Eagels to Fix

Jeanne Eagels

The House of Fear, The World and the Woman, The Fires of Youth, Under False Colors 1917, The Cross Bearer, 

Man, Woman and Sin 1927, The Letter 1929, Jealousy 1929



James C. Eagles



When Willie Comes Marching Home, The Road to Hollywood, Silent Witness, Crash Dive, Never a Dull Moment, 
The Sun Never Sets, Heroes of the Hills, Kentucky, The Painted Trail, All-American Sweetheart, Murder at Glen Athol 1936
I'd Give My Life, Down the Stretch, Racing Blood, Charlie Chan at the Race Track 1936, Hideaway Girl 1936,
The Public Menace, Charlie Chan in Egypt 1935, Manhattan Melodrama 1934, Massacre, He Was Her Man, 
The Story of Temple Drake, She Done Him Wrong 1933, Gambling Sex,  The Thirteenth Guest 1932, A Parisian Romance,
Abraham Lincoln 1930, Son of the Gods, Hey Rube 1928

Edward Earle



An Hour Before Dawn 1913, Face Value (short), Sheep's Clothing (short), The Rose at the Door (short), Olive Is Dismissed (short), In the Shadow of Death (short), Through Turbulent Waters 1915, God's Man, The Innocence of Ruth, The Beautiful Lie, The Blind Adventure, The Little Runaway, A Bird of Bagdad  (short), His Bridal Night, High Speed, Passion Fruit 1921, East Lynne, The Streets of New York 1922,  Gambling Wives, The Family Secret, Irene, Pals First, Spring Fever, The Wind, A Woman of Experience, Forgotten Woman, The Prizefighter and the Lady, Babes in Toyland, Mystery Mountain, Fighting Lady, Tickets to a Crime 1934, Rendezvous, Coranado, The Bohemian Girl, Lady of Secrets, Counterfeit, San Francisco 1936, Manhattan Madness, Reefer Madness 1936, Headline Crasher, A Day at the Races 1937, Love in a Bungalow, Rosalie, Wells Fargo, Thoroughbreds Don't Cry, Mr. Moto's Gamble, Judge Hardy's Children 1937, Safety in Numbers, City Streets, Letter of Introduction 1938, You Can't Take It With You, Murder in Greenwich Village, Live, Love and Learn, Sweethearts, Kentucky, Four Girls in White, The Ice Follies of 1939, East Side of Heaven, Mandrake, The Magician, Sued for Libel, Barricade, Swanee River 1939, The Blue Bird, Black Friday, Edison, the Man, Seventeen, Manhattan Heartbeat, Pier 13 1940, The Tragedy of Divorce, Nobody's Children, Scattergood Baines, Life With Henry, Meet John Doe 1941, Men of Boys Town, Henpecked, Sun Valley Serenade 1941, Johnny Eager, Dr. Broadway, Youth on Parade, Lucky Jordan, King of the Cowboys, Crazy to Kill, Alaska Highway 1943, Sweet Rosy O'Grady, Tropicana, Up in Arms, Knickerbocker Holiday, Detective Kitty O'Day, Wilson 1944, Faces in the Fog, Double Exposure, Circumstantial Evidence, The Master Key, Scared Stiff, The Harvey Girls 1946, Swing Parade of 1946, The Postman Always Rings Twice 1946, Dark Alibi, Swamp Fire, The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, Heartaches, Dragnet, River Lady, An Act of Murder 1948, Blondie's Hero, Words and Music 1948, That Midnight Kiss, Beware of Blondie, Annie Get Your Gun, Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone 1950, Flight to Mars. The Lawless Breed, The Girl in Room 17, Three Hours to Kill, One Desire, The She-Creature, 

Merie Earle



     Going Ape! 1981, Fatso, The Amazing Cosmic Awareness of Duffy Moon 1976, Summer School Teachers, Norwood 1970, Gaily, Gaily

Daisy Earles



Three-Ring Marriage, Freaks 1932, The Wizard of Oz 1939, The Greatest Show on Earth 1952

Harry Earles

The Wizard of Oz 1939, Freaks 1932, Good News, The Unholy Three 1930, Three-Ring Marriage, Sailors Beware (short), 

Their Purple Moment (short), Baby Brother (short), That's My Baby, The Unholy Three 1925



Daisy Earles



The Greatest Show on Earth 1952, The Wizard of Oz 1939, Freaks 1932, 3-Ring Marriage, Their Purple Moment (Short) 1928

Margaret Early



   Cinderella Jones, Stage Door Canteen 1943, Andy Hardy's Private Secretary, Strike Up the Band, Forty Little Mothers,

Judge Hardy and Son 1939, The Young In Heart, Jezebel 1938, Stage Door 1937, Strike Up the Band

Marilyn Eastman

   The Night of the Living Dead 1968, Santa Claws 1996, Houseguest



Jayne Eastwood



Goin' Down the Road 1970, My Pleasure is My Business, The World of Darkness (TV), One Man, The Case for Barbara Pasons, 

Drying Up the Streets, Tomorrow Never Comes 1978, Videodrome 1983, Finders Keepers, Anne of Green Gables (TV) 1985,

The Kidnapping of Baby John Doe (TV), Love at Stake, Nowhere to Hide, Drop-Out Mother (TV), Once Upon a Giant (TV),

Candy Mountain, Night Friend, The Office Party 1988, Andrea Martin...Together Again (TV), Cold Comfort, Stella, 

Straight Line, Ghost Mom (TV), The Circle Game 1994, Devil's Food (TV), Joe's Wedding, That Old Feeling,

Deep in My Heart (TV), Where the Money Is, Resurrection 1999, What Makes a Family (TV), 

Life With Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows (TV) 2001, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2002, Duct Tape Forever 2002,

Chicago 2002, How to Deal, Public Domain, Welcome to Mooseport, Dawn of the Dead 2004, Suburban Madness (TV),

Riding the Bus With My Sister (TV), Snowcake, Relative Chaos (TV), Monkey Warfare, The Great Polar Bear Adventure (TV), 

You Kill Me 2007, Hairspray 2007, Twitches Too (TV), Roxie Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid (TV), Real Time, 

The Echo, Coopers' Camera, Northern Lights (TV), The National Tree (TV), Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars (TV) 2010, 

Servitude, Moon Point, Down the Road Again, 12 Dates of Christmas (TV)

Jay Eaton

 Carrie 1952, The Big Hangover, The Damned Don't Cry, Wabash Avenue, Whirlpool, The Fountainhead, Ladies of the Chorus, The Babe Ruth Story, High Wall, Romance on the High Seas 1948, The Perils of Pauline 1947, Daisy Kenyon 1947, The Unfaithful, The Big Sleep 1946, Easy to Wed, The Blue Dahlia 1946, Brewster's Millions, Mr. Skeffington 1944, Jam Session 1944, Cover Girl, Swing Fever, Heaven Can Wait, The Falcon's Brother 1942, The Big Street, It Happened in Flatbush, Skylark, Out of the Fog, Henpecked, Blondie Plays Cupid 1940, Love Crazy 1941, Convicted Woman, City of Chance, Carefree, Paid to Dance, Studio Romance, Step Lively, Jeeves!, Under Your Spell, Wanted! Jane Turner, Libeled Lady 1936, Pepper, Public Enemy's Wife, Our Relations, Bullets or Ballots 1936, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, The Great Ziegfeld, Love Before Breakfast, A Night at the Opera 1935, Dante's Inferno, Top Hat 1935, The Flame Within, Living on Velvet, The Gilded Lily, 365 Nights in Hollywood, The Affairs of Cellini, Manhattan Melodrama 1934, Upperworld, Gambling Lady, Stage Mother, Morning Glory 1933, Cocktail Hour, Gold Diggers of 1933, Grand Slam, Blondie of the Follies, The Big Timer, Working Girls, Never the Twain Shall Meet, Indiscreet 1931, Passion Flower, Sunny 1930, Untamed, Synthetic Sin, Lady Be Good 1928, The Noose, Her First Elopement



Shirley Eaton         http://shirleyeaton.net/ 



   A Day to Remember 1953, Doctor In the House 1954,   Three Men In a Boat, The Naked Truth 1957, Carry on Sergeant 1958,

Our Man in the Caribbean, Rhino!, The Girl Hunters 1963, Goldfinger 1963, Ten Little Indians 1965, The Blood of Fu Manchu                     

Noreen Eberhardt



     The Return of Dracula 1958, Live Fast, Die Young, Problem Girls, Jumping Jacks

Buddy Ebsen



     The Beverley Hillbillie 1993, Mail Order Bride, Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961,  Between Heaven and Hell, Attack,

Red Garters 1954, Night People, Night People 1954, Under Mexicali Stars, They Met in Argentina, Broadway Melody of 1938,

Captain January, Broadway Melody of 1936 1935Between Heaven and Hell, 1956

Maude Eburne



Belle Le Grand, Arson-- Inc., The Plunderers, The Lawton Story, Mother Wore Tights, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947, 

Hitchhike to Happiness, Leave it to Blondie 1945, The Suspect, Rosie the Riveter 1944, The Town Went Wild, Up in Arms, 

Bowery to Broadway, I'm From Arkansas, Ladies Courageous 1944, The Chance of a Lifetime, Lady Bodyguard, 

I Married an Angel, There's One Born Every Minute 1942, To Be or Not to Be, Henry Aldrich, Editor 1942, Almost Married, 

Dawn and the Great Divide, The Boogie Man Will Get You, You Belong to Me, Among the Living, Glamour Boy, They Meet Again, 

West Point Widow 1941, Li'l Abner, Exile Express, Undercover Agent, The Magnificent Fraud, Meet Dr. Christian 1939, 

My Wife's Relatives Sabotage 1939, Colorado, The Amazing Mr. Williams 1939, Convict's Code, Vivacious Lady 1938, 

Fight for Your Lady, Champagne Waltz 1937, Hollywood Cowboy, When's Your Birthday?, Poppy, The Leavenworth Case, Reunion,

Valiant is the Word for Carrie 1936, Doughnuts and Society, Party Wire, Happiness C.O.D., The Girl from Missouri, 

Return of the Terror, Lazy River, Hell Below, Fog 1933, Havana Widows, Shanghai Madness 1933, Love Birds, Robbers' Roost, 

Ladies They Talk About, The Vampire Bat Big Executive, Under Eighteen, The First Year, The Woman From Monte Carlo, 

My Lips Betray 1933, A Pair of Sixes, The Bat Whispers, Indiscreet 1931, The Guardsman, Bought 1931, Blonde Crazy 1931, 

Panama Flo, Polly of the Circus

Helyn Eby-Rock

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 1954, Fearless Fagan, Callaway Went Thataway, Caged 1950, Side Street 1950, 

The Reformer and the Redhead, A Life of Her Own 1950, Force of Evil 1949, Shadow on the Wall 1950, 

The Barkleys of Broadway 1949, On the Town 1949, State of the Union, Green Dolphin Street, Song of Love, 

The Hoodlum Saint 1946, Undercurrent, Two Sisters From Boston, The Thin Man Goes Home, What Next, Corporal Hargrove?,

Mr. Skeffington 1944, The Crime of Helen Stanley, Ann Vickers 1933

Nelson Eddie



Broadway to Hollywood, Student Tour, Rose-Marie 1936, Maytime 1937, Sweethearts, New Moon 1940, Bitter Sweet,

The Chocolate Soldier 1941, Let Freedom Ring, Phantom of the Opera 1943, Knickerbocker Holiday, Northwest Outpost

