The Voice
are our affiliations tainted
connected to
the essence of power so painted
controlled by selfish interests
a sly smile
telling us with evil's mistress
through an infected microphone
can't escape
as if our faith is a loan
with hope that should be trust
in fear
that our money's path is dust
turning and twisting in polluted air
carefully chosen
to protect the way that is fair
can only be seen in love
blowing bubbles
floating in our community above
where our hearts are awaiting peace
while living
here, while wonders never cease
we can claim with a chorus of song
with adamance
in in unity forever strong
DeaBeePea 10-24-20

I Forgot my mask...
Is a tightened hand enough
or a kleenex held firm
duct tape
or a handfull of dandelion fluff
I promise I won't breath
I'll only be two seconds
I can't do much harm
I'm not even remotely near death
I haven't been to the city
or even been to a pub
(which explains my depression)
and this stupid little ditty
Hey look!
there's a mask on the ground
I can use that
it's only slightly soiled
Yeah! now I'm off the hook
I sheepishly put it on
and walk in nonchalantly
picking out my chips and dip
in a second I'll be gone
when I get to the counter
upon me are eyes so strange
"what the hell is that" I hear her say
as he implies an adverse encounter
I looked at her confused
and said, "to what are you referring"
she responded, "to that mask you're wearing
it's rather inappropriate, and I'm not very amused"
Well, I'm sorry, it's slightly soiled
I admit, I should be more sanitary
The lady then said, "It's also a training bra"
humiliation, now embroiled
DeaBeePea 10-22-20

Maybe call it "neonness" poetry.
in a state of questionness
delivering answers
after awaiting them
but no one utters spokenness
the answers have unimportantness
and some of the questions do to
as science and spirituality
crash in helpless burnness
so I now accept confusionness
as the only way to be
as my dinner is potato chips
and my dessert is chocolate chipness
people asking me about the weatherness
but there's not a hell of a lot I can do
whether it rains on my parade or not
only effects the turnoutness
and even then my effort at messageness
in rhyme or some other scathing rant
finds its way through the holes
hopefully creating laughness
There is little rhyme or reasonness
for yes or no decisions
as we spin the ball like seals
and occasionally wallow in our wineness
for that there is justificationness
altering the nervous responses
No matter, redness or whiteness
my glass of no runneth overness
as fall rolls into winterness
I think of the season's repartee
and why they taunt and tease
among my life of hystericalness
DeaBeePea 10-22-20

The Precipice
It's been there all along
those warning signs
but I've never walked there
where danger dines
But, it seems closer
fewer steps of my tired feet
so where do I go?
with caution so discreet
Eying the guilty party
challenging their voice
but only getting stupid answers
as if they have no choice
My fear is dwindling
for this is my home
and if it becomes unlivable
there is no premise to roam
So I take a deep breath
and look down that gorge
listening to the echoes
that victims so tragically forged
I think about community
and turn around and look
to all those expecting leadership
casting there desperate hook
So I walk back from that valley of death
and join my friends
deciding that this is enough
all follow messages that our hearts send
the jump-off point is giving up
and that we shall not do
the answer lies in togetherness
and the binding tie that love imbues
DeaBeePee 10-22-20

What Exactly are we Waiting for...
it is coming
this contrived decision
people casting with a X
many, with some derision
there is an expectation
but we have learned from before
that anything can happen
so we're asking, what's in store?
my common soul is hoping
for the more logical choice
but then I ask
do we want an angry voice?
after all, if the clown does win
there might be revolutionary waves
an explosion of change
the end of maniacal raves
is this idealism?
yes, it is probably true
but changing the world would be good
from black to a languid blue
so whatever happens
water tends to find it's level
and those power-hungry forces
will always be here to bedevil
the phrase, they'll get what they deserve
might be unkindly
but we think it in our confoundedness
as they continue on so blindly
but I look up to hope
that mighty muscle of vision
that the result will at least stir
the strength of the heart's provision
DeaBeePea 10-22-20

