Bill  (William) Haade

Revolt in the Big House, The Tall Stranger, Toughest Man Alive, Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops 1955,

Untamed Heiress, The Affairs of Dobie Gillis, Come Back, Little Sheba 1953, Kansas City Confidential 1952, Skirts Ahoy!,

Here Come the Nelsons, Bonzo Goes to College, Santa Fe, Rawhide, Three Desperate Men, Father of the Bride 1950, Caged 1950,

Ambush, Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle, No Man of Her Own 1950, Scene of the Crime, Knock on Any Door, The Bribe, 

Flamingo Road 1949, The Fountainhead, A Song is Born, April Showers, Key Largo 1948, Shaggy, A Likely Story, 

Unconquered, Night Has a Thousand Eyes 1948, It Happened in Brooklyn, Exposed, The Web 1947, The Asphalt Jungle 1950,

The Woman on Pier 13 1949, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Gentleman Misbehaves, Bringing Up Father, Pillow to Post,

Incendiary Blonde 1945, The Frozen Ghost, High Powered, Bring on the Girls, The Stork Club, Roger Touhy, Gangster,

The Adventures of Mark Twain 1944, Bride by Mistake Three Men in White, Show Business, Thank Your Lucky Stars,

A Scream in the Dark, Song of Texas, Days of Old Cheyenne, Dangerous Blondes 1943, Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case 1943,

Star Spangled Rhythm, Reap the Wild Wind, Pittsburgh 1942, Juke Girl, Iceland, The Spoilers,

Honky Tonk 1941, Sergeant York 1941, The People vs Dr. Kildare, Sailors on Leave, Dance Hall, Citadel of Crime 1941, 

Affectionately Yours, Kansas Cyclone, Hurry, Charlie, Hurry, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, Dr. Kildare's Crisis 1940, 

They Drive by Night 1940, The Girl From Avenue A, Knute Rockne-- All American 1940, Johnny Apollo, Lillian Russell,

The Earl of Chicago, Who Killed Aunt Maggie? 1940, Unmarried, Night Work, Reno, Valley of the Zombies 1946, 

Maisie Gets Her Man 1942, $1,000 a Touchdown, The Gracie Allen Murder Case 1939, Union Pacific, Sing You Sinners, 

Tom Sawyer, Detective, The Invisible Menace, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 1938, Three Comrades, Kid Galahad, 

Missing Witnesses, Telephone Operator 1937,

Hugo Haas

     King Solomon's Mines 1950, Casbah, The Foxes of Harrow 1947, Two Smart People, Dakota, Morality Above All Else 1937,

 The Seamstress, Paradise Road, The Little Pet 1934, Life Is a Dog 1933

Sara Haden

     Betrayed Woman 1955 , Wagons West, A Life of Her Own, The Bishop's Wife 1947, Rodeo, Wagons West,

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy 1946, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 1945, Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble 1944, Andy Hardy's Double Life,

The Courtship of Andy Hardy, Life Begins for Andy Hardy 1941, The Affairs of Martha 1942Woman of the Year 1942, 

The Shop Around the Corner 1940,  Andy Hardy Meets Debutante 1940, Out West with the Hardy's, Magnificent Obsession 1935,

The Crime of Dr. Forbes, , Anne of Green Gables 1934, Spitfire 1934, Andy Hardy Comes Home 1958

Jean Hagen

   Adam's Rib 1949, The Asphalt Jungle 1950, A Life of Her Own, Singin' In the Rain 1952, Sunrise at Campobello 1960,

 Latin Lovers,The Big Knife 1955, The Shaggy Dog, Spring Reunion, Panic in Year Zero 1962, Dead Ringer 1964,

 Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn (TV) 1977

Don Haggerty

  California Gold Rush (TV) 1981, Incredible Rocky Mountain Race (TV), Starbird and Sweet William, Dirty Harry, The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler, Skin Game, The Night of the Grizzly, The Loved One 1965, Harlow, The Killers 1964, That Funny Feeling, Papa's Delicate Condition, Hell is for Heroes, Gundown at Sandoval, Seven Ways From Sundown, The Purple Gang, The Gunfight at Dodge City, Some Came Running 1958, Cattle Empire, Blood Arrow, The Sad Sack, Jet Pilot, Footsteps in the Night, Spring Reunion, Chain of Evidence, Crashing Las Vegas, Texas Lady, The Desperate Hours 1955, Air Strike, The Eternal Sea, The Blue and the Gold, Strategic Air Command 1955, The Atomic Kid, Naked Alibi 1954, The Rocket Man, Loophole, Combat Squad, City of Bad Men, Roar of the Crowd, Glory Alley, Wild Stallion, The Narrow Margin, The Stooge, Hoodlum Empire, The Strip, Rhubarb, No Questions Asked, Quebec 1951, Gambling House, The Asphalt Jungle 1950, Side Street, East of the Rising Sun, Cowboy and the Prizefighter, Sands of Iwo Jima, Canadian Pacific 1949,Rustlers, Command Decision, Angel in Exile, Pitfall, Train to Alcatraz, Silent Conflict, The Dead Don't Dream, The Gangster, Back Door to Heaven 1939

Larry Hagman

    Primary Colors 1998, Nixon 1995, S.O.B., The Eagle Has Landed 1976, The Big Bus, Harry and Tonto, Mother,

 Jugs and Speed 1976Stardust, The Toy Game, Antonio, Up in the Cellar, The Group 1966, Ensign Pulver 1964,

 Fail-Safe 1964, In Harm's Way, Superman

Fred Hagney

The Yellow Cab Man, Triple Trouble, Demetrios & the Gladiators 1954, Blues Busters, Santa Fe, Anne of the Indies, The Big Night 1951, The Big Trees, The San Francisco Story, Cripple Creek, Botany Bay, The Last Posse, The Wild One 1953, Riot in Cell Block 11 1954, The Human Jungle, The Silver Chalice, Timberjack, Wichita, Lucy Gallant, The Spoilers 1955, Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956, Crashing Las Vegas, The Ten Commandments, Friendly Persuasion 1956, 3:10 to Yuma, Baby Face Nelson, Ride the High Country, Come Blow Your Horn 1963, Donovan's Reef 1963, The Silencers, The Shadow 1940, Northwest Command, Dark Passage, Boom Town 1940, Tugboat Annie Sails Again, Gallant Sons, Across the Border, The Getaway, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, Unexpected Uncle, Mr. Celebrity, The Corsican Brothers, Swamp Woman 1941, Reap the Wild Wind, House of Errors, Jukebox Jenny, My Favourite Spy, Timber!, Sin Town 1942, Corregidor, Stand by for Action, Crazy House, Swing Fever, The Adventures of Mark Twain, Detective Kitty O'Day, Lost in a Harem, Destiny, Bring on the Girls, Kitty, Saratoga Trunk, The Kid From Brooklyn, The Verdict 1940, It's a Wonderful Life 1946, California, The Sea of Grass, Wild Harvest, Road to Rio, The Big Clock 1948, Superman, My Hero, Johnny Belinda 1948, Harpoon, Blood on My Hands, The Paleface, I Shot Jesse James, Grand Canyon, The Black Book 1949, Samson and Delilah, The Phantom West, No Limit, Sit Tight, The White Man, The Champ 1931, A House Divide, Green Eyes 1934, Ride Him, Cowboy, The Airmail Mystery, Sport of a Nation, Terror Aboard, Hold Your Man, Tillie and Gus 1933, Sitting Pretty, Roman Scandals, The House of Rothschild, Green Eyes 1934, The Mighty Barnum, The Informer 1935, Diamond Jim, Thunderbolt, Modern Times 1936, The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938, Parole!, Wildcat, The Big Broadcast of 1937, Conflict, Woman-Wise, Night Key 1937, Magnificent Brute, Windjammer, Big City, Madame X, Wise Girl, The Secret of Treasure island, Dick Tracy Returns, The Spider's Web 1938, The Storm, Devil's Island, Orphan of the Ring, Unmarried, Captain Fury 1939The Battler, The Gaunlet, Backbone, The Martyr Sex, Fight and Win, Poison, Lighning Romance 1924, The Wild Bull's Lair, Big Pal, Braveheart, The Sea Beast 1926, The Ice Flood, The General 1926, On Your Toes, Burning Delight, Power, Broken Barriers, Captain Lash, River's End

Sid Haig 

The Lords of Salem 2012, The Infliction, Mimesis, , Creature, Dark Moon Rising 2009, Halloween 2007,

Little Big Top, Night of the Living Dead 3D, Brotherhood of Blood, The Devil's Rejects, 

House of a 1000 Corpses 2003, Jackie Brown, Boris and Natasha, The Forbidden Dance,

Goddess of Love (TV), Warlords, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 2004, Commando Squad, Forty Days of Musa Dagh,

The Aftermath, Galaxy of Terror, Chu Chu and the Philly Flash 1981, Loose Shoes, Swashbuckler, 

Foxy Brown 1974, Savage Sisters, The Don is Dead, The Woman Hunt, Coffy, Wonder Woman, 

The No Mercy Man, The Big Bird Cage, THX 1138, CC and Company 1970, Che!, Pit Stop, Point Blank,

It's a Bikini World 1967, Blood Bath, Beach Ball, The Firebrand 

Alan Hale,_Sr.

     The Cowboy and the Lady, Jane Eyre, The Power of the Press, Money, File No. 113, The Purple Lady, Pudd'nhead Wilson,

 One Hour 1917, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1921, A Doll's House 1922, A Voice in the Dark, The Fox, Main Street,

 The Eleventh Hour, Little Man, What Now?, Of Human Bondage 1934, Babbitt 1934, Great Expectations 1934

 The Man in the Iron Mask 1939The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938, The Fighting, Tugboat Annie Sails Again, Sante Fe Trail,

 The Strawberry Blonde 1941, This is the Army, Destination Tokyo, Adventures of Don Juan, Night and Day, God Is My Co-Pilot,

 The Inspector General, Rogues of Sherwood Forest, The Woman in the Case 1916, Robin Hood 1922, Black Oxen, Dick Turpin,

 Vanity 1927, Power, The Sin of Madelon Claudet 1931, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1932, Fog Over Frisco, Parole! 1936,

 Stella Dallas 1937, The Sisters 1938, Algiers, Dodge City, Green Hell,They Drive By Night 1940, Sante Fe Trail,

Manpower 1941, The Adventures of Mark Twain 1944, Night and Day, The Time, The Place and the Girl, Pursued,

My Girl Tisa, The Younger Brothers, Colt .45, Last Days of Pompeii,

Alan Hale (Jr.),_Jr.

     All-American Co-Ed 1941, Eagle Squadron, Wake Island,  No Time for Love, Watch on the Rhine 1943, Music Man 1948, 

Home Coming, It Happens Every Spring 1949, Swiss Tour, The Underworld Story, The West Point Story 1953, Sierra Passage,

Honeychile, Lady in the Iron Mask 1952, The Iron Glove, Silver Lode, Destry 1954, The Sea Chase, The Three Outlaws 1956,

The True Story of Jesse James 1957, The Long Rope, The Iron Maiden, Hang 'Em High 1968, The Sky's the Limit,

There Was a Crooked Man...1970, Evidence of Power, The Fifth Musketeer, Johnny Dangerously 1984, Terror Night

 Hale, far right

Barbara Hale

      Big Wednesday 1978, The Giant Spider Invasion, Airport 1970, 7th Cavalry, The Houston Story, Seminole, 

 Slim Carter, Emergency Wedding, And Baby Makes Three 1949, Jolson Sings Again 1949, The Boy With Green Hair,

 First Yank Into Tokyo, The Falcon in Hollywood 1944, Higher and Higher 1943, The Far Horizons,

Creighton Hale 

The Million Dollar Mystery, The Exploits of Elaine 1914, The New Exploits of Elaine 1915, 

The Romance of Elaine 1915, Snow White, Mrs. Slacker, Oh Boy! 1919, Way Down East 1920,

Orphans of the Storm 1921, Broken Hearts of Broadway, How to Educate a Wife,

The Shadow on the Wall, The Circle 1925, Thumbs Down, Rose-Marie, Holiday 1930, 

Hellderado, What's Your Racket?, Shop Angel, Becky Sharp, Custer's Last Stand 1936

Hollywood Boulevard, Confessions of a Nazi Spy, The Return of Dr. X,

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, One Million B.C. 1940, Knute Rockne All American, 

Santa Fe Trail, The Strawberry Blonde, Knockout, Sergeant York, Out of the Fog,

The Bride Came C.O.D., The Maltese Falcon 1941, The Male Animal, Larceny Inc., 

Gentleman Jim, Casablanca, The Adventures of Mark Twain, Night and Day, Humoresque,

That Way With Women,  The Perils of Pauline, Nora Prentiss, Johnny Belinda, June Bride, 

The Fountainhead, Sunset Blvd., On Moonlight Bay, The Steel Jungle, The Spirit of St. Louis

Georgia Hale

Unknown Chaplin 1886, The Lightning Warrior, A Woman Against the World, The Last Moment, The Floating College 1928, 

Gypsy of the North, The Wheel of Destiny, Hills of Peril, The Rainmaker 1926, The Great Gatsby 1926, The Gold Rush 1925

Jonathan Hale 

Letter of Introduction, Judge Hardy's Children 1938, Gangs of New York 1938, Blondie Brings Up Baby, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell,

Blondie Meets the Boss, In Name Only 1939, Blondie Plays Cupid, The Saint Takes Over, Johnny Apollo, The Pittsburgh Kid,

Ringside Maisie, Blondie's Blessed Event, Blondie Goes to College, Miss Annie Rooney 1942, Calling Dr, Gillespie, Jack London, 

It's a Great Life, Sweet Rosie O'Grady 1943, Since You Went Away, Hollywood Canteen, Life With Blondie 1945, Dakota,

The Phantom Speaks, Divorce, The Strange Mr. Gregory, The Cat Creeps, Wife Wanted, Black Gold, Her Husband's Affairs,

Rocky 1948, Michael O'Halloran, The Vigilantes Return, Johnny Belinda 1948, High Wall, Call Northside 777 1948,

A Dangerous Profession,  State Department File 649, The Judge, Short Grass, Three Husbands, Sunny Side of the Street,

Scandal Sheet 1952, Carbine Williams, Young Man With Ideas, Son of Paleface, Taxi 1953, Duffy of San Quentin,

The  Night Holds Terror, Illegal 1955, Jaguar, The Three Outlaws 

Louise Closser Hale 

      Paris, A Hole in the Wall 1929, Daddy Long Legs 1931, Rebound, Devotion, Platinum Blonde 1931,

 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Movie Crazy, Rasputin and the Empress 1932, Faithless, The White Sister, Another Language,

 Dinner at Eight 1933, Duck Soup 1933

Patti Hale

Thunderhead: Son of Flicka, The Good Fellows, I Was Framed 1942, Always in My Heart 1942

Richard Hale

        The Girl In the Case 1944, A Thousand and One Nights, The Other Love, Queen Esther, Port Said,

 The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend 1949, The Law and the Lady, When In Rome, Scaramouche 1952, 

The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, Julius Caesar, Red Garters, Passion, Moonfleet 1955, Friendly Persuasion 1956,

Short Cut to Hell, Ben-Hur 1959, Sergeants 3, To Kill a Mockingbird 1962, The Limit, Good Neighbour Sam 1964, 

Evil Town, Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins

Jack Haley

     The Wizard of Oz 1939, Alexander's Ragtime Band 1938, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1938, Poor Little Rich Girl 1936,

 Sitting Pretty, Norwood 1970, Broadway Madness 1927, Here Comes the Groom, Redheads on Parade 1935, Pigskin Parade,

 Mister Cinderella, George White's Scandals 1945, Scared Stiff, 

Charlie Hall

The Home Wrecker (short) 1924, Near Dublin (short), Unfriendly Enemies (short), Bromo and Juliet (short), Eve's Love Letters (short), Fluttering Hearts (short), Sugar Daddies (short) 1927, College (short) 1927, One Embarrassing Night, Crazy Feet (short), Angora Love (short), Fifty Million Husbands (short) 1930, Only Sap Works, Rough Seas (short), Pardon Us 1931, Delicious 1931, Too Many Women (short), Young Ironsides (short), The Soilers (short), Cynara, King Kong 1933, Diplomaniacs, Morning Glory 1933, Flirting in the Park (short), Keg o' My Heart (short), The Pip From Pittsburgh, What a Bozo (short), Million Dollar Legs 1932, Soup and Fish (short), Movie Daze (short), Kid Millions, Thicker Than Water (short), In Love at 40 (short), Kelly the Second, Swing Time 1936, Our Relations, Shall We Dance 1937, Captain Fury, Vigil in the Night 1940, Mexican Spitfire Out West, Niagara Falls 1940, Hellzapoppin' 1941, The Big Street, Forever and a Day, So's Your Uncle, The Lodger 1944, Hi, Beautiful, Her Lucky Night, Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Code, Sister Kenny 1946, The Milkman, Rogue's March, Illegal, 

Gita Hall

     Wolf Larsen 1958, Gunrunners 1958

Henry Hall

Cover Up 1949, Panhandle, Song odf the Wasteland, Larceny in Her Heart, The Daltons Ride Again, Navajo Kid 1945, Marked for Murder, Lightning Raiders, Apology for Murder 1945, Voodoo Man, Harvest Melody, Girls in Chains 1943, The Mad Monster, Sergeant York, Santa Fe Trail, Virginia City, Headin' East, Block-Heads 1938, Blake of Scotland Yard, Ellis Island, Shadow of Chinatown, Mary Burns, Fugitive, Rainbow Ranch, The Penal Code, Paradise Canyon, 'G' Men, Outlaw Rule, Fighting to Live, Sagebrush Trail, Who Killed Harvey Forbes? 1932, Unashamed, Play-Girl, Feet First, Reno, Hot Curves 1930

Huntz Hall

  Dead End 1937, Jalopy 1953, They Made Me a Criminal, You're Not So Tough , Valentino 1977, Call a Messenger,

Angels With Dirty Faces 1938, Mob Town, As Tough as They Come, Million Dollar Kid, Mr. Muggs Steps Out, Bowery Bombshell,

Live Wires 1946, Blues Busters 1950, High Society 1955, In the Money, Smart Alecks 1942, Ghosts on the Loose 1943, 

Docks of New York 1945,  Herbie Rides Again 1974, Cyclone 1987

Porter Hall

    Satan Met a Lady, The Plainsman 1937, Wells Fargo 1937, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939,  True Confession 1937,

Dark Command, Double Indemnity 1944, The Great Moment, Blood on the Sun, Unconquered, Chicken Every Sunday 1949

The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend 1949, Miracle on 34th Street, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, Ace in the Hole 1951,

