Franciska Gaal

     Paprika 1932, Greetings and Kisses , Veronika, Skandal in Budapest, Peter 1934, Catherine the Last, The Buccaneer,

The Girl Downstairs 1938Renee XIV 1946

Martin Gabel

       Fourteen Hours 1951, M 1951, Deadline- U.S.A., The First Deadly Sin, The Front Page 1974 , Lady in Cement 1968,

There Was a Crooked Man, Divorce American Style , Goodbye Charlie, Marnie 1964The Making of the President 1960,

The James Dean Story, The Crimebusters 1961, The Power and the Glory

Eva Gabor

     New York Town 1941, Star Spangled Rhythm, The Wife of Monte Cristo, Song of Surrender, Love Island,

 The Last Time I Saw Paris 1954, Captain Kidd and the slave Girl, Artists and Models 1955, My Man Godfrey 1957,

 The Truth About Women, Gigi, A New Kind of Love, The AristoCats (voice), The Princess Academy 1987,

Zsa Zsa Gabor                        

      Lovely to Look At 1952, We're Not Married! 1952, Moulin Rouge 1952, Lili, Death of a Scoundrel, Touch of Evil 1958,

Boys Night Out, Arrivederci, Baby!, California Girls 1985, Queen of Outer Space, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, 

The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear 1991, The Naked Truth, The Beverley Hillbillies

Paul Gaetz

Isle of Fury, Bengal Tiger, Public Enemy's Wife, Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk 1935, Bulldog Jack, 18 Minutes 1935, Mimi 1935,

Power 1934, Car of Dreams, Blossom Time, The Scotland Yard Mystery 1934, Red Wagon, Mary 1931, Two Worlds, I.N.R.I. 1923, 

Murder at Monte Carlo, Mountains on Fire, Moral 1928, The Three Mannequins 1926, Monna Vanna, Maria Magdelene 1920, 

Die Beichte einer Toten 1920

Paul Graetz, second from right...

Erford Gage

Seven Miles From Alcatraz, The Falcon in Danger 1943, Bombardier, Rookies in Burma, The Seventh Victim, 

The Falcon Strikes Back 1943, The Fallen Sparrow 1943, Hitler's Children 1943, Mr. Lucky, Days of Glory, 

The Curse of the Cat People 1944

Leona Gage


    Bells Are Ringing 1960, Tales of Terror, A House is Not a Home 1964, Scream of the Butterfly, The Oscar 1966

Richard Gaines

     The Howards of Virginia 1940, Double Indemnity 1944The Enchanted Cottage 1945, The Bride Wore Boots, Dangerous Years,

 Humoresque 1946, Drum Beat, Flight to Mars, The Hucksters, Cass Timberlane 1947

Gale Sisters

Joan Gale

June Gale

Jean Gale

Jane Gale (centre)

Joan Gale: Outlawed Guns 1935, The Miracle Rider, The Merry Widow 1934, Hollywood Here We Come (short), Blind Date, Kiss and Make Up, What Price Jazz (short), Melody in Spring 1934, Poor Little Rich Boy (short), The Last of the Mohicans 1932

June Gale: Easter Parade 1946, City of Chance, The Honeymoon's Over, The Escape, Charlie Chan at Treasure island, Hotel for Women, It Could Happen to You 1939, The Jones Family in Hollywood, Inside Story, Pardon Our Nerve, Tail Spin 1939, While New York Sleeps, Time for Murder, My Lucky Star, Keep Smiling, Josette, You Can't Have Everything, Sing and Be Happy, Lovely to Look At, On the Avenue, This is My Affair, One in a Million, Harmony Parade. Sing, Baby, Sing, Heroes of the Range,  Swifty, Rainbow's End, Bottoms Up, Melody in Spring 1934, Looking for Trouble, Moulin Rouge, Roman Scandals, World's Champ (short), Poor Little Rich Boy (short) 1932

Jean Gale: It's a Wonderful Life 1946

Jane Gale: Melody in Spring 1934, Nothing Ever Happens (short), Poor Little Rich Boy (short) 1932

Skeets Gallagher 

New York 1927, Idiot's Delight 1939, Merrily We Go to Hell 1932, Finders Keepers, The Racket, Fast Company, 

Gala de la Paramount, Love Among the Millionaires, It Pays to Advertise, The Road to Reno, Possessed 1931,

The Trail of Vivienne Ware, The Night Club Lady, The Phantom of Crestwood 1932, The Unwritten Law, 

The Past of Mary Holmes, Reform Girl, Alice in Wonderland 1933, The Crosby Case 1934, Riptide,

Lightning Strikes Twice, The Man I Marry, Woman Unafraid, Polo Joe, Espionage, Mr. Satan, Jam Session 1944,

Three for Bedroom C

Lew Gallo 

     Hard to Hold 1984, The Cheap Detective, PT 109 1963, Ocean's Eleven, Odds Against Tomorrow 1959, Pork Chop Hill,

 I Want to Live! 1958 

Rita Gam                                     

      The Thief, Saadia, Night People 1954, Sign of the Pagan 1954, Mohawk, Sierra Baron, Annibale, King of Kings 1961, No Exit,

Klute 1971, Shoot Out, Such Good Friends, Distortions, Midnight 1989

Henri Garat

         The Road to Paradise 1930, The Congress Dances, Our Masters, The Servants  , Man Stolen, Adorable 1933,  My Foster Sister 1938

Kit Guard

Revolt in the Big House 1958, The Tin Star, The Joker is Wild 1957, The Spirit of St. Louis, Fear Strikes Out, A Hatful of Rain, Pirates of Tripoli, Destry, It Should Happen to You, Vicki, Houdini, Call Me Madam, Les Miserables, Carrie, Pat and Mike, The Rebel 1952, Pier 23, Frenchie, House of Strangers, He Walked by Night, The Perils of Pauline, Johnny O'Clock, Dick Tracy vs Cueball 1946, The Hoodlum Saint, Dangerous Passage, Alaska, Call of the Rockies, Tampico, Crime Doctor, Lady of Burlesque 1943, The Glass Key, My Favourite Spy, Jail House Blues, Shadow of the Thin Man 1943, Sergeant York 1941, Tin Pan Alley, City for Conquest, My Little Chickadee, The Shadow, Mutiny in the Big House 1939, Golden Boy, Torchy Runs for Mayor, Up the River, Prison Train, The Spider's Web, You and Me, Spirit of Youth, Kid Galahad, The Calling of Dan Matthews, Barbary Coast, Naughty Marietta, The Cactus Kid, Belle of the Nineties, Flirtation, The Murder in the Museum, Good Girl, The Bowery, Wanted, Victims of the Beyond, The Thirteenth Guest, The Country Fair, The Unholy Garden 1931, The Big Money 1930, New York Nights, Lingerie, Her Father Said No, Fighting Hearts, A Desperate Finish, Fighting Blood 1923, The Face at Your Window 1920


Peter's Pan, The Beauty Parlour, A Sock in Time, Shy Knees, The Midnight Son, The Fight that Failed, Bill Grimm's Progress, Three Bases East, Merton of the Goofies, The Pacemakers, Faster Foster, The Square Sex, Sherlock's Home, Beauty and the Feast, A Comedy of Terrors, So This is Hollywood, Some Punches and Judy, 

Betty Garde

      One Desire 1955, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, Caged! 1950Call Northside 777 1948Cry of the City 1948,

