Aquired Fire

The land aflame

a legend of blaze

Magical men

and horses to amaze

refusing saddles

and riding soldiers

Pegasus scorned

no monster looming

wisdom refuted

in sinful fuming

damsels running

as cities smoulder

but hellish caverns

beckon to capture

as we falsely believe

in literal rapture

winged and fearless

our spirit attacks

a stallions hearth

and flare turned black

DBP 7-20-14

World to Come

Tomorrow in eternity...

an aspect of time

no different than destiny

the day after

or perhaps yesterday

two days ago, I thought

about the next day, I sought

which was offing

at one time, a minute ago

I considered this challenge

reminiscing of past aftertimes

Was the following day

a surprise to allay?

Living up to expectations

or a disappointment

a result of lacking committment

or a victimization

Learning to be no immolation

whether millenium


prospection or infinity

tomorrow is a poem, 

a song or a kiss

that joins me in 

my burgeoning abyss

swimming to subsequence

visiting creations

of humans and gods

as midnight strikes, in vastation

the sun'll come out

bet your bottom dollar

clearing cobwebs and sorrow

giving love to borrow

as if each by and by

is a new planting, of my

posturous seed anew


DBP 6-19-14

Flight in Pitch

I love the airless night

answering prayers in flight

and questioning aspirations

setting a ghostly table of intrigue

Sleeping so still

or restless a anticipation of will

A club that swings

music mingling in mishief

a time to absorb seclusion

taking in tranquility

Imagining no ceiling or bars

searching for stars

lying with a friend

ground-breaking inhibition 

a coverless respite on the beach

the mundane to impeach...mere darkness?

or a state of mind

after twelve, like Magellan

exploring coasts anew

the triffids are open till dew

pod-like invitations

not infinite but free

as if the new day

is enriched debris

because evening is a globe

circling the hinterland

senses more acute and errant

possibilities more apparent

the living dead

arouse me, no dread

they seem to be comrades

my arms upheld

as if to embrace

but with convention arrives the sun

and I celebrate each day so won

as a climax to the prelude of night

DBP 6-23-14

Heading Out

Everyone says heading out

do I have a disease?

I'm afraid to sneeze

no time to walk

or having a talk

going somewhere

where is this special place

that seems to be a race

it's a disgrace

they must have a minute

That much in a hurry

makes me worry...

probably a TV show

its so nice to know

I'm that important

"gotta go"

does that mean bathroom?

I guess I should go with the flow

"say hi to everyone for me"

I will, gladly

if I can remember your name

"I'll call you"

where I have heard that before?

bye, and nothing more

I sound like I'm whining

but I can't talk now

going dining

DBP 6-23-14


sometimes the mood

for coq au vin so stewed

oysters rockefeller

or Masala Dosas

flaming morning crepes

lime tinged yoghurt awaits

brandied cherries

all so chic

but as the June sun shines

and the barbeque sits maligned

I ponder the sounds

of the grill asizzle

smokey mustard

sweet onions 

some smooth cheddar, so creamy and white

a zesty sauce of chili, flavor so bright

juicy medium ground

salted and peppered

cloves of garlic

aromantic comfort abounds

Yukon gold

with skins of honey

strips cut thin

and deep fried and sunny

immaculate convection

my lips kissing

the calabrese confection

so warm and fun

I'm having two

decadence ensues

Burger and Fries

please join me too!


The Taffeta Flea Swallower

neither primordial

or one-eyed ordeal

a Cyclian marvel

the Ecuadorian silky

its coat so opaque and mellow

the grey and yellow

of the seed pod fibers

dancing in the creepers

so invisibly masked, to be

the sprawling silk cotton tree

it's silvery sheen and brownish streaks

and soles as red as berries

scanning with it's lasar-like eyes

beset in it's gigantic crown

curled in a tight golden ball

awaiting the night's surprise

to plundering misty mangroves

and arborous rainforests

feasting on ants and woody vines

the continuous canopy dines

an luscious umbrella 

from which never to descend

they dance trance-like

over the jaguarian jungle hike

so solitary and benign

single young so fine

nesting in the cadaverous leaves

beds made in windowless cavities

pillowed in neoteric down

hawks and harpy eagles frown

but sharp claws deter

as they twist around tributary roots

the Oaxacan pygmy flock

the Miocene of Argentina

announcing the epoch

wagging it's prehensile tail

DBP 6-19-14

The Childhood of Man

memories of consolence

being held with a cut knee

open arms so I can climb the fence

a supportive visit to my teacher

a polite correction of my naivete

careful tact at romance

the gradual evolution

and my exhibition of impatience

they watched my baby motions

and my angry strides

now I realize, a guiding light

the door ajar but a secure potion

brother and sister not mocking

but blinded by youth

and my own doubts and balking

intellectual comfort

musical meanderings

and a try at political boat-rocking

nervous first dates

ever changing dreams

the floor of my room creates

uneveness for my feet

was there a level road

my signposted name a harbinger waits?  

