vs the Black Dragon, 

Dangerous Blondes 1943, Two Senators From Chicago,  Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood 1942, Meet Boston Blackie 1941,

Suspicion 1941, Mystery of the White Room, Angels Over Broadway, China Passage, Wingjammer

Harry Worth



Bladys and Stewpony 1919, Through Stormy Waters, The Four Feathers 1921, Charles Augustus Milverton, Becket, The Call of the Savage, Car 20 Rides Again, The Cowboy and the Kid, Phantom Patrol, Tough to Handle 1937, The Life of Emile Zola, The Firefly, Country Fair 1937, City Girl, Tom Sawyer, Detective, The Llano Kid,  Adventures of Red Ryder, Adventures of Captain Marvel, Blossoms in the Dust, Honky Tonk 1941, Mr. and Mrs. North, Cairo 

Fay Wray



  King  Kong 1933, Anne Carver's Profession, Doctor X 1932, Border Legion, Pointed Heels, The Four Feathers,

 The Man in the Saddle, The Coast Patrol 1925, The Honeymoon, Just a Good Guy, The Man in the Saddle,

 Murder in Greenwich Village 1937,  The Border Legion, Navy Secrets 1939, The Legion of the Condemned, Three Rogues,

 Viva Villa!, Woman in the Dark 1934, The Finger Points, Black Moon, The Clairvoyant 1935, Small Town Girl,

 Gideon's Trumpet 1980, Summer Love, Rock Pretty Baby, Hell on Frisco Bay 1956,

 Queen Bee 1955, Melody For Three, It Happened in Hollywood, Roaming Lady, Mystery of the Wax Museum 1933, 

John Wray



  All Quiet on the Western Front 1930, The Miracle Man, The Death Kiss, Green Eyes 1934,

 I Am a Thief, the Whole Town's Talking,  Stranded, Gone With the Wind 1939, Remember the Night,

 Silence 1931, High Pressure 1932, The Mouthpiece, Doctor X, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1932, The Love Captive,

 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936, The President's Mystery 1936Outcast, Making the Headlines, Risky Business 1939, Blackmail,

 The Golden Boy 1939, The Doctor Takes a Wife 1940

Richard Wright

The Native Son 1951



Teresa Wright




  The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, The Good Mother, Morning's at Seven, Roseland, The Happy Ending, Track of the Cat,

 The Actress, Something to Live For, The Capture, The Rainmaker 1997,  Pursued, Shadow of a Doubt 1943, Mrs. Miniver 1942,

 The Little Foxes 1941, Enchantment, The Men 1950, Count the Hours, The Restless Years 1958, Crawlspace, Roseland,

 The Good Mother 1988, Hitchcock: Shadow of a Genius 1999

Will Wright



Twenty Plus Two, Inherit the Wind 1960, Rock-a-bye Baby, These Wilder Years, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell 1955,

The Man With the Golden Arm, The Kentuckian, Blondie Plays Cupid, Bambi (voice), Along the Oregon Trail, Bewitched,

Jeanne Eagels 1957, River of No Return 1954, Niagara 1953, Full House, Paula 1952, The Las Vegas Story, Excuse My Dust,

My Forbidden Past, Dallas, Walk Softly Stranger, A Ticket to Tomahawk, Adam's Rib 1949, All the King's Men,

The Green Promise, Little Women 1949, They Live By Night, An Act of Murder 1948,

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948, Relentless, Wild Harvest, Keeper of the Bees 1947, The Trouble With Women,

Big Town Blue Skies, The Inner Circle, The Jolson Story 1946Without Reservations, The Blue Dahlia 1946, The Hoodlum Saint,

Road to Utopia, State Fair 1945, Rhapsody In Blue, Practically Yours , Wilson 1944, Minesweeper, Sleepy Lagoon 1943,

The Major and the Minor 1942, Wildcat, Tales of Manhattan, Saboteur 1942, Shadow of the Thin Man 1941, Honky Tonk 1941,

Cracked Nuts, Blossums In the Dust 1941, Maisie Was a Lady, People Will Talk 1951 


Maris Wrixon

No Place to Go, Each Dawn I Die 1939, Jeepers Creepers, Dark Victory 1940, The Adventures of Jane Arden, 

Knute Rockne- All American 1940, A Child is Born, The Ape 1940, Santa Fe Trail, British Intelligence, Calling Philo Vance, 

A Shot in the Dark, Sunset in Wyoming, High Sierra 1941, Bullets for O'Hara, Footsteps in the Dark 1941, 

Meet John Doe 1941, Million Dollar Baby 1941, The Case of the Black Parrot, Silent Witness, Waterfront, 

Women in Bondage 1944, Black Market Babies, The Glass Alibi, The Face of Marble, Highway 13 1949



Eustace Wyatt



The Three Garidebs (TV) 1937, Too Much Johnson (short), Nightmare, Journey Into Fear, Madame Curie 1943, Jane Eyre,

Gaslight 1944, Ministry of Fear, The Man in Half Moon Street, 

Jane Wyatt



Star Trek IV: the Voyage Home 1986, The Nativity (TV), A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story (TV), 