 Damaged Love, The Girl Habit, Queen High, The Lady Lies 1920

Vincent Gardenia

     The Super 1991, Skin Deep, Cheeeese, Moonstruck 1987, Little Shop of Horrors 1986, Movers & Shakers, 

Death Wish II, The Last Flight of Noah's Ark 1980, Marciano (TV), Heaven Can Wait 1978, House of Pleasure For Women, 

Bang the Drum Slowly 1973, Hickey & Boggs, Cold Turkey 1971, Little Murders, Where's Poopa?, Jenny, 

The Third Day, The Hustler 1961, Murder Inc., The House on 92nd Street 1945

Reginald Gardiner

     Bullrushes (short), Marie Antoinette 1938, Sweethearts, The Flying Deuces, The Man Who Came to Dinner,

 Sweet Rosie O'Grady, The Great Dictator 1940, Sundown 1941, Elopement, The Horn Blows at Midnight 1945,

 The Dolly Sisters, Christmas In Connecticut, The Story of Mankind 1957 , Wabash Avenue, Do Not Disturb,

 The Lodger: Story of the London Fog 1927

Joan Gardner

A Rebel Son, The Challenge, Dark Journey, Wings Over Africa, Forget Me Not, Barnacle Bill 1935, The Scarlet Pimpernel 1934, The Private Life of Don Juan 1934, The Rise of Catherine the Great, Men of Tomorrow, Wedding Rehearsal 1932,

William Gargan

       The Bell's of St. Mary's, Miss Annie Rooney 1939 , Keep 'Em Flying, They Knew What They Wanted, The Crowd Roars 1938,

 The Lineup, Balck Fury, The Milky Way 1936, The Story of Temple Drake 1933, Lucky Boy, His Woman, The Animal Kingdom,

 Rain, Misleading Lady 1932, The House of Fear 1939

Beverley Garland

    DOA 1950, Problem Girls, The Miami Story, Swamp Woman, New Orleans Uncensored 1955, The Desperate Hours,

 The Go-Getter, Naked Paradise, The Joker Is Wild 1957, The Alligator 

Peggy Ann Garner 

                     Little Miss Thoroughbread, In Name Only 1939, Blondie Brings Up Baby, Abe Lincoln in Illinios 1940,

Jane Eyre 1943, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1945, Junior Miss, Daisy Kenyon, The Big Cat, Thunder in the Valley, 

Teresa 1951, Black Widow, The Patriots (TV) 1963, The Cat, A Wedding,

Eddie Garr  


   The Girl From Jones Beach 1949Ladies of the Chorus 1948, That's My Story!, Obey the Law 1933

Nancy Gates

Comanche Station 1960, The Gunfight at Dodge City, Some Came Running 1958, The Rawhide Trail, Death of a Scoundrel, The Search for Bridey Murphy, Wetbacks, World Without End, No Man's Woman, Top of the World, Stranger on Horseback, Snlyudde 1954, Hell's Half Acre, Torch Song 1953, Sons of the Musketeers, Roll, Thunder, Roll!, The Atomic City, The Spanish Main, Nevada, Bride by Mistake, A Night of Adventure, Gildersleeve's Bad Day, This Land Is Mine, Hitler's Children 1943, The Magnificent Ambersons 1942, The Tuttles of Tahiti 1942

Marjorie Gateson

The Caddy 1953, One More Tomorrow, Seven Days Ashore, Casanova in Burlesque, By Hook or by Crook, Rhythm of the islands, The Youngest Profession 1943, Juke Box Jenny, Rings on Her Fingers, Obliging Young Lady, Honolulu Lu, International Lady, Here Comes Happiness, Moonlight in Hawaii, Back Street, Andy Hardy Meets Debutante, Submarine Zone, Parole Fixer, In Old Missouri, My Wife's Relatives, Spring Madness, Stablemates, Gateway, First Lady 1937, Vogues of 1938, Turn Off the Moon, Three Married Men, The Gentleman From Louisiana, Anthony Adverse 1936, Secret Interlude, Wife vs Secretary 1936, The Milky Way 1936, His Family Tree, Big Hearted Herbert, Million Dollar Ransom, Chained 1934, Hawaiian Nights, Operator 13, Lady Killer, Fog 1933, Bureau of Missing Persons, Melody Cruise, Cocktail Hour, Employees' Entrance, Thirteen Women, Society Girl, Working Girls 1931, The False Idol, Excuse the Pardon (short) 1930

Teri Garr                                  

      Searching for Debra Winger 2002, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Dick, Casper Meets Wendy, NightScream,

  Murder Live! 1997, Dumb and Dumber 1994, The Player, Short Time, Out Cold, Full Moon in Blue Water 1988, Fresno,

  Intimate Strangers 1986, After Hours, The Sting II, Tootsie 1982, Witches' Brew, Honky Tonk Freeway,

  Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977, Oh, God! 1977, Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 1976,

  The Conversation 1974, Head, Maryjane, Pajama Party 1964, Young Frankenstein 1974


Alexander Gauge

The Interrupted Journey 1949, Murder in the Cathedral, Flesh & Blood, Penny Princess, The Great Game 1953, Martin Luther 1953, Counterspy, Will Any Gentlemen?..., Fast and Loose, Double Exposure, The Golden Link, Mystery on Bird Island, The Hornet's Nest, Before I Wake, Tiger By the Tail, No Smoking 1955, Port of Escape 1956, The Green Man, Breakaway, The Passionate Stranger, Take Me As I Am, Nothing Barred, House of Blackmail 1953

Betty Garrett

  On the Town 1949, My Sister Eileen, Take Me Out to the Ball Game 1949, The Shadow on the Window, Words and Music,Neptune's Daughter 1949, Big City 1948 

Kathy Garver

     Technicolour Llama 2009, Horrorween, Black August, Seizing me 2003, The Princess Diaries, Sweet November 2001,

  Kiss Me Stupid 1964, Monkey on My Back, The Ten Commandments 1956, The Bad Seed 1956, The Night of the Hunter 1955  


Anita Garvin 

Shorts: In the Grease, Book Bozo, Sweet and Pretty, My Swedie, Going Crazy, Creeps, Kiss Papa, The Humdingers,

Many Scrappy Returns, Baby Brother, With Love and Hisses, The Lighter That Failed,

Brunettes Prefer Gentlemen, Never the Dames Shall Meet, The Battle of the Century, Their Purple Moment,

From Soup to Nuts, A Pair of Tights, Off to Buffalo, Movie Night, All Steamed Up, Hunting the Hunter, Stepping Out, 

The Big Jewel Case, Show Business, Whispering Whoopee, Elmer Steps Out, The Millionaire Cat, While the Cat's Away,

Sleepless Hollow, Home Boner, Now it Can Be Sold, Cookoo Cavaliers, Truth Aches 1939, Bested by a Beard 1940,

Full length: A Chump at Oxford 1940, Night Work, Sally 1929, Red Hot Rhythm, Modern Love, On With the Show!,

The Charlatan, Trent's Last Case, The Play Girl  1928,  Bertha, The Sewing Machine Girl 1926, The Valley of Hell, Upstream, 

Vittorio Gassman 

The Dinner 1998, Sleepers 1996, Abraham (TV), The Amusements of Private Life, The Sleazy Uncle, Tempest 1982,

