Embroidered Eggs

the needles poke

perforation sweet

a touch of yolk

seeps so meek

glistening coat

rivers of white

spilling on shell

an oospores light

pink and blue

a springtime rest

on grasses dew

in Sunday's best

threading a song

of festive faith

an empty tomb

for fertilities womb

DeaBeePea 4-5-15

Petrichor Romance

small bubbles singing

their lungs expousing

odorous music

aromatic rousing

evil pouring

lyrical foe

gradual raindrops

petrichor flow

a question of romance

tantaslizing numbness

dizzying love

blind in dumbness

DeaBeePea 4-7-15


it can be a "thing"

from another place

a planet or asteroid

of no known trace

often green and squeeky

antennaes on head

something to fear

but not really to dread

if you say you are "alien"

to a thing or idea

it means you are foreign

like a Martian rhea

I prefer to be alien

to many things

like violence and hate

and all the attached strings

DeaBeePea 4-7-15

Beautiful... a tribute to Stephen Foster (Beautiful Dreamer)

awaken my dream

meet my heart

morning and night

my perfect art

ease my pain

a baby's song lament

your crown so glistens

in glorious scent

in the softening melody

you make me languish

no more fears

or terror's anguish

the curling waves

teasing the maids

as the tales drift

in the salty air's braid

please don't fade

my majestic vision

shine on my soul

awake unto me...

DeaBeePea 4-7-15


I write a verse

from an idea rooted

in a morning shine

or evening muted

inspired in words

the lines come quick

and a story prevails

with a quirky trick

but it doesn't happen

to always work

so sometimes I try

to re-write with perk

but more than often

my disappointment suspends

as I leave the lines

as they are, to confusing blend

DeaBeePea 4-8-15

Skittles Roulette

not sure what this means

so I looked up pages

never got clear

what the meaning engages

a rainbow game

of magical fruit

landing on head

grape and lime, of sunny root

commercial humour

metaphorical reason

a candy game message

for leisure season

DeaBeePea 4-7-15


How I love them...

a mysterious flight

into other worlds

through transparencies sight

a walk at Christmas

views velvety scenes

of candles and snow drifts

on panes so preen

mullions so cozy

they seem to imply

simple times and memories

when morning is nigh

they sing good morning

as we wake in a bedim

the sun announcing

in its glorious hymn

we would otherwise jostle

with our mind and essance

if it wasn't for windows

and their giving quintessence

DeaBeePea 4-8-15

Piano Lessons

probably best

to do when young

when mind unfettered

and rhythm sprung

no arthritis

or hemorrhoid pain

to create a challenge

for a sitting art strain

fingering chords

a dexterous move

memory and agility

perplexing to groove

but to think of playing

jazz in motion

would give me potential

in romantic potion

so never give up

in a serenade's wish

to entrall a lover

into devoted bliss

DeaBeePea 4-8-15


we hear so often

a blasphemous word

coming from someone

we least expect heard

it seems there is nothing

that matters today

regarding dignity

and respectful display

no matter how frequently

I hear these words so lewd

I never adjust

my raising not skewed

I would never expect

someone in deference

if I spoke with opprobrium

a frightful reference

DeaBeePea 4-8-15

What's Up is Also Down

this is true

for many reasons

in particular because

of my emotion seasons

I often don't know

which way I'm going

or what direction

the wind is blowing

my mind in a spiral

no vane to guide

as I go spinning

on this merry go ride

its more like a bubble

no north or south

or east or west

just a centered best

but if the soft sphere breaks

I tumble into space

and totally fail

to define human race

DeaBeePea 4-14-15


the most amazing miracle

that was ever devised

an exciting thrust

for a phenomenon prized

a volcano from heart

that lavas my world

red and hot

emotions swirled

when least expected

it peels your skin

reducing your thoughts

to a mushy therein

colours seem to blaze

songs turn to potion

my lust is spewing

in scattered motion

never defined

but yearned and craved

a lifeline of breath

and desire saved

DeaBeePea 4-14-15

Friend or Foe

I honestly don't feel

I have a foe

although there are many

who make me tow

a lot of worry

stress and horror

by showing no love

a humanity borer

but with faith and compassion

all are good

but somehow get buried

in distorted should

a global tragedy

the terrorist manifesto

it would be wonderful

if with a presto

I could end all hate

and greedy want

and gather my friends

for a happiness flaunt

DeaBeePea 4-14-15

Urban and Rural

fly over a city

and be amazed

at what you see

through the greyish haze

trees and green

clustered throughout

an urban forest

a few buildings about

so although it seems

like a concrete place

for many who live

with the urban race

it's not all hopeless

my lovers of green

both urban and rural

leave their interlocking theme

DeaBeePea 4-16-15

Village of Tomolka

Lightbulb Replacement Regulation Amendment to sub-section 93/16 s. 14

Amendment causation:

Some lightbulbs…ie: Korean 1741 CFL, Chinese 23461 Eco-Incandescent and Indonesian 278 Digital Broad Spectrum

Have demonstrated that the insulator, cap, and ceramic contact dislodge if unscrewed with method that does not practice extreme caution.

