Not Looking

I walked on the deck

not looking at my step

up ahead

was danger imbed

suddenly I screamed

my foot aseamed

through it went a rusty nail

tetanus must prevail

DBP 9-14-14

Must I Rust?

I ask myself

is rust a must?

things turning to dust...

is there any sust

...tenance to the gust

of thought, just

thinking about the thrust

of oxidation abust

and role of electrolytes in trust

oxygen and iron in lust?

a creative crust

yes, I am nonplussed

so confused I almost cussed

chemical reactions, and metals that combust

are not my minds robust

alloys so trussed

some by winds are bussed

my mind must adjust

and avoid galvanized disgust

9-14-14 DBP also known a "Rusty"


Bedroom eyes

seductive glance, reprise

a puffy and glancing blow

blue and so true

trillium poppies

drowsy and soppy

limbs elongating

a bit of a stretch

lingering thoughts, propogating

and a swollen mind

sore but no anger

fatigued in ache

body on hanger

sleep beckoning

a pillow in sphere

rivers of dread appear

but faith observed

tomorrow brings

delight deserved


Blinding Shades

never before

have I seen more colour

so many varieties

of Feng Shui rue 

in spew, reds and yellows

some like nectarines

and lemon jello

jiggling in the breeze

as the maples sneeze

the chlorophyll waves

goodbye to summer

sunny fall days despite

the cool autumn night

the red explodes

in fruity tones

blueberry and cherry

plum and cranberry

exploding with lust

for winters crush

deep orange of carrot

and daffodil so bright

projecting new light

sienna so modest


as the Aureolin and tangerine

celebrate fall scene

while some dark in folly

ease into the season soon jolly

unlike the Cadmium

a papyrus lemon

with sparkling venom

oh such a portrait

a pallett untouched

until a magic brush

sweeps away rust

the gradual drop

to grounds 

of horses clop

the dancing of children

and tossing of piles

they turn to terra of miles

preparing for white

for another year

of stunning plight

Hulitoon by Rebecca Hulit


Of Red and Gold

"Les feuilles mortes" 


death rears it's song

Kosma sings

and Prevert rings

Mercer adopts

and adapts to new world

Miss Stafford elocutes

lyrics twisted and curled

cinematic too

as Nat does croo

so sweet and mellow

and haunting too

Andy and Frank

on the west bank

and Sergio cries

and even the Coasters

deserving of roasters

the jazzers were snazzier

as Ella and Sarah

made it their own

O'Day did say

drift by my window

luscious dreams

and flights of coloured streams

Chet was smooth

caressing his horn

and voice so born

in confections home

the giant Oscar

tinkling so grand

embellishing melody

sprinkling sand

a wonderful ode

recorded so many

a tribute to art

and autumn leaves

when they begin to fall



recipes I try

don't always succeed

but the comments vary

and some I don't heed!

Cookies that are hard

rice so burned

lasagna that is soup

gourmet techniques, the hard way learned

Too much salt

too much curry 

I guess I was in a hurry

ignore the jury

Too much jalapeno

at least assuring some amino

smothered in butter

Im not a calorie cutter

But my ribs are great

apricot sauce and thyme

so zesty (not sublime)

and chili ketchup that rates

And pumpkin soup

the roux is key 

herbs and onion touches

creamy glee

My bean sauce so bittersweet

with bacon and must

sour cream is delightful

my tummy abust

But too me as I endeavor

to make a meal that deivers

I shrug my shoulders

It's good enough!

DBP 8-3-14

Good Enough 2

I am writng this verse

as a sequel to cooking

but it will be absurd

and ill deserved of booking

It is kind of a dessert

sweet and cool

a spoon to serve

into mouth as a tool

one can cook dessert

but as a child

a can of applesauce

was all, rather mild

Im testing the audience

by writing so bland

to see if it's acceptable

as laughter canned

so if this effort is good enough

then you guys are lacking

in taste of lines

and are truly slacking


The Man on Wall

the hand

how many turn?