Two Pieces of Bread, Quintet, A Wedding, We All Loved Each Other So Much, Without Family,

The Divorce, Let's Have a Riot, In the the Name of the Italian People, The Archangel, 12 + 1, Alibi 1967,

Woman Times Seven, For Love and Gold 1967, Pleasant Nights, Slalom,The Gaucho, Summer Frenzy 1963, March on Rome,

The Easy Life, The Miracle, The Great War, Big Deal on Madonna Street 1958, War and Peace 1956, Rhapsody,

The Glass Wall, Cry of the Hunted, Kean: Genius or Scoundrel 1956, Mambo, Anna, Black Crown, Love Prelude, 

Bitter Rice 1949, The Outlaws, The Lion of Amalfi, The Adventures of Pinochio 1947

Larry Gates 

     Glory Alley, Above and Beyond, Take Me to Town, Has Anybody Seen My Gal 1952, Girl Rush, 

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956, The Strange One, Jeanne Eagels 1956, The Brothers Rico, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1958

Some Came Running 1958, The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker, The Great Imposter, One Foot in Hell, Hoodlum Priest 1961,

The Young Savages, Ada, The Spiral Road, Cattle King, Toys in the Attic 1963, The Sand Pebbles 1966, In the Heat of the Night 1967,

Death of a Gunfighter, Airport, Re: Lucky Luciano, Funny Lady,  Leonard Part 6, 

Nancy Gates         

     The Magnificent Ambersons 1942, The Great Gildersleeve 1942, The Spanish Main, The Member of the Wedding,

 The Atomic City, Suddenly 1954, Top of the World, The Bottom of the Bottle 1956, Wetbacks, The Brass Legend,

 Comanche Station, Some Came Running 1959

Marjorie Gateson 

The Caddy, Passage West, Ever Since Venus, High, Good Lookin'!, Casanova in Burlesque, I Dood It, The Youngest Profession,

Meet the Stewarts, Dudes are Pretty People, Obliging Young Lady, Honolulu Lu, Back Street 1941, International Lady 1941,

Moonlight in Hawaii, Andy Hardy Meets Debutante 1940, In Old Missouri 1940, Geronimo, My Wife's Relatives,

Spring Madness, Stablemates, No Time to Marry, Vogues of 1938, We Have Our Moments, The Man I Marry,

The Gentlemen From Louisiana, Anthony Adverse, Bring Brown Eyes, Wife vs Secretary 1936, The Milky Way 1936,

Big Hearted Herbert, Your Uncle Dudley, Million Dollar Ransom, Chained 1934, Side Streets, Operator 13 1934, Hi, Nellie!,

Let's Fall in Love, The World Changes, Fog 1933, Bureau of Missing Persons, Cocktail Hour, The King's Vacation,

Thirteen Women 1932, Street of Women, Society Girl, Working Girls, Beloved Bachelor 1931

Peter Gawthorne

Salute the Toff, Death is a Number, Soho Conspiracy, High Jinks in Society 1949, Nothing Venture 1948, Murder in Reverse, Bell-Bottom George, Women Aren't Angels, Much to Shy, The Young Mr. Pitt, Cottage to Let, Crook's Tour, Love on the Dole, Three Silent Men 1940, Gasbags 1941, They Came by Night, Traitor Spy, Riding High, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Flying Fifty-Five, Sword of Honour, Hey! Hey! USA, Convict 99 1938, Scruffy, George Bizet, Composer of Carmen (short), The Ticket of Leave Man, Jericho, Gangway, Brief Ecstasy, Father Steps Out, Windbag the Sailor, Everybody Dance, The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss 1936, The Man Behind the Mask, Pot Luck, Crime Unlimited, Stormy Weather 1935, The Divine Spark, Dirty Work, My Old Dutch, Money Mad, Mr. Stringfellow Says No, Grand Prix, Just Smith, Prince of Arcadia, The Blarney Stone, C.O.D. 1932, Charlie Chan Carries On, The Lodger 1932, Temple Tower, Sunnyside Up 1929, Behind That Curtain

Gregory Gaye

They Had to See Paris 1929, Renegades, Young as You Feel, Affairs of a Gentleman 1934, Handy Andy, Hollywood Boulevard,

Dodsworth 1936,  First Lady, Lancer Spy, Prescription for Romance, Tovarich, Charlie Chan at the Opera 1937, Test Pilot 1938,

Bulldog Drummond's Peril, Too Hot to Handle, Elsa Maxwell's Hotel for Women 1939, Ninotchka 1939, Down Argentine Way, 

My Gal Sal, I Wake Up Screaming, Fall In, Song of Russia, The Purple Heart, The Conspirators 1944, Cornered 1945, 

Paris- Underground, A Song to Remember 1945, Passkey to Danger, Blackmail 1947, The Trespasser, The Corpse Came C.O.D., 

Black Magic, Dancing in the Dark 1950, Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard, Peking Express, Mask of the Avenger, 

Washington Story 1952, Remains to Be Seen, The Juggler, Jungle Man-Eaters, Charge of the Lancers, The Eddie Duchin Story, 

Bailout at 43,000 1957, Silk Stockings 1957, Auntie Mame Ocean's Eleven 1960, Blue Hawaii, Hitler 1962, Blood on the Sun

Lisa Gaye                       

     The Glen Miller Story 1954, Magnificent Obsession 1954, Rock Around the Clock 1956, Shake, Rattle & Rock!,Night  of Evil 1962, The Violent Ones, Castle of Evil, 

Mitzi Gaynor 

   For Love or Money, South Pacific 1958, Les Girls, The Joker Is Wild 1957, Anything Goes 1956, Bloodhounds of Broadway, We're Not Married, My Blue Heaven 1950

Eunice Gayson 

      My Brother Jonathan 1948, From Russia With Love 1963, The Revenge of Frankestein, Light Fingers, Carry On Admiral,

  Carry On Admiral 1957, Dr. No 1962, Zarak, One Just Man,  Street Corner 1953, Miss Robin Hood, Down Among the Z Men,

  To Have and To Hold 1951, Melody In the Park

Ben Gazzara

     QB VII, Convicts 1962, The Young Doctors, The Strange One 1957, A Rage to Live, If It's Tuesday, It Must be Belgium,

  Husbands 1970, The Neptune Factor 1973, Broadway: The Golden Age 2003, Anatomy of a Murder 1959, Parallel Lives,

  Road House, A Letter to three Wives 1985,  Control, An Early Frost, Voyage of the Damned 1976, Capone, Lies Before Kisses,

 Tales of Ordinary Madness 1981, Brian's Song 2001, The List, The Thomas Crown Affair 1999, Illuminata, Happiness, Stag,

 Shadow Conspiracy, Holy Money 2009, Dogville,

Michael V. Gazzo                                                      

     On the Waterfront 1954, Out of It, Crazy Joe, Godfather Part II 1974, Black Sunday, Fingers, Love and Bullets 1979Alligaotor 1980, Fear City, Cookie 1989, Last Action Hero, Nothing to Loose

Luella Gear

  Carefree 1938 , Adam and Eva, Phffft 1954, The Perfect Marriage, Jigsaw 1949

Will Geer

    The Blue Bird 1976, Silence 1974, The Mafu Cage 1978 , Kung Fu, The Rowdyman, Jeremiah Johnson, Pieces of Dreams,

