Chilly Maple


The shudder of calm wind

The bitter sun

Those falling leaves

As they plummet in anger


Those gossiping grasses

Sending silly messages

As quiet cats skulk

And anxious squirrels scatter


Rocks being pelted

With teasing raindrops

Under an ambiguous sky

Of intermittent clangour


Chairs tilted

Against the sleeping table

Weeds looking curiously

For mankind’s gnawing spatter


A plot of autumn’s reflection

As simplicity soothes discomfort

Chipmunks furiously gather nuts

with the trees in moody rite


The trees are swaying

And cold fears are looming

Seeking layers of wool

And newly fictionalized dreams


The shadows growing

With cloudy shades of pale

Streams of white mist

Of mysterious uncertain flight


OH, may those colours inspire

Resplendent in their cloak

As our eyes now dance

To the music of cantabile beams


DeaBeePea 9-13-19

A Crime


The hardest thing I've ever done

Is look in the mirror of loneliness

And keep believing

In that beautiful cast of eyes


Yes, bouncing hair and teasing smiles

They come and go

All the temporary lives

That disappears in my selfish dreams


Knowing what chances are

Without a word of love

No hopeful promises

Keeping our lives simple and bland


Is my freedom a runaway

A stupid foolish dance

A bleak wall of denial

A message of ‘never to learn’


