Wizardous World

On the way to Oz

as the story begins to end

the men come

Dorothy and her path to send

Rolling up 

the yellow brick road

Sadly spilled, I'm told

on the plot of an primeval film

But a magic mountain arises

and is candied and given life

as a blueburry fruit roll-up

drenches the summits cries

Climbed by the flying gemsboks

both with icy stares unbroken

as if waiting in a director's premonition

their words in crystal, not spoken

A silk blanket of sapphire

with azure gems arising

wealthy jewels of sentiment

dancing like karaole balls reprising

The golden sky

like a courageous lion

of water rings so high, 

casting a spell and roar

...on the Othrysian world

And kissing two blossoms

so innocently clustered in row

"Where the rain don't fall and the wind don't blow

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain"

Hulitoon by Rebecca Hulit

DBP 7-22-14

Beside each CHARACTER...I put a number, to code the actual actor and movie, which is listed below.

Horray for Hollywood...

Big House Butch(1)

ferociously fearsome

in rebellious seclusion

and the wavering wayman(2)

brawn in bulk in might

and...not too bright 

in Doctor's servitude, so slight

Louis(3) the butler

polite, elegant and officious

fastidious, but nervous in service

John Lattimer(4) an agent of firearm

triggering strength in disarming

versatility abounds as iconic

Gerald O'Hara(5) portrayed

so tragic and war-torn, delayed

in celebration, sentimental and victimized

An identity in crisis, so amiable

Kris Kringle(6) to prove

kind and patient to a fault 

and a "real" dream to move

Sir Francis "Piggy" Beekman(7)

Dirty old man, preferring blondes

Lorelei so fond

and Sir Guy of Gisbourne(8)

a foil to Robin, nefarious, cheating in scorn

Eddie(9) asking, to have and have not...

whiskey and a limp to speak in sot

Then, searching for a Falcon

Cairo(10) manipulating in devious

but cowardly in fear, obligitous

Kasper Gutman(11) 

enormous and vociferous, 

and eliciting of suspicion, 

in erratic mission

McCormick(12)...in hiding

found by chance, now chiding

performing in calm

wallet pursued to barren

the laughable Hardwick's

Horace(13) so innocently in peril

and Madge(14) in tolerance and trust

a gift of spirit and laughter in gust

Bates(15) so comical

perspiring in confusion

dumb in servitude and illusion

and sweet Lily Davis(16) 

creating a Wilderness of hope

and Millicent Jordan(17)

so scatterbrained, to elope

in a society at eight

and Sadie Dugan(18) diligent and loyal

a sane voice in critical identities

marriage tricks to foyle

genial Min(19) the voice rumbling dockside

both snappy and sympathetic

with a wise-cracking courage to ride

and Bill to critically confide

Mary Kane(20)...a citizen so stern

but understanding and steadfast in yearn

Lucy Gesslar(21)...the sarcastic comrade

serving patrons and duty, to rely

a convertible watchful eye

Mrs. Branson(22) so suspicious and naive

her wheelchair a tool to bereave

to mastermind assurance

and estranged from reality

Mary Wollstone Shelley (23)...authoress and monster

a bride of misunderstood kindness, no friend

a streak of white emblazon 

a ghastly sight to gaze on

Violet Bick (24)...a not so wonderful life

but admired for her permicious sparkle

her future saved by a friend patriarchal

Aunt Sissy(25) so sassy...a golden kin

playful in delight and sin

all characters found

inside us each day

as we celebrate the touch

of us in their image

DBP 7-21-14

1. Wallace Beery...The Big House 1930

2. Nate Pendleton...The Secret of Dr. Kildare 1939

3. Franklin Pangborn...Topper Takes a Trip 1939

4. Charles Bickford...The Plainsman 1936

5. Thomas Mitchell...Gone With the Wind 1939

6. Edmund Gwenn...Miracle on 34th Street 1947

7. Charles Coburn...Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953

8. Basil Rathbone...The Adventures of Robin Hood `1938

9. Walter Brennan...To Have and Have Not 1944

10. Peter Lorre...The Maltese Falcon 1941

11. Sidney Greenstreet...The Maltese Falcon 1941

12. Barton MacLane...Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948

13. Edward Everett Horton...Top Hat 1935

14. Helen Broderick...Top Hat 1935

15. Eric Blore...Top Hat 1935

16. Aline MacMahon...Ah Wilderness! 1934

17. Billie Burke...Dinner at Eight 1933

18. Thelma Ritter...A Letter to Three Wives 1949

19. Marie Dressler...Min and Bill 1930

20. Agnes Moorehead...Citizen Kane 1941

21. Eve Arden...Mildred Pierce 1945

22. Dame May Whitty...Night Must Fall 1937

23. Elsa Lanchester...The Bride of Frankenstein 1935

24. Gloria Grahame...It's a Wonderful Life 1946

25. Joan Blondell...A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1945

Real Life

In godly awareness

we can answer, life is his

not ours 

in magical bareness

We have never

made a seed

to re-create

so we do it indeed...

