incarnadine in shine

so dark and obscure

waiting to shrine

the hands dropping spoor 

the path inclines

to hazy moors

as the asomatous flower

reveals it's dewed empower

DBP 10-21-14

Spherical Dreams

a pi of pie

one-third of circumference

big piece

but only start

no indifference

three pieces total

plus the crumbs

that are point one four

will there be more

licking thumbs

another whole one

in the box

made of peach

delicious breach

of key of lime

opening doors

in baking toil

of sweetness galore

and pan in foil

to make another

cherry I think

I'm on the brink

DBP 10-25-14

The Wrist



a test

not right or wrong


handcuffs unlatched


joy is hatched


our own refrain

no embarrassment

or mirrored pain

set forth

universal home

wings attired

through the dome

love perplexing

beyond our wrap

kissing the sky

roofless map

truth in chains

linked in orbit

gravitation lifted

to milky pit


and captured

by beauty

so raptured

DBP 11-2-14 




and future 


undefined dimension

of space and time

releasing now

our minds take-off

orbiting planetary pendulums

happening and becoming


but glued

with paste of haste

undivided solid reality

no separation 

when given

undivided attention


single existence

ideas or dreams

a convincing illusion

of time's reality

only to watch

I am a spaceship

whirling and whizzing

no control

I miss time

it laughs at me


hours, minutes, days, years

all the same

spendinf time to think

but answers guffaw



with temporal mentality 

our direction in space

birth, death, all the same

zero o'clock

DBP 11-1-14


known as 

point of focus

wishful thinking 

or answers found

fuzzy above

cloudy below

so instinct tells me

clear and safe around

but the sun and wind

tell different parts

stories that meander

and dance through hearts

blowing and shining

and eyes can obscure

and ears can imagine

Hallowe'en mansions

rattling shutters

and slippery butters

tripping on path

so we camp, in wrath

but soon aware

the open door

invites adventure

on infinite floors

levels of sadness

and joyous quell

sky reaching trees

branches in freeze

our arms held high

perforating haze

horizon's collison

infinite maze

DBP 10-28-14

Side by Side

Interdimensional face

the doorway

framed astral world

far reaches of  interstellar space

Alternate and parallel

The Ritual of the Portal

transformational experience

ancient alchemists bell

Fusing with beings of light

spiritual evolution

caroming beyond

in float of fantastic rite

The ascension 

event tunneling

to electrostatic sensations

goose bumps in suspension

Quacking in silence

encircled quartz 

speeding specks of dust

black lightning alliance

The heavy shadows jeer

giant Gossamer clouds

seeing within

visible fear

DBP 10-30-14

Study in Muller

raining in

arabic gum

inert material

oceans opaque 

in historic Guazzo

thickening water

color of chalk

reflecting waves

altering in newness

drying on beach

to unknown hues

never matching

after sunset

En plein air

Turner and Lenser

and comic illustrations

frothy tips

fast and durable

unusual drops

on salty surface

cutting collage


of Nudes of Blue

lifting mattes


surrealist labels

Domínguez like glass


in black gouache

 portrait of Schwinge

shadowed on ringlets

pooled in Charity


kissing Audrey

galleried Hepburn

slanting blues

and envious greeens


mindless drenching

oblong magic

Amoebaic responses

a King's features, 

Flash and Dagwood

a "Cockamamie" frame

wacky percieved

wisdom drawn


tasting with viscosity

silican mold

Alexis behold 

DBP 10-31-14


the sun is blowing

a force, splitting

clouds like arrows

light in reflected lasar

horizon, hitting

sky opening in birth

jarring my heart


in quiet power

awakening me, in start

joining life's reverent glow

DBP 10-25-14

Dark Enchantress

an autumn goddess

Medea perched, unshackled

leaves of fleece

so gold in cackle

dismembered beasts

snakes and dragons

surrounded by fire in flare

...breaths of her lair

evil surrenders untrue

to infinite blue

but lives through trickery

of beauty and temptation

masked in ornith

more eyes to pierce

and seduce in stare

stripped in glare

a branch of violet

decorations so dainty

and brilliantly bronzed

a healing strength of disquiet

purpose betwixt

braids dancing so twisted

to a devil's song

erotic blindness transfixed

the vixen aspires

as we gape and quiver

this beauty escapes

our romantic potion, a sliver

the return of vigor

with herbs of rigor

a newborn inspiration

blood sucked with deception

horrendous filicide

in equinox arrival

the death of sun

black snow has begun

DBP 10-4-14

Pallet of White

Galleried bare

corner so silent

sparse art flare

two words displayed

First and last

signed at bottom

empty room