What is the cost of heart

Has the price over-welcomed its stay

My laughter just a riddle

For hidden questions reborn


Perfections persistent definition

Enticing me to search

As my good intentions linger

Along that worn-out path


Stitching my life together

wearing many jeans

painting brand-new faces

adorned in greyish breath


I look at that dangling hope

Moving away in the torturing wind

As I waste all the sunsets

Without a passion in sight


I’m wide awake

And dawn has yet to cry

In its bright and tempting hello

Sending its letter of potion


The formula of forever

Its arms wrapped around me

The lips growing warm

Yes, that persistent cry for love


DeaBeePea 9-11-19

Unknown Strength


Those shades of light

Beneath the lurid skies

Taking flight in horror

Facing the tempest of scorn


Carrying wings, transparent

In a pale wistful gleam

Scorch’d by the filtered sun

A strange and ruthless radiance


This gentle body is torn

And the blood is seeking lips

Dripping in turbid air

The screams, where are they from


This courage will bear reward

Is it careens off mountain slopes

Finding the ocean’s waves

Where hope will soon be born


The perils of aspiration

And demise of humility’s touch

Sailing through pungent dreams

Inspiring the pondering adience


Is envy heard from in distant echo

Does the decrescendo of worry arise

A unity of humanity’s concerns

Sounding a melodic thrum


Where is the heart, in all of this

Among the razing of troubles brains

The eyes will turn to azure

And the ears will hear the pain


And as an offspring of the sky

There comes a breath of spring

Collecting the stormy memories

That peaceful power brings


DeaBeePea 9-10-19

The Dwelling


One solemn thought

Of joy and sad delight

As I find my home

Somewhere between heart and mind


Some places are old

And some completely new

Sitting with my feet

Dangling in a lake of silky black


And among my many pages

Sometimes reading fine words

Other times jotting new thoughts

Some inadequate solution I will find


Memories of my Father

And the piercing voice of Mother

Piecing together the unfit puzzle

Slipping down logic’s lost track


There is no edifice

Nor is there a throne

Nothing awaiting me

Except an odorless mist


But there are paths to find

Amidst this gloomy haze

Yes, even flashes of surprise

Bringing laughter to the show


The curtains have been drawn

Enticing me to search

For what I already know

From my teasing, awkward tryst


With passion and its rendezvous

Understanding love

And viewing my wilderness

With the honesty I must sough


The chapters have dampened

And the water is now murky

And I look beyond

For a crystal sea


My burdens have been laid

As I give up my crown

And humility’s loyal bond

Follows me down the stream


There is light and loneliness

I fear no abysm

As I now have wings

To honour my cautious flee


Yes, my feet are mortal

Almost on the brink

But I have found my resort

Between daylight and my dreams


DeaBeePea 9-8-19



Is it my sloppiness

Or a message from Gods

Of mice and men

On bedsheets of night


They carry a trail

From anger to wisdom

Swept away

With impatient hands


The carpet boasts

Of sharing this dusting

Declaring its posture

Before my feet crush


But there is time

For one more slice

With brownish butter

For stomachs delight


In dream-like movement

I walk in my haze

To gather the grains

Of late-night plans


It all appears

In its determined fall

The crumbs of night

With nightmare’s brush


DeaBeePea 9-5-19

Never Doubt



Asking for my research

Questions and ambiguities

Driving me crazy


A vacuum

This unknown place

With many labels

In an unworthy world


A roll of the dice

Choosing the place

To partake in study

Telling me who I am


Impatience grows

And my hands are loose

Beginning a skimming survey

In the name of lazy


I really don’t care

Because the answers come

From these ridiculous journeys

And truth unfurled


And when they are filled

These numerous voids

My intelligence grasps

The incredible scam


Drunk on life

And sad with stories

on a satirical holiday

Rescuing love


Time loses its strength

As the minutes disappear

Days, months, and years

In obscurities hold


I am looking for an end

But I am suspicious

That the happy conclusion

Is manipulation’s hand


But a new star shines

In its infinite wisdom

Of powers that be

That hover above


I will not answer

This beckoning call

Except as a wizard

With opinions paroled


The breath and the word

From our voices do sing

Denying indifference

In our amityland


DeaBeePea 9-5-19



Lost horizons

as the sagging shelves

Await my hand

And a binding fingerprint


The author’s lay


It eloquent silence

Yet, there is a hum


At times it is a roar

From neglect

Blurry stripes

From my second glint


What was that?

I ask in bewilderment

A voice from Darwin

In inquiring thrum


Time is squeezed

From medieval courage

To modern mystery

With satire in between


What is good for me?

At this time of respite

Gazing upon the thickness

Of Dicken’s in volume


Standing tall

The dust is gathering

And that hidden second row

So seldom seen


Is their jealousy among them

To those already read?

Surely they must know

For future’s assume


Is it truth lying before me

Whether imagination or not

Telling me to consume

This litany of conference


It seems to be a place

Of magically stormy weather

Yet peaceful grace as well

In esoteric splendour


Is this forever

A monument for all time

Not caring for my essence

Just a refection for my reference


Or will it fall

In a desperate motion to warn

Against the lazy encroachment of mind

Wisdom, its glorious tender


DeaBeePea 8-29-19

Open Window


Deep-seated thoughts


Memories entwined

Laughing at me


Should I utter a smile


Looking to the future

Still laughing at me


A need to worry?


A seemingly useless attitude

Pondering the worst


Counting my worth


At the pennies and concerns

Pondering the worst


Blessings instead of worth

Adding up

Pros and sneaky cons

Aware of misconception


What is this seriousness?


The tragedy of others

Aware of misconception


Is there only one way?


