moving towards stillness

it comes and goes

quietly and gently

it's silence grows

a gentle ripple

as invisible waves

the winds stops in sudden

as if death it craves

but the life is motionless

suspended in awe

as my wonder is struck

like a paralyzed claw

the clouds are gone

no movement in sky

the sun is static

in it's searing reply

I hear the loons call

over peaceful lakes

and my memory is passing

over tremorless quakes

DeaBeePea 7-11-15

Hate Group

I joined a hate group

not sure of my purpose

I never checked the agenda

or it's legal tenda

we gathered at the hall

no signs at all

not even coffee or a platter

what was the matter?

the people with crossed arms

looked at me with a grimace

the sarcastic kind

that left me in a bind

the foreman gave me a paper

with instructions installed

a small map with directions

for a solo walk defection

it was then that I knew

that this group sublime

was a hate group

that hated groups... now is that a crime?

DeaBeaPee 10-6-15


technically a question

but not necessarily so

it's the way it's announced

voiced raised or in throe

a surprise or shock

a crescendo of alarm

unbelievable I cry

as I raise my arms

or just perplexed

not knowing I heard

what was said the first time

my mentality blurred

so a mark of question

or point of exclamation

it's a matter of voice

and psychological preparation

DeaBeePea 10-4-15


a surname

with an added tee


of matriarchial cree

grandma and aunt

a competitive pair

sometimes wanting

the same chap to bear

one was traditional

large family in hive

gentility and pride

dignity to strive

the other in gaiety

suitors of many

the good times rolled

regardless of penny

one made a throng

of cousins and uncles

the other met a man

who was full of buncle

familiy gatherings

full of fun

and occasional bickers

about things undone

DeaBeePea 10-3-15

Black and White

like an old TV

the trees have changed

to muted colours

of limited range

the whites to fall

if they change hue

from snowy white

to eggshell view

the dark leaves glisten

in the moonlight's glare

a hallowe'en decoration

now a year long dare

leathery and black

slick and strong

they never rustle

in the wind's rapid throng

but not only that

the trunks are coated

with metallic-gray bark

the cambium connoted

the peckers don't like it

but are learning to adjust

their beaks are sore

but they're never to bust

DeaBeePea 10-1-15


Okay, you got me

I have my side

with strong compassion

expressed quite loudly

in my four-year ration

but the battle of facts

is quite a war

and sometimes my foe

insists to bore

with numbers and notes

that seem irrelevent

even though they sound

impressive in elevance

and I get caught

not having an answer

even though I'm right

with my moralistic lancer

so I continue on

with heart in place

not always prepared

with my props to efface

the important things

that make society click

okay, you got me

but my skin is thick...

DeaBeePea 9-30-15

Driftwood (thinking of Kathy!) How could I not try this??!!

awakening on the shore

windblown so smooth and grey

my emotions are tattered

unable to rhyme my dismay

...I am lost in the desert of time*

facing the blank white sky

in my desolute world inside

my mind a scurried storm

shells scattered as cutting chide

...I am lost in the desert of time*

my eyes are fragile crystal

my images are fractured light

knowing what I envision

a fools journey until the night

... I thought I'd seen it all before*

pale and shadowed by sand

and the pastel of blue in sea

and dusty puffs of wind

caress the branch, life's quay

... I thought I'd seen it all before*

I never leave this island

a place where no man sleeps

but I have taken refuge

among the twisted deeps

...on the shore*

DeaBeePea 9-29-15

*phrases "borrowed" from "Driftwood" Moody Blues 1978

It Is What It Is

stop analysing

it's paralysing

stop looking for answers

you issue dancer

there is no mystery

your voice is blistery

sounding smart

nothing more than a fart

what you see, I bet

is what you get

and what you feel

is your senses meal

so if there is a fork it the road

take it in mode

and experience reality

and love the humanality

DeaBeePea 9-28-25

Kathy reminded me of my favourite puppets... Rusty (a rooster who played a harp and lived in a book bag hung by the castle window) and Jerome (a giraffe). Controlled and voiced by Rod Coneybeare.


Early One Morning, recorder and harp

black and white, a childhood art

camera zoom to Giant's castle

drawbridge drops and doors apart

Giant's hand moves chairs so small

beside his feet for viewers to unfurl...

"One little chair for one of you...

and a bigger chair for two more to curl..."

and back and forth in rockings sway

a chair that swings for fires splay

Jerome the Giraffe head poking in visit

a high window for him, his neck's display

then Rusty the Rooster, would emerge with books

pages read in fables, a child's example

the three would chat, with humorous quips

Rusty quick, Jerome drole samples

music Jazz Cats... Angie and Fiddle

stirring mood, and surprising the three

the Friendly hand, puts furniture away

hand waves goodbye, in melancholy glee

castle's drawbridge now raised so slow

the silvery moon now appears in glow

with a smiling face rising into the sky

the cow jumps over, the moon, nights throw

DeaBeePea 9-26-15

OH! It's My Turn

my masterpiece is opened

an artful game of trade

a forgery of conning

around the table full

family and neighbours foretelling

dice and cards and mini-statued men

shaking for first spins glory

sister rolls a double six

and cheers in jeering style

taking the lead in certainty

telling former victory stories

not wanting to be sorry

or monopolized by jail

a cornered threat to restrain me

from Park Places tempting hold

the evening features many tests

allowing each one a hope

to show their luck or skill

whichever fate is told

a trivial pursuit in gilded round

many topics to surround

confidence, it suddenly abounds

but science, not my aptitude

now the backgammon board unfolds

fifteen checkers placed exact

doubling cubes are centred

challenging my attitude

an impressionistic crime

but after all is said and done

snakes and ladders is my style

win or lose in simple terms

in child's play to climb

and when the chatter is rousing

and laughter clouds the clash

sometimes one needs to ber reminded

OH! It's my turn!

