This word sounds cool

so it really doesn't matter

what it means

It is a pertinent word

because it looks so neat

popping in gleen

being French in origin

gives it class

and that is important

it makes me want to use it

for any reason

as long as I'm eloquent

as far as I know

it has something to do with apron

and it's fitting position

a kitchen term I think

tied around me

in laughters frypan

DeaBeePea 8-14-15


Texan's love 'em

crisp and black

causing a storm

of charcoal smack

no control of flame

or cautious viewing

they'd rather party

and wait for cueing

if it's a Delmonico

lean and tender

they can get away

with a fast grill render

a fatty blade though

must be simmered

the juices popping

in greasy glimmer

but make sure if you burn it

that you do it quick

so there's pink in the middle

seen with a snick

DeaBeePea 8-5-15

Hand Painted Bottles

as I compose

I see the windows pose

the fractured sun

reflecting a pun

as it teases my eyes

from cloudy skies

books and candles

rest on the sill

in rows and pockets

of shadows thrill

as the lines that demark

juxtapose my view

altering the tangible

for my imaginations crew

but the hainted-painted bottles

once used for wine

of leaves and cherries

and colours divine

they are the stars

stealing the show


in decorative sloe

DeaBeePea 8-5-15

Guised in Improvise

there are so many songs

that beat out the throngs

but it only takes one

to be

blown far and wide

each cat takes a turn

to let his lips burn

as he talks to the wind

and riffs

meandering chide

the melody seems to be gone

but it's really foregone

it's all in his mind

rhythm askew

as if anyone knew

Night and Day has arrived

in a way that is jived

is it four six time

that is heard

as it's blurred

A Foggy Day it appears

in London Town's smoky sphere

crooning the words

with a touch

of the birds

Chirping like nightingale

Berkely Square no avail

the verse is swingin

and is

lost in the groove

Cause it don't mean a thing

if it ain't got that swing

the Duke replies loud

with a

jungle refrain

Jumpin' at the Woodside

the cheering crowd almost died

as the bouncin'

big band

really blasts in it's deign

My Funny Valentine a la carte

a comic chord from the heart

not so photographable

it it's sweet

and bitter retreat

It's not so Easy to Love

especially when the trumpets above

sing the melody in rows

of magic

withose slowly tapping toes

as the Autumn Leaves fall

each interpretation crawls

to a silence of note


romantically in quote

as the band bids farewell

the brushes ease to a quell

bringing peace to the choir

and the

crowd fills the aisle

more tunes dance in my head

as I enter the street

my head bops to the beat



DeaBeePea 8-3-15


when people say


are on hold

they often mean

so much


it could mean no one is interested

because I'm such a bore

or things are such a mess

that there is chronic distress

or no one wants to assist

I thought I had friends on my list

or what I'm doing is illegal

so I'm looking for a loophole eagle

or we need a place to do it

and rents too high to admit

or plain and simple

without beating the bush

it's simply a stupid idea

not even worth the push

DeaBeePea 8-4-15


to be assigned as an alternate

could be taken wrong

as you feel defeated

before the starts throng

but so many things

are arbitrarily done

it doesn't really matter

as long as you have fun

and heroes are made

from the bottom rung

so just do your best

and your song might be sung

an anthem of spirit

and teamwork displayed

they even might have

a victory parade

but even if you "lose"

you always win

if you participate with vision

feeling glad where you've been

DeaBeePea 8-2-15

Full House

Barbies galore

Cabbage Patch spread

throughout the house

sleeping on every bed

others in the kitchen

Golliwogs playing

and those little Bratz

misbehaving and straying

so Blythe in yard

carefree and gay

the place is bursting

at the seams today

my daughter played

until all were tired

then put her own sleepy head

on her pillow...peace required

DeaBeePea 8-2-15


it starts in cry

melodious rancor

as perceived by others

with limited anchor

it gathers slowly

but gradually accumulates

watered by fear

and insecure as they emulate

so as we grow

we have to disrobe

allowing fresh air

to enrich us to probe

but our doubt has grown

enriched by our culture

so we dance in confusion

our musical taste, a black vulture

we think we have answers

and go with the flow

hiding disgust

as we learn to give snow

we begin to dislike

what we have become

so we ponder our options

as we sip on our rum

escaping is no solution

although it seems quite pleasant

it allows us to ignore

what is really omnipresent

and suddenly as we float

we drop the device

that allows us to open

our small world of trice

in sinks in our hope

gathering sand as it buries

seemingly lost

in our innocent wherry

naked with dread

we demand within us

a strength unforeseen

desperation's thrown truss

our knapsack is found

it's been there all along

for pebbles and plants

that have been with us so long...

