Sydney Tafler

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George Takei                                 


Battle of the Coral Sea 1959, Never So Few, Hell to Eternity, A Majority of One 1961, PT 109 1963, Red Line 7000, Walk Don't Run 1963,

An American Dream, Which Way to the Front?, Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1976, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 1982,

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 1984, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 1986, Return from the River Kwai, 

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier 1989, Blood Oath, Oblivion, Oblivion II: Backlash 1996, Mulan (voice), Who Gets the House?,

Noon Blue Apples, The Eavesdropper, Ninja Cheerleaders, The Pool Boys, Submission 2010

Gloria Talbott 

Desert Pursuit, We're Not Married! 1952, Crashout, Lucy Gallant, 
We're No Angels, All That Heaven Allows, Strange Intruder 1956
The Oklahoman, Taming Sutton's Gal, The Kettle's on Old MacDonald's 
Farm 1957, The Cuclops, Cattle Empire, I Married a Monster From 
Outer Space 1958, Girls Town, The Oregon Trail, Alias Jesse James, 
Oklahoma Territory, The Leech Woman, Arizona 
Raiders, An Eye for an Eye 1966

Lyle Talbot

  The Clyde Mystery, 20,000 Years at Sing Sing 1932 , 42nd Street 1933, The Life of Jimmy Dolan, Fog Over Frisco 1934, A Lost Lady,

 Murder in the Clouds, It Happenend in New York, Trapped by Television, Page Miss Glory 1935, Torture Ship, Up in Arms,

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 The Notorious Mr. Monks 1958, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Sunrise at Campobello 1960, City of Fear, Love is a Racket 1932

Nita Talbot

Puppet Master II: It's About Time, The Check is in the Mail, Fraternity Vacation, Chained Heat, Frightmare,

The Concrete Jungle 1982, Night Shift, Serial 1980, Sex and the Married Woman, The Day of the Locust 1975

The Rockford Files 1974, What Are Best Friends For?, The Cool Ones, Girl Happy, I Married a Woman 1958, Bundle of Joy 1956,

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Gloria Talbott

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Margaret Tallichet

   A Desperate Adventure 1938, The Devil Pays Off 1941, Stranger on the Third Floor, Girls' School 1938, The Prisoner of Zenda,

 A Star Is Born 1937

Constance Talmadge

   Breakfast at Sunrise 1927, The Duchess of Buffalo 1926,  The Missing Links 1916, , The Goldfish 1924, The Love Expert 1920

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Richard Talmadge 

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 The Speed Reporter, Lucky Legs, Hitler's Madman 1943, Redhead From Manhattan, Black Eagle, Fourteen Hours 1951, 

William Talman

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The Persuader

Russ Tamblyn

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Akim Tamiroff 

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Naughty Marietta, 

Jessica Tandy

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Charles Tannen

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Colin Tapley

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Mary Jo Tarola 

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Lilyan Tashman

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Sharon Tate 

12 + 1 1969, The Wrecking Crew 1968, Valley of the Dolls 1967, Don't Make Waves, Eye of the Devil, 

The Americanization of Emily, Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man, Barabba 1961 

Don Taylor


  Full Speed for Anywher (TV), Ride the Wild Surf 1964, Octavius and Me (TV) 1962Jack of Diamonds,

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Dub Taylor     

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Enid Stamp Taylor

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Estelle Taylor

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Joan Taylor

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Joyce Taylor

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Kent Taylor

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White Woman, I'm No Angel, A Lady's Profession, Merrily We Go to Hell 1932, Husband's Holiday

Vaughn Taylor 

Picture Snatcher, Up Front, Francis Goes to the Races 1951, Meet Danny Wilson 1951, Back at the Front,

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Leigh Taylor-Young

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Ludmilla Tcherina

The Red Shoes 1948, Fandango, Here is the Beauty, The Tales of Hoffman 1951, Parsifal, Spartico 1953, Sign of the Pagan,


Ray Teal

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Conway Tearle

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Godrey Tearle

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Irene Tedrow

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Empire of the Ants, Foul Play, The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan  Isabel's Choice, All Night Long, Family Secrets, 14 Going on 30, 

A Deadly Silence 1989

Verree Teesdale 

Syncopation 1929, The New Chauffeur (short), They Just Had to Get Married, Skyscraper Souls, Terror Abroad, Goodbye Love,

Fashions of 1934, Luxury Liner, Madame Du Barry, Dr. Monica, Desirable, A Midsummer Night's Dream 1935,

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Olive Tell

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Isabel Telleria

The Spirit of the Beehive 1973

Philip Terry

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Rosalie 1937, Marie Antoinette 1938, Young Dr. Kildare, Too Hot Too Handle, The Great Waltz, For Girls In White 1939,

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Man From God's Country, The Leech Woman, The Explosive Generation,  

Alice Terry 

Civilization 1916, Not My Sister, A Corner in Colleens, The Bottom of the Wall, The Clarion Call (short), Alimony, 

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Mare Nostrum, The Magician, Lovers?, The Garden of Allah, The Three Passions

Ruth Terry

Love and Hisses, Alexander's Ragtime Band 1938, The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939, Sleepytime Gal, Blondie Goes Latin,

The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine, Mystery Broadcast, Heart of the Golden West, Lake Placid Serenade 1944,

Three Little Sisters, Slightly Honorable 1939, Goodnight, Sweetheart


Sheila Terry 

Week-End Marriage, A Scarlet Week-End, Scarlet Dawn, You Said a Mouthful, 20,000 Years in Sing Sing 1932

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The House on 56th Street 1933When Strangers Meet, Convention City, 'Neath the Arizona Skies 1934, The Match King, 

Society Fever, Murder in the Bridal Path, Go-Get-'Em Haines 1936, Fury Below, I Demand Payment, Three on a Match 1932 

Robert Tessier 

The Glory Stompers, The Born Losers, The Babysitter, Cry Blood, Apache, The Jesus Trip, Private Duty Nurses,

The Longest Yard 1974, Breakheart Pass, Hard Times 1975, Last of the Mohicans (TV) 1977, Hooper, Starcrash,

The Villain, Steel 1979, The Sword and the Sorcerer, The Cannonball Run 1981, Double Exposure, The Fix,

Avenging Angel, No Safe Haven, Beverly Hills Brats, One Man Force, Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell 1990,

Nightwash, Fists of Steel 1991 

Heather Thatcher 

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Torin Thatcher 

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Phyllis Thaxter

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Nini Theilade

A Midsummer Night's Dream 1935

Ernest Thesiger

   The Winslow Boy 1948, Caesar and Cleopatra 1945, Henry V, A Christmas Carol, They Drive by Night 1938,

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Helene Thimig

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Frankie Thomas      

 Wednesday's Child 1934, A Dog of Flanders 1935, Boys Town, Nancy Drew...Trouble Shooter,

 The Angels Wash Their Faces 1939, One Foot in Heaven, The Major and the Minor 1942

  Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, Invisible Stripes

Jameson Thomas

   Chu Chin Chow, High Treason, The Farmer's Wife 1928, Piccadily, Elstree Calling, Three Wise Girls, The Phantom President,

 It Happened One Night 1934, No More Orchids, A Lost Lady, Charlie Chan in Egypt 1935, The Man Who Cried Wolf 1937,

 The Last Outpost, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer 1935, Jane Eyre 1934, Three Wise Girls


Serena Scott Thomas

Let Him Have It 1991, Diana: Her True Story (TV) 1993, Sherwood's Travels, Clair de Lune (TV),

Relax...It's Just Sex 1998, The World is Not Enough 1999, Skeleton Woman, Storm Watch, Haven, Hostage 2005,

The Thirst, The Brothel, William & Kate (TV) 2011


   How to Murder Your Wife 1965, The Hound of the Baskervilles 1978, The Abominable Dr. Phibes,

 Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? 1968, The Perils of Pauline 1967, A Guide for the Married Man,

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 Arabella 1967, Strange Bedfellows, Bachelor Flat, Lucky Jim 1957, Melody Club 1949, Once in a Million 1935

Beatrix Thompson 

NO VIDEO avail.

The Royal Family of Broadway (TV), The Story of Shirley York, Crown vs Stevens 1936, The Old Curiosity Shop, Dreyfus 1931

Marshall Thompson

   The Purple Heart, The Cockeyed Miracle, Dial 1119 1950, Words and Music 1948, The Valley of Decision, The Caddy 1953,

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 The Secret Heart, The Clock 1945, Words and Music 1948

Cecile Thomsen

Simon and Milou, Visions of Europe 2004, House of Fools, 54 1998, Tomorrow Never Dies 1997

Kenneth Thomson

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Kelly Thordsen

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 Pocketful of Miracles 1961Sweet Bird of Youth 1962, Johnny Cool, The Misadventures of Merlin Jones,

 To Kill a Mockingbird 1961, The Ugly Dachshund,  Gunpoint, Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! 1966,

 Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady?, Blackbeard's Ghost, The Boatniks, Now You See Him, Now You Don't,

 The Parallax View, 1974

Sybil Thorndike

Nine Days a Queen, Major Barbera, Nicholas Nickleby, Gone to Earth, Stage Fright 1950, Melba, Alive and Kicking,

The Prince and the Showgirl 1957, The Weak and the Wicked, The Forbidden Street 1949, Smiley Gets a Gun, The Big Gamble,

Hand in Hand, Jet Storm 1961, Shake Hands With the Devil

Cyril Thornton

 The Thin Man 1934, The Gay Divorcee 1934, The Raven 1935, Barbary Coast, Tower of London, Man About Town 1939,

 Conquest, Anthony Adverse 1936, The White Angel, Metropolitan, The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938, Pride of the Bluegrass,

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 A Yank at Eton 1942, Random Harvest 1942, Julia Bisbehaves, Mysterious Mr. Moto, Please Believe Me 1950

Linda Thorson

 Valentino 1977, The Greek Tycoon, Curtains 1983, Walls of Glass, Joey, Sweet Liberty 1986, The Other Sister, Half Past Dead,

 Touch of Pink 2004, Max Havoc: Ring of Fire 2006, Straight Into Darkness, Committed (TV) 2011

Frank Thring

 The Flaming Sword 1958, The Vikings 1958, El Cid 1961, A Question of Adultery, Ben-Hur 1959, King of Kings 1961,

