Storm of Freedom

unicolour storm

changes enforced

no need to reform

natures strength takes course

rain and struggling flight

beaks pointing downwind

a new nesting ground

settlements pinned

not good to resist

the path of least is best

as we conquer new gist

and create unknown rest

the colours come back

by seasons of calm

our hearts in sacks

carried in our palm

afraid to let go

but courage joins

our wall-less flow

as passions are our coins



Have you ever been

in line alone?

wondering if the man

will let you on as one

Preferring not to share 

that little chair

with some obscure

or weird to be sure

A big fat slob

who owns the seat

no room to squirm

or wiggle discrete

Or a slobbering old lady

who grabs you in fear

oh my God not again

such a memory stain

Oh! that girl is cute

I wonder if she...?

no, that guys with her

so big and strong

I'll have to lie

to get my way

a transmittable disease

that could be caught

if I happen to sneeze

in an easterly breeze

DBP 9-25-14

ODE to the Edison of Spin

George Washington Gale Ferris

a big wheel 

inventing, a big wheel

or observation wheel

floats in air

without a keel

candy falling

from chair atop

hitting a head


DBP 9-25-14

Leading" Question

People say "penciling"

a term to outline

perimeters of thought

imagination to dine

some think exactly

accountants bottom line

but I like to shade

possibilities made

sometimes it breaks

anger from mistakes

but trying accuracy

should be quelled in point

boundaries perceived

ideas retrieved

the eraser is grand

a friendly hand

good to sharpen

as my mind can be dull

but they expire

like I tire

DBP 9-25-14


The content

are you content?

a writer asks


hell bent

Well it rhymes he notes

but doesn't


say much 

his imagination totes

so he thinks, I guess

it needs some


and violence

and a bit of mess

or maybe I should think

about giving up

this project

a runaway pet

that has me on the brink

of pensive madness

that in retrospect

could make

me a genuis

a sadness of gladness

yes that's it

think of death

and my end

then I'll be famous

a legend, a bit


DBP 9-22-14


There once was a man named Crane

whose pencil-like frame was of comic vein

but Katrina he pursued

only to be subdued

hit by a head and never seen again...

DBP 9-24-14

The Big Wheel Operator

Day in day out

turning the switch

boredom, no stitch

pulling a lever

watching kids, glee sure

get off, get on

but to help him endure

and allow him to bear it

he had his friend

the ferris ferret

DBP 9-25-14

Captain Bligh

1789 defined

remarkable voyage to Timor

peerless navigator

the sea an open door

New South Wales

a Governor of iron fist

the Rum Rebellion

revealing loyal gist

beginning, young gentleman

Captain James Cook resolves

a sailing master evolves

and a soldier of Dogger

scientific pursuit

breadfruit as gold

trouble rounding

Cape Horn so pounding

the Bounty a cutter

and small crew aboard

and a Master's Mate

a friend to Bligh in state

mutiny ensues

bloodless, Bligh bound

eighteen crewman bestowed

four cutlasses resound

William was studious

a notebook he kept

forty-seven days

only one man frays

Restoration Island

but failing in goal

malaria and pestilence

Batavia deaths role

"you have dandled my children upon your knee"

cries Bligh, no glee

showing resolve

scolding for whips

contary to story

not searching for glory

concerned with nutrition

and cleanly condition

honourable acquittal

and modest admittal

praise for his relief

and rekindled health

a letter to Betsy, so parted

describing naked bayonets

help that Centinels have guarded

and screaming of villainy

to beguile such force

undiscovered by crew

such liking to Otaheite

not knowing of fight

He blames insufficiency

officers and marines

claiming freedom of blame

and no credible shame

future happiness seen

true official in conscience

his dear little stranger

encouraged in his danger

more voyages planned

and battles to stand

ackee fruit his reward

but Rum proves a peril

more mutiny his tale

one-hundred and fifty-one

the names not his bail

his overthrow is won

imprisoned onboard Porpoise

no regard from the King

but saved from punishment

relieved of chains that cling

his death on Bond Street

as vice admiral of blue

tomb surmounted by breadfruit

reputation in view

DBP 9-27-14

Natasha Smasha

to Boris a moll

a Foray in voice

sexy in a devious way

a menacing doll

Pottsylvania spys

takings orders from "Big"