Dancing in the dark

In a toast to love and friends


It seems to brighten the days


Dancing in the light

In a toast to love and friends


DeaBeePea 8-26-19



breaking the pattern

of cycling thoughts

burgeoning hope

and frustration's meal


Eating my words

in humility's test

accepting myself

and shortcomings deal


Sharing time

with laughter and love

smiling at interruption

creating new vision


growing the mind

to a positive plant

rooted in fairness

and understanding's provision


yes, the plot thicken's

as the mosquitoes remind

with the buzz in my ear

in challenge of calm


to be at peace

and thankful for friends

celebrating the unfinished

reducing the qualm


one day is rain

the other is in sun

but what really changes

in this place of prose


we sleep and drink

and cook up a storm

adding spice

as we change our clothes


there is an end

but it surely lingers

as rhyme and reason

possess our heart


the words are a painting

each stroke a colour

that springs to life

as we never part


DeaBeePea 8-18-19

Ne’re Death


I shall die, but where

Cold and black

Sweating with despair

In a place unknown


Thinking of the past

Oh, all that went wrong

What could I have done

From my silly throne


But no

My posture is hope

As I look ahead

With still blue eyes


With passing comes light

Not blindness at all

The truest vision

With the happiest cries


No longer bolted shut

Are my wishes and dreams

As the fresh wind

Blows the doors of peace


My linen sheet will be bright

And rainbow stripes

Will decorate

My brand new sky with fleece


I will search for the candle

And see the flicker

The torch of love

for infinite belief


In all that is good

And fair and kind

Thankful for the passions

And my breath of relief


DeaBeePea 8-16-19

The Mask


I am lost

In the tip of a wave

As a fluttering leaf

A ray of the sun

and a flake of snow



Like an innocent child

As a homeless dog

A scattered wind

And bounding river’s flow



For useless answers

To useful questions

Masking my fear

And hiding my tears



Without identity

Laughing at myself

Using happiness

Leading to cheers



This endless journey

Not knowing

The future or past

Even unsure

About my current feet



On a strangers soil

Bleeding my breath

My confused voice

Lonely and discreet


DeaBeePea 8-15-19

The Boat


The oars were creaking

The slow leak

Gave me time


The frittered-away enamel

Made streaks


The water’s climb


The wind picked-up

I drifted

My arms spent


A splashy lullaby

In confused rhythm


With gradual descent


I was rescued

By heaven’s gate

In relieved sleep


Awakening to justice

A removal of pain


the water’s weep


DeaBeePea 8-12-19



Within the stillness

I heard the happy hansoms,

Casting errant shadows

Clicking as the city’s rhythm


The morning sun was unsure

Prismed from uncertainness

The downtown compass

Aiming at purpose and guilt


The wide streets beginning to fill

With optimism’s frantic play

Men and women, quickly walking

Upright in a look so lissome


The stores and vista

Blending in a sonnet of contest

The newest internal combustions

Imposing, in their erroneous lilt


Unconscious leisure

in hurried profusion

everything, seemingly exposed

testing, the analytical eye


Such a magical mosaic

Whose belongings are these

And who are all these players

Masked in confused concourse


Is this a new planet

and invention of modern times

demanding a code of awareness

under the thunderous skies


Gazing upon this adventure

Where nature takes a rest

Awaiting a time to blossom

Before its voice is hoarse


This gaily-decked parade

Will it grow tired

Basking in the sweaty sun

The road wearing thin


And these interim times

Awaiting a new humanity

All for one, one for all

Amidst the crying din


DeaBeePea 8-12-19

Cotton Days


This stately dance

Disillusionment of face

Picking cotton before

And picking cotton after


At the reconstructive end

Industry and wealth atop

Left in snow-like fields

Of long-lost days of laughter


New codes of crow

Suffocating optimistic breath

As hopeless courage

Blows the apron winds


Browns and silver greys

Humble clothing of strife

Lit with subtle darkness

Before the dawn prescinds


The silence is a song

As one brushes the stems

The other in stubborn defiance

A gunny sack of aspiration


Not in perfect unity

As the lone pine beckons

Asking them to run

From the cry of callous plantation


The sympathy of majesty

And cycling brows of slavery

The wages of time are lethal

In their legless journey in time


Weightless is a hopeless threat

For no direction of faith

Standing erect to fight the nothingness

As the burden begins to begrime


The mulatto enslavement

Doomed to biological eradication

Unable to sustain this beauty

In intangible gentle sublimity


The oblique glances

And icy aimless stares

A tale with no end

Except tragedy and armless equanimity


DeaBeePea 8-11-19

The Returning Sea


Down the clattering street

On this sunny day

Overtaken with greyness

And dumbness of my play


Ghostly faces

And dark and deepened eyes

I feel the invisible tears

And lonely silent cries


Meeting looks that go forever

Taking me back to myself

Flooded with doubt

On my cautious fearful shelf


A collection of miniatures

Ignored, and passing recollections

Traces of love and insecurity

Of aging and fading directions


What is this dimness

What is the colour of breath

This shifting picture of life

Trodden in unknown death


This shadowy mass

Is it here to stay

Or is there a tentative warning

To wake up to this mindful sway


Beginning to smile

A face explodes from that crowd of silhouettes

As faces go, quite familiar

Beaming so clear, with no regrets


I behold a friend

Seeing what is really me

I stretch out my yearning hand

And take myself to my homeland sea


The reflections are now bright

Gentle waves of sparkled blue

The street now a rainbow

With expectation of you


DeaBeePea 8-10-19

My tribute to Winslow Homer's Girl on a Swing (1879)