Helen Jerome Eddy



The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947, Strange Case of Dr. Meade 1938, Crime Ring, City Streets, The Women Men Marry, Stowaway 1936, Winterset, Show Boat, The Keeper of Bees, Bride of Frankenstein 1935, Rendezvous at Midnight, A Shot in the Dark, A Girl of the Limberlost 1934, Riptide, Night Flight, Torch Singer, The Bitter Tea of General Yen 1933, Madame Butterfly 1932, Skippy 1931, Reaching for the Moon, War Nurse, Two Lovers, Chicago After Midnight, 13 Washington Square, Quality Street 1927, Camille 1926, The Dark Angels, To the Ladies 1923, The Flirt 1922, The Other Woman, A City Sparrow, The Country Fair, Miss Hobbs, Pollyanna, The Tong Man 1919, The Boomerang, Winner Takes All, The Spirit of '17, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1917, His Sweetheart, The Marcellini Millions, Her Father's Son, Pasquale, The Tongues of Men, The Code of Marcia Gray, Jim West, Gambler (short), The Discontented Man (short 1915)

Herbert Edelman 



     Cops and Roberts, The Naked Truth, Wheels on Meals, Smorgasbord 1983, Goin' Coconuts, Charge of the Model T's 1977,

Hearts of the West, The Way We Were 1973The War Between Men and Women,  I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! 1968,

In Like Flint, The Odd Couple 1968 

Barbara Eden



   Back to Eternity 1956, Bailout at 43,000, The Wayward Girl, A Private's Affair 1959, Twelve Hours to Kill, All Hands on Deck,

The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm 19627 Faces of Dr. Lao, The Confession, The Brass Bottle, The New Interns 1964,

The Amazing Dobermans, The Toy Game, Chattanooga Choo Choo, A Very Brady Sequel 1996, From the Terrace 1960

Robert Edeson



Missing Daughters 1933, Big Money, Swing High, Pardon My Gun, Dynamite 1929, Little Johnny Jones, Marianne 1929,

Chicago 1928, Tenth Avenue, Marriage by Contract, Beware of Blondes 1928, The King of Kings 1927, The Night Bride,

The Heart Thief, The Blue Eagle, Eve's Leaves, The Volga Boatman, The Golden Bed, Men and Women 1925,

Blood and Steel, Braveheart 1925, The Rag Man, Keep Smiling, Triumph, Thy Name is Woman, Feet of Clay, Men 1924, 

The Tie That Binds, The Ten Commandments 1923, The Spoilers, The Prisoner of Zenda 1922, Extravagance, 

Fathers of Men, Sealed Hearts, The Absentee, Mortmain 1915, A Man;s Prerogative, The Call of the North,

Where the Trail Divides 1914

Don Edmonds

Earthly Possessions 1999, Last Gasp, Getting Over, Wild, Wild Winter 1966, Beach Ball 1965, The Intern 1962,

Gidget Goes Hawaiian



William Edmunds



   The Caddy, Girls Under 21 1940, Lawless, Ringside, The Pirate, The Man I Love, Swamp Fire, House of Frankenstein 1944,

It's a Wonderful Life 1946, Dangerous Passage, The Conspirators, Madame Curie , The Desert Song, For Whom the Bell Tolls,

Casablanca 1942, The Big Shot, The People VS Dr. Kildare, Mr. and Mrs. Smith 1941, Escape, The Great McGinty, 

Anne of Windy Poplars , Geronimo, Juarez, Idiot's Delight 1939, Angels With Dirty Faces, Shadow of Doubt

Cliff Edwards



      Way Out West 1930Doughboys 1930, Sidewalks of New York, The Sin of Madelon Claudet 1931,

George White's 1935 Scandals 1935, Maisie, Gone With the Wind 1931, Seven Miles From Alcatraz,

Dumbo (voice) 1941, The Falcon Strikes Back , You the Human Animal (voice), His Girl Friday 1940

Elaine Edwards




Dancing in the Dark, A Life of Her Own, Old Oklahoma Plains, The Harder They Fall 1956, Curse of the Faceless Man,

You Can't Run Away From It, Guns, Girls and Gangsters, It Happened to Jane, The Bat 1959, Battle Flame, Inside the Mafia, 

The Purple Gang, You Have to Run Fast, Three Blondes in His Life 1961  Pamela, Pamela, You Are..., 

The Curious Female 1970

James Edwards



The Set-Up, Home of the Brave 1949, Manhandled, Bright Victory, The Member of the Wedding 1952, 

The Joe Louis Story, The Caine Mutiny 1954, African Manhunt, Seven Angry Men, The Phenix City Story 1955, 

The Killing 1956, Men in War, Tarzan's Fight for Life 1954, Anna Lucasta, Night of the Quarter Moon,

Blood and Steel 1959, The Manchurian Candidate 1962, The Young Runaways, The Sandpiper 1965,

Coogan's Bluff, Patton 1970, Doomsday Voyage  

Penny Edwards



The Dalton Girls, Powder River, Captive of Billy the Kid, Missing Women, The Wild Blue Yonder,

Heart of the Rockies, Trail of Robin Hood 1950, North of the Great Divide, Adventures of Don Juan 1949,

Tucson, April Showers 1948, Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' 1948, That Hagen Girl

Sam Edwards




     The Postman Always Rings Twice 1981, Escape to Witch Mountain, Scandalous John, Hello, Dolly! 1969, Bullitt 1968,

The Prize 1963, The Beatniks, Between Heaven and Hell, Flying Leathernecks 1951, Twelve O'Clock High 1949, Larceny 1948,

Bambi (voice) 1942, Captain Midnight, East Side Kids

Sarah Edwards



Shadow of a Doubt 1943, Dixie Dugan, Calaboose, Let's Face It, Bathing Beauty, Girl Crazy 1943, The Story of Dr. Wassell, 

Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid, Charlie Chan in the Secret Service, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood, Lady on a Train 1945, 

Music for Millions, Where Are Your Children?, Girls of the Big House 1945, Saratoga Trunk, Song of Arizona, Shadowed, 

The Verdict 1946, The Voice of the Turtle, My Brother Talks to Horses, That Hagen Girl, Good News, No Leave, No Love, 

Easy to Wed 1946, The Bishop's Wife 1948, Air Hostess, The Petty Girl, The Glass Menagerie 1950, Samson and Delilah,

The Lemon Drop Kid, Honeychile, Carson City, Glorifying the American Girl 1929, The Girl From Missouri, Smarty, 

Metropolitan, One Way Ticket, Ruggles of Red Gap, Welcome Home, People Will Talk, I Live My Life, The Golden Arrow, 

Anna Karenina 1935, Theodora Goes Wild 1936, Colleen, The Great Ziegfeld, Dangerous Intrigue, Stage Struck, Varsity Show,

Life Begins at College, Second Honeymoon, Maytime, It's Love I'm After, Little Tough Guys in Society, Merrily We Live, 

Women Against Women, Judge Hardy's Children 1938, The Beloved Brat, Keep Smiling, Fools for Scandal, Boy Trouble,

Persons in Hiding, Remember?, Unmarried, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Strike Up the Band, Arise, My Love, 

Opened By Mistake, Young People, The Shop Around the Corner 1940, Anne of Windy Poplars, One Foot in Heaven, 

Little Men 1941, Private Nurse, The Bride Wore Crutches, The Face Behind the Mask, Miss Polly, Bedtime Story, Ride, Kelly,

Ride, Reap the Wild Wind, Moonlight Masquerade, Dudes Are Pretty People, Scattergood Survives a Murder, 

The Gay Sisters 1942, It's a Wonderful Life 1946, Nearly Eighteen, My Favourite Blonde, Palm Springs, the Hoodlum Saint

Snitz Edwards

Enemies of the Public 1931, Sit Tight, The Mysterious Island, A Dangerous Woman 1929, Night Life, College 1927, The Red Mill, The Lady of the Harem 1926, The Sea Wolf, Battling Butler 1926, April Showers, The Clinging Vine, Volcano, Made for Love, Old Shoes The White Desert, Seven Chances, The Tornado, Tarnish, The Phantom of the Opera 1925, Tiger Love, The Thief of Bagdad 1924, The Huntress, Hollywood, Children of Jazz, Rags to Riches The Prisoner of Zenda 1922, June Madness, Human Hearts, Red Hot Romance, Cheated Love, Ladies Must Live, The Mark of Zorro 1920, The Price She Paid, The Politicians, The Fixer 1915



Vince Edwards




The Fear 1995, Motorama 1991, Son of Darkness: To Die For II, Sno-Line, Cellar Dweller, 

Return to Horror High, The Fix, The Seduction, The Devil's Brigade 1968, The Mad Bomber, 

Hammerhead, The Victors, The Outsider, The Scavengers, City of Fear,

The Three Faces of Eve, The Killing 1956, The Hired Gun, Serenade, The Night Holds Terror, 

Cell 2455 Death Row 1955, Hiawatha 1952, Rogue Cop

Gladys Egan




Shorts: The Adventures of Dollie 1908, The Zulu's Heart, Romance of a Jewess, An Awful Moment 1908, The Girls and Daddy, 

The Voice of the Violin, The Medicine Bottle 1909, The Faded Lilies 1909, Jealousy and the Man, The Slave, The Little Teacher, 

His Lost Love 1909, A Corner In Wheat 1909, The Rocky Road, The Englishman and the Girl, In the Border States 1910,

The House With Closed Shutters, A Child of the Ghetto, A Summer Tragedy, Rose O'Salem Town, Waiter No, 5,

His Sister-In-Law, Conscience, A Romany Tragedy, The Village Hero, The Romance of the Old Maid, The Heart of a Gypsy,

In the Northwoods, The Painted Lady 1912, McGann and His Octette 1913, Men and Women,

Full length: Ten Nights in a Barroom 1913


Jack Egan



Dr. Broadway, Niagara Falls, Citizen Kane 1941, Dark Streets of Cairo, Turnabout, Blondie on a Budget, Sued for Libel, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Elephants Never Forget, Smashing the Spy Ring, Thanks for Everything, There Goes My Heart, The Lady Objects 1938, Dick Tracy Returns 1938, The Crowd Roars 1938, The Crime of Doctor Hallet, Live Begins With Love, All Over Town, Pick a Star, Venus Makes Trouble, Wings Over Honolulu, Mister Cinderella, Our Relations, The Gilded Lily, Delicious 1931, The Newlyweds' Pests (short), The Newlyweds in Society (short), The Newlyweds' Visit (short), The Newlyweds' Court Trouble (short), Harold Teen, The Big Noise 1928, Mad Hour, The Potters, Cabaret, The Plastic Age 1925

Richard Egan


       The Amsterdam Kill  1977, Chubasco, Valley of Mystery, The 300 Spartans, Pollyanna, A Summer Place 1959, The Hunters,

  Love Me Tender 1956, Tension at Table Rock, Untamed, Demetrius and the Gladiators, Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 1957,

  Gog, The Kid From Left Field, One Minute to Zero, Cripple Creek, Highway 301, Undercover Girl, The Damned Don't Cry,

 The Good Humor Man 1950        

Julie Ege                     http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/julie-ege-sex-symbol-of-the-1970s-820386.html


     The Amorous Milkman 1975, The Mutations 1974, Percy's Progress, The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires 1974, Craze,

Not Now Darling 1973, Go For a Take, Creatures the World Forgot, Up Pompeii 1971, Every Home Should have One,

On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969, 

Martha Eggerth

    Presenting Lily Mars 1943, For Me and My Gal 1942The World's In Love 1935, Unfinished Symphony, The Emperor's Waltz, 

Moderne Mitgift 1932, The Ladies Diplomat, Where is This Lady? 1932, Let's Love and Laugh

Sally Eilers



   The Red Mill, The Show of Shows, Parlor, Bedroom and Bath, The Black Camel, Central Airport, State Fair 1933,

Remember Last Night?, Coroner Creek, Slightly Used 1927Doughboys 1930Full Confession

Britt Ekland




     The Children 1990, Cold Heat, Fraternity Vacation, The Monster Club 1980, The Great Wallendas 1978, High Velocity,

Scandal 1989, Baxter!, Endless Night, Asylum! 1972, Get Carter, Machine Gun McCain, The Night They Raided Minsky's 1968,

The Double man, After the Fox, The Happy Thieves


Dana Elcar



Fail-Safe 1964, The Food Killer, The Boston Strangler 1968, Pendulum, The Learning Tree, Zigzag, Adam at 6 A.M., 