 Of Mice and Men, Seconds 1966 , Deep Waters 1948, The President's Analyst, In Cold Blood 1967, Black Like Me,

 Advise and Consent, Winchester '73 1950, Anna Lucasta, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Misleading Lady, Spitfire 1932

Judy Geeson

 The Spanish Fly 2003, Everything Put Together, The Duke, Houdini (TV), To Sir With Love II (TV) 1996,

 Young Goodman Brown, Inseminoid, Dominique, The Eagle Has Landed, Adventures of a Taxi Driver, Brannigan,

 Diagnosis: Murder, Percy's Progress, Fear in the Night, Doomwatch, 10 Rillington Place 1971,

 Goodbye Gemini, The Executioner, Three Into Two Won't Go 1969, To Sir With Love 1967, Prudence and the Pill,

 Hammerhead, Berserk, Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush 1968, Wings of Mystery

Leo Genn                                                 h                                              

     Immortal Gentlemen, Accused, The Rat 1937, Pygmalion 1938, Green for Danger, The Young Mr. Pitt, The Snake Pit 1948, Mourning Becomes Electra 1947, Caesar and Cleopatra, The Miniver Story, Moby Dick 1956, I Accuse!, The Longest Day 1962, 55 Days at Peking 1963, Khartyoum, Connecting Rooms, Endless Night, The MacKintosh Man, Frightmare 1974

Chief Dan George (Geswanouth Slahoot) (Dan Slaholt) 

Smith! 1969, Little Big Man 1970, The Special London Bridge Special (TV), Cancel My Reservation, Alien Thunder, The Bears and I, Harry and Tonto 1974, Cold Journey The Outlaw Josie Wales 1976, Shadow of the Hawk, Pump it Up, Americathon 1979, Spirit of the Wind, Nothing Personal, 

Gladys George 


    Great Expectations, The The House Across the Bay, Madame X 1937Lullaby of Broadway, Maltese Falcon 1941,

 Bright Leaf 1950, Flamingo Road, The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, It Happens Every Thursday, Red Hot Dollars 1919,

The Woman in the Suitcase, Chickens 1921, The House That Jazz Built 1921, Valiant is the Word for Carrie

Grace George 


  Tainted Money 1915, Johnny Come Lately 1943

Muriel George

Simon and Laura 1956, When the Bough Breaks, Vacation from Marriage, Wings and the Woman, Lancashire Luck, My Song for You, Something Always Happens, Yes Mr. Brown 1933, His Lordship 1932, 


Richard George 

John of the Fair 1962, The Fighting Pimpernel, The Naked Heart, Great Expectations 1946, Escape to Danger, 49th Parallel 1941, Tower of Terror 1941


Nicholas Georgiade

The Young Runaways 1968, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 1963

Carmelita Geraghty

Phantom of Santa Fe, Midnight Butterfly, Shadows of Singapore 1932, Her Reputation, Jungle Mystery, The Murdock Affair, Forgotten Women 1931, Daybreak, 50 Million Frenchmen, Night Life in Reno 1931Millie 1931, What Men Want, After the Fog 1929, The Mississippi Gambler, Foolish Husbands (short), Uncle Tom (short), Courageous Fool, South of Panama 1928, The Good-Bye Kiss, The Slaver 1927, What Every Girl Should Know, Venus of Venice 1927, Josselyn's Wife, The Great Gatsby 1926, The Pleasure Garden 1925, The Mysterious Stranger, Under the Rouge, Blind Mothers, Fight and Win, High Speed, Discontented Husbands, Jealous Husbands, Bag and Baggage 1923

Helen Gerald

Gentleman's Agreement, Cigarette Girl, The Trap 1946, War Brides, The Gay Cavalier 1946, Tarzan and the Leopard Woman, Meet Miss Bobby Socks, The Doughgirls

Rudy Germane

   WUSA 1970, The Love God?, How to Commit Marriage, Funny Girl 1968, The Impossible Years, Fitzwilly, Point Blank 1967, Hotel, Chamber of Horrors, The Fortune Cookie, The Oscar, Our Man Flint, Do Not Disturb, The Cincinnati Kid 1965, Harlow, 36 Hours, Kisses for My President, Robin and the 7 Hoods 1963, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, The Wheeler Dealers, The Manchurian Candidate 1962, Lonely are the Brave 1962, The Four Horsemen of the Apocolyse, Back Street, The Facts of Life, Spartacus 1960, From the Terrace 1960, The Party Crashers, Young and Dangerous, Valerie, An Affair to Remember 1957, The Buster Keaton Story, Around the World in 80 Days, Giant 1956, Desert Sands, The Birds and the Bees, Guys and Dolls, I'll Cry Tomorrow, The Night of the Hunter, White Christmas, Julius Caesar, Titanic 1953, Limelight, Loan Shark, The Las Vegas Story, Angels in the Outfield, Dial 1119, Sunset Blvd. 1950, White Heat 1949, Mexican Hayride, Out of the Past 1947, Lured, Violence, Song of the Thin Man 1947, Brute Force 1947, Monsieur Verdoux, Two Sisters From Boston, The Dolly Sisters, Murder, My Sweet 1944, The Incendiary Blonde, Song of Russia,  Northern Pursuit, The Falcon in Danger, You Were Never Lovelier, Fingers at the Window, Citizen Kane 1941, That Night in Rio 1941

Douglas Gerrard

You're My Everything 1949, Chicken Every Sunday 1949, Road House, The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, The Lodger, Man Hunt, Kidnapped, Mary of Scotland, Father Brown, Detective, Pursued, The King's Vacation, One Way Passage, Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back, Manhattan Parade, The Public Enemy 1931, Lilies of the Field, The Painted Angel, Madonna of Avenue A, The Desired Woman, Dearie, Footloose Widows, Wings of Youth, On Time, Impulse 1922, Conscience, Eternal Love, The Melody of Death (short), Polly Put the Kettle On, The Evil Women Do, Naked Hearts, Undine, A Soul Enslaved, A Girl of Yesterday 1915, The Smugglers of Lone Isle (short), Shannon of the Sixth, The Merchant of Venice 1914, By the Two Oak Trees (short), Beauty and the Beast (short) 1913, Suspense (short) 1913

Alex Gerry

How Do I Love Thee? 1970, A House Is Not a Home, The Brass Bottle 1964, The Thrill of It All, My Geisha, Tammy and the Doctor, Back Street, The Bellboy, Rock-a-bye Baby, This Happy Feeling, All That Heaven Allows 1956, The Eddie Cantor Story, Angel Face, The Jazz Singer, The Kid From Left Field, Deadline U.S.A., Storm Warning, Excuse My Dust, Rock Island Trail, A Woman of Distinction 1950, My Blue Heaven, Three Little Words, The Asphalt Jungle 1950, The Capture, Tarnished, The Toast of New Orleans, The Reformer and the Redhead, Whirlpool 1949, Task Force, The House Across the Street, Panhandle, The Sainted Sisters 1948

Frank Gerstle

If He Hollers, Let Him Go! 1968, Hell on Wheels, The Silencers, The Wild Angels, You Dillinger 1965, Monstrosity, Beloved Infadel, Inside the Mafia, The Wasp Woman, The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake, Onionhead, Top Secret Affair, Between Heaven and Hell, Slightly Scarlet 1956, Autumn Leaves, I Cover the Underworld, The McConnell Story, Drum Beat, The Long, Long Trailor, Vicki 1953, The Bad and the Beautiful, Young Man With Ideas, The Blue Veil 1951, I Was a Communist for the FBI, My Friend Irma Goes West, D.O.A. 1950, Outside the Wall 1950