The Continuum
those uncompromising friends
the leaf and rake
causing just a stir
without much at stake
a sienna-hued pile
gathering autumn memories
awaiting a gust of wind
as I'm falling to my knees
No, not in playful delight
but the aching of the back
looking back at youth
and the long and winding track
My calloused hands cry
take a break and have a drink
so I nod my head, okay
before I'm on the blink
But without it I think
I would be missing a part of fall
breathing the crispy air
and listening to winter's call
and as I look up
I see trees, not bare
more will come, I ponder
this is infinity, their daunting dare
It's meant to be
it's nature's playful song
that ne'er our hearts to willing change
as we whistle in the throng
that wistful swish of rake
and scattered flurry of frond
it can only be a blessing
as I stand it this clovered pond
DeaBeePea 10-22-20

If the wind is strong enough
everything blows
If the sun is hot enough
our impatience grows
If there is an onslaughts of bad news
we think of giving up
But one trickle of good
we raise our wine-filled cup
If we think we’re on stage
we likely are
A membership with other players
somewhat unknown stars
As fatigue overcomes us
we drown in doubt
But our surprising accomplishments
remove us from our pout
As we succumb to regulation
we ask how and why
Expressing certain indignation
preferring not to cry
Then we hear laughter
which is a bit of a surprise
But we soon realize
the joy of chaos in its crazy guise
As the sun goes down
we are full of thanks
Because we found modest victory
from our head-shaking ranks
If there are confusing dreams
they will prepare us
For tomorrow’s dawn
and morning’s buss
DeaBeePea 10-14-20

when celebration seems futile
hoping love turns the dial
when we wonder if we can afford it
waiting for time that will fit
because our options are few
because nothing else is new
emptying our plates in prayer
the supposition of our future in dare
a belief in each others hearts
a punishment where awareness starts
in its cool composure
the breezes in quiet exposure
linger in winter's susurrate
forgetting time and minute's gait
the joy of nature's wings
and what our fortitude brings
DeaBeePea 10-11-20

everything seems still
but considering the spin of the earth
and molecular movement
I must climb this vacant hill
I sense there is action
but my detection capacity is dull
is this volunteer numbness
latent reaction
I could look in the mirror
and pause to consider
making motionless changes
with an expression of fear
then I shamefully laugh
always at my own jokes
thinking about permanent sameness
accepting nature's gaff
But I don't move
awaiting for the shake
not knowing what flavour will transpire
hoping for a new groove
I look out the window
there is no wind
my eyes beginning to droop
no feet twitching below
If I turn on the television
I'm sure it will be on test pattern
I rest in daydream
with fantasy's incision
What will tomorrow bring
will I walk into the sun
or immortal darkness
then I will know which song to sing
DeaBeePea 10-9-20

The problem is
The disastrous human endeavor
useless persistence
But many lack the accompanying
Yes, a miracle of sorts
Blind empathy
We never seem to win
small strides
Then a catastrophe
Great divides
We redefine progress
but still under evil forces
propaganda composers
so we start at the bottom
benefitting from fraternity
new fruit
not envisioning failure
always on the right track
communal ability
it’s all about means
the end is too precarious
hearts in the right place
we need more members
never cumber
DeaBeePea 10-5-20

A Tribute to Jenn’s Banana Bread (or Ode to Writing Obstacles)
There seems to be
A dilemma
Cooking and cleaning
and reading Emma
But I’m supposed to be
Along with some research
But the bread smells good
And everyone’s hungry
so frequent
Banana bread with chocolate
How can I write, under these
As my stomach
My memory takes me, to past
Yes, fodder for
But my senses are dominated by my
Running around, half-
while my mind is icing
But sometime, my words will
but not until after, some bread and
DeaBeePea 10-3-20

utilized for health
not a disguise
saying yes
lost kingdom
do we know enough
staying home
boredom’s state of mind
saving grace
foundation of respect
social climate change
to an unknown place
fear aside
new life
new earth
values and feet
redefine needs
wearing nature’s glove
DeaBeePea 9-20-20

