the salt of the earth
these miraculous beings
with inner power
and intuitive seeings

giving our world
its soul and warmth
spinning their tales
in a beautiful swarm

their voices echo
the reason we are here
and not the nonsense
that we often here

let you all unite
you amazing friends
and hope that peace and joy
is how the story ends

DeaBeePea 3-8-17


her voice tickles me
I listen so intently
this magic encompasses me
and I think, contently

the wisdom is humble
and I lower my strength
but my capacity to dream
spreads to a length

that puts me in a trance
with a view to inspire
and a belief in power
that towers much higher

gentle yet forceful
as if coming from Elysium
it makes me alive
my fears to oblivion

laughter flows more easily
and tears arrive in seconds
it's a wonderful dance
happiness is reckoned

may she join her friends
and take over our hearts
and adjoin the world
performing the part

that brings us our peace
and embraces our love
and makes my puddy
as I bow in behove

DeaBeePea 3-8-17


she makes me tremble
in a wonderful way
I'm awfully nervous
I don't know what to say

my voice is rendered
to a quivering ugh
and my expression, so silly
like a pregnant bug

I have certain ideas
which I keep to myself
being a gentleman and all
keeping my brain on the shelf

but she giggles and laughs
she enjoys my klutz
I guess I'm not a write-off
despite being nuts

she has me in a spell
that's all there is to it
she has an allure of a goddess
a dream girl, and I knew it

there is no plot here
just an expression of awe
a romantic interlude
que sera sera

DeaBeePea 3-8-17

Alphabet turquoise, green red and yellow my alphabet blocks a minibrix bedfellow

building towers that always fell down but it didn't matter I was a construction clown spelling words with a rainbow design awfully hard keeping in line but they were durable years of abuse sometimes loaded on my Lionel caboose DeaBeePea 4-4-17

My Block

so many friends
in Barwell days
the streets were staged
with children's plays

gravel drives
and a single car
with ditches to splash
and school ne'er too far

the world was small
horizons were safe
our neighbours were home
a comforting chafe

but life expanded
and so did the distance
and I built my shield
to protect my resistance

the streets are still there
an echo fainting
but it's transfixed in me
like a Grant Wood painting

DeaBeePea 4-4-17

NOON Hey, it's noon what happened to the morning?

I don't know how I got here let alone where I am is this a warning? have I gone to heaven or gone to Mars amidst the dreamy stars? or am I simply buzzed from some activity that should put me behind bars? my body seems to be telling me that I need some rest and take some kind of test I'm running low on battery power and need a charge for best but with all the crap, that's going on sleeping in doesn't really matter All I've missed is a lot of nonsense and morning on Facebook a lot of idle chatter DeaBeePea 4-8-17


the locus-archeologists explored
and dug down deep
and as they went down
these bugs started to seep

now called ruberhominecimex
from a cold and icy planet
these creatures lived
squirming amongst the granite

when this information came back
to us on warmer earth
students wondered about these beetles
and formed a club of worth

and their bulletin was called W.A.R.
and people, up were their backs!
but what it stood for, actually, was
What Are Ruberhominecimax?

DeaBeePea 4-8-17

WAR #2

War is fun
actually, a blast
things go boom
and blow up pretty fast

red and blue soldiers
I put them in a row
deciding who will lose
and who will deliver the mow

there is no blood
and no actual feeling of terror
but after a while
there is a nuance of error

people die
and lose their limbs
and fear seems to spread
as we start to sing our hymns

we say, "This is really bad"
but sell arms to our neighbours
so they can blast the hell
out of those that they belabor

words of peace are spoken
a knife in hidden pockets
sending out the troops
and AIR-2 Genie rockets

the leaders talk of courage
it's easy for them to say
protected on thrones of politics
death games they continue to play

and we are pawns of dice
the kind they throw and name
well-formulated plans
surrounding us in frame

the human cost is high
but it's a scorecard that men keep
to show that they are brave
that their mettle is deep

and it started with rubber men
POW POW POW I yelled
and then I knocked down a building
a battle I impelled

DeaBeePea 4-8-17

Puppet Master

I do not want to be a puppet
or the Master
being manipulated
or the manipulator

keeping an eye on things
and making sure
the puppet is safe
is something to which I concur

not letting the Bergen
get carried away
making accusations
that he sees as play

and ensuring that the marionette
is not just stashed
thrown in the cupboard
in shoe-smell dismay

in a mortimer-ed mind
I would look at the laughter
and see the silver lining
and howdy-doody smiles

careful to eradicate
any misunderstanding
standing up for manikin rights
leaving room for stiles

DeaBeePea 4-7-17


wild and wooly
that martini girl
a party "animal"
who arrives in an olive swirl

calling me "daw-ling"
in a waltzing tone
on her hi-heeled throne

her piercing cackle
knawed at my attention
and then she grabbed me
for an intimate detention

I'll never forget meeting
this aging debutant
I felt "engaged"
to her ravishing flaunt

a toast to her
and her bountiful blush
tinted glasses
and spirit, so plush

DeaBeePea 4-6-17

Repeat 2

will you repeat that please
why so often?
is there a common reason
that insinuates I'm a boffin?

