raindrops keep falling on my head

but now that I think of it

I should be in fearful dread

because I'm in my room

and there is a toilet overhead

DeaBeePea 7-20-15


rain is sort of

like those people

who come to your door

from under a steeple

they mean goodwill

and avoid spouting smut

but after all is said and done

they can be a pain in the butt

DeaBeePea 7-20-15


rain can be useful

just put out a bucket

and when it fills

make dandelion tea

zinc and iron

vitamins A, C and D

magnesium and potassium

absolutely free

DeaBeePea 7-20-15


some rain is sneaky

some other is vain

one is quiet and tickling

the other is like a train

DeaBeePea 7-20-25


rain is made of water

announced in thunderous threat

and if you stand under it

you'll probably get wet

DeaBeePea 7-20-15


an incandescence glow

musicians in the know

brassy swoons

and the clarinets like loons

oxygenated air

recycled in the glare

the bandstand sings

sounding bluesy rings

combustion of mystery

from the trumpets, blistery

the leaders crawl

a clarinet squall

ionized in excitement

delirious incitement

as the cerulean blaze

dances in our gaze

DeaBeePea 8-15-15


to evaluate

this serendipitious miracle

we ponder

it's seed

I ask myself

with too much planning

do I eradicate

it's feed

a trap I set

my open mind

and let it come

above and behind

expected in surprise

the magic of hope

across the bridges

that inspiration binds

love as glue

and faith as passion

intermingled with desire

for wonder and awe

I can't see behind

but if I wait long enough

my footstep trail

will beckon a paw

three princes knock

on my door that's ajar

trespassing the shield

igniting a fire

a counsel of change

not planning attack

but celebrative solutions

for the astonished choir

DeaBeePea 8-18-15


a bitter pairing

with sweet overtones

certainly a metaphor

of life and its bones

as I chuckle on that

my memories waver

because it tastes so good

in startling flavour

lemons so tart

and oranges from Seville

Columbian coffee

from roasted hills

pips and pith

a pectinous set

and French Press brew

a caffeinous debt

a joyous beginning

to a literate day

composing my thoughts

in my musical fray

DeaBeePea 8-17-15

The Frozen Sphinx

looking for giant squid

in the extinction of fear

finding the krill

insufficient and mere

the sphinx sprouted wings

eager to help

masking his corruption

from Athenian whelp

invading the territory

of the colonial seabirds

bringing gifts

to disguise the words

the large beaked foul

were delighted in feast

appreciating the statue

and it's personified beast

benevolent and ferocious

the bird-lion smiled

knowing it's intention

of trickery and wile

the feline inerited

the ritualised dances

so privately tuned

in the Albatross romances

the white giant was poisoned

and attached by feral

spread on the island

for meaningless peril

the mythical cat

showing ancient prudence

hiding invisible shame

in the tomb of death's student

learning that crime

pays in history

if the keeping of reputation

is safe in valued mystery

DeeBeaPee 8-16-15


Under the delusion of democracy...

under the delusion that our economy is strong...

under the delusion that peace is unattainable...

under the delusion that second best is adequate...

under the delusion that wishing for a better world is idealistic...

under the delusion that free trade is free...

under the delusion that capitalism is dictated by a free market...

under the delusion that profit is progress...

under the delusion that speed is efficient...

under the delusion that fights for real change are unwinnable...

under the delusion that sustainable economics is impractical...

under the delusion that that the individual is no longer empowered...

under the delusion that woman's rights is no longer an issue...

under the delusion that Canada is not a racist nation...

under the delusion that the little engine CAN'T...

and under the delusion that as individuals we are not responsible for the mess around us...

Dea Bee Pea 8-21-15

Centaurea cineraria

my friend Dusty Miller

rather elegent

in her silver cinders

from Italy she came

they called her fiordaliso

a flashy garden tinder

setting aflame

in glittering chalice

shy in her darkened shade

her bedding so torrid

sometimes in slope

delightful in not being made

she wakes in flowers

adorned in white or yellow

trimmed for argent simlicity

her pearly lace

an extravagant dress

an annual or perennial duplicity

DeaBeePea 8-20-15

What will you do...