In oil, and note

and in animate art

our closest call to 

generational start

From a bouncing ball

to machinima engaged

squashing and stretching

anticipating the stage

Posing to pose

in overlapping inertia

a surreal repose

in pixilation

A message...


through exaggerated enclaves

as old as man himself

in paleolithic caves

found in a Burnt City

Movement personified

in cinématographe

marriage of actor

and character

A meeting of minds

one real, so tined

the other whimsical

but one in authenticity


"the act of bringing to life"

DBP 7-22-14


a circle is life

as life is a cell

we think in lines

that incorrectly defines

a book reads across

a formula left to right

a journey beginning and end

a movie "the end" to defend

a match, win and lose

and we think of winds

as westerlies and easterlies

but as we know, cyclonic in cruise

a song is a chorus

repeated to impell

emotion that stirs

the romance to tell

the merry-go-round we ride

the seat does swing a bit

on and off we can get

but in the spin we abide

the river has a source

and it has a mouth to

but in a miracle of erudition

it flows in course

love seems to end

but it's something we send

it travels perpetually

it's source to be transferable

everything goes round

as the corpuscle vibrates

expanding and contracting

multiplying by mitosis profound

meiosis speaks sexually

chromosome numbers in half

gametes and spores

zygote restores

we live in a vacuole

spinning and bumping

a heated frenzy

our hearts are thumping

our blood travels, healing

a halo to our being

we think as we breathe

animate oxygenation respiring

our world is planets

spinning and revolving

our energy is the sun

burning in a spherical bun

the universe is infinite 

it has no end

so it too is a circle

so many secrets to lend

DBP 7-6-14


the waves are beckoning

the perfect surf he is reckoning

the board he brings

adorned in beaver-tailed baggies

as the shore lies bunniless

his pale body harassed

so nipple-rashed

Scrawny cactus legs

spindly toes

and wonky knees

the prickly heat he vests

dews his concave chest

the whitecaps he atops

saltiness peppers him 

his mouth runneth over

as the longboard deserts

he flails like a crab, and asserts

his shellfish bruised feet

lunched by a perch

his tanless torso screams

he fears the Pacu...

the nutcracker snappu

testicular fears


of the freshwater orientation

the ocean fish is

a compromise of sorts

perching on his toe delicious

as he packs in his 

junkyard journey

back to the sand

to build a castle so grand

Moondoggie's shed

maybe to the billabong

a watering-hole hodad


dreams of adorement

but looking out...of sortment

over the choppy sea

his slab floats away

looking for ...the Big Kahuna

a kook

in the soup

solitude so mournful

dreams splashed and dashed


HULITOON by Rebecca Hulit

7-13-14 DBP


The more I know

the less I know...

The less I know

the more I know...

Unknown so vast

it comes to ask

...I don't even know

who I am at last

So I am a searcher

and researcher

Defining through

language and science

of which there is


But certainty is lacking

there is little backing

so we find

devices of mind

that give knowledge a jacking

But any answers that come

assume that learnings are plumb

with creation

so numbing

So I project through

a mysterious self-definition

combining tradition

and ethical application

But what it amounts

is faith and hope

the foundation

of which,

there is no expectation

so let us embrace

in love and grace

and write in musings

of wonderment

so soothing

DBP 4-20-14

Faded in Glory

the faded colours

beauty unrealized

pale amber

mystic blue

serene silvers of fluffy roux

The gentle greys a mirror 

the moon is brightest

but modest in glow

the face distorted

but in the know comported

There is light awaiting

warning of it's confidence

as we remain still

mesmerized in shrine

the mountainous lines

Of ivory clouds

that blanket us 

our chilly toes exposed

to the storms

that enshroud

Horizons and scenes

so mistook in routine

the sensual pastals

massage us with creation

to our human station

PHOTO by Marco Pucci

7-14-14 DBP

The Big Bubble

Large bubble in focus

the leaf almost hocus

the dewey friends lie scattered

as the surface looks like platter

One could crawl inside

no fear to collide

no insects seems near

nothing to fear

the droplets are still

awaiting a thrill

it could be a storm

in the process of form

the leaf so scarred

water races have jarred

not sure who won

no trophy in sun

the lone blade of grass

no associates to amass

a spectator I guess

to witness the cress

That huge note of froth

almost soapy in broth

to wash in it fun

but one problem to run...