 Age of Consent, Alvin Rides Again, Bullamakanka, Mad Dog Morgan, The Man From Hong Kong

Chief Thundercloud 

The Searchers 1956, Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory, Santa Fe 1951, Indian Territory, I Killed Geronimo 1950

The Iroquois Trail, Colt .45, A Ticket to Tomahawk, Ambush, The Travelling Saleswoman, Call of the Forest 1949, 

The Prairie, The Senator Was Indiscreet, Romance of the West, Unconquered, Black Arrow, The Phantom Rider, 

The Fighting Seabees, The Valley of the Vanishing Men, My Gal Sal, King of the Stallions, Silver Stallion 1941, 

Hudson's Bay, North West Mounted Police, Young Buffalo Bill, Geronimo 1939, The Cat and the Canary, Union Pacific, 

Flamimg Frontiers, The Lone Ranger Rides Again, Riders of the Whistling Skull 1937, The Plainsman, Ramona, 

Silly Billies, Custer's Last Stand 1936, The Farmer Takes a Wife, Fighting Pioneers, Gun Smoke, Wagon Trail, 

The Rustler's of Red Dog 1935

Mary Thurman 

The Wives of the Prophet 1926, Down Upon the Swanee River, A Little Girl in the Big City, The Fool, The Necessary Evil 

Back to Life, The Law and the Lady, Playthings of Desire, Those Who Judge, For Another Woman, The Truth About Women,

Leap Year, A Bride for a Knight 1923, Zaza, The Tents of Allah, The Green Temptation, The Lady From Longacre 1921,

The Sin of Martha Queed, The Broken Doll, In the Heart of a Fool, Sand, The Valley of Tomorrow, The Prince and Betty,

Spotlight Sadie 1919, The Poor Boob,   

Shorts: Whose Little Wife Are You?, Love Loops the Loop, Ladies First, Watch Your Neighbour, A Bedroom Blunder, 

The Betrayal of Maggie 1917, A Dog Catcher's Love, The Stone Age, Maggie's First False Step 1917, Bombs! 1916,

Sunshine Deal, By Stork Delivery, The Lamb 1915

Greta Thyssen

 Bus Stop 1956, Accused of Murder 1956, The Beast of Budapest 1958, Catch Me If You Can, Shadows, Terror is a Man,

Three Blondes in His Life 1961, Journey to the Seventh Planet, The Double-Barrelled Detective Story 1965,

Cottenpicken Chickenpickers

Lawrence Tierney

 Southie, Junior, Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story 1993Dillinger 1945/1991,

 The Naked Gun: Files From the Police Squad 1988, The Offspring, Murphy's Law, Prizzi's Honor 1985,

 Midnight, Gloria 1980, Abduction, A Child Is Waiting 1963, The Greatest Show On Earth, Kill or Be Killed 1950,

 San Quentin 1946, Back to Bataan, 

Pamela Tiffin

Los amigos, Rose (TV) 1986, Viva Max, The Archangel, Torture Me but Kill Me With Kisses 1968, The Protagonists,

Harper 1966, The Hallelujah Trail, The Pleasure Seekers, The Lively Set, For Those Who Think Young 1964, Come Fly With Me,

State Fair 1962, One, Two, Three 1961, Summer and Smoke, Music of Williamsbburg (short), 

Zeffie Tilbury 

Sherrif of Tombstone, Tobacco Road 1941, The Earl of Chicago, Marie Antoinette 1938, Lady of the Tropics, Block-Heads,

Kidnapped, It Happened In Hollywood 1937, Bulldog Drummond Escapes, After the Thin Man 1936The Gorgeous Hussy 1936,

Parole, Desire, Alice Adams 1935, Stranded, The Farmer Takes a Wife, Clothes 1920, Charlie Chan Carries On,

Blind Adventure, Blind Man's Luck 1917, Camille 1921, Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935, Public Hero #1 1935, 

Charles "Bud" Tingwell

Murder at the Gallop 1963 , Life In Emergency Ward 10, Murder She Said, Murder Most Foul 1964, Murder Ahoy,

The Secret of Blood Island, Summerfield 1977, Irrestible 2006, The Dish 2000, A Cry in the Dark 1988, Malcolm, Puberty Blues,

Tarzan the Magnificent, Kangaroo 1952, Bitter Springs, Smithy

Kenneth Tobey

This Time for Keeps, Task Force, The Doctor and the Girl, Free for All, Twelve O'Clock High 1950, Illegal Entry, Right Cross, 

My Friend Irma Goes West 1950, The File on Thelma Jordon 1950, The Gunfighter, Up Front, The Thing From Another World 1951, 

The Company She Keeps, Rawhide, Angel Face 1953, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Ring of Fear, The Steel Cage, 

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X-15, Seven Ways From Sundown, A Time for Killing, Marlowe, Billy Jack, The Candidate 1972, Ben, Rage, 

Coffee, Tea, or Me? 1973, Walking Tall, W.C. Fields and Me 1976, MacArthur, Airplane! 1980, The Howling, Innerspace, 

Single White Female 1992, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

Ruth Tobey|136982/Ruth-Tobey/

  Dual Personalities , Four Wives, Ziegfield Girls, Calling Dr. Gillespie, Broadway Rhythm 1944, Delightfully Dangerous 1945,

 I Remember Mama 1948, Mr. Belvedere Goes to College 1949, Bitter Sweet, And One Was Beautiful 1940

George Tobias

Ninotchka 1939, They Drive by Night 1940, The Strawberry Blonde 1941, Sergeant York 1941, Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942,

Maisie 1939, The Bride Came C.O.D., 1941, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Objective Burma!  1945, Make Your Own Bed, 

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My Sister Eileen, Passage to Marseille, The Set-Up, Southside 1-1000, The Glenn Miller Story 1953, The Seven Little Foys,

The Glass Bottom Boat, Gallant Bess,

Dan Tobin 

Black Limelight, Womam of the Year 1942, Undercurrent, The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, Queen for a Day

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948, The Big Clock 1948, Song of Surrender, The Velvet Touch,

The Catered Affair 1956, Dream Wife, The Last Angry Man, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 1967,

Who's Got the Action?, Herbie Rides Again

Genevieve Tobin

   Uncle Tom's Cabin (short), Seed 1931, Hollywood Speaks, The Wrecker 1933, The Gay Diplomat, Perfect Understanding,

 Easy to Love 1934, Golden Harvest, The Woman in Red 1935, The Case of the Lucky Legs, Zaza 1938,

 The Petrified Forest 1936, No Time for Comedy 1940

Ann Todd

   The Human Factor 1979, Taste of Fear, Time Without Pity 1957, The Green Scarf, The Return of Bulldog Drummond 1934,

The Paradine Case 1947Madeleine 1950, Tower of London, Danny Boy, The Seventh Veil 1946, Action for Slander,

Perfect Strangers 1945, The Ghost Train, The Sound Barrier

Ann E. Todd

  Blood and Sand 1941, Destry Rides Again 1939, King's Row 1942, Dr. Erlich's Majic Bullet 1940, Three Daring Daughters 1948,

Pride of the Marines 1945, The Zero Hour 1939, Intermezzo: A Love Story 1939,How Green Was My Valley 1941, 
My Reputation, The Blue Bird, Brigham Young, The Lion Hunters, Dangerous Years,
Margie, Dixie Dugan, Beyond the Blue Horizon, Zaza, Little Orvie, 


Eleanor Todd


She Couldn't Say No 1954, The Lusty Men 1952

James Todd

Riders of the Purple Sage 1931, Charlie Chan's Chance, Careless Lady, For 

the Love of Mary, The Luck of the Irish, The Gal Who Took the West, 

Trapped 1949, Peggy 1950, Francis, Torch Song, The Bigamist 1953, The 

Caine Mutiny 1954, Trial 1955, The Scarlet Hour, Somebody Up There Likes 

Me, Kelly and Me, High School Confidential 1958, The Buccaneer

Mabel Todd

Wife Wanted, A Wave, a WAC and a Marine, The Talk of the Town 1942, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, 

Blues In the Night 1941, Mystery of the White Room, Garden of the Moon, The Mysterious Miss X, Hollywood Hotel 1937,

Gold Diggers in Paris, Varsity Show

Richard Todd 

For Them That Trespass, The Hasty Heart, Stage Fright 1950, Flesh & Blood, Lightning Strikes Twice,

The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men 1952, 24 Hours in a Woman's Life, The Sword and the Rose,

Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue 1953, A Man Called Peter, The Dam Busters 1955, The Virgin Queen 1955

Marie Antoinette reine de France, Saint Joan, The Naked Earth, Intent to Kill, The Long, the Short and the Tall 1961,

The Longest Day 1962, Death Drums Along the River 1963, Coast of Skeletons, Operation Crossbow, Subterfuge,

The Love-Ins, No. 1 of the Secret Service 1970, Asylum, The Big Sleep 1978, Home Before Midnight,

House of the Long Shadows, Murder One, 

Thelma Todd

 The Bohemian Girl 1936, Two for Tonight, Palooka 1934, Sitting Pretty, Cheating Blondes 1933, Deception 1932,

 Lightning Strikes Twice 1934, The Devil's Brother, Speak Easily, Horse Feathers 1932, This is the Night 1932, On the Loose,

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 Her Man, Her Private Life 1929Seven Footprints to Satan 1929, Trial Marriage, The Haunted House, The Noose 1928,  

Auguste Tollaire

The Big Broadcast of 1938, Funny Face 1935, Charlie Chan in Paris 1935, Chained 1934, Girl Without a Room, Pilgrimage, The Passionate Plumber 1932, Four Sons 1928, The Tender Hour, What Price Glory 1926, Stolen Goods

Andrew Tombes

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 45 Fathers 1937, The Devil is a Sissy, Road to Morroco, Ridin' High, Sing While You Dance, How to Be Very, Very Popular 1955,

 I Dream of Jeanie 1952

David Tomlinson 

The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu, The Water Babies 1978, Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1971, The Love Bug, 

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The Chiltren Hundreds, Helter Skelter 1949, Vote for Huggett, Sleeping Car to Trieste 1948, Easy Money,

Broken Journey, Master of Bankdam 1947, I See a Dark Stranger, My Wife's Family, Quiet Wedding 1941