Sumner Getchell

The Collegians (short) 1920, Pirates of the Pines, New Year's Eve, College Love, Arabian Daze (short), Schoolmates (short), Cheer Up and Smile 1930Daybreak, Crooner, The Cat and the Fiddle, This Side of Heaven, Battle of Broadway, Crime Ring, Babes in Toyland 1934, Clive of India, Magnificent Obsession 1935, Diary of a Chambermaid, These Glamour Girls, The Lady in Question, Bury Me Dead, My Girl Tisa 1948, The Crooked Way, Perfect Strangers, No Sad Songs for Me, Union Station, Chain of Circumstance, Bannerline, Island in the Sky 1953, No Man of Her Own 1950

Alice Ghostley                          

Whispers: An Elephant's Tale 2000, The Odd Couple II, Grease 1978, Gator, With Six You Get Eggroll 1968, The Flim-Flam Man, The Graduate 1967, My Six Loves,  To Kill a Mockingbird 1962, Cinderella, New Faces of 1952 1954


Henry Gibson

The Nutty Professor 1963, Kiss Me, Stupid, Evil Roy Slade, The Long Goodbye, Charlotte's Web (voice), Nashville, Night They Took Miss Beautiful, Amateur Night at the Dixie Bar and Grill 1979, The Blues Brothers 1980, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Slow Burn, Innerspace, Switching Channels, Brenda Starr, Night Visitor, Return to Green Acres, Tune in Tomorrow, Escape to Witch Mountain, Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day, Asylum, Magnolia 1999, Teddy Bear's Picnic, Big Stan 2008

Hoot Gibson

Ocean's Eleven 1960, Flight to Nowhere, Westward Bound, Sonora Stagecoach, The Utah Kid 1944, The Law Rides Again, Wild Horse Stampede, The Painted Stallion, The Spirit of the West, The Last Outlaw 1936, Sunset Range, The Riding Avenger, Boiling Point, The Gay Buckaroo, Wild Horse, Spurs 1930, The Long Long Trail, King of the Rodeo, The Winged Horseman, The Rawhide Kid, The Prairie King, Painted Ponies, The Man in the Saddle 1926, The Arizona Sweepstakes, The Saddle Hawk, The Calgary Stampede 1925, 40-Horse Hawkins, Hook and Ladder, Blinky 1923, The Loaded Door, Action, A Knight of the Range, The Man From Texas 1915

Margaret Gibson

Picture Perfect 1997, Top of the World, Deadly Deception, Beyond and Back, Never a Dull Moment, The Island of Desire 1917, The Heart of Tara 1916, The Soul's Cycle, The Hidden Law, The Leopard's Bride, The Bait, The Coward 1915

Virginia Gibson

Funny Face 1957, I Killed Wild Bill Hickok, Athena, She's Back on Broadway, About Face, Painting the Clouds With Sunshine, Goodbye, My Fancy 1951, Starlift, Tea for Two 1950

Wynne Gibson

The Falcon Strikes Back 1943Mystery Broadcast, A Man's World, Double Cross, Forgotten Girls 1940, My Son is Guilty, Cafe Hostess, Gangs of New York 1938, Flirting With Fate, Trapped by G-Men, Racketeers in Exile, Admirals All, The Crosby Case, I Give My Love, Sleepers East, Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men, Gambling, The Crime of the Century, Her Bodyguard 1933, The Devil is Driving, Lady and Gent, If I Had a Million, The Strange Case of Clara Deane, The Sign of the Cross, June  1931, Night After Night, Kick In, Ladies of the Big House, The Road to Reno, The Gang Buster, City Streets 1931, Children of Pleasure, Nothing But the Truth 1929 

Frederick Giermann

Women in the Night 1948, Calcutta, Cloak and Dagger, A Night in Casablanca 1946, Hotel Berlin, Son of Lassie, The Hitler Gang 1944, The Unwritten Code, The Seventh Cross 1944, Address Unknown, Secrets of Scotland Yard, The Cross of Lorraine, The Story of Dr. Wassell, Immortal Sergeant, Five Graves to Cairo 1943, Hostages, Hitler- Dead or Alive, Assignment in Brittany 1943, Edge of Darkness 1943, Background to Danger, The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler, Above Suspicion, The Moon is Down, Lucky Jordan, Unseen Enemy, Action in the North Atlantic, Once Upon a Honeymoon, Destination Unknown, Sergeant York 1941, Underground, So Ends Our Night, Calling Philo Vance 1940, Escape, Espionage Agent, One In a Million 1937 

Frances Gifford 

Riding High 1950, Luxury Liner, The Arnelo Affair, Little Mister Jim, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 1945, Thrill of a Romance, Marriage is a Private Affair, Cry Havoc 1943, Tarzan Triumphs, American Empire, The Glass Key 1942, The Remarkable Andrew, Jungle Girl, The Reluctant Dragon, New Faces of 1937 

Billy Gilbert                            

Five Weeks in a Balloon 1962, Down Among the Sheltering Palms, The Kissing Bandit, Arabian Nights, Mr, Wise Guy, Fun and Fancy Free, Anchors Away 1945, Crazy House, Son of the Islands, Model Wife, One Night in Lisbon, No, No, Nanette, Tin Pan Alley, The Great Dictator 1940, Cross Country Romance, Safari, Destry Rides Again 1939, Rio, My Lucky Star, Block-Heads, Maid's Night Out, Happy Landing, Rosalie 1937, The Firefly, Broadway Melody of 1938, The Toast of New York, The Outcasts of Poker Flat 1937, Espionage, Night Waitress, Towed in a Hole, Pack Up Your Troubles, County Hospital 1932


Joanne Gilbert

Houdini 1953, Red Garters, Good Morning, Miss Dove, The Great Man, Ride Out for Revenge 1957, The High Cost of Living

Jody Gilbert

Confession, New Frontier, Ninotchka 1939, Everything Happens at Night, Seventeen, Grand Ole Opry, Flowing Gold 1940, Hudson's Bay 1941, Sergeant York, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, Shadow of the Thin Man 1941, Remember the Day, Hellzapoppin', The Tuttles of Tahiti, Katina, Journey for Margaret 1942, The Hard Way 1943, Wings Over the Pacific, Hi Diddle Diddle, Roughly Speaking, Christmas in Connecticut 1944, Strange Confession, Life With Blondie, Decoy, Cross My Heart, Casbah, Second Chance, Silver City, Shaggy, My Dear Secretary, Bungalow 13 1948, Knock on Any Door, The Paleface, The Lovable Cheat, Hellfire, The Blonde Bandit, House by the River 1950, Slaughter Trail, Jumping Jacks, Houdini, Willard 1971, Lifeguard

