The Old Testament Chronicles

Genesis 1

So empty
with expressionless face
and then it shone
with tempered grace
Allowing darkness
a place to be
as breezes sifted
over the seas
We now had day
and a unlit time
and this was good
in silent chime
The water was divided
and we had two realms
of tidal flow
and an over whelm
A gathered lake
and barren soil
a place to grow
and seeds to toil
The third day’s fruit
promised life
as God’s magic wand
was the enchanted knife
Then there shone
the greatest light
and one of modest
for day and night
The lord rejoiced
In the goodness of this
and then his plan
was a gentle dehisce
Of birds so free
and fish in swarm
born to multiply
and fill this dorm
Time to roam
upon the land
many feet
to meet and band
And to our glory
with humble hands
he declared us stewards
of these luscious sands
Man and woman
beheld this paradise
It was their food
their promised spice
This sixth day was
a beginning to be
as we ponder
The earth and sea

DeaBeePea 2-18-18

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