The Curtain

so important to me
a reputatuion saver you see
as I stand by the window
in the buffs breezy glee...

DeaBeePea 10-19-15


are just like animals

but... in some ways not

yes they have sperm cells

but organs they haven't got

believe it or not

they can become carnivores

crustaceans they eat

in phylumous chore

sexual reproduction

or budding in sprout

survival pods grown

when conditions in doubt

stunning colours

fluorescent hues

the yellow tube springs

and purple vase view

glass sponges in polar

some like it shallow

Demosponges prefer brackish

freshwater hallow

anti-cancerous properties

and a dolphins attachment

we use them for scrubbing

and body wash catchment

DeaBeePea 10-23-15

Fata Morgana

Fat Morgan

of famous dance

Duncanish in style

cellulite in prance

bouncing and pounding

permissively abound

tunic aflow

covering her round

but the breeze she created

exposed her thighs

and breasts appeared

to human cries

she spiralled on the shore

the sand her floor

and faraway spectators

saw duplicate galores

some kind of mirage

they said aghast

not believing their eyes

the naked American bast

doubling and tripling

this elephant like figure

maybe night will cure

this magic she configured

DeaBeePea 10-20-15


people say "I see"

which doesn't really say anything


it could be visionary

or a superfluous recognition of sound

a habit of cliche

which is spoken with dead eyes

and voice

that is monotone

and feet moving all around

they don't understand

but that is okay, because after all

who are they

but innocent bystanders

of my life, that is salad so tossed

they mean well

in their innocent ignorance


near me but not too close

in fear of touched my shadow crossed

but they see my face

and stereotype me accordingly


not knowing their expression

or their derrogatory message of fear

But regardless I smile

and accept them for their vacant sincerity


the moment as it is "now"

and the obsolescence of my tear

DeaBeePea 10-18-15


thank goodness for Friday

although in reality I say

it is no better

than any other day

sometimes in rains

sometimes there are sunny rays

sometimes it's cold

and sometimes it's a heat display

but one thing I know

that is so often asked

"What are you doing on the weekend"

in it's humdrum mask

but most of the time

for me at least

it's the same thing I do

on other days feast

and the mystique is there

the last day of the "week"

thank goodness it's friday

havoc I will wreak

DeaBeePea 11-6-15

Island of Garbage

a pile of junk

tossed without care

creating sludge

and smelly fudge

but after a while

it starts to change

into a mutant world

of beauty unfurled

the island dances

with golden bugs

fluorescent weeds

and trees that bleed

of mustard juice

that feeds the birds

building nests

in there blossoming crests

snakes wrapping flowers

a protective embrace

from spinning winds

a storm they rescind

a concert of whir

and an eclectic buzz

peaceful hums

and a vines sweet strum

hopefully when we

adorn this place

we'll respect the splendor

with nature we render

DeaBeePea 11-5-15

Swindle #2

to define

yes, a challenge

between a simple trick

or swindle

do our "leaders"

by pulling wool

trick and deceive

our futures kindle

turning to ash

because we believe

what we hear

in desperate hope

it sounds so good

in oratorial resplendence

waving arms

and embellishing soap

using fears game

where we always lose

making new enemies

we don't want in our grope

so think we must

and be leery of trust

have faith in our hearts

and humanitarian pith

no man of power

problems will solve

we will lead by example

uniting forthwith

DeaBeePea 11-4-15

Swindle #1

his past

was as sketchy

as brindle

and his reputation


to dwindle

he was certainly

as slippery

as a grindle

as my anger


to kindle

I wanted to

twist him

like a spindle

for his slimy

and sinister


DeaBeePea 11-4-15


She sneered and hollered

I jumped right back

Holy smokes I thought

she's ready to attack!

all I said was

"you look good enough to eat"

I guess she took it

in the wrong ways beat

I'm really a gentleman

harmless and sweet

but sometimes I can't resist

saying things in heat

I love you for you!

really and sincerely!

I'm not that boorish

though my behavior is nearly...

that of an animal

so sprightly and bright

so please accept me

as honourable, with a bite!!