no foliage like autumn

Simple frames

with varied sketches 

cubes and dames

sports and splashes

Strips of brush

veneered floor grain

light and dark

vacant refrain

no wind or song

gasps or throng

tickets not sold

or afternoon gone

The paint enduring

strokes of pain

hearts so broken

an earless token

self-portraits stare

at a nothingness park

the benches none

and dreams afar

The haunts are stirring

ghost museum

passive swords

empty coliseum

10-3-14 DBP


The End

DBP 10-2-14


oblivious a choice
heedless of
not observing
of messages of love

that is so sad
a life mistook
for loneliness
so unnecessarily booked

passionate words
sometimes common
but heartfelt and sweet 
no theatre of graumann

giving and kind
can't be construed
as anything but
love and friendly food

when the river passes
have a swim
and when it rains
don't be dim

and when the train
whistles by
never ignore
the dreams that fly

time is a gift
to take the moment
open your bosom
and share in foment

10-2-14 DBP

Union...north and south...

two adjoined 
in trust and love

no formula concocted
but some help from above

Scarlet saw the fun withdrawn
no barbeque flirtation sung

and red dress dancing
in mourning so clung

to disapproval and shame
her anger fed

her petty whims
much more deeply read

her coy mood changes
a challenge for Rhett

but his patience waned
the line he set

but fun could be had
by both a party

but she was spoiled
her spirit so hearty

but she failed to see
that her courage stripped

the sharing in faith
and the fear she dipped

she, a future light
that could define, a 
man and wife

equal roles and
tamed emotional strife

for a new society
that beckoned for women

more respect
and satisfied yen

each step is taken
in love's amazing seed

honouring the soul
and it's magical weed

the romance blew
over the plantation and fields

to a fiddle dee dee melody
and it's strains unsealed


Initially hand in hand

loyalty and kindness communed

immersed in hazy sand

and slippery trees of dune

Grasp now a strand

as bewilderment is strewn

the shadows have asked

to uncover our mask

DBP 10-21-14


A face on the petal

an emotionless grin has bloomed

dark and still fettle

in sunless gloom

supreme in mettle

glancing in gentle spume

a flower of night

in sanguine plight

DBP 10-21-14















10-22-14 DBP


Infernal desire

Eternal desire

Internal desire

Diurnal desire

Infernal fire

Eternal fire

Internal fire

Diurnal fire

Supernal desire

Finital desire

External desire

Nocturnal desire

Checkerboard cat

gull black and blue

cumulus sky

portal to accrue

feline so black

Faceless fowl

cloudy vision

entrance to bowel

of uncertainty

and evil

dungeon retrieval

death's door...

DBP 10-22-14



no utopia

the wealthy son

Maria the sun

wealthy industry

money ministry

towered high 

above underground ply

machines for power

Frederson cowers

the pleasure garden

emotions harden

visit of children

viewing privilege den 

underworld explodes 

unconcerned modes 

Thin man dispatched

to dungeon so thatched

trading clothes

as smoke upward flows


made by wrench

Whore of Babylon

apocolypse forging Avalon

mediator salutes

intimidation disputes

murder of lust 

forgotten trust

children deserted

as flood inserted

demise of nation

and fire of Maria's station

hands now linked

as evil sinks

DBP 10-23-14

Prisoners of History

the empty halls

of terror past

not gone or forgotten

disgust so vast

removing enemies


dissecting people

of envious kind


a hideous song

the melody stops

the baton too long

overalls and badges

triangles of colour

a game to play

the blood becomes duller

final home of gas

the solution of hate

dehydration and cold

a tireless ending date

no need to study

it's with us in heart

as we cry huge tears

that tear us apart

but today we know

that inhumanity is snow

that falls on us

when our head turns slow

we walk down the halls

hand in hand in smile

hoping for peace

and love's black bile


Little Boy and the Automatic Brigantine Adventure

warm water and Tide

extra soap for effect

his little ship erect

with his fishies of gold

hurling and whirling

a Galleon dream

made so true

in washers gleam

agitated journey enfolds

the carp are diving

following the train

of waves contriving

to tell a story

of a Maytag Sailor

lonely in lost

endlessly tossed

the rope that ties

a thread of red

unyielding in spiral

never to be fed

docking seems hopeless

a tornado-like storm

only one solution

to quell this to norm

turn it off at the switch

for I am commander he calls

I have rounded the Cape

in victorious swell walls

his carp seem languid

and lifeless in hand

wonder who killed them

he thought sadness amid

the vessel is battered

and needs repair

the lid can be closed

tell of this, he dare?