Connie Gilchrist                         

Some Kind of a Nut 1969, Two on a Guillotine, Fluffy, Sylvia, A House is Not a Home, A Tiger Walks, The Interns 1962, Swingin' Along, Some Came Running 1959, Auntie Mame, Machine-Gun Kelly, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit 1956, The Far Country, The Great Diamond Robbery, Houdini, Flesh and Fury 1952, The Half-Breed, One Big Affair, Chain of Circumstance, Louisa, The Killer that Stalked New York, A Ticket to Tomahawk, Tripoli, Peggy 1950, Little Women 1949, Chicken Every Sunday, The Story of Molly X, Big City 1948, Luxury Liner, The Hucksters, Good News, Faithful in My Fashion, Bad Bascomb, Young Widow 1946, The Thin Man Goes Home 1945, Music for Millions, The Valley of Decision, Thousands Cheer 1944, Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble, Cry Havoc 1944, The Seventh Cross, Presenting Lily Mars, Swing Shift Maisie, Tortilla Flat 1942, This Time for Keeps, Grand Central Murder, Johnny Eager 1942, Woman of the Year 1942, Sunday Punch, Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day, A Woman's Face, H.M. Pulham Esq., Barnacle Bill, Hullabaloo 1940

Helen Gilbert

Girls in Prison 1956, Thief of Damascus, Death Valley, Music for Millions, Beyond the Blue Horizon, The Falcon Takes Over 1942, Florian, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever 1939, The Secret of Dr. Kildare 1939

Terry Gilliam

Jupiter Ascending 2014, Who is Harry Nilsson ( and why is everybody talking about him), Breakfast With Hunter, Spies Like Us, Monty Python's Meaning of Life 1983, Monty Python's Life of Brian 1979, Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975, And Now for Something Completely Different 1974

Claude Gillingwater

Cafe Society 1939, Just Around the Corner, Little Miss Broadway 1938, A Yank at Oxford 1938, Poor Little Rich Girl, Ticket to Paradise, A Tale of Two Cities 1935, Mississippi, Strange Wives, Back Page 1934, Strictly Confidential, Green Eyes, Ann Carver's Profession, We Three 1931, Daddy Long Leg's 1931, So Long Letty 1929, Barbed Wire 1927, That's My Baby, Wages for Wives, Cheaper to Marry, Madonna of the Streets, Daddies 1924, Alice Adams 1923, The Stranger's Banquet, Dust Flower, Little Lord Fauntleroy 1921, Wild Primrose

Ann Gillis (Gilles)

2001: A Space Odyssey 1968, Big Town After Dark, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, The Time of Their Lives, Janie Gets Married, Gay Blades, A Wave, a WAC, and a Marine, In Society, Janie 1944, Stage Door Canteen, Bambi 1942, Since You Went Away 1944, Meet the Stewarts, Hearts in Springtime, Mr. Dynamite, Nice Girl?, Little Men, All This and Heaven Too 1940, Edison, the Man, Beau Geste 1939, Little Orphan Annie 1938, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1938, Off to the Races, King of the Ice Rink 1936 (King of Hockey), Under Your Spell, The Garden of Allah, The Great Ziegfeld, 1936, Men in White 1934


Gail Gilmore (Gerber)

Poussieres d'amour 1997, Beach Ball, Girl Happy, Village of the Giants, Harum Scarum 1965

Virginia Gilmore 

Winter Carnival 1939, Manhattan Heartbeat 1940, Jennie, Swamp Water, Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case 1941

The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe, The Pride of the Yankees 1942, Orchestra Wives 1942, Walk East on Beacon!, 

Teresa Gimpera

Sleeping Beauties 2002, Goodbye From the Heart, Fall of the Eagles, Borrasca, Daddy's War 1977, Climax, The Burned City 1976, 

The Mistress, The Spirit of the Beehive 1973, The Playboy and His Sprees, Story of a Girl Alone, Canticle 1970, Aoom 1970, 

Tuset Street, Shadow of Death, A Love Story 1967, Lucky, el intrepido 1967, Wanted, Play-Boy, Fate/Morgana  

Hermione Gingold             

    Dance Pretty Lady 1932 , The Pickwick Papers, Gigi, Bell, Book and Candle 1958, The Naked Edge, The Music Man 1962, The Itch, The World of Henry Orient, Winter of the Witch, A Little Night Music 1977, Our Girl Friday 1953, Garbo Talks 1984,  Merry Comes to Town 1937

Joseph W. Girard 

Heavenly Days 1944, Sergeant York 1941, The Spider Returns, Zenophobia, Held for Ransom, The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen, Aces and Eights, The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand 1936, The Oregon Trail, The Silent Code, Diamond Jim, Murder in the Museum, Annapolis Farewell, Racetrack, Silent Men, Curtain at Eight, The Whirlwind 1933, Officer 13, Scareheads, Mystery Train, Strictly Dishonorable, The Girl of the Golden West The Girl From Havana, The One Woman Idea, Partners in Crime, The Fleet's In 1928, Flying High, The Ladybird, Speed Crazed, Out of the Storm, Ladies of Leisure 1926, Modern Youth, Ten Days, Three Keys, The Fugitive 1925, The Night Message, In Hollywood With Potash and Perlmutter, The Wild Party, Soft Boiled, Nan of the North, The Man Whp Married His Own Wife, The Blue Fox, Loot, Hell Morgan's Girl, Treason, Society's Driftwood, Love's Pilgrimage to America, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Narrow Path 1916, Conscience 1916


Note: Further research to determine if this is the actor Joseph W. Girard

Annie Girardot 

    Boxes 2007, Les Miserables 1995, Smog 1961, The Ape Woman, Story of a Woman 1968,

Etienne Girardot

Isle of Destiny 1940, Hawaiian Nights, The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1939, Exile Express, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Fast and Loose, Port of Seven Seas, The Great Garrick, Danger- Love at Work, College Holiday, The Longest Night, The Devil is a Sissy, Hearts Divided, Half Angel, In Old Kentucky, Metropolitan, Curly Top, The Whole Town's Talking, Grand Old Girl, Clive of India, The Dragon Murder Case, Twentieth Century, Fashions of 1934, Blood Money, A Stage Romance, The Belle of New York, The Barrel Organ (short), Underneath the Point (short), Pigs is Pigs (short), Cherry (short), Beau Brummel (short), Nicholas Nickleby (short), Intrepid Davy (short) 1911

Dorothy Gish

http:ks Defies the world, // 

The Cardinal 1963, The Whistle at Eaton Falls, Centennial Summer, Our Hearts were Young and Gay 1944,

Madame Pompadour 1927, Tiptoes 1927, Nell Gynn 1926, Ben-Hur: A Tale of  the Christ 1925, Night Life of New York,

The Beautiful City, Ramola, Fury, Orphans of the Storm 1921, Little Miss Rebellion, Mary Ellen Comes to Town,

Turning the Tables, Nuggett Nell, Peppy Polly, Boots, The Hun Within, Stage Struck 1917, Children of the Feud,  

Gretchen the Greenhorn 1916, Susan Rocks the Boat, Betty of Greystone, Old Heidelberg 1915,

Shorts:  Victorine, The Mountain Girl, Her Grandparents 1915, The Lost Lord Lowell, The Old-Fashioned Girl, The Sisters,

The Availing Prayer, Sands of Fate, Down the Hill to Creditville, A Lesson in Mechanics, The Tavern of Tragedy,

Man's Enemy, The Suffragettes Battle in Nuttyville 1914, Their First Acquaintance, The Newer Woman, Silent Sandy, A Fair Rebel,

Home, Sweet Home, The Floor Above, Cigar Butts, Judith of Bethulia 1914, The Mysterious Shot, Her Old Teacher,