Franchot Tone

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Philip Tonge

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Regis Toomey

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Fred Toones

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Marta Toren

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Rip Torn 

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The Seduction of Joe Tynan 1979, Coma, Sweet Bird of Youth, Pork Chop Hill 1959The Cincinnati Kid 1965,

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Bee Movie, The Golden Boys, American Cowslip 2009, 

David Torrence

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Tess of the Storm Country, The Power of a Lie, Sherlock Holmes 1922, The Inside of the Cup, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, 

The Prisoner of Zenda 

Ernest Torrence

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The Rainmaker 1926The Wanderer, Peter Pan 1924, North of 36, The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923, The Brass Bottle,

The Prodigal Judge

Anna Torrent

The Spirit of the Beehive 1973, Cria Cuervos 1976, Ogro, El nido, The Legendary Life of Ernest Hemingway 1988,

Sangre y arena, Vacas, Puede ser divertido, The Lame Pigeon 1995, Ava Maria 1999, Sagitario, The Faces of the Moon 2002, 

Iris, The Sandman, The Other Boleyn Girl 2008, 14, Fabian Road, The Haunting 2009, There Be Dragons


Raquel Torres

White Shadows in the South, The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1929, The Sea Bat, Estrellados, Aloha, Under a Texas Moon, 

So This is Africa 1933, Duck Soup 1933, The Woman I Stole

Audrey Totter

  Chubasko 1967, Harlow, The Carpetbaggers 1964, Women's Prison 1955, Vanishing American 1955, The Unsuspected ,

 FBI Girl 1951, The Blue Veil 1951, The Cockeyed Miracle, The Postman Always Rings Twice 1946, The Set-Up 1949, Adventure,

 Ziegfeld Follies, Lady in the Lake 1947, Bewitched

Tamara Toumanova 

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes 1970, Torn Curtain 1966, Invitation to the Dance, Deep in My Heart,

Tonight We Sing 1953, Days of Glory,

Constance Towers

   Over-Exposed, Bring Your Smile Along 1955, Shock Corridor 1963, Sergeant Rutledge, The Naked Kiss 1964,

 Fast Forward 1985, Sylvester, The Nutt House 1992, The Next Karate Kid, The Relic, A Perfect Murder 1998

Rosella Towne

  The Adventurous Blonde, Varsity Show, Submarine D-1 1937, Hollywood Hotel, The Patient in Room 18 1938,

 The Declaration of Independence, Gold Diggers In Paris, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 1939, Boy Meets Girl,

 Women in the Wind 1939, The Sisters 1938, The Adventures of Jane Arden 1939,  Dark Victory 1939,  No, No, Nanette, 

The Hard-Boiled Canary 1941, A Gentle Gangster 1943

Harry Townes  


 The Check is in the Mail...1986The Hawaiins 1970, Angel of H.E.A.T., Strategy of Terror, In Enemy Country, Cry Tough,

 Sanctuary 1961, Screaming Mimi, The Brothers Karazamov 1958, The Mountain, Operation Manhunt 1954

William Tracy

   The Phantom of the Opera, Angels With Dirty Faces, Strike Up the Band 1940, Million Dollar Legs,

 The Shop Around the Corner 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Smith 1941, She Knew All the Answers, Tobacco Road,

 George Washington Slept Here 1942, Sunny Side of the Street 1951, The Wings of Eagles, The Walls of Jericho 1948,

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Bill Travers

Bhowani Junction, The Genie, Geordie 1955, The Barretts of Wimpole Street 1957, Born Free 1966,

Romeo an Juliet 1954, The Browning Version 1951, Hindle Wakes, Mantrap, Counterspy, The Seventh Sin, The Bridal Path, 

The Green Helmet, An Elephant Called Slowly, Boulevard du Rhum,  A Midsummer Nights Dream 1966,

Celia Travers

The Bride Goes Wild 1948, High Wall, Merton of the Movies, Undercover Maisie 1947, The Mighty McGurk, Easy to Wed, Little Mr. Jim, Blonde Fever, Marriage is a Private Affair, Mrs. Parkington 1944, Bathing Beauty, 3 Men in White, Swing Fever, Hitler's Madman, The Girl in Overalls, Sky Murder, Every Other Inch a Lady 1939

Linden Travers

Don't Ever Leave Me, Christopher Columbus 1949, The Bad Lord Byron 1949, Quartet, No Orchids for Miss Blandish 1949, Jassy, Beware of Pity, The Seventh Survivor, South American George, The Ghost Train, Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday, The Lady Vanishes 1938, Almost a Honeymoon, Bank Holiday, Against the Tide, Brief Ecstacy 1937, London Melody, Children of the Fog 1935,

Henry Travers

   Reunion in Vienna, It's a Wonderful Life 1946, The Invisible Man, Death Takes a Holiday,

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 The Yearling 1946, The Flame

June Travis

   Stranded 1935, Dr. Socrates, Don't Bet on Blondes, Ceiling Zero 1936, The Case of the Lucky Legs, Bright Lights, Jailbreak,

 The Case of the Black Cat 1936, The Star, Little Orphan Annie 1938, Over the Wall 1938, 

 The Gladiator 1938, Exiled to Shanghai,  Monster a Go-Go 1965, 

Susan Travers

The Darwin Adventure, Frenzy, The Abominable Dr. Phibes 1971, The Statue,The Mind Snatchers, Out of the Fog 1962, The Snake Woman, Sons and Lovers 1960, Hot Money Girl, the Duke Wore Jeans

Richard Travis

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 The Bride Came C.O.D. 1941, Waterfront at Midnight, The Babe Ruth Story 1948 , Operation Haylift 1950, Danger Zone,

 Mission to Moscow 1943, Winged Victory, Backlash 1947, 

Arthur Treacher

   Battle of Paris, The Key 1934, Desirable, The Woman in Red, Curly Top 1935Anything Goes 1936, Splendour,

 The Little Princess 1939, National Velvet 1944,  How to Live With a Neurotic Dog, Madame Du Barry,

 A Midsummer Night's Dream 1935, Hearts Divided, Heidi 1937, Thin Ice, The Amazing Mrs. Holliday, Mary Poppins 1964, 

 Love That Brute, The Countess of Monte Cristo, Slave Girl, Step Lively, Jeeves!

Emerson Treacy 

  Gone With the Wind 1939, The Man Who Reclaimed His Head, California Straight Ahead!, Gone With the Wind 1939,

 Adam's Rib 1949, A Star is Born 1954, Lover Come Back 1961, All the Fine Young Cannibals 1960, The Wrong Man,

 Deadline - U.S.A 1952, Mutiny, As Young as You Feel, Neighbours Wives',  Okay, America!, Once a Gentleman 1930

Dorothy Tree

  Dracula, Madame Du Barry, Four Hours to Kill, The Woman in Red,It 1927, Dracula, Zaza, Abe Lincoln In Illinois, Nazi Agent,

 The Family Secret 1951. The Asphalt Jungle 1950, Hitler- Dead or Alive, Knute Rochne All American 1940, Sky Murder,

 Little Orvie, Confessions of a Nazi Spy 1939, Charlie Chan In City In Darkness, The Mystery of Mr. Wong,

Three Godfathers 1936, The Great Garrick,


Mary Treen

  Babbitt, Front Page Woman, Dangerous, Murder By An Aristocrat, Jailbreak, Sally, Irene and Mary,

 Three Smart Girls Grow Up 1939, The Blonde From Brooklyn, It's a Wonderful Life 1946, Young Daniel Boone,

 The Joker Is Wild, Fun in Acapulco 1963, Girls!, Girls!, Girls!, All in a Night's Work, The Errand Boy, Bundle of Joy 1956,

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 The Murder of Dr. Harrigan, Page Miss Glory 1935, The Girl From 10th Avenue, A Night at the Ritz, Babbitt 1934, 

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Les Tremayne

Starchaser: The Legend of Orin 1985, The Phantom Tollbooth, Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, King Kong VS Godzilla 1962,

The Gallant Hours, North by Northwest 1959, The Monolith Monsters 1957, The Lieutenant Wore Skirts, Susan Slept Here,

The War of the Worlds 1953, It Grows on Trees, Francis Goes to West Point, The Blue Veil 1951  


Barbara Trentham

Sky Riders, Death Moon (TV),  The Possession of Joel Delaney, Rollerball, 1975 

Austin Trevor  

Under Your Hat 1940, The W Plan, Black Coffee 1931, Alibi 1931, Spy 77, The Crooked Lady, Lord Edgware Dies,

Regal Cavalcade, As You Like It, Rembrandt, Sabotage, The Taming of the Shrew, The Alphabet Murders 1965,

Night Train to Munich 1940, The Big Blockade, The Young Mr. Pitt, The Red Shoes 1948, Anna Karenina 1942, 

The Detective 1954, Katharine and Petruchio, The Lion Has Wings, Dangerous Exile, Horrors of the Black Museum,

The Court Marshall of Major Keller, Poison Island

Claire Trevor

Norman Rockwell's Breaking Home Ties, Kiss My Goodbye, How to Murder Your Wife 1965, The Stripper,

Marjorie Morningstar 1958, The High and the Mighty, Stop, You're Killing Me, Hard, Fast and Beautiful, The Velvet Touch,

Key Largo 1948, Born to Kill, The Bachelor's Daughters, Johnny Angel, Murder, My Sweet 1944, Crossroads,

The Adventures of Martin Eden, Honky Tonk 1941, Dark Command, Stagecoach 1939, Valley of the Giants, Five of a Kind,

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, Big Town Girl, Time Out for Romance, 15 Maiden Lane, Career Woman, Human Cargo,

Black Sheep, Spring Tonic, Dante's Inferno 1935, Elinor Norton, Jimmy and Sally,


Edward Trevor

Charlie Chan's Secret 1936, Way Down East 1935, The Fighting Judge (short)

Anne Triola

Without Reservations 1946, Moon Over Las Vegas, Sleep., My Love, Lullaby of Broadway 1951

June (June Tripp)

Forevr and a Day, The Lodger: The Story of the London Fog 1927, Riding for a King, The Yellow Claw 1920

Patrick Troughton

Escape 1948, Hamlet 1948, Chance of a Lifetime, Treasure Island 1950, Richard III, The Curse of Frankenstein, 