The Petrified Forest 1936, Mr. and Mrs. North 1942, The Thin Man 1934, The Story of Louis Pasteur 1935, His Girl Friday 1940,

Sullivan's Travels 1941, Going My Way 1944, 



Ruth Hall

   Hell Harbour 1930, Monkey Business 1931, A Fool's Advice, Manhatten Parade 1931, Miss Pinkerton 1932,

The Heart of New York, The Kid From Spain, The Three Musketeers 1933, Strawberry Roan 1933, Beloved, Badge of Honour,

Julia Misbehaves 1948, We're Not Married!, Gambling Sex 1932, The Farmer Takes a Wife 1953, Crooner 1932,

How to Marry a Millionaire 1953 

Sherry Hall

The Calendar Girl 1917, Weary River, The Quitter, Jazz Heaven 1929, Three Girls Lost, Monkey Business, The Lullaby, Blonde Crazy 1931, Arrowsmith 1931, Emma, Forbidden, Determination, The Beast of the City, The Miracle Man, Lady With a Past, Grand Hotel 1932, Blondie of the Follies, Embassy Girl, Rasputin the Mad Monk 1932, Christopher Strong, My Woman, Manhattan Melodrama 1934, It Happened One Night, The Thin Man 1934, Charlie Chan's Courage, A Perfect Week-End, Jealousy, Shadow of a Doubt 1935, Rendezvous, Riffraff, Three Godfathers 1936, Small Town Girl, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Fury 1936, San Francisco 1936, Operator 13, Evelyn Prentice, High Tension, Lady of the Tropics, 36 Hours to Kill, Libeled Lady 1936, Born to Dance, Career Woman, After the Thin Man, Let's Get Married, Midnight Taxi, A Star is Born, Love in a Bungalow, The Lady Escapes, All Over Town, Charlie Chan on Broadway, She Married an Artist,  Wells Fargo, In Old Chicago 1937, The Big Broadcast of 1938, Mr. Moto's Gamble, Crime Ring, The Crowd Roars, Dick Tracy Returns, Kentucky, Mexicali Rose, Pier 13 1940, Hullabaloo, Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise, Wilson, Greenwich Village, Blonde Fever, Girl Rush, Isle of the Dead, They Were Expendable 1945, Scarlet Street, Accomplice, Lady in the Lake 1947, Smash Up: The Story of a Woman, Backlash, Words and Music, Big City, White Heat 1949, Three Little Words, Mystery Street, Mister 880, Frenchie, Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone, Chain of Circumstances, The Well 1951, Golden Girl, With a Song in My Heart 1952, 

Thurston Hall

Shorts: The Deception, The Mirror,

  Tyrant Fear, The Unpainted Woman, Wildness of Youth, After the Dance, The Public Menace, Crime and Punishment 1935,

 Roaming Lady, The Three Wise Guys, Trapped by Television 1935, Theodora Goes Wild 1935, Case of the Missing Man,

 Super Speed, The Lone Wolf Returns 1935, Cleopatra 1917, Love Letters, Flare-Up Sal, The Mating of Marcella,

 The Squaw Man 1918, The Brazen Beauty, City for Conquest 1940, The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date, Four Mothers,

 Washington Melodrama, The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance, The Great Lie 1941, Sleepytime Gal, Design for Scandal, 

 Accent on Love, Shepherd of the Ozarks, We Were Dancing, Call of the Canyon, The Great Gildersleeve, 

 One Dangerous Night 1943, The Youngest Profession, Sherlock Holmes in Washington, Hoosier Holiday, I Dood It,

 Cover Girl, The Adventures of Mark Twain 1944, Bring on the Girls, In Society, Wilson 1944, The Blonde From Brooklyn,

 Lady on a Train 1945, Two Sisters From Boston, Dangerous Business, The Farmer's Daughter 1947, Welcome Stranger,

 The Unfinished Dance, Up in Central Park, Mourning Becomes Electra 1947, Three Daring Daughters, Blondie's Secret,

 Stagecoach Kid, The Fountainhead, Girls' School 1950, Bright Leaf, Chain Gang, One Too Many, Whirlwind, Texas Carnival, 

 Night Stage to Galveston 1952, Skirts Ahoy!, Carson City, The Band Wagon 1953, The Go-Getter, Affair in Reno, 

William Halligan

10/william-halligan.htmlSomewhere in Jersey (short), Follow the Leader, The Public Defender, High Pressure, Dancers in the Dark 1932, The Roadhouse Murder, Lady and Gent, Crooner 1932, Blessed Event, One Way Passage, 'Til We Meet Again 1940, You Can't Fool Your Wife, Boom Town 1940, Hired Wife, Murder Among Friends, The Cowboy and the Blonde, Paper Bullets, Mr. Celebrity, Moontide, Blonde Comet, Broadway Big Shot, Tales of Manhattan 1942, Henry Aldrich, Editor, Foreign Agent, The Powers Girl 1943, The Leopard Man, Coney Island 1943, Dixie, The Seventh Victim, Swing High, Flame of the Barbery Coast, Within These Walls 1945, Splitface, The Stork Club, The Dark Mirror, The Postman Always Rings Twice, San Quentin 1946, The Corpse Came C.O.D.

Billy Halop   

    Dead End 1937, Angels With Dirty Faces 1938, Dangerous Years, Air Strike, A Global Affair 1964Boy's Night Out 1962,

Mugtown, Blues In the Night 1941,  Tom Brown's School Days 1940, Hell's Kitchen 1939

Charles Halton          

     Come and Get It 1936, Black Legion 1937,  His Double Life, Penrod and Sam, Penitentiary, Room Service, Jesse James 1939,

Nancy Drew...Reporter, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Prisoner of Zenda,  The Shop Around the Corner 1940,

They Drive by Night, Foreign Correspondant, Virginia City, Juarez, To Be or Not to Be 1942Mr. and Mrs. Smith 1941,

Saboteur, My Sister Eileen, Wilson, The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, It's a Wonderful Life 1946,

3 Godfather's, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer 1947, A Star Is Born 1954Carrie , High School Confidential! 1958,

The Thin Man Goes Home

Gerald Hamer

Gaby 1956, Challenge to Lassie, Ivy 1947, , Terror by Night 1946, Pursuit to Algiers, The White Cliffs of Dover 1944, Lorna Doone, Lured, The Suspect 1945,  Sherlock Holmes Faces Death, The Scarlet Claw, Confidential Agent,
The Lodger 1944, Sherlock Holmes in Washington, Sweethearts 1938, Angel, Bulldog Drummond's Bride

Hale Hamilton 

Edison, the Man 1940, The Adventures of Marco Polo, Opportunity 1918, That's Good, Dante's inferno, The Nitwits 1935, The Meaning of Beatrice, The Greater Glory, The Great Gatsby 1926, The Manicure Girl, Good Intentions, Paid 1930, The Drums of Jeopardy, Murder at Midnight 1931, Susan Lennox, Her Fall and Rise, Three on a Match, Life Begins 1932, Manhattan Tower, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1932, Curtain at Eight, Reform Girl, Parole Girl, Dr. Monica 1934, When Strangers Meet 1934, The Woman In Red, 

    Hamilton, centre

John Hamilton

Outcasts of the City, Chicago Confidential 1957, The Night of the Hunter 1955, Sitting Bull, On the Waterfront 1954, City Story, Donovan's Brain, Man of Conflict, Target, Million Dollar Mermaid 1952, Belle Le Grand, Sugarfoot, I'll Get By, The Missourians, Right Cross, Davy Crockett, Indian Scout, Canadian Pacific 1949, Alias the Champ, Law of the Golden West, The Babe Ruth Story 1948, Song of My Heart, Fiesta, I'll Be Yours, Violence, Too Many Winners, News Hounds, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947, It Happened on 5th Avenue 1947, Boomerang! 1947, Magnificent Doll, She Wrote the Book, Wife Wanted, Step by Step, Home on the Range, The Brute Man, Blondie's Lucky Day, The Spirit of the Whistler, Johnny Angel, Mom and Dad, Wilson 1945, The Naughty Nineties, Strange Illusion, Circumstantial Evidence, Incendiary Blonde 1945, Man From Frisco, Maisie Goes to Reno, Allergic to Love, Swingtime Johnny, Crazy Knights, Shadow of Suspicion, Hi, Good Lookin'!, Army Wives, Christmas Holiday 1944, Music in Manhattan, The Doughgirls, Zorro's Black Whip, Crazy House, Larceny With Music, The Iron Major, Mission to Moscow 1943, What a Woman!, Spy Train, Syncopation 1942, Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942, Dr. Broadway, They Died With Their Boots On 1942, Escape From Crime, Always in My Heart, Across the Pacific, Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen, The Big Shot, In This Our Life,The Great Man's Lady, I Was Framed, Passage From Hong Kong, Meet John Doe 1941, The Maltese Falcon 1941, Blues in the Night, Borrowed Hero, World Premiere, Nine Lives are Not Enough, Strange Alibi, It Started With Eve 1941The Man Who Talked Too Much, Brother Rat and a Baby, Tugboat Annie Sails Again, Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet 1940, The Fatal Hour, Johnny Apollo, Flight Command,  Confessions of a Nazi Spy 1939, I Stole a Million, First Offenders, Blind Alley, The Forgotten Woman, The Roaring Twenties 1939, Rose of Washington Square, Inside Story, Waterfront, Mr. Wong, Detective, I Stand Accused, Too Hot to Handle, Call a Messenger, Girls on Probation 1938, Angels With Dirty Faces, Doctor Rhythm, Boys Town 1938, That Certain Woman, This is My Affair, Her Husband Lies, Mr. Moto's Gamble 1938, Missing Witness, It Could Happen to You, She Had to Eat, Adventures in Manhattan, Parole!, Two in a Crowd, Lady From Nowhere, The Final Hour, Legion of Terror, The Masked Menace, The Mountain Eagle 1926

Margaret Hamilton         

      Hat, Coat and Glove 1934, Chatterbox 1936, Way Down East 1935 , The Wizard of Oz 1939, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,

The Affairs of Martha 1942, Bungalow 13, Driftwood 1947, George White's Scandals 1945, Angel in My Pocket 1969 , 13 Ghosts,

The Anderson Tapes 1971, Another Language, The Farmer Takes a Wife, These Three 1936, Saratoga, Nothing Sacred 1937,

A Slight Case of Murder 1938, The Angels Wash Their Faces, Babes In Arms, My Little Chickadee 1940, Play Girl, 

The Affairs of Martha, The Ox-Bow Incident 1943, Dishonored Lady, State of the Union, People Will Talk 


Murray Hamilton         

      Reckless Age, Bright Victory 1951, No Time for Sargeants 1958Anatomy of a Murder 1959, The FBI Story, Houseboat,

The Hustler 1961, 13 Frightened Girls, Seconds 1966, The Graduate 1967, If It's Tuesday It Must be Belguim, Jaws 1975

Jaws 2, The Drowning Pool, The Way We Were 1973, Hysterical, Brubacker

Neil Hamilton       

      The Beloved Imposter, The White Rose, America, The Street of Forgotten Men 1925, Beau Geste, The Great Gatsby,

The Studio Murder Mystery 1929, The Mysterious Dr. Fu Man Chu 1929, The Woman in Room 13, Two Against the World, 

The Sin of Madelon Claudet 1931What Price Hollywood?, Tarzan and is Mate, Keeper of the Bees, The Saint Strikes Back 1939,

All By Myself, Brewster's Millions 1945, The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, The Patsy 1964, Madame X, Batman 1966


Kay Hammond

   Five Golden Hours, Henry V, Blithe Spirit 1945, Jeannie, Brittania of Billingsgate, Carnival 1931, Children of Chance, Double Harness 1933

Bittersweet 1933

Peter Hammond

Model for Murder 1959, The Crowded Day 1954, X The Unknown, It's Never Too Late, Soho Incident, The Secret Tent, Confession, Flannelfoot, Alf's Baby 1953, Father's Doing Fine, The Adventurers, The Reluctant Widow, Morning Departure 1950, Helter Skelter, The Huggetts Abroad 1949, Vote for Huggett 1949, Fly Away Peter, Holiday Camp, They Knew Mr. Knight, Waterloo Road

Virginia Hammond

     Vultures of Society 1916, A Lady Surrenders 1930, Chance at Heaven 1933, Chandu the Magician, Charlie Chan's Courage,

Great Expectations 1934, Romeo and Juliet 1936, A Lady Surrenders, Torch Singer, Straight From the Heart, Lady Tubbs,

The Kiss 1916, Anybody's Woman 1930, The Crash

Walter Hampden

     The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1939, The Dragon's Claw, They Died With Their Boots On 1942, The Adventures of Mark Twain,

All About Eve 1950, The First Legion, 5 Fingers 1952, The Vagabond King, The Prodigal 1955, The Silver Chalice, Sabrina 1954,

Treasure of the Golden Condor 1953 Young as We Are, Merrill's Marauders, Palm Springs Weekend, PT 109 1963

Battle of the Bulge, Custer of the West, Berserk, Day of Judgement, Avanti!, Born Killer, Bad Jim

Susan Hampshire                          

      Eve Buckingham, Bang! 1977, The Story of David, Baffled!, The Exorcism of Hugh, A Time For Loving 1971,

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Swingers' Paradise, The Long Shadow 1961, Night of Passion, The Woman in the Hall 1947Wonderful Life 1964,

A Hard Day's Night 1964, Sex and the Lonely Woman 1973

Irene Handl

        Missing, Believed Married 1937, The Terror 1938, Mr. O'Dowd, Night Train to Munich, Gasbags, Girl in the News,

 pellbound 1941, Dear Octopus, Welcome, Mr. Washington, I'll Walk Beside You 1943, The Flemish Farm 1943, Great Day,

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The Belles of St. Trinians 1954, Mad About Men 1954, The Silken Affair, Who Done It?, Small Hotel, The Key 1958, 

Carry on Nurse, I'm All Right Jack 1959, The Crowning Touch, , Upstairs and Downstairs, School for Scandals, The Rebel 1961,

Just for Fun, A Weekend With Lulu,  Heavens Above!, You Must Be Joking!, Wonderwall, The Wrong Box 1966, 

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever 1970, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes 1970Confessions of a Driving Instructor 1976,

The Hound of the Baskervilles 1978, The Great Rock 'n Roll Swindle 1980, Absolute Beginners

Anne Haney             

     Hopscotch 1980,  The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia 1981, Some Kind of Hero, The Bad Seed 1985,

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Jimmy Hanley

         If There Weren't Any Blacks You'd Have to Invent Them (TV), The Lost Continent, Satellite in the Sky, The Black Rider, 

Room to Let, Radio Cab Rider, The Huggetts Abroad 1949It Always Rains on Sunday 1947, 29 Acacia Avenue, The Gentle Sex,

Henry V 1944, Gaslight 1940, The Captive Heart 1946, Housemaster, Landslide, Royal Cavalcade, Red Wagon 1933

Lawrence Hanray

Beyond the Cities 1930, Murder at Monte Carlo, The Private Life of Henry VIII 1933, Over Night, Lorna Doone, 

The Scarlet Pimpernel 1935, Chu Chin Chow, Brewster's Millions, Rembrandt, The Lonely Road, Fire Over England 1937, 

Smash and Grab, Moonlight Sonata, The Man Who Could Work Miracles, As You Like It 1937, 21 Days Together, Hatter's Castle

Myrna Hansen                       

    The All American 1953, Playgirl 1954, Magnificent Obsession 1954, So This is Paris, The Purple Mask, Francis in the Navy 1955,

There's Always Tomorrow, Ask Any Girl, Black Caesar 1973, Goodbye Charlie 1964, 

Haya Harareet 

 The Interns 1962, Ben-Hur 1959, The Secret Partner

Lyn Harding

     The Prime Minister, Goodbye Mr. Chips 1939, Underneath the Arches, Silver Blaze, Fire Over England 1937, Please Teacher,

The Man Who Changed His Mind, The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes 1935, The Constant Nymph 1933, Land of Hope and Glory,

Yolanda 1924, The Barton Mystery 1920, Tense Moments With Great Authors 1922,

When Knighthood Was In Flower 1922


Karl Hardman

   The Night of the Living Dead 1968, Santa Claws

Ty Hardin     

    The Space Children, As., I Married a Monster From Outerspace 1958, The Chapman Report 1962, PT 109 1963, Berserk,

 The Last Rebel, Avanti!, Rescue Me 1992 

Ann Harding

Strange Intruder, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit 1956, The Unknown Man, The Magnificent Yankee, Christmas Eve,

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Biography of a Bachelor Girl 1935, The Lady Consents, The Life of Vergie Winters, When Ladies Meet 1933, 

Westward Passage, Devotion, Holiday 1930, Condemned 1929, Paris Bpound 

Sir Cedric Hardwicke

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Lumsden Hare

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Sam Hardy

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Lumsden Hare

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Fugitives, On the Banks of the Wabash

Kenneth Harlan

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Otis Harlan                                   

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No Living Witness, 

Joy Harmon

Angel in My Pocket, Cool Hand Luke 1967, One Way Wahine, Village of the Giants 1965, Mad Dog Coll, 20th Century Follies

Ralf Harolde 

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Murder, My Sweet 1944, Baby Face Morgan, Captain America, Jewels of Brandenburg, Alaska Patrol,

The Crimson Key, Behind Locked Doors,  

William Harrigan                                    

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The People's Enemy, The Girl in 419 1933, Cabaret 1927, Frankie and Johnnie 1936,  Whipsaw, The Invisible Man 1933,

Stranded, An Affair of Three Nations 1915

Hamtree Harrington

Keep Punching 1939, The Devil's Daughter, Mills Blue Rhythm Band (short), Bubbling Over (short), Rufus Jones for President (short) 1933, His Wonam 1931, Honey 1930

Pat Harrington Jr.                          ,_Jr. 

