The Field

cultivation of the soul

an arable mind

a harvest of ideas

a seed of kind

days of ploughing

others of rest

soaking the rains

for fruitions quest

a tractor in steer

big wheels to fear

mud and rock

not shedding a tear

celebrate in festival

reaping the energy

friends and comrades

creating synergy

toasting in wine

fine art surrounds

music of glory

manicured sounds

the sun rises high

illuminating the stone

old buildings and steeples

my spirit on throne

varied and vivid

our passion enriched

history and future

forever stitched

DeaPea 12-15-14


backs of leather

flailing ailerons

bright blue eyes

buttered weather

pink imago

doming reeds

emerald waves

hidden tails ago

side by side

or tucked away

heading to surface

for air's abide

terrapin or tortoise

promiscuous convive

shelled in puzzle

proteins guzzle

this world's uncertain

flowers grieve

as destruction impels

for final curtain

DeaPea 1-3-14

Women With Long Pointy Fingernails

painted and glossy

sharp and extended

Cruella de Vil hands

slippery and splendid

they seem accusing

but have their moment

sometimes amusing

a message of foment

stiletto nails

can hurt when hugged

a piercing assail

that has me bugged

but it can be sexy

a feminine perspective

assertive in nature

earning respective

especially in black

they seem to attack

those long sharp projectiles

a women's smack

DeaPea 1-12-14

Surreal #3

a slimy eel

is truly surreal

an icky feel

of anchovy zeal

and a continuous squeal

makes me reel

a piercing peal

deafening appeal

white harp seal

cute puerile

rights repealed

a better deal

Virginia reel

music genteel

spinning on heal

finished in kneel

turning the prayer wheel

sin to reveal

bizarre ordeal

happiness unsealed

DeaPea 1-2-14

Rebecca's challenge of many seasons...

Corny Poem

Cornelia Cobb

my heart throb

seeding bubbles

away go troubles

the blue hole answers

her prickly lancer

her intellect knows

with sleuthing nose

chocolate dreams

and purple streams

coating kernels

and writing journals

as the water smothers

for cheering brothers

a near-sighted view

of my favourite muse

goodbye my dear

in faithful tear

DeaPea 12-21-14

The Result

Sleeping in can be

quite astounding you see

one day at 1PM I found

the world change profound

the stock market crashed

my investments dashed

it had snowed four feet

in summers sunny bleet

our rulers taken over

by anarchists drover

my roof was gone

cluttering lawn

and my hair had changed

from grey to greenish mange

the news reported

major oil extorted

we traded the weather

with South Pole nether

pictures of beaches

and tanning peaches

I missed a lot

by sleeping awry

so I'd better start adorning

my life with morning

DeaPea 12-21-14

Sleeping Clause

In 1874

Santa slept in

Christmas was cancelled

in a nightly din

children were chagrined

the gifts rescind

he snored until aft

then knew he had gaffed

but the reindeer said no

never work in the glow

so he said oh well

no point to dwell

there's always next year

for midnight clear

Dea Pea 12-22-14

Screen Gem

sleeping in is part and parcel

with staying up late

in movies fate

a chesterfield state

the guy gets the gal

the end appears

but I'm not awake

when next film nears

so it's coffee at twelve

and toast I delve

when is lunch

during afternoons crunch

Dea Pea 12-22-14

Three Wisemen

Unfolding fire

Flames transpire

To swirling stars

Dancing higher

Like shells on sand

They form a hand

A prayer to heaven

A faithful stand

Contoured scrolls

Aligned in galaxy

The wick a thole

In golden kohl

A trio in chorus

The stage resplendent

Viewed by Horus

In clustering sorus

DeaPea 12-23-14


six threatening whiskers

teeth like polar ice caps


a Rudolphian chap


Snowshoe footed

making oval caverns


searching for waterless tavern


delivering fearless fate

moving south to date


floeing through home's gate

DeaPea 12-24-14

A very late response to Kathy's clamorous challenge...

I am not a child

although on occasion

I behave like one

silly and full of pun

I do get silly

at thoughts of party

meeting friends

and eating hearty

and when I see

gifts under the tree

I remember the days

when most were for me

a giddy child

but always restrained

my parents teaching

hold in the reins

but they make it special

their laughing eyes

anxious smiles

and excited cries...