The Phantom of the Opera 1962, The Gorgon 1965, The Black Torment, The Viking Queen, The Scars of Dracula, 

The Omen 1976, A Hitch in Time, Amy 1983

Charles Trowbridge

  The Siren's Song, The Gorgeous Hussey, Libeled Lady,

 Servant of the People: The Story of the Constitution of the United States (short), Captains Courageous,

 A Day at the Races, Alcatraz Island, Holiday, Nancy Drew- Detective, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, Lady of the Tropics,

 Swanee River, The House of Seven Gables, Edison the Man, Our Town, Dr. Kildare Goes Home, This Thing Called Love,

 Knute Rockne All American,  Tobacco Road, Meet John Doe 1941, Too Many Blondes, The Great Lie, Sweet Rosie O'Grady,

 Mildred Pierce 1945, Valley of the Zombies, Sargeant York 1941, The Sea of Grass, The Paleface, The Last Hurrah, Peggy,

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 Andy Hardy Meets a Debutante 1940, Hotel for Women, Confessions of a Nazi Spy 1939, Angels With Dirty Faces,

 College Swing, The Patient in Room 18, That Certain Woman, City Girl, After the Thin Man 1936, Wife VS Secretary 1936,

 The Garden Murder Case, Thais, Whipsaw, Silence, The Fight 1915


Helen Troy 

 Human Cargo 1936, Broadway Melody of 1938, Between Two Woman, Mannequin 1937, Born to Dance 1936,

 Everybody Sing 1938, Thoroughbreds Don't Cry 1937

 Big City, Kid Nightengale

Ernest Truex

 Whistling in the Dark, Everybody Dance, The Adventures of Marco Polo, It's a Wonderful World 1939, His Girl Friday 1940,

 Bachelor Mother, Christmas in July, Lillian Russell, The Affairs of Martha 1942,  All Mine to Give, Twilight for the Gods 1958,

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Totti Truman Taylor

Confessions of a Window Cleaner 1974, Avalanche, Chitty Chitty  Bang Bang 1968, A Nice Girl Like Me, The Mini-Affair, Delayed Flight, Take Me Over, Dr. Crippen 1963, The Gentle Terror, Compelled, There Was a Crooked Man 1960, A Woman Possessed, Rx for Murder, Undercover Girl 1958, Town on Trial, The Diary of Major Thompson, The Crowded Day 1954, The Woman in the Hall 1947

Glenn Tryon

  Her Dangerous Paths 1923, The Poor Nut, Thanks for the Buggy Ride, The Cow's Kimona, Along Came Auntie,

 45 Minutes from Hollywood (short) 1926, Beauty for the Asking, Home Town Story 1951, George White's Scandals 1945,

 Variety Girl, The Secret Menace, Daybreak 1931, King of Jazz, How to Handle Women 1928

Forrest Tucker AS ACTOR

The Westerner 1940, Keeper of the Flame, The Yearling, Hellfire, Sands of Iwo Jima 1949, Crosswinds, Flaming Feather 1952, My Sister Eileen, Renegades, Footsteps, Oh! Susanna, The Wild Blue Yonder, Pony Express, Stagecoach to Fury, The Deerslayer, Auntie Mame 1958,  The Night They Raided Minsky's 1968, Chisum, Cancel My Reservation 1972, The Wild McCullochs, Thunder Run, A Rare Breed, Pony Express, Break In the Circle, Rage at Dawn 1955, The Quiet Gun, The Abominable Snowman 1957, Alias Smith and Jones, Outtakes 1987

Jerry Tucker

Always Tomorrow: The Portrait of an American Business 1941, Federal Man-Hunt, Dick Tracy Returns 1938, The Devil's Party, No Time to Marry, Wells Fargo, Tovarich, Bad Guy, Love in a Bungalow, Penrod and Sam, Ellis Island, Sing, Baby, Sing, San Francisco 1936, Little Miss Nobody, Captain January 1936, Silly Billies, Anything Goes, Ah Wilderness! 1935, Annie Oakley 1935, Two Fisted, Orchids to You, Smart Girl, Teacher's Beau (short), Shrimps for a Day (short), Mama's Little Pirate (short), You Belong to Me, Have a Heart, Sitting Pretty, Torch Singer 1933, Murders in the Zoo, Luxury Liner, No Man of Her Own 1932, Prosperity, Blonde Venus 1932, The Christmas Party (short), Sidewalks of New York 1931

Sonny Tufts    

Cottenpicken' Chickenpickers, The Seven Year Itch 1955, Serpent Island, Glory at Sea, Easy Living 1949, Easy Come, Easy Go, The Well-Groomed Bride, Bring on the Girls 1945, So Proudly We Hail! 1943, Miss Susie Stlgle's, The Virginian 1946, Variety Girl, Cat-Women of the Moon, The Town Tamer

Tom Tully

Coogan's Bluff, Charley Varrick 1973, McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force, Ten North Frederick 1958, The Wackiest Ship in the Army, Love Me or Leave Me, The Caine Mutiny 1954, Arrow in the Dust 1954, The Moon is Blue, The Jazz Singer, Lure of the Wilderness, Tomahawk, A Kiss for Corliss, Branded 1950, The Lady Takes a Sailor, Blood on the Moon, June Bride 1948, Scudda Hoo!, Scuddah Hay!, Intrique, Lady in the Lake 1947, The Virginian 1946, Adventure, I'll Be Seeing You, Destination Tokyo, The Sign of the Cross 1932


Joe Turkel

City Across the River, Man Crazy, Duffy of San Quentin, The Human Jungle, Inside Detroit, The Proud and Profane, Paths of Glory 1957, The Bonnie Parker Story 1958, The Purple Gang, The Dark Side of the Moon 1990, Blade Runner, The Hindenburg 1975, Cycle Psycho, The Animals, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1967, King Rat 1965, Portrait of a Mobster, Tormented, Verboten!, House of Numbers 1957, Jeanne Eagels, Friendly Persuasion 1956, The Naked Street, Man Crazy 1953, Angels in Disguise, The Shining 1980, 

Dee Turnell

Cass Timberlane, Copacabana, The Pirate, Easter Parade 1948, The Barclay's of Broadway, An American in Paris 1951, Singin' In the Rain 1952 The Band Wagon 1953, Brigadoon 1954, Kismet, Royal Wedding 1951

Ben Turpin 

When Comedy Was King 1960, Down Memory Lane, Hollywood Cavalcade, Million Dollar Legs 1932, Cracked Nuts, The Love Parade, The College Hero 1927, Hogan's Alley, Home Talent, Yankee Doodle in Berlin, Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque on "Carmen" 1916, A Case of Seltzer, A Midnight Disturbance, Breaking Into Society, Oh, What Lungs!, Ben Gets a Duck and is Ducked 1917, The Shriek of Araby, Hollywood, 

Dorothy Tuttle

Rosalie 1937, Marie Antoinette, Tin Pan Alley, Ziegfield Girl 1941Meet Me In St. Louis 1944, The Harvey Girls 1946, Ladies of the Chorus, Summer Stock, An American In Paris 1951, Royal Wedding 1951

Lurene Tuttle

Stand Up and Cheer! 1934, Macbeth, Tomorrow is Another Day 1951, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948, Room for One More, Don't Bother to Knock, Niagara 1953, Testament 1983, Evil Town 1987, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken 1966, Thanksgiving in the Land of Oz (voice), Critic's Choice 1953, Sincerely Yours 1955, Human Experiments, Crash, The Manitou, Walking Tall, God Bless Dr. Shagetz, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit 1968,  Slander 1957, The Glass Slipper, The Affairs of Dobie Gillis 1953, The Whip Hand, Heaven Only Knows,  Heaven Only Knows, Sweet Smell of Success 1957, Ma Barker's Killer Brood, Walking Tall 1973, The World Through the Eyes of Children, The Clonus Horror 1979, 

Shannon Tweed

Dead Sexy 2001, The Rowdy Girls, Power Play 1999, Shadow Warriors II: Assault on Death Mountain, Naked Lies,
Bimbo Movie Bash, Human Desires, Electra 1997, Java Heads: The Movie, White Cargo 1996, No Contest, 
Body Chemistry IV, Indecent Behavior 3, Victim of Desire, Nightfire 1994, Night Eyes III: On Guard, Cold Sweat, 
Vegas Vice, Indecent Behavior 1993, Night Eyes II, The Last Hour 1991, In the Cold of the Night 1991
The Firing Line, Lethal Woman, Night Visitor, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death 1989, Longarm, 
Steele Justice, Meatballs (Part 3) 1987, Hot Dog...The Movie, Drop-Out Father


Archie Twitchell

Illegal, Off Limits, Kansas City Confidential 1952, The Thundering Trail, Revenue Agent, Yes Sir, Mr. Bones, Kentucky Jubilee,

Follow the Sun 1951,  Swingin' on a Rainbow, The Major and the Minor, The Fleet's In, Among the Living, Saboteur 1942,

A Tragedy at Midnight, I Wanted Wings, I Want a Divorce, Manhattan Heartbeat, Behind the News, Dr. Kildare Goes Home 1940, 

Geronimo, The Arizona Kid, Mysterious Dr. Satan, Union Pacific 1939, Disbarred, The Lady's From Kentucky, Ambush,

King of Chinatown, Prison Farm, Scandal Street, Give Me a Sailor, Illegal Traffic, Tip-Off Girls, Ride a Crooked Mile, 

The Big Broadcast of 1938, Cocoanut Grove, Wells Fargo 1937, Partners in Crime,

Twitchell on right...