        Stage Struck 1958, The Wheeler Dealers 1963,  Move Over Darling 1963 , Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat,

Plastered In Paris (short, voice) 1966 , Bomb Voyage, Unsafe and Seine (voice), Easy Come, Easy Go 1967, 2000 Years Later,

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes 1969, The Candidate 1972, Ablaze, Round Trip to Heaven 

Cassandra Harris

     For Yoyr Eyes Only 1981, Rough Cut, The Greek Tycoon

Jonathan Harris                                        

Botany Bay 1953, Catch Me if You Can 1959, The Big Fisherman, Happily Ever After (voice), A Bug's Life (voice) 1998, Toy Story 2 (voice) 1999

Marilyn Harris

The Big Trail 1930, Frankenstein 1931, Over the Hill, Destry Rides Again 1932, Salomy Jane, 6 Hours to Live, A Wicked Woamn 1934, Tugboat Annie 1933, Show Boat, Maytime, Young Ideas, 

Phil Harris

     The Wheeler Dealers 1963, The AristoCats (voice), The Patsy, The Jungle Book (voice) 1967, The Cool Ones,

Anything Goes 1956The Wild Blue Yonder,  Man About Town, Melody Cruise, I Love a Bandleader 1945, Wabash Avenue 1950

Robert H. Harris

   The Man in the Glass Booth, The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid 1972, Valley of the Dolls 1967, Apache Uprising, Mirage,

 Convicts 4, Twenty Plus Two, Operation Eichmann, The Alamo 1960, How to Make a Monster, The Invisible Boy, The Big Caper,

 Bundle of Joy 1956, The Naked City 1948, Peyton Place 1957, The George Raft Story

Sam Harris

2:37, Marry Poppins 1964, The Last Hurrah, The Story of Three Loves, Young Bess, Paula 1952, Let's Dance, Fancy Pants, 
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Unfaithfully Yours, Casbah, The Farmer's Daughter 1947, Blaze of Noon, Lady Luck, Blue Skies, The Fatal Witness,
Sister Kenny 1946, San Quentin 1946, The Falcon in San Francisco, Wilson, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Government Girl,
The Hitler Gang, Meet Me in St. Louis 1944, Old Acquaintance 1943, Random Harvest 1942, Citizen Cane 1941, Safari, 
Gunga Din 1939, Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation, The Gracie Allen Murder Case, A Damsel in Distress, Till We Meet Again, 
A Feather in Her Hat, The Informer 1935, I Found Stella Parish, Bonnie Scotland

Theresa Harris

Thunderbolt 1929, Morocco, Horse Feathers 1932,, Arrowsmith, Gold Diggers of 1933 1932, Private Detective 62, Morning Glory 1933, Desirable, Big Town, Jezebel 1938, The Lady Escapes, I Walked With a Zombie, Sante Fe Trail, Miracle on 34th Street, Here Come the Girls, Baby Face 1933, Penthouse, Finishing School, Broadway Melody of 1936 1935, Blossoms in the Dust 1941, Cat People, The Dolly Sisters 1945, The Big Clock 1948, Neptune's Daughter, The French Line 1954, The Gift of Love 

Kathleen Harrison

       The London Connection, West 11, Alive and Kicking 1958, All for Mary, Cast a Dark Shadow, The Pickwick Papers, Waterfront, The Huggetts Abraod, I See a Dark Stranger, Caesar and Cleopatra 1946In Which We Serve 1942, Major Barbera, Convict 99 1938, Jane Steps Out, The Ghoul, Hobson's Choice 1931, Bank Holiday 1938A Girl Must Live 1939, The Girl In the News 1940, The Ghost Train 1941, Kipps, Temptation Harbour, Oliver Twist 1948, The Winslow Boy, The Huggetts Abroad, Seven Thunders 1957

Dolores Hart

Come Fly With Me, Sail a Crooked Ship, Lisa 1962, Francis of Assisi, Where the Boys Are 1960, Lonelyhearts, King Creole, 

Wild is the Wind, Loving You 1957, The Plunderers

Susan Hart

Chrome and Hot Leather 1971, The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini, The City Under the Sea, 

Dr. Goldfoot and the Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation 1953, Bikini Machine 1965, Pajama Party, Ride the Wild Surf, A Global Affair

For Those Who Think Young 1964, The Slime People, Boys' Night Out 

Teddy Hart

Million Dollar Legs, My Woman, Three Men on a Horse, After the Thin Man 1936, The man's here Again, Marry the Girl,

Ready, Willing and Able 1937, My Favourite Spy, Lady Luck, Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm 1951, The Fat Man,

A Girl in Every Port, Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation 1953, Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki 1955, Mickey One

Elizabeth Hartman

Full Moon High, Intermission, Walking Tall 1973, In Pursuit of Treasure, The Beguiled 1971, The Fixer, You're a Big Boy Now,
The Group 1966, A Patch of Blue 1965

Paul Hartman

       Sunny 1941, Higher and Higher, The Thrill of it All 1963, Soldier In the Rain,

 Man on a Tightrope 1953, Inherit the Wind 1960,

 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 1967

Paul Hartmann 

     The Longest Day 1962, The Monastery's Hunter, I accuse, Bismarck 1940, Togger, Legion Condor,

 Stronger Than Paragraphs 1936, Mazurka, The Tunnel, Anna Boleyne 1920, Catherine the Great, Mouchy 1918,

 Roses for the Prosecutor 1961, Bimbo the Great

Forrester Harvey

      Moulin Rouge 1928, Red Dust 1932, Kongo,The Mystery of Mr. X, Great Expectations 1934, The Invisible Man,

 The Mystery of Mr. X, The Guilded Lily, Rebecca, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Wolf Man 1941, The Lilac Sunbonnet 1922,

 The Ring 1927, Chances 1931, Tarzan the Ape Man 1932, The Gilded Lily, Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935, The Painted Veil 1934,

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 The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 1939, Rebecca 1940, Meet John Doe, Random Harvest 1942, The Green Years, Devotion

Harry Harvey Jr.

   Dangerous Years, Knute Rocke All-American 1940, Manpower 1941, The Wagons Roll at Night , Moonlight In Vermont 1943,

Shotgun, The Bamboo Prison, Tell Your Children 1936Shotgun 1955, Forbidden Planet 1956,

The Teahouse of the August Moon 1956, Imitation General 1958, Escort Girl 1941

Harry Harvey Sr.

     Stay Away Joe 1968, The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, Cat Ballou 1965, Black Gold, Man in the Shadow,

The Second Greatest Sex 1955, Bad Day at Black Rock 1956, The Glenn Miller Story 1954, Tumbleweed, Old Overland Trail,

Thunderbirds, The Dual at Silver Creek, High Noon 1952, Target, The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951, Ace In the Hole 1951,

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Crossfire 1947, The Woman on the Beach, The Bamboo Blonde 1946, Lady Luck, Nocturne, Blonde Ransom, Black Arrow,

Destry Rides Again 1932, Manhatten Moon, Skybound, Dr. Socrates, Blondie Takes a Vacation, Mercy Plane 1939,

Strike Up the Band 1940, Deadwood Dick, Wagon Train, Double Cross 1941, Dr. Broadway, The Pride of the Yankees 1942,

A Night to Remember 1942,

 Silent Witness 1943, Spook Town, 

Jean Harvey

Chicago Calling, Insurance Investigator, King of the Carnival, Women's Prison 1955, The Werewolf, The Solid Gold Cadillac 1956, 

The Ten Commandments 1956, Band of Angels, The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm 1957,

John Martin Harvey

     The Lyons Mail 1931, The Burgomaster of Stilemonde, The Only Way, The Breed of the Treeshams, The Broken Melody,

 A Cigarette-Makers Romance 1913


Lillian Harvey 

 The Love Waltz 1930, The Temporary Widow, Quick 1932, Happy Ever After, My Lips Betray, I Am Suzanne 1933,

 The Only Girl, Black Roses, Capriccio 1938

Paul Harvey

The Pearl of the Antilles 1915, The Awful Truth 1929, Advice to the Lovelorn, Looking for Trouble, Charlie Chan's Courage, Handy Andy, Kid Millions, A Wicked Woman, Alibi Ike, The Wiser Sex 1932, Born to Be Bad, Broadway Melody of 1936, August Week End, Charlie Chan in Honolulu 1938, Postal Inspector, Yellowstone, Black Legion 1937, 23 1/2 Hours Leave, The Devil is Driving, Big City 1937, A Slight Case of Murder 1938, Algiers, The Sisters, The Gorilla, The Forgotten Woman, Stanley and Livingstone, Meet Dr. Christian, Typhoon, Maryland 1940, Out of the Fog, Great Guns, Rise and Shine, Remember the Day, A Tragedy at Midnight 1942, Mystery Broadcast, Henry Plays Cupid, The Southerner, The Horn Blows at Midnight, State Fair, Spellbound 1945, Blondie's Lucky Day, A Night in Casablanca, Shadow of a Woman, That Brennan Girl, Danger Street 1947, Blondie's Reward, Give My Regards to Broadway, Family Honeymoon, Duke of Chicago, Mr. Belvedere Goes to College, The Fountainhead, Side Street, Skirts Ahoy!, Dreamboat, April in Paris 1952, Riding High, Three Little Words, Stella 1950, Father's Little Dividend 1951, Sabrina, The Ten Commandments, High Society 1955

Signe Hasso

       One Hell of a Guy, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden 1977, The Black Bird, A Reflection of Fear 1973,

 Picture Mommy Dead, Crisis, A Double Life 1947, Johnny Angel, Heaven Can Wait 1943, Witches' Night, House of Silence,

 Career 1938, Bastard 1940, The Story of Dr. Wassell 1944The House on 92nd Street 1945, Thieves' Holiday 1946,

 Son of St. Moritz, Taxi 13 1956, 

Bob Hastings

         Moon Pilot 1962, McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force 1965, McHale├Ęs Navy 1964,

 Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady? 1968, The Love God, The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker,

 The Boatniks, How to Frame a Figg 1971, The Poseidon Adventure 1972,  Airport 1975, Charley and the Angels,

 Harper Valley P.T.A 1978, Cover Girls (TV), Shadow Force    

Teri Hatcher

       The Big Picture 1989, The Brotherhood (TV), Soapdish, Straight Talk, The Cool Surface, Dead Girl 1997, Fever 1999, 

Heaven's Prisoners, Spy Kids, Two Girls From Lemoore, Resurrecting the Champ 1997, Tomorrow Never Dies

Hurd Hatfield                                                                                                                                                     

     Dragon Seed 1944, Joan of Arc 1948, Chinatown at Midnight, Destination Murder, Tarzan and the Slave Girl, The Left Handed Gun,

King of Kings 1961, El Cid, Harlow, Mickey One, The Double-Barrelled Detective Story 1965, The Boston Strangler 1968,

Waiting to Acvt, King David, Her Alibi, The Picture of Dorian Gray 1945

Rondo Hatton                                                     

     The Brute Man 1946, The Spider woman Strikes back 1946, The Pearl of death. Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore,

 Chad Hanna, In Old Chicago 1938


Jerry Hausner

     The Quarterback Ache 1972, The Patsy 1964, Who's Minding the Store?, Wives and Lovers, Let's Make Love 1960,

Paths of Glory 1957, The Naked Street, Phffft 1954, Half a Hero, Off Limits, The Stooge, The Atomic City 1952,

The Lady Pays Off, Hard, Fast and Beautiful 1951, Ma and Pa Kettle on the Farm 1951, The Jackpot, To Please a Lady, Outrage,

Woman in Hiding, Abandoned 1949, Syncopation 1942


June Haver

      The Gang's All Here, Irish Eyes are Smiling 1944, Where Do We Go From Here?, Three Little Girls In Blue,

Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! 1948, Oh, You Beautiful Doll, The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady 1950, The Girl Next Door,

Home in Indiana 1944, The Dolly Sisters 1945, I'll Get By 1950

June Havoc

    Hey There, My Sister Eileen 1942, Casanova in Burlesque 1944, Brewster's Millions 1945, Gentleman's Agreement 1947,

 The Story of Molly X, The Iron Curtain, Once a Thief, Mr, Broadway, A Return to Salem's Lot, Four Jacks and a Jill 1942,

 Hi Diddle Diddle 1943, Intrigue, Red, Hot and Blue, Follow the Sun 1951, Lady Possessed, Can't Stop the Music 1980,

 A Return to Salem's Lot

Keeley Hawes

     Flashbacks of a Fool 2008, Death at a Funeral, Under the Greenwood Tree (TV), A Cock and Bull Story 2005, 

Me and Mrs. Jones (TV), Sex and Lies (TV), Complicity 2000, Hotel (TV), The Last September, The Avengers

Jack Hawkins

     Lawrence of Arabia 1962, Lord Jim 1965, Judith, Waterloo 1970, Tales That Witness Madness, Nicolas and Alexandra 1971,

Masqerade, Tales That Witness Madness, Kidnapped, The Lodger 1932, Jane Eyre, Lord Jim, Zulu, The Two-Headed Spy,

The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957, The Long Arm,  Mandy, No Highway In the Sky,  The Next of Kin, Bonnie Prince Charlie,

State Secret, The Planter's Wife, Malta Story, Waterloo, When Eight Bells Toll, Birds of Prey 1930, I Lived With You 1933,

Lorna Doone 1934, The Frog, The Fallen Idol 1948, Home at Seven, Front Page Story 1954, The Seekers 1954, Gideon's Day,


Jimmy Hawkins

     The Seventh Cross 1944, It's a Wonderful Life 1946, Heaven Only Knows 1947Bodyguard, Count Three and Pray, Caught,

Holiday Affair 1949Winchester '73 1950, Never a Dull Moment, Girls In the Night, The Greatest Show on Earth  1952,

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1949, Women They Almost Lynched 1953, Carolyn, Girl Happy 1965, Spinout 1966,

Destry, Private Hell 36, The Blue Veil

H. Dudley Hawley

Moongold, Secrets of a Secretary 1930, How Could You, Caroline?, Young Man of Manhattan 1930

Joe Haworth

Ride to Hangman's Tree, Five Guns to Tombstone, Showdown, The Badlanders, 3:10 to Yuma, The Spoilers 1955, Run for Cover, Gun Belt, The Story of Will Rogers, The Outcasts of Poker Flat 1952, My Six Convicts, Port of New York 1949, Trapped 1949,  That Lady in Ermine., Slave Girl, Without Reservations, The Mysterious Mr. M, Anchors Aweigh 1945, Wilson, Four Jills and a Jeep, The Sullivans, The Raven 1935

Charles Hawtrey

     Carry On Abroad, Carry On at Your Convenience, Carry On Loving, Carry On Again Doctor, Carry On Camping 1969,

 The Love Factor, Carry On...Up the Khyber 1968, Carry On Doctor, The Terrornauts, Carry On Screaming! 1966, Carry On Cleo,

 Carry On Spying 1964, Dentist on the Job, Carry On Constable, Inn for Trouble, Carry On Teacher 1959, Carry On Nurse 1959,

 Who Done It?, Brandy for the Parson 1952, Simon and Laura, Passport to Pimlico 1949, A Canterbury Tale,

 The Ghost of St. Michael's, Where's That Fire?, Boys Will Be Boys 1935\


Mary Hay

New Toys 1925, Way Down East 1920, Eastward Ho!, Hearts of the World 1918

Harry Hayden 

     The Desperado, Hot News, Charade 1953, Full House, Carrie 1952, Angels in the Outfield, Union Station,

Gun Crazy 1952, Intruder in the Dust, The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend 1949,

Abbot and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff, Every Girl Should Be Married, The Velvet Touch, Docks of New Orleans 1948,

Merton of the Movies, An Act of Murder, Key Witness, Variety Girl, Notorious 1946, Easy Come, Easy Go 1947, 

The Blue Dahlia 1947, The Hoodlum Saint 1947, Ziegfeld Follies, Colonel Effingham's Raid, The Thin Man Goes Home 1944

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 1944, Weird Woman, The Big Noise, Bathing Beauty, Du Barry Was a Lady 1943,

Slightly Dangerous, Springtime in the Rockies, The Palm Beach Story 1942, Sweater Girl, The Pride of the Yankees,

Yankee Doodle Dandy, This Gun for Hire 1942, Larceny Inc., Night of January 16th, Tha Parson of Panamint,

Blossoms in the Dust 1941, Knute Rockne All-American, High Sierra 1941, Boom Town 1940, The Great McGinty,

I Want a Divorce, Lillian Russell,  Swanee River, Barricade, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Invitation to Happiness,

Charlie Chan In Reno, Society Smugglers, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever, Rose of Washington Square, Angels With Dirty Faces 1938,

Meet the Girls, Deliquent Parents, Saleslady,  Artists & Models 1937, Exclusive, Maytime, John Meade's Woman, 

The Luckiest Girl in the World, Fury 1936


Nora Hayden

     Two Tickets to Broadway 1951, The Great Jesse James Raid, Vicki 1953, The French Line, Son of Sinbad, Plunder Road 1957,

 High School Confidential! 1958, Alaska Passage, The Angry Red Planet 1959, The Parisienne and the Prudes 1964,

 The Perils of P.K.