Coral Wind


The path that led

To the silent swing

A lonely place

Of cascading hope


The sun is cast

Upon the frock

Of pinkish rose

Where smiles elope


The only place

That she can see

Is beyond the fears

On hilltops place


Her questioning stare

Is a confident glimpse

Of future’s glare

And innocence’ face


Duvetyn in flush

And wide-brimmed glee

In a pendulum breeze

And pigtail wings


The leggings dare

To land below

Back to earth

Where knowledge sings


Her shoes secure

For a land of fairies

Held in jute

in braided dreams


A flicker of worry

In the confident glow

Searching for courage

In solitudes sway


The dancing leaves

And desolate peace

Protects her soul

From drifting away


DeaBeePea 8-7-19

No More Darkness


Those shadows so placed

In different places

Tricking the sun

And making minds run


Along with rivers

so carefree

asking us to follow

in superfluous wallow


Are there new depths

Where our feet gently weep

Charmed in burial

Taking us to sleep


Is it a paralyzing love

Causing this void

A painful journey

To this joyful concoid


Is it a final mouth

Or a confluence of faith

In one’s passion

Dissatisfied in mere ration


The uneven shore

Providing stops and starts

As my relish quivers

Amongst the weedy slivers


But, that single star

Always shining

Dictates this spirit, very far

Seeking these strange silhouettes


Constellations of magic

Seem to float with me

Repelling the tragic

In their soothing milky way


Yes, it is pleasant

So is there

A giving in to this stalemate

Appearing easy to share


The fields, and this rosy morn

Asking me to dance from mist

And remove my veil

That shielded the kiss


I will sit

And open my arms

In the breast of her lust

Hearing, my heart in thrust


Her face is tranquil

Yet honest and bold

I am in the perfect rest

When my blood runs in merry fest


DeaBeePea 8-6-19



by the sky

buzzing, biting pests


uninvited noise

qualified analysis

unqualified criticism



sweet barbeque air

cigarette butts

welcome noise

unanswerable questions

creative answers

potent ignorance






and love


DeaBeePea 8-4-19

The Spin I’m In

What have I woven
This blanketing spell
Feeling each cackle of laughter
Of friends I know so well

I can feel those taunting fingers
Caressing my insecure words
As I begin to twitch
My neck pointing to the birds

Down and down I go
Round and round I go
This fascinating spin I’m in
Not knowing what to sough

As the flock offers a path
I know, this is witchcraft
Daring me to least resistance
In a chilling nervous draught

Can love overcome this frenzy
When eyes meet eyes
That unexplainable tingle
Between intermittent cries

Down and down I go
Round and round I go
This fascinating spin I’m in
Uncertain in its flow

Or is this paralysis
The warning of alchemy
The sideways stairs
Leading to the floorless balcony

This loud and boisterous tapestry
No advice it gives
As I try to fill the cup
Where self-propriety lives

Down and down I go
Round and round I go
This fascinating spin I’m in
Gathering, what I know

This loud and boisterous tapestry
No advice it gives
As I try to fill the cup
Where self-propriety lives

There are simpler thoughts
As I hear your name
Explaining my desires
Tempered by filtered flame

Down and down I go
Round and round I go
This fascinating spin I’m in
In its kaleidoscopic show

What is my augury
This concern, I shall not dwell
This spin is forever
With no threatening knell

The love, the mastery, the unknown
Yes, the quilt is worn
And the challenges my own
Where future joy is born

Down and down I go
Round and round I go
This fascinating spin I’m in
Forever high and low