DeaPea 12-26-14

Faulty Assumptions


all assumptions are true

miracles happen

to me and you

when you consider

things automatic

you might be in trouble

and receive lots of static

when I think

my poems really stink

someone says

what they really think

love it, inspiring

funny or cute

it's so nice to receive

compliments, not rebuke

DeaPea 12-28-14


people say

wind blows

but out of context

that might have foes

as I love wind

power and sound

reminding us

of humble ground

it rattles things

and whistles too

and makes peoples hair

look less new

its great for laundry

and helps me also

when I walking with it

instead of against its flow

DeaPea 12-28-14


the Beatles are back

and records on track

a wonderful time

like spinning dimes

a big head reigns

connected to wisdom

mechanical in spirit

mathematical brains

partner with hair

electric in scare

starlit bugs

and wavy blue rugs

a tripod man

shooting a scene

directing without chair

for multiplex screen

DeaPea 12-28-14

Good "second last day of 2104" to all... wherever you may be.

from year to year

the pages turn

the plot develops

so much we learn

words and chapters

designate time

but questions arise

that never rhyme

the end never comes

our dreams so rife

closing and opening

the book of life

DeaPea 12-31-14



can be the start

a type of anguish

that rips at the heart


is to inaugurate and rehearse

for the process

of a brand new verse


is what seems our future

as if our souls

have been stitched in suture


is the emotion

like corrugated thoughts

spinning a commotion


creating us fear

which makes us defensive

protective of jeer


is our new train of thought

following a track

that negativity has bought


is a removal of vitality

creating a vacuum

that corrodes our happy modality


blocks our recollection

of all that is good

in our tranquil reflection


can be reborn

from the mourners gathering

and the removal of the thorn


can be the new friend

in the infinity of life

despite the physical end...

DeaBeePea 11-28-15


some girls travel
learning the ropes
deciding where to go
some to avoid dopes

men tend to be stereotyped
valid or not I guess
and depending where
these mobile gals may stress

in some places they meet buffoons
in others drunken bums
elsewhere pompous asses
and those who love their moms

and if they go to Rome
it's almost a certain cinch
that they squeal so sudden
resulting from a pinch

DeaBeePea 9-2-16

The Point

the nodus of my life
seems to arrive
every so often
with a surprising dive

it's supposed to be once
and critical
but is a common occurrence
usually apolitical

involving self-perception
something undefined
a strong feeling within
about purpose and its sign

but I'm adjusting to this predicament
aware of this jolt of aware
possibly a view ahead
of mortality shining so bare

so now despite my flair
there's a mellowness afloat
laughing at myself
as these moments sound a note

this vortex is in my head
as I construct a spinning image
resembling a very strange world
that fits my plan of scrimmage

it's not science or math
and if it was, I'd have the answer
and if that was the case
I'd be a finale dancer

so this nodal composition
which to some, not harmonious
allowing for my imperfection
proudly and modestly erroneous

DeaBeePea 8-31-16

Did you ever notice that when...

things that roll
seem to have a mind
to irritate and frustrate
putting you
in a terrible bind

especially when busy
you tend to drop
these spinny things
making you
gasp and then flop

to look under things
that are near your feet
because after all
is the answer complete

but when you search
nothing is there
and you look around
no sign of it
total despair

you begin to walk
asking stupid questions
as if this thing had feet
which it does
sanities cession

so you finally find out
that it left the room
tenaciously, rolling miles
hidden under a broom

so next time you drop something
like a coin or spool of thread
don't look down
'cause it won't be there
try to avoid searchings dread

DeaBeePea 9-8-16


it is a test
many will laugh
if I say
it is like courage

but strangely
by comparison
it has
some similarities

it is a challenge
between want and need
of choice and survival

patience and serenity
are the anchors
that carry you
impeding discourage

laughter, so grand
making you realize
there are only a few irregularities

sometimes emotions
carry you afar
so the need to focus
avoiding contrival

friends and function
work hand in hand
the interconnection
defining my hours

the wallpaper has changed
and some whimpering voices
listen to my breath
through my closed door

the sounds are filtered
through different screens
so I twist them to suit
my immaculate scheme

I begin to relax
comfort in my imperfection
seeing empowerment
through my poetic scours

things that are the same
seem a difficult recognition
so I loose my footing
and ask for more

so I gather my bearings
and see myself again
and change begins to discolour
paling in quiet reams

DeaBeePea 9-10-16

Maze of Life

the garden of search
as life lingers on
each step of doubt
aspires to dawn

knots of confusion
sourcing temptation
as the evergreen herbs
wall in dictation

in origin for walking
unicursal in intent
a puzzle of mystery
its dead-end tent

now confusion reigns
extended from Versailles
three-dimensional and bridged
a mesmerising gridless spy

bordering lines
to confine the confusion
sending confidence
to a blurring delusion

but nature's hike
is my advision
giving you choices
of your own provision

each turn is a year
building a trust
with the mental faith
in your judgement's dust

when my walk is over
where have I been?
not defined for certain
but heard, felt and seen

DeaBeePea 9-10-16

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