Knock, Knock; No Ones' There

Knock, Knock;

"No One's Here"

I hear voice

so you must be near

"No one is here,

stop knocking for me"

"And if you continue,

I'll kill you with glee"

I must just ask

what is it I did

I am here selling roses

and am taking any bid

"You have my relative

that can poison me"

"A mere smell of the flower

makes me visible you see"

I don't understand

you are very confusing

and if you weren't scaring me

it might be amusing

"Just get away

before your imposition"

"Makes me angry

and spray my ammunition"

Who are you I demand?

as the flower-girl gains courage

I don't like being threeatened

with the meaness you encourage

"I am the ghost flower

the Indian Pipe"

"Monotropa uniflora

visibility my gripe"

DeaBeePea 9-15-15


somedays I awaken

to my daily plan

in late afternoon

my habits mistaken

silly preoccupations

thoughts of nations

seniors issues

and culinary sensations

facebook ramblings

and reunion promotion

writing a novel

and other commotion

because it is sunny

a bike ride to falls

and visiting cafe

and library halls

a kind of dizziness

pondering nothing

unconscious enjoyment

and personal business

but UH-OH I say

I forgot the challenge!

the misfits in anticipation

of my clever provocation

9-9-15 DeaBeePea


a long, long list

trinkets of years

partially forgotten

but present in tears

and yet I laugh

when thoughts go deep

they were not so bad

in playful steep

soaking in anger

that occurred so quick

but mellowed in sequence

with paths of trick

they smudge with all

the strange and curious

items of decision

that haunted my incision

into a special future

so ill defined

the end result, written

a poetic find

success is the same

because it does not exist

except in the amazement

of life's persist

DeaBeePea 9-8-15

Sour Note Music Festival

October 17, 2015 2-7 P/M

at the Briny Bandshell

Piquant Valley NY

Tickets 12. 20./couple


Bring your own sugar if desired.


Apple Cider Ensemble

performing "Vinegar Rag"

Greek Yoghurt

performing "If I Were an Acrid Man"

Kimchi Korean Dancers

performing "Caustic Carnival"

Kefir Dessous

performing the "Baku Bitter Ballet"

The Kumquats

performing "Acerbic Rock"

Kombucha Jazz

performing "Green Tea for Two"

The Zesty Citrons

performing "Virginia Peel" and "Lemon Tree"

The Verdigris

performiing "Limehouse Blues"

The Rhubarbs

performing "Burdock Blues"

The Oom-Pah-Pahs

performing "Sauerkraut Scramble"

The Tamarinds

performing "Tartaric Tango"

DeaBeePea 9-8-15

Wait for Me

sometimes not invited

but standing near the crowd

so a pleading "wait for me"

in assumption of right to be

nothing much said

everyone went along

it seemed to be okay

to be a part of throng

I guess I yapped too much

they needed a break from me

so they tried to quickly escape

before my presence to be

but after all is said and done

they were my friends of sorts

we didn't analyse things that much

most problems time aborts

despite my chronic failing

I think I contributed my way

as each and every one of us

was special in their day

patience was our healer

accepting our differences delay

as we learned to tolerate and thank

each friend along the way

DeaBeePea 9-6-15


a spiritual being

knarled and wise

resistant and strong

a Mediterranean song

of lilacs and jasmine

a gondola lullaby

the feathery flowers

from racemes of bower

the dancing leaves

of silvery green

pointing to Noah

in a waters careen

ripening shades

from verdigris to sorrel

with acid and lye

fermenting in cry

seeping in patience

a Picholine cure

Martinis companion

in junipers lure

tossed in delight

a fruitful sight

a medley of beryl

a glistening rite

on Italian tart

the perfect friend

allium cepas part

with rolliche piquant

the nose so happy

in the peppery prance

the announcement of joy

olive's magical trance

DeaBeePea 9-4-15


surprising, a flapper

akin to twenties

hair rolled in bun

Harold Hamgravy's fun

a lounge lizard was he

borrower of funds

attracted to women

wealthy and prettee

anger madness she suffered

lunaphobia it's called

faking disorder

for attention buffererd

committed to him

until the sailor arrived

Popeye and pipe

but not love at first sight

a song he denoted

declaring his macho

then eating his spinach

until muscles bloated

Take your hooks offa me

or I'll lay ya in a scupper

Olive Oyl declared

in contrary glee

Popeye was sarcastic

sneered at long feet

measurements amused

fifty-seven... complete!

nineteen, nineteen, nineteen...