Retreat Poem #4
Ice Cream of Life
How many scoops
And if three
Should the flavours be mixed
Like a maple oak tree
I wouldn’t recommend
Tiger tail and maple walnut
Some things just don’t work
No if ands or buts
And the lick approach
Can be too aggressive
Annoying people
As being excessive
And a problem exists
On a hot summer day
When very fast melting
Comes into play
And the drips tend to cover
Many parts of the drobe
Finding places, that otherwise,
are hard to probe
I ask myself
Why do I take on this task
There are better ways
Than donning this messy mask
Going the vanilla route
With a single scoop
Is one compromise
To avoid the heavy droop
Or maybe a bowl
Hey, that’s a great idea
That kind of thinking
Can be a panacea
DeaBeePea 9-22-20

Retreat Poem #3
Nonsense Poem #4
Heartburn and coffee
A change of plans
Remembering the life
of also rans
considering well-being
and healthy habits
maybe I should study
the life of rabbits
the perimeter looks good
as I look around
thinking about the location
of the lost and found
where relics of recklessness
tickle my brain
hurting my reputation
creating disdain
Where do I start
On this perilous ride
By running a mile
Or staying inside
Writing a plan
That delivers solutions
Psychological health
And muscular constitution
So this pain
Whether from wine
Or a lack of love
Is not really a sign
But simply a fact
Of living life fully
Sometimes faulty in care
As I ponder my future… so wild and woolly
DeaBeePea 9-22-20

Retreat Poem 2
Untied Shoelaces
Things are becoming
My shoes stepping cautiously
Over my personal mud
Will I fall?
A reward for my carelessness
And my hopes
Landing with a thud
The laces
Dancing like snakes
Taunting my stubbornness
Slipping under my clumsy feet
My unwillingness
To follow the rules
A jurisdiction of common sense
Speaking to me,
As I walk down my lonely street
Some other shoe
Could provide me with a solution
But I’d be running away
From tradition and diplomacy
What is the fear of convention?
Is right or wrong not clear?
Shying away
From accepted cogency
I will wear a guilty face
For my attempts
At this untied life
Of stumbling attempts
Will this lesson be learned
As I continue to walk
Down this slippery slope
making a face of innocence
That is worthy of contempt
DeaBeePea 9-21-20

Retreat Poem 1
During times of challenge
The first path
Solely for motivation
Believing in myself
That treacherous route
Shaded with laughter
As I perform thought collation
Allowing thoughts to spin
Losing sight
Of that gargantuan task
As I lose control
What are these decisions
All about, I ask
Are they egocentric?
The purpose my selfishness stole
So, just maybe
I should take orders
And listen
To those invading voices
Where would that get me, though
Into someone’s heart
God forbid!
May some rejoice
This solution I question
Do I have the courage
To hear these strains
Of free advice
Maybe tomorrow
After all, it’s another day
Looking for joy
And a little spice
DeaBeePea 9-21-20

a group of writers
is this a retreat
running from fear
of obsolescence
or should I be escaping
this precarious time
confined to the sentence
in this torturous quintessence
well, maybe it's healthy
this last resort
submerged in mockery
in humble resignation
at least there's wine
and gourmet cuisine
and Muskoka scenery
of a cottage designation
so I will swallow my pride
and attend this wordfest
and tolerate the stress
of laughter and abuse
I will be creative
and curb my frustration
and accept this subversive situation
as a challenge of the abstruse
DeaBeePea 9-20-20