How could I partake

without thee I break

maybe through the petiole's underside

I wash in ingenuities pride

Photo by Marco Pucci

7-18-14 DBP


The image defined

in simple lines

black or henna

pround in a featureless projection

Cutting portraits, a profile

embossed grisaille

painting on ivory and 

negative tracing

Ancestors illuminated pure

in noble posture

dignity and allure

the daughter of Pliny a model?

Physiognomist in art

a science outlining

character in vogue

the mudflap girl so rogue

And presenting


so round and ominous

mysterious and illuminous

looking contre-jour

Jane Austen couture 

pride and stature

among landed gentry

But may I not be remiss

in Lilian Gish, so sepia

no broken blossoms

in the display



The evening fades

the spoked rays

piercing the pickets to shade

shadows carving

the variegated veranda

The infinite row of eyes

spectators from tiny windows

dreaming in wishes and sighs

romance so notorious

of the dancers unseen

Gliding beyond the lens

the tango sweeping

over the quilted stage 

the gown fringe leaping

captivating, as it swings in ollivero

The silent awes filling

the night air aglitter

the fleece above apoint

to tornado rhytms chitter

funneling the Montevideon Gods

The danceur so spicy

as she cachinnates with delight

the handsome suitor 

in seductive sneer

gourmets in rhuma enticing

The robust coryphees

reappear in vermillion and black

the twilight turns in lee

as the lights are dimmed

the patrons to rest

The trumpets mute

the balustrades become austere

The lovers to embrace

in the steamy glow and grace

of an Argentinian piazza

DBP 7-17-14

A Play on Words

His stories mad in parse

such perplexing farce...

comedies with payments due

a thousand marks of owe

with the evening sun

and Historical soliloquys so

the winter of discontent passes over

and tragically

a pair of 'star-cross'd lovers"

take their lives 

love so relinguished

Their parents rage extinguished

But what is most pertaining 

is the identity trading

the merchant's son so exactly alike

counterparts of twins to a slave

the tension comical and brave

And Helena's change of colour

the countess to daughter

by marrying her son

and Portia rescues Antonio,

as a doctor of law in pun

Mercutio's conceptual paronomasia

the dichotomy of fairies and whores

darkening the whisps to humanity

with walnut carriages and, 

insect steeds of lore

The depravity of Mabious dreams

cutting the throats of soldiers

the juxtaposed chaos streams

and spinning sonnets

of ludicrous irony

Such an absence of forgiving

A spherical indulgence

of panic and scorn

so dactylically spun

my confusion stalls

In a paradox of fun

DBP 4-17-14

Adventures in Hulitoons

The giant-tailed hulibird

hovering above the sails

of the buried flying pigtails

as the pink and blue candy-ocean

canvases the floes

with shadows of ghostly toes

The King of the swinely Set

blown by forceful and sweet

fruit-roll winds in fleet

Dancing is the winging verdure

a symphony of floral notes

Elysia chlorotica society in pure

The spiral of life, the mating

in the cyclonic eye of

colour, life and wisdom...creating

DBP 7-15-14

Liberty Reclaimed


we shout to be free


form all allegiances

independent states

the fruits of success

the ringbolt in the chain


of undeveloped destiny

saving our principles

dark and threatening clouds overhead

disclosing leeward flinty rock

to be a storm-tossed mariner, in stead

clutching to spar at midnight

originally simple and sublime

an unsubdued wilderness 

to climb

in so little concert

a great age was framed

in view of liberty

sometimes losing sight


revolution instead of peace

quiet but unshrinking

the limits of forbearance

order without tyranny, to cease

but shameless disregard

cruelty and greed

ignoring appropriate reward

and assuming evil ones,

a poison seed

but conscience prevails

and love stirs us

That day will come all feuds to end,

And change into a faithful friend

Each foe.