the knurled wand

to room so vast

the enterer, an iconoclast

maybe presidents

some inventers 

old and young mentors

unlatching with fear

a mood of persuasion

or curiosity on occasion

tarnished brass

copper of old

and zinc be told

wearing history

with secretive mystery

the man awaits

in chair or wall

framed so stolid

imposing with pall

vinegar can remove

both messages told

from handle or portrait

linked in time

by insects in rhyme

mirrored in silence

until convention is stirred

the family persists

status never deterred

wealth entrusted

on chairs so tufted

Persian rug the field

were mighty men

don't yield

future plans delayed

debt and scandal

carelessly played

9-2-14 DBP


The leaves have fallen off the trees,

the once white snow has darkened, 

blending in with the soiled squares

some birds still claim a home, harkened

noisy and bustling, 

amidst tired daytime people, 

and people of the night, rustling

Neon signs glitter, but letters are missing

Windows invite us inside, 

but are cracked and glazed with grime

Children runabout, not all with glee,

but anxious confusion to share

the wind howls, a change in weather, a change in time

clocks warn of another hour,  

sad of a missed past to scour, 

or anticipation of a strained future

brakes screech,  but it's only okay until next time,

the taverns brag of offerings,

competing for the fuel for soul

and fences stream about in like gaol,

signalling a privacy, that is actually fear

litter is strewn about, laziness or apathy

or disrespect

unaware of careless circumspect

horns honk, telling us that we are in the way

we are a threat before we are friends

conflict suspended in the airway

reminds us that we have mislaid

our values that once were staid

people carrying baggage,

not vacations and holidays

but grief, sorrow, and vacant nays

never finding where the path begins

looking for little white pebbles,

like Hansel and Gretel, few in sins

Is there a home at the beginning,

or at the termination,

or is our only home in our heart

as we build the walls of endless part



Lost horizons

The picture fazed

No sides or tops

Questions raised

Three dimensions

With no borders


Not taking orders

It is whole

In my eyes

But my mind

Seems to despise

My imagination

Forms the image

Though hazy and strange

As if a mirage

For confirmation

Response I wait

Laughter or sadness

Or a greyish state

So I conclude

As I engage

That what I see

Is just a stage

But these layers

Are so frequent

That I perceive

My thoughts delinquent

DBP 8-31-14


1896 so kind

horse-drawn traffic

to a bucolic town

Monticello dripping in richness

so fresh and divine

but later raised in surrender

of progress

only envisioned

not claimed as it were

a valley lifted

not far, but gone

three perfect arches

the strongest they could be

doorways to heaven

and a past that disappeared

they smile in pride

not defeated in drown

still waiting for a century

when we go back to friendship

with what we were born

so huge it engulfs you

in humility and aghast

Putah Creek Bridge

alive and awaiting

it's reign in the valley

DBP 8-30-14


she is beautiful

in heart and soul

her thoughtful eyes

help me rise

in mornings song

the music a throng

of chirps and whispers

the day so calm

the storm no threat

I open my palm

my images to whet

I hear a voice

from afar, southern

the belle ringing

in joyous echo

a cavernous bringing

of love that clings

I cannot define

the worship so strong

but the celebration

is a bong

that sounds

like my beating heart

8-28-14 DBP


to be named so wild

oh! what a joy

to ramble so freely

must demand to be coy

we claim to be free

but we seem to be chained

but these butterflies of the woods

of gay abandonment remain

cheddar pink

so fermented

in serrated silence

purple and demented

from the windy plain

a carrion call

embracing cloves

in Illinois fall

the western shore

burning as fire

the kindling sparkles

in blooms the Squire

invasive replies

with cultivars by side

the forest floor

covered in each plants chide

those climbing clusters

shimmering in shade

the willowherb cries

to the sun's golden raid

the pheasant looks on

his reflection quite shy

but browed in brown

handsome in reply

scattered in carnival

colours to revere

a midway of colour

in petals of cheer

DBP 9-1-14


I can just hear

these two, going at it

a loud raucous banter

like an intoxicated Cantor

nose to nose

and brow to brow

nothing being solved

insanity has evolved

whether bad hair day

or sleeping on the wrong side

there isn't much use

to argue with abuse

but I guess it's natural

for some to fight

as their insecurities

create impurity

I can see the circles,

they are talking in

'round and 'round

in annoying sound

spinning their tales

and embellishing skill

spiraling out of order

breaking their mortar

the short one is more

aggressive I think

compensating for size

to win the prize

but there is no winner

just exhaustion and ache

whether politics or jealously

their behaviour over-zealous

DBP 8-30-14

Page Turner

the life of books

not static as foreseen

up and down

and spiralling so mien

a maze of letters

and words profound

others in satire

mysteries found

ladders and trolleys

riding through dreams

looking for answers

and elaborate schemes

the sun so high

straining to elucidate

the books so canyoned

in the depths of sate

fitting to whisper

solemnity for author

to here each creek

a song of other

binding in freedom

each idea his own

encased like Edam

the story ends

but not for long

each chapter sends

us to another page

8-29-14 DBP


they are the safest way
to carry on
taking recollection
from the cloudy past

sometimes lacking trust
not in others
but your own ability
to evaluate the cast

avoiding the thoughts
that challenge your mind
making life enlightening
and changing your course

a summers laziness
tranquil and calm
but slippery and slick
causing sweaty remorse

so be forever careful
in this easy slide
it's better to reflect
and take the slow steps

and be a creator
familiar with the air
breathing with assurance
and show that you care

DeaBeePea 8-22-16

Close You Eyes

I keep forgetting
the joy
of closing my eyes
and reconnecting

I keep forgetting
there will
be a tomorrow
and reconnecting

I keep forgetting
the warmth
of younger times
and reconnecting

I keep forgetting
the hours
my body still
and reconnecting

I keep forgetting
the voice
of quiets purr
and reconnecting

I keep forgetting
the wonder
closing my eyes
and reconnecting

DeaBeePea 8-22-16

Summer's End

I see no end
as the saturated air
grips my skin
perspiring despair

stillness of air
blazing sun
pale blue
helpless to run

tossing and turning
night-time short
morning arises
a sighing retort

but memories remind
of seasonal glance
colours and winds
and Christmas' trance

sooner or later
hibernation occurs
for bikes and Crocs
and summer blurs

but what is best
is autumns fire
around the corner
my flaming desire

DeaBeePea 8-20-16


it overwhelms me
making me doubt
and maybe, even hate
but this can't be me
because I was born
with beauty
staring me
in the face
and every time
I tripped and fell
I got up crying
but knowing that
the tears would stop
because sadness
was bad
and happiness was good
but somehow I know
that the scars
are me
and even though they heal
they lock me in
to awareness
and memories dream
we wait
to slip again
all those marvels
whether people
or magic
will appear again
and make us wake up
to another day
and that reflective mirror
we say our name
and maybe
but it is our luggage
durable and defined
and yet infinite
many times

DeaBeePea 8-19-16

Concern and Hope

I don’t understand death
Because it is a beginning and end
When people
Who pretend to be godlike
Super-impose power
Satisfying a desire
To destroy
It gives them satisfaction
But then they die
And become
Worthless and pathetic
For all of us to carry
We shake our heads
And wonder why
But like it or nor
We must realize
We are one of them
So we have to endure
Setting natures example
Obeying our code
And holding on to love
Until it almost strangles us
But we will die too
So courage is our weapon
And if we hold on to it
Long enough
We can smile
Even if it is just
For a minute…

DeaBeePea 8-19-16

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