The House of Discord, A Cure for Suffragettes 1913, The Adopted Brother, Papa's baby, Those Little Flowers, Pa Says,

Her Mother's Oath, Red Hicks Defies the World 1913, The Lady and the Mouse, Broken Ways, A Cry for Help,

The Burglar's Dilemma 1912, The New York Hat, Brutality, The Informer, Gold and Glitter, The Musketeers of Pig Alley 1912, 

The Painted Lady, Two Daughters of Eve 1912, 

Kathryn Givney 

     Follow Thru, Lover Come Back 1931, My Friend Irma, Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town 1950, Operation Pacific, Valentino, A Place in the Sun 1951, Little Egypt, Let's Do It Again, Three Coins in the Fountain 1954, Daddy Long Legs 1955, Lady Godiva of Coventry, Guys and Dolls 1955, The Wayward Bus, A Certain Smile, From the Terrace 1960, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1962,  That Touch of Mink, Once You Kiss a Stranger

Gaston Glass 

Vaughan Glasser

     What a Life, Meet John Doe 1940Saboteur 1942, Henry Aldrich for President, My Favourite Spy, Shadow of a Doubt 1943, Once Upon a Time, Arsenic and Old Lace 1944

Ned Glass

  The People Against O'Hara 1951, The Grass is Always Greener (short) 1950 , Come Back Little Sheba, The Bold and the Beautiful 1952, Julius Caesar, Black Patch, The Joker is Wild 1957, Jennifer 1953, King Creole,
True Confession 1937

Adda Gleason

Rhubarb 1951, Out of the Past 1947, The Spider Woman Strikes Back, One Million B.C., Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940, Mills of the Gods, Whom the Gods Destroy, The Bitter Tea of General Yen 1932, Man Bait, How Baxter Butted In, The College Coquette 1929, The, The Spirit of '76, The Shackles of Truth, The Thunderbolt, Fanatics, Ramona, Love is Law (short), The Bond Within (short), Vengeance of the Oppressed (short), The Convict King (short), A Night in Old Spain (short), The Wonder Cloth (short), The Voice in the Fog 1915, The Rosary, The Red Blood of Courage (short), Her Sister (short), Peggy of Primrose Lane (short), The Reparation (short), The Livid Flame (short), The Harbor of Love (short), Carmelita's Revenge (short) 1914

Adda Gleason | Vintage names, Girl names, Female names

Jackie Gleason (Jackie C. Gleason)

     Navy Blues, All Through the Night, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, Larceny Inc. 1942, Orchestra Wives 1942,

Springtime in the Rockies 1942, The Desert Hawk, Gigot, Requiem for a Heavyweight 1962, The Hustler 1961,

Soldier in the Rain, How to Commit Marriage, How Do I Love Thee, Mr. Billion, Smokey and the Bandit, 

Smokey and the Bandit I, The Toy, The Sting 2 1983, Nothing in Common

James Gleason

Money, Women and Guns 1959, The Last Hurrah, The Night of the Hunter 1955, The Female Animal, Man in the Shadow, Suddenly 1954, What Price Glory, The Story of Will Rogers, The Yellow Cab Man, Miss Grant Takes Richmond, Smart Womaan 1948, The Return of October, The Hoodlum Saint 1946, The Clock 1945, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Arsenic and Old Lace, A Guy Named Joe, Tales of Manhattan 1942, The Falcon Takes Over, A Date With the Falcon, Babes on Broadway, Here Comes Mr. Jordan 1941, Meet John Doe, Murder on a Bridlel Path, Murder on the Blackboard, The Penguin Pool Murder, Blondie of the Follies, Sweepstakes, Puttin' on the Ritz 1930



Lucile Gleason

Don't Fence Me In 1945, Under the Clock 1945, Take It Big, Stage Door Canteen, The Gay Falcon, Grandpa Goes to Town, The Covered Trailer, My Wife's Relatives, The Nurse From Brooklyn, First Lady, Navy Blues, The Higgins Family 1938, Rhythm on the Range,Women Unafraid, The Solitaire Man, Girl of the Rio, Nice Women, Girls About Town 1931, Fairways and Foul (short), The Shannons of Broadway, The Garden of Eatin' (short) 1929

Pat Gleason

Ghost Chasers, Cuban Fireball 1951, Lucky Losers, Gun Crazy 1950, Flamingo Road, Incident, Deadline, Criminal Court, Night and Day, Suspense, Detour 1945, Week-End at the Waldorf 1945, Midnight Manhunt, The Phantom of 42nd Street, Babes on Swing Street, Lake Placid Serenade, Detective Kitty O'Day 1944, Allergic to Love, Harvest Days 1943, City of Silent Men, Calling Dr. Gillespie 1942, Broadway, The Doctor and the Debutante, Too Many Women 1942, The Miracle Kid, Hello, Sucker, Love Crazy, Brother Orchid 1940, Block-Heads 1938, Dick Tracy Returns, Sweethearts, The Spy Ring, Young Dynamite, Stand-In, Topper 1937, 23 1/2 Hours Leave, Alias Mary Dow, Alice in Wonderland

Russell Gleason

Swing Fever 1944, The Adventures of Mark Twain, Swing Shift Maisie, Dudes are Pretty People, Young as You Feel, My Wife's Relatives, The Covered Trailer, Undercover Agent, Fury Below, Love on a Budget, Safety in Numbers, Off to the Races, The Jones Family in Big Business, Hot Tip 1935, The Strange Case of Clara Deane, Nice Women 1931, All Quiet on the Western Front 1930, Strange Cargo 1929, The Flying Fool, The Shady Lady 1929

Robert Gleckler

Gleckler, right

They Made Me a Criminal 1939, Stand Up and Fight, Orphans of the Street, Fugitives for a Night, Boys Town 1938, Little Miss Broadway, Gangs of New York, Rascals, Alexander's Ragtime Band 1938, Hot Water, The Man Who Cried Wolf, Wings Over Honolulu, Pluck of the Irish, North of Nome, The Girl on the Front Page, Sworn Enemy, Yours for the Asking, Love Begins at Twenty, Tainted Money, Whipsaw, Here Comes the Band,  Forgotten Faces, The Farmer Takes a Wife 1935, Dante's Inferno, The Glass Key 1935, Casino de Paree, The Headline Woman, The Case of the Curious Bride 1935, The Perfect Clue, Marie Galante, The Great Hotel Murder, When New York Sleeps, Big Money, The Sea God, The Dove 1927

Louise Glenn                           

A Big Hand for the Little Lady 1966, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World, The Wild and the Innocent, I Married a Woman, Onionhead, The Helen Morgan Story 1957, Funny Face 1957

Sharon Gless 

Hannah Free 2009, From Russia to Hollywood: The 100 Year Odussey of Chekhov and Shdanoff, The Girl Next Door, Cagney & Lacey: True Convictions 1996, Cagney & Lacey:The Return, Separated by Murder, The Outside Woman, Hobson's Choice 1983, The Miracle of Kathy Miller, The Scarlett O'Hara War 1980, The Islander, Switch 1975, All My Darling Daughters 1972


Mary Glynne

Tilly of Bloomsbury (TV 1948), Inqus=est (TV), The Heirloom Mystery, Grand Finale, Scrooge 1935, Emil and the Detectives 1935, The Outcast, Flat Number Three, The Lost Chord, The Good Companions 1933, Inquest 1931, Mystery Road, Appearances, Dangerous Lies, The Princess of New York, The White Hen, Unmarried, The Cry for Justice 1919