DeaBeePea 11-3-15

Happy Hallowe'en

As my spirits darken

am enthused with lust

as my lurking evil

breeds mistrust

my teeth desire

the nape so fine

and naked breast

acquaints my lips to dine

taking prisoners of lass

in caddish gall

my charming persuasion

down Carpathian halls

leading damsels

to my seductive azure

next day I awaken

as a gentleman so pure

DeaBeePea 10-31-15


some outfits I know

are somewhat spooky

they make me feel

kind of chooky

someone dressed like

a demonous dukey

can cause a reaction

that is rather pukey

cartoonish, a mistake

situation flukey

a oddly mouse-lion

that is simply kooky

from a foreign market

simply souky

brandishing sheafs

now that is stooky

wearing pink tites

and blackish toquey

that is silly

a appareled jukey

something really wild

almost nukey

my reaction was sera

kind of lukey

DeaBeePea 10-30-15

Punch and Judy

Nothing wrong with Punch and Judy?

it's been around since fourteen hundred

or does it condone

the violence of home

Mock hangings on heritage day

popular with children in ration

a complaining culture

suing our fashion

just look at the facts

Punch beats his wife

belts a baby no revel

policeman, hangman and Devil

British seaside culture

Bottler and punchman

busking engagements and private parties

with Joey the Clown so hearty

A crocodile’s scowl

a skeleton’s glower

Cinderella tale

A cruelty of will

A stick and run-ins

ghosts and final foes

required elements

for audience to glow?

extravagant relief

not moral and instructive

no model of conduct

harmless outrage in belief

statement of roles

mocking in stereo

percussive sounds

knocked about our souls

DeaBeePea 2-6-14

Image 2


Sun lotion capsuled

in the sands of bal masque

near sundials hands

tinted for play

the grinning teeth

of ancient mollusks time

on blanketed waves

covering silver sublime

the beachcombers part

brushing with rest

toweling breezes

kissing with zest

salty air

singing no despair

frolicking passion

the shoreline of hearts

DeaBeePea 2-6-15

The Elbow


a synovial hinge joint

but there are many variations

and applications in point

humerus in upper arm

so kindly joined

to radius and ulna in fore

freeing our hands from core

a cubital form

that can be attacked

by tendonitis and fractures

and infectious pain racked

A length of pipe

a sharp bend to redirect

a quick turn in river or road

new path to resurrect

a jostled frenzy

bumped and bruised

or nudged in tease

to satirically displease

out at the elbows

in second-hand apparel

or lacking money

a perpetual peril

Snugly close at hand

a sleuthing snoop in snare

raising arm like a chair

or a waincotting's gyre

Yes, it does occasionally

get in the way

I knock it often in skitter

which makes me titter

but elbows are useful

but my parents said

never on table

or you won't be fed

DeaBeePea 2-7-15

Water Colours

every colour known to man

and rippled with a swimming flow

grey and pink at dusk is seen

moonlit with an eerie glow

green and blue touched with white

small smooth caps waving bye

red and black in early morn

before the sun empowers the sky

yellow and gold, twins so bold

the afternoon sun's glittering stars

tangerine and bronze on mid-mornings floor

a citrus explosion of spiraling bars

the african violet sprinkled crests

blooming with the orchid flumes

glimmering vines of tuscan light

just before twilights saffron blooms

sometimes encompassing

a rainbow's song

singing through the trees

touching the water's sarong

DeaBeePea 9-12-15


flame red hot
silhouettes of blue

crackle snap
ashes dance up the flue

the log is blazing
time to turn and damper

dusting the fire
the tongs to tamper

reflective flickers
off mirror of brass

romantic music
or old movie's chasse

the air is dry
we're cozy and snug

it's time to cuddle
by the soft shag rug

DeaBeePea 11-17-16


fire for hire
higher and higher

environmental change
is now so dire

it gets my ire
that we must require

to toy with nature
because of our haywire

DeaBeePea 11-17-16


I really liked
the fire choir

their songs were hot
for jazz-lovers to admire

their sound was ablaze
and loud with crackle

the crowd went wild
the place went ramshackle

the fire finally died down
and things went still

but our cockles were warmed
from the flickering thrill

DeaBeePea 11-17-16


there are those of late
who invoke in slumber
and take their time
as slow as lumber

not at all caring
who is waiting
providing a test
anxiety baiting

it's passive-aggressive
this stall of quiet
taking no courage
with this stubborn diet

they think they're important
creating this log-jam
but actually they're selfish
in their frustrating sham

it's the only way
they know to exert
major influence
upon those they assert

so walk away
don't let them delay
your plan of action
for a wonderful day

and if you get a chance
tell them to shove it
and when you see their face
you'll really love it

DeaBeePea 11-18-16


a matter of perspective
I suppose
but each day seems
like an echo

but where does this
gather it's momentum
and vivid deco

is it the well-known fact
that change
occurs at a snail's pace
cautiously crawling

or is the sad realization
that I
wake up each day
aimlessly sprawling

but what it comes down to
is attitude
hope and excitement
for a new day

so I offer this one-sided smile
and wish
that exploration
finds no grey

DeaBeePea 11-25-16

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