DeaBeePea 8-2-19

The Road


That glowing smile

and wistful hair

taking me somewhere

without a world's care


the eyes that wander

in curious want

a question of love

no fear to daunt


the warmth of laughter

and a tiny speck

of chilling sadness

and its tearful fleck


But the heart is gleaming

and the beams embrace

a soothing radiance

from an innocent face


So I take your road

hand in hand

such ecstatic joy

of unbreakable strand


so long and winding

but short in time

with bursting passion

your spirit sublime


yes, it is magic

almost disbelieving

as I shake my unconsciousness

as our love is weaving


DeaBeePea 7-29-19


William Shakespeare

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ode to Chiune Sugihara


That quiet heart from Kaunas

In transits loving prize

Through home and delicate space

In a desperate prayerful guise


His own dimension was belief

In doing freedom’s right

With danger to his own

In a war-torn Europe’s flight


These residents of innocence

Enclosed in occupant’s hate

Looking for a pure direction

Not knowing of their fate


This honour is bestowed

As Righteous Among the Nations

A legend then named Sempo

The refugee's citation


The young man bowed to order

His eyes upon a dream

Of Christian and English wisdom

Of humanitarian theme


From moving like the dust

On continuously taunting breeze

His thoughts had gathered together

In a kindness ill at ease


Of commendable military posture

He saw a guiding light

Improvising with power

To aid the prisoner’s plight


Japan was just a stop

A momentary gap

For disposal of these victims

In a multi-sided trap


The Trans-Siberian Railway

In his disobedient plan

A trail’s end to hope

in tattered faith they ran


Conquered of his mission

His final flourish was due

There never were the hours

To complete his abundant accrue


His hands almighty tired

Of thousands of visas he wrote

As the final train pulled out

He threw the leaf-like notes


As they fluttered in the aimless wind

The hands were raised in distress

He cried in passing anguish

His heart in lonely ingress


To their savior they spoke

Never to forget

Hoping to see again

Their monumental lunette


DeaBeePea 7-29-19

Writing Early


Scraggly hair

More gaps for flow

Stagnant thoughts

Finally excreting


Not yet a shower

Still coated

With yesterday’s slime

And nonsense accreted


First coffee poured

The starting block

And my hunched back

Eyes raising to sun


Painless hangover

Of confusion’s name

But a fresh innocence

With hopelessness undone


Lack of clarity

In realism’s frame

The branches outside

Waiting for my cling


In a droop of anxiety

Above the squirrels scatter

The cold leaves wait

For the dew to sing


So I ponder the clothes

Of my daily drape

As the wheels turn

In unaided direction


I place my mug down

And take a step

Towards beckoning rooms

With cautious reflection


DeaBeePea 11-30-19

Poem written on Day 3 of Loon Lake Retreat




What do I ask

Is that dreams

Become you


That never shall be

A truth

That is not you


That all my beliefs

Take a rest

On the soul of you


Will you vanish

From my sight

Taking away only you


Out into the night

Is a strange piece

That is you


And I hear the music

A beautiful melody

That is you


Does it exist

My one and only



Do I resemble

This passionate



Is my trembling

A fear of love

A daunting spirit


Am I shattered

Because I am beside

My spirit


Beauty through all


Watering my spirit


Uncovered mornings


To an exploding spirit


DeaBeePea 7-24-19

Flying Low


my mind now opens

along with my jeans

pondering love

and romantic scenes


a simple mistake

of social disapproval

which might perpetuate

my immediate removal


DeaBeePea 7-23-19

First day of Writer's Retreat at Loon Lake


Thank you for inspiration; Bev and Nancy


The Immortal Coverlet


Today at dawn, the moment of the lake

Speaks to me

In silence

And a plea for peace


Then I think of you

far away

Yet appearing in many places

A shadow from between the trees


My eyes transfixed

Then suddenly

These dark silhouettes

Meet me, as golden fleece


Not claiming power

But clinging to my soul

A reminder of the past

In a selfish crying breeze


My breath is cast

Over the twinkling waters

My loneliness and love

All one again


We are on a mountain

Yet still submerged

In cross-identity

As the seasons roll on by


Is it our thoughts

Or our bodies

On this endless search

For a fertile night of when


Circling between the stars

A strange cold light

Chilling me

As I sigh


A rebirth

Every sensation

Rekindles in perpetual life

No fear, no strife


I bow

In humility to this misunderstanding

That will lead me to promise

As our love perspires and cries


The sun, an enlightenment