10-8-14 DBP

Wacky Dictionary of Indulgent Paradigms


cacophonous violin playing (needs buffering)


with enduring attention (so wearing)


It may not merit your notice (credibility)


but my voice may ring true (profound deliverance)

Georgette Heyer

social equals lavishly sprinkling respect (beware, buyer)


due allowance for my shortcomings (presumption)


engage with me if interest ensues (depends on nonce)


excessive in politeness to cater (verbal potential)


of the severe penances, awaiting martyrdom (may require fission)


requires eager anticipation of repast (a monger)


my favourite parameter, no need to explain (a loving thrust)


dramatizing something superfluous (truth dissapation)


gives the procedure a melodramatic lustre (linguistic legging)


might insinuate the asking for assistance (losing friend not funny)


expecting gleeful acceptance (may I degress?)


according to mood and level of sanity (misbehaving)

DBP 10-8-14

The Slug in the Snail

the war proceeded

a travesty of Pulmonatic history

superior motive fills

the leaders of biomass and gills

the marine navy

challenging the land army

so slow in force

but seeing no recourse

diversified in apparatus

some gaining more status

the larger in biomass

having global aspiration

the ground force however

had sharp radula you see

which made them scrappy

when fighting snails of sea

it was quite a battle

high casualties were known

and injuries to shell

cracked to the bone

to finalize the fight

the ocean team got guns

new technology had entered 

the world of molluscans

General Escar was hit

shot in the anus

a terrible place

actually quite heianous

the slug was removed

before critical sickness ensued

saved by a doctor

using garlic serum approved

he led them to victory

though nothing changed

occasional fracas

led them to posse comitatus


What is going on…

The sadder I get
The more I smile
The happier I am
The more I cry

My life is a dream
Juxtaposed in scream
And strangely mellow
Never to die

A path of weeds
That never exceeds
Its pompous route
To horizon’s sky

It wallows in doubt
A lazy drought
And springs to action
In a spirited jolt

Two steps forward
And one step backward
Losing direction
Like a shredded bolt

Right or left
Does it really matter?
Life is a circle
Never resolving the clatter

But strangely now
There is a calm
An acceptance of me
As I open my palm

The fear is gone
Accepting my fate
Not knowing of time
Or location of Gate

Submerged in inspiration
Drowning in awe
The music plays
In productive delays

So in undefined joy
I sing my recent song
And celebrate being
Without really seeing…

DeaBeePea 5-31-16

Old Age

Not sure what it is

Other than the fact

That I’ve been alive

A wee bit longer

Than I was yesterday

Not sure why I’m alive

Other than the fact

That I’m lucky

A wee bit more

Than I was yesterday 

Not sure what’s coming up next

Other than the fact

That I might not be alive

or feeling good

Like I was yesterday 

Not sure if I’ll remember things

Other than the fact

That someone will remember me

Which might be good, or bad

Depending on yesterday


Not sure about our world

Other than the fact

That if doesn’t shape up

I’ll be shipped out

Away from yesterday

Not sure about anything

Other than the fact

That my smile is genuine

And easier to hold

Even better than yesterday

DeaBeePea 5-31-16


I feel the same (almost)
I look the same (almost)
I can do the same (almost)
People feel the same about me (almost)
My sex life is as good as it always was (denial)

DeaBeePea 5-31-16

LUKE WARM sometimes anxious looking for approval shouldn't worry so much it's no upheaval life is an adventure you never know what reaction you'll get when you put on a show some people laugh some shake their head and many miss the point their response is dead others are confused and gently clap looking for the message show me the map
luke-warm approval is often the case I suggest, "Take what you can get" from the fickle human race DeaBeePea 6-1-16

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