Over there, over there,
Send the word, send the word over there,
That the Peace is coming, Peace is coming,
The drums rum-tumming everywhere.
the drums of Peace so say a prayer,
Send the word, send the word to rejoice,
silence has come, silence has come,
And we won't hurt our neighbour over there

Johnnie bury your gun, bury your gun, bury your gun,
Johnnie show us all, you're the kindest one,
Hoist all flags and let then fly
Humble servants of mortals cry,
Pack your little kit, and burn it in the pit,
all towns and ranks in harmony's sit,
Make us Mothers of all Creation
and liberty in united cessation.

DeaBeePea 10-18-17

This is a "adaption" of George M. Cohan's "Over There" 1917

Can someone please fix this...

a throw-out life
it seems to be
and sometimes i wonder
if I'm disposable scree

and that makes fixin'
and interesting option
against the flow
conceptual adoption

I have a pig-valve
and plastic fingers
so there's no reason why
not to make things linger

but I do prefer
to do it myself
because I know what I've done
to that wabbly shelf

and old things refreshed
are really cool
and i often find
they're hidden jewels

but I realize that repair
is only temporary
as my body is aging
and is rather fragmentary

but it's all a mental state
this old and new and in between
so I'll pump my gas
and dig the seen

and considering this "now" stuff
a meditative trip
I'll absorb the vibes
and continue my quips

DeaBeePea 10-16-17


that stubborn guilt
trying to leave
but I won't let it
a punishing aggrieve

I loved her so much
her face a light
a new horizon
emblazoning my sight

but a hidden instinct
crawling for me
finally snatched
that desire to flee

I wasn't sure where
this passage would go
so I started with
a skipping rock throw

looking back
still causes pain
but there's a celebration
like a cooling rain

undefinable happiness
a spiritual thanks
gradually meandering
through eroded banks

yes there is sorrow
and a chaptered desire
hoping I could rewrite
a sweeter quire

but I do not have reverse
and this earthly project
I practice in faith
with a loving affect

DeaBeePea 10-15-17

Crawling Into the Future

if I crawl
into the future
maybe I will miss
that superfluous kiss

quietly unnoticed
sneaky and oblivious
my face down low
a camouflaged crow

streamlined from resistance
in and out of holes
a damp excursion
of rodent-like submersion

with occasional climbs
to see the light
and reflect on those schools
of humanitarian rules

my palms are sore
my toenails broken
and my wrists are tired
my hope so mired

but there's still a beauty
in this magical tunnel
and desultory mountains
with skyward fountains

DeaBeePea 10-15-17


she kept it up
prodding and prodding
those personal questions
about my marauding

she was trying to fit
into my life
but all it was causing
was unending strife

it's like she was metric
and I was imperial
stripping my thread
and poisoning my cereal

sometimes she had entered
but her aim was twisted
no chance to tighten
unless wrench assisted

it could be seen as reverse
with me as the nut
and her as the poker
no ifs ands or buts

I didn't mind this
to some degree
but we needed lubrication
for us to feel free

so maybe I'll go silent
or start asking her
what's going on
with this inquisitional burr

I know I'm a nut
but I have some worth
so she can screw off
and get her own berth

DeaBeePea 10-13-17


is there a recipe without
it seems to me there isn't
unless it's leeks

sauted or roasted or
chopped for a burger
a taste I seek

Spanish or yellow and
Vidalias, ramps and reds
does it really matter?

Springs are versatile and even
are considered onions
in this tearful chatter

and the scallion is a family member
to garlic, chive and Chinese varieties
this bulbous clan

and that red beard
endearad in the orient
find it if you can!

soup and salad and roast
and moussaka
and that famous French soup
with sweet and red

my mouth is watering, no more
I'm going to the store

DeaBeePea 10-13-17

Cans or Bottles

cans or bottles
what a dilemma
but is it a life changing decision
that can cause derision?

it seems like it sometimes
but that shouldn't be
it's only a container
and doesn't demand a retainer

most are recyclable now
so that's not an issue
but each one has particular
qualities, but not orbicular

it is quicker to chill
beer in a can
which is very paramount
taking into account

that urging thirst
that sometimes occurs
on a hot humid day
when in active play

but bottles have glamour
and intriguing shapes
denoting class
when pouring into glass

sometimes I keep them
for a window sill dressing
with floral designs
or northern pines

when you drop a can
it usually punctures
and sprays and hisses
it's taunting kisses

and bottles go crash
there is no doubt
your beverage is lost
and your thirst is tossed

so all in all
it's pretty close
but with wine there's no doubt
bottles win with clout!

