Do you have a better idea?

It all comes to listen

and look at eyes that glisten

sincerity's heart

that touches a part

of me that counts

because I surmount

priorities wish

avoiding evil's squish

a smile so serene

thoughts so preen

I humbly realize

in my now modest guise

that they might be right

as I focus my sight

DeaBeePea 3-5-15

That's what we've always believed at any rate...

so often asked

who do you believe

well that's hard to answer

as opinions I weave

the media is contorted

as interests control

what is best said

under circumstances poll

my own ideas

from where do they start?

they seem to evolve

in an attempt at smart

but what makes me right

and others so wrong

a mystery to breath

each day of my life

but I can trust my friends

to encourage with rife

DeaBeePea 3-5-15

...but mankind won't be destroyed

high hopes

how high?


right now



lessons not



old habits

die hard

for some


money interests




future ends

when fossils

fuel rage




in time?

not sure

will poor and rich

find rhyme?

DeaBeePea 3-5-15

If you're looking for anyone other than me... forget it

alone in world

a twilight zone tale

in a land of letters

and books never stale

broken glasses lie

on pile in gaze

refracted and reflected

confused in haze

ideas churn

and thoughts invade

passion and fear

inspire new raid

of aggression and hope

no reason to die

start a new world

with cheerful reply

science and faith

adjoined in my heart

awakening my love

in the universal dart

DeaBeePea 3-5-15

Let's Talk About This

I seem to concur

of talking's lure

as if it's important

in it's wasted verbs

I wanted to chat

and resolve just that

but somehow it stalls

in activities blurb

when I get home

I think of dome

that covers head

and protects my id

but things keep going

in a natural flowing

so I guess I'll accept

small talk for quid

DeaBeePea 3-5-15

Why do the infected people only come out at night?...

many infections

in many directions

of mind and body

known and oddie

madness and disease

that sometimes seize

epidemic or plague

or craziness invades

out at night

in terrorizing blight

biting necks

and pale sex

so who I meet

when I'm out to greet

could be a ghoul

or friend in drool

the moon creates

interesting dates

so I'll go out

in a mask and flout

DeaBeePea 3-5-15

Cavitational Bridge

Shape and structure

nostrils and points

sinus and mucus

blowing the joint

Intelligence and firmness

upper lip of