symbols of manhood

beer and inhibition

class clown recital, I would

display an anxious flame aflicker

resisting convention

and lonely I stood

an age of adulthood  in store

some questions answered, but 

responsibilties open door

an avalanche of remonstrance

I still thought I was a child

but I wasn't anymore

DBP 6-18-14

The Legend of the Last Chance Saloon

the low crowned bowler

seen in the stark distance

he comes closer in an instance

Sabino hooves raising the dust

the pants so rivetted 

a shirt of cavalry torn

surviving a battle reborn

slaughtered Kiowa and Comanche

next on the slate, Tombstone

Jim "Spike" Kennedy, notorious, renown

preparing for the showdown

at the "Last Chance Saloon"

he tugs at his "wild rag"

collecting his faro shares

friend Wyatt downs his well-proofed wares

his hand nervous at his hip

a nod from Bat, a loaded gun

mastering his poise

Spike was coming, for

his final chance for spirit and fun

the impending prohibitive border

to the vast Indian territoty

of drunken posses so weathered

and scar-torn tribes defeathered

the lawman recalls, memories of Heinold's

"First and Last Chance" 

before the captain's blockade

and his greed for commodity enfolds

a Jack London toast

and night of poetic blasphemy and boast

the bandit arrived

given his mandatory ultimatum

no obedience enroled

and a battle of wrists

it was Spike's last chance

and as it was told

his last stand

DBP 6-11-14


My first thoughts inquire

is rescue me

a request from a friend

lost in self-worthlessness

or a cry out from me

to be blanketed in comfort

I suppose, as I reminisce

I can answer to both

the opportunity to cradle

the kindred spirit lost in space

my cry for brakes

to stop the downhill race

the how to is so intricate

as to require simplicity

"I am here for you"

is sometimes all that is curing

"give me the strength"

our request of luring

as I write I smile

not in conceit or pride

but in thankfulness and joy

I sense the accommodation 

to be tossed in a pond

in an act of encircling preservation

But that is only secured

by the love and kindness

of universal hearts so charmed

whose tranquility and passion

increase the ration

of embracing arms


Araulio's Pool

thoughts of who I am

am I no one?

a "thing" with a name

an apparition or phantasm

nicely wrapped to show

in  Amextiomarus' bow

is my body travelling 

along Abandinis' river

to be transformed 

a fish of Icaunus?

an after-life to claim

that changes my name...

I do not know who I am

but others do

a social adhesive

never to forget

those who prehended

different boulevards attended

but ones that left enough shoulder

to allow me to share

sometimes tears

but often celebration

conflicts resolved 

guilt absolved

when Condatis greets me

when my passing is to be

he will tell me

who and what I am

but for now, as I aught

I embrace my thoughts...

of love for others

and am festive in my thanks

for those gifts

I have been given

in humble quantity

Belanus' immunity

DBP 6-17-14

Anatomy of a Tale

Tales for sale

professors like to blueprint

hypothetical presentation

evidence of supposition

proof of confirmation

long or short

protagonists for our empathy

and victims for our sympthy

a moralistic fable

or the tears and laughter of a family saga

Unexplained mythical mysteries so grand

tiny images from Fairyland

the tradition and community of folklore

and the comedy of errors nears

slapped and sparked by contrasting fears

overcoming the monster

with unknown courage

and rising from rags to riches

the holy quest, decried by witches

an adventurous voyage and exposing return

a tragic villain falling from grace

and final redemption

twists and turns, irony in rhyme

violent or sublime

the pages turn so swiftly

read and listen, feel and share

fathoming in depths of joy and despair

the story never begins or parts

Floating, Blossoming

as it is watered by the heart

DBP 6-4-14


An afternoon in Aug
I sat on a log
in the fog
imperiled with smog
thinking about a bog
what makes it different
from a marsh or a swamp
I was agog
then thinking...the life of a frog
a polliwog
than an amphibious hog
a slimy demogogue
so...I petted my dog
and thought, is he a cog
or just a lazy parasite
with little in his nog
but a friend he was, never to flog
I sipped on my grog
should I go for a jog
or just a slog in my clogs?
So home we went
and how it rained...I was asogg
in front of my laptop I sat
checking my blog
and planning a trip
to Prague