The warmth, a passion

Joining many hands

In a slow and steady rife


Yes, the colours are changing

Is it time

Or a new mind

As dreams turn to real eyes


DeaBeePea 7-22-19



Where are my dreams

Why are they so fickle

As they profoundly impose

And then fly away


They are a warning

But their responsibility is ignored

Making me wake

As they fly away


Lighting up the truth

In awestruck memory

Long-gone faces

That have been away


Spinning in undiscernible time

With no season

A strange parable

As reality floats away


What is the lesson

Of this slumbered play

In panic or calm

As I float away


To unknown lands

And unexplainable love

Questioning my identity

Asking away


Hold fast to this

Wondrous intrusion

It’s another door

Showing me the way


DeaBeePea 7-15-19



No discernable paths

So as a traveller, so eager

I search for a way

Amidst the kaleidoscopic maze


And as the panorama before me shone

There arose two leafy rivers

One of gold

The other in crimson


So sorry to have to pause

As I stood for long

Thinking beyond the bends

That walled my view in haze


Was I looking in similarity

To a lady fair

Or pondering my evolving soul

In its reflective prism


In the halcyon

There was wetness and mist

And a questioning hiss

And streaky light


In the blush

It was hot and dry

Deathly quiet

And a bold steaming glare


And how strange I thought

Of nothing worn

Telling me so clear

That this holiday was a flight


A new enterprise of courage

Finding answers unknown

Could I do this?

As I asked upon my mindful chair


As darkness came

I was struck with the sudden sameness

So dreams overtook me

And I slept in indecisive peace


The hours were a minute

And the disappearance of choice

Came back in the dawn

As the eyes of friends enveloped me


An inner calm

And a relieved smile

And happily beating heart

Dictating my disinfinite lease


Sharing, following and turning

What a joy this is!

Loved for who I am

And kissing the others’ glee


DeaBeePea 7-14-19

What Kisses Me


Is it the morning dew

Inviting me

To swim

In the sweetest of grasses


The violent ocean

Only quiet, at times

To lull me to sleep

Fooled in peaceful blue


The Mother of my soul

To discipline me

Aware of Nature’s party

And rules for obedience’s reward


As I await the sunset

Looking down into the valley

My downness stirred

Into am untidy bowl


Yearning for autumn

With its kaleidoscopic show

The rustling and breeze

Trees, freshly breathing in their glow


Yea, the painting change

As harshness enters

Along with kindred purity

And stark and icy blossoms


My own climate is inspiration

As the huge bright sky

Opens its lips

And startles my conscience


My heart is seared

and my mouth, gaping in awe

As I ponder the ghosts of August

In my humble unknown station


DeaBeePea 7-12-19

Sad Song


Do we fail to see

The nature, that is ours

In use and in play

Sneering at cheerful showers


Have we forgotten

That we have a family

That spreads its leaves with joy

Ignoring our silly ploy


Until the breathing stops

And we have gone too far

Looking into the sky

At the one and only star


The song is now discordant

We are out of tune

Our blurry eyes are crying

As the hope of love is dying


Do we want this funeral of knowing

Our brothers and sisters are gone

The vivid blossoming over

And losing what has shone


It is too late to punish

And that chair in the corner

No longer has a reason

In this dark and bleak fifth season


Where do I now stand

In this place of deathly quiet

Now, only living in dreams

To escape the poison diet


Our ownership has suffocated

The life from yawning brethren

We must wake up in alarm

and join our weathered arms…


DeaBeePea 7-12-19



We walk, hand in hand

The grass between each stone


a new field for our uncertainty


the twilight teases

each blooming star a book


a glitter for our hope


We begin to assume the warmth

As the moon appears


The sneer of our assumptions


Heaven breaths down

And our thoughts are suspended


Cleansed with tranquility


The loneliness of our souls

Speaks to us in its nervous fear


Our past in vivid pen


Is that thunder we hear?

As our fingers now tighten


The enormity of our challenge


We do not retreat

As our steps barely quicken


Our hearts in quiet calm


The imperfection of our passion

Realized in our hidden smiles


The contentment of our love…


DeaBeePea 7-12-19



are we retreating?

as we schedule ourselves

running away

like anxious elves


days for prayer

and the written word

or total silence

and meditation conferred


to twist your body

to unspoken lengths

and stretch the mind

for creative strength


I will surrender to this

because I have no foe

and declare no war

withdrawing only


... to love's sweet glow...