Renee Godfrey

Those Calloways 1965, Inherit the Wind 1960, Winter Wonderland, Terror by Night, Bedside Manner, Up in Arms, Let's Make Music, Citizen Kane 1941, Unexpected Uncle 1941


Dagmar Godowsky

In Borrowed Plumes 1926, The Lost Chord, Greater Than Marriage, A Sainted Devil, Roulette 1924, Camille of the Barbary Coast 1925, Virtuous Liars, Red Lights, The Trap, The Altar Stairs, The Path She Chose, Bonds of Honor 1919, The Marriage Pit, The Peddlar of Lies 

Vanda Godsell

The Pink Panther Strikes Again 1976, Candidate for Murder, The Wrong Box, A Shot in the Dark 1964, The Sporting Life,Payroll, The Victors, Sword of Sherwood Forest, Konga, Hell is a City, Innocent Sinners, The Brain Machine 1954

Lisa Golm

Confessions of a Counterspy 1960, Monkey on My Back, Ride the High Iron, Rhapsody 1954, The Bad and the Beautiful, Come Back, Little Sheba 1952, My Pal Gus, The Merry Widow, Invitation, The Blue Veil, The Hoodlum 1951, A Place in the Sun, Payment on Demand, The Happy Years, East Side, West Side 1949, The Great Gatsby, Anna Lucasta, Little Women 1949, Letter From an Unknown Woman, Possessed 1947, Shadow of a Woman, Night and Day 1946, The Hitler Gang, Song of Russia, Calling Dr. Death, Madame Curie, Background to Danger, Above Suspicion, Mission to Moscow 1943, Journey for Margaret, Woman of the Year, Underground, Escape, Confessions of a Nazi Spy 1939

Minna Gombel

I'll See You in My Dreams 1951, Pagan Love Song, Wyoming, The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost, High Sierra 1941, Boom Town 1940, The Great Waltz, Second Fiddle, Block-Heads, Babbitt, The Merry Widow, The Thin Man 1934, Hello, Sister!, The First Year, Bad Girl 1931    

Thomas Gomez

Beneath the Planet of the Apes 1970, The Power and the Glory, The Merry Widow, Macao, The Harlem Globetrotters 1951, The Conqueror, Trapeze, Sombrero, The Sellout, Kim, I Married a Communist 1949, Force of Evil, Key Largo 1948, Singapore, Johnny O'Clock 1947, Night in Paradise, The Climax, Crazy House, Corvette K-225, White Savage, Pittsburgh, Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror 1942 

Michael Goodliffe

The Madness (TV 1976), To the Devil a Daughter, Hitler: The Last Ten Days, Cromwell 1970, The Fixer, The Jokers, The Night of the Generals, Von Ryan's Express 1965, The Gorgon, The 7th Dawn, 6333 Squadron, 80,000 Suspects, The Trials of Oscar Wilde, Jigsaw 1962, The Day the Earth Caught Fire 1961, The Battle of the Sexes, Sink the Bismarck!, The 39 Steps, A Night to Remember 1958, Three Crooked Men, The One That Got Away, Dial 999, The End of the Affair 1955, The Crowded Day 1954, The Hour of 13, Stop Press Girl, Romeo and Juliet (TV 1947), Saint Joan (TV 1946)

Bill Goodwin

Jazz in Exile 1982, Bundle of Joy, The First Time, Tea for Two, The Opposite Sex, Jolson Sings Again, So This is New York,, The Jolson Story 1947, Mickey, Hit Parade of 1947, To Each His Own, Earl Carroll Sketchbook, House of Horrors, Incendiary Blonde, Riding High, No Time for Love, Wake Island, Let's Make Music, Blondie in Society 1941

Harold Goodwin

The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Inheritance, Grizzly, Fate Is the Hunter, Shock Treatment, The Brass Bottle 1964, Move Over, Darling 1968, Experiment in Terror 1962, Go Naked In the World, Spartacus 1960, Portrait in Black, The Leech Woman, It Started With a Kiss, No Name on the Bullet, Step Down to Terror, Night Passage, Joe Butterfly,  Walk the Proud Land, Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Cops, A Call in the Night, Calamity Jane 1953, Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation, The Redhead From Wyoming, The Blazing Forest, Here Come the Nelsons, Cattle Drive, Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm, The Misadventures of Buster Keaton, I Was a Shoplifter, The Kid From Texas, Tokyo Joe, Bad Boy, The Lady Gambles, Family Honeymoon, Here Comes Trouble, Slave Girl, Lover Come Back 1946, He Hired the Boss, She Gets Her Man, Brooklyn Orchid, Hay Foot, Cadet Girl, Great Guns, Accent on Love, Sleepers West, The Cowboy and the Blonde, Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 1940, Free, Blonde and 21, Charlie Chan in Panama, The Blue Bird 1940, Pack Up Your Troubles, Hollywood Cavalcade, Charlie Chan at Treasure Island, Second Fiddle, Young Mr. Lincoln 1939, Union Pacific 1939, Mr. Moto In Danger Island, Jesse James 1939, Sharpshooters, Hold That Co-ed, My Lucky Star, Keep Smiling, Speed to Burn, Alexander's Ragtime Band 1938, Island in the Sky, Change of Heart, City Girl, Breakfast for Two, It Happened in Hollywood 1937, Outcast, Counterfeit, Theodora Goes Wild, The Dark Hour, It's Up to You, Western Frontier, Romance in Manhattan, She Was a Lady 1934, Strawberry Roan, The Girl in 419, The Story of Temple Drake, Movie Crazy, Hallelujah I'm a Bum, Hat Check Girl,  Bad Company, Graft, Pleasure, Dirigible, The Widow From Chicago 1930, All Quiet on the Western Front 1930, Flight, The Divine Lady, The Cameraman, The Cheerleader, College, Snowbound, The Better 'Ole, The Flaming Frontier, Secret Orders, Riders of the Purple Sage 1925, The Midshipman, Madonna of the Streets, Hit and Run, The French Lady, Gentle Judy, Alice Adams 1923, Kindled Courage, The Flirt, Kissed, Seeing's Believing, Oliver Twist Jr. 1921, Puppy Love, The Silent Man, Old Heidelberg 1915


Harold Goodwin 

Tha Happiest Days of Your Life, The Magnet, Sea of Sand, The Mummy 1959, Operation Cupid, On the Fiddle, The Traitors, The Phantom of the Opera 1962, The Longest Day 1962, The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, Some Will, Some Won't, Jabberwocky 1977, Hoverbug, Wrong Number, The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957, Sea Wife, The Prince and the Showgirl 1957, Zarak, The Long Arm, You Lucky People, The Dam Busters 1955, The Gay Dog 


Leo Gorcey

The Phynx 1970, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Spy Chasers, Clipped Wings, Crazy Over Horses, The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters, Jalopy 1955, So This is New York, Mr. Hex, Bowery Buckaroos, Live Wires, Million Dollar Kid, Destroyer, Clancy Street Boys, Kid Dynamite, Smart Alecks, Sunday Punch, Born to Sing 1942, Out of the Fog 1941, Pride of the Bowery, The Angels Wash Their Faces, Hell's Kitchen, Angels With Dirty Faces, Crime School, Mannequin 1937, Dead End 1937

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