DeaBeePea 10-11-17

Determined Drummer

He was phenomenal
this little drummer
no one was faster
he was a real comer

little twigs
attached to wings
slamming the nectar dish
as his ladyfriend sings

A time for summer skies
For hummingbirds and butterflies
of chorus of joy
for an auditory prize

this humming fellow
made quite a racket
a jazzy swing
in his ruby jacket

the bugs and birds
came from miles around
and even unwelcome hawks
came to hear this sound

His racing heartbeat
and frenzied flap
made him the greatest percussionist
with those barking slaps

DeaBeePea 10-10-17

Happy thanksgiving to my wonderful friends...

Yes... I am Thankful

so happy
and thankful
for all good friends
that guarantee
a justified end

love and faith
and hope
as my world smiles
because of you
sharing my wiles

often forgiven
for all my slips
those careless blunders
that make me
of inner thunder

the laughter is real
despite the tears
we gather
celebrating our passions
in a restless lather

my heart is jumping
to embrace you all
remaining true
to your special selves
just being you

DeaBeePea 10-9-17

I was sleeping...

oh my God
I have missed so much
that immediate sensation
of that moments touch

that early morning twitter
and sunrise so pastel
my pant bottoms drenched
in the dew's grassy well

and an afternoon daze
from a very late night
not hearing the doorbell
or a call of delight

an invitation of friendship
spontaneous and sincere
disappears in my wake
and my sightless peer

but my dreams lifted me
to empowered hope
as my climbing courage
and prayers elope

I haven't missed much
in my restful calm
I am facing the world
under my sheltering palm

DeaBeePea 10-8-17


a dangerous concept
it gives up hope
we have no brakes
on this slippery slope

but with forever
we can improvise
and gather friends
where love is wise

no change is fear
an endless storm
so infinity leads
my faith to transform

it might be another universe
or just a dream
but either way
it's a silent scream

a heart-beat of peace
of my palms gentle trace
as my second life
reaches my face

DeaBeePea 10-7-17

Ship in a Bottle

I don't want to know
removing the romance
of mystical miracles
of no reasonable chance

the ocean that waves
its taunting peaks
the ebb and flow
that answers seek

tightly fitting
but it's not a prison
but a transparent hope
for future's envision

not looking at in or out
but a freedom of choice
small and large
an echoing voice

so as I sail
to an infinite belief
my dreams a mast
of emotion's sheaf

DeaBeePea 10-7-17


where dreams take place
at least the good kind!
a part of vacation
you hope to find

meadows and streams
and cows stopping traffic
so calm and simple
it almost seraphic

swerving roads and dead ends
and those general stores
that decadent milkshake
the friendly man pours

signless corners
to confirm you are lost
"use the map!"
you are bossed

and the old motel
with the tattered sign
"Cozy Cabins" it says
in logged design

then the way home
the sky does rumble
from this dream
you sadly tumble

a space-ship lands
in an open field
good morning!
it's time to yield

DeaBeePea 10-5-17

It's Late

beware of this phrase
you might be mistook
a glaring gaze
of an open book

it could be an insult
to imply some boredom
your date taken aback
discouraged from moredom

so be prepared
to stay up late
all-night if necessary
until breakfast plate

you might regret it
or on the other hand
it might be an experience
anything but bland

so never say "it's late"
just laugh and smile
and say you'd love
to frolic a while

after all
it's a sign of respect
so overlook
the fatigue effect

and if your mate
falls asleep midstream
just walk away
and let them dream

DeaBeePea 10-4-17


a mile a minute
seeking nectar
no sweetened limit

their bill a sword
beware you hawks
they're protective creatures
ne'er to balk

flapping and hovering
in courtship dives
X-ray vision
and over-drive

resting in torpor
and an ornithophilous diet
tiny twills and chirps
and a hum so quiet

the males are smaller
with a gorget so bright
shifting position
for an luminescent sight

in pectoral power
these tiny mights
are truly a miracle
of copterous flight

so set-out the sugar water
and watch the show
a kaleidoscopic vision
of frenzied glow