DeaBeePea 7-12-19



a state of unknown

as I ponder this world

my ideas tested

and imagination unfurled


fascination and questions

overflowing my glass

as I sip the sweet wine

red dew on the grass


the overwhelming reality

of the panic of time

and futureless echo

of my worthless dime


the doing is a spirit

of life's lustful request

the angry mix

of happiness' quest


my sleep is a rest

from this circle so vicious

but the merriment endures

despite rules so officious


no, stale is a never

as curiosity and madness

join their hopping hands

adjoining in gladness


dreams do come true

as by aging blood boils

looking out and beyond

at the poisoning soils


my string of hope

is rather weak

but the journey continues

for the answer I seek


DeaBeePea 7-11-19

The Book


I read a book

It made no sense

But after all

It’s a madman’s scrawl


The plot was twisted

And the protagonist was too

And the settings were horrifying

And the skies never blue


There was little humour

but when there were jokes

the joke was on me

I’d call it a hoax


The sentences were long

Going on and on

And I couldn’t decipher

Where the lines were drawn


And the style was disjointed

And clarity clouded

The intent was fuzzy

It was a way too many pages

And boring at that

Because all the characters were thin

And no one was fat


Even the cover was dumb

A scene from the nineties

When the story took place

In the roaring twenties


As far as the ending

Well, there really wasn’t one

The last sentence had no period

And there was no gun


This book is bad

And being the author, after all

I will have to rewrite it

Or I’ll be shrouded in a pall


DeaBeePea 7-9-19

Looking Anew


I was angry with my friend

And angry with my foe

From where did this come

As I pondered the throes


In subtlety, I told my wrath

Then turned, to look

At my reddening face

And uneasy smile


And yet, it still simmered

In anxious climate

A mysterious woe

In hostility’s begat


My inner eyes were nodding

As knowledge suddenly grew


Of denial in seed


Current fears

And helpless frustration

And former tears

Never dried in satisfaction


My foolishness and deceit

And meaningless grins

Shaded the sun

From hopeless dreams


A stark re-entry

Of my blessed power

To enact a presence

Of loving showers


“Oh… so it is I,

To whom I am angry

And not others

Upon receipt of my scorn”


I chuckled then

And thankfulness reigned

For a sweet enlightenment

Of my soul unchained


DeaBeePea 7-6-19

New Darkness


Do I question

How I go into the night?

Expectations of passive death

Or joy; towards a new light


How is the sleep

Is it a tossing rage?

Or slumber’s sweetness

In its flowered cage?


Is it within me to be gentle?

Resting with impatience

Knowing of my futile deeds

And yielding to complacence


The night in its quiet

Goodness, it declares

Laughing at my rage

Embarrassed by the starry stares


Will there be lightning?

To warn me, of aging ways

A fault of sky

To rupture my placid days


Am I wise and knowing?

Listening to the darkened notes

Playing a silly lullaby

Sung by taunting throats


Should I lust in my wildness?

And let no grieving sway

The immaturity of hope

And trickery at play


Do I need a storm?

To awaken and unblind me

A cracking that embellishes

The sun rising so free


And the fierce tears

Of my misunderstood past

Shall only be my bedfellow

As my spinning dreams do last


DeaBeePea 7-3-19



Standing proud

Not letting the questions

Nor history

Reveal the evil


The knowledge

In miracle’s light

Of labored swarms

And power so loud


Pre-fabricated dreams

As the tiles partition

The bold vision

And desperate hope


Indiana limestone

And shining black granite

Attesting to wealth

And confident brick in reams


One ton after another

Sand and terra cotta

As the shadow grows

And the sky begins to wither


Is this alive

Like a giant monster

From islands unknown

Creating anxious pother


It breaths it concrete odour

And its voice of arrogance

Spills the streets

With empty bustle


But interpretation

Allows for romantic twists

And the symbolic heights

Consumes our superfluous borders


Our history has tendency’s glamour

With our steely stares

And wind-battered lives

Windows so teared


And as we yearn for countryside peace

The sidewalks still beckon

And our visit is sweet

In our sky-scraper enamour


DeaBeePea 6-27-19

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