Beverly Tyler

Hong Kong Confidential 1958, Chicago Confidential, Voodoo Island, The Battle at Apache Pass, The Cimarron Kid 1952, The Fireball 1950, The Beginning or the End, The Green Years 1946, Bathing Beauty, Best Foot Forward, The Youngest Profession

Harry Tyler

  Babbitt 1934, Pennies From Heaven, Young Mr. Lincoln, Internes Can`t Take Money 1937, The Crowd Roars 1938,

 The Palm Beach Story, Tobacco Road, Brewster's Millions, Adventure, The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend,

 Housewife 1934, The St. Louis Kid, Naughty Marietta 1935, The Glass Key, Never a Dull Moment, The Lemon Drop Kid,

 Happy Days 1929, The Shannon`s of Broadway 1929, The Murder Man, The Three Wise-Guys, The Accusing Finger,

 Married Before Breakfast 1934, Carnival Queen, Duffy`s Tavern, Adventure 1945Mr. Boggs Steps Out,

 Alexanders Ragtime Band 1938, Too Hot to Handle, The Gracie Allen Murder Case 1939, Young Mr. Lincoln 1939,

 6,000 Enemies, 20,000 Men a Year, Johnny Apollo, Pier 13 1940, The Bride Wore Crutches, Go West, Sullivan`s Travels 1941,

 Broadway. Maisie Gets Her Man, Slightly Dangerous, Buffalo Bill, Wilson, The Doughgirls 1944, The Blue Dahlia, Decoy,

 San Quentin, Relentless, Black Eagle, An Act of Murder 1948, Gasoline Alley 1951, The Quiet Man 1952, Boots Malone,

 Santa Fe, April In Paris 1952Witness To Murder, Them!, Jail Busters, Glory, Slander 1957, Pillow Talk 1959, The Last Hurrah, 

Tom Tyler 

The Eagle's Talons 1923, Leather Stocking, The Only Thing, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ 1925, The Masquerade Bandit,

Out of the West, Splitting the Breeze, The Cherokee Kid, The Man From Nevada, The Lone Horseman, 

Battling With Buffalo Bill 1931, The Man From Death Valley, The Man From New Mexico, The Jungle Mystery, 

The Forty-Niners 1932, Born to Battle, Fighting Hero, The Laramie Kid 1935, The Last Outlaw, The Phantom of the Range,

Stagecoach 1939, Gone With the Wind 1939, The Mummy's Hand, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, Adventures of Captain Marvel 1941,

West of Cimarron, Valley of the Sun, Blocked Trail, Cheyenne, The Phantom, Ladies of Washington, Red River 1948,

The Three Musketeers 1948, Trail of Robin Hood, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949, Best of the Badmen, What Price Glory 1952,

Miyoshi Umeki

       Around the World Revue, Sayonara 1957, Flower Drum Song 1961, Cry for Happy, A Girl Named Tamiko 1962,

 The Horizontal Lieutenant 1962

Lenore Ulric

    The First Man, Kilmeny, The Better Woman, The Heart of Paula 1916, The Intrigue, The Road to Love, Camille 1936,

 South Sea Rose, Two Smart People, Notorious 1946, Temptation 1946Northwest Outpost 1947, Frozen Justice 1929

Minerva Urecal

                  Her Bodyguard 1933, Sadie McKee, Biography of a Bachelor Girl, Bonnie Scotland 1935, Oh, Doctor,

Fury, In Old Chicago 1937, Charlie Chan at the Olympics 1937,  Three Godfathers, Prison Nurse,

You Can`t Cheat an Honest Man 1939, Dancing Co-Ed, Destry Rides Again 1939, No, No, Nanett1940,

The Cowboy and the Blonde, Skylark, They Died With Their Boots On 1941, My Favourite Blonde,  Henry Aldrich, Editor,

Quiet Please: Murder 1942, The Ape Man, Hit the Ice, Mr. Skeffington 1944, Kismet, The Doughgirls,

The Bell`s of St. Mary`s 1945, State Fair, The Virginian 1946, The Trap, Ladies`Man, California, Undercover Maisie 1947,

The Strange Mrs. Crane, April Showers, Mister 880 1950, Side Street, Quicksand,  Harvey 1950, Harem Girl,

Aaron Slick From Punkin`Creek, Niagara 1953, Marty 1955, Double Jeopardy, Footsteps in the Night, 

Miracle in the Rain, That Funny Feeling, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao 1964

Robert Urquhart

     Trouble With Eve 1960, The Curse of Frankenstein, Dunkirk, The House of the Arrow, Knights of the Roundtable,

 Tread Softly, Craven House, The Syndicate, The Looking Glass War 1969, You`re Only Young Twice 1952, Golden Ivory,

 Isn`t Life Wonderful! 1954, The Dark Avenger, Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst 1957, Foxhole in Cairo,

 55 Days at Peking 1963, Murder at the Gallop 1963, The Syndicate, Nightmare 1972, Gator, Playing Away, Testimony

Peter Ustinov

     Alice in Wonderland 1999, The Bachelor, Lorenzo's Oil 1992, Around the World in 80 Days 1989,

Murder In Three Acts 1986, Evil Under the Sun, Charlie Chan and Curse of the Dragon Queen, Death on the Nile,

Jesus of Nazareth, The Muppet Show, The Comedians in Africa, Romanoff and Juliet 1961, Lady L, The Comedians,

Spartacus 1960, We're No Angels, Beau Brummell, The Magic Box, The Goose Steps Out, Luther 2003,

Animal Farm (voice) 1999, Grendel Grendel Grendel (voice) 1981, The Thief of Bagdad 1978, Logan`s Run 1976,

Hammersmith is Out, Blackbeard`s Ghost 1968, The Comedians, John Goldfarb, Please Come Home, The Sundowners 1960,

The Egyptian 1954, Quo Vadis 1951, One of Our Aircraft is Missing  


Brenda Vaccaro,,20064433,00.html 

Where It's At, Midnight Cowboy 1969, I Love My Wife, Summertree, Going Home, Honor Thy Father (TV) 1973

Once is Not Enough, Death Weekend, Airport '77 1977, Capricorn One 1977, The First Deadly Sin, The Star Maker,

Zorro: The Gay Blade, Supergirl 1984, Water, Heart of Midnight, Masque of the Red Death, Cookie,

Ten Little Indians 1989, Lethal Games, Love Affair, The Mirror Has Two Faces, When Husbands Cheat (TV),

Just Desserts (TV), The Boynton Beach Bereavement Club 2005, You Don't Know Jack (TV),


Virginia Vale

Crime Inc., Unexpected Uncle, Repent at Leisure, South of Panama, The Gay Falcon 1941, The Marshal of Mesa City,
Stage to Chino, Triple Justice, Legion of the Lawless, Millionaires in Prison, Three Sons 1939, Career 1939

Olga Valery

Villa Mauresque, Rendezvous in Paris, Parisian Life, Promise at Dawn, Give Her the Moon, The Only Game In Town 1970, Action Man, Bang Bang 1967, The Sandpiper 1965, Your Turn Darling, The Baron of the Locks, Love in the Afternoon, Anastasia 1956, Paris Does Strange Things, Twelve Hours to Live, Immortal France 1943, My Foster Sister, The Parisian 1931, Baby's Laxative 1931, I Love You... But Why?, Illegitimate Child

Frederick Valk 

I Chose Love, Albert R.N., The Colditz Story, I am a Camera, Secret Venture, Zarak,

Magic Fire, Never Let Me Go, The Magic Box, Saraband for Dead Lovers, Mrs. Fitzherbert 1947,

Dead of Night, Hotel Reserve, Thunder Rock 1942, Gasbags, Night Train to Munich, Traitor Spy

Alida Valli

We the Living 1942, The Paradine Case, The Third Man 1949, Walk Softly, Stranger, The White Tower, The Night Heaven Fell, 

The Happy Thieves, Disorder, Oedipus Rex 1967, Senso, La Grande Trouille, Ce Cher Victor, 1900 1976, Zoo-Zero, Luna,

Segreti Segreti, The Thrill of Genius 1985, The Long Silence, The Spider's Stratagem, A Month by the Lake 1995,

L'Amore Probabilmente 


Virginia Valli 

Shorts: The Strange Case of Mary Page 1916, The Quarantined Bridegroom, Much Obliged, The Long Green Trail, 

Efficiency Expert's Courtship, The Fable of the Speedy Sprite 1917,  

Skinner's Dress Suit, Satan's Private Door, The Golden Idiot 1917, The Fibbers, The Black Circle, The Midnight Bride, 

The Plunger, Sentimental Tommy, A Trip to Paradise 1921, The Devil Within, The Right That Failed, The Storm 1922,

The Shock 1923, A Lady of Quality 1924, Wild Oranges 1924, The Signal Tower, K- The Unknown 1924, Siege,

The Man Who Found Himself, The Pleasure Garden 1925, Flames, Marriage, Evening Clothes, East Side, West Side 1927, 

Ladies Must Dress, The Street of Illusion, The Isle of Lost Ships, The Lost Zeppelin 1929, Guilty?, Night Life in Reno 1931

Vivian Vance

   The Great Race 1965, The Blue Veil 1951, The Secret Fury, The Great Ziegfeld 1936, Take a Chance 

Lee Van Cleef

High Noon 1952, Kansas City Confidential, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The Bandits of Corsica, Arena,

Vice Squad, The Nebraskan, Tumbleweed, Arrows in the Dust, Ten Wanted Men, The Big Combo 1955,

I Cover the Underworld, The Naked Street, The Vanishing American 1955, Tribute to a Bad Man 1956,

Pardners, The Quiet Gun, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 1957, The Tin Star, Raiders of Old California, 

Guns, Girls and Gangsters, How the West Was Won 1962, For a Few Dollars More 1965,

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1966, Take a Hard Ride, The Octagon, The Magnificent Seven Ride! 1972, 

Escape From New York, Speed Zone 1989 

Mamie Van Doren

 Footlight Varieties 1953,   His Kind of Woman, Forbidden Singer, Francis Joins the WACS 1954, Ain`t Misbehavin`1955,

 Running Wild, Star in the Dust, Jet Pilot WAF, Teacher`s Pet 1958, High School Confidential 1958, Born Reckless,

 College Confidential, The Private Lives of Adam and Eve 1960, The Blonde From Buenos Aires, The Candidate 1964,

 3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt, The Arizona Kid, The Vegas Connection 1999, Slackers 2002


John van Dreelen

Becoming Colette, Mascara, The Money Pit 1986, Covenant, The Formula, The Ultimate Imposter, The Great Wallendas 1978, 

Swan Song, She's Too Hot Too Handle, Rufus, Topaz, Madame X 1966, Von Ryan's Express 1965, The Enemy General, 

The Leech Woman, 13 Ghosts 1960, The Flying Fontaines, A Time to Love and a Time to Die

Dick Van Dyke                           

  Bye Bye Birdie 1963, What a Way to Go!, Mary Poppins 1964, The Art of Love, Divorce American Style 1967,

 Chitty Chitty Bang, Bang 1968, The Comic 1969, Cold Turkey 1971, The Runner Stumbles, Curious George (voice) 2006,

 Night at the Museum, Fitzwilly 1967, The Morning After 1974 (TV)

Jerry Van Dyke

Annabelle's Wish, To Grandmother House We Go, Fresno, The Amazing Awareness of Duffy Moon 1976, Love and Kisses,

Palm Springs Weekend 1963The Courtship of Eddie's Father 1963, McLintock!