Mrs. Pollifax-Spy 1971, The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, The Sting 1973, W.C. Fields and Me 1976, 

The Champ, Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff, The Nude Bomb 1980, Breach of Contract, Blue Skies Again, All of Me, 2010, 

Inside Out

Florence Eldridge



First You Cry 1978, Christopher Columbus, An Act of Murder, Les Miserables 1935, Dangerously Yours 1933, Thirteen Women,

Inherit the Wind 1960, Mary of Scotland 1936, The Story of Temple Drake 1933, The Divorcee, Six Cylinder Love, 

The Matrimonial Bed 1930, The Studio Murder Mystery, 

Taina Elg



Kummelin Jackpot, The Mirror Has Two Faces 1996, Liebestraum, The Great Wallendas (TV), Watusi,

The Thirty Nine Steps 1959,  Imitation General, Les Girls 1957, Gaby, Diane, The Prodigal,

Suomisein perhe 1941

Robert Ellenstein



     Rogue Cop 1954, Illegal, The Garment Jungle, Brewster's Millions 1985, Love at First Bite, Deathwatch,

North by Northwest 1959, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 1986, The Legend of Lylah Clare 1968, 

(Wild) Bill Elliott



Polo Joe 1936, Guns of the Pecos, Swing It, Buddy, Michael O'Halloran, Boots and Saddles, The Devil's Party, Unwelcome Visitors, Overland With Kit Carson, The Anchor, The Return of Wild Bill, Prairie Schooners  1940, North From the Lone Star, The Return of Daniel Boone 1941, Blue Clay 1941, Prairie Gunsmoke, The Valley of Vanishing Men, Tucson Raiders,  Great Stagecoach Robbery, California Gold Rush, Sheriff of Las Vegas, Sun Valley Cyclone, Wyoming 1947, Hellfire, The Showdown, Fargo 1952, , The Homesteaders, Bitter Creek, Dial Red O, Footsteps in the Night, The Case of the Black Cat, Murder by an Aristocrat, The Walking Dead, The Story of Louis Pasteur 1936, Ceiling Zero, Dangerous 1935, The Payoff, Dr. Socrates, Page Miss Glory, Funny Face, Front Page Woman, Reckless, Gold Diggers of 1935, Living on Velvet, 'G' Men, Concealment, Murder in the Clouds, Courageous, Housewife, Midnight Alibi, Upperworld, A Modern Hero, Dancing Lady 1933, Stage Mother, Private Detective 62, Gold Diggers of 1933, Cocktail Hour, The Keyhole, The Mummy, Embassy Girl, Crooner, Working Wives, One Hour With You, Determination, Dance Team, Forbidden, Delicious 1931, Working Girls, Convicted, Platinum Blonde, Broadminded, Sweepstakes, City Streets 1931, Sunny 1930, Going Wild, Brothers, The Return of Doctor Fu Manchu, A Notorious Affair, Sporting Life, The Great Divide, Kitty Carstairs, Her Wild Oat, The Plastic Age 1925

Dick Elliott



        It Happened In New York 1935, Reckless, Dr. Socrates, Special Investigator, Outcast, Vogues of 1938 1937,

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle  , The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase,

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Four Mothers, Li'l Abner, Manpower, All Through the Night , The Wagons Roll at Night,

The Pittsburgh Kid 1941, My Favourite Blonde, Goin' To Town,The Man Who Walked Alone 1945 , Partners In Time,

It's a Wonderful Life 1946, The Return of October, Surrender, Park Row, Double Jeopardy, The Joker Is Wild 1957,

Up in Smoke 

Laura Elliott  see Kasey Rogers

John Elliott



When a Man Loves 1919, The Spoilers, Racing Blood, Million Dollar Mystery 1927, God's Country and the Man, Wyoming, Vanishing Men, Broadway to Cheyenne, Lucky Larrigan, The Gallant Fool, Operator 13 1934, The Third Sex, The Drunkard, What Price Crime, Arrest at Sundown, The Border Patrol, A Face in the Fog, Avenging Waters, Hearts Divided, Satan Met a Lady, Ambush Valley, Trail Dust, Submarine D-1, Cassidy of Bar 20, Heart of Arizona 1938, Charlie Chan at Treasure Island, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, The Tulsa Kid, Young Bill Hickok, Gentleman From Dixie, Riot Squad, The Apache Kid, The Spoilers, That Other Woman, Death Rides the Plains 1943, Law of the Saddle 1943, Calling Dr. Death, Midnight Raiders, Menancing Shadows, The Great Flamarion 1945, Escape in the Fog, The Woman on the Beach, Smart Woman, Homicide, Flaxy Martin, Perils of the Wilderness 1956

Robert Elliott



     The Kiss of Hate 1916Greed 1917, Fair Lady 1922Flowing Gold, The Roaring Twenties, Gone With the Wind 1939,

 Circumstantial Evidence, Gambling Lady 1934The Return of Casy Jones, White Eagle, Murder at Midnight, The Finger Points,

 The Maltese Falcon , Lights of New York, The Divorcee, Resurrection, The Dazzling Miss Davison, The Mirror,

 The Doorway to Hell 1930, The Roaring Twenties 1939Chick Carter, Detective 1946

Diane Ellis

Laughter 1930, High Voltage 1929, The Leatherneck, Happiness Ahead, Hook and Ladder No. 9 1927, Chain Lightning,

The Cradle Snatchers, Is Zat So? 1927

Edward Ellis



  Out Yonder, Chatterbox 1936I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1932The Trumpet Blows 1934,

The Return of Peter Grimm, Fury 1936, Little Miss Broadway, Man of Conquest 1939

The Omaha Trail, The Law That Failed 1917Girl Missing 1933, The Thin Man 1934, Winterset, The President Vanishes

Herb Ellis



     A Blueprint for Murder, Dragnet 1954, The Killing, The Party, Hang 'Em High 1968  

Patricia Ellis



    Freshman Love 1936,  Three on a Match, 42nd Street 1933Easy to Love 1934, A Night at the Ritz, Love Begins at Twenty 1936, Gaiety Girls, Elmer the Great, The Lady in the Morgue, Block-Heads, Back Door to Heaven 1939

Robert Ellis



The Glory of Youth 1915, The Lifted Veil, Upstairs and Down, The Third Kiss, Peggy Does Her Darndest 1919, 

Handcuffs or Kisses, Wild Honey, The Infidel, Dark Secrets 1923, A Cafe in Cairo, Lovers' lane, Silk Stockings Sal,

The Part Time Wife, S.O.S. Perils of the Sea 1925, Lady Robinhood, Speed 1925, Ladies of Leisure 1926, Ragtime 1927,

The Law's Lash, Varsity, Tonight at Twelve, The Good Bad Girl, Mounted Fury, Is There Justice?, The Deadline, 

Officer 13 1932, Speed Demon, Behind Stone Walls, American Madness 1932, White Eagle, Reform Girl,

The Important Witness, The Sphinx 1933, Women Won't Tell,

A Girl of the Limberlost 1934, Kid Millions, Madame Spy, April Showers A 

Broadway 1929, The Penal Code, The Constant Woman 1933

Robert Ellis



 Wake Me Up When It's Over, Space Master X-7, Pillars of the Sky, The McConnell Story, The Long Gray Line 1955, Prisoner of War, Niagara 1953, Retreat, Hell! 1952, Call Me Mister, Gidget 1959,  A Kiss For Corliss,  The Long Gray Line 1955,  Easy Living 1949

James Ellison



When the Girl Takes Over 1962, Man From the Black Hills, Texas Lawmen, Oklahoma Justice, I Killed Geronimo, Fast on the Draw, Crooked River 1950, Everybody's Dancin', The Ghost Goes Wild, Calendar Girl 1947, Daisy Goes Hollywood, Lady, Let's Dance, I Walked With a Zombie, War Brides, Dixie Dugan, That Other Woman, Careful, Soft Shoulders, Ice-Capades, They Met in Argentina, Play Girl 1941, Anne of Windy Willows 1940, That Girl From College, 5th Ave Girl, Elephants Never Forget, Vivacious Lady 1938, Mother Carey's Chickens 1938, The Barrier, 23 1/2 Hours Leave, Trail Dust, Three on the Trail, The Marines Have Landed, Bar 20 Rides Again, Reckless 1935, The Winning Ticket, Student Tour, 8 Girls on a Boat, Central Airport, Play Girl 1932, The Famous Ferguson Case 1932

Effie Ellser



Old Ironsides 1926, The Actress 1928, Woman Trap, the Lady of Scandal, The Front Page 1931, Daddy Long Legs,

If I Had a Million, The Girl in 419 1933, The Chief, Second Hand Wife, Hold That Girl, Black Fury  1935, 

Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935, We're Only Human,, Drift Fence

Isobel Elsom



llegal 1932, You were Never Lovelier, Seven Sweethearts, The War Against Mrs. Hadley 1942, Ladies in Retirement,

Laugh Your Blues Away, Ivy 1947, Love From a Stranger, Of Human Bondage 1946, The White Cliffs of Dover 1944,

The Unseen, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 1947, The Two Mrs. Carrolls,  Monsieur Verdoux, The Secret Garden 1949,

Lust for Life 1956, The Paradine Case, Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, 23 Paces to Baker Street 1956,

The Young Philadelphians 1959, Who's Minding the Store?, The Pleasure Seekers, My Fair Lady 1964, The Errand Boy,

The Miracle, Rock-a-Bye Baby 

Elzi Emanuel



Affair in Reno, The Rack, The Sun Shines Bright 1953, The President's Lady, Lydia Bailey 1952, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Cruising Casanovas, White Witch Doctor 1953, Stangers in the Dust 1949, The Well, Fort Worth, Bright Leaf 1950, Three Little Words, To Have and Have Not

Faye Emerson



     Main Street to Broadway, Guilty Bystander, Hotel Berlin, Danger Signal, Hollywood Canteen, Affectionately Yours 1941,

Manpower 1941Blues In the Night 1941 Juke Girl, Air Force, Destination Tokyo, Uncertain Glory, The Desert Song,

The Very Thought of You 1944 

Hope Emerson



     Cry of the City 1948, Thieves' Highway, Double Crossbones, The Lady Wants Mink 1953, Untamed, The Guns of Fort Petticoat,

 Rock-a-Bye-Baby, Caged! 1950, Untamed 1955

Dick Emery



        Find the Lady, Ooh....You Are Awful 1974, Baby Love, Yellow Submarine, The Big Job 1965, The Fast Lady, Crooks Anonymous,

Mrs. Gibbons' Boys, A Taste of Money 1960,  

Gilbert Emery



The Brighton Strangler, The Return of the Vampire 1944, Sherlock Holmes in Washington, Sundown 1941, The Great Awakening, Singapore Woman, Scotland Yard, That Hamilton Woman 1941, Rage in Heaven, South of Suez, River's End, Ann of Windy Willows 1940, The House of Seven Gables 1940, Waterloo Bridge 1940, Raffles, Nurse Edith Cavell, Juarez, Making the Headlines, Double or Nothing, Souls at Sea, Bullets or Ballots 1936, Dracula's Daughter, Little Lord Fauntleroy 1936, Wife vs Secretary, Magnificent Obsession, Peter Ibbetson, Harmony Lane, Cardinal Richelieu, Clive of India, Ladies Crave Excitement 1935, One More River, Grand Canary, The House of Rothschild, All of Me, The Penalty of Fame, Gallant Lady, The Ruling Voice, Party Husband, Scandal Sheet 1931, Jenny Lind, Prince of Diamonds, Behind That Curtain, Cousin Kate 1921

John Emery




  The Road Back, Here Comes Mr. Jordon 1941, Eyes in the Night, Blood on the Sun 1945The Woman in White 1948,

Rocketshiop X-M, Joan of Arc, The Mad Magician, Spellbound 1945, Forever Darling, The Girl Can't Help It,