Is it stupidity of ears
or a disbelieving reaction
or amazement with my brilliance
and political faction

or is the sound of my voice
so interestingly sounded
that they have to hear again
to feel they are grounded

but I fear it's just officialdom
to have me on record
so my thoughts can be booked
and be permanently stored

big brother is watching
I can feel his presence
but I won't stop talking
claiming verbal excrescence

DeaBeePea 4-5-17

OH, REALLY wonderful advice on how to live life an expensive ticket to avoid all the strife

many answers and a code for success ways of dealing with and handling duress avoiding stress and controlling your anger a management course on moderation of clangor I appreciate it, thanks but you seem strange and a lesson from you seems out of range I would rather use my method and learn from my mistakes smiling and cheering seeing what love makes I'm approaching "old" age and my fartiness is prevalent but I'm sure having fun and sincere in non-malevolence DeaBeePea 4-10-17


it's amazing
I've never written
about this King (or Queen)
of social media

it's taken my time
from certain types of studying
and scanning encyclopedia

it gets a lot of flack
and people tend to blame it
for our eccentricities
and lack of verbal flexibility

but regardless of that
it's an amazing tool
forming groups of friends
sharing our complex-ibility

it's a stream of joy
a collage of laughter
and at times a shoulder
a gathering for sadness

and also a test
to show restraint
from our inner anger
at the growing madness

DeaBeePea 4-9-17

I Had One But Lost It I thought of peace what a wonderful view of how we live in humanities zoo love and understanding was the path I saw common sense the image to draw

but now it seems the dream has gone is there hope for this quiet dawn? I'm trying hard to keep the faith but it's disappearing a fearful wraith DeaBeePea 4-14-17

I Had One But Lost It

Based on a true story... interesting how such seemingly trivial things are important when you are young.

Tragedy at Ten

prying off the lid
of the Derrymalt tin

my hockey coin prayers
have recently been thin

when I pulled it out
I screamed with delight

Frank Mahovlich I cried
this was truly outa sight

I went to school next day
showing it with pride

saying no to trade offers
this coin was by my side

I placed it proudly on my desk
at the upper corner to show

making my prized possession
something I would crow

but suddenly before my eyes
this precious disc was gone

someone with a very quick hand
and now some value to don

my inquiries never concluded
who did this ghastly thing

If I ever did find out
I would give his head a ring!

Later I traded for Frank   
a chipped and battered one

it just was not the same
my enthusiasm was done

I never collected much
after that

the world had shone it's dark reality
and was now wearing my doubting hat

DeaBeePea 4-14-17

Sad Eggs sadly many relationships have become a bit serrated

decrated special plans cracked then separated DeaBeePea 4-13-17

Eggs I like to be just like eggs showing the sun a golden me my flip side brown warm and sweet

full of love and ne'er to frown with strips along side sugary and crisp a touch of syrup to soak and abide seldom scrambled but interesting on occasion my breakfast smile to start, my daily bramble DeaBeePea 4-13-17

Coin Purse


Those funny rubber things

You squeeze and pop

My Dad had one

Kinda weird I thought


But I did want one

It was a sign of manhood

To have in pocket

Indeed I should


and they usually had sponsors

to remind us to buy

Muldoon's Men's Wear

to go get a tie

But in those days

No toonies and loonies

Which is good

Because they were just too puny 

DeaBeePea 7-19-17

What the Sam Hill


He was quite a guy

This Mr. Sam Hill

A mining engineer

And a surveyor too


He did help many

From sure starvation

A grizzly man

But of heartful hue


Contemptuous he was

Of praise and admiration

And he said it so

In vulgar verbiage


He was so blasphemous

That when people were angered

“What the Sam Hill” they said

In honour of his rage

DeaBeePea  5-19-17



Efficacy the bridge

Connecting two

cause and effect

over a river’s reflect


the effect then balloons

to retro hypothetics

but coinciding can occur

in an economic blur


something abstract

in progression theory

a catalystic envoy

and semantical toy


cause is the explanation

it’s Aristotle’s why

creating debate

for conclusions fate


chicken or egg dilemma

the link might answer

in transparent brine

imagination to dine 

DeaBeePea 5-22-17


the wall around me 

is a shabby picket

flimsy and weak

with not even a thicket

to protect me from fear

or strong opposition

leaving me with

impulsive propositions

I get into trouble 

via this vulnerable path

but still prefer

to take the occasional bath

my openness is a choice

causing the odd pratfall

but I'm glad I've followed

this self-induced call

DeaBeePea 5-21-17

Foam As I pondered a poem about foam I couldn't think about anything and worry it did bring and then I thought about Gillette and the cream I was about to get and now for my verse, I rave Boy, that was a close shave!
DeaBeePea 5-20-17


I was asked to write about foam
Adding gas to my poem
Which made the first two lines
As easy as a silky comb

So as my mind creatively roams
Through fields of brome
I search for something profound
Rising to a silver dome

Aspiring now to a magical tome
I ponder my wordful home 
My voice so impelling
That they fill the Hippodrome

So as I lather to a syndrome
I become a pompous gnome
My echoes fading
A man of tarnished chrome

DeaBeePea 5-20-17

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