DeaBeePea 9-28-15

Old Trunk

records of dust

seventy-eight RPM

raggedy anns

and tops with their strings

eider downs

silky and warm

letters from lovers

memories that cling

sheet music sits

in a quiet refrain

Goodnight Irene

remembering dreams

baseball bats

and flattened gloves

and baseball lost

of cover it screams

a London cape

and Philharmic of time

an Edith hat

and Monkey Wool pleat

musty books

mysteries and sagas

Fitzgerald and Reinhart

and Lewis Main Street

no lock attached

just rusty old hinges

canvas and brass

dome topped with fringes

not Louis Vuitton

or William Crockett & Co.

but the families treasure

modest and sweet

DeaBeePea 9-26-15


rather grotesque in the place

where slaughters disgrace

a home for the callow

transfering to tallow

but in the kitchen

as cooking diction

it refers to transformation

of butter clarification

and suet into smear

in its waxy sheer

and that swiney fat

into lard in splat

or that juice from chicken

for a schmaltzy licken

essential for taste

this icky baste

sweet and silky

soupy and milky

DeaBeePea 9-24-15


Broken Elastic

ne'er right or wrong

in pondering thoughts

mixture of guilt

and purposeful oughts

comittment sincere

but tested at length

stretching and bending

searching for strength

I could have done more

attempting this or that

and maybe a difference

made with creative slat

but it's hard to measure

these emotional meters

no cut and dry solutions

for things as they teeter

I must carry on

in my parochial banter

learning and sharing

as a better world's grantor

DeaBeePea 9-23-15


libraries and groups

pertaining to books

writers and readers

and hobbyist cooks

theatre promoters

and seniors exponents

environmental activists

and political components

drawing clubs

and community church goers

wine and cheese tasters

and happy horn blowers

helping all for free

is fun I admit

but sometimes I manage

to over-commit

DeaBeePea 9-23-15

Every tear I've ever cried  is in our Atmosphere...

is it a raindrop

as warm as my heart's true longing?

is it a puddle

waiting for children's belonging?

is it a summer's day

whose vapour stings the noon day thrust?

is it a crystal of winter

dancing in a bitter gust?

is it a soaken face

drenched in a balaclava of sadness?

is it a slippery slope

as the droplets skim your madness?

is it a cup now filled

sharing the joy of devotion?

or is it over-flowing

spreading the earth with love's potion?

or is it simply a droplet

sitting on my cheek?

waiting for kiss

to stop the mouth-tipped streak.

DeaBeePea 9-22-15

It's Catching

the madness blows
along with blind ignorance
and narrowmindedness

those who see no light
at tunnel's end
and don't seem to care

those who prefer reality shows
and gossiping
as opposed to learning

about things of moral might
and why they are needed
to fulfill society's dreams

those who only like fetching
people exactly like them
protecting their fears

and sadly their dumbness
turns to anger
and they spread their hate

it seems to be catching
but I am hoping it's quelled
to a manageable degree

I prefer an optimistic drumness
the rhythm of joining my friends
and singing our chorus of love

DeaBeePea 8-1-16

Alone vs Loneliness

I feel
for those
in their solitude

I feel
for pain
in lives so skewed

I feel
for emptiness
for nothingness viewed

I feel
for non-recognition
in personal feud

I feel
for blankness
towards creativity sued

I feel
for anger
for creativity's elude

I feel
for fear
for the soul renewed

I feel
for preference
avoiding spirit's include

I feel
for defeat
in failure to exude

I feel
for beauty
from my curious intrude

DeaBeePea 8-1-16


Are you positive?
I say
in ignorant clarity

I should be more cautious
to be
absolute is risky

I should say
as far
as I
know, it appears a verity

or just don't answer
and shrug
in silence
and then walk away, briskly

DeaPeePea 8-3-16


opposed to negative
an equal balance
keeping earth
in level valance

an effective charge
a volt of subsistence
taking a path
of least resistance

so should we be the same?
in mellow equality
affirmative and adverse
in integral equity

or should our passions
direct us in motion
to a vociferous pedestal
with our magic potion

DeaBeePea 8-3-16


I sometimes feel
like a nixie
and lacking clarity
of destination

blurred or scribbled
wet from the rain
what to do with me
and delegation

I do have a stamp
allowing me service
appropriately or not
with examination

return to sender
a possibility
allowed to float
in divagation

DeaBeePea 8-5-16

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