Ten North Frederick 1958

Katherine Emery



    Arch of Triumph 1948, The Walls Came Tumbling Down, Chicken Every Sunday 1949, Isle of the Dead, The Locket,

 Eyes in the Night, Hiawatha, The Private Affairs of Bel Ami 1947, Strange Bargain, Payment on Demand 1951

Robert Emhardt



    Iron Mistress 1952, 3:10 to Yuma, The Badlanders, Wake Me When It's Over 1963. The Intruder, Kid Galahad 1962,

The Group, Hostile Guns, Scorpio 1973 

Fern Emmett



The Trouble With Women 1947, Night and Day, The Kid From Brooklyn, Cover Girl 1944, Swingtime Johnny,

Henry Aldrich's Little Secret, The People's Choice, Is Everybody Happy?, Slightly Dangerous, Dead Men Walk,

Footlight Glamour, My Kingdom for a Cook, In Old California, Gildersleeve's Bad Day, Woman of the Year 1942, 

The Gay Sisters, Henry Aldrich, Editor, The Great Gildersleeve 1942, My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Kathleen, 

The Green Man's Lady, Broadway 1942, A Guy, a Girl and a Gob, Henry Aldrich for President, Love Crazy 1941, 

Scattergood Pulls the Strings 1941, Scattergood Baines, The Devil and Miss Jones 1941, Glamour Boy, 

Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940, Little Orvie, Star Dust, The Man Who Wouldn't Talk, In Name Only 1939,

The Story of Alexander Graham Bell 1939, Undercover Doctor, Wife, Husband and Friend, Hunted Men, Wells Fargo, 

Assassin of Youth, John Meade's Women 1937, Michael O'Halloran, Paradise Express, She Married an Artist,

The Harvester, The Farmer in the Dell, M'liss 1936, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936, Swing Time 1936,

$1,000 a Minute, Gunfire, Smart Girl, Burning Gold, City Limits, The Vampire Bat 1933, The Forty-Niners,

Rider of the Plains, Neck and Neck 1931, The Land of Missing Men, Bar L Ranch, Westward Bound 1930

Roy Engel



Kingdom of the Spiders 1977, Switchblade Sisters, Viva Las Vegas, Charley Angel, When the Legends Die, Skyjacked, Your Cheatin' Heart, The Last Movie 1971, The Sergeant was a Lady, A Dog's Best Friend, Some Came Running 1958, Joy Ride, The Colossus of New York 1958, Escape From San Quentin, Not of This Earth, Three Violent People, Indestructible Man,Spartacus, Love Me or Leave Me, The Naked Jungle, A Bullet for Joey, Suddenly, Executive Suite 1954, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The Glass Wall 1953, Thunderbirds, It Grows on Trees, Breakdown 1952, Confidence Girl, the Sellout, The Well 1951, Strangers on a Train, Rogue River, D.O.A., The  Flying Saucer 1950

Virginia Engels

Seven Sinners, It's a Date 1940, Unfinished Business, The Flame of New Orleans, Unexpected Uncle, Mr, Dynamite,

Arabian Nights, Obliging Young Lady, Good Morning, Judge, Fired Wife 1943, Swing Fever 1944, Anchors Away 1945, 

The Harvey Girls 1946, Two Sisters From Boston, Fury at Furnace Creek, The Fuller Brush Man, Caged 1950

Wera Engels

Together we Live, Hong Kong Nights, The Great Impersonation, Sweepstake Annie, Fugitive Road 1934, The Great Jasper 1933

Alec Englander 



The Enchanted Cottage 1945

Olga Engl



Richard Wagner 1913, Arthur Imhoff 1915, The Stork Society 1919, Blondes Gift 1919, Monte Carlo,

Madeleine 1922, Phantom, Love 1927, Love's Carnival 1928, The Unusual Past of Thea Carter,

The Congress Dances, The Rebel, Music in the Blood, End of an Affair 1934, Emil und de Detective 1931

Marla English



Voodoo Woman, Runaway Daughters, Flesha and the Spur, A Strange Adventure, Three Bad Sisters, Hell's Horizon 1955, Shield for Murder,  Rear Window 1954, Desert Sands, About Mrs. Leslie 1954, Casanova's Big Night

Jan Englund



Paradise Valley 1962, Suicide Battalion, Reform School Girl 1957, Invasion of the Saucer Men, Hit and Run 1957, Hold Back Tomorrow, The Other Woman 1954, Bate, Crusade to Liberty (TV)

Marla English



     Voodoo Woman 1957, Red Garters, Casanova's Big Night 1954, About Mrs. Leslie 1954, Rear Window 1954,

Three Bad Sisters 1956, Hell's Horizon, The She-Creature, Flesh and the Spur 1957Runaway Daughters

Peg Entwistle

http://www.findadeath.com/Deceased/e/Peg%20Entwistle/peg_entwistle.htm (includes video)

Thirteen Women 1932

Dick Erdman



   Mr. Skeffington, Janie, The Very Thought of You, The Horn Blows at Midnight 1945, Hollywood Canteen, Deception, Rascal,

Cry Danger 1951 , Mr. Majestyk, Heidi's Song (voice), Tomboy, Trancers, Valet Girls, Stewardess School,

The Pagemaster (voice), The Learning Curve, The Bag, Stalag 17 1953The Admiral Was a Lady 1950Trancers 1985

Leif Erickson



  The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 1933, ...One Third of a Nation, Joan of Arc, Sorry Wrong Number 1948, Arabian Nights,

The Snake Pit 1948, The Lady Gambles, Stella, The Cimarron Kid, Sailor Beware, Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd,

On the Waterfront 1954, Captain Scarface, Tea and Sympathy, Once Upon a Horse, Winterhawk 1975

Leon Errol



Shorts: Nearly Spliced, Three Little Swigs, Hold Your Temper, Autobyeography, Service With a Smile,

Perfectly Mismatched, One Too Many, Hit and Rum, Salesman Ahoy, Honeymoon Bridge, One Live Ghost,

Wrong Romance, Should Wives Work?, The Dummy Owner, The Jitters, Major Difficulties,

Moving Vanities, Bested by a Beard, Tattle Television, A Panic in the Parlor, Wedded Blitz, Mail Trouble,

Gem-Jams, Say Uncle, Girls! Girls! Girls!, He Forgot to Remember, Birthday Blues, Beware of Redheads,

I'll Take Milk, In Room 303, The Spook Speaks, Secretary Trouble, Backstage Follies, The Cactus Cut-Up, 

High and Dizzy, Oil's Well That Ends Well, Chinatown Chump, Spooky Wooky, One Wild Night, 

Lord Epping Returns

Full length: Yolanda, Sally, The Lunatic at Large, Finn and Hattie 1931, Alice in Wonderland 1933, 

The Notorious Sophie Lang, Princess O'Hara, Coronado, The Girl From Mexico 1939, The Gold Fleecing,

The Mexican Spitfire Out West 1940, Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga,

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break 1941, Mexican Spitfire's Baby 1942, Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost 1941, 

Mexican Spitfire at Sea 1942, Mexican Spitfire's Elephant 1942, Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event 1943, 

Higher and Higher, The invisible Man's Revenge, Under Western Skies, What a Blonde, Riverboat Rhythm, 

Joe Palooka, Champ, Gentleman Joe Palooka, Joe Palooka in the Knockout 1947, Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad, 

Joe Palooka in the Big Fight, Joe Paklooka in the Counterpunch 1949, Joe Palooka in Humphrey Takes a Chance, 

Eileen Erskine



  The Midas Touch 1940, Great Expectations 1946 , Hills of Home, The Way Ahead, Lady Possessed 1952,

Bees on the Boat-Deck (early TV) 1939, Ladiy Precious Stream (early TV) 1938, This Happy Breed 1944

Ben Erway



Let 'Em have It, Anything Goes 1936, Flying Hostess, Mission to Moscpw 1943, Mountain Rhythm, Here Comes Elmer, Tampico, Wilson, The Locket, Notorious 1946, The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, O.S.S., The Razor's Edge, The Dark Mirror, Louisiana, The Farmer's Daughter, Ladies' Man, The Homestretch, Lulu Belle, The Snake Pit 1947, The Tender Years, Train to Alcatraz, The Judge Steps Out, Rimfire, Sunrise at Campobello, The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, The FBI Story, Call Northside 777, That Brennan Girl, The Bishop's Wife, Pitfall 1948, Captain America

Stuart Erwin



    Mother Knows Best 1928Speakeasy 1929, Dangerous Curves, Along Came Youth, Working Girls 1931 , Day of Reckoning 1933,

 Palooka, After Office Hours, It Could happen to You 1939, Pigskin Parade, Our Town 1940, Blondie for Victory,

 Father is a Bachelor, For the Love of Mike, Son of Flubber, Shadow Over Elveron (TV) 1968

Annie Esmond



Dear Octopus, Let the People Sing, Gert and Daisy’s Weekend, Stolen Life (1939), Save a Little Sunshine (1938), Murder in the Family (1938), All That Glitters, The Tudor Touch, Pearls Bring Tears, Thunder in the City, The Crimes of Stephen Hawke (1936),  The Silent Passenger (1935), The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934), The Private Life of Don Juan (1934), The Jewel, The Private Life of Henry VIII. (1933), The Good Companions (1933), Sally Bishop (1932), Ebb Tide (1932), The Outsider (1931), To Oblige a Lady, The Changeling (1928), Skirts (1928), Tiptoes, Bindle, Millionaire (1926), Bindle’s Cocktail, Bindle Introduced, Cats (1925), Love, Life and Laughter (1923),  The Passionate Friends, Tit for Tat (1921), A Scandal in Bohemia (1921), Mr. Pim Passes By, Innocent, Kipps (1921), Unmarried (1920), Possession, Dawn (1917)

Carl Esmond

        Agent for H.A.R.M., Brushfire, Hitler 1962, Thunder In the Sun, From the Earth to the Moon, The World In His Arms 1952, 

Walk a Crooked Mile, The Desert Hawk, Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman 1947, Lover Come Back 1946, The Catman in Paris,

Without Love, Ministry of Fear 1944,  The Story of Dr. Wassell 1944, Seven Sweethearts, Panama Hattie, Sergeant York 1941,

The Dawn Patrol, Romance,  Evensong, The Emperor's Waltz, Blossom Time 1934



Jill Esmond 



    The Chinese Bungalow, The Skin Game 1931, Once a Lady, Thirteenth Woman, F.P.1 Doesn't Answer, On the Spot,

The Pied Piper, Random Harvest 1942, The White Cliffs of Dover 1944Escape, The Bandit of Sherwood Forest 1946,

A Man Called Peter

Estelita (Rodriques)



Mexicana 1945, Old Los Angeles, Susanna Pass, Hit Parade of 1951, California Passage, Belle of Old Mexico, 

Sunset of the West, In Old Amarillo, Cuban Fireball 1951, Tropical Heat Wave 1952, The Fabulous Senorita, Tropic Zone 1953,

Rio Bravo 1953, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter

Alphonse Ethier



    Jane Eyre 1910, The Forbidden Path, The Patriot and the Spy, I Want to Forget, Sandy Burke of the U-Bar-U, The Moral Sinner,

The Lone Wolf, The Alaskan 1924, The Lone Wolf Returns, Cheaters, Shadows of the Night, The Donovan Affair, 

The Storm 1930, Fair Warning, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1932, Transgression, Ex-Lady, Baby Face 1933, Golden Harvest,

Secret of the Chateau, British Agent, Mad Love, Sunset Trail, The Baroness and the Butler 1938

Ruth Etting



Sleepy Time (short), Ticket or Leave It (short), Bandits and Ballads (short), Gift of Gab, Hips, Hips, Hooray! 1934, 

Roman Scandals, The Song of Fame (short), Bye-Gones (short), An Old Spanish Onion (short), A Modern Cinderella (short)

Old Lace (short), Words & Music (short) 1931, Roseland (short), Roseland (short), Season's Greetings (short),