Strange Rainbow
I have never met
A real rainbow
except strange ones
of non-complementary colours
black and purple ones
tinted with anger
chestnut and turquoise ones
laughing at my druthers
waves of orange and butterscotch
hinting at autumn
white and eggshell
saying nothing, with discretion
instead of the sky
they sometimes enter my heart
dark rivers of red
and midnight blue’s egression
some actually clamour
a rainbow with noise?
Yes, orchestrating my thoughts
In brazen brass and gold
Then, there’s white and red
Syrupy pear and burgundy
Wine-like, kissing my lips
Seductive and bold
The black of text and white
Dancing with melodic lines
The written word
Cascading through invisible minds
Oh, these hues so infinite
Will they allow me to sleep…
What is a rainbow dream?
Those tranquil ties that bind
DeaBeePea 9-19-20

A wonderful day to LOGAN
On this special day
I humbly pray
for happiness
and peace to stay
prosperity of heart
and no one to part
a future of hope
for love to impart
a window of her affection
may goodness be infinite
in her protection

DeaBeePea 9-14-20

Owned by morality’s Satan
Erasing hope
Down corruption’s slippery slope
Speaking in glowing words
with pockets replete
walking with silent feet
Forever beyond our grasp
Shaking our heads
Lying, in pillowed beds
Looking for new horizons
Believing in the heart
To give us wealth to never part
In committeed perseverance
Faith in numbers
As evil slowly lumbers
As we look at poverty’s smiles
A realization of love
And its ever-seeking glove
Feeling their way
Infiltrating the greed
Planting a brand new seed
Every mission in worthy means
Our emptiness shared
The path prepared
seen with unfiltered eyes
drinking compassion
as a daily ration
DeaBeePea 9-14-20

the art of contrast
black and white
good and bad
as we search for in-between
the rivers are red
the stagecoach trails are dusty
guns are fired
the future seldom seen
it's life and death
a constant struggle
the tavern, as untamed as a red dog
and girls, with golden hearts
it's sometimes hard
to define a hero
as elusive values come and go
waiting for the dual to start
the townsfolk prefer peace
with a few notable exceptions
and the rustlers are wild
while their guns are loose
bad deeds are unforgiven
revenge never seems to die
the innocent are victims
paying the price by the social noose
they can occasionally be fun
with bumbling deputies
drunks of verbal acrobatics
and ladies of cat-fighting facility
the end is usually a long-shot
coming, but usually going
into new and unknown horizons
in search of civility
DeaBeePea 9-12-20

Blurickity (nonsense poetry)
I enjoyed the table
hard and wobbly
made me feel unstable
spaghetti, toffee
Smartfood and pancakes
this is what I tasted
after four coffees
I wrote a poem too
looked out the window
a trip to the washroom
and my underwear was blue
the TV stayed on
old movies, and a few disruptions
dusty window sills
and the beer was gone
looking for the remote
as the polls were observed
only a seven-percent difference
I think I'll buy a boat
I rack my brain
on my pool-table of thought
hands in pockets
with an eight-ball refrain
too many lights are on
as if I'm promoting glitter
things are out of hand
but I'm not bitter
I don't know if it's raining
I haven't looked outside
I'm living in a book
and I'm not feigning
DeaBeePea 9-10-20

What Happens, Happens, or Does It
I saw something happen
or at least
I heard about it
familiar with the type of incident
so pursuing truth
I drew conclusions
putting pieces together
not expecting a precedent
cause and effect
the normal thing
the same repercussions
nothing new to sell
but sometimes the mind is tired
the growth of lazy habit
unless it is embellished
as a tale to tell
but if I knew the web
that intriguing mystery
never told to anyone
a secret in someone's heart
not knowing the victims
or the beneficiaries of such a case
my mind begins to stir
wondering where to start
so the happening
was only perception
from a long line of fairy tales
and preferred interpretations
and I am now quiet
in humble ignorance
knowing that the answers
lie in the world of obliterations
DeaBeePea 9-10-20