Richard Haydn

     Red Peppers, Charley's Aunt 1941 And Then There Were None 1945, The Emperor Waltz, Alice In Wonderland (voice),

 The Merry Widow, Money From Home, Five Weeks In a Balloon, Please Don't Eat the Daisies 1960, Mutiny on the Bounty 1962,

 Young Frankenstein 1974, The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, Ball of Fire 1941, Adventure 1945, Forever and a Day,

 The Green Years 1946,  The Late George Apley 1947, Sitting Pretty, Jupiter's Darling, The Sound of Music 1965, 

Allison Hayes

The Strange Door, So This is Paris, The Purple Mask 1955, Double Jeopardy 1955, Chicago Syndicate, The Steel Jungle, Gunslinger, The Hypnotic Eye 1960, Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? 1963, Tickle Me, Counterplot 1959, Hong Kong Confidential 1958, A Lust to Kill, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman 1958, The Disembodied, The Unearthly, Zombies of Mora Tau 1957, Foxfire 1955, Count Three and Pray 1955

Bernadene Hayes

Wicked Woman 1953, Bunko Squad, Caught, The Crimson Key 1947, Don't Gamble With Strangers, This Gun For Hire 1942, Nazi Agent, The Deadly Game, Sing For Your Supper 1941, Heroes in Blue, Some Like It Hot 1939, King of Chinatown, Idiot's Delight 1939, Prison Nurse, That's My Story!, The Emperor's Candlesticks, North of the Rio Grande, Great Guy, Parole! 1936, Trouble at Midnight, Broadway Melody of 1936, Love In Bloom


Gabby Hayes

    Rainbow Man 1929, Playing Around, Dirigible, Dragnet Patrol, The Star Packer 1934, Randy Rides Alone , Blue Steel 1934,

 The Lost City 1935, The Outlaw Tamer, Call of the Prairie 1936, The Plainsman 1936,  Hop-a-long Cassidy 1935,

 The Farmer Takes a Wife 1935, Mr, Deeds Goes to Town 1936, Hopalong Rides Again, The Frontiersman 1938,

 Sunset Trail, Days of Jesse James, Dark Command, Man from Cheyenne, Romance on the Range,

 Bordertown in Fighters, Hidden Valley Outlaws, Don't Fence Me In 1945, Heldorado, Mask of the Avenger, In Old Monterey,

 Young Bill Hickok 1940, My Pal Trigger 1946, Red River Valley 1941, Sons of the Pioneers 1942, Utah 1945

Grace Hayes

Caged 1950, Always Leave Them Laughing, Zis Boom Bah, Babes in Arms 1939, Myrt and Marge, Rainbow Over Broadway,
King of Jazz 1930 

Helen Hayes

Murder Is Easy (TV), Candleshoe, Herbie Rides Again, Airport 1970, Arsenic and Old Lace (TV), Ah! Wilderness (TV), Anastasia 1956, My Son John 1952, Stage Door Canteen, Night Flight, The White Sister 1933, A Farewell to Arms 1932, Arrowsmith 1931, The Weavers of Life

Linda Hayes

Ridin' Down the Canyon 1942, Romance on the Range, South of Santa Fe, Outside the Law, Man of the Timberland, The Saint in Palm Springs 1941, Mexican Spitfire Out West 1940, Millionaire in Prison, Glamour Boy, Mexican Spitfire 1940, Conspiracy, Sued for Libel, The Spellbinder, The Girl From Mexico 1939

Margaret Hayes

13 West Street 1962, House of Women 1962, Girls' Town, Good Day for a Hanging, The Case Against Brooklyn, Damn Citizen 1958, Omar Khayyam,The Bottom of the Bottle, From the Desk of Margaret Tyding 1956, Violent Saturday, Little Women (TV) 1946, Scattergood Survives a Murder 1942, The Glass Key 1942, Saboteur 1942, Skylark, Tugboat Annie Sails Again, The Man Who Talked Too Much, The Blackboard Jungle 1955, Girl in the Woods,  

Sam Hayes

It Came From Beneath the Sea 1955, The Hitch-Hiker, Man of Bronze, The Threat, It Happens Every Spring, Joe Palooka, Champ, Whistling in Brooklyn, Wake Island, The Bride Came C.O.D., High Sierra 1941, City for Conquest, Golden Boy, Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation, Tail Spin, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1938, Ali Baba Goes to Town, Music for Madame, Exclusive, Shall We Dance 1937, Crack-Up, Charlie Chan at the Race Track, Parole!, Fury, The Milky Way, Page Miss Glory, Alibi Ike, Casino de Paree, Bright Eyes, Strictly Confidential, Kid Millions 1934, Stand Up and Cheer!, Football Coach, Saturday's Millions 1933

Grace Hayle

Back Street 1932, The Death Kiss, Hard to Handle, Gold Diggers of 1933, Professional Sweetheart 1933, Baby Face, Mary Stevens M.D., Lady Killer, Design for Living, Glamour, Chained 1934, Romance In the Rain, Music in the Air, Roberta 1935, Calm Yourself, Funny Face, Mary Burns, Fugitive, The Great Ziegfeld 1936, Small Town Girl, The Harvester, Pepper, Theodora Goes Wild 1936, Reunion, Maytime, A Star is Born 1937, The Singing Marine, Topper, Tovarich, Wise Girl 1937, Man-Proof, The Shopworn Angel, Letter of Introduction, Carefree 1938, Young Dr. Kildare, The Shining Hour, Spring Parade, The Great Dictator 1940, Sweethearts, Mr. Moto on Danger Island, The Forgotten Woman 1939, The Women 1939, The Shop Around the Corner 1940, High School, Girl in 313, Knockout, For Beauty's Sake, New York Town, Birth of the Blues, The Night of January 16th 1941, My Favourite Blonde, Henry Aldrich, Editor, Two-Faced Woman, Cover Girl, A Night to Rememeber, Murder in the Blue Room, Flesh and Fury, The Turning Point 1952, The Caddy, Athena, Foxfire, Loving You 1956

Daniel L. Haynes

John Smith 1922, Hallelujah 1929, The Last Mile 1932, So Red the Rose, Mary Burns, Fugitive, Escape From Devil's Island, Fury 1936, Can This Be Dixie?

Brooke Hayward

Six Degrees of Separation 1993, The Day of the Dolphin 1973, Tarzan and Jane Regained...Sort of, Mad Dog Call 1961

Louis Hayward 

The Man Outside, Chelsea Life, The Flame Within, A Feather in Her Hat 1935, Trouble For Two, Anthony Averse 1936, Condemned Woman, The Saint in New York 1938, The Man in the Iron Mask 1939, And Then There Were None 1945, The Rage of Paris, Midnight Intruder, The Return of Monte Cristo, The Black Arrow 1948, Ruthless, The Lady and the Bandit, Lady in the Iron Mask 1952, Captain Pirate, The Saint's Return, The Search for Bridey Murphy, Chuka, Terror in the Wax Museum, Captain Pirate, Lady in the Iron Mask 1952, The Son of Dr. Jekyll, Fortunes of Captain Blood, Walk a Crooked Mile, And Then There Were None 1945, Dance, Girl, Dance, Ruthless, The Black Arrow, The Man in the Iron Mask 1939, Condemned Woman, The Saint in New York, Self Made Lady 1932

Vinton Hayworth

That Girl From Paris, Sea Devils, Carefree 1938, Fixer Dugan, Framed, Argentine Nights 1940, Margie 1940, Tarnished Angel 1938,  Two-Faced Woman 1941, Saboteur 1942, The Pride of the Yankees, Abe Lincoln In Illinois (TV), Mr. and Mrs. North, Highway Hearing, The Great Man, The Confession, Chamber of Horrors, Sea Devils, Riding on the Air, Vivacious Lady 1938, Sued for Libel,  Framed 1940, Backfire, The Girl He Left Behind 1956, Spartacus 1960, The Confession,

Joan Heal

Jekyll and Hyde 1990, In the Doghouse, Cross-Up, Svengali, The Pickwick Papers 1952, Happy Go Lovely 1951

Ted Healy

Love is a Headache 1937, Hollywood Hotel, Varsity Show, The Longest Night, San Francisco 1936, Mad Holiday, Speed. Here Comes the Band, Mad Love, Reckless, The Casino Murser Case 1935, The Band Plays On, Operator 13 1934, Lazy River, Laughter in the Air, Dancing Lady 1933, Blonde Bombshell, Stage Mother, Beer and Pretzals (Short), A Night IN Venice, Soup to Nuts 1930, Nice Guys Prefer Brunettes 1926

John Heard 

Would You Rather, Formosa Betrayed, The Lucky Ones, The Great Debaters, Edison 2006, The Guardian, Freak Weather, White Chicks 2004, O 2001, The Wednesday Woman, Pollock 2000, The Witness, Men, Snake Eyes, 187 1997,Before and After, Ferret, There Was a Little Boy, The Pelican Brief, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 1992, Radio Flyer, Gladiator 1992, Deceived, Mindwalk 1990, Big 1988, Awakenings 1990, Beaches 1988, The Milagro Beanfield War, After Hours, The Telephone, C.H.U.D., Legs, The Trip to Bountiful 1985, Cat People, Cutter's Way 1981, Home Alone 1990, Between the Lines, Chilly Scenes of Winter 1979, First Love

Claude Heater

Tristan und Usolde 1970, Ben-Hur 1959

Jean Heather 

Double Indemnity 1944Going My Way 1944Our Hearts Were Young and Gay 1944, Murder, He Says, The Well-Groomed Bride 1946, The Last Round-Up, Red Stallion in the Rockies

Eileen Heckart,1430991

The First Wives Club 1996, The 5 Mrs. Buchanans, Seize the Day, Burnt Offerings 1976, The Tree, Butterflies are Free, Up the Down Staircase 1967, Heller in Pink Tights, Bus Stop, The Bad Seed 1956, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Miracle in the Rain 1956

Van Heflin

A Woman Rebels 1936, Saturday's Heroes, The Outcasts of Poker Flat, H. M. Pulham Esq., Johnny Eager 1942Green Dolphin Street 1947, The Three Musketeers 1948, B. F.'s Daughter, Possessed, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 1946, Till the Clouds Roll By, East Side, West Side 1950, Madame Bovary, My Son John, Shane 1953, Battle Cry, 3:10 to Yuma, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Stagecoach 1966, Under Ten Flags, The Wastrel, Airport 1970, Tempest, Patterns 1956, Back Door to Heaven, Grand Central Murder, Possessed, Shane 1953, Black Widow 1954, Patterns of Power, Tempest, Cry of Battle, Stagecoach, The man on America's Conscience,

O. P. Heggie

The Prisoner of Shark Island, A Dog of Flanders, Bride of Frankenstein 1935, The Count of Monte Cristo, Anne of Green Gables, Smilin' Through 1932, Devotion, Too Young to Marry, Midnight 1934The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu 1930, Sunny 1930, The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu, The Wheel of Life, The Letter 1929

Fay Helm

That Brennan Girl 1946, The Locket, Sister Kenny, The Falcon in San Francisco 1945, Son of Lassie, Dangerous Intruder, Madamoiselle Fifi 1944, Lady in the Dark 1944, Ladies Courageous 1944, Phantom Lady, Moonlight in Vermont, Calling Dr. Death, Captive Wild Woman, The Crystal Ball, Night Monster, Halfway to Shanghai, Give Out, Sisters, The Wolf Man 1941, Two in a Taxi, Blossoms in the Dust 1941, The Hard-Boiled Canary, Million Dollar Baby, Kitty Foyle 1940, Blondie has Servant Trouble 1940, Untamed, Dr. Little Orvie, Blondie on a Budget, A Child is Born 1939, Dr. Kildare's Strange Case, Blondie Bringing Up Baby, Hollywood Cavalcade, Dark Victory 1939, Blondie 1938, I Am the Law, Midnight Intruder, Merry-Go-Round of 1938 1937, A Girl With Ideas, Song of the City, Fury 1936, San Francisco

Tom Helmore

White Cargo 1942, Song at Eventide, The Riverside Murder, Easy Riches, Shadowed Eyes, The Tender Trap 1955, Lucy Gallant, This Could Be the Night, Shadow on the Wall 1950, Designing Woman 1957 , The Time Machine, The Traitor: Psalm 25 1927, The Scoop 1934, Vertigo 1958, Advise and Consent 1952

Percy Helton

The Offenders 1921,  Call Northside 777 1948, Criss Cross, Red, Hot and Blue, Cyrano de Bergerac, A Girl in Every Port, How to Marry a Millionaire 1953, Wicked Woman, White Christmas 1954, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Music Man, Jailhouse Rock, Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte 1964, The Sons of Katie Elder, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969, A Big Hand for the Little Lady 1966, Let No Man Write My Epitaph, Ask Any Girl, Kiss Me Deadly 1955, Crashout, A Star is Born 1954, Scared Stiff, Down Laredo Way, Call Me Madam 1953, I Dream of Jeanie 1952, Chain of Circumstance, A Life of Her Own 1950, My Friend Irma, Chicken Every Sunday, Larceny, Insinuation 1922,

Dell Henderson 

Louisa, Big Jack, State of the Union, It Happened in Brooklyn 1947, The Mighty McGurk, Wilson, Atlantic City 1944Meet the People, Dixie, Slightly Dangerous, Du Barry Was a Lady 1943, Blossoms in the Dust 1941, If I Had My Way, The Major and the Minor, Little Orvie, Love Affair 1939, Goodbye Broadway, Make Way for Tomorrow, Wells Fargo, Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940, Partners in Crime, Artists & Models,  A Message to Garcia 1936, Hot Tip, The Mystery Man, I Found Stella Parish, Grand Exit, Little Big Shot, Three Kids and a Queen, Thunder in the Night, Bolero, The Notorious Sophie Lang, It's a Gift, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1934, The Old Fashioned Way 1934, Rainbow Over Broadway, The Big Brain, Playthings of Hollywood, The Cloister's Touch, Wilful Peggy, Intolerance 1916, The Patsy 1928, The Easiest Way, The Clinging Vine 1926, Getting Gertie's Garter


The Bath Hose Blunder, The Genius, His Loving Spouse, The Massacre, The Suffragette Minstrels, The Daylight Burglar, The Masher Cop, The Divorcee, The Power of the Camera, Kissing Kate, A Real Estate Deal, Stern Papa,Tragedy of the Dress Suit, A Close Call, The Furs, The Fickle Spaniard, The Brave Hunter, Help! Help! 1912, Those Hicksville Boys, Hot Stuff, A String of Pearls, A Sunbeam, Her Pet, Dooley's Scheme, Mr. Bragg, a Fugitive, The Baron, The Villain Foiled, Mr. Peck Goes Calling, Enoch Arden: Part 2, In the Days of '49, A Knight of the Road, The Chief's Daughter, Comrades, Conscience, The Wreath of Orange Blossoms 1911, Help Wanted, When a Man Loves, Faithful, The Purgation, The Song of the Wildwood Flute, Taming a Husband, The Message of the Violin, The Two Brothers 1910The Love of Lady Irma, A Child of the Ghetto, The Lonedale Operator, Won by a Fish, The Fall of Muscle-Bound Hicks, The Last Deal 1910, Faithful 1910, Thou Shalt Not 1910, A Child's Impulse 1910, The Usurer 1910, The Englishman and the Girl, Bars and Stripes, Men In Black, Stolen by Gypsys or Beer and Bicycles, Mr. Bride, Choo-Choo!, Hello Napoleon, Windy Riley Goes to Hollywood, The Affair of an Egg, In the Border States 1910 The Unchanging Sea 1910, The Impalement 1910, Waiter No. 5, The Battle at Elderbush Gulch, The Fatal Chocolate, The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case 1930, Whisper Whoopee, Off to Buffalo, The Late Lamented, The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, 


Douglas Henderson 

She's a Sweetheart 1944, Over 21, Flying Leathernecks, Big Jim McLain 1952, Back at the Front, Eight Iron Men 1952, Abbott and Costello Go to Mars, The War of the Worlds, King Dinosaur, From Here to Eternity 1954, The Shrike, The Dalton Girls 1957, No Place to Land, Captain Brassbound's Conversion (TV), Sniper's Ridge, Black Zoo, Johnny Cool, The Manchurian Candidate 1962, The Americanization of Emily 1964, Fireball 500, The Sandpiper 1965, Don't Make Waves, Stay Away, Joe, Pendulum, Zig Zag

Harry Henderson

Children of Fate 1928, The Scar of Shame 1927, Ten Nights in a Barroom, The Prince of His Race 1926,+actor&source=bl&ots=8ZjGwDnPQC&sig=ACfU3U3t8jbAmXfMAlQNXiDfMCCJE8WHvw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwji64rSjdPoAhVnhuAKHUPuCz8Q6AEwH3oECAgQLg#v=onepage&q=Harry%20Henderson%2C%20actor&f=false

Henderson on right

Marcia Henderson

The Hypnotic Eye 1960, A Dog's Best Friend, Riot in Juvenile Prison, Timbuktu, The Wayward Girl 1957, Canyon River, The Naked Hills, Naked Alibi, The Glass Web 1953, All I Desire, Thunder Bay, Back to God's Country 1953, Deadly Duo

Wanda Hendrix

Confidential Agent, Nora Prentiss 1947, Miss Tatlock's Millions, Prince of Foxes, Sierra, The Admiral Was a Lady 1950, The Highwayman, South of Algiers, Highway Dragnet, Johnny Cool 1963, One Minute Before Death, Stage to Thunder Rock

Gloria Hendry

Absolute Evil, Lookin' Italian, Bare Knuckles 1977, The Savage Sisters 1974, Hell Up in Harlem, Black Belt Jones, Slaughter's Big Rip-off, Live and Let Die 1973, Black Caesar, For Love of Ivy 1968

Pat Henning

Shine on the Harvest Moon 1938, Man on a Tightrope, On the Waterfront 1954, The Cardinal, Wind Across the Everglades 1958, Hello Down There

Henning, centre

Charlotte Henry

I Live on Danger, Flying Blind, Young Dynamite , The Mandarin Mystery, The Return of Jimmy Valentine, Charlie Chan at the Opera 1936 , Forbidden Heaven, Babes in Toyland, Alice in Wonderland 1933, Rasputin and the Empress 1932, The Human Side, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Murders in the Rue Morgue 1932, Lena Rivers, Forbidden, Arrowsmith 1931, Courage, Harmony at Home 1930 

Emmaline Henry

Divorce American Style 1967, Rosemary's Baby, Marnie 1964, Lucky Me, Top

Banana 1954

Hank Henry

This is the Army 1943, Junior Prom, Pal Joey 1957, The Joker Is Wild 1957 , Ocean's Eleven, Pepe, Sergeants 13,Robin and the 7 Hoods, The Only Game In Town 1970

Justin Henry

Lost, Finding Home, My Dinner With Jimi 2003, Not Afraid to Say 1999..., Sweet Hearts Dance, Locals, Groupies, Sixteen Candles 1984, Martin's Day, Kramer vs Kramer 1979 


William Henry

The Arizona Wildcat, The Thin Man 1934China Seas 1935, Operator 13, The Great Glover, Socks Appeal, Going My Way 1944 ,Johnny Come Lately, Mister Roberts 1955, Streets of San Francisco, What Price Glory 1952, The Secret of the Incas, Three Bad Sisters 1956 , Uranium Boom, The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold, The Last Hurrah, The Best Man, Taggart, Madame X 1937Blossoms in the Dust 1941, Sweater Girl 1942, Valentino 1951, Adorable, Tarzan Escapes 1936, Four Men and a Prayer, Jennie 1940, Pardon My Stripes, Sweater Girl 1942, Dear Brigitte 1965, The Female Animal 1958, The Harder They Fall 1956, 

Pamela Hensley

Double Exposure 1983, Rooster (TV), The Nude Bomb 1980, The Rebels (TV), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV) 1979Rollerball 1975, Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze, Death Among Friends (TV), The Law (TV), Self-Portrait, Making It 1971, There Was a Crooked Man....1970 

Gladys Henson

The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones 1972, First Men in the Moon, The Leather Boys, Stork Talk, Double Bunk, Clue of the Twisted Candle 1960, A Night to Remember 1958, Davy, Doctor at Large 1957, The Prince and the Showgirl 1957, The Cockleshell Heroes, Meet Mr. Lucifer, Derby Day, Lady Godiva Rides Again, Highly Dangerous, Cage of Gold, Dance Hall, The Happiest Days of Your Life 1950, The History of Mr. Polly 1949, The Weaker Sex, London Belongs to Me, Counterblast, Frieda, The Demi-Paradise, The Captive Heart 1946

Charles Herbert 

The 7th Commandment, 13 Ghosts,The Last Angry Man 1959,  Please Don't Eat the Daisies 1960,Houseboat, The Fly 1958, The Colossus of New York, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 1957, The Tattered Dress, These Wilder Years, Ransom!, The View From Pompey's Head, The Long, Long Trailer 