Artistic Temper (short) 1932

Edith Evan



   Nasty Habits 1977, The Slipper and the Rose, A Doll's House, Scrooge, Crooks and Coronets, The Madwoman of Chaillot 1969,

Fitzwilly, The Whisperers, The Chalk Garden, Tom Jones 1963The Nun's Stoty, The Importance of Being Ernest 1952,

The Queen of Spades, East is East, Honeymoon for Three

Douglas Evans



Panic in the City 1968, The Oscar, Mirage, the Errand Boy, Beloved Infadel, From the Terrace 1960, The Female Animal 1958, Short Cut to Hell, Bundle of Joy, Johnny Dark, the Eddie Cantor Story, So Big, The Big Heat 1953, The Magnetic Monster, 3,000 A.D., The Quiet Man 1952, With a Song in My Heart, Sky High, Leave It to the Marines, The Well 1951, Chicago Masquerade, I Was a Communist for the FBI 1951, Rustlers on Horseback, D.O.A. 1950, Neptune's Daughter, Trail's End, Hideout, Michael O'Halloran, Ruthless, Gun Talk 1947, The Crimson Key, The Farmer's Daughter, Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc, 1941, Too Many Blondes, Play Girl, The Refugee, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Dick Tracy Returns, Ruthless, Gun Talk, Dragnet, Hitler's Children, Public Cowboy #1

Estelle Evans




     The Clairvoyant 1982, A Piece of the Action, The Learning Tree, To Kill a Mockingbird 1962, The Quiet One 1948

Evans Evans



     TDead Bang 1989, Prophecy, The Iceman Cometh 1973, Story of a Love Story, Bonnie and Clyde 1967, Grand Prix 1966,

All Fall Down 1962, 

Herbert Evans




Thunder on the Hill, The Secret Fury, South Sea Sinner, Challenge to Lassie, Joan of Arc, That Forsythe Woman, Ivy 1947, 

Green Dolphin Street 1947, Jiggs and Maggie in Society, Singapore, Banjo, The Bamboo Blonde, Kitty, The Verdict, Deadline for Murder,

Bringing Up Father, The Green Years 1946, Gilda 1946, Night and Day, The Picture of Dorian Gray 1945, The Brighton Strangler,

The Corn is Green 1945, The Lodger 1944, Up in Arms, A Lady Takes a Chance, Mrs. Miniver 1942, Journey for Margaret, 

The White Cliffs of Dover, Gildersleeves on Broadway, Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror 1942, Random Harvest 1942

Johnny Doughboy, How Green Was My Valley 1941, One Night in Lisbon, Foreign Correspondent 1940, The Blue Bird, 

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante 1940, Waterloo Bridge 1940, The Little Princess, The Rains Came, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1939, 

A Christmas Carol 1938, Saleslady, Mysterious Mr. Moto, Lancer Spy, The Emperor's Candlesticks 1937, Wee Willie Winkie, 

A Star is Born 1937, Angel, The White Angel, The Charge of the Light Brigade 1936, Colleen, The Return of Sophie Lang, 

The Glass Key, Two for Tonight, Riptide, Great Expectations 1934, The Gay Bride, The Little Minister, Brief Moment, Secrets 1933,

Slightly Married, The Place of Honeymoons, The Third Degree, Her Sister, The Firebrand, The Undying Flame, All for a Husband,

Where Love Leads 1916

Linda Evans



     The Stepsister 1997, North and South II, Bare Essance, Avalanche Express 1979, Mitchell, The Klansman 1974,

 Beach Blanket Bingo 1965, 

Madge Evans



   Sinners in Paradise, Pennies From Heaven 1936, The Tunnel, Age of Indiscretion,

The Personal History, Adventures, Experience & Observations of David Copperfield the Younger 1935,

Stand Up and Cheer, Beauty for Sale,  Dinner at Eight 1933, The Mayor of Hell, Are You Listening?,

The Power and the Glory 1918,  Hallelujah I'm a Bum!, Sporting Blood , Son of India, Heidi, 

On the Banks of the Wabash, Wanted: A Mother, The Burglar , Seventeen 1916, Husband and Wife,

Zaza, Alias Jimmy Valentine, Shore Acres 1914

Maurice Evans

     Tuxedo Warrior, The Jerk 1979, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Terror in the Wax Museum, The Body Stealers 1969,

Rosemary's Baby 1968, Traitors of San Angel, Planet of the Apes 1968, Warlord, Hamlet (TV), Kind Lady,

The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan, Scrooge 1935, The Path of Glory 1934, Marry Me, White Cargo 1929



Rex Evans



       Camille, Aunt Sally 1933, Comets, The Prince and the Pauper, Vogues of 1938, Zaza, It's a Wonderful World, First Love

 Girl in 313 1940, Girl from Avenue A, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew 1937, The Philadelphia Story 1940,

 Keeper of the Flame, Suspicion, The Last Three, Mrs. Parkington, The Thin Man Goes Home 1945, Till the Clouds Roll By,

 Ziegfeld Follies, Jamaica Run, Adam's Rib 1949 , It Should Happen to You, A Star is Born, The Birds and the Bees,

 The Matchmaker, Midnight Lace 1960

Edith Evanson



        The Seven Seconds, Peneolpe, Marnie , The Clown and the Kid,  Anatomy of an Accident, The Quiet Man 1957,

 Journey to the Center of the Earth, Big Heat 1953, The Young Starnger, Storm Center, The Road to Denver, Desiree,

 The Silver Star, About Mrs. Leslie, Shane, It Happens Every Thursday, Union Station, Caged, The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951,

 Madame Bovary, Rope 1948I Remember Mama 1948, Four Jills in a Jeep, Forever Amber , The Corpse Came C.O.D.,

 Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant, Orchestra Wives, Woman of the Year 1942, Girl Trouble, Blossom's in the Dust, Citizen Kane 

Judith Evelyn



    The 13th Letter 1951, Angel Street (TV), Rear Window 1954, The Egyptian, Female on the Beach, Hilda Crane,

The Brothers Karamazov 1958Giant 1956, Twilight for the Gods, The Tingler

Chad Everett



Claudelle Inglish, Rome Adventure, The Chapman Report, The Singing Nun 1966, Johnny Tiger, The Return of the Gunfighter,

The Last Challenge, The Impossible Years 1966Airplane II: The Sequel, Fever Pitch, Heroes Stand Alone, Psycho 1998, Free Fall,

Mullholland Drive 2001, Tiptoes, Unspoken, The Pink Conspiracy, Break

Paul Everton



Indian Summer, Centennial Summer, Nob Hill, Wilson, Behind Prison Walls, The Silver Bullet, Saboteur 1942, Lydia, Blossoms in the Dust 1941, Meet John Doe 1941, Triple Justice, Hired Wife, Maisie 1939, The Law Comes to Texas, Whispering Enemies, Topper Takes a Trip, Orphans of the Street, The Mad Miss Manton, Prison Break, Little Miss Thoroughbred, Reformatory, A Dangerous Age, Merrily We Live 1938, Midnight Intruder, Over the Goal, The Life of Emile Zola 1937, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, That Royale Girl, The Conquest of Canaan, Proxies, The Silver Lining, Ginger 1919, Convict 993, Seven Keys to Baldpate 1917, The Last of the Carnabys, The Debt, A Message to Garcia, The Romance of Elaine

Tom Ewell



     They Knew What They Wanted 1940, Desert Bandit, The Football Fan, Adam's Rib, How Green is My Spinach?,

A Life of Her Own 1950, American Guerilla in the Phillipines, Mr. Music, Back at the Front 1952The Seven Year Itch 1955,

Tender is the Night 1962, State Fair, The Great Gatsby, They Only Kill Their Masters, Easy Money 1983

William Eythe

     Customs Agent, Special Agent, Mr. Reckless, Centennial Summer 1946, The House on 92nd Street 1945, Wilson 1944,

Colonel Effingham's Raid, The Eve of St. Mark, The Ox-Bow Incident 1943



Bessie Eyton

Shorts: Saved From the Snow, Kit Carson's Wooing, Coals on Fire, Blackbeard, A Diamond in the Rough,

An Indian Vestal, The Mate of the Alden Bessie, The Danites, Disillusioned, The End of the Romance, 

Bessie's Romance, The Price of Art, The Pity of It, Euchred, The Child of the Wilderness 1912, Monte Cristo 1912,

Carmen of the Isles, The Fisherboy's Faith, The Triangle, Opitsah: Apache for Sweetheart, John Colter's Escape,

The Flaming Forge, The Revolutionary Romance, Sally in Our Alley, Hiram Buys an Auto, The Wordless Message,

Alone in the Jungle, The Noisy Sex, A Wild Ride, Hope, The Lily of the Valley, The Smuggler's Sister, 

The Baby Spy, Etienne of the Glad Heart, Chip of the Flying U, The Butterfly's Wings, The Going of the White Swan, 

The Abyss 1914, The Red Blood of Courage, The Primitive Way, Aunt Mary, Love Finds a Way, Motherhood,

The Flashlight, The Regeneration of Jim Halsey, The Girl With the Red Feather, The Love of Loti San 1915,

The Love of Madge O'Mara, Her Salvation, The Witness for the State 1917, The Law North of 65, 1917, 

Full length: The Spoilers 1914, The Crisis, Little Lost Sister, The City of Purple Dreams 1918, The Still Alarm,

Who Shall Take My Life?, The Way of a Man With a Maid, A Man of Honor, Cheap Kisses, The Girl of Gold 1925  



Shelley Fabares

The Girl Rush, Rock, Pretty Baby, Never Say Goodbye 1956, Summer Love, Marjorie Morningstar 1958, Ride the Wild Surf, Girl Happy, Spinout, Clambake, Operation Heartbeat, A Time to Sing, Brian's Song 1971, Two for the Money, Friendships, Secrets and Lies 1979, Memorial Day, Class Cruise,Deadly Relations, The Great Mom Swap 1995, A Nightmare Comes True, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story 1995, 





Mr. Rock 'n' Roll: The Allan Freed Story (TV), Get Crazy, Kiss Daddy Goodbye, Jukebox 1978, Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold (TV) 1978, Little Laura and Big John, Getting Married (TV), Soul Hustler, The Hard Ride, A Bullet for Pretty Boy 1970, The Devil's 8, Maryjane 1968, Thunder Alley 1967, Ten Little Indians 1965, Fireball 500, Dear Brigitte, Ride the Wild Surf 1964, The Longest Day 1962, Five Weeks in a Balloon, Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation 1962, North to Alaska, Love in a Goldfish Bowl, High Time, Hound-Dog Man 1959



Tom Fadden



Empire of the Ants 1977, Dirty Dingus Magee, Flareup, A Big Hand for the Little Lady, Paradise Alley,  Pocketful of Miracles, Flaming Star, Hound-Dog Man, Edge of Eternity, Don't Knock the Rock, Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956, Thy Neighbours Wife, Drums of the Deep South, Dallas, Big Jack, Moonrise, Raw Deal, The Hunted, Panhandle 1948, The Inside Story, B.F.'s Daughter, That Hagen Girl 1947, Dark Passage 1947, Cheyenne, Easy Come, Easy Go, Dragnet 1947, California, The Big Sleep 1946, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 1946, A Stolen Life 1046, Dragonwyck, State Fair, Incendiary Blonde, Murder, He Says, The Thin Man Goes Home 1944, In Society, The Hairy Ape, Henry Aldrich's Little Secret, A Lady Takes a Chance 1943, Edge of Darkness, The Glass Key 1942, The Postman Didn't Ring, My Favourite Blonde, The Night Before the Divorce, Blondie Goes to Coattage, The Howards of Virginia, Zanzibar, When the Daltons Rode, Congo Maisie, Destry Rides Again 1939, Held for Ransom 1938

Lucille Fairbanks



Calling All Husbands, Knute Rockne-- All-American 1940, Saturday's Children, Flight Angels, A Fugitive from Justice, The Strawberry Blonde 1941, Passage From Hong Kong, Klondike Fury, The Man Who Returned to Life 1942

