Tall Pine Tales

stretching to the sky

spruced by imaginations sun

the wind tempting to bend

but the story seems never done

needled with prosing trickery

tickled with reputations roar

the trunk carries memories

and the branches a ladder to lore

DeaBeaPea 11-8-15 

It's Never Too Late

there are many factors

for dreams delay

sometimes you're busy

involved in the fray

aware of your wants

but but waiting unconsciously

for some rainy day

pondering absentiously

but what is important

is being honest and unfurled

encouraging others

in this cynical world

send out your heart

on a generous walk

and things will just happen 

as love appears from the flock

a magical story

your dreams will come true

it's never too late

just allow it to sough

DeaBeePea 11-8-15

Imaginary World

Truth is on the loose

spinning it's edgy theme

not always good news

but sincere in its pointed beam

shocking the masses

but consoling us too

refreshing us with hope

as cynicism bids adieu

our heads spin in awe

absorbing assurance like sponge

trust and patience

our chance to take the plunge

so should we see this

as an imaginary place

or is there a chance

we can inherit the grace

DeaBeePea 11-10-15


the vortex of death

recirculating the streams

of life that was static

in hesitant breath

celebrating new paths

least resisitant they tour

taking memories along

their fresh water baths

lathered in silence

except for the engines roar

the flocks have gathered

in humors reliance

an ode to persistence

to inspire each day

taking resonsibilities of wacian

for lifes infinite distance

DeaBeePea 11-11-15

Note: The term wake originated from Middle English wakien, waken, from Old English wacan, to wake up and wacian, to be awake, keep watch.

Two Sisters

the hat of candy red

on centre's throne

meeting her lips

vibrant colour thrown

the little head

crowned such a hue

with zeffres touch

a hanging blue

balloons of wool

rest on their laps

a furled version

of the vinous traps

that capture the sun

on the river Seine

terraced leaves

a web of skein

their placid smiles

the balustrade adorned

in winding questions

pastoral dreams

and romantic sessions

of halcyon duty

modelling for brush

in innocent beauty

it tells a story

of plotless style

capturing the heart

in its vivid guile

DeaBeePea 11-12-15

A tribute to the beautiful painting by impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

I hope this is well "writ" haha

Habeus W. Corpus

an honest lawyer was he

of long ago Newgate and Old Bailey

his office stood at the corner

near the prison doors open daily

the W stands for Writaker

a court order summons derived

his silky profession an honour

and his elegant manner thrived

but, sadly he was accused

bribing a juror was the plaint

so he went to jail

disbarred in shameful feint

but the sentence was in question

as he complained of being held

by improper means you see

with assumptions that truly smelled

someone saw him give money

to that person of legal obligation

but they never researched the story

of that exchange of funds compensation

when it finally came out after all

that he felt impelled to pay back

for a cup of tea she bought him

the embarrassment was of total flack...

DeaBeePea 11-13-15

The Message

This incredible hermit kingdom

Baghdadi's world of fear

a caliphatous nation of war

a suicidal mission of jeer

seeing the worlds demise

a headline credit to claim

a path to the Judgement Day

dystopian reality insane

yes, jihadism is strong

but divisible it has grown

it's potential weakness lies

in the questions from its throne

the pyramid spills its reign

the territories spell its autonomy

the secularization of power

no more compromise with economy

the foot soldiers carefully mapped

practising madness in their path

a medieval religious disguise

giving history to their wrath

the legal environment transposed

to a fitting popular eclipse

not afraid of disaster or death

celebrating with guns the apocolypse

DeaBeePea 11-14-15

Staying Up Late

Sensing a world of peace

the heartbeat takes a decrease

fearing the death of sleep

emotions travel in deep

questions escalate with dark

the answers seem so stark

laying down is the end

as the minutes create a depend

one more solution arrives in silence

clear imagination offers reliance

the stars offer consolation

relieving all trepidation

but finally the body succumbs

with the silence of the drums

DeaBeePea 11-14-15


the sagittal plane

taking the brain

on an up and down journey

on an agreeing gurney

but it can also be a spasm

a kind of shake of sarcasm

implying "ya right"

in it's disbelieving plight

it's a habit of sorts

that's hard to abort

the approval is in question

at it's empty suggestion

our head doesn't pivot sideways

as easily as tideway

but "nos" are effective

as an alternative directive

DeaBeePea 11-15-15

The Notebook

dog-eared corners

no label on front

scattered information

demanding a hunt

phone-numbers on back

and intermittently too

but no names with them

"who the hell are you"

brief diaries forgotten

times of depression long gone

then satirical rages

the fighting lines are drawn

memos of events

with no location to guide

so I guess I won't be there

letting that moment slide

some recipes spewn

with no measurements listed

so a risky attempt

would be a meal resisted

a filing cabinet I need

and lots of folders

and those little white tabs

for my system to shoulder

my duties and claims

on executive committee

it would be a shame to lose focus

and lose track of the nitty

DeaBeePea 11-16-17

Better or Worse

a difficult question

but that is the key

it is so important to ask

the bettering we

it's a choice at times

an improvement for me?

or do you donate yourself

for someone elses glee

sometimes the exertion

is a heavy price

other times the gift

is a glorious spice

doing it for yourself

it not so selfish

if it strengthens your resolve

and courage to relish

so look in the mirror

and be honest in answer

your purpose is clear

whather music or dancer

DeaBeePea 11-17-15

Who Cleans Up the Mess?

who cleans up the mess?

a question

that on occasion

misses the point.

because after all

who decides

in that situation

to define the state of the joint.

this apparent mayhem

a discombobulation to one

may just be a mere misallocation

of one item or another

so if one asks to tidy

take a stand and say

it's fine the way it is

I'm going to watch TV. Brother!!

