Objection Sustained

offering opinion

based on personal agenda

or an assumption from deponent

of victim at the hacienda

a judges ruling

preserving right to appeal

assessing personal jurisdiction

over a witnesses zeal

rephrase the question

suggesting yes or know

or observational clarification

declaring what to bestow

exceptions a waste of time

as the context of record

appellate court to resolve

at point of dispute that is floored

objection sustained

then Perry Mason's smile

as the district attorney with chagrin

changes course in her wile

DeaBeePea 10-11-15


combustion or pyrolysis

it doesn't really matter

it all depends on the flavour

of the warm and lungular clatter

the friendly air entrained

has joined in unpreparedness

but save my life it might

in its pure and lingering aridness

I do not volunteer for this

although my pipe is sometimes lit

to give me memories of grandpa

and his musty quirky wit

incense, sage and resin

preserving and in prayer

hickory, mesquite and pecan

or native fire in care

inhalation and vibration

mental process in libation

carbon monoxide, invisible mist

but foggy days, by London kissed

a referred to colour

seen as bland by some

but to the artists brush

a touch of paint to strum

musical puffs of clouds

dancing to the wind

billowing as if in celebration

of man and previous sins

distorting the movement of air

a cough of excuse in chides

but in it's special way

a romantic rising ride

DeaBeePea 10-10-15

When I think of pet names...which of course can be taken two ways, I think of "Nibbles" the precocious chipmunk that became the protagonist of Elizabeth Taylor's classic book by the same name. It was real pet that travelled with her and joined her on the movie set. Ms. Taylor always had a magical touch with animals. Probably not unlike Becky!


Little Swallows

the story begins

National Velvet

the song to follow

an animal symphony

of every sort

in apple country

the Twyford touch of harmony

Elizabeth's friend

from Curley's zoo

tied to string

cotton wool's blend

the chip sat on Tommie

nibbling at knee

cheeks of fabric

stuffed like salami

cuddly and sweet

this little striped pet

refusing its mates

in jealous retreat

balancing on toe

Elizabeth draws

this magical act

a Tamius in know

falling in bowl

of bathroom description

slipping and sliding

rescued, poor soul

a bubble bath now

with ST 37 in tow

antiseptic recovery

life's fragile bough

caught in a snakes nest

gone for long

a worrisome girl

at days end she is blessed

trapezing from berry

to berry in swing

as each red dot

disappears in a hurry

too tame for the movies

couldn't possibly be

a real live chipmunk

with it's behavoural spunk

it's bright new cage

rejected at Christmas

but the crochet thread collar

was a hit on the stage

Nibbles went straight to your heart

and tickled it gently

as she ate her ice cream

chocolate sauce a la carte

DeaBeePea 10-9-15

That sound from under my Bed:

I'm of the 'pinion

tho my 'magination grand

that if you hear somethin' below

it's prob'ly at hand

one nite I thought

I heard a scrapin'

somethin' was itchy

or rubbin' my headboard thin

I tried hard to sleep

didn't 'wanna look

not sure if I was 'fraid

or to lazy to hook

in the mornin' I checked

and saw sawdust in hill

a rodent had burrowed

thru the floor like a drill

DaeBeePea 10-8-15


a dichotomy of terms

of colour and self

is there a connection?

to put on my shelf

intriguing to ponder

the curdling temptation

passionate yet fearful

of emotional cremation

prefering the serene

playful and buoyant

mistrusting the thoughts

of my inner clairvoyant

an egos friend

behavioral climbing

the social ladder

of infinite priming

a stabbing tone

implying finality

and other displeasures

creating duality

but with vermillion's hues

and autumn appearing

a preferance to dance

in the spectacle I'm cheering

optimism and hope

in our heartbeats song

as we join our wrists

in our infinite belong

DeaBeePea 10-8-15

Wooden Bridge

no signs or light

sending the news

of the aged trestle

a meandering ruse

pastoral scene

picket fences adorn

the agrarian streets

with cows in the corn

the breeze is searching

for it's whistle harp

but can only find the notes

through the kissing domes scarp

before the planks rattle

we emerge for the view

awaiting the moment

that the past gives its clue

the cover is gathered

with welcoming birds

the Rosenman Bridge

speaks silent words

DeaBeePea 10-6-15

Surrealist Drama

merciless iconoclasm

visual desert


dreams and reality


transcending logic

marvellous awe


archaic chance


revolutionary movement

illogical scenes


strange creatures


Elephant Celebes

functioning speculation


drawing games


this is not a pipe

treacherous similitude


sewing machines and umbrellas


DeaPea 1-2-14

Attic Branches

pine needles

pointing to the sun

later to be swept

to organic refuse done

garlands spinning a Christmas yarn

round and round

golden and red

boxed, tightly wound

lights in majesty

the emperors of pine

occasional flickers

pondering future recline

ornaments hanging

celebrating the shine

one, dropping to floor

as sharp as thistle spine

the angel sings

as chapels ring

capping the pinnacle

summer hibernation, sacrilegious

forgetting the water

blooming fades, in longer days

flowering glory

January frays

icicles dance

and spill and chill

a magnetic stubborness

a vacuum of will

as seasons ascend

the gifts fade and dwindle

the tree, beneath

empty of wrapped rekindle

the symbols come and go

the yuletide's ebb and flow

but our faith maintains

as love pours and reigns

DBP 12-15-14

DIG #2


lines and ribbons

white paths that mark

railings and sidewalks

contrasting dark

scattered footsteps

fawns and squirrels

remind us of others

and our pending deferral

the blanket fools

until spring explodes

toys hidden in pause

playtime slowed

the underworld mysteries

seem further in touch

numbing memories

aspiring nonesuch

shoveling our thoughts

light and pure

digging for the constant

so we can endure

but our fears perspire

we conform our attire

baring our streets

to evolve in mire

DeaPea 12-13-14

DIG #2

Cool man

hot band

groovin' wild

a jazz child

hot and sweet

boppin' crazy

blues so lazy

I'm atappin'

love that swing

really gravitatin'