Hugh Herbert

Husbands for Rent 1927, Caught in the Fog, Million Dollar Legs, Friends and Lovers, Footlight Parade 1933, Easy to Love, Gold Diggers of 1935Fog Over Frisco 1934, Colleen 1936, The Black Cat, Eternally Yours , There's One Born Every Minute 1942, Kismet 1944, The Mayor's Husband, Blondie In the Dough , One Touch of Venus, A Song Is Born, The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend 1949, The Girl From Manhatten, The Gink at the Sink (short) 1952, Hook, The Sin Ship 1931, Line and Sinker, Million Dollar Legs 1932, Friends and Lovers, Fashions of 1934, Dames 1934Top of the Town, Sh! The Octopus, Little Accident, The Great Waltz, Hit Parade of 1941 1940, Hellzappoppin', Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1942, There's One Born Every Minute, The Girl From Manhattan, 

Eileen Herlie

The Sea Gull , Hamlet 1964, Cocktails in the Kitchen, Freud 1962, Gilbert and Sullivan, Hungry Hill 1947, Uncle Willies' Bicycle Shop, The Angel With the Trumpet 1950

Juano Hernandez

They Call Me Mr. Tibbs! 1970, The Reivers, The Pawnbroker 1964, Adventures of a Young Man, Two Loves, The Sins of Rachel Cade, Sergeant Rutledge, Machete, St. Louis Blues, The Mark of the Hawk, Something of Value 1957, Ransom!, Trial, Kiss Me Deadly 1955, The Breaking Point 1950, Intruder in the Dust 1949, The Notorious Elinor Lee, Lying Lips, Young Man of Music, The Girl From Chicago 1932, The Life of General Villa, 

Aggie Herring

Mother Hulda (short) 1915, The Despoiler, Eye of the Night, The Vagabond Prince, The Crab, The Snarl, Madcap Madge, More Trouble, Wedlock 1918, The Ragamuffin, Daredevil Jack, Cupid Forecloses, The Dwelling Place of Light 1920, The Lure of Egypt, Queenie, Oliver Twist 1922, The Isle of Lost Ships, The Silent Watcher, Watch Your Wife, Twinkletoes 1926, The Gorilla, Lady Be Good, Smiling Irish Eyes, Dark Streets 1929, Song o' My Heart, Brothers, Ten Cents a Dance 1931, Bad Girl, Taxi!, Doubling in the Quickies (short), Stage Mother, The Sin of Nora Moran 1933,  Stage Mother, Stolen Sweets, Suicide Squad, Stand Up and Cheer!, Green Eyes, Daniel Boone, The Man in Blue 1937, Island in the Sky

Barbara Hershey

Black Swan, 11:14 2003, Albert Schweitzer, Childless, Love Comes Lately, Lantana, The Portrait of a Lady 1996, Passion, Staircase, The Pallbearer, Swing Kids, Falling Down, The Public Eye, Beaches 1988, Tin Men, The Last Temptation of Christ, Hoosiers 1986, Hannah and Her Sisters 1986, The Natural, The Right Stuff, The Entity 1982, The Stunt Man, Flood!, Diamonds, You and Me, Boxcar Bertha, Dealing: Or the Berkeley -to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues 1972With Six You Get Eggroll 1968, The Baby Maker, Last Summer, Insidious 2010, Black Swan 2010, Frogs for Snakes, Abraham, Paris Trout, Defenseless, A Killing in a Small Town, Passion Flower, Americana, A Man Called Intrepid, The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder, The Liberation of L. B. Jones, The Baby Maker

Jean Hersholt 

The Aryan 1916, '49-'17, Jazzmania, Don Q Son of Zorro 1925, The Battle of the Sexes, The Sin of Madelon Claudet 1931The Mask of Fu Manchu 1932, Mark of the Vampire, Heidi, Dancing in the Dark 1949

Irene Hervey

Play Misty for Me 1971, Cactus Flower, O'Connor's Ocean (TV), Crash Landing, Going Steady 1958, Teenage Rebel, A Cry in the Night 1956, Chicago Deadline, Manhandled, Mickey, He's My Guy, Night Monster, Gang Busters, Frisco Lil, Bombay Clipper, The Boys From Syracuse, 3 Cheers for the Irish, Destry Rides Again 1939, The House of Fear, East Side of Heaven, The Lady Fights Back, Along Came Love, Three Godfathers 1936, Charlie Chan in Shanghai, His Night Out, Motive for Revenge, The Count of Monte Cristo 1934, Hollywood Party, The Woman in His Life, The Stranger's return 1933

Alan Hewitt

A Private's Affair 1959, Career, The Absent Minded Professor 1961, That Touch of Mink, Days of Wine and Roses 1962, Son of Flubber, The Misadventures of Merlin Jones, The Monkey's Uncle, Sweet Charity 1969, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes 

Virginia Hey

Game Room 1999, Signal One, un sapore di paura, The Living Daylights 1987, Castaway, The Return of Captain Invincible 1984, Norma Loves Rose, Mad Max: The Road Warrior 1981, 

Weldon Heyburn

Chandu the Magician, The Silent Witness 1932, Careless Lady, Hired Wife, Speed 1936, Atlantic Flight, Crime School, 

Should a Girl Marry?, Panama Patrol, North West Mounted Police, Women Without Names, Fugitive at Large, 

The Mysterious Rider, Jungle Man, Redhead, In Old Colorado, Code of the Outlaw, They Died With Their Boots On 1942, 

Overland Mail Robbery, The Yellow Rose of Texas 1944, The Chinese Cat 1944, Bordertown Trail, My Best Gal, 

Incendiary Blonde 1945, A Southern Yankee, Alias Nick Beal, Perfect Strangers, The Damned Don't Cry, The 13th Man 1937

Louis Jean Heydt

        Test Pilot 1938, No Time to Marry, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939Gone With the Wind 1939,

 The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Abe Lincoln In Illinois, Stage Door Canteen 1943, Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet 1940, Pier 13,

 Irene, High Sierra, Santa Fe Trail, Tortilla Flat, Dr. Kildare's Victory, The Big Sleep 1946, Paid in Full, Sailor Beware,

 They Were Expendable 1945The Great Missouri Raid, A Star Is Born , Stranger at My Door, Wetbacks, Inside the Mafia 1959,

 Before Morning 1933, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 1945, Flash and Fury 1952

Herbert Heyes


  The Ten Commandments, The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell 1955, Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, The Seven Little Foys, Man of Conflict, New York Confidential, Rubie Gentry, Bedtime for Bonzo, A Place in the Sun 1951, Three Guys Named Mike 1951, Tripoli, Union Station, T-Me, Wilson, Miracle on 34th Street 1947, Detective Kitty O'Day, Million Dollar Kid, Harvest Melody, Campus Rhythm, Mystery of the 13th Guest, Teen Age, Spy Train, Pilot #5, Bombardier, Chatterbox 1943, Mission to Moscow 1943, The Purple V, Destination Unknown, One Stolen Night, Shattered Dreams, Wolves of the North, The Blushing Bride, The Land of Jazz 1920, The Adventures of Ruth, Gambling in Souls, Children of Banishment, Salome, Fallen Angel, The Outsider, The Lesson 1917, The Slave, The Darling of Paris, The Victim, Jealousy, Under Two Flags, Wild Oats 1916

Anne Heywood           

     Lady Godiva Rides Again 1951, Find the Lady, The Deprived, Doctor at Large 1957, Violent Playground, Floods of Fear,

Upstairs, Downstairs 1959, Petticoat Pirates, The Brain, Ninety Degrees in the Shade 1965, Midas Run, The Nun and the Devil,

Lady Darkness, Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff 1979, 

Herbert Heywood

Eight Bells, A Feather in Her Hat, Tailspin Tommy and the Great Air Mystery, Man Hunt,

Moonlight on the Prairie, The Arizona Raiders, Slave Ship, Wells Fargo 1937, Confession, 

Crime School, Swing, Sister, Swing, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, The Oklahoma Kid, 

Young Mr. Lincoln, Little Old New York 1940, Brigham Young, No Time for Comedy, 

The Strawberry Blonde 1941, Out of the Fog 1941, Sergeant York 1941, Kings Row 1942,

They Died With Their Boots On, Manpower 1941, One Foot in Heaven, Blues in the Night 1941,

Almost Married, Swingtime Johnny, Snafu, Scarlet Street 1945, Brute Force 1947, 

The Egg and I, Green Grass of Wyoming, Scudda Hoo!, Scudda Hay!, El Paso, Malaya, 

The Return of Jesse James, A Ticket to Tomahawk

William Hickey

A Hatful of Rain, Operation Madball, Westinghouse Presents: The Dispossessed (TV) 1961, Something Wild,

Invitation to a Gunfighter 1964, Androcles and the Lion (TV), The Producers, The Boston Strangler, Little Big Man 1970

A New Leaf, The Telephone Book, Happy Birthday, Wanda June, 92 in the Shade 1975, The Sentinel, Nunzio, Wise Blood,

A Stranger is Watching 1982, Prizzi's Honor 1985, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, Wall of Glass, One Crazy Summer,

Seize the Day, The Name of the Rose 1986, Starlight: A Musical Movie, Bright Lights, Big City, Da 1988, Pink Cadillac,

Sea of Love, It Had to Be You, Christmas Vacation 1989, Tales From the Darkside: The Movie 1990, My Blue Heaven,

Sons, The Runestone, The Nightmare Before Christmas (voice),  Hey Stranger, Major Payne, Forget Paris, Sandman,

The Maddening, Twisted, Mousehunt 1997, Knocking on Death's Door 1999 

Darryl Hickman

The Grapes of Wrath 1940, The Men of Boys Town, Captain Eddie, The Farmer's Daughter 1940 , Rhapsody in Blue,

Dangerous Years 1947, The Happy Years , Glamour Boy 1941

Howard C. Hickman

   The Dead Pay, Divorce, Brothers, Gambling Lady, Carnival 1935, Fury, Pennies From Heaven, Holiday,

 Murder in Greenwich Village, Three Smart Girls Grow Up 1939, Gone With the Wind 1939, Virginia City, Four Mothers,

Andy Hardy's Double Life 1942, Watch on the Rhine, The Male Animal 1942, Madame Who 1918, Sisters Under the Skin 1934, 

Twentieth Century 1934

Russell Hicks

      7th Cavalry 1956, The Maverick. Bowery Battalion, Overland Telegraph 1951, Again...Pioneers, Shocking Affair,

 The Fountainhead, South of St. Louis, Louisiana 1947 , The Velevet Touch, The Sea of Grass, The Show-Off,

 The Bachelor's Daughter, The Bandit of Sherwood Forest, Scarlet Street, Port of 40 Thieves 1944, Janie,

 Someone to Remember, Honky Tonk, They Died With Their Boots On 1941, We Were Dancing, Blondie for Victory,

 Springtime in the Rockies, The Little Foxes 1941, Sergeant York, The Big Store, Blood and Sand, The Great Lie,

 The Strawberry Blond 1941, Sante Fe Trail, The Bank Dick, The Return of Frank James, Swanee River, The Blue Bird 1940,

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Joan Hickson

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Walter Hiers

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Al Hill

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Arthur Hill                     

     One Magic Christmas 1985, Making Love, The Amateur, Dirty Tricks, Butch and Sundance: The Early Days 1979,

 The Killer Elite, The Andromeda Strain 1971, Don't Let the Angels Fall, Petulia 1968,  The Chairman, Harper 1966,

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Phyllis Hill

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Ramsay Hill

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Robert F. Hill

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Hill on left

Wendy Hiller

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 The Cat and the Canary 1978, Voyage of the  Damned 1976, Sons and Lovers, Toys In the Attic  1963

John Hillerman,,20084770,00.html 

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Skyjacked, The Carey Treatment, What's Up Doc? 1972, Honky, The Last Picture Show 1971, Lawman,

They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!, Sweet, Sweet Rachel

Marcel Hillaire

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 The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1962, Bon Voyage, The Wheeler Dealers 1963, McHale's Navy 1964, Twelve O'Clock High,

 The Art of Love, Murderer's' Row 

Harriet Hilliard

   Here Come the Nelsons 1952, Honeymoon Lodge, Gals, Incorporated 1943 , Sweetheart of the Campus,

 Cocoanut Grove 1938, New Faces of 1937Follow the Fleet 1936, The Campus Mystery

Art Hindle

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Samuel S. Hinds

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The Crime of the Century 1933

Connie Hines

      Thunder in Carolina 1960 

Harry Hines

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Pat Hingle 

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S. William Hinzman                

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Thora Hird

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Judd Hirsch\

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Rocky Marciano (TV), A Beautiful Mind 2001, Out of the Cold, Brother's Trial,  Polish Bar, Tower Heist 2011 

Patricia Hitchcock                          

     Skateboard, Ladies of the Corridor (TV),  Psycho 1960,  The Ten Commandments, Strangers on a Train 1951, The Mudlark,

Stage Fright 1950


Rose Hobart

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Halliwell Hobbes               


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Peter Hobbes     

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The Adventures of Robin Hood 1936, 


Peter Hobbs            

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1971, The Steagle, The 9 Lives of Fritz the Cat (voice) 1974, Hot to Trot 1988

Valerie Hobson                      

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Leyland Hodgson

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John Hodiak

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Dennis Hoey

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Gertrude Hoffman

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Arthur Hohl

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Hal Holbrook

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Harry Holcombe

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Fay Holden

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Gloria Holden

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Joyce Holden

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Jonathan Hole

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Hope Holiday|0//

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Edna Holland

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John Holland

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Earl Holliman


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Judy Holliday

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Ann Holloway

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The Moving of Sophia Myles (TV), The Hurricane 1999, The White Raven, A Holiday for Love (TV), My Summer Vacation, 
A Pyromaniacs Love Story, Turning to Stone (TV), Father, Dear Father 1973, Two a Penny, Stop the World I Want to Get Off
Ann of Green Gables: A New Beginning (TV) 2008

Sterling Holloway Madness (1932)

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Harry Holman

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Celeste Holm                      

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Robert Homans

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Phillips Holmes

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Taylor Holmes 

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Uneasy Money, Fools for Luck, 

Charlene Holt

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Days of Wine and Roses 1962, If a Man Answers 

Jack Holt

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Tim Holt

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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948, Hitler's Children, 5th Avenue Girl

Robert Homans

Hats Off to Rhythm 1946, Come Out Fighting, Anchors Aweigh, Beyond the Seven Seas, The Merry Monahans, Jack London, Nearly Eighteen, X Marks the Spot, Shanty Town 1943, Prison Mutiny, Lady In a Jam, It Happened in Flatbush, Red River Valley, Honky Tonk, Double Cross, Out of the Fog, Barnyard Follies, Lillian Russell 1940, The Maltese Falcon 1941, Virginia City 1940, Scandal Sheet, The Grapes of Wrath 1940,  Hell's Kitchen 1939, Dodge City, Slander House, The Night Hawk, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 1938, Over the Wall, Easy Living, The 13th Man, A Star is Born 1937, Crack-Up, Easy Money, Fury 1936, The Prisoner of Shark Island, Suicide Squad, Confidential, The Key, The Thin Man 1934, Under-Cover Man, The Beast of the City 1932, Silence, Alias the Bad Man, City Streets 1931, The Public Enemy 1931, Lightening Fire, The Widow From Chicago, Extravagance, Abraham Lincoln, The Isle of Lost Ships, Chums, Blindfold, Her Love Cottage 1928, The Princess From Hoboken, Border Justice 1925, Madame Sherry

Oscar Homolka

     The Dreyfus Case, Sabotage 1936, Ebb Tide, Comrade X, Ball of Fire 1941, I Remember Mama, War and Peace 1956,

 Anna Lucasta, The House of the Arrow, The Prisoner of  War, The Seven Year Itch 1955, A Farewell to Arms, The Key 1958,

 A Farewell to Arms, The Key, Boys' Noight Out, The Long Ships 1964, Funeral In Berlin 1966, The Madwoman of Chaillot,

 The Executioner 1970, Song of Norway 1970, Mr. Sardonicus 1961, Die Abenteuer eines Zehnmarkscheines 1926

Darla Hood

      Our Gang Follies of 1936, Three Smart Boys, Calypso Heat Wave 1957Our Gang Follies of 1938 (short) 1937,

Three Men In a Tub (short) 1938, Dual Personalities, Clown Princes, Waldo's Last Stand, The Bat 1959,

Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon (voice), Born to Sing 1942

Fred Hoose

Skirts Ahoy!, Oklahoma Annie, The Prowler 1951, The Great Caruso, Belle La Grand, The Pride of Maryland, Surrender, East Side, West Side 1949, The Vicious Circle, Mexican Hayride, A Double Life 1947, Adventure, The Law Rides Again, Arizona Round-Up, The Driftin' Kid, Wanderers of the West, Silver Stallion, The Hard-Boiled Canary 1941, Riding the Sunset Trail 1941, East Side Kids, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Stronger Than Desire

Vida Hope

The 39 Steps, Tawny Pipit, English Without Tears, Champagne Charlie, Beware of Tears, While the Sun Shines, Hue and Cry 1947, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 1947, They Made Me a Fugitive, It Always Rains on Sunday 1947, Vice Versa, Woman Hater, For Them That Trespass 1949, Paper Orchid, Double Confession, The Woman in Question, The Man in the White Suit 1951, Green Grow the Rushes, Women of Twilight, The Broken Horseshoe, Roadhouse Girl, Rx for Murder, In the Doghouse

Dennis Hopper

      Easy Rider 1969, Speed 1994, Rebel Without a Cause 1955, I Died a Thousand Times, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Giant 1956,

 The Story of Mankind, The Sons of Katie Elder, Cool Hand Luke 1967, True Grit, The American Friend, Apocalyse Now 1979,

 Reborn, The Osterman Weekend, Blood Red, Chattahoochee, Rabbit Ears: How the Leopard Got His Spots (voice), Chasers,

 Super Mario Bros., Meet the Deedles , Michael Angel, Jason and the Argonauts, Ticker, Unspeakable 2002, Leo,

 Big Fat Important Movie, Elegy, Sleepwalking, Memory, Hoboken Hollow 2005, The Last Ride, The Night We Called It a Day 2003

Hedda Hopper

Breakfast in Hollywood 1946, Reap the Wild Wind, Life With Henry 1941, Queen of the Mob, Laugh It Off,

That's Right-You're Wrong, What a Life, The Women 1939, Midnight, Dangerous to Know, Artists & Models, Topper, 

Bunker Bean, Alice Adams 1935, Dracula's Daughter, The Dark Hour, Ship Cafe, I Live My Life, Lady Tubbs, No Ransom,

Let's Be Ritzy, Beauty for Sale, Pilgrimage, Men Must Fight 1933, Downstairs, The Man Who Played God, Flying High, Rebound,

The Mystery Train, The Caveman, The Teaser, Raffles, Dangerous Innocence, The Battle of Hearts 1916, Skinner's Dress Suit, 