DeaBeePea 11-18-15


Am I popular?

probably never know

and in many ways

I don't care... so?

but on the other hand

respected is nice

thought of highly

and a necessary slice

regarded with favour?

I'd like to think so

approved of?

I really don't know the flavour...

of some affection

that sure would be good

but am I really sure?

I know what I can and should

I know a lot of people

one thing for sure

and sense enthusiasm

we meet "again" and procure

I'm certainly a joiner

and love those meetings

hugs and smiles

and friendly greetings

drinks and merriment

is always fun

and gathering fanatics

to go for a run

books clubs galore

telling their stories

imagined as authors

and their hopeful glories

so at leasy I'm busy

"booked" to the hilt

a lot of evenings

of friendships built

so that's a sign

that at least I'm OK

but I'm not the one to ask

am I? Good day...

DeaBeePea 11-19-15


if there are strings attached

beautiful music can be fingered

a happy hoe-down can be fiddled

or the cello can play a Casalian sonata

whether rocking and rolling

or in a flamencos sunset lingered

the bridging of these lines

creates a unity as fine as cantata

so the deals and promises

that convey a motive of need

can be a semblance of love

from a passionate friend, speechless in fear

so continue to sing, and play the chords

minor and major in spine-tingling deed

and honour the sonorous wishes

that are precedent to a midnight clear

DeaBeePea 11-21-15


fear is so broad

it ravages our world

and is used as a tool

to advertise who rules

but real fear is ours

to hold with strength

and turn into unity

and dispell the impunity

the braggarts and liers

get away with graft

and we stand as victims

without authoritative dictum

so we must stand up

and define real fear

the kind that is numbing

and keeps us from scrumming

arm in arm in forbearance

a force to be reckoned

afraid of no hope

with our faith on the ropes

so fear not the hatred

and bitter politics of power

but only our hesitation

to be creative in conflation

DeaBeePea 11-21-15

The Just In Case Pentalogy


I carry with me a pen
in case I like her
I carry with me a smile
to impose my style

I carry with me some poems
in case I like her
I carry with me my open heart
in order to share and impart

I carry with me my wallet
in case I like her
I carry with her my loving toast
with two becoming, lovingly engrossed

I carry with me my past
in case I like her
and I carry stories that built my soul
and girls my heart they stole

I carry with me my future
in case I like her
and I carry a wee spot for her
making room for her to be near


I asked the lady out
she seemed quite nice
"Sure, I'd be glad to meet you
at the Pizza Joint," she said
"I'll be there at 7 sharp"

"Can't I pick you up," I asked
"No, it's OK my friend.
I might need a quick getaway
just in case I tell you
to jump off a scarp."


I wanted one
but they were in twelves
surely they would open it
so I could by one (or two)

"No, just in case," she said
which I thought was bad business
"I'll never come back here again," I said,
and I left saying POOH!


Qualifier: This by the way is written by an imaginary "chauvinist". I would never expect a lady to fetch me anything, let alone a beer.

she was rude
no beer in my hand
not even in the fridge
and not even cold
I asked for one
she frowned and said
"just in case"
she was so bold


There should be a plan
to do something of urgency
if something happens in November
that declares that it's an emergency

In case that idiot wins
a contingency plan is a must
or else some people will be saying
Canada or bust!!

DeaBeePea 8-10-16


Joe the Hatter and Poindexter the Reason

Hi Joe
why are you wearing a hat?
I admit, you always wear it so grande
and it's colour isn't bland

I proudly advertise my trade
and look princely in my stroll
and besides, it protects me from the sun
and it helps me to run

But Joe
it is cloudy today
and wearing a hat might be fun
but it cannot possibly help you run

Well Poindexter
the sun might be out tomorrow
and if I happen to have to sleep in my hat
than that is that

and if I run with my hat
it often falls off
than I have to run back for it
that makes my run longer, so I sit

now Joe
if you end up sitting, why are you running
and fetching your hat
is a waste of time, get that?

you are reasonable Poindexter
but you don't see my view
I wear my hat atup
and run so I can pick it up

the reason I do it is none
and bending over creates gossip
and I like people to wonder
why I don't react to thunder

DeaBeePea 8-11-16


I find it hard to perceive
although it is viewed
this thing called stillness
is not as it appears, I conclude

There is no movement
and sometimes not a noise
and things are stationary
with a peaceful poise

but actually there are
currents and cellular spins
and pollinations drop
the sound of quiet dins

a frenzy of living organisms
dancing to nature's composition
buzzing and squirting
competing in survival's mission

so the hush and motionless
that we experience
might be what we want
wishes, amidst turmoil and dissidence

So, we beg to stop
and enjoy the settlement
imagining a stall
sipping the wine of replenishment

DeaBeePea 8-13-16

It's All About Me 2 Integrity

I do many things motivations sometimes in question So I ask why am I doing this in session is it for recognition I fear maybe self-denial vanity looking for praise a baby self-assurance I suppose necessary to a degree pat on back a good thing job well done I agree so I guess it's a blend inward and outward important as long as you're ethically powered giving and taking a touch of me ... for the world to see. DeaBeePea 8-14-16

It's All About Me

no matter what the issue
it's all about me
in my humility so special
like a proud and strong standing tree

my opinion matters
and participation so key
the world without me
would cry a needful decree

yes, I am a wonder
born to be a leader
whether loud or in quiet
intelligent in voice, a feeder

of unique ideas
and all- encompassing solutions
moral and ethical campaigns
as my mind spins in volution

greatness is a challenge
so many demands
but I offer you my soul
as you put out your hands

DeaBeePea 8-14-16

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