DBP 6-4-14

The Naked Dance

The music so slow and graceful

the movement
almost parayzed
the strings ride the waves
of passion and truth
as the bodies confide
not hidden in disguise
a quiet drumbeat
signals primation
a beginning not remembered
but a sense so poignant
caressing our sensuality
our tactility fructifying
as two become one
and the exotic melody
descends in cadenza
the sweat so resinous
the love so ardent

DBP 6-7-14

DBP 6-9-14

The Narrow Way

On my way

a wide path

worn by feet and tires

as the bold untrampled centermost

attempts to match its bordering briers

so I excurse

sometimes enjoying to stroll

on the overgrown middlemost

so pleasant to the sole

as I carom and tarry

I meet a tributary

tapering and threadlike

an unwinding spool 

of weeds and mire


shores unmarked

fortressed by trees of deer-rubbed bark

with waves of smooth rock

surprising my toes

occassionally barricaded by soma and brush

sleeping on the strollway

digesting it's punkish mush

my thoughts inquire

a return to the paramount

a bog might appear

maybe just a receding line,  to knolls

wildflowers and gopher holes

the adventure spread and swelled

as the passage precariously precised

direction unsure

nature's village so pure

so as my final moments and steps

incurred bramble

and threatening ivy

a piercing ray of light engaged

and eminently announces a stage

Players so fine;

a choir of geese above

a pondorous pool of rock-black water

a row of jack pine

leaning like a chorus line

smooth gem-like promontories

delineating the shores as they darn

each sock of bays

and the sea of stars flickering

through morning's haze

blanketed on the crystal tarn

and well off in the distant pass

a glossy red canoe

is slicing throught the glass

as it prepares a window to my world

Earthly Chant

the Diné nation
on hogan grounds
buckskin tarpaulins
sands silents sounds

they are still but floating
through spiritual vision
sacred in colour
with natural precision

yellow ochre and gypsum
red sandstone and charcoal
and juxtaposed creations
from powdered roots they dole

cornmeal and flower pollen
pigments of pray
the Holy People projected
the yeibicheii mask does say

timidity and fear
brandished with hope
and utmost respect
the mans healing soap

symmetry and order
harmony reestablished
in an infinite tapestry
humilty to brandish

DeaBeePea 5-8-16


coming in different shades
and durability of time
sometimes rather flippant
and teasing in its parade

floating as a reflection
or anticipations cheer
ecstatic in current victory
a meaningless connection

we undress to accept the sunny
possibilities of warmth and love
but are careful of the heat
as celebration is runny

leaving us unwarned
we trip, stumble, and fall
searching for the smile
that never a frown adorns
and so our journey continues
for the joy that really matters
that lifelong inner happiness
as we search for that infinite sinew

DeaBeePea 5-9-16

HIDE this has evolved in nuance as I mellow and occupy time in a new place for a sometimes changing face
the option to hide was often effective giving me that sense as I climbed that sturdy fence a relief from what I feared a safer place to play or simply sit and cry in the shade where I'd never die but now the gate is open and sharing in the yard the expressions we have planted the garden sprouts enchanted laughing and scratching our heads in thought and shaking as well in awe in amazement of verses' claw grabbing us with alarm awaking us to genius I open myself to sentience wide open for naked ebullience DeaBeePea 5-9-16


rainbow bleeding
composed in thought
translating new shades
then defined in spot

the creative mind
joins the sensory age
wavelengths measured
in the mechanical cage

chromatic co-ordinates
compared with time
evolutionary patterns
spinning on a dime

a two-way street
of molecular density
and technicians beat

clambering for answers
as the light path varies
determining proportions
"It's a match!" so carries

 Beer–Lambert is judicious
but the lab presents
opportunity for innovation
and the human bent

DeaBeePea 5-10-16


an experience so common
and yet I sigh
I am never prepared
and I don't know why

this happens often
from condensations ploy
or a previous rain
an umbrellas joy

the bench is wet
should I sit down?
and chance a wet ass
and feel like a clown

after all, I say
I have a knapsack
a part of my wardrobe
preventing me from attack

so all I need
is towel on board
to dry the seat
to be of moistureless accord

but I always forget it
and end with a decision
not to sit down
a choice of derision

DeaBeePea 5-10-16

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