Theodore Van Eltz

Devil's Cargo, The Big Sleep 1946, Rhapsody in Blue 1945, Bermuda Mystery, Follow the Boys, The Man in the Trunk, Sergeant York, Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery 1941, Kitty Foyle, Little Old New York 1940, Playgirl, Legion of Lost Flyers, The Story of Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet, Pardon Our Nerve, Delinquent Parents, Marie Antoinette, The Adventures of Marco Polo, Youth on Parole 1937, Clarence 1937, Beloved Enemy, Sinner Takes All, Suzy, Magnificent Obsession 1935, Confidential, Smart Girl, Private Worlds, Elinor Norton, Master of Men, Tarnished Youth, The Big Thrill, Secrets 1933, Red-Haired Alibi 1932, Drifting, Heartbreak, The Cat Creeps 1930, The Divorce, Once a Lady, Wicked, The Rescue, Nothing to Wear, Man's law, Raggedy Rose, Laddie, A Desperate Moment 


Joyce Van Patten

The Goddess 1958, The Trouble With Girls, Bone, Making It, The Bad News

Bears, The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery, I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! 

1968, The Martian Chronicles, Malice In Wonderland, Blind Date, St. Elmo's 

Fire 1985, The Haunted, Infinity, Marley & me, Grown Ups 

Dale Van Sickel

Duel (TV) 1971, The Love Bug, The Flim-Flam Man, Murderer's Row 1966, Johnny Reno, The Great Race 1965, Birdman of Alcatraz, Sweet Bird of Youth, Spartacus, North by Northwest, Onionhead, Thunder Road, Omar Khayyam, The Garment Jungle, The Wings of Eagles, Tea and Sympathy, Ransom!, Love Me or Leave Me, The Far Country, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 1954, Topeka, Arena, City That Never Sleeps, Thunder Bay, The War of the Worlds 1953, Call Me Madam, Woman in the Dark, Arctic Flight, Zombies of the Stratosphere, Cripple Creek, Scarlet Angel, Radar Men From the Moon, Government Agents vs Phantom Legion, Night Riders of Montana, Storm Warning 1951, Gunfire, Sideshow, Belle of Old Mexico, Gun Crazy 1950, Bagdad, Radar Patrol vs Spy King 1949, Mighty Joe Young, Duke of Chicago, Street Corner, The Timber Trail, The Black Widow, The Trespassers, The Crimson Ghost, The Farmer's Daughter 1947, A Stolen Life 1946, Jeep-Herders, Secret Agent X-9, Federal Operator 99, Destiny, Girl Rush, An American Romance, Kismet, Cobra Woman, Destroyer, Pittsburgh, The Falcon Takes Over 1942, It Happened in Flatbush, Saboteur 1942, Reap the Wild Wind, Hellzapoppin' 1941, Mr. and Mrs. North, The Spider Returns, Sky Murder, City for Conquest, Hired Wife, Forgotten Girls, City of Chance, Gone With the Wind 1939, Second Fiddle, Racket Busters, The Saint Strikes Back, Hold That Kiss, Island in the Sky, Hollywood Hotel, Confession, Kid Galahad 1937, Charlie Chan at the Olympics, Dodsworth 1936, Swing Time 1936, Grand Exit, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Metropolitan 1935, In Caliente, Roberta, College Rhythm, Cleopatra 1934, Bombshell, Duck Soup 1933, Infernal Machine, Touchdown! 1931

Edward Van Sloan

The Underworld Story, Sealed Verdict, The Mask of Diijon, Betty Co-Ed, End of the Road, The Song of Bernadette, 

Hitler's Children, Valley of Hunted Men 1942, Before I Hang 1940, A Man's World, Love Crazy, Virginia, Infernal Machine,

The Doctor Takes a Wife, The Phantom Creeps 1939, Danger on the Air, PenItentiary. Storm Over Bengal, 

Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940, The Road Back, Sins of Man, Dracula's Daughter 1936, The Last Days of Pompeii,

The Woman in Red,  Grand Old Girl, Mills of the Gods, The Crosby Case, The Life of Vergie Winters, Goodbye Love,

The Secret Seven, Road Gang, Manhattan Melodrama, The Scarlet Empress, Murder on the Campus 1933, It's Great to Be Alive,

The Silk Express, Trick for Trick, The Working Man, The Mummy 1932, The Death Kiss 1932, Man Wanted, Play-Girl,

Behind the Mask, Frankenstein 1931, Dracula 1931, Slander 1916


Philip Van Zandt

Citizen Kane 1941, City of Missing Girls 1941, Tarzan Triumphs, Call of the Jungle 1944, Tarzan's Desert Mystery, The Big Noise, The Story of Dr. Wassall, House of Frankenstein 1944, The Big Clock, Fiddlers Three, Embraceable You, The Lady Gambles 1949, Red, Hot and Blue, Yukon Gold, Clipped Wings, Knutzy Knights, Scotched in Scotland, The Big Combo 1956, Bedlam in Paradise, The Crooked Circle, Fifi Blows Her Top, 

Victor Varconi

The Atomic Submarine, The Man Who Turned to Stone, Samson and Delilah 1949, Unconquered, The Hitler Gang,

For Whom the Bell Tolls 1943, Reap the Wild Wind 1942, My Favourite Blonde, The Sea Hawk 1940, Strange Cargo, 

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation, Suez, The Plainsman 1937, Roberta, The Black Camel,

The Divine Lady, The King of Kings 1927 

Evelyn Varden

Ten Thousand Bedrooms 1957, The Bad Seed 1956, Hilda Crane, The Night of the Hunter 1955, Desiree, Athena,

The Student Prince 1954, Phone Call From a Stranger 1952, Elopement, Stella, Cheaper By the Dozen, Pinky 1949

Norma Varden                                  

  The Glorious Adventure, Happy 1933, Evergreen 1934, Dirty Work, Music Hath Charms, Stormy Weather 1935,

 The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss 1936, Strange Adventures of Mr. Smith, Fire Over England 1937, Wanted!,

 Fools for Scandal, Everything Happens to Me, Little Ladyship 1939 TV film, Waterloo Bridge 1940, Hit Parade of 1941,

 Scotland Yard, Road to Zanzibar  1941, Hearts in Springtime, The Major and the Minor, The Glass Key 1942, Casablanca 1942,

 Random Harvest  1942, Sherlock Holmes Faces Death, Mademoiselle Fifi, The White Cliffs of Dover 1944,

 National Velvet 1944, Those Endearing Young Charms, Girls of the Big House 1945, The Green Years 1946,

 The Trouble with Women, Ivy 1947, Forever Amber, Mr. Ashton Was Indiscreet 1947, The Spiritualist 1948,

 The Secret Garden 1949, Strangers on a Train 1951, Les Miserables 1952, Young Bess, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953,

 Three Coins in the Fountain, The Silver Chalice, Witness for the Prosecution 1957, Five Minutes to Live, Rome Adventure,

 Kisses for My President, A Very Special Favor, The Sound of Music 1965, The Impossible Years 

Diane Varsi

   Ten North Frederick 1958, Peyton Place 1957, Compulsion 1959, Roseanna, Wild in the Streets, Johnny Got His Gun,

 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden 1977 , Killers Three, Bloody Mama 1970, Johnny Got His Gun

Queenie Vassar

None but the Lonely Heart 1944, Primrose Path 1940, Lady in a Jam

Alberta Vaughn

Short: Stop Kidding, No Brains, Wedding Pumps, Skylarking, Rough and Ready, Picking Peaches, William Tells, Sherlock's Home, The Square Sex, A Kick for Cinderella 1924, A Miss in the Dark 1924, The Way of a maid, The Going of Cumming, Twins, Merton of the Goofies 1925, Three Bases East, The Slooth, Don Coo Coo, The Adventures of Maizie, Maizie Won't Tell, Little Andy Looney, A Snitch in Time, Plane Jane, All's Swell That Ends Swell, Backstage, The Romantic Age 1927, Glitter, Forbidden Hours 1928Jessie's James, The Sleeping Cutie, Old Vamps for New, The Setting Son, the Love Bargain,

Apartment Wanted, Collegiate 1926, Uneasy Payments, Ruth is Stranger Than Fiction, Spell of the Circus, Working Girls 1931Alimony Madness, Dance Hall Hostess, Randy Rides Again, The Live Wire

Dorothy Vaughn 

The Great Caruso 1951, A Wonderful Life, Three Husbands, Square Dance Katy, Pretty Baby 1950

Chain Gang, The Petty Girl, Adventure in Baltimore, Manhattan Angel, The Bishop's Wife 1948, Luxury Liner,

The Snake Pit 1948, The Egg and I 1947, The Sea of Grass, Road to the Big House, Adventure 1946,

That Brennan Girl, The Bamboo Blonde, Earl Carroll Sketchbook 1946, Ten Cents a Dance, What a Blonde, 

Those Endearing Young Charms, Dancing in Manhattan, Sweet and Low-Down, Henry Aldrich's Little Secret,

The Adventures of Mark Twain 1944, The Amazing Mrs. Holliday, Moonlight in Vermont 1943, Doughboys in Ireland,

The Pride of the Yankees, Now, Voyager 1942,  The Magnificent Ambersons, Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant, 

The Strawberry Blonde 1941, Manpower, Million Dollar Baby, Kitty Foyle 1940, Foreign Correspondent, 

Young Mr. Lincoln, The Man in the Iron Mask 1939, Calling Dr. Kildare, Test Pilot, Little Orphan Annie, 

Married Before Breakfast, Slim, Michael O'Halloran, Black Legion, Love Begins at Twenty, After the Thin Man 1936