Boris no fearless leader

Sharrup you mouth she cries

Axis Sully and Count Dracula

parents to their child of one

she no like moose and squirrel

staring coldly with macula

sarcastic seduction in "dawling"

a femme fatale so fractured

years ago she was caught stealing

cookies from guides, how appaling



A silent Sullivan vision

falling over Feline Follies

whiskering the roaring twenties

a jazz cat intermission

"Felix Kept On Walking"

as the bandleader announced

and a comic strip pioneering

9 lives later he was talking

The magic bag of tricks

made my heart go fiddle fad

a tramp like clone

thoughtful pacing with his kicks

surrealism, reality and dream

adjoined with child's wonder

wide grin and aching side

a Felix doll that Lindbergh teams

DBP 9-17-14

Life in the Shoe Zoo

The stairway to 

hallowed halls

held by stiletto

as the marigolds and avens

smile at the arching haven

The cat guards 

as bluebirds peer

curious and cautious

The tender vines

on spiralling wooden tines

Spinning their song

as the breezes blow

and the cedar shakes

openly conceived

neighbours retrieved

Who lives in the shoe?

a perpetual zoo

components of collection

peaceful coexistence

a path of least resistance

9-16-14 DBP

Time for a Beverage

as I sit and ponder

what is over yonder

I contemplate

it is getting late

I have been busy this day

my mind in disarray

so to create emotional bail

it is time, now, for a Rusty Nail


My Ship Came In

my name is Rusty

I sank a few times

but managed to rise

an oxidizing reprise

but... not as quickly

as some supposed

'cause I swim in fresh water

and wear aluminum matter

cautious, salt water only

beyond the mouth

my passivation layer

avoiding carbon dispair

...and sulphur that stinks

I'm not excited

about transfering the electron

or redox reactions gone wrong

To avoid troubled waters

and love, so resistant

my mast is toppled

but pride attached with hopple

at times, a Titanic struggle

sounding my bugle

I treasure my home

a water dome

my skull a hull

and spirit not lulled

I bow as I stroke

propelled in history

9-14-14 DBP

This Mornings Ponderings This Afternoon 

The morning is time

But ne’er a thought

Did not even consider

What my conscious bought

Scandals and accusations

Stupidity reigns

Satisfying those

Lacking in brains


But now that my coffee

Has had time to settle

I can imagine things

With creative mettle


I don’t think I’m the pot

And the kettle isn’t black

As I’m not in the mood

For a frontal attack


I lean towards serenity

And a day of peace

The world is quiet

Wonders never cease 

DeaBeePea 5-22-16

Private Eye

Can I keep it to myself

That sharp prism

Of passion

And desire


That roves in lust

Scanning for beauty


Feeding my fire


Never missing

That gorgeous delight

With little purpose

Dancing on wire


Occasional acquaintance

Transpires with words

Taking the steps

My lurking choir


Of words that sing

My innocent song

Fooling myself?

Drowning in mire

My pupil ponders

The next horizon

With delicate peer

Avoiding dire


But I could be falling

In a seductive trap

Myself to blame

Innate conspire


My fate and future

Tucked away for the night

Beneath my lids

But tomorrow they rewire 

DeaBeePea 5-25-16


You are never lost
If you don’t have
A destination

You are never crossed
If you have
Ultimate creation

Your journey never bossed
If you have
An inner station

My journey is no where
And I have
Trickery’s flirtation

You sometimes spin
When you don’t have
Absolute direction

But in the end
There is no prologue or climax
Just temptation

DeaBeePea 5-24-16

The Extra Mile

As a cyclist
Looking at the bike list
That extra mile
Can cramp my style

Especially if
Two steep hills
Describe the path
Of painful thrills

I’m not decrepit
And far from old yet
But my cardio condition
Could use a refreshed rendition

So there is a chance
I will unseat myself
And walk up the slope
Though I might look like a dope

But it does one task
It helps my sore bum
Recover from some
Kind of pain-in-the ass

DeaBeePea 5-24-16


the emotional floor
is where my darkest memories
rot and decay
through the trap door

in my understory
I am very active
trying to reach my sunniest thoughts
searching... inner glory

in my canopy
I am like a tree frog
hopping and jumping agog
in camouflaged excitement

in my emerging layers
I begin to realize
in unfettered delight
that dreams can come true

...satisfied inner prayers

DeaBeePea 5-26-16

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