becoming fickle

being wooed in a pickle

angry over most things

until raptured by Bluto

blaming Popeye

for Bluto's pranks

naive and suppressed

by her beau's unblessed

the baby named Swee'Pea

babysitter in need

claiming her importance

despite her insucceed

son or adopted

cousin or nephew?

we really don't know

correctness to sew

looking back now

violent and cruel

but we laughed at the nonense

for Saturday's fuel

DeaBeePea 9-4-15

Mother of Pearl

her name is Pearl

she is somewhat rural

old-fashioned and quaint

reputation ne'er taint

Sunday school marm

of quiet charm

hair in a bun

puritanical fun

honest and kind

but strict and abiding

enforcing the rules

with clear cut confiding

but her motivation

is clearly delined

it's the matriarchial existance

of her mother persistent

craggy and sharp

biting and cold

with a hidden heart

that asserts so bold

but somewhere deep down

she is gold and nacreous

naming her daughter

as a jewel and crown

The Mother of Pearl

as legend tells

iridescent and pure

unbending and sure

DeaBeePea 9-5-15


I go at one speed

it's slow

a ponderous dreaming realm

of "know"

but it is disguised

by a cyclone

of furious chaos

neglecting grindstone

accomplishment not recorded

but subtly noted

as a moralistic summary

as devoted

some will say

the race is lost

but frankly I say

I'm not in one, no cost

life is no contest

but a moral conquest

doing what is right

in conscious test

so as I crawl

in baby steps

I feel reborn each day

with special effects

DeaBeePea 11-24-15

Toy Testers

those magic cylinders

making everything go

alkaline endurance

of electrolyte assurance

laughing and giggling

at each others pranks

and at the toys

of so many ploys

dolls that cry

and say I love you

cars that race

on a spaghettie like trace

copters that land

on villages of rescue

and drumming ducks

that waddle amuck

lights on trees

and miniature towns

santa's hats

and angel crowns

the charger works

overtime at Christmas

delaying their death

at a time of blissmas

negative to positive

the basic understanding

creating a circuit

with yellow-red stranding

the girls persist

till New Year's clearance

many toys busted

but Dawn and Rita are trusted

DeaBeePea 11-23-15

One by One

Ninga dinwa

Zobon, zobona

strength in numbers

no holding back

the sick won't succeed

seeing darkness in black

Ninga dinwa

Zobon, zobona

a choir of angels

the drums beat slowly

they will win

not fearing the unholy

Ninga dinwa

Zobon, zobona

they know who they are

in tribal pride

with the roar of lions

kings by their side

Ninga dinwa

Zobon, zobona

victory in spirit

wearing beads in faith

the power of the earth

saving them from wraith

Ninga dinwa

Zobon, zobona

DeaBeePea 11-22-15

Ready-set GO

seldom ready

and not very often set

but I GO anyways

because life is too short

planning and scheming

organizaing and summarizing

to much work

but still I don't abort

my mind is in conundrum

my feet aren't planted well

the starting blocks are invbisible

but my mission I will not thwart

I'm not always sure

what my goal is

but you can be sure the finish line

is somewhere in the horizons court

I look all around

there are no other runners

no one is in my world

except for a few of naughty tort

ther is no race to win

just a personal challenge of whim

so I wipe the soles of my shoes

and prepare to enjoy my sport

DeaBeePea 11-25-15

In Between OR "My Hero Is a Sandwich"

the VIP

I wave in glee+

so long I say

on your way

a superstar

maybe, but not to par

conceited and rich

and friends you ditch

some say immortal

but I look out the portal

and see a magnate

who is really stagnate

or the big gun

with nowhere to run

a conqueror

an emperor

or numero uno

a big whig with kudo

BUT....I like the big cheese

he is my hero

or my big torpedo

a cuban sandwich

and hoagie "delich"

greats buns

and saucy puns

open sesame

I decree

and lots of mayo

to go!!

DBP 8-29-14


seing the flame aflicker

gives me hope

in quiet whicker

the other pale but eager

as it crys

in flame so meager

To struggle with courage

is a lesson to see

as I learn to encourage

the yellow estate

laced in suns fabric

feeling the breezes fate

the fire so sheltered

in the caged mind, so wheltered

DBP 8-27-14


waiting too long
might just end
the impending
client relationship

as I sit
I ponder life
making decisions
changing membership

why am I here?
when I could be there
doing my thing
escaping this bore

building friendships
touring places
sipping the best
drinks of such lore

I'll wait one more minute
and then I'll leave
leaving them stranded
not knowing my fate

if they call me before that
it's because they know
that if I leave in a huff
trouble, will be my weight