Vaughan at right

Hilda Vaughn

Captain January 1936, Confirm or Deny, Nothing Sacred 1937, Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum, Half Angel, Gentle Julia, 

The Accusing Finger, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936, The Witness Chair, Banjo on My Knee, I Live My Life, 

Anne of Green Gables 1934, The Wedding Night, No Marriage Ties, The Phantom of Crestwood, It's a Wise Child, 

Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) 1931, Manslaughter, The Wise Ghosts, Ladies of the Big House 1931, No Other Woman

Robert Vaughan

  The Young Philadelphians 1959, Witch Academy, Hour of the Assassin, The Towering Inferno, Clay Pidgeon,

 The Mind of Mr. Soames,  The Magnificent Seven, Teenage Cave Man 1958, Bullitt 1968, Nobody's Perfect 1989,

 The Caretakers, The Venetian Affair 1967,   If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium,The Rebels, Good Luck, Mrs. Wyckoff,

 Centennial 1978, The Towering Inferno, Clay Pidgeon 1971, Julius Caesar, Virus, S. O. B. 1981, The Blue and the Gray,

 Evergreen 1985, The Delta Force, An American Affair, Going Under, Transylvania Twist,  C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud 1989,

 2B Perfectly Honest 2004, The Mystery of Natalie Wood 2004, The Sender, 


Conrad Veidt
        Peer Gynt, Moriturus,Lady Hamilton, Lucrezia Borgia, The Congress Dances, The Beloved Rogue, Rome Express,

 Dark Journey, Whistling In the Dark, Casablanca 1942, All Through the Night 1942,  The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari  1920,

 Waxworks, F. P. 1 Doesn't Answer , I Was a Spy, The Wandering Jew 1933, The Thief of Bagdad, Contraband,

 Above Suspicion 1943, 

Lupe Velez 

Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event 1943, Mexican's Spitfire's Elephant 1942, Redhead From Manhattan,

Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost 1942, Mexican Spitfire at Sea 1942, Mexican Spitfire's Baby 1941, Honolulu Lu,

Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga, Mexican Spitfire Out West 1940, Mexican Spitfire 1940,

The Girl From Mexico 1939, Stardust, Gypsy Melody, Palooka, Hot Pepper, Kongo 1932, The Cuban Love Song,

The Squaw Man 1931, Resurrection, The Storm 1930, Tiger Rose, Where East is East, Lady of the Pavements,

The Gaucho, What Women Did for Me (short) 1927

Amy Veness

The Woman for Joe 1955, Doctor in the House 1954, Tom Brown's Schooldays,  The Magic Box, Portrait of Clare, The Woman With No Name, Madeleine, The Astonished Heart, The Huggetts Abroad, Bond Street, Oliver Twist 1948, Carnival, Don Chicago, They Were Sisters, Madonna of the Seven Moons, This Happy Breed 1944, Fanny by Gaslight, The Man in Grey, This England, Just William, Flying Fifty-Five, Yellow Sands, Thistledown, The Show Goes On, Black Roses, The Mill on the Floss, The Beloved Vagabond, Joy Ride, Drake of England, Lorna Doone, Brewster's Millions, Hawley's of High Street, The Old  Curiosity Shop 1934, The Love Nest, Pyjamas Preferred, Self Made Lady, Hobson's Choice 1931, The Brat 1919, My Wife, Please Help Emily 1917


  On the Town 1949, The Kid From Brooklyn, The Belle of New York, White Christmas 1954, Let's Be Happy 1957,

 Three Little Words 1950, Love Happy, Call Me Madam 1953, Words and Music, Three Little Girls In Blue, Wonder Man 1945

Elena Verdugo

  Down Argentine Way 1940, Blood and Sand 1941, The Moon and Sixpence 1942, Rainbow Island, House of Frankenstein 1944,

 Tuna Clipper, The Lost Tribe, Snow Dog, Cyrano de Bergerac 1950, Thief of Damascus, Gene Autry and the Mounties,

 The Pathfinder, The Marksman, Day of the Nightmare 1965, How Sweet It Is!, Angel in My Pocket, The Boss' Son 1978

Lisette Verea

   A Night in Casablanca 1946, Trenul fantoma

Kaaren Verne 

  Ten Days in Paris, The Bad and the Beautiful, A Bullet for Joey, Silk Stockings, Underground, King's Row 1942,

 Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon 1943, Madame X 1966

Bobby Vernon

Shorts: The Great Towel Robbery 1913, Thou Shalt Not Rubber, The Tramp Dentists, For Art and Love, Lady Louis,
She Should Worry, In the Year 2014 1914, The Mystery of the Taxicab 1914, The Chicken Chasers, Love and Politics, 

A Mexico Mix, The Headwaiter, Schultz the Paperhanger 1914, The Bucket Sharpers, Schultz the Barber 1914,

Wifie's Busy Day, The Fatal Letter, Well! Well!, Love and Graft, The Vaudry Jewels, The Hungry Actors 1915, 

Fatty and the Broadway Stars, Their Social Smash, His Bread and Butter, The Nick of Time Baby, The Danger Girl 1916,  

Haystacks and Steeples, Teddy at the Throttle, The Sultan's Wife, A Self-Made Lady, The House That Jack Built, 

By Orange Aid, Petticoats 1918, Some Romeo, Some Cave Man, Efficiency, Why Husbands Flirt, Oh, Bobby!, How Could You!,

Good Gracious, Bobby, Four of a Kind, Just Plain Folks, Why Get a Divorce?, Bobby Comes Marching Home 1919,

Marrying Molly, Kiss the Bride, Can Wives Be Trusted?, His Master's Voice, Bobby's Baby, All Jazzed Up 1920, 

Petticoats and Pants, Goin' Thro' the Rye, Ouija Did It!, Exit Quietly, His Beach of Promise, Hokus Pokus, A Hickory Hick, 

A Perfect 36 1923, French Pastry, Cornfed, Reno or Bust, In Dutch, Plumb Crazy 1923, Dummy Love, Airtight, Page Me, 

Dead Easy, Jail Birdies, Duck Out, Crazy to Fly, Heebie Jeebies, Sweeties 1928, The Sock Exchange, 

Why Gorillas Leave Home, Stop Kidding, Sappy Service, Hot Sparks, Turn Him Loose, Footloose Wimmen 1929,

The Voice of Hollywood No. 3 1930, One Yard to Go!, He's a Honey, 

Full length: Bulldog Drummond 1922, Make Me a Star, Sheer Luck

John Vernon 

Sorority Boys, Warrior Angels, Welcome to America, Stageghost, Malicious, The Forget-Me-Not Murders (TV), 

Deadly Stranger, The Naked Truth 1993, I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, Mob Story, Killer Klowns From Outer Space 1988,

The Office Party, Blue Monkey, Terminal Exposure, Doin' Time, Fraternity Vacation, Savage Streets 1984, 

Chained Heat 1983, Airplane II: The Sequel 1982, The Kinky Coaches and the Pom Pom Pussycats, 

Herbie Goes Bananas, It Rained All Night the Day I Left, Golden Rendezvous, Animal House 1978, 

The Outlaw Josie Wales 1976, The Uncanny, Brannigan, W 1974, The Black Windmill, Sweet Movie, 

Fear is the Key, Charley Varrick 1973, Journey, Dirty Harry 1971, Face-Off 1971, One More Train to Rob 1971,

Topaz 1969, Justine, Point Blank, 1984 1956 

Martha Vickers

  The Burglar 1957, The Big Bluff, Ruthless, Daughter of the West, The Man I Love, The Big Sleep 1946, Marine Raiders,

 The Mommy's Ghost, Captive Wild Women, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man,  That Way With Women 1947, The Time,

 The Place and the Girl, Four Fast Guns 1960Alimony 1949, Ruthless 1948, This is the Life, Top Man, Captive Wild Woman, 

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man


Yvette Vickers 

     Evil Spirits, Beach Party, Hud 1963, What's the Matter With Helen?, Pressure Point 1962,

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman 1958, The Sad Sack, Reform School Girl, The Sound of Fury, Sunset Blvd. 1950 

Abe Vigoda

   Three Rooms in Manhatten, The Godfather 1972, The Godfather II 1974, Cannonball Run II, Look Who's Talking,

 Home of Angels, Sugar Hill,  Underworld, Good Burger, Crime Spree, Farce of the Penguins (voice) 2007, Crime Spree,

 Witness to the Mob, Good Burger, North 1994,   Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (voice), Jo Versus the Volcano 1990,

 Keaton's Cops, Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter, Cannonball Run 1984,  The Great American Traffic Jam 1980,  


Herb Vigran  

Babe, The Loneliest Runner,   The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood, First Monday in October 1981, Amazon Women on the Moon, 
Murder by Invitation 1941, Bedtime for Bonzo, Just for You, The Star 1952, Dragnet 1954, Those Were the Years, You Can't Run Away From It, Plunderers of Painted Flats, Go, Johnny, Go!, The Errand Boy, The Brass Bottle, Blackbeard's Ghost 1968, Vanished 1971, Day of the Wolves, Benji, Charlotte's Webb 1973 (voice), The Gamblers 1949, The Hazard, Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad, The Fighting Cross, Danger! Women at Work, Crazy to Kill, The Silent Witness 1942, Night in New Orleans, I'm Still Alive, The Secret Seven, New York Town, City of Missing Girls 1941, Stranger on the Third Floor, It All Came True, The Gates of Alcatraz 1939, Redhead, Skybound, Air Patrol 1934

June Vincent

Honeymoon Lodge, Ladies Courageous 1944, The Climax, Sing a Jingle, Black Angel 1946, Here Come the Co-Eds, 

Trapped by Boston Blackie 1948, The Challenge, The Creeper 1948, The Lone Wolf and His Lady 1949, In a Lonely Place, 

Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard, The WAC From Walla Walla, Marry Me Again, City of Shadows, Clipped Wings 1953,

The Miracle of the Hills, The Delphi Bureau, The Streets of San Francisco 1972

Virginia Vincent

California Passage, Taxi, The Helen Morgan Story 1957, The Return of Dracula, The Black Orchid, 

Love With the Proper Stranger 1963, I Want to Live!, Tony Rome, Change of Habit 1969, The Baby 1973,

The Million Dollar Duck, Treasure Matecumbe, The Hills Have Eyes 1977, Amy, The Longshot 1986