DBP 7-4-14


a period blue box, in reserve

with the sweetness of honey

the piquancy of chutney

the boiling and sealing to preserve

The soda-lime glass Mason

and cannister for flours

the brand has paled after the longest of hours

but the memories grow stronger in antiquation

Saturday mornings, if I would

helping with the wringer

hanging to dry, before the milk man comes

maybe chocolate milk, if I'm good

And a cone later on, I foresee

after our shopping, at A&P

oh yes, the pumpkin pie, to apease

don't forget the whipped cream, please!

A few leaves blown in

to join in the congregation

listening as the lids are asking

"open me again" as a memorable basking

To reveal some mystery

and answer akin

a clothespin might be under

a can, carefree and usunder

DBP 7-5-14


When I am gone...

nothing will change

my life's new dawn

There will be lovers


the sky will be blue

much of the time so true

Storms will tease us

and remind us

that we are humble

in our stumble

My children will devise

ways to remember me

in guise

There will be wars

large and small

victories of the heart

will be won in part

The climate will change

some will adapt in caprice

others will decease

in violence or in tranquility

But alas, I hum

will my song have stamina?

will the Earth overcome

will the Message get through

If there is a chance

I don't want to go

I want to stay 

and with the rivers I flow

an ocean of know...


an immortal spirit?

a mythical figure to inherit

could I be so vain?

I will pray for

a borderless world

united in nature

bonding with the reflection

of a magical connection

that keeps everything one

The universal cycle of

love, transformed into

beauty and awe

never to be gone, I saw


because I am life...

DBP 7-8-14

Continental Drift

the storm was brewing

winds as never before

the cybered air

clumping from the core

bytes of wind

and pixels of earth

spinning around us

of universal girth

the bitrate speed

was crunching numbers

the firewall tumbling

waking keyboards from slumber

the pile was massive

a mountainous drift

our passwords were gone

no life we could sift

with our google-eyed fear

we stumbled in blindness

re-phasing our memories

confusion entwined

but this shifting of opacity

we chose a parallel port

defining a contact

that we could not abort

the language of love

waveformed us from squall

a new web-ring was formed

from our hearts landfall

DeaBeePea 5-11-16


when I take a hike

I sometimes use my bike

but around here

the shoulders aren't too dear

and because of cardio faults

I sometimes have to halt

pedalling isn't bad

it's a spinning sort of fad

implying that life revolves

in confusion never solved

and if things go flat

I will begin to smell a rat

who is sabotaging my journey

which is an endurance test tourney

and those uphill battles

yes, my organs it rattles

but sooner or later

I will do what is greater

and stop for a beer

with later problems to steer

DeaBeePea 5-12-16

Unsung Zero

sometimes ignored

for being valueless

and at the bottom

as others soared

but it's actually used

for mislaid expressions

"just add a zero"

simple status abused

also a circle

which is kind of cool

a donut of nothing

the first number in school

a lariat so thrown

in loopy thoughts

knotted tight

the aim is blown

Just a dot

in  Khmer numerals

not a period

an ending thought

zilch or nil

words to express

what it doesn't necessarily mean

in its circumfering shrill

like the squeak of a glass top

when rubbed with finger

causing a ruckus

without spilling a drop

so to say its versatile

is understatements pedestal

which is kind of ironic

in its mirror-image profile

so sitting by the radio

I ponder the number

and leave it with you

with a kindly cheerio

DeaBeePea 5-15-16



DeaBeePea 5-14-16

Friday the 13th (written on the 14th out of caution)


Gregorian based fear

commencing as da Vinci art

13 individuals

in Upper Room

same day,

Nisan Maundy Thursday

the night before death

on Good Friday's doom

Last Supper's enigma

a reputational tale

not confirmed until later

with talemaster's blight

but little conjunction

until two-hundred years ago

as Henry Sutherland Edwards

wrote of 1869 plight

Rossini died

on a 13th of Friday

surrounded by friends

in fear of his dread

another famous scribe

named in honour

of the fearsome day

when wall Street would be dead

but many places

also fear Tuesday

like the Hispanics and Greeks

in Ares clutches of war

and Constantinople fell

Tuesday the 13th it's peril

connected to threes

expecting triplicates of gore

but after all

is said and done

I believe it's understanding

that motivates our anxiety

by giving fear a name

we can taste it and feel

what is inside of us

our aversion's piety

DeaBeePea 5-14-16

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