Sydney Fairbrother




Ali Baba Nights, The Gaiety Girls 1938, Dreaming Lips, Chu Chin Chow, Brewster's Millions 1935, All In, Insult, Down Our Street, Murder on the Second Floor, Married Love, Iron Justice 1915, Me and Me Moke, Temptation's Hour, Auld Lang Syne 1917, Faith 1919, A Temporary Gentleman, The Bachelor's Club, The Beloved Vagabond, Love, Life and Laughter 1923, Heartstrings, Spots, Don Quixote 1923, Cats, Nell Gwyn, The Temperance Fete 1932, The Third String, The Return of Raffles, Gay Love 1934, Little Dolly Daydream, Sally Bishop 1924

Lola Falana



Mad About You 1990, Siegried and Roy (TV), Lady Cocoa, Klansman 1974, The Liberation of L.B. Jones 1970,

Lola Colt, Quando dico che ti amo, A Man Called Adam 1966

Peter Falk



American Cowslip 2009, Next, Three Days to Vegas, Checking Out, Finding John Christmas (TV),

Undisputed 2002, Three Days of Rain, Corky Romano, Made 2001, Enemies of Laughter, Lakeboat,

Vig (TV), The Sunshine Boys (TV), A Storm in Summer (TV), Roommates 1995, Cookie, Vibes, 

The Princess Bride 1987, Wings of Desire, The Great Muppet Caper, The Brink's Job 1978, 

Murder By Death 1976, A Woman Under the Influence, Husbands, Castle Keep, Machine Gun McCain,

Luv, Brigadoon (TV) 1966, The Great Race 1965, Robin and the 7 Hoods 1964, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World,

The Balcony, Pressure Point 1962, Pocketful of Miracles, The Secret of the Purple Reef, Pretty Boy Floyd,

The Bloody Brood 1959, Wind Across the Everglades, Murder Inc. 1960, Prescription: Murder (TV) 1968

The Cheap Detective 1978, 

List of Columbo Movie Specials:


Jinx Falkenburg



Somebody Up There Likes Me, Talk About a Lady, Meet Me on Broadway 1946, The Gay Senorita,

Tahiti Nights, Cover Girl 1944, Nine Girls, She Has What it Takes, Two Senoritas From Chicago, 

Laugh Your Blues Away, Lucky Legs, Two Latins From Manhattan 1941, Sing For Your Supper,

The Lone Ranger Rides Again, Song of the Buckaroo 1938, Nothing Sacred 1937, Stand-In,

Big Brown Eyes, Strike Me Pink 1936 

James Farley



Sins of Her Parent, The Spirit of '17, Believe Me, Xantippe 1918, An Innocent Adventuress, Nugget Nell, You Never Saw Such a Girl, Alias Jimmy Valentine, The One-Man Trail, Little Wildcat 1922, The Woman With Four Faces, The General 1925, The King of Kings 1927, The Grip of the Yukon, The Dance of Life, Dynamite 1929, Lucky Larkin, Charlie Chan Carries On 1931, Texas Cyclone, Jealousy 1934, Frisco Kid, Midnight Phantom, Carnival 1935, The Bride Walks Out, Captain January 1936, The Petrified Forest 1936, The Milky Way, San Francisco 1936, The Californian, A Girl With Ideas, The Hit Parade 1937, The Girl of the Golden West, Sweethearts 1938, Angels With Dirty Faces, Exposed, Dodge City 1939, Code of the Streets, Risky Business 1939, Santa Fe Trail, Virginia City 1940, East Side Kids, In the Navy, Pacific Blackout, In Old California 1942, This Gun for Hire 1942, Hitler's Madmen 1943, I Dood It, Sleepy Lagoon 1943, The Pride of the Yankees 1943, Gentle Annie, Christmas Holiday 1944, Roughly Speaking, They Were Expendable 1945, The Valley of Decision 1945, The Kid From Brooklyn 1946, Murder in the Music Hall, The Adventures of Mark Twain, The Postman Always Rings Twice 1946, Ladies' Man, Curley 1947

Virginia Farmer

High Noon 1952, Bannerline, Rendezvous, M 1951, Gambling House, Born to Be Bad, Cyrano de Bergerac, Surrender 1950, The Men, Destination Big House, Gun Crazy 1950, Captain Carey, U.S.A., Follow Me Quietly, The Big Steal, Lust for Gold, Shockproof, Let's Live a Little, A Woman's Secret, The Cobra Strikes, Secret Beyond the Door..., That Hagen Girl 1947, Brute Force 1947, Johnny O'Clock, California, Margie, Decoy, To Each His Own 1946, Deadline at Dawn, Strangler in the Swamp, The Fatal Witness, Going My Way, Lady In the Dark 1944, Lucky Jordan, The Affairs of Martha, This Gun for Hire 1942, The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine, Lady From Louisiana 1941


Franklyn Farnum



Pepe, Cimarron, The Rat Race 1960, The Hypnotic Eye, Cash McCall, The Gazebo, Career, Pillow Talk 1959, Say One for Me, The Young Philadelphians 1959, Home Came Running 1959, The Tunnel of Love, Voice in the Mirror, Wild is the Wind, Pal Joey 1957, My Man Godfrey, An Affair to Remember, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Funny Face, Teenage Rebel, The Opposite Sex, Around the World in Eighty Days, Cha-Cha-Cha Boom!, The Solid Gold Cadillac, High Society 1956, The Killing 1956, Ransom!, The Benny Goodman Story, Artists and Models, Guys and Dolls 1955, Illegal, To Catch a Thief, Wichita, Not as a Stranger, Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, East of Eden, Black Tuesday, The Country Girl 1954, Destry, White Christmas, A Star is Born 1954, Living It Up, Forbidden, Forever Female, Easy to Love 1953, Calamity Jane, Second Chance, The Grace Moore Story, Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Paris, Meet Me at the Fair, Invasuion U.S.A., The Turning Point, The Ring, Carrie 1952, Target for Scandal, Confidence Girl, The Silent Voice, The Half-Breed, The Narrow Margin 1952, With a Song In My Heart, Mutiny, Marshmallow Moon, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Strange Door, The Stooge, Love Nest, Roadblock, A Place in the Sun, Strangers on a Train 1951, Francis Goes to the Races, Santa Fe, Lullaby of Broadway, Wedding Bells, Payment on Demand, Sierra Passage, Blue Busters, All About Eve 1950, Right Cross, A Life of Her Own, The Toast of New Orleans, Sunset Blvd. 1950, Ellen, Bright Leaf, Colt .45, No Man of Her Own, Gun Crazy 1950, The File on Thelma Jordan, Undertow, Dear Wife, The Heiress, House of Strangers, Alimony, Tulsa, Hideout, Knock on Any Door, A Letter to Three Wives 1948, My Dear Secretary, Johnny Belinda, Wallflower, Smart Woman, Mr. Reckless, The Big Clock, A Double Life, Road to Rio, Indian Summer, Gentleman's Agreement, Cass Timberlane, Magic Town, The Perils of Pauline, High Tide, Monsieur Verdoux, The Farmer's Daughter, San Quentin, Deception, Crack-Up, To Each His Own, The Lost Weekend 1945, Fallen Angel, George White's Scandals, Lady on a Train 1944, Incendiary Blonde, Over 21, A Song to Remember, The Poisoner, The White Cliffs of Dover, Going My Way 1944, Appointment in Berlin, The Secret Code, Juke Girl, Johnny Eager, The Night of January 10th, Belle Starr, Million Dollar Baby, Female Correspondent, Tin Pan Alley, Boom Town 1940, Deadwood Dick, Charlie Chan in Panama, The Shadow, Reno, Stagecoach 1939, Crime takes a Holiday, Vivacious Lady, Romance of the Rockies, Souls at Sea, The Plainsman, Charlie Chan at the Circus, The Crime of Dr. Forbes, Powdersmoke Range, Page Miss Glory, The Ghost Rider, Gold Diggers of 1935, Desert Mesa, Carrying the Mail (short), Border Guns, Neighbour's Wives,Mark of the Spur, Broken Links, Defiance, Hell's Valley, The Third Alarm 1930, Rough Going, Billy the Kid 1925, The Train Wreckers, The Drugstore Cowboy, Border Intrigue, Courage 1924, Calibre 45 1924, Baffled, Cross Roads 1922, White Masks, The Struggle, The Land of Jazz 1920, Vanishing Trails, The Virtuous, The Vanity Pool 1918, 5,000 Dollar Reward, Fast Company, The Scarlet Car, Anything Once, The Car of Chance, Bringing Home Father 1917, Time and Tide, The Man Who Took a Chance, Love Never Dies, The Heart of a Show (short) 1916

Felicia Farr




That's Life!, Charley Varrick 1973, Kotch, The Venetian Affair, Kiss Me, Stupid 1964, 3:10 to Yuma 1957, Reprisal!,

Family Classics: The Three Musketeers (TV) 1960, Hell Bent for Leather, Onionhead, The Last Wagon,

Time Table, Big House U.S.A. 1955, The First Texan, Jubal 1956

Patricia Farr

Incendiary Blonde 1945, Highways by Night, This Gun for Hire 1942, Skylark 1941, West Point Widow, Mr. & Mrs. Smith 1941, Who Killed Aunt Maggie?, Lady Behave!, All-American Sweetheart, Girls Can Play, Lady Luck 1936, Three of a Kind, The Lady in Scarlet 1935, Metropolitan, Helldorado, Tailspin Tommy 1934, Stand Up and Cheer! 1934, Footlight Parade, What Price Hollywood?, The Secret Call 1931



Charles Farrell



The Deady Game, Tail Spin 1939, Just Around the Corner, Moonlight Sonata, Falling In Love, The Big Shakedown, Girl Without a Room, Tess of the Storm Country, After Tomorrow, Delicious 1931, City Girl 1930, Body and Soul 1931, Liliom, Sunnyside Up, Happy Days, The Red Dancer of Moscow, 7th Heaven 1927, Sandy, Clash of the Wolves, The Golden Bed, Rosita, The Cheat 1923 

Glenda Farrell



    The Bureau of Missing Persons , Tiger By the Tale, Middle of the Night, Susan Slept Here 1954, Lulu Belle, Heading for Heaven,

The Talk of the Town, Kissin' Cousins, The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, Johnny Eager 1941, Hollywood Hotel, Smart Blonde 1937,

Fly Away Baby 1937,  Here Comes Carter 1936, Nobody's Fool, Little Big Shot, In Caliente, Gold Diggers of 1935 1935,

The Big Shakedown 1934, The Personality Kid, Heat Lightning, Lady for a Day, The Keyhole, Mystery of the Wax Museum,

I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1932Life Begins, Little Caesar 1931, Grand Slam, Girl Missing, Lucky Boy

Sharon Farrell



Kiss Her Goodbye 1959, 40 Pounds of Trouble, A Lovely Way to Die, Marlowe 1969, The Reivers, The Love Machine 1971, 

The Eyes of Charles Sand (TV), The Underground Man (TV), It's Alive 1974, The Premonition, The Fifth Floor, 

The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang (TV), No Looking Back, The Stunt Man, Separate Ways, Sweet Sixteen, 

Lone Wolf McQuade 1983Night of the Comet, Can't Buy Me Love, One Man Force, Lonely Hearts 1991,

Sworn to Vengeance (TV), Yakuza Connection (TV), Beyond Desire, A Gift From Heaven, Last Chance Love 1997