The Silver Treasure 1926, The Prodigal, The Easiest Way, War Nurse, Holiday, The Racketeer, His Glorious Night, 

High Society Blues, Girls Gone Wild, The Whip Women, A Reno Divorce, Adam and Evil, Black Tears, Wings 1927,

Children of Divorce, Orchids and Ermine 1927, Matinee Ladies, The Snob, Miami, Happiness, Conceit, Sherlock Holmes 1922, 

Heedless Moths, The Third Degree 1919, Seven Keys to Baldpate 1917, Sadie Love, Nearly Married

Alfred Hopson

     Mr. Peter's Pets 1963, The Receivers, The Hired Hand, The Last Movie, Silent Movie 1976, High Anxiety, Racing With the Moon 1984,

The Wedding Singert

Russell Hopton

Ella Cinders, College Lovers 1930, Min and Bill 1930, The Miracle Woman, Street Scene 1931, Blonde Crazy, Arrowsmith 1931, The Drifter, Law and Order, Scandal for Sale, Night World, Back Street, Destination Unknown 1933, One Year Later, School for Girls, Men in White, Back Page, The Great Radio Mystery, Desirable, Car 99, 'G' Men, The Women in the Case, Death From a Distance, Below the Deadline 1936, Beware of Ladies, Angel's Holiday, Big City, Idol of the City, Letter of Introduction, Crime Takes a Holiday, Made for Each Other, Mutiny in the Big House 1937, A Night of Adventure, Nevada, Zombies on Broadway 1945

Michael Hordern 

A Girl Must Live, A Girl in a Million, Mine Own Executioner, School for Secrets, Rebecca (TV) 1947, Good-Time Girl,

Passport to Pimlico, The Astonished Heart, Flesh & Blood, Scrooge 1951, Ton Brown's Schooldays, The Magic Box,

The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men, Street Corner, Forbidden Cargo 1954, The Hour of 13 1952,

Grand National Night, Svengali, Storm Over the Nile 1955, Alexander the Great, The Spanish Gardener,

The Indifferent Shepherd (TV) 1957, The Dark Avenger 1955, Wisdom's Way, I Accuse!, Girls at Sea 1958, 

I Was Monty's Double 1958, Sink the Bismarck!, Man in the Moon, El Cid, The V.I.P.'s, Cleopatra 1963,

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, Khartoum, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, 

The Jokers, The Yellow Rolls Royce, Anne of a Thousand Days 1969, Where Eagles Dare 1968,

Some Will, Some Won't 1970, Futtock's End, Up Pompeii 1971, The Pied Piper, 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1972, The MacKintosh Man, Juggernaut, Royal Flesh, Lucky Lady,

Joseph Andrews, The Medusa Touch, Romeo and Juliet (TV) 1978, The Tempest (TV) 1980, 

The Wildcats of St. Trinian's, Ivanhoe (TV) 1982, King Lear (TV) 1982, Oliver Twist (TV) 1982, 

Gandhi 1982, Yellowbeard, Comrades, The Secret World of Polly Flint (TV), Scoop (TV) 1989, 

The Fool 1990

Victoria Horne

      Phantom Lady 1944, The Scarlet Claw 1944, The Unseen, Blue Skies 1946, Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman 1947, The Crimson Key, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir,  The Snake Pit 1948, Daisy Kenyon 1947, Streets of San Francisco, Never a Dull Moment , Harvey 1950, Scandal Sheet, The Blue Gardenia 1953Affair With a Stranger

Jane Horrocks

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (voice) 2009, Gracie (TV) 2009, Brothers of the Head, Born Romantic, Little Voice, Faeries (voice), 

Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis 1997, Some Kind of Life, Deadly Advice 1994, Life is Sweet, Memphis Belle 1990, The Witches,

Getting It Right, The Dressmaker 1988 

Edward Everett Horton

      Cold Turkey 1971, The Perils of Pauline, Sex and the Single Girl 1964, Pocketful of Miracles, The Story of Mankind,

 The Gay Divorcee 1934, Top Hat 1935, Lady on a Train 1945Arsenic and Old Lace 1944Springtime In the Rockies 1942,

 The Gang's All Here, Ziegfeld Girl, Holiday, Shall We Dance 1937, The Merry Widow, The Private Secretary,

 Trouble In Paradise 1932, The Front Page, The Aviator, Holiday 1930


Marjorie Hoshelle

Air Force 1943, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Princess O'Rourke, Find the Blackmailer, Old Acquaintance 1943, Make Your Own Bed,  The Mask of Dimitrios, Conflict 1945, The Strange Mr. Gregory, Black Market Babies, My Reputation, One More Tomorrow, Blonde for a Day 1946, Cloak and Dagger 1946, Bungalow 13 1948, Ladies of the Chorus, Riding High, Dangerous Crossing

Allen Farina Hoskins

Bear Shooters 1930

Billy House

Too Many Women 1931, Expensive Women, A Tale of Two Cities 1935, Merry-Go-Round 1938, Bedlam, Trail Street, The Egg and I 1947, Inner Sanctum, Santa Fe, High Vermilion, Outlaw Women, Naked Gun, Touch of Evil 1958,  Imitation of Life, Rogues of Sherwood Forest

Arthur Housman 

The Cloud 1917, All Woman, The Bondage of Barbara, The Road of Ambition, The Blooming Angel, Clay Dollars,

Room and Board, Destiny's Isle, Man Wanted 1922, The Snitching Hour, Manhandled, Night Life of New York,

Braveheart 1925, Whispering Wires, Bertha, The Sewing Machine Girl 1925, The Bat 1926, the Spotlight,

Partners in Crime, Side Street, Rough House Rosie, Officer O'Brien, Night Life in Reno, Bachelor Apartment,

Stepping Sisters 1932, Broadway 1929, Hold 'Em Yale, 365 Nights in Hollywood 1934, The Merry Widow,

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1934, Sing Sinner Sing, Two for Tonight, Spring Tonic, Diamond Jim,

Racing Blood, Tough Guy, Riffraff 1936, Our Relations, When Love Is Young, Merry-Go-Round of 1938,

With Love and Kisses, Show Boat 1936, After the Thin Man 1936, Step Lively, Jeeves!, Love on Toast, Man-Proof, 

They Made Me a Criminal, Blondie Brings Up Baby 1939, Blondie Takes a Vacation 1939, Public Enemies,

Honeymoon Deferred, Billy the Kid, Escort Girl 1941

Alan Howard

Victim 1961, The V.I.P.'s 1963, The Americanization of Emily 1964, The Tragedy of Cariolanus (TV), Oxford Blues, 
A Better Class of Person (TV), The Race for the Double Helix (TV), Just Another Secret (TV), The Return of the Musketeers 1989
The Heroes of Telemark, Work is a 4-Letter Word, Dakota Road, A Little Piece of Sunshine (TV), Death Has a Bad Reputation (TV),
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover 1989, Strapless 1989, The Secret Rapture, David Copperfield (TV), 
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (voice),


Boothe Howard

Defiance, Hot Pepper 1933, The Avenger, The Ghost of John Holling, When New York Sleeps, Shadow of a Doubt 1935, Mutiny Ahead, Chinatown Squad, Shanghai, Tainted Money, Red River Valley, The Great Ziegfeld, Special Investigator, Smart Girl, Charlie Chan at the Circus, Undersea Kingdom, George White's Scandals

Esther Howard

       No Man of Her Own , Lady in the Iron Mask, Caged 1950, The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend 1949, The Lady Gambles,

 June Bride, A Letter for Evie 1946, Adventure, The Virginian, The Trouble With Women, Champion. Murder, My Sweet 1944,

 My Favourite Blonde, The Great McGuinty, The Palm Beach Story 1942, Sullivan's Travels 1941, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek 1944,

 Hail the Conquering Hero, Missing Daughters, The Gracie Allen Murder Case 1939, It Always Happens, Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round,

 Stand-In, Detour, Dead End, The Victim, Wicked, Ladies of the Big House 1931, A Quiet Night,

 The Cohens and the Kellys in Hollywood 1942, Life Begins 1932, Sweepings 1933, Dead End 1937, Marie Antoinette 1938,

 Dick Tracy vs Cueball, Song of the Thin Man 1947

John Howard

      Car 99, Border Flight, Lost Horizon, Bulldog Drummond Comes Back, Bulldog Drummond In Africa, The Philadelphia Story 1940,

 Tight Shoes, Valiant is the Word for Carrie 1936, The Man Who Returned to Life, The Outlaw, Models Inc.,

 The High and the Mighty 1954, The Unknown Terror, Destination Inner Space, So Evil, My Sister, Capone 1975The Mad Doctor 1941,

 Love From a Stranger 1947

Joyce Howard

Freedom Radio, Love on the Dole 1941, Back-Room Baby, The Night Has Eyes 1942, Talk About Jacqueline, They Met in the Dark 1943, They Knew Mr. Knight, Appointment with Crime, Woman to Woman, Mrs. Fitzhebert 1947, Shadow of the Past

Kathleen Howard

       Born to Be Bad, Centennial Summer 1946, You Were Never Lovelier, Take a Letter, Darling, Blossoms In the Dust, It's a Gift 1934,

 Man on the Flying Trapeze, Death Takes a Holiday 1934, Stolen Holiday, Hit Parade of 1937, Crime Tales a Holiday 1938,

 Three Smart Girls Grow Up 1939, Rio, First Love, Young People, Five Little Peppers in Trouble 1940,  Ball of Fire 1941, Miss Polly,

 A Girl, a Guy and a Gob 1941, Blossoms in the Dust 1941, Laura 1944, Miss Susie Slagle's, Curley, Cynthia,

 The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival 1947

Shemp Howard

  Spring Fever, Salt Water Daffy, The Knife of the Party, I Scream, Art Trouble, Money Squacks, The Bank Dick 1940,

 The Invisible Woman 1940, Hold That Ghost, Too Many Blondes 1941The Flame of New Orleans, Six Lessons From Madame la Zonga,

Arabian Nights 1942, Mr. Dynamite 1941, Three of a Kind, Trouble Chasers, Brideless Groom, Self Made Maids,

Hellzapoppin' 1941, I'm a Monkey's Uncle, Africa Screams 1949, Stone Age Romeos, Pardon My Backfire, Creeps

Virginia Howell

The Women 1939, Star Reporter 1939, St. Louis Blues, Girls' School, Goodbye Broadway, Reported Missing, Tango 1936, Alice Adams 1935, The Flame Within, Les Miserables 1935, The Scarlet Letter 1934, Spitfire, The Double Door, Little Women 1933, Tomorrow at Seven, Our Betters 1933, Faithless, The Penalty of Fame

Frankie Howerd                                        

      The Runaway Bus 1954, An Alligaator Named Daisy, The Ladykillers, Jumping For Joy, A Touch of the Sun 1956,

 Further Up the Creek 1958, Watch it...Sailor! 1961, The Cool Mikado, The Fast Lady, The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery 1966,

 Carry on Doctor, Carry on Up the Jungle 1970, Up the Chastity Belt, Up the FrontThe House in Nightmare Park 1973 

Sally Ann Howes 

A Little Night Music (TV) 1990, The Hound of the Baskervilles (TV) 1990, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968,

Brigadoon (TV) 1966, Jane Eyre (TV) 1961, The Admiral Crichton 1957, Cinderella (TV), Fools Rush In,

The History of Mr. Polly 1949, Anna Karenina 1948, My Sister and I, 

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 1947, Dead of Night, Pink String and Sealing Wax,

The Halfway House 1944, Thursday's Child

Jobyna Howland

Ye Olde Saw Mill (short), The Story of Temple Drake, Topaze, Silver Dollar, Rockabye 1932, Big City Blues, Stepping Sisters,

Hook, Line and Sinker, The Virtuous Sin, Dixiana, Honey, Second Youth 1924, Her Only Way 1918, The Cuckoos

Olin Howland

      Perfectly Fiendish Flanagan: or...The Hart of the Dreadful West,  Treasure Island, Folies Bergere de Paris 1935, Naughty Marietta,

 Dr. Socrates, I Married a Doctor 1936, The Widow From Monte Carlo 1936, Satan Met a Lady 1936, Gold Diggers of 1937 1936,

 Stella Dallas, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1938, The Girl of the Golden West, Nothing Sacred 1937, Made for Each Other 1939,

 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1942, Sweethearts, The Longest Night 1936, Blondie Brings Up Baby, Gone With the Wind 1939,

 Dixie 1943, Four Wives, Days of Jesse James, The Doctor Takes a Wife 1940, The Great Lie 1941, Young Tom Edison,

 Two-Faced Woman, Little Women 1949, Brother Rat 1938, In Old California, Orchestra Wives, The Adventures of Mark Twain,

 I'll Be Seeing You 1944, Dr. Broadway 1942, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 1946, The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap 1947,

 Never a Dull MomentColonel Effingham's Raid 1945,  A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court, Sante Fe, A Star Is Born 1937,

The Spirit of St. Louis , Janice Meredith 1924, So Big 1932, Them! 1954, The Blob 1958

Arthur Hoyt

       Love Never Dies 1916, Bringing Home Father, The Girl in Number 29, Camille 1921, Red Courage 1921, Kissed, The White Flower,

The Lost World 1925, Dangerous Friends, The Love Thrill, My Man 1928, Protection, The Life of the Party, Forbidden 1932,

Vanity Street, Pleasure Cruise, Only Yesterday 1933, It Happened One Night 1934, The Cat's Paw, Babbitt 1934, Men of Action,

1,000 Dollars a Minute 1935Mr. Deed's Goes to Town 1936A Star is Born 1937, The Rage of Paris, The Sisters,

The Great McGuinty 1940, The Palm Beach Story, The Great Moment 1944

Clegg Hoyt (Hoit)

In the Heat of the Night 1967, The Born Losers, Return of the Gunfighter, The Swinger 1966, Advance to the Rear,

Johnny Cool, Son of Flubber, Pressure Point 1962, The Great Race 1965, That Touch of Mink, Paradise Alley, 

The Outsider, 13 West Street 1962, The Young Savages, Cimarron, Gangster Story 1959, Al Capone, Damn Citizen 1958, 

Gun Fever 1958, The Restless Breed 1957, Rock All Night, The True Story of Jesse James, The Brass Legend, Santiago, Mohawk,

John Hoyt

        Desiree, My Favourite Brunette 1937, Julius Caesar 1953, The Black Castle, Quebec, Everybody Does It, The Lady Gambles 1949,

The Unfaithful, Desperately Seeking Susan 1985, It Takes a Thief, Two on a Guillotine 1965, Cleopatra,

 X (The Man With the X-Ray Eyes), Cleopatra , Spartacus, Attack of the Puppett People, Baby Face Nelson, Death of a Scoundrel,

 Trial, Moonfleet, Blackboard Jungle, Trapped 1949, Quebec 1951, Flash Gordon 1974

Harold Huber

     20,000 Years at Sing Sing 1932, The Life of Jimmy Doolan, Police Car 17 1933, The Line-Up, The Thin Man 1934,

The World Accuses, Nauty Marietta, Reckless, San Francisco 1936, The Good Earth 1937, Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo,

The Adventures of Marco Polo, Gangs of New York 1938, 6,000 Enemies, The Lady and the Mob, Sleepytime Gal, Crime Doctor, 

My Friend Irma Goes West , You Can't Get Away With Murder 1939, The Joker Is Wild, Brooklyn Goes to Paris, Beau Geste 1939

Walter Hudd

  The Case of the Frightened Lady (early TV movie) 1938  , The Outsider, Major Barbara 1941, Escape, A Lady Surrenders,

The Importance of Being Ernest 1952, The Slasher, Paper Orchid, Whistling in the Dark, Loser Takes All, Further Up the Creek 1958,

Look Back In Anger, Moscow Nights 1935

David Huddleston 

Black Like Me, Slaves, WUSA, Norwood, Rio Lobo, Homecoming: A Christmas Story (TV), Fool's Parade, Something Big,

Brian's Song (TV) 1971, Bad Company 1972, Country Blue, McQ, Heat Wave (TV), Blazing Saddles 1974, Klansman 1974,

Breakheart Pass, Sherlock Holmes in New York (TV) 1976, Winner Takes All (TV), Zero to Sixty, The Act

Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid, Smokey and the Bandit II 1980, The Oklahoma City Dolls (TV), Family Reunion (TV), 

Frantic 1988, When the Bough Breaks (TV), Margaret Bourke-White (TV), Coconut Downs (TV), Life With Mikey 1993,

Cultivating Charlie, Joe's Apartment, The Man Next Door, G-Men From Hell, The Producers 2005, Postal, 

Rochelle Hudson

       Are These Our Children ? 1931, Sinkin' In the Bathtub, Big Man From the North, Bosko's Holiady, Bosko's Store, Bosko's Dizzy Date,

Mr. Moto Takes a Chance 1958, Bosko In Person, The Officer and the Lady 1951, Les miberables 1935, Mr. Skitch,

How Do I Know It's Sunday?, Life Begins at Forty, Reunion 1936, She Done Him Wrong 1933, Fanny Foley Herself,

Missing Daughters, Imitation of Life 1934, Convicted Woman 1940, Meet Boston Blackie, Sky Liner, Roots in the Soil, Strait-Jacket,

Devil's Cargo, Island of the Doomed Men, Queen of Broadway, The Night Walker 1964, 

Barnard Hughes                                                                             

      Cradle Will Rock  1999, The Odd Couple II 1998, The Fantasticks, Da 1988, Where Are the Children?, Best Friends,

TRON, First Monday In October, Oh, God! 1977, Sisters 1973, The Hospital 1971, Cold Turkey 1971, Where's Poppa?,

Midnight Cowboy 1969, Hamlet 1964, The Young Doctors, Playgirl 1954

Lloyd Hughes

Romance of the Redwoods 1939,  Private Nurse, The Vagabond Violinist, A Man Betryed, Kelly of the Secret Service, A Face in the Fog 1936, Skybound, Harmony Lane, Society Fever, Kidnapped 1935, The Man Who Reclaimed His Head, The Miracle Man, Air Eagles, The Deceiver, Ships of hate, The Drums of Jeopardy, Extravagance 1930, Moby Dick, Acquitted, The Mysterious Island, Clipped Wings, Sailors' Lives, Three-Ring Marriage, The Beautiful Fraud, The An Affair of the Follies, Ladies at Play, Pals First, Ella Cinders 1926, Irene, The half-Way Girl, The Dixie Handicap, The Lost World 1925, The Sea Hawk, Untamed Youth, The Old Fool, The Huntress, Children of the Dust, Scars of Jealousy, Love Never Dies 1921, Beau Revel, Below the Surface, Homespun Folks, The False Road, An Innocent Adventuress, Dangerous Hours, The Haunted Bedroom, Satan Junior, Impossible Susan, Love Me, The Heart of Humanity 1918