DeaBeePea 8-5-16

Monkey Face

I could stand and look
at a monkey's face
all day long
with no disgrace

it shows my history
all in one gulp
from joy to sorrow
in toothy pulp

it seems to know
what I've been through
mimicking my feelings
and what I'm to do

it beckons my heart
to love fellow man
and be thankful for laughter
in our completeness of clan

a universal connection
warming my cockles
soothing the pain
of current debacle

jumping in a frenzy
the chimp is worried for me
understanding my solace
wanting me to be free

now that is unselfish
and powerfully understanding
as it is he in the cage
wishing for life to be expanding

DeaBeePea 8-7-16

The End

one hour and forty-three minutes
I know it is coming
that two-word

sometimes a huge surprise
several considerations
that two-word

other times it's tragic
a seemingly forever love
that two-word

other times it's joyous
winning against all odds
that two-word

the world begins anew
rejuvenated from destruction
that two-word

the world comes to its fate
losing to arrogance and hate
that two-word

DeaBeePea 8-6-16


it sounds like bliss to me
a state of being dormant
my functions suspended
as if a deep pause from foment

some would say
I'm there already
slightly sarcastic
but I suppose... I am a bit unsteady

yes I'm alive
but not actively growing?
I can't say that
with poetic juices flowing

however... I do see
myself as a volcano
passively resting
awaiting to erupt... as a stoic Zeno

but I'm pretty easy going
it will take some to explode
as long as my passions
don't dry up and implode

DeaBeePea 8-9-16

David Bruce Patterson's QUESTION Project

The Top 8 Essential Questions:

1. Why did I bother getting up?
2, Who created the universe?
3. Is the earth flat?
4. What inspires us to write?
5. Will Americans, in November, prove that they are at least 51% stupid.
6. Why does peace appear unattainable?
7. What year will the world be too warm to live in.
8. Will heaven be abolished?

The Greatest Question 1

looking around
at the mess I've I've made
and all the world's help
I am committed to ask

why did I bother getting up?

considering my progress
and state of affairs
scheduling my work
an impossible task

why did I bother getting up?

the blazing heat
and my hazy mind
the saddest news
and joint pain to boot

why did I bother getting up?

nothing is working
not even the toaster
it looks like a bad day
I'm going to scoot

why did I bother getting up?

The Greatest Question 2

this master of science
an engineer bar none
who was around to do it
13.8 billion years before

whoever this was
it was playing a game
bouncing something round
a "singularity" of yore

it might have been a girl
with a cabbage patch doll
rolled in her hands
protected from fall

expanding from prayer
for a better place
to play house and sing
and wish for a family's call

The Greatest Question 3

I'm sure the earth's flat
as I seldom roll
and gravity is sadness
not a force to extoll

and when things are lost
the answer is obvious
they fall off the edge
and become oblivious

and the orbit is silly
'cause the moon would get mad
fed up with the earth
and would take off so glad

and the only reason
we can't see those in China
is because they're shorter
than those in Carolina

The Greatest Question 4

when I start the day
how I love to write
exercising my brain
to my silly delight

but I'm not alone
many do it
it seems to be a passion
an emotional conduit

when you write thoughts down
in a poetic way
or prose a story
it seems to display

who indeed you are
in a visible show
and then transforms your focus
into a formidable bestow

The Greatest Question 5

the vote is coming
a plebiscite of sorts
testing the sanity
of a country in plight

is it madness or stupidity
many people ask
that has gone to this point
taking them to task

I like to think
that the bandwagon is broken
the wheels will fall off
and they'll realize it's token

in November we'll know
and although it is humorous
it is also rather critical
the potential problems are numerous

The Greatest Question 6

the world is at war
it's a nasty game
the battle for power
using God's name

it's all camouflage
it's bucks and resources
as egos bump
creating fatal courses

the path to fear
paved with hate
bullying and bribing
using powerful bait

there has to be unity
world-wide in scope
of dignity and respect
so we all can cope

The Greatest Question 7

my guess is 2047
I'm not sure why
it just sounds right
in my unlistened cry

it could also be the year
that I pass away in scream
yelling at all
fighting for my dream

it will be just too hot
we'll all give up
shrugging our shoulders
sounding a fed-up chirrup

but I hope for the young
we do something soon
so I don't have to sing
this story of gloom

The Greatest Question 8

I fear one thing
and that is my friend
that there will be no place to go
when we come to an end

we've created a world
that's a mess I must say
and to fix it I think
will take more than a pray

God is getting mad
and he might take away
that place called heaven
a nice place to stay

so let's create it here, alas
a beautiful place
of peace and tranquility
with humanities smiling face

DeaBeePea 8-8-16

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