Martin Faust



An American Romance, Larceny With Music, Bombardier, G-Men VS The Black Dragon, X Marks the Spot, Invisible Agent, Spy Smasher, In Old California 1942, Paris Calling, They Died With Their Boots On 1941, Saddlemates, Unholy Partners, Hullabaloo, Gold Rush Maisie 1940, The House of Seven Gables 1940, West of Carson City, Tower of London 1939, Rio, Maisie 1939, Union Pacific, The Storm, Kidnapped, Wells Fargo 1937, Ramona, Pursuit, Barbary Coast 1935, Charlie Chan in Paris 1935, The Little Colonel, Mystery Woman, Six of a Kind, High Speed, Hell Bound, Whoopee!, Spider Webs, Yolanda, The Tents of Allah 1923, A Face in the Fog 1922, Wife Number Two, The Slave, The Child of Destiny, The Kiss of Hate, Lena Rivers 1914, Emmy of Stork's Nest, Beacon Billington's Downfall (short), Chelsea 7750, A Hero Among Men (short), The Village Blacksmith (short), The Pillars of Society (short), The Vicar of Wakefield (short), Jane Eyre 1910

George Fawcett



Personal Maid, Swing High, The Bad One, A Woman of Experience 1931, Wonder of Women, Ladies of Leisure 1930,

Hot for Paris, The Four Feathers 1929, Innocents of Paris, Lady of the Pavements, The Wedding March,

The Little Wildcat 1928, Tempest 1928, Love, Riding to Fame, Painting the Town, Hard-Boiled Haggerty,

See You in Jail, Spring Fever, The Little Firebrand, Snowbound, The Valley of the Giants 1927, There You Are,

Flesh and the Devil 1926, Two Can Play, The Verdict 1925, The Circle 1925, Up the Ladder, Thank You, The Price of Pleasure, 

Souls for Sables, The Merry Widow 1925, Some Pun'kins, Joanna, Triumph, A Lost Lady, The Bedroom Window,

Code of the Sea, Tess of the D' Urbervilles 1924, The Breaking Point 1924, Salomy Jane, Hollywood, His Children's Children,

The Woman With Four Faces, Only 38, Beyond the Rainbow, Destiny's Isle, The Curse of the Drink, Ebb Tide,

Isle of Doubt, The Old Homestead, Nobody, His Wife's Husband, Chivalrous Charley, Hush Money, Paying the Piper, 

Lessons in Love, Little Italy, Bab's Candidate, Sentimental Tommy, Two Weeks, Idols of Clay 1920, Scarlet Days, Nobody Home,

I'll Get Him Yet, The Railroader 1919, The Fall of Babylon, A Romance of Happy Valley, The Greatest Question, The Great Love,

The Hope Chest, The Hun Within, Little Lost Sister, The Cinderella Man 1917, Shirley Clay, Betty of Graystone,

The Crisis 1916, The Majesty of the Law

William Fawcett




     The Gnome-Mobile, King Rat 1965, Dear Brigitte, The Wheeler Dealers 1963, Mary, Mary, Gypsy, The Interns 1962, 

Claudelle Inglish, No Time For Sergeants 1958, Damn Yankees!, The Tijuana Story, Gun Glory, Canyon River,

Seminole Uprising 1955, The Yellow Mountain, The Law VS Billy the Kid, The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd 1953, 

Gunsmoke, Montana Incident, Has Anybody Seen My Gal, The Longhorn 1951, Honeychile, Mysterious Island,

Ace In the Hole 1951, The Mating Season, Pirates of the High Seas, The Adventures of Sir Galahad 1949,

Words and Music, An Act of Murder, High wall, Black Hills, Green Dolphin Street 1947, The King Steps Out

Jesslyn Fax



       Mrs. O'Malley and Mr.Malone 1950, Scared Stiff, Kiss Me Deadly 1955Rear Window 1954, How to Be Very, Very Popular,

 Desk Set, North by Northwest 1959, 4 For Texas, The Interns, The Music Man, The Ghost and Mrs. Chicken, Angel in My Pocket 1969

Frank Fay



Love Nest 1951, Spotlight Scandals, The Tragedy of Divorce, Nothing Sacred 1937, Stars Over Broadway, The Stolen Jools, Too Many Women 1931, Bright Lights, A Matrimonial Problem, The Show of Shows 1929, Stout Hearts and Willing Hands (short) 1931

Julia Faye



       The Ten Commandments 1956, The Greatest Show on Earth, Samson and Delolah 1946Dynamite 1929, Red, Hot and Blue,

 Unconquererd, Till We Meet Again 1936, Feet of Clay, Adam's Rib 1923, It Pays to Advertise 1919,

 Miss Leffingwell's Booys 1918, Life of the Party, the Snob

Joey Faye



   Merrily We Sing, Close-Up 1948, Let's Do It Again, Street of Sinners, Sing Boy Sing, Ten North Frederick 1958, 

The Tender Trap 1955,, The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock 1959North to Alaska, That Touch of Mink,

Once Upon a Time In America, Penelope

Adolph Faylauer



Back Street 1961, Inherit the Wind 1960, North by Northwest, Auntie Mame, Ten Thousand Bedrooms, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Around the World in 80 Days, The Swan 1956, The Harder They Fall 1956, Guys and Dolls, I'll Cry Tomorrow, Easy to Love, The Actress, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Law and the Lady, Under My Skin, The Lady Gambles, The Saxon Charm, It Happened on Fifth Avenue, Johnny O'Clock, The Razor's Edge 1946, The Stranger, A Night in Casablanca, Week-End at the Waldorf, Rhapsody in Blue, Step Lively, Mission to Moscow, Crossroads, Three Comrades 1938, Charlie Chan at the Opera, Fury 1936, Mr.. Deeds Goes to Town, Magnificent Obsession, A Night at the Opera, Anna Karenina, Broadway Melody of 1936, Secret of the Chateau, The Road to Ruin, A Night in Cairo, Red-Headed Woman 1932, Platinum Blonde, Little Caesar 1931, The Love Parade, Skinner's Dress Suit 1926

Frank Faylen



     Road Gang, Bullets or Ballots, Gold Diggers of 1937 1936, The Case of the Stuttering Bishop, They Won't Forget,

 That Certain Woman, Too Hot to Handle, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, You Can't Get Away with Murder 1939,

 It's a Wonderful World, Gone With the Wind 1939, Edison, the Man, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, Margie, Affectionately Yours,

 Dr. Kildare's Victory, Sargeant York 1941, The Pride of the Yankees, The Palm Beach Story 1942, Corvette K-225,

 A Guy Named Joe, Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble,  To Each His Own, The Blue Dahlia, It's a Wonderful Life 1946,

 99 River Street, Road to Rio, The Monkey's Uncle, Fluffy, Funny Girl, The Canterville Ghost 1944The Lost Weekend 1945, Convicted, Riot in Cell Block 11, Fluffy


Louise Fazenda



     Married Life 1920The Beautiful and the Damned 1922The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln 1924The Bat 1927,

 Poor Jake's Demise, The Desert Song 1929, Hogan's Romance Upset, The Bat, Noah's Ark, No, No, Nanette, Riley the Cop,

 Alice in Wonderland, Once in a Lifetime, The Casino Murder Case 1935, Ever Since Eve, First Lady, The Old Maid 1939,

 No, No, Nanette 1930

Margaret Fealy




The Love Parade, The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu 1930, Cross-Examination, On Probation 1935, Exclusive, The Buccaneer, The House of Seven Gables 1940, Mad Youth, The Son of Monte Cristo, Jam Session, The Seventh Cross, Summer Holiday

Maude Fealy




The Immortal Flame, The Buccaneer, The Ten Commandments, Pamela Congreve 1914, The Unfaithfil, A Double Life, Gaslight, Seventeen, Union Pacific, Laugh and Get Rich, Bondwomen, The Musician's Daughter (short), Frou Frou 1914, The Woman Pays (short), The Legend of Provence, Moths 1913, Little Dorrit (short) 1913, Auraira Floyd (short), East Lynne (short), David Copperfield (short) 1911, King Rene's daughter (short) 1913

Fritz Feld



    Bringing Up Baby 1938Tovarich 1937, Swingtime In the Movies , Quiet Please, It's a Date 1940Maisie Gets Her Man 1942,

Heavenly Music, Her Sister's Secret, Rhythm Inn, My Favourite Spy, Living It Up, Idiot's Delight 1939, Jail Busters,

A Ship Comes In 1928The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947Up in Smoke 1957

Marty Feldman




     The Bed Sitting Room 1969, Every Home Should Have One, Young Frankenstein 1974, The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins,

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother 1975, Sex With a Smile, Silent Movie, The Last Remake of Beau Geste 1977,

 In God We Tru$t, Slapstick (of Another Kind), Yellowbeard 1983

Norman Fell



   The Violators, Inherit The Wind 1960, The Rat Race 1960, Ocean's Eleven 1960, PT 109, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 1963,

Ghostbreakers, The Young Warriors, Fitzwilly, Bullitt, The Young Runaways, If it's Tuesday it Must Be Belgium 1969,

Catch-22 1970, The Boatniks, Charley Varrick, The Stone Killer, Airport 1975 1974, Rabbit Test, The End,

On the Right Track, Stripped to Kill, You're Driving Me Crazy, The Destiny of Marty Fine, Pork Chop Hill 1959

Edith Fellows



     In the Mood 1987, Grace Kelly (TV), Mirage, Lilith 1964, Girls' Town, Her First Romance, Out West With the Peppers 1940,

Music in My Heart, City Streets, Pennies From Heaven 1936, Little Miss Roughneck, One-Way Ticket, Jane Eyre 1942,

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbagepatch 1942, The Life of Vergie Winters, This Side of Heaven, Penquin Pool Murder, 

Divorce in the Family, Emma 1932, Madame X 1929

Edwige Fenech



Hostel: Part II 2007, An Ideal Adventure 1982, Ace 1981, Sugar, Honey and Pepper 1980, Hot Potato, Taxi Girl,

A Policewoman on the Porno Squad 1979, Saturday, Sunday and Friday, Innocence and Desire, All the Colours of the Dark 1972,

Madame Bovary 1969, Top Sensation, All Mad About Him

Hilda Fenemore




Chance of a Lifetime, The Case of the Missing Scene, Blueprint for Danger 1952, Time Bomb, Turn the Key Softly, 

Saturday Island, Souls in Conflict, Adventure in the Hopfields, Hands of Destiny, Room in the House 1955, 

The Eternal Question, Supersonic Saucer, The End of the Road, Treasure at the Mill, The Tommy Steele Story,

Black Ice, The Young and the Guilty, The Strange World of Planet X 1958, The Safecracker 1958, Innocent Sinners, 

Carry on Nurse 1959, Carry On, Constable 1960, Feet of Clay, The Wind of Change, The Boys, The War Lover, 

Strongroom 1962, This is My Street, Witchcraft, Clash by Night 1964, Along the Way, The Offense, The Stud,

Going Dutch, Full Circle, Absolution 1978

Leslie Fenton



     Gentle Julia, Havoc, Lazybones, East Lynne 1925, The Road to Glory, What Price Glory? 1926, Dragnet,

Girls Gone Wild, Broadway, Dynamite, The Public Enemy 1931, The Strange Love of Molly Louvain 1932

The Guilty Generation, F.P. 1 1933, Fugitive Road, Marie Galante, The Casino Murder Case 1935, 

Men Without Names, White Lies, Murder on a Bridal Path 1936, China Passage, Boys' Town

Elsie Ferguson

Barbary Sheep, The Rise of Jenny Cushing, The Song of Songs, The Lie, A 

Doll's House 1918, Heart of the Wilds, Under the Greenwood Tree, His 

Parisian Wife, The Marriage Price, The Avalanche 1919, A Society Exile, 

The Witness for the Defense, His House in O rder 1920, Lady Rose's Daughter, 

Footlights, Forever 1921, The Unknown Lover, Sacred and Profane Love, 

Counterfeit, Scarlet Pages 1930 (only talkie)

Frank Ferguson



        Dancing on the High Seas 1940, Father is a Prince, This Gun for Hire 1942, City of Silent Men,

 The Meanest Man in the World 1943, Truck Busters, Blonde for a Day, The Inside Story 1948State Department: File 649 1949,

 Frenchie, Santa Fe, Room for One More, Has Anybody Seen My Gal 1952, The Marksman, The Lone Hand,  Big Leaguer,