J. Anthony Hughes

The Young Philadelphians 1959, Warlock, The Lost Missile, The Spirit of St. Louis 1957, Daddy Long Legs, The Rose Bowl Story, The Sniper, The Guy Who Came Back, Men of San Quentin 1942, Secrets of G32, Great Guns, In the Navy, Life With Henry, Knockout, Diamond Frontier, They Drive by Night 1940, Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise, Three Cheers for the Irish, Call a Messenger, Hollywood Cavalcade, I Stole a Million, Tale Spin 1939, Up the River, Gateway, Letter of Introduction, In Old Chicago, High Tension, The Country Doctor 1936, Whipsaw

John B. Hughes

  Meet John Doe 1941, The Battle of Britain, Rhapsody In Blue, The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan 1953


Kathleen Hughes   

       Mother is a Freshman 1949Mr. Belvedere Goes to College 1949, Mister 880, It Came From Outer Space,

I'll See You in My Dreams, The Glass Web, Three Bad Sisters 1956, The Take 1974, Revenge, Welcome to Hollywood 1998

Kay Hughes

Fighting Bill Carson 1945, Riders of the Badlands. Trouble at Midnight, Honolulu Lu, Dick Tracy 1937, A Man Betrayed 1936, The Mandarin Mystery, Ghost-Town Gold, The Three Mesquiteers, Romance in the Air (short), Snowed Under, Every Saturday Night, Ride, Ranger, Ride, Strike Me Pink, Fighting Youth, George White's 1935 Scandals, It's the Cats (short), Saturday's Millions, 

Lloyd Hughes

The Sea Hawk 1924, The Dixie Handicap, The Huntress, Tess of the Storm Country, Dangerous Hours, The False Road, The Haunted Bedroom 1919, The Heart of Humanity, Old Wives for New, Untamed Youth, Scarlet Saint, The Half-Way Girl, The Lost World 1925, Valencia, Ella Cinders 1926, Irene 1926, American Beauty 1927, Romance of the Redwoods 1939, Hell Bound, The Miracle Man, Midnight Phantom, Skybound, Reckless Roads, A Man Betrayed, A Face in the Fog 1936, Lovers and Luggers, The Broken Melody, The Deceiver, Too Many Crooks, Three-Ring Marriage, Extravagance 1930, The Mysterious Island, Moby Dick 1930, Where East is East, An Affair of the Follies, Hello Sister

Mary Beth Hughes 

       The Working Girls 1974, How's Your Love Life?, Gun Battle at Monterey, Loophole, Highway Dragnet,

Passage West, Holiday Rhythm 1950, Riders in the Sky, Grand Canyon 1949, Young Man With a Horn 1950, 

Rimfire, The Devil's Henchman, Inner Sanctum, Waterfront at Midnight, the Lady Confesses, These Glamour Girls 1939,

The Women 1939, Free, Blonde and 21, The Great Profile 1941, The Great American Broadcast, Charlie Chan in Rio,

Blue, White and perfect, Orchestra Wives 1942, The Ox-Bow Incident 1943, Timber Queen, I Accuse My Parents, 

Caged Fury 1948

Mauritz Hugo

Wanted by the Police, Prison Mutiny, Mission to Moscow, Batman, Outlaws of Stampede Pass, Marked Trails, The Utah Kid 1944, The Great Mike, Penthouse Rhythm, Jealousy, Secret Agent X-9, Secrets of Linda Hamilton, Blonde for a Day, The Mysterious Mr. M, Black Angel, Gentleman's Agreement 1947, Letter From an Unknown Woman 1948, The Iron Curtain, Susanna Pass, Whirlpool 1950, Love That Brute, Gunplay, Government Agents vs Phantom Legion, Road Agent, Blue Canadian Rockies, Dragon's Gold, Dragnet, Love Me or Leave Me 1955, Glory 1956, War Drums, The Vampire 1957, Seven Guns to Mesa, Al Capone 1959, Lassie 1960, 13 Fighting Men, The Prize, The Love Machine

Henry Hull

      Rasputin, The Black Monk, One Exciting Night, The Hoosier Schoolmaster, Roulette, Great Expecations 1934, Werewolf of London,

Stanley and Livingstone, High Sierra 1941, The Great Waltz, Boys Town, Babes In Arms, Judge Hardy and Son, Lifeboat 1944,

Mourning Becomes Electra, Colorado Territory, The Fountainhead, Portrait of Jennie 1948, The Great Gatsby, 

The Return of Jesse James, Inferno, Man With a Gun 1955, The Bucaneer, The Oregon Trail, The Chase, A Square Deal 1917,

Little Women 1918

Josephine Hull

Harvey 1950,  After Tomorrow, Arsenic and Old Lace 1944, The Lady From Texas

George Humbert

Experiment Alcatraz, The Toast of New Orleans, My Friend Irma Goes West, Manhandled 1949, The Mighty McGurk, Temptation 1946, Gilda, Saratoga Trunk, Yolanda and the Thief, Dillinger, Winged Victory, My Buddy, Sensations of 1945, The navy Way, Tish, Truck Busters, I Married an Angel, Hellzapoppin' 1941, Fiesta, Time Out for Rhythm, The Strawberry Blonde 1941, City for Conquest, Girl From Avenue A, Music in My Heart, Torrid Zone, Miracle on Main Street, The Roaring Twenties 1939, Full Confession, The Forgotten Woman, Daughters Courageous 1939, Flirting With Fate, Boys Town 1938, Blondie, Frou Frou, City Streets, Bringing Up Baby 1938, Rosalie, Expensive Husbands, Merry-Go Round of 1938, Heidi, Trouble at Midnight, Dead End, Blonde Trouble, Kid Galahad, San Quentin 1937, Nancy Steele is Missing?, Banjo on My Knee, Winterset, Pepper, The Pay Off, Ginger, The Case of the Curious Bride, The Gilded Lily, Elinor Norton, Redhead, Chained 1934, The Life of Vergie Winters, Glamour, The Crosby Murder Case, Fashions of 1934, Doctor Bull, Laughing at Life, I Cover the Waterfront 1933, The Keyhole 1933, A Farewell to Arms, Trouble in Paradise 1932, Arrowsmith 1931, Stardust, We Should Worry

Benita Hume

The Happy Ending 1925/31, The Constant Nymph 1928,The Lady of the Lake 1928, Easy Virtue, Only Yesterday 1933, Discord,,

The Private Life of Don Juan 193418 Minutes, The Garden Murder Case, The Last of Mrs. Cheyney 1937Moonlight Murder,

Arthur Hunnicut                                        

       Silver Queen 1942, The Chance of a Lifetime, Stars In My Crown, Broken Arrow, The Lusty Men 1952, Split Second 1953,

The French Line, She Couldn't Say No 1954The Kettles in the Ozarks 1955, Cat Ballou 1965Twilight Zone: The Hunt 1962,

The Million Dollar Duck 1971, Harry and Tonto

Gayle Hunnicutt

The Wild Angels 1966, P.J. 1968, Eye of the Cat 1969, The Love Machine, The Legend of Hell House 1973, Scorpio, 
The Spiral Staircase 1975, Strange Shadows in an Empty Room, The Million Dollar Face 1981, Target, Silence Like Glass, 
Deadly Illusion, Con Man

Irene Hunt 

Shorts: A Lucky Chance 1913, Love and War in Mexico, Wallingford's Wallet, Twickenham Ferry 1913, The Faith of Her Fathers

Tricked by a Photo, The Return of Cal Clauson, The Life of General Villa 1814, The Mountain Rat, McCarn Plays Fate, 

How the Kid Went Over the Range, The Wrong Prescription, The Exposure, One Flight Up 1915, Added Furl,

Billie's Rescue, The Stronger Man 1915, The Stab, The Man From Nowhere, The Silent Stranger, As the Candle Burned,

The Girl Reporter''s Scoop 1917, Is Money All?, A Soldier of the Legion, 

Full Length:  Strathmore 1915, Gloriana, Heart Strings, The Stainless Barrier, Old Love for New, The Hopper, 

Oliver Twist Jr. 1921, Forger Me Not, The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln 1924, The Gunfighter, The Foolish Virgin,

Pawn Ticket 210 1926, The Maternal Spark, The Birth of Patriotism

Marsha Hunt

        A Word to the Wives, Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman 1947, Letter for Evie, The Valley of Decision, The Inside Story 1948,

Thousands Cheer, 'Cry Havoc'' 1943, The Affairs of Martha, Irene 1940, Blossoms in the Dust 1941,  College Holiday,

Hollywood Boulevard 1936, The Hardys Ride High 1939, Chloe's Paryer 2006, Bombers B-52 1957, I'll Wait for You, Panama Hattie,

Lost Angel, The Human Comedy, Thousands Cheer, Raw Deal

Martita Hunt

        Goodbye Mr. Chips 1939, The Rank Outsider 1920, Good Morning Boys, King of the Damned, A Girl Must Live, The Middle Watch,

Tilly of Bloomsbury 1940, The Wicked Lady, The Ghosts of Berkeley Square 1947, Great Expectations 1946,  The Fan,

The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men 1952, Tonight at 8:30, Melba,  Anastasia, The Brides of Dracula, Bottoms Up,

Trouble Brewing 1939, Quiet Wedding, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm 1962,  The Unsinkable Molly Brown,

Love on Wheels 1932, Friday the Thirteenth 1933, Sabotage 1926, Mr. What's-His-Name 1933, The Mill on the Floss 1937,

The Nursemaid Who Disappeared 1939, Paradise for Two, King's Rhapsody 1955, The Best House In London 1969

Bill (William) Hunter

Kangaroo King, Finding Nemo, The Echo of Thunder, River Street, Muriel's Wedding, Broken Highway, Deadly 1993, 
Strictly Ballroom, Mullaway, Rebel 1986, The Leonski Incident, A Fortunate Life, Far East, Gallipoli, Hard Knocks, 
Sam 1980, Dead Man's Float, Eliza Fraser 1976, 27a, The Buccaneer, Caged 1950, Dangerous Yeras, The Kid From Brooklyn, 
Roughly Speaking, Unconquered 1947The Thin Man Goes Home 1945, What Next, Corporal Hargrove?, Destination Tokyo,
Lost in a Harem 1944, Air Force, No Place for a Lady, Spy Train, Broadway Big Shot 1942, County Fair, Tough to Handle 1937

Henry Hunter

Nobody's Fool 1936, Postal Inspector 1936, Yellowstone, Parole!, Secret Agent X-9, Love Letters of a Star, Trouble at Midnight 1937, That's My Story!, A Girl With Ideas, Calling Dr. Kildare 1939, Good Girls Go to Paris 1939, Missile to the Moon, From the Terrace 1960, Boy Who Caught a Crook, Son of Flubber, The Wheeler Dealers 1963, Munster Go Home!, Maryjane 1967

Ian Hunter

         Kali Yug: Goddess of Vengeance, Edward My Son 1949, Doctor Blood's Cabin, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Bitter Sweet,

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary 1941, Strange Cargo, The Sisters 1938, Maisie 1939, The Little Princess,

The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938, The White Angels, I Found Stella Parrish, A Midsummer Night's Dream 1935, Syncopation, 

The Sign of Four, Easy Virtue 1928 , Downhill 1927, A Girl of London 1925, The Silver Spoon 1934, 

Jeffrey Hunter

        Super Colt 38 1969, Custer of the West, The Searchers 1956, Brainstorm, In Love and War, Count Five and Die,

King of Kings 1961, The Longest Day 1961, The True Story of Jesse James 1957, The Great Locomotive Chase, The Proud Ones,

Red Skies of Montana, Lure of the Wilderness, Belles on Their Toes, White Feather, Seven Cities of Gold, Julius Caesar 1950,

The Frogmen 1951, Lure of the Wilderness, White Feather 1955, In Love and War, Hell to Eternity, Strange Portrait, Dimension 5, 

Kim Hunter

         The Seventh Victm, Stairway to Heaven, A Streetcar Named Desire 1951, Deadline- U.S.A. 1952, Storm Center, Bermuda Affair,

The Young Starnger, Lilith 1964, Planet of the Apes 1968, Dark August, The Black Cat, Out of the Cold, The Hiding Place,

Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff 2010, Broadway: The Golden Age 2003, Cross of Fire, The Kindred, Skokie 1981,

Stubby Pringle's Christmas, Escape From the Planet of the Apes 1971, The Swimmer, Storm Center 1956,

A Matter of Life and Death 1946, When Strangers Marry, 


Tab Hunter       

     The Lawless 1950, Saturday Island, Return to Treasure Island, The Sea Chase 1955, The Girl He Left Behind 1956,

 Layfayette Escadrille 1958, Damn Yankees! 1958The Pleasure of His Company, Operation Bikini,

 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 1972, Timber Tramps, Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 1976, Polyester,

 Pandemonium, Grease 2 1982Lust in the Dust,y Ann, Servant's Entrance, The Man Who Reclaimed His Head,

 Charlie Chan at the Race Track, Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation, Miracle at Lourdes,

 Picture People No. 1 Stars in DefenseJourney for Margaret, The Golden Arrow, Two-Faced Woman, They Died With 

G. P Huntley

     Merely Mary Anne, Death takes a Holiday, Now I'll Tell, Imitation of Life 1934, The Man Who Reclaimed His Head 1934,

 Becky Sharp 1935, Dressed to Thrill, The Golden Arrow, The Charge of the Light Brigade 1936, Michael O'Halloran, Another Dawn,

 Artists and Models Abroad, Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation 1939, Beau Geste 1939, I Want a Divorce, Playgirl,

 They Died With Their Boots On 1941, Two-Faced Woman, Journey for Margaret 1942

Raymond Huntley

     Symptoms 1974, Young Winston, The Adding Machine, Hostile Witness, The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery 1966,

 The Yellow Teddy Bears, Nurse on Wheels, Crooks Anonymous 1962, Only Two Can Play, The Sure Hell of St. Trinian's,

 A French Mistress, Make Mine Mink, Breathless 1960, Our Man in Havana 1959, The Mummy 1959, Room at the Top,

 The Dam Busters 1955, Orders are Orders, Hobson's Choice 1954, Lexdale Hall, Mr. Denning's Drives North, The House in the Square,

 Passport to Pimlico 1949Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill, School for Secrets, 'Pimpernel' Smith, Night Train to Munich 1940,

 The Ghost of St. Michael's, Dinner at the Ritz, Whom the Gods Love: The Original Story of Mozart and His Wife 1936

Madeline Hurlock 

Full length: Don Juan's Three Nights 1926, The Best of Friends 1927, 

Shortls: The College Come, Duck Soup 1927, The College Kiddo, Beach Club, A Harem Night, A Prodigal Bridegroom,

Ice Cold Cocos 1926, Fight Night, Trimmed in Gold, Sneezing Beezers, Water Wagons, Bull and Sand 1924, 

The Luck o' the Foolish, The First 100 Years, The Cat's Meow, Smile Please 1924, Te Half-Back of Notre Dame, The Daredevil,

Where's My Wandering Boy This Evening? 1923 


Brandon Hurst

My Favorite Brunette 1947, Love 1927, Annie Laurie, Volvano!, The Shamrock Handicap, Lightnin', The Lover of Camille, 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923, The World's Applause, A Dark Lantern, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Rue Morgue 1932

A Connecticut Yankee, High Society Blues, The Amateur Gentleman, Paris at Midnight, White Zombie 1932, Via Wireless 1915

Paul Hurst

      Stingaree 1915, The Outllaw, The Invaders , The Secret Code, Whispering Smith, The Valley of the Giants, Charlie Chan's Courage,

Out All Night, The Gay Deception, 45 Fathers 1937, The Lady Fights Back, They Drive by Night 1940, Topper Takes a Trip,

Gone With the Wind 1939, Bowery Boy, The Big Show-Off, The Dolly Sisters, Death Valley, The Sun Shines Bright,

The Diamond Runners, The Further Adventures of Stingaree, The Outlaw Express,The Overland Stage, The Rainbow, Tide of Empire,

The Swellhead, Hot Curves, The Secret Six 1931, Men are Such Fools, The Sphinx, Sequoia 1934, Mississippi,

The Case of the Curious Bride, Public Hero #1 1935Riffraff 1936, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936, In Old Chicago, Super-Sleuth,

She's No Lady, Josette, Cafe Society, Alexander's Ragtime Band, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1938, It Could Happen to You,

Remember?, Edison the Man, Torrid Zone 1940, Tugboat Annie Sails Again, Virginia, Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring,

Pardon My Stripes, December 7th, Jack London, Summer Storm, The Big Show-Off 1945, Scared Stiff, Murder In the Music Hall,

The Missourians 1950


Ruth Hussey

      Big City, Marie Antoinette, The Women 1939, The Philadelphia Story 1940, The Great Gatsby, The Uninvited, That's My Boy,

The Facts of Life 1960, My Darling Daughter's Anniversary,  Madame X, Time Out for Murder 1938, Fast and Furious,

Another Thin Man 1939, Our Wife 1941, Tender Comrade 1943, The Uninvited, Bedside Manner 1945, Louisa, Mr. Music,

The Lady Wants a Mink

Virginia Huston

     Knock on Wood 1954, Sudden Fear, Night Stage to Galveston, Flight to Mars, The Highwayman, Tarzan's Peril,
The Doolins of Oklahoma, 
Flamingo Road 1949, Out of the Past 1947, Nocturne 1946

Walter Huston

   The Bishop's Candlesticks, The Bad Man, The Beast of the City, Night Court 1932, Congo, Rain 1932, The Tunnell, Rhodes of Africa,

 Dodsworth 1936, The Lightthat Failed, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948, The Maltese Falcon, All That Money Can Buy,

December 7th, Dragonwyck, The Greaty Sinner, The Outlaw, And Then There Were None 1945, The Virginian 1929, Mission to Moscow, 

 Abraham Lincoln 1930, Gentlemen of the Press, The Virtuous Sin, The Ruling Voice, A House Divided 1931, The Beast of the City,

 Ann Vickers 1933, Of Human Hearts, Swamp Water, Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942, The Furies 1950


Josephine Hutchinson

Travis Logan, D.A. (TV) 1971, Rabbit, Run, Shadow Over Elveron (TV), Nevada Smith, Baby the Rain Must Fall 1965, The Adventures of  Huckleberry Finn, Walk Like a Dragon, North by Northwest 1959, Step Down to Terror, Sing Boy Sing, Miracle in the Rain, Many Rivers to Cross, Ruby Gentry, The Light Fantastic, Bachelor Bait, Cass Timberlane, Her Firts Beau, Tom Brown's School Days 1940, My Son, My Son!, Son of Frankenstein 1939, The Crime of Dr. Hallet, I Married a Doctor, The Story of Louis Pasteurr 1936, The Melody Lingers On, Oil for the Lamps of China, Happiness Ahead 1934