Figures de Fantaisie
A dress of the sun
answering her daffodil dreams
Ribbons of violet
in a pale floral bouquet
Her collar plays music
capturing each breath
And tender cheeks of blush
a profile of hidden words
A slender left arm held steady
to rest her aching heart
Consoled by stirring words
embracing her languid hopes
Her shadow is cast
in quiet desperation
As her natural feminine essence
brightens the past darkness
This is a story of predicament
both fear and hope
An answer for her torturing questions
and her unexpressed loneliness
The colours of sensuality
in a motionless mystique
The centre light taking our curious view
to the beam of her enduring eyes
Each soothing texture patterns the words
unknown heroes
Voices that speak silently
but come to life in imagination
Is she ready to spring?
from this listless corner
Changing in the light
that flickers with sadness
DeaBeePea 9-8-20

stuck on what is
the ever changing nothingness
eating hope and edible action
to fuel my dissatisfaction
there seems to be answers
but little response
someone is stalling
ignoring the desperate calling
I'm moving slower
losing my sense of deliberation
but driven by obligation
I search for the ideal station
but this arthritic tendency
is an omen for discipline
something to trigger effectiveness
so I can never accept less
conquering justice
the engine of humanity
needs the oil of motion
to drive us as a loving lotion
to tenderize our hearts
as we wear the skin of disguise
taking hypocritical steps
to futureless depths
I am motionless in thought
but will awaken tomorrow
with a gauntlet in hand
to wave with verbs so grand
nothing may happen
as each breath is of doubt
but there is a lonely joy
from this aging boy
DeaBeePea 9-8-20

Saturday Afternoon
a point of view
of resting thought
the aftermath
or the awaiting dream?
the sun might be shining
with its nagging smirk
as you sit and ponder
an evening scheme
the clock is ticking
and seems in a hurry
sending a message
of no time to lose
up late last night
and the body yawns
so for forty minutes
it would be good to snooze
the creative fruits
seem to need a squeeze
but your stuck in neutral
in a motionless void
something spicy
might be the lure
for assertive action
inspiration deployed
It's only 2:00
so it's not to late
to engineer a plan
of joyous romp
But I think I'm too tired
and besides I'm lazy
I think I'll watch a movie
in potato chip chomp

DeaBeePea 9-5-20

Inside or Out
I go inside
no surprises
still feel alone
confusion in various sizes
four corners
and a gentle fog
faceless figures
in this futureless bog
but then I saw it
a door ajar
it looked a long way
but it wasn't far
but the walk was slow
on the fudgey ground
but I got there
a new place found
I was inside again
this place was in contrast
clearer faces
with a windy blast
It came so sudden
I was blown right through
another door
as doubtful thoughts flew
this collage of open doors
and fleeting faces
came a new reality
of tempting places
I then realized
that I was never inside
because, as long as there is somewhere new
I am always outside
DeaBeePea 9-4-20

Particulars (Style: Situational Satire)
the vastness of terminology
so many particulars
odds and ends
opinions we defend
favourite lists
that evolve with time
and a housework schedule
tidying various modules
the joy of laziness
mastery over avoidance
a stiff drink
and a piled up sink
emails piling up
an electrical storm on the way
shaking my head
the unreliability of which we are led
so my eyes go to shade
to the path of least resistance
following a breeze
that complements my gentle sneeze
a few random places
in an otherwise full cupboard
no plans
to join those aging cans
what mood am I in
I ask, in close evaluation
same as yesterday
with expectations at play
so I check things off
and watch my duties refill
and endless line of things
that choosing life so aptly brings
DeaBeePea 9-1-20

Ornamental Thoughts
little things
like eager sperm
zinging and darting
holding so firm
you think you've forgotten
but they keep coming back
in a stubborn dance
never giving up slack
are they from the past
related to misgivings
or remembering
questionable habits of living
sometimes they take a place
on a small wall shelf
with many other ornamental thoughts
like a garden
some are cracked with yellowing glue
but holding tight
so determined to linger
in their survival fight
there are newer ones
fresh and proud
but looking for a way to be utilized
their new paint vivid and loud
what will an earthquake do
could it be the end
or will it just be a test?
as we uncomfortably twist and bend
one thing that I can say
is that they are entertaining
colours and drama and laughter
to keep total logic from reigning
DeaBeePea 8-30-20

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