"Do we follow the blind?"

those that are blind
who learn from the past
developing a sniff
and an earful blast

can gain some wisdom
as opposed to those
who lose their vision
and senses they close

seeing should not be believing
unless we coalesce
all our magical gifts
to avoid a guess

so it is not specifically
sight, sound or feel
but our intrinsic being
and humanities wheel

that circles around us
demanding fair play
as the spokes point to good
and we mean what we say

DeaBeePea 1-18-17


all my words
have been used before
I am a copy cat
licking the floor

the milk has been spilled
from a plastic bowl
that slides from hunger
starving my soul

but I carry on
in 26-letter speak
twisting words
with my satirical beak

sometimes laughter
others times, consolation
rhyming emotion
with uncertain foundation

and punctuation
in various forms
embellishes the point
with purring reforms

so as I repeat
in regurgitating humour
the originality
is only a rumour

DeaBeePea 1-21-17


I am a substitute
for all those
who avoid in volunteering
and wearing colourful clothes

I am not terribly competent
but I'm alive in vitality
and am not afraid
to show crazy mentality

I fill in for some
who are shy and quiet
and are nervous about sharing
their unusual diet

and I take a stand
for the silent crowd
yelling and screaming
under my stormy cloud

and I get a few laughs
along this road
and I'm not getting tired
watching my load

so at least I'm sincere
in my silly dance
and my smile isn't fake
while I spin in my trance

DeaBeePea 1-24-17

Vintage Wine

and syrupy white
rich smooth red
I close my eyes

delicate font
and curlicues
biscuit label
and watercolour dyes

dust and oil
on emerald mirror
bister glass
or muselets cage

long and slender
obtuse and round
gardens and palms
background of sage

the cork removed
a breath of patience
before the pour
proper glass awaiting

playing the flute
the tulip arises
a coupe is slanted
for champagne spating

a brolio sits
awaiting my lips
as the perfume dances
my senses amiss

excited in glory
reconciling with tongue
the ecstasy culminates
the hostess I kiss

DeaBeePea 1-22-17

It's the Little Things
yes those chameleons especially the dwarf of Smith almost microscopic looking like a withe

camouflaging's variety hiding from bird or snake a kaleidoscope of colour a leaf litter home to make destruction of the forest making habitat expire looking for those bugs a diet that is dire they survive in dying jungles keeping the earth alive a small and gentle midget with magical powers to strive DeaBeePea 1-25-17

Collision Course

almost a useless term
in my life
a chaotic journey
I assume my germs

my inability to fit
and make sense of many
as I wake up confused
doing my feeble bit

many surprises
not of shocking extent
but enough to rile me
and throw off my surmises

but the trip is fun
I'd never turn back
from this collision course
that keeps me on the run

DeaBeePea 1-29-17

The Situation

the corner is tight
but there is no fright
as I smile and laugh
and stay so bright

compliment them all
perform a flattery call
and thank everyone
to avoid the fall

it sounds so hollow
but really it's to follow
the flow of solution
that we sometimes wallow

it's important to encourage
because we all get discouraged
and it gives our doubts
a chance to gather courage

so you'll never collapse
with back-patting taps
it keeps us together
and lets struggle elapse

DeaBeePea 1-28-17


take some watermint
and spearmint too
then you have peppermint
in a menthian zoo

despite all our uses
the important thing
is the nectar production
for which the bees sing

DeaBeePea 1-27-17

Laura Forever

"Rob" she cries
with pout in motion
creating that famous
Laura commotion

curiosity inflated
as she tries to hide
from her prying eyes
her own hilarious ride

surfing the room
in her pants capri
dancing like a deer
in imaginations debris

confiding in Millie
in neighbourly schemes
as the bystanders watch
in helpless dreams

she'll be with us forever
in celluloid silhouette
a fanciful image
that we'll never forget

DeaBeePea 1-26-17


how many times
do I have to tell you

am I beating my head
against the wall?

I think I'll shut up
and leave you alone

maybe you'll do better
without my bawl

DeaBeePea 2-8-17

Frequency in a unit of time the occurrences repeat in specified time of intervaled beat

spatial or angular? a temporal exhale this living cycle the period of flail oscillating and vibrating these phenomena we record in waves of secret our memories stored the radiance of light and a heartbeats song the metronome decides a hertz in throng revolutions per minute efficiencies guide passing on advice of our journeys ride DeaBeePea 2-8-17


most places
are preoccupied

even new homes
have bugs

who have moved in
along with basement slugs

so before you 
put down rugs

realize that you
are never first

and when you see a spider
refrain from a surprised outburst

DeaBeePea 2-7-17

Preoccupied being preoccupied a reality of existence

but in consideration I must look at consistence is this mental crowd something with a purpose or is just silly and going nowhere, thus some kind of direction is highly recommended something revolutionary which would indeed be splendid! DeaBeePea 2-7-17

Preoccupied saying excuse me a moment I am preoccupied

is like saying excuse me a moment I am respiring-ide DeaBeePea 2-7-17

Preoccupied I wonder how it feels not to be preoccupied

it's like wondering what it's like to be three-eyed or what it's like to be a cave-dweller on a hillside so I guess I will never know, so I'll have to take it in stride DeaBeePea 2-7-17

Preoccupied I am preoccupied with writing about preoccupation which has me in a state of chronic verbosity virtually, sanity's castration

so what shall I do in this whirlpool of mind that might as well be thracian I guess I'll just keep going until it stops this faucet of mentation DeaBeePea 2-7-17

Butterfly the vector space widens blatantly 'unred' in its cardinality the initial condition severe analyzing the seed value supposing marginality

a sensitive dependence on ignorance this deterministic non-linear force creating drastically a large difference in later state this disastrous new course that little grain of sand pulled from the beach of whole the tidal wave begins instability in charge a storm of dynamic change yes, look at this silly grin DeaBeePea 2-6-17

LAST yes, time enough at last seeking salvation in a rubbled world my freedom stolen by greed

each word profound but the pages restricted so I am forced to conquer my seed anti-intellectualism and a technological reliance has placed me here in this isolated place post-apocalyptic feet no place to walk defining my loneliness as solitude's face as my spectacles shatter there is only hope found in that piece of sand that I dare to extrude is this the end? or a new story of hope composing in my mind an extra-terrestrial prelude DeaBeePea 2-6-17

OF COURSE they called each other names and threw back and forth blames they never listened, to one another only screaming, to smother the other

special days, they didn't celebrate often ending by throwing plates and as far as intimacy was concerned all the advances were spurned not only that, they badmouthed to friends showing no respect, intending to offend so they were advised to get a divorce and it was a mutual indorse, of course DeaBeePea 2-4-17

I wouldn’t mind… Being a groundhog Not a bad wish A happy-go-lucky whistlepig Much better than a fish I would be the very best monax digging away my time a thickwood badger deluxe avoiding the predators crime lots of habitat to scurry as man has led the way clearing the forest recklessly more room for me to play

my frosted look so stylish a handsome dude indeed and kind in my provision accommodating in need my den is home to others like the redfox and the skunk helping the farmers defeat those of crop’s spelunk I would also get to rest A long winter’s nap I’d take So it’s quite the life I say A choice I’m glad to make DeaBeePea 2-2-17

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