 Wicked Woman, Young at Heart 1954Moonfleet 1955, Andy Hardy Comes Home, Raymie, Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte 1964

Abel Fernandez

Second Chance 1953, Alaska Seas 1954, Fort Yuma, Many Rivers to Cross, Target Zero, The Harder They Fall 1956, The Last Wagon, 

The Tijuana Story, Decision at Sundown, Pork Chop Hill 1959, The Age of Violence, The Appaloosa, Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round 1966, 

Madigan 1968, Topaz, Quicksilver, Buster's Bedroom



Mel Ferrer



Only the Good Die Young, Easy Come, Easy Go, Outrage!, City of the Walking Dead, Screamers 1980, The Fifth Floor,

The Visitor 1979, The Hi-Riders, Eaten Alive, Brannigan, Sex and the Single Girl 1964, The fall of the Roman Empire,

The Devil and the Ten Commandments 1963, The longest Day 1962, The World, the Flesh and the Devil, The Vintage,

War and Peace 1956, Lili, Knights of the Round Table 1954, Scarmouche, The Brave Bulls, Lost Boundaries

Jose Ferrer



Hired to Kill, The Wind in the Willows, Seduced, Covenant, The Evil That Men Do, Dune 1984, To Be or Not to Be 1983,

The Being, A Midsummer Night's Comedy, Berlin Tunnel 21, Gideon's Trumpet, The Fifth Musketeer, The Swarm, 

The Sentinel, Voyage of the Damned, The Art of Crime, Medical Story, The Missing are Deadly, Crosscurrent 1971,

The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Young Rebel, Stop Train 349, Lawrence of Arabia 1962, I Accuse!,

The Cockshell Heroes, The Caine Mutiny 1954, Miss Sadie Thompson, Moulin Rouge 1953, Cyrano de Bergerac 1951,

The Secret Fury, Whirlpool, 

Stepin Fetchit




       Nameless Men, Fox Movietone Follies of 1929 1929, Wild Horse, Stand Up and Cheer! 1934, Charlie Chan in Egypt, Zenobia

Miracle In Harlem, Bend of the River, Amazing Grace, Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 1976,

The Mysterious Stranger 1925

Edwige Feuillere



The Champion Cook 1932, The Pearl, Make Up, Topaze, Barcarolle, Golgotha 1935, Stradivarius 1935, Lucretia Borgia 1935,

The Happy Road, Mr. Flow, The Emigrant 1940, Women of Malacca, I Was an Adventuress, Without Tomorrow 1940,

Miss Bonaparte, As Long as I Live, Once is Not Enough 1946, Woman Hater, Olivia 1951, The Seventh Commandment,

Famous Love Affairs, The Real Bargain,  A Touch of Venus, Earth Light, Flesh of the Orchid 1975, 

John Fiedler




     12 Angry Men 1957, Stage Struck, A Raisin in the Sun 1961, That Touch of Mink, Guns of Diablo, Kiss Me, Stupid,

Girl Happy 1965, True Grit 1969, Rascal, The Odd Couple 1968, Honky, Deathmaster, The Fortune,

The World of Henry Orient 1964, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (voice) 1977Weekend With Kate 1990

Boulevard Nights, The Cannonball Run, Sweet Smell of Success, The Great Bank Robbery, The Shaggy D.A., Boulevard Nights,

Midnight Madness, Sharky's Machine 1981, I am the Cheese, Weekend With Kate,

Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year (voice) 2002, Pooh's Hefflump Movie (voice)

Betty Field



     What a Life 1939Of Mice and Men 1939, Seventeen, Victory, Blues In the Night 1941, Kings Row, Flesh and Fantasy 1943,

Tomorrow, the World!, The Great Gatsby, Picnic 1955, Bus Stop, Peyton Place, Butterfield 8 1960, 7 Women,

How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life 1968, Coogan's Bluff

Margaret Field



Inside Detroit, So This is Love 1953, Captive Women, Carrie 1952, For Men Only, The Dakota Kid, It's a Small World,

Paid in Full, Chicago Deadline, My Friend Irma 1949, Night Has a Thousand Eyes 1948, Beyond Glory, 

The Perils of Pauline 1947, The Big Clock 1948, Ladies' Man, Blue Skies, The Man From Planet X 1951

Mary Field



        The Prince and the Pauper 1937, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, The Storm, Made for Each Other,

 The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, Girls of the Road 1940, I Take This Woman, The Ape, Wild Geese Calling 1941,

 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Miss Annie Rooney, The Major and the Minor , Ball of Fire 1941A Lady Takes a Chance,

 Love Letters, The Affairs of Susan 1945, Miracle on 34th Street 1947 , Song of the South, The Fuller Brush Man,

 Sorry, Wrong Number, The Babe Ruth Story, Henry, The Rainmaker 1949 , Out of the Past, Driftwood, Louisiana, 

 Cheaper By the Dozen, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Price of Fear, The Toy Tiger, Ride a Crooked Trail,

 Seven Ways from Sundown 1960

Shirley Ann Field



The Power of Three, The Kid 2010, Loving Deadly, At Risk, U.F.O., The Rachel Papers 1989, Getting It Right, Shag,

My Beautiful Laundrette 1985, House of the Living Dead, With Love In Mind, Alfie 1966, Hell is Empty, The War Lover,

The Damned, Doctor in Clover, Lunch Hour, Beat Girl, Man in the Moon 1950. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 1960,

The Entertainer 1960, Once More, With Feeling!, Horrors of the Black Museum, The Good Companions, Loser Takes All,

It's a Wonderful World 1956, Simon and Laura 1955

Sylvia Field



   All Mine to Give 1957, Junior Miss 1945, The Great Moment, Her Primitive Man 1944, The Home Girl, The Medicine Men,

Blondie For Victory , Nobody's Darling, Fired Wife, Salome Where She Danced, Tillie the Toiler 1941

Virginia Field



      Dial 1119 1950Christmas Eve 1947, Ladies' Man, Hudson's Bay, Waterloo Bridge 1940, Eternally Yours,

Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation 1939, Little Lord Fauntelroy, The Merry Widow, The Primrose Path, The Veils of Bagdad,

The Explosive Generation 1961, The Earth Dies Screaming, The Lady is Willing 1934Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 1937

Fenella Fielding



Wishboy, The All Together, Beginner's Luck, Guest House Paradiso 1999, A Winter Story (TV), 

Drop Dead Darling 1966, Carry on Screaming! 1966, The Old Dark House 1963, Doctor in Distress, 

Carry on Regardless 1961, No Love for Johnny, Foxhole in Cairo, Doctor in Love, Follow a Star, 

Sapphire 1959

Gracie Fields



Sally in Our Alley, Looking on the Bright Side, This Week of Grace 1933, Look Up and Laugh, Queen of Hearts,

Holy Matrimony 1943Shipyard Sally, Molly and Me, Paris Underground, We're Going to Be Rich,

The Show Goes On 1937, Love, Life and Laughter 1934, 

Stanley Fields



       The Border Legion, Manslaughter, Cimarron 1931, The Painted Woman, Mutiny on the Bounty 1935, The Parade of 1937,

Algiers 1938, Hell`s Kitchen 1939, Ski Patrol, New Moon

Warren Finnerty




Murder Inc. 1960, the Connection, The Pawnbroker 1964, The Brig, Andy, Cool Hand Luke 1967, Easy Rider 1969, 

The Panic in Needle Park, Scream Free, Free Grass, Marlowe, The Last Movie, Kid Blue, The Laughing Policeman, Cockfighter,

Injun fender

Kai Fischer



Locked Up 2004, Happy Weekend, Holocaust II: The Revenge, Lena Rais, 50/50 1977, Paura, Naugty Knickers 1970, Guess Who's Coming for Breakfast?, The Inn on Dartmoor, Room 13, Too Hot to Handle 1960, The Hellfire Club, Girls of the Night 1958, Sand, Love and Salt

Richard Fiske

The Major and the Minor, Valley of the Sun, Blue Clay, The Officer and the Lady, Doctor's Alibi, North From the Lone Star 1941, Welcome Stranger, Girls Under 21, Blondie Plays Cupid, Men Without Souls, The Anchor, Scandal Sheet, The Man From Tumbleweeds 1940, Parents on Trial, Konga, Overland With Kit Carson, Flying G-Men, Blondie Meets the Boss, Blondie 1938, Girls' School, The Little Adventuress, Termites of 1938 (short)



Robert Fiske



Sky Parade 1936, Missing Girls 1936, Manhattan Madness, The Cowboy Star, The Old Corral, The Devil Diamond, Battle of Greed 1937, Old Louisiana, The Law Commands, Drums of Destiny, Raw Timber, Hawaiian Buckaroo, Purple Riders, Cassidy of Bar 20 1938, Test Pilot 1938, Private Nurse, The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, Sunset Trail, The Colorado Trail, The Lady Objects 1938, Crime Takes a Holiday 1938, I Am a Criminal, Society Lawyer, The Man From Sundown, Buried Alive, The Shadow, East Side Kids 1940, Deadwood Dick, Colorado 1940, The Green Archer, The Big Boss, International Lady, Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc.1941, Next in Line, The Secret Code, Dead Man's Gulch  

Barry Fitzgerald



     Land of Her Fathers 1924, The Sea Wolf, Bringing Up Baby, Ebb Tide, Marie Antoinette, How Green Was My Valley 1941,

The Amazing Mrs. Holliday, Tarzan's Secret Treasure, Going My Way 1944, Corvette K-225, And Then There Was None 1945,

California, The Naked City, The Story of Seabiscuit, Union Station 1950, The Catered Affair, Rooney, Broth of a Boy

Geraldine Fitzgerald



     Nobody Lives Forever 1946, 'Til We Meet Again, Dark Victory 1939Ten North Frederick 1958,

The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry,Watch on the Rhine, The Gay Sisters 1942, Wuthering Heights 1939, The Mill on the Floss,

Debt of Honor, Open All Night, Blind Justice, A Child is Born 1939, Shining Victory, The Pawnbroker 1964, Harry and Tonto,

Poltergesist II: The Other Side, Bump in the Night 1991

Neil Fitzgerald

What Every Woman Knows 1934, The Bride of Frankenstein 1935, $10 Raise, 

Charlie Chan in Shanghai, Anything Goes, The White Angel, Mary of Scotland 

1936, Charlie Chan at the Race Track, Lost Horizon 1937, Parnell, London By 

Night, Kidnapped 1938, Holiday 1938, Marie Antoinette, Mr. Moto's Last 

Warning, Arrest Bulldog Drummond, Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police, The 

Adventure's of Sherlock Holmes 1939, Mirage 1965, Savages

Paul Fix 



      Wanda Nevada, Grayeagle, Cahill, U.S. Marshal, Shoot Out, Night of the Lepus 1972, Dirty Dingus Magee, Young Billy Young,

 Defeated, Welcome to Hard Times, The Ballad of Josie, Incident at Phantom Hill, Baby the Rain Must Fall, An Eye for an Eye

 The Outrage, Mail Order Bride 1964To Kill a Mockingbird 1962, Guns, Girls and Gangsters, Night Passage, 

 The Devil's Hairpin, Man in the Vault, Giant 1956, Bad Seed, The Sea Chase, Top of the Wind, Johnny Guitar 1954,

 Hondo, Red River, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon , California Passage, What Price Glory 1952,

 Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon, Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant , Sleepytime Gal, Citadel of Crime, Public Enemies,

 Dr. Cyclops 1940, Black Friday, The Girl and the Gambler, Mutiny on the Blackhawk, Crime Talkes a Holiday , The Crowd Roars

 Mr. Moto's Gamble, Charlie Chan at the Race Track, Red River 1948, Winterset, Border Cafe, Big City, Penitentiary,

 The Perfect Clown, The Avenger, Back Street, The Night of July 13th, Scarface, Flirtation Walk, Restless, The Prisoner of Shark Island, Restless


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