I am not usually angry
it's a waste of time
I prefer lazy days
and all things sublime

but the next time someone
tells me to focus
I'll be really pissed off
and tell them to... crap on a crocus...

DeaBeePea 8-23-15 



takes lots of focus

meandering the listener

with skills of a glison

twisting thoughts

deceiving reality

confusing the issue

with mental modality

de-focussing focus

criss-crossing locus

hazy vision

clouding derision

so gather your intent

and beware of dissent

follow the path

avoiding the wrath

wizardry is impelling

but can fog the image

so stay on the polestar

and complete the scrimmage

DeaBeePea 8-23-15


how different we are

common sense travels

in different vehicles

and begins to unravel

environmental design

as nature calls

seems the only way

as the leaves begin to fall

a perfect world

was given to us

but have we forgotten

the roots to discuss

the rules are clear

but many ignore them

a capitalist folly

of emotional phlegm

the foliage surrounds me

a caress I adore

we must be primitive

in our veridian lore

DeaBeePea 8-24-15

Good Morning

happy day glorious friends

be thankful for the sun's bow

and the rain that drowns

our future into now

toil with lust

and rest when needed

follow your heart

and honest love heeded

let yourself dance

even in still

the spiritual magic

of evolution's trill

beauty surrounds

raise your arms in joy

aboriginal faith

and forgiveness employ

DeaBeePea 8-24-25

First Time For Everything

life is bubbles

bouncing and bumping

where time pops

and bursts, forever clumping

so when you start

in a first time attempt

it's actually an explosion

the epoch of tempt

yesterdays and tomorrows

and current juices

create a river

that flows through sluice

controlled by imagination

in timeless wonder

always meant to be

courage and fear do sunder

the delectable travel

as the new idea lives

in your heart forever

where failure forgives...

DeaBeePea 8-26-15

My Toes

my toes are funny

which is quite a stretch

when you consider pain

and representative wretch

curled and bent

rather gross I say

but they do the job

and still allow me to play

arthritic magic

seems to have given a gift

unusual stability

a hard to kno0ck over lift

one might be removed

it's getting in the way

a pretzel like digit

that has it's own sway

but all in all I'm grateful

for these interesting dactyls

they're mine and unique

in their explorative tactile

DeaBeePea 8-28-15

Penumbra Conundrum

as I ponder light

and it's glow on my mind

I assess where i stand

and my reflection to find

am I occluding

as a ray to shine

or a victim of darkness

nowhere to dine?

neither black or white

beckoned by grey

safely in confusion

a perpetual stay

but can I be

a source of flare

creating a glimmer

of hope for the fray?

as I eclipse my thoughts

I challenge my ethos

a penumbra conundrum

avoiding bathos


The Rug

stories to tell

of dirt and mites

smelly feet

and human rights

the jest of brooms

and vacuums roar

tangled fringes

and rubs from door

cats apiddle

and grime from street

sadly spilled wine

and dancing feet

I talk to my rug

and learn it's humility

and how it rises

from apparent futility

DeaBeePea 8-31-15

Do We Have Political Dreams?

social democracy

a concept that prevails

in many good hearts

as committed as nails

an escape from fear

and narrow minded bigotry

my sleep caresses

a kinder softer imagery

if it doesn't happen

between the hours

let it be a daydream

with a reality scheme

surely it can come true

this wish for fairness

it seems so logical

in mankinds 'please spareness'

DeaBeePea 8-30-15


curves and smiles

pale and red

open arms and

naked riles

constant flattery

and idolation severe

forever love

abounding of smattery

perfection disbelieved

but before my eyes

and a paradise island

that silences the cries

my life is magic

happiness explodes

beyond my hearts

capacity to decode

the meaning of this

I might understand

but when I awaken

the passion still grande

DeaBeePea 8-30-15

Fear and Passion

it seems though fear

is an evil I have conquered

but somehow in dreams

it reminds me of jeer

laughing at my courage

so recklessly attained

naivite brandished

in a silly burrage

the future and past

come at me at angles

acute and obtuse

stranger characters cast

some are familiar

some are hybrids

related and foreign

in fascinating allure

but to my surprise

the damsel arrives

asking for rescue

escalating apprise

the longest swim

my strokes of power

take me to an island

of romantic skim

so destroyed by rift

or a fall from a cliff

it seems I am saved

from one of two things

a volt of courage

or more commonly provided

a wake up call

that the day has guided

DeaBeePea 8-30-15

Way Cool

outside the box

an endless realm

no restrictions

with me at the helm

helping people

with loving abandon

no political correction

or hell to land in

thinking like Sharon

way cool man

hard to fool

in a bullshit ban

seeing in holistics

all absorbed by the breeze

that blows over all

without a sneeze

out of control, almost

in joyous chaos

not buckled by questions

in a liberal seance

a rib ticklers view

doesn't hurt either

after a day of thought

we need a breather

DeaBeePea 8-3-15

What Day Is It in the 4th Dimension?