Muriel Hutchison

  Joe and Ethel Turp, Call on the President, Another Thin Man 1939, The Women 1939, Partners in Crime

Robert Hutton

The New Roof 1974, The Cherry Picker, Tales From the Crypt, Trog, The Vulture, Finders Keepers, The Secret Door, Cinderfella, The Colossus of New York 1958, Scandal Incorporated, The Big Bluff 1955, Casanova's Big Night, Paris Model, Tropical Heat Wave 1952, New Mexico, Beauty on Parade, The Man on the Eiffel Tower 1949, Smart Girls Don't Talk, Wallflower, Roughly Speaking, Hollywood Canteen 1943

Leila Hyams

      Yellow Dust, 1,000 Dollars a Minute, Saturday's Millions, The Christmas Party 1931,  Island of Lost Souls, Big Broadcast,

 Surrender, New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford, The Big House 1930, Wonder of Women 1929,  Part Time Wife,

 Spite Marriage 1929, Way Out West, The Sins of the Children, Sweethearts and Wives 1930The Wizard 1927, Crimson City 1928,

 The Bishop Murder Case 1930, Sandra, Summer Bachelors 1926, The Thirteenth Chair, Hurricane 1930, Masquerade,

 Stepping Out 1931, , Alias Jimmy Valentine 1928 Dancing Mothers 1926, Land of the Silver Fox, Sandra 1924, Surrender 1931,

  Freaks 1932, The Constant Affairs of a Gentleman, People Will Talk,  Red-Headed Woman 1932, Yellow Dust 1936,

  Island of Lost Souls 1933

Robert Hyatt 

     Miracle on 34th Street, High Wall, The Babe Ruth Story, Give My Regards to Broadway, The Christmas Carol,

 The Fuller Brush Girl, Les Miserables 1952, The Farmer Takes a Wife, Gypsy Colt 1954, It's a Big Country 1951,

 Tomorrow is Another Day, No Minor Vices, Of Human Bondage 1946

Martha Hyer

  The Clay Pidgeon 1949, The Woman on the Beach, Geisha Girl, Yukon Gold, Abbott and Costello Go to Mars, Sabrina 1954,

Kiss of Fire, Cry Vengeance 1954, My Man Godfrey 1957, The Delicate Delinquent, The Best of Everything, First Men In the Moon,

The Man From the Diners Club, Crossplot, The Day of the Wolves, So Big 1953, The Judge Steps Out, Battle of Rogue River,

Houseboat 1958, Some Came Running 1958, Kelly and Me, The Sons of Katie Elder, Bikini Beach, Ice Palace, Blood on the Arrow,

Desire in the Dust 1960, The Big Fisherman, War Italian Style 1966

Jane Hylton

Dear Murderer, The Upturned Glass 1947, Holiday Camp, When the Bough Breaks, It Always Rains on Sunday, Good-Time Girl, My Sister and I, My Brother's Keeper 1948, The Quiet Woman 1951, Tall Headlines, It Started in Paradise, Burnt Evidence, The Weak and the Wicked, Violent Moment, Deadly Record, The Manster, Night Train for Inverness 1960, Circus of Horrors, House of Mystery, Bitter Harvest 1963, The Wild Geese

Earle Hyman

   The Lost Weekend, The Bamboo Prison 1954, Afrikaneren 1966, The Possesion of Joel Delaney 1972, Julius Caeasr, Light Years,

Highjacked: Flight 285 (TV), Gandahar 1988,

Warren Hymer

Speakeasy 1929, Up the River, 20,000 Years in Sing Sing 1930, Goldie, Love is a Racket, , King for the Night, The Case of the Curious Bride, Little Miss Marker 1934, The Gilded Lily, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936, San Francisco 1936, I Can't Give You Anything Bit Love, Baby, The Lady and the Mob 1939, Government Girl, Fox Movietone Follies of 1929, Men Without Women 1930, Sinners Holiday, My Woman, The Crosby Case, George White's Scandals 1934, Tango, Confidential, The Leavenworth Case,  36 Hours to Kill, Navy Blues, Joy of Living, Meet John Doe 1941, Mr. Moto In Danger Island, Jail House Blues 1942, Henry and Dizzy, Baby Face Morgan, Gentleman Joe Palooka, Birth of the Blues, 

Olaf Hytten 

Salvation Hunters, Grumpy, Berkeley Square, The Painted Veil 1934, Mandalay, the Key, The Little Minister 1934 

The Mysterious Mr. X., Glamour, The Moonstone, Strange Wives, Anna Karenina, A Feather in Her Hat, Living on Velvet,

Kind Lady, Bonnie Scotland, Becky Sharp 1935, Clive of India, Metropolitan 1935, Donuts and Society, Sylvia Scarlett 1936,

And So They Were Married, Libeled Lady, Easy Living, Ebb Tide, First Lady, The Good Earth 1937, Souls at Sea, Angel 1937,

The Emperor's Candlesticks 1937, The Lone Wolf in Paris, A Christmas Carol 1938, Marie Antoinette 1938,

6,000 Enemies, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Television Spy, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever 1939, Allegheny Uprising 1939

The Earl of Chicago, The Wolf Man 1941, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1941, Rage in Heaven, Bedtime Story,

Washington Melodrama 1941, Blondie in Society, Eagle Squadron, Affairs of Jimmy Valentine, The Black Swan, 

To Be or Not to Be, Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror 1942, The Ghost of Frankenstein 1942, Casablanca, 

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death, Silent Witness, Happy Go Lucky, Hit Parade of 1943, Flesh and Fantasy, Mission to Moscow, 

The Amazing Mrs. Holliday 1943, The Scarlet Claw, The Lodger 1944, The Suspect, Confidential Agent, My Name is Julia Ross,

Christmas in Connecticut 1945, Hold That Blond, National Velvet 1945, Black Beauty 1946, She-Wolf of London, 

The Ghost Goes Wild, The Imperfect Lady, Kidnapped 1948, The Secret of St. Ives, That Forsythe Woman, Fancy Pants, 

Kim, Against All Flags, Million Dollar Mermaid, The Scarlet Coat 1955

Bill Idelson

The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited (TV) 2004, The World: Color It Happy (TV), The Last Time I Saw Archie, Bombers B-52 ,

 Johnny Moccasin (TV),

 Eric Idle

Directed: The Ruttles 1978

   And Now For Something Completely Different 1972, Who Is Harry Nisson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?) 2010,

 Shrek the Third (voice), Ella Enchanted (narrator) 2004, Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure 2003,

 Concert for George, 102 Dalmations (voice), Dudley Do Right, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (voice) 1999,

 Quest for Camelot, An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn, Mony Python's Flying Circus: Live at Aspen, Caspar 1995,

 Splitting Heirs, It's the Monty Python Story, Missing Pieces, Parrot Sketch Not Included: Twenty Years of Monty Python 1989,

 Around the World In 80 Days 1989, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, National Lampoon's European Vacation 1985,

 Yellowbeard, Monty Python's the Meaning of Life 1983, Life of Brian 1979, The Rutles 1978, Side by Side,

 Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975

Roger Imhof

     Drums Along the Mohawk 1939Abe Lincoln In Illinois 1940, This Gun For Hire, Roaming Lady, Charlie Chan's Greatest Case,

 San Francisco, Man Hunt 1941, Little Old New York 1940, Me and My Gal, The Farmer Takes a Wife, It Happened in Flatbush 1942,

 George White's 1935 Scandals, No Place to Go, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, The Grapes of Wrath 1940,

Home in Indiana, Casanova in Burlesque 1944, Nancy Drew...Troubleshooter 1939

John Ince

Gun Cargo, Yankee Fakir, Hit Parade of 1947, The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, Crack-Up, Bedlam, Wilson, Voodoo Man, Man of Courage, Red River Robin Hood, Men of San Quentin, Code of the Outlaw, Mr. Celebrity, Here Comes Mr. Jordan 1941, Blossoms in the Dust 1941, Meet John Doe, Forty Little Mothers, Young Tom Edison 1940, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Hollywood Cavalcade, You Can't Take It With You 1938, Termites of 1938 (short), Hot Water, White Bondage, San Quentin 1939, The Man Who Found Himself, Nancy Steele is Missing!, Special Agent K-7, Night Cargo, A Scream in the Night 1935, In Old Kentucky, The Rainmakers, Confidential, Waterfront Lady 1935, Barbary Coast, China Seas 1935, The Glass Key, Unwelcome Stranger, Life Begins at 40, The Little Colonel 1935, Strictly Confidential, Tailspin Tommy, The Cat's-Paw, Gambling Lady, Golden Harvest, One Year Later, Picture Snatcher, Alimony Madness, The Match King 1932, The Penal Code, The Savage Girl 1932, Guns for Hire, The Thirteenth Guest, Destry Rides Again 1932, Fires of Youth, Moby Dick 1930, Hot Curves 1930, Hate, Hole in the Wall, Her Mother Was a Lady (short), In Old Virginia (short), The Incompetent (short), The Mansion of Snobs (short), The Erring (short), The Man in the Hamper (short) 1913, The Exile (short), The Wiles of Cupid (short), Retribution (short), The Engraver (short), The Girl of the Sunset Pass (short) 1913

Ralph Ince                                      

     The Sins of Mothers 1914,The Goddess, The Combat, Two Women 1919, Too Many Crooks, Sealed Hearts, Red Foam 1920,

Reckless Youth, The Chorus Lady, The Sea Wolf 1926, Not for Publication, Shanghaied, The Singapore Mutiny 1928,

Murder at Monte Carlo, The Black Mask 1935, Twelve Good Men 1936, The Vulture, The Perfect Crime

Frieda Inescort

    The Dark Angel 1935, Mary of Scotland 1936 , Another Dawn, The Letter 1940, Sunny 1941, The Trial of Mary Dugan 1941,

 The Zero Hour 1939,  Father's Son, The Courtship of Andy Hardy 1942 , The Return of the Vampire,

 The Amazing Mrs. Holliday 1943, Never Wave at a WAC, The Eddie Duchin Story, Senior Prom, Woman Doctor 1939

 A Place In the Sun, Foxfire 1955, The Crowded Sky 1960, 

Amo Ingraham

Green-Eyed Woman, Hollywood Hotel, Varsity Show, Gold Diggers of 1937, God Diggers of 1935, Fashions of 1934, Footlight Parade, Wonder Bar, The Woman Accused, Night World 1932, Palmy Days, The Wild Party 1929

Lloyd Ingraham

The Great Manhunt, Slave Girl, Sister Kenny 1946, Lover Come Back, Frontier Feud, Power of Possession, Dangerous Intruder, The Cheaters, Springtime in Texas, It's in the Bag! 1945, Sudan, The Merry Monahans, The Desert Hawk, Hot Rhythm, Mystery of the 13th Guest, The Seventh Victim, Petticoat Larceny, Mr. Lucky, Sarong Girl 1943, Bombardier, Murder in Times Square 1943, Strictly in the Groove, Highways by Night, Timber!, Mexican Spitfire's Elephant 1942, Valley of the Sun, Unexpected Uncle, The Iron Claw, Invisible Ghost, City of Missing Girls 1941, Pony Post, The Green Archer, Colorado, Wagon Train, Dulcy, Adventures of Red Ryder, Bad Man From Red Butte, 20 Mule Team, Forgotten Girls, Isle of Destiny, The Shadow 1940, Reno, Destry Rides Again 1939, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Roaring Twenties, The Zero Hour, Code of the Streets, Water Rustlers, Shine On, Harvest Moon, Dog-Gone (short), The Storm, Crime Takes a Holiday, Billy the Kid Returns, Painted Desert, Prison Break, Reformatory 1938, Songs and Saddles, Race Suicide 1938, Blonde Trouble, The Big Shot, Empty Saddles, Millionaire Playboy, Conflict 1936, Missing Girls 1936, Prison Shadows, The Bride Walks Out, Spider and the Fly, Red River Valley, Sutter's Gold, Modern Times 1936, Gangster's Enemy Number One, Ship Cafe, Thunder Mountain, Branded a Coward, The Woman in the Case, Gun Smoke,On Probation, Circumstantial Evidence, Reprieved, Sons of Steel, The Curtain Falls, In Love With Life, Beggars in Ermine, Six Fathoms Deep 1934, Morning Glory 1933, Mary Stevens M.D., Silent Men 1933, Get That Girl, Officer Thirteen 1932, Madison Sq. Garden 1932, Slightly Married, Cornered, Cardigan's Last Case, Sinister Hands,A House Divided, Never the Twain Shall Meet, The Naughty Flirt, Mammy, Common Clay 1930, Wide Open, Sporting Life, So Long Letty, The Chorus Lady, Scaramouche, A Front Page Story, The Spanish Jade, The Awakening (short),Snakeville's New Doctor (short), Bronco Billy's Capture (short) 

John Ireland

Waxwork II: Lost in Time, Bordello, Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake (TV), The Delta Fox, The Incubus, 

Garden of Venus, The Shape of Things to Come, Marilyn: The Untold Story 1980, Satan's Cheerleaders, Maniac,

The Swiss Conspiracy, Welcome to Arrow Beach, Farewell, My Lovely 1975, The Girl on the Late, Late Show, 

The Phantom of Hollywood, Dirty Heroes, Fort Utah, Hate for Hate, Faces in the Dark, The Fall of the Roman Empire,

55 Days at Peking 1963, Brushfire!, No Place to Land, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 1957, The Glass Tomb, Queen Bee 1955,

The Good Die Young, Southwest Passage, The 49th Man 1953, The Fast and the Furious, Hurricane Smith, Vengeance Valley,

Little Big Horn 1951, The Scarf, The Return of Jesse James, Cargo to Capetown, All the King's Men 1950, Anna Lucasta,

Open Secret, Joan of Arc, Red River 1948, I Love Trouble, Railroaded!, The Gangster, My Darling Clementine 1946,

Behind Green Lights, A Walk in the Sun 1946, Wake Up and Dream

George Irving

   Mickey 1948, Bluebeard 1944, Son of Dracula 1943, Bringing Up Baby 1938, Does the Jazz Lead to Destruction?, The Air Mail,

 Coquette,  Free Love, Graft, 42nd Street 1933Rasputin and the Empress, Johnny Apollo 1940,  Hearts Dividend, Little Men 1940,

 Give Me Liberty, The Toast of New York, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, Knute Rocke All-American, The Hardys Ride High,

 The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Crime Ring, Hell's Kitchen 1939, Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case 1943, Sergeant York 1941,

 Condemned Women, The Outcasts of Poker Flat,  Age of Indiscretion 1935,  Here Goes the Groom, Charlie Chan in Egypt,

 Dangerous 1935The Crime of Dr. Forbes 1936Paid in Full 1914, Body and Soul 1915Hidden Fires, As a Man Thinks,

 The Blue Pearl 1920, North of 36 1924, His Jazz Bride, Risky Business 1926, Wings 1927, Modern Mothers, Flight,

 Puttin' on the Ritz 1930, Young Desire, Conspiracy, Inspiration 1931, Dishonored, An American Tragedy 1931,

 Ladies of the Big House, The All-American, Only Yesterday 1933, What Price Jazz,  


Margaret Irving

Ain't Misbehavin' 1955, What a Woman, In Society, Sweethearts 1938, Love, Honor, Behave, Kentucky, Little Miss Roughneck, Sh! The Octopus, Under Suspicion, Wife, Doctor, and Nurse, The Baroness and the Butler, The Outcasts of Poker Flat 1937, Men in Exile, Charlie Chan at the Opera 1936, Four Days Wonder, Follow Your Heart, Women are Trouble, Captain Calamity, Wife vs Secretary, Exclusive Story 1936, Sheer Luck, Animal Crackers 1930, The Broadway Boob, Radio-Mania 1922

Boyd Irwin

Docks of New Orleans, Campus Honeymoon, A Double Life 1947, That Hagen Girl, Mr. District Attorney, Unconquered, Mrs. Loring's Secret, The Vrdict, Deception, Night and Day, Rendezvous 24 1946, Dragonwyck, Scarlet Street, Kitty, Molly and Me, The Story of Dr. Wassell 1944, The Lodger, Tropicana, Random Harvest 1942, Foreign Agent, North of the Rockies, Passage From Hong Kong, City of Missing Girls 1941, Female Correspondent, Play Girl, Drums of the Desert, The Earl of Chicago, The Man in the Iron Mask 1939, Crime Takes a Holiday, A Christmas Carol, The Prisoner of Zenda, Married Before Breakfast, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Blackmailer, The Walking Dead, Werewolf in London, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1931, Jenny Lind, Captain Blood 1924, Ashes of Vengeance 1923, The Three Musketeers 1921, Milestones 1920, 

Ish Kibibble (M. A. Bogue)

Ridin' High, Flamingo Road, Carolina Road 1944, Around the World, Swing Fever 1943, My Favourite Spy, Playmates 1941, 

You'll Find Out,

That's Right--- You're Wrong

Rosalind Ivan

Elephant Walk, The Robe, Johnny Belinda 1948, Ivy, Three Strangers, That Brennan Girl 1946, The Verdict, Pillow of Death, 

Scarlet Street 1945, Pursuit to Algiers 1945, The Corn is Green 1945, The Suspect, None But the Lonely Heart,

It Started With Eve, The Garden Murder Case, Arms and the Woman

Burl Ives

Two Moon Junction, The Ewok Adventure, White Dog, The Bermuda Depths, Hugo the Hippo, The McMasters,

The Other Side of Bonnie and Clyde 1968, The Brass Bottle, Ensign Pulver, The Spiral Road, Our Man in Havana,

Let No Man Write Mt Epitaph 1960, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1958, A Face in the Crowd, Those Fantastic Flying Fools, 

The Power and the Prize, East of Eden 1955, Sierra, Station west, Green Grass of Wyoming

Perry Ivins

The Half-Breed, The Redhead and the Cowboy, The Missourians 1950, Mystery Street, White Heat 1949, Too Late for Tears, Force of Evil, Call Northside 777 1948, Dick Tracy's G-Men, Son of Frankenstein 1939, Penitentiary, Call of the Wild, Smart Girl, 'G' Men, Les Miserables 1935, The Notorious Sophie Lang, Evelyn Prentice, Charlie Chan in London, Charlie Chan in Paris 1935, The Gilded Lily, Men in White, Murder in Trinidad, Zoo in Budapest, Mystery of the Wax Museum, Scandal Sheet, No Limit, Trouble in Paradise 1932, Reckless Living

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