Gary Vinson                                                

  The Young Stranger, Fear Strikes Out 1957,  Half a House, Nobody's Perfect, McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force,

 McHale's Navy 1964A Majority of One 1961, High School Caesar 1960Yellowstone Kelly, The Restless Years 1958,

 Rockabilly Baby 1957 

Helen Vinson

Jewel Robbery, The Crash, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1932, Grand Slam, The Little Giant, 

The Kennel Murder Case 1933, The Power and the Glory, Gift of Gab, The Life of Vergie Winters,

The Wedding Night, Private Worlds, Age of Indiscretion 1935,  Vogues of 1938, The Tunnel, Reunion, 

In Name Only 1939, Curtain Call,  Torrid Zone 1940, Nothing But the Truth 1941, Married and In Love,

The Lady and the Monster, The Thin Man Goes Home 1945

Arthur Vinton

The Viking 1924, Man Against Woman, Blondie Johnson, Laughter in Hell 1933, Handle With Care, Lilly Turner, Heroes for Sale, The Avenger, Skyway, Cross Country Cruise 1934, Stand Up and Cheer! 1934, Jealousy, Dames, Bordertown 1935, Redezvous at Midnight, Circumstantial Evidence, Unknown Woman, King Solomon of Broadway

Michael Visaroff

Macao 1952, Intrigue, A Royal Scandal, A Song to Remember, A Song of Russia, Madame Curie, Hostages, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Mission to Moscow 1943, Du Barry was a Lady, Pacific Rendezvous, Woman of the Year, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break 1941, Blood and Sand, Second Chorus, The Mad Empress, Flying Deuces 1939, Juarez, Midnight, I'll Give a Million, Paris Honeymoon, Suez, Ellis Island, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Espionage, Mark of the Vampire, Roberta, Wagon Wheels, The Cat's Paw, A Night in Cairo, 6 Hours to Live, Freaks, Mata Hari,  Chinatown After Dark, Dracula 1931, Morocco, Disraeli 1929, 4 Devils, Illusion, Plastered in Paris, The Night Bird, Tempest, Ramona, A Girl in Every Port, The Sunset Derby, Camille 1926, Paris, The Swan 1925

Joseph Vitale

   Dangerous Years 1947, Road to Rio, The Paleface, Fancy Pants 1950, My Favourite Spy, New York Confidential 1955,

 Apache Rifles, Show Business 1944, Zombies on Broadway, Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman 1947,

 A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court, Make Haste to Live, Wild is the Wind 1957, Hong Kong Confidential 1958,

 Bells Are Ringing 1960

Ruth Vivian

A Letter toThree Wives 1949, The Man Who Came to Dinner 1942

A Letter to Three Wives 1949, Confidential Agent 1945, The Man Who Came to Dinner 1942

Frederick Vogeding

The Great Impersonation 1942, Underground, Manhunt, Down in San Diego, Meet John Doe, The Refugee, Knute Rockne, All-American, Safari, Hitler- Beast of Berlin 1939, Four Sons, Confessions of a Nazi Spy 1939, Sharpshooters, Mysterious Mr. Moto 1938, The Last Gangster, Think Fast Mr. Moto, Charlie Chan at the Olympics 1937, Human Cargo, Find the Witness, Cafe Metropole, Ace Drummond, Sutter's Gold, Magnificent Obsession 1935, The Black Room Mystery, Crimson Romance, The Woman in Red, Charlie Chan in Shanghai, All Men Are Enemies, Wharf Angel, Orient Express, Jeanne of the Marshes 1921, The Secret of Delft

Joan Vohs                            

   My Dream is Yours, It's a Great Feeling 1949, The Inspector General, Girl's School 1950, Royal Wedding, Vice Squad,

 Crazylegs 1953, Cry Vengeance, Fort Yuma, Lure of the Swamp 1957

Herbert Voland                

     The Formula 1980, Airplane! 1980, Getting Wasted, Big Wednesday, American Raspberry 1977, The Manhandlers,

 Another Nice Mess, The Love God?, With Six You Get Eggroll 1968Just Don't Stand There!

Nedra Volz                                  

     Your Three Minutes Are Up, Mule Feathers 1977, 10 1979, Little Miss Marker 1980, National Lampoon's Movie Madness,

Moving Violations, Earth Girls Are Easy 1988, Betrayal of the Dove, The Great White Hype

Theodore von Eltz

The Unholy Wife 1957, Trial Without Jury, The Hucksters, The Big Sleep, Rhapsody in Blue 1945, Hollywood Canteen, Bermuda Mystery, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Quiet Please: Murder, Lady in a Jam, Sergeant York 1941, Play Girl, Kitty Foyle 1940, The Great Plane Robbery 1940, The Old Swimmin' Hole, The Saint Takes Over, Little Old New York, 5th Avenue Girl 1939, Inside Story, I Am the Law, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Delinquent Parents, Stage Door 1937, Marie Antoinette, Blondes at Work, Sea Devils, Topper 1937, Clarence, Beloved Enemy, Manhattan Madness, High Tension, Suzy, The Road to Glory 1936, Rendezvous, His Night Out, Smart Girl, Behind Green Lights, Bright Eyes, Elinor Norton, Tarnished Youth, Jennie Gerhardt 1933, Kiss of Araby, Secrets, Self Defense, Luxury Liner, Breach of Promise 1932, Red-Haired Alibi 1932, Hotel Continental, Once a Lady, Wicked, The Secret 6, The Cat Creeps, Kismet, Redheads Preferred, Fools of Fashion, Laddie, Footlights and Shadows 1925, White Fang, The Breaking Point, Locked Doors, The Woman With Four Faces, Sherlock Brown, Extra! Extra!, Extravagance, The Traffic Cop, His Wife 1915

Ingeborg von Kusserow

Across the Bridge, Port of Escape 1956, Child's Play, Double Exposure, Woman of Twilight, King of the Underworld, Death is a Number 1951, Two on the Tiles, Falschmunzer, Renata in the Quartet, Three Non-Coms, A Night in May 1938, The Girl of Last Night, Beate's Mystery, My Friend Barbara, Daphne and the Diplomat, When Women Keep Silent

Gustav von Seyffertitz

In Old Chicago 1938, Son of Frankenstein 1939, The Mad Empress, Cipher Bureau, Swiss Miss, King of Alcatraz, 

Murder on the Bridle Path, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1935, Mad Holiday, The Night is Young, She 1935,

All Men are Enemies, Little Men 1934, Remember Last Night?, The Moonstone, Queen Christina 1933, 

The Little Princess 1917, Less Than Kin, The Widow's Might, Till I Come Back to You, Rimrock Jones, The Whispering Chorus,

Even as Eve 1920, The Face in the Fog, Sherlock Holmes 1922, The Bandelero, Mark of the Beast, The Goose Woman 1925, 

Unseeing Eyes, The Lone Wolf, Yolanda, The Source 1918, My Official Wife, The Bells, The Lone Wolf Returns, Birds of Prey,

Private Izzy Murphy, Sparrows 1926, The Wizard 1927, The Red Mark, The Yellow Lily, The Dice Woman,

The Docks of New York 1928,  Don Juan 1927, The Mysterious Lady, The Price of Honor, The Case of Lena Smith, 

The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg 1928, Me, Gangster, Seven Faces, Chasing Through Europe, Vamping Venus 1928,

The Canary Murder Case, The Bat Whispers, The Roadhouse Murder, Are You There?, Safe in Hell, Dangerous Paradise,

Rasputin and the Empress, Shanghai Express, Change of Heart 1934, Almost Married, When Strangers Marry


Erich von Stroheim

The Birth of a Nation 1915, Captain Macklin, Ghosts, Old Heidelberg, The Flying Torpedo, 

Intolerance: Love's Struggles Throughout the Ages 1916, The Social Secretary, For France, Sylvia of the Secret Service, 

Farewell to Thee (short), Draft 258, The Heart of Humanity 1918, Blind Husbands, The Honeymoon, The Wedding March 1926, 

The Heart Within, Greed 1924, Foolish Wives, The Great Gabbo, Friends and Lovers, Fugitive Road, 

The Crime of Doctor Crespi 1935, Le Grande Illusion 1937, Crimson Romance, L'alibi, Boys' School, Gibraltar, Immediate Call, 

Thunder Over Paris, I Was an Adventuress, Five Graves to Cairo 1943, Storm Over Lisbon, The Lady and the Monster, 

Danse de mort, The Mask of Diijon, le signal rouge, Sunset Blvd. 1950,, The Other Side of Paradise, Black Edition, 

Napoleon 1955  

Harry Von Zell

The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz 1968, Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!, Son of Paleface, Ma and Pa Kettle on the Farm, I Can Get it for You Wholesale, Call Me Mister, Two Flags West, Where the Sidewalk Ends 1950, Dear Wife, The Saxon Charm, Where There's Life, Till the End of Time, How DOooo You Do 1945, The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry, Radio Rhadsody (short) 1935

George Voskovec      

       Barbarosa 1982, Somewhere In Time, Man on a Swing 1974, The Iceman Cometh, The Boston Strangler, Mr. Buddwing,

  Hamlet 1964, Butterfield 8 1960, Wind Across the Everglades, The 27th Day 1957, 12 Angry Men 1957, The Iron Mistress,

  Affair in Trinidad, Anything Can Happen 1952

Tito Vuolo 

     Shadow of the Thin Man 1941, Out of the Blue, Kiss of Death 1947, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948,

Daisy Kenton, Cry of the City, The Great Gatsby 1949, Departed, Southside 1-1000 1950, Up Front, The Great Caruso, 

Stars and Stripes Forever 1952, Six Bridges to Cross, The McConnell Story, Sincerely Yours, The Killing 1956, 

20 Million Miles to Earth 1957, Some Like It Hot 1959, The Five Pennies, Mr. B.F.'s Daughter,

Murvyn Vye

     A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1949, Pick-Up, Road to Bali, Destination Gobi, Green Fire 1954,

 Pearl of the South Pacific, Voodoo Island 1957, Girl in the Woods, Rally 'Round the Flag Boys, The Boy and the Pirates 1960,

 Andy, King of the Roaring Twenties- The Story of Arnold Rothstein 1961, Whispering Smith 1948


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