Spit and Polish operational efficiency of no consequence it's spit and polish that matters that glowing appearance of eloquence pomp and ceremony is first priority we need to build the image and gleam of the authority gold and silver and robes of satin carpets of silk and scrolls in latin

what is espoused is not very clear but it has the capacity to generate cheer but I would be careful there's a hidden message here someone is claiming power so I'd be ready to jeer DeaBeePea 3-16-17

Start to Finish

is it a 100 yd. dash
or cross-country run
either way
it's a lot of fun

tripping and stumbling
on the cindered ash
my speed and mentality
tend to clash

unprepared for victory
and never willing to lose
the middle ground
is the ultimate cruise

but as I conjecture
I realize now
that there is no line
do demark the how

of defining existence
the start and end
it's a philosophical run
with an amusing bend

DeaBeePea 4-3-17

The Original

a word of hype and magnetic charm a non-chemical burger or from the farm a candy from the homeland or a pioneer theme Catherine Parr Traill's recipe or plan with no scheme honest and simple it's hard to be sure advertiser's are deceptive with their seductive blur so all I can say is that I am authentic the ultimate example of me even if a bit hebephrenic DeaBeePea 4-2-17

Empty Pockets

I find my pockets
have adversity
to emptiness
an ironic twist

when I do laundry
I always check
because linty things
often exist

kleenex and notes
and receipts from the store
but rarely money
a predictable gist

but once and a while
I find sixty bucks
forgotten in haste
something I'd missed!

so when jeans are washed
the pockets await
a new and filling story
in the compartmental midst

DeaBeePea 4-1-17


me with my swatter as a young menace to the insect world playing gotcha tennis a sense of victory in this loveless game squishing so blood-thirsty rendering them lame yes, they were annoying and I had the tool but in retrospect maybe I was a fool little understanding of how to serve a fly pondering its purpose shunning mankind's lie so now I'm more pensive even guilt-ridden of sorts not as reckless on the walls of killing-courts DeaBeePea 7-31-17

Miracle Grow

those beans went wild the stalk shot up Jack was astounded at the vine abound so he added more of this chemical stuff but he overdid it and it died a bit compost and manure he added at the base and terraced the land while making a command "Blue Lake I ask you to grow to the sky and I promise not to make a nitrogen-phosphate snake" DeaBeePea 3-30-17


Psychologically no problem the bounce is still there with a touch of despair lots of humour and sexual desire but I won't get into that as my mind perspires if I fall real hard I might get hurt a smashed up ego feeling like a loligo a bloated self-image coming down to earth my confidence experiencing rapid dearth comparing me wittingly to a fabric softener maybe a nice thought as my bones are wrought but all in all my bounce is in my words at least I have that even if they're for the birds DeaBeePea 3-29-17


politically brittle but making us laugh you can put our behavior on a chuckle-o-graph the irony of Israel and Jerusalem posts a Kirschenic vehicle that Britain boasts the valley of the bones is an Ezekielian source juxtaposed on today and our international course we drop our guard with this humorous view not in offence but in a seductive roux DeaBeePea 3-28-17

What If

what if all the "what ifs" happened holy smokes what a crazy world it would be of course it already is a nutty place so I suppose anything can transpire, you see and I know that if I say what if, God forbid it will occur as I stand under a falling tree silence will be my modus operandi for my safety hence; what will be will be DeaBeePea 3-27-17


the hardest word for me to say participation my favourite play doing a favour regardless of cost rewarding my heart at bay but I suppose in retrospect no has its rightful day but it can be unpleasant so back to yes without delay DeaBeePea 3-26-17

No #2

no no no my power trip keep it going my daily blip passive aggressive unpopular, yes but I get my way without a guess I'm sorry to say this isn't me it's a fictional guy not fit to a tea but it's fun to think that I am a meany just for a moment maybe teenie weenie DeaBeePea 3-26-17


Inspiration Filtering its supreme blood Interpretation Vision with new eyes Revelation A new mirror of realities flood Emanation An enlightened and active intellect Rational The first of the faculties Imagination The second effect Future Understanding and foreknowledge Past Through no natural light of reason the Diviner a lack of scientific pledge clairvoyance magic, divination, foretelling with sorcery Skepticism Merely a coincidence Intuition Bypassing the path of the sensory The Elder Repository of accumulated insight Judaism Prophecy withdrawn from destruction Christianity Magic conveyance of the message’s light Islam Every oracle an inherited tenure Bahá'í Faith intermediary between the divine and humanity Buddhism Beautiful flowers rained from the sky so pure Allegory Dreams, revelation, and then we hear The human speaker, the angelic speaker, the Divine speaker We awaken, and invisibly appear DeaBeePea 3-25-17

Prophecy #2

all my predictions have been exactly right and that is because I live in illusion far away from reality's blight DeaBeePea 3-25-17

Prophecy #3

We all know who will take over the world for when mankind croaks he is forever gone but when the valiant frog croaks he is alive to spawn... DeaBeePea 3-25-17

Personal Hygiene #2

its all fine and dandy as sweet as a rose soft skin no pimply's nice fingernails as it goes but what about the earth and it's cleansing rules rivers filtering through organic soil pools draining to oceans and synthesis our sky a chain of events that we well know might die the end could come and our soul will cry DeaBeePea 3-23-17

Simon Says

what gives you the right do this I have no reason to follow your direction and anyways they seem rather arbitrary things that are not of my selection hands above my head and knees awiggle seems rather silly but I'm not to blame oh, excuse me I didn't realize that you were just playing it's only a game DeaBeePea 3-24-17

Simon Says #2

Simon says don't litter it's best not to smoke get eight hours sleep and be a humble bloke choose your words wisely do your little part make our world better and do things from the heart but when he says do that he's only kidding you he's a rather playful fellow your out of the game... poo! DeaBeePea 3-24-17


The sky is blanketed in blue as rich and thick as eider it shines from the sun's magic pouring an amethyst cider I can taste this wine a blueberry empyrean toasting this joy as I sing in exulting clarion DeaBeePea 3-21-17


Medium to medium

The light is traveling

New refracted angle

The single ray unraveling

These two conductors

A kaleidoscopic train

Splitting ratios

And changing the reflective plane

A rainbow so dispersed

Through soap-bubble’s coat

An iridescent cascade

As colours in spectrum float

DeaBeePea 5-16-17

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