DeaBeePea 10-4-17

I'm All Alone Here

yes I'm alone
but that's okay
it's a wonderful way
to spend the day

sharing madness
with myself
and taking a book
off the shelf

laughing at my thoughts
a tangled web
thinking of myself
as a writing celeb

papers scattered
on the floor, disarry
but yes there's a method
to this crazy play

I'm merely a player
on this empty stage
but tomorrow I might
join the cast's acting page

celebrating our dreams
and hugging in peril
comforting those moments
of torments jail

but this fascinating oneness
that I am stuck with forever
is quite a ride
that I will never sever

but to come to think of it
I don't have a choice
so I will put up with me
and humbly rejoice

DeaBeePea 10-2-17

The Story Went Deeper

as the tale progressed
the character grew
multi-faceted and unpredictable
that so the plot I threw

away to the wolves
and into darkness
towards a placid eeriness
and haunting starkness

the leaves changed colour
and so did compexions
as people's eyes
flinched at their reflections

mistrust and greed
sheltered their good
and before them was hate
as the tall shadows stood

the guilt didn't help
it only caused fear
creating more violence
erasing the cheer

but water and sun
filled this quagmire
each day the depths
began filling with fire

burning this evil
and warming this hell
evaporating oneness
ringing, a collective bell

this abyss became a sea
beginning life anew
with waves of hope
and skies so blue

love has conquered
this mysterious yarn
and so it's the end
faith I have darned

DeaBeePea 10-1-17


how I love peeking
a glorious hobby
hanging around
hotel lobbies

and climbing ladders
for dormer looks
I know that's naughty
like reading 50 shade books

and google mapping
snooping for homes
where FB friends
live and roam

and the most famous one
was as a child
middle of the night
those presents piled

yes I'm a quidnunc
and I'll never stop
it's just may way
my finding we'll swap!

DeaBeePea 9-30-17


the shrine of lineage
faith in fathers
and ghosts of past
a spirits caste

godly humans
of tangible beings
a name and face
of holy grace

patriarchal religion
connection to Tian
of Heavenly command
a staircase planned

escalating respect
and perfect order
a bedrock of equality
worshiping community

in ironic order
he spells with vision
Confucius say;
in descendants we pray

DeaBeePea 9-29-17

Those pants do not go with that shirt...

I remember those days
so well
stoves and paisley
and that bottom
the bell

Fat Alberts
wide belts
cleats and beads
and those T-Kays
so svelte

but me oh my
the shirt
does not go with
those flareful pants
so curt

paisley and stripes
a stretch
but hey, I was cool
even though
it made some retch

and that watchband
of leather
and silver clips
a fashion statement
I was, the bellwether

DeaBeePea 10-19-17

Try This One On

I didn't like
his politics
or the policies
of the other "dicks"

I told him
he was immoral
and only out
for the sound of his oral

and that he was a pig
and an arrogant jerk
and didn't know
the meaning of work

so he looked
at me with hostility
angry at my questions
of his stability

and he said
"Try this one
on for size"
his fist then spun

"Pow" right
in the jaw
it was clear that
it was not a draw

but despite my bruises
I had won
keeping my dignity
despite being stunned

DeaBeePea 10-19-17


it seems most things
are less than ideal
and products
are built to fail

and even service
has lost it's smile
and bedside care
now makes me wail

and public sevants
who sometimes mean well
seem disfunctional
spinning their wheels

and sales promotion
is now proved bogus
as the newest foods
are not the deals

they claim to be
healthy for whom?
I often ask
in cynical doubt

and suspicious beings
make decisions
their hidden agenda
and dubious clout

but the inspired faces
of shining friends
with creativity and humour
clear the air

and all is warm
and accepting too
of clinging faith
and the ideas we bare

DeaBeePea 10-21-17


didn't fool me
not for a second
maybe I'm perceptive
at least experienced
I reckon

that synthetic hair
and shiny smile
teeth aglitter
claiming so righteous
not fooled by mile

taking in millions
for a cause no one knows
except for girls
and flashy hotels
it really blows

starting with camps
to heal the weak
now it's a farce
to steal from dumb
I never seek

this horrendous option
of empty assurance
a miraculous charade
of deceptive speech
I have no endurance

DeaBeePea 10-21-17

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