often asked

and simply answered

I find it easy

and sometimes cheesy

sarcastic and blunt

not always polite

my less kind nature comes out

under drought

of patience so thin

though it shouldn't be

I guess I'm human

as saucy as cumin

but when it comes down to it

I simply say

I'll do my best, then die

a common end, no need to cry

DeaBeePea 8-21-15


there are many reasons

for being late

some are valid

caused by fate

others are dumb

hard to believe

insinuating chaos

nonsense to deceive

car trouble, routine

so often used

many excuses

become abused

someone came to the door

the ultimate surprise

they always come

just when we're leaving... with pies

one friend, once said

"I peed my pants"

had to rush back

in order to advance

but if your clock is behind

that's just indolent

if you don't know the time

your lacking an instrument

but the laggers just lose

because a lot of the galas

are best at the start

when they serve the challah

so we should just say

without dismay

late is late

so stop your bray

DeaBeePea 8-21-15

Golden Rules

the angle of minority

the losing side

those egalitarian speakers

bent on equalities ride

a piece of pie

large enough to quench

my appetite so large

but still an outnumbered blench

fear not I

the pugilist stance

if it's worth fighting for

it's worth dying for perchance

it's a flowering position

brief flights of glory

petaling with friends

in lonely hopes quarry

the rule of phyllotaxis

acute in florets

the golden rule persists

in the angle of Dorritt

DeaBeePea 8-22-15

When the Daisy Fell

I delight in autumn. The memories of summer are still alive. The new colours announce their pride, as the chlorophyll foliage dances with the new seasons perennials. It is a time of rest, but the plants do not die. It is a musical time, as the melody quietens slightly but there are loud crescendos and explosians as well.

The fall flowering chrysanthemums in their vanity, hold up the falling daisies. The migrating butterlies are still intoxicated by the sweetness of the nectar. These glorious flowers impose themselves, with only a modest desire for soil and sun. The blooms are copious.

The overcast days accually accentuate the coral colours of the Apricot Daisy. White to pale pink, apricot and rose, underbedded by luminous golden tones... the joy of Niche’s October Glow. The golden centered Country Girls walks through the garden, gently avoiding the terra cotta Saxapahaw, blowing it's bird-like song.

The sturdy Montauk bold and stubborn, never fearing the thoughts of wind. Reddish-bronze buttons cloth the air and eyes, And here's to you Mrs. Robinson.

So let's petal off into the season of three.

DeaBeePea 8-18-15

That's What She Said

The perils of quote 
a cautionary note
and somewhat skewed

a different place
a different time
could change things remarkably
in verbal mime

sarcasm and satire
enter the fray
and the tone of voice
could deliever a spray

an ocean of difference
that could mean
taken out of context
distorts vocal preen

DeaBeePea 8-25-15 


I am a thirteen 

kind of guy

usually picking

the weirdest rye

going down

the darkest street


the mystery beat

meeting people

that take the path

the least that is traveled

with little wrath

if the odds are against

it doesn't matter

because I enjoy the process

and all the clatter

so let me wear

the unlucky number

because nothing will stop me

for nothing I will cumber

DeaBeePea 11-22-16


a word convoluted
in time and place
broad in usage
a yell or a trace

it's used for bravado
and for those enthused
but is also an echo
from an invisible muse

so when thus is labeled
as a spirited force
it actually refers
to a power outsourced

a strength that is captured
by augmented fields
making one infinite
and never to yield

some are evil
but created within
so there must be care
in applications' spin

yes I am a spirit
responsibility acknowledged
as a part of the universe
our integrated college

DeaBeePea 11-19-16


it can be fun
while we wait
talking politics
or making a date

new horizons
open up
avoiding anxiety
before our sup

learning calmness
a valuable practice
not being prickly
like an angry cactus

a whole new experience
that chatty line
people so different
and hard to define

and when we get there
we've made new friends
realizing the value
of intriguing blends

DeaBeePea 11-18-16


luke warm is best
a type of reaction
subdued but humble
alternative action

easy on the surface
skin enhanced
not a blast
but gently danced

organic soap
smooth and silky
washing my dreams
distant and milky

a toweling success
my lathering plans
as my day stands before me
after bodily scans

DeaBeePea 11-23-16

Shower 2

A tribute to the most famous shower scene in motion picture history.


Marion's steal
a spontaneous mistake
for matrimonial's sake

identity change
escape from the law
carelessness her claw

Bates Motel
no apprehension
unsuspecting detention

ears aroused
Norman's conflict of diversion
her presence subversion

and strange life tale
mother's faceless control
a manipulating shoal

of heart and purpose
going back
removing the black

shadowy figure
unaware of spying
and evil prying

allocated for chef
but used in slaughter
from murderous plotter

money and possessions
deposited in trunk
in swamp and sunk

DeaBeePea 11-23-16

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