I'm an alligator

and those cats are hep

the doghouse man

right in step

and Gabriels blowin'

a storm, he's knowin'

so get your boots on

and igg those squares

I'm peckin' and flyin'

and I ain't buyin'

that off the cob relyin'

so let's ride

and slide your jib



Matinee of Day

Wednesday is not special

unless something happens

that is precial

and not mishapen

Sometimes it is cool

because it is

the day after Tuesday

that is the rule

sometimes it can be boss

because it is

Thursday's fanfare

making it dross?

being middle

makes it a joke in riddle

never sure

before or after

but as this Wednesday

marks a week before

the eve of yuleday

it does come out

as very neat

which does complete

this verse royale

hope you all

have a joyous

day of Woden

and may the songs of Odin

cheer the midweek chorus

12-16-14 DeaPea


nine directions

each one a cat

future lives

unpredictable chat

coated in colours

pawing through wind

curled by fire

food maybe tinned

roof full of snow

logs piled high

smoke rising to sky

roads silently by

arrows direct

to place of pause

but the heart listens

and choses a cause

DeBePea 11-19-14


Hulitoon by Rebecca Hulit

California colours

of flaming drips

crying with her myth

reddish petal tips

Bowing to hands

removing Turkish Cap

native princess

rescued in Neverland

milky nectar

a hummingbirds feast

dripping on meadow 

on titian blankets of east

Ornamental bloom

fingers reaching

oak-like and strong

botanical love belongs

Craggy faith

green sky field

no evil yield

from turquoise star

DeaPea 11-16-14

The Moment


four feet waiting

boots and soles secured

the coast seems clear

a chicken act for tear

the arriving one

cloaked in fur

has she crossed

a jaywalk inferred

the light is locked

for event so clocked

the street is blocked

pending silenced untocked

cameras pending

police will be fending

the hoopla ensues

for obstreperous hues

traffic slowed

bus lane vacant

sidewalks pending

for celebrity glow

Abbey road memory

of mop topped band

it could be another

but not so grand

DeaPea 12-14-14 


there's a wrinkle
it's in the system
I've been assigned
as an ironer designed

but I tend to feel
that they're a part of life
they come with age
and grow with rage

and if you erase them
they'll quickly come back
and interconnect
and sometimes flecked

so you have to accept
these serious lines
as a part of the scheme
of your glorious dream

and don't let them stop you
they're a part of the deal
create them with smile
and you'll be around awhile

DeaBeePea 11-24-16


finally I realized
who I was
searching forever
for that inner buzz

pain resided
in stopping the travel
that made me confused
in frustrations unravel

it's a cliche
comfortable in skin
but it seems to be true
as my emotions akin

looking around
barraged by questions
and being intrigued
with answers accession

no longer bothered
with information's highway
skirting to passion
on a quiet byway

thankful for patience
and open ears
inspired by future
and uncounted years

DeaBeePea 11-27-16


it crashes
and splashes

and bores

and foreboding

in waves, drumming

the oceans spilling

glaciers fade
the water's raid

now plasticised
habit formailzed

nature charred

memories of hose

and it's mildhood

the sprinkler
and our twinklers

DeaBeePea 11-26-16

Christmas Love The evening breeze seems sweet it's chilling strains gentle and discrete

then you come wandering by and my everseams begin to sigh Lost in a trance that I pray is lodged in my heart and never dodged the elves are jumping in teasing trickery easing the load and announcing nickery I laugh at myself the look at you and the season ashines a brighter blue my emotional shore recedes in calm and I am breathless in mellow psalm you give me that look of slight dismay acerbic in smile aware of my way I take your path an honest walk and I stumble but no inner mock as I am snowing light and dispersed no longer a log of self-made curse you close me inside as I wander braver and easy a freedom maunder hearing the bells above and sleighing over woven dreams closer and allaying decorations of light and fanciful dolls are no longer wooden as moonlight falls yes, sugar plums do dance in my head and I scream in joy bitterness has fled but the bittersweet and the melancholy remain with me aware of folly all those with nothing under the tree and no one to love... oh lucky me let this season be special the last Christmas of haunting fear on life's lonely isthmus the present is wrapped and you are near the bow secured tied with a tear of suffocating joy the winter wind of passionate storm as our puffs are thinned huddled in warmth touching the fire is ours I love you so much DeaBeePea 12-4-16

This was inspired by the outspokenness of a friend.

Terse Verse


fear mongering

a game

not refined.


I wish
this movement

Another world

for those

to evil


what to do
those gullible

we must 
from soluble

the goal
of faith
each other

a reason
to live
and pother


for fury
not shaken

DeaBeePea 12-3-16

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