Superdome (TV), Father Knows Best: Home for Christmas (TV) 1977, The Father Knows Best Reunion (TV), Tom Sawyer (TV), 

Never Too Late, See How They Run (TV), Interlude 1957, The Man Who Cheated Himself, My Blue Heaven,

Canadian Pacific 1949, House by the River, No Minor Vices, Gentleman's Agreement, Boomerang! 1947,

The Bachelor's Daughters, None But the Lonely Heart, Weekend for Three, The Navy Comes Through, Kisses for Breakfast,

Lost Horizon 1937, We're Only Human 1935, Great Expectations 1934, One More River

Margaret Wycherly



  Sergeant York 1941, White Heat 1949, Midnight, Victory 1940, Random Harvest 1942, Forever Amber, The Yearling 1946,

 Assignment in Brittany, Johnny Angel, Keeper of the Flame, The President's Lady, Something in the Wind,

 The Thirteenth Chair

Patrice Wymore



Chamber of Horrors 1966, Ocean's Eleven, The Sad Horse, King's Rhapsody 1955, She's Back on Broadway, The Man Behind the Gun, The Big Trees, She's Working Her Way Through College 1952, Starlift, I'll See You in My Dreams, Rocky Mountain, Tea for Two 1950

May Wynn



   The Hong Kong Affair 1958, The Unknown Terror, The White Squaw 1956, The Violent men, The Caine Mutiny 1954,

 The Farmer Takes a Wife, The Girl Next Door, Treasure of the Golden Condor,  Full House 1952, Dreamboat

Ed Wynn



  The Gnome-Mobile 1967, The Daydreamer (voice) 1966, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Dear Brigitte, Mary Poppins 1964,

 The Patsy, Babes In Toyland, The Absent Minded Professor 1961, Cinderfella, The Diary of Anne Frank,

 Marjorie Morningstar 1958, Alice In Wonderland (voice), Stage Door Canteen 1943, Follow the Leader 1930, The Chief 1933,

 That Darn Cat!The Great Man 1958, Rubber Heels


Keenan Wynn                                       



  For Me and My Gal , What Next Corporal Hargrove? 1945, The Cockeyed Miracle, The Three Musketeers,

 Angels in the Outfield, The Belle of New York, Annie Get Your Gun, Royal Wedding 1951,

 The Absent Minded Professor, A Hole In the Head 1959, Touch of Evil 1958Lost Angel 1943, The Clock 1945,

 Zeigfeld Follies 1946, Three Little Words, Kiss Me Kate, Joe Butterfly

 Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Bomb 1964, The Patsy, The Great Race, Finian's Rainbow,

 Pretty Maids All In a Row, Hysterical 1983, The Bastard 1978

May Wynn



Hong Kong Affair 1958, Taming Sutton's Gal, The Unknown Terror, The White Squaw 1956, The Man is Armed, The Violent Men,

The Caine Mutiny 1954, They Rode West, The Farmer Takes a Wife 1953, Full House, Dreamboat, My Wife's Best Friend

Nan Wynn                         



A Shot in the Dark, You Were Never Lovlier 1942Pardon My Sarong 1942, Intrigue, Princess O'Rourke

Peggy Wynne

The Music Man, Crazy Over Horses 1951, Again Pioneers, A Modern Marriage, Caged 1950, The Denver Kid, 

Desperadoes of Dodge City, The Vicious Circle 1948, Superman, Smart Politics 1948, The Black Widow, Second Chance,
Trailing Danger, Wild Country, The Kid Sister, Gold Digger of Weepah (short) 1927

Dana Wynter                              



      Santee, Airport 1970 , Companions in Nightmare, The List of Adrian Messenger 1963, In Love and War,

Shake Hands With the Devil 1959, D-Day the Sixth of June, Knights of the Round Table, 

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956, Lady Godiva Rides Again, It Started in Paradise 1952

Charlotte Wynters



Eighteen and Anxious 1957, Foxfire, Lulu Belle, Mama Loves Papa, The Phantom Speaks, Harvest Melody, The Underdog, 

Man of Courage, Now, Voyager 1942, The Falcon's Brother 1942, The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival 1947

Are Husband's Necessary?, Dr. Kildare's Victory 1942, A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen, Life Begins for Andy Hardy, 

Gallant Sons, Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring, Parole Fixer, City of Chance, The Women 1939, The Great Lie 1941

Nancy Drew...Trouble Shooter 1939, Cipher Bureau, Pride of the Navy, Sinners of Paradise, Reformatory 1938, 

The Buccaneer 1938, Clarence 1937, Mister Cinderella, Let's Make a Million, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936

The Calling of Dan Matthews, The Struggle, Personal Maid 1931 

Diana Wynyard                                  



      Rasputin and the Empress 1932, Cavalcade 1933, Men Must Fight, One More River, Gaslight 1940,

Tom Brown's Schooldays 1951, An Ideal Husband 1947, The Remarkable Mr. Kipps, The Prime Minister, Island In the Sun 1957

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