the unification of time

and space is unified

this continuum of a forth-dimension

in interweaving rhyme

space is three

and time is one

supergalactic and subatomic

beyong the minds calm spree

a manifold of events

driving a grid

where seven days

is a mathematical bent

so every day is new

a temporal spinning

triplicate reproduction

with intervals of spew

this residue is time

not seen with the eye

but holding us to earth

awaiting black holes prime

DeaBeaPee 10-21-15


her favourite flower

yellow and white

ray florets

shasta's delight

but never to find

in the lazy land

except weeds and ants

and course dry sand

frowning faces

pessimist streets

cloudy skies

and forgotten feats

lacking daisies

this tragic place

the lonely girl

no flower to grace

DeaBeePea 10-21-15

The Curtain #2

we purchase them

now and then

some are lace

and some call them drapes

the portieres

deny my entrance

unless I know the rules

and disguise in cape

referred to as treatment

of a windows naked stare

looking beyond

in sheer delight

a degree of blackout

can be postured so firm

protecting us from dreams

of daytime's pressured light

in an alternative way

the blinds stop ray

snapping and clicking

with a strings command

and when they are drawn

without pencil's grip

they invite the sun

and a visitors hand

they absorb our lives

knowing all stories

not knowing for sure

if they are the final one

if they are torn

we tend to replace

instead of repairing with love

as if they're second to none

DeaBeePea 10-19-15

White Elephant

justice and power
of Monarch's reign
southeastern opulence
peace and prosperity's vein

named after this giant
of alabaster prominence
cosmological Kings
on the summit of dominance

Ruling over heaven
Tavatimsa's platform
a three-headed ruler
that a dream transforms

wisdom and purity
a white lotus bloom
fertility's symbol
in a quiet mother's room

a blessing and curse
in royalty's favour
but an expensive prize
of an ungiving flavour

DeaBeePea 7-15-16


without the 'u'
is a song

of no words

thoughts that want to speak
but silence stalls
the process

wingless birds

but caution can be
an endurable thing
protecting interrogation

whimsically absurd

let me think
why is this happening?
am I afraid?

missing password

maybe it's feelings
I don't want to hurt
as ideas project

potentially slurred

I think I'll write
and see 'what is'

imagination stirred

DeaBeePea 7-14-16

Payment for Greener Grass

I knew many when I was young who worked and toiled for the grass that sprung little did they know of organophosphates and carbamates those magical formulas for a greener state phenoxy, pyrethroids and MCPP carcinogenicity's broker poison in lamb's clothing a prestigious stoker so if you want that gorgeous lawn wish for rain and follow steps that do no pain DeaBeePea 7-25-16


can you be buoyed
by voidness?

can we be coyed
by what is devoid?

using our hyoid
can we be toyed?

will we be become destroyed
by androids?

as I plant my rizoid
am I garden freud?

as I create alkaloid
am I green thumbed paranoid?

am I making the spheroid
personally employed?

are my eyes deployed
as a polaroid?

is it my purpose to avoid
these thoughts ovoid?

sitting here in stated hemorrhoid
am I fomenting my rheumatoid?

I guess this is a monoploid
an "oid" poem steroid

DeaBeePea 7-23-16

Red Flags

The flag of deepest red,
our hearts' blood
unfolding, as if dead

scarlet standards flying
fighting in its undertow
our courage is crying

whether Germany or France
or Canada's leaf
we will continue to dance

loving to blaze
and many hymns we sing
the power of a little's craze

it may seem as dark as night
but our colour, we won't change
in our triumphant fight

a hope for peace at last
is this a hopeless cry
this quiet blast?

this red is aflame
a touch of anger too
looking at wealth's blame

for those weak and base
do not sadden excessively
of be so frown of face

we need you to hold the pole
that adorns our passion
even if a tattered soul

we are not imprisoned
as the wind takes us
a new place envisioned

DeaBeePea 7-19-16

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