Therefore the amendment requires and states as follows:

Citizens of Tomolka may obtain damaged bulb insurance through:

Acme Insurance Policy: Household LB 15

Broker E. S. White

To be covered by policy use locally produced bulbs:

Tomolka Light and Power Products

Listed on Page 416… Fixture and Bulb Guide 2001-11

All claims for refused policy claims:

Refer to Clerks Office Document 20-12

Roger D. Filament LL.B

Note: All claims refused if alcohol level of person designated as prime bulb remover (as defined in 93/16 s. 102) is higher than .09 BAC

Message from our Mayor: The Right Honorable “Red” Flood

Bulb disassembly has become so frequent that the stress to our fine citizens has created a social ennui. I am suggesting that all those suffering from this syndrome attend these services.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Monday and Thursday 6:30-8:30 Town Hall

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Friday 7:00 Joe’s Bar… Dining Room


Wednesdays 7:00-8:30

Terri Tungsten… Residence

Phone the Clerk’s Office for Rates

All cheques payable to Town of Tomolka c/o Gladys Pinch

Public Notice

New Christmas Light Policies will be enforced as of October 1, 2011. The will be published and posted at Nick's Hardware no later than September 15, 2011.

Due to last years shortage of red and green bulbs of the C6 Globes and 1453 Spheres, there will be initiated a "Think Orange" campaign for Christmas 2011.

(Note: The "Think Orange" campaign is in no way affiliated with the "Think Orange" campaign of the United Progressive Party)

DeaBeePea 4-17-15

The Beanstalk

Hulitoon by Becky Hulit

the boy that climbs

an adventure deep

or miraculous ascension

into unknown reap

cow milk gone

magic beans

take him spinning

on a magic green

spiraling pods

nourish the odyssey

reaching the tomb

of ancient geodesy

a castle at cusp

a spousal greeting

hearing thunder

his courage fleeting


is he alive or dead?

feeling his bones to grind

a sense of sudden dread

hidden in peril

a message is tuned

the gold coins enticement

taunting moral wound

the goose a wizard

with gilded cackle

and an enchanted harp

the strings a shackle

awakening fear

a chase of vine

calling for a hatchet

to sever beans spine

a tumbling brute

ends the fable

breach committed

justice in tainted label


Totally Weirdsville

Hulitoon by Rebecca Hulit

in Miami or Cuba

growing in limbo

pink coconuts

pining in luxurious bimbo

scanning for preying eyes

combing beach

juicy thorax

tempting in breach

tresses, just like

palm trees leaves

coral braids

dancing in weave

the golden sky

touched, in blue and flush

reflects the glory

of this miracle brush

DeaBeePea 3-22-15

Grass Stains and Cuts

The days when everything smiled
Were a mirage that imagination dialed
Dancing in the fields
Lost in a maze of open doors
Innocence and comfort, my vision beguiled

The nights were solitary
A passing breeze of wary
Warning me that my heart
Is spinning beyond my reflection
waiting for a comfortable tributary

DeaBeePea 6-26-26


Life can be toxic

But that is its purpose

To challenge the heart

And make us take part


To take the next step

often takes courage

and if fear overtakes us

we might miss the bus


to manage the illness

takes creative dexterity

and sprinkled with acceptance

we heal the sentence


we occasionally breath fumes

but must watch the ingestion

and keep ourselves moving

for perpetual improving


but we are the judge

of our souls and demeanor

fulfilling our placement

avoiding life’s basement


dodging the virulence

we smile in the trial

avoiding the pernicious

our label auspicious 

DeaBeePea 6-28-26

Joyous Pain

My fantasies are dreams
My dreams are fantasies
And always made true
By divergence of two

The inner chaos
Multiplied by incompetence
To structure thoughts
As my pathway does rot

Existing two minds
Accepting both as me
Shaking my head
In my hopeless dread

But there’s also two lights
At the end of the tunnel
One gives hope
The other end’s rope

So the inevitable does conquer
My spirit in thrust
But I follow the sol
As it insists on my squall

My gentle anger
And doubting spirit
Gathering my friends
Of passionate ends

DeaBeePea 6-28-16


they call it an ovation
clapping from the clouds
or hurrah of crowds
a theatrical shroud

cumulonimbis ceilings
the instability of our roof
that shelters our lives
in our imaginary bouffe

to adhere to the above
and heed the impression
that something is greater
our egos deflator

sometimes it pours
as we inhale the power
and the wind of lust
that threatens our tower

the darkness spurns
along with our deafness
as we cower with fear
resounding its clefness

the booming roars
are the crashing of time
deleting our future
the largest clock’s chime

DeaBeePea 6-29-16

Red and White Faith

people are beautiful
and so is Canada
our hugs are sincere
and our friendships dear

we cry together
and share our jokes
knowing that life
is a challenging strife

but we come out smiling
because we cannot hide
our singular madness
that helps us with, our inner sadness

we wake up each day
excited in anticipation
that one special embrace
will destroy our disgrace

it's not that we're ashamed
after all, we're only human
but we trip and fall
falling in our squall

but it's a victorious time
because there is hope
and our togetherness spreads
in infinite threads

I am joyous in thought
as see all your faces
I sincerely love you all
as I write of your call

DeaBeePea 6-30-16

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