DeaBeePea 7-31-15

So it begins...

Everything is a beginning

there is no end

spinning and cycling

in exhaustive trend

so I could write a story

that begins each minute

hour or day

or years of songs spinet

a melody that lingers

but always comes back

in a choral refrain

the verse in message

pain or grief, love or joy

it all begins, a purposeful toy

defined in hope

and humanitarian ploy

so keep on telling

or singing the tale

endless in mystery

of which questions previal

travel light

and stop to smell

those determined flowers

where seeds do dwell

DeaBeePea 7-28-15


drawing the line

very hard

between meandering musings

dreamlike and starred

they come to fruition

with faith and hope

a magical fusion

of surprising scope

people explain

that I have been in chimera

but I am a bystander

of my own cloudy sclera

so the daydreams collide

with thoughts and notions

acquainted and inanimate

my everyday potions

DeaBeePea 7-28-15

She Became Undone

Lady McBirth

twelve children had she

and a lazy man

doused in Chablis

she ironed and cleaned

cooked and washed

and complaints were rampant

despite her excellent squash

so she decided to go

to the movies one night

with the lady next dooor

who lived in a green shoe... delight!

her consort was angry

when she got home

never do that again

he yelled in high ohm

she looked at him in resent

you're no Cary Grant

and decided right then

she would wear the pant

I'm in charge now

and if you don't smarten up

I'm kicking you out

and giving you no supp

the kids got upset

who would read to us each night

and give us candy

when we behaved without fight

she finally lost it

no more wine or condiments allowed

as far as I'm concerned

you can all jump in a lough

I should move away

and live in that shoe of teal

but I'm already living

with a stupid heel...

DeaBeePea 7-26-15

Matching Fingers and Thumb

there was a man

named Thomas Knuckle

who was very large

for which there was no buckle

but strangely enough

despite his "giance"

it wasn't his size

that people notice in compliance

it was his huge left hand

with the biggest fingers

anyone has seen

this side of Bellinger

how did it happen many asked

wondering how each one

got so big

and so tumescent in ton

well he said

I hit my thumb

so many times

with a hammer, I'm dumb

it got so big and swollen

that it stuck out

like a sore thumb

I thought you'd laugh, no doubt

so the next time I worked

I hammered away

hitting each finger

until they turned grey

and now they all match

which is a good idea

I think it's better

with all the universal stria

DeaBeePea 7-25-15

A Hammer on the Nail

don't hit me there

the nail cried

it is my head

how many have died

not only that

if you pound me on top

I'll poke someone

causing a flop

from the side

I'll probably fall over

but at least I'll get up

and smell the clover

DeaBeePea 7-25-15


that old style pot

black and burned

discoloured and rusty

where the grinds do churn

boo-doop a boop-bop

that happy sound

bubbling with joy

through robust grounds

seeing the blister

brown and clear

a message to all

the coffee is near

aromatic and slightly

bitter and sweet

not a better experience

can we greet

mornings victory

with smiling mug

gripping the handle

in anxious chug...

DeaBeePea 7-24-15


by himself
not as nutty
and less pugnacious
less jokes of butty

the 'dumness' aside
his peculiarities shine
scholarly thoughts
in chaotic brine

no bird is needed
to swoop in scare
to disrupt his reading
of Carrollian dare

he is beginning to lure
bloodhounds and 'pillars
as he hums in ode
songs of thriller

legends of mystery
and tar-barrel black
nonsensical logic
of anthropomorphic knack

DeaBeePea 7-14-16

who invented slice bread I wonder the special genuis who put a loaf asunder DeaBeePea 7-16-16


a long time ago
I wondered how I was born

then when I found out
I thought it was kind of gross

little did I know
that there would come a time

when I would be a part of this
sounding miracles chime

DeaBeePea 7-16-16


what does wondering do does it drive you crazy? or make search to eradicate the hazy for me what it does is keep me young aware of my naivete new ideas sprung I ponder and wander the paths entwining sure-footed steps weeded impulses aligning so looking over yonder at unanswered questions storm I jacket my fear and stay curiously warm DeaBeePea 7-16-16


I wonder, women
about your magic
and magnetic appeal
that seems almost pelagic

I wonder, woman
about your smile
it tantalizing allure
and tricky beguile

I wonder, woman
about your esprit
that seems endlessly forever
in its playful glee

I wonder, woman
about your heart
I know it's good
but it's secretly apart

I wonder, woman
why you're so far
your eyes a mystery
and thoughts a star

I wonder, woman
what I am to you
but I'll never ask
because I won't cut through

that wonder woman
of beauty and lust
who might not be real
but is my hearts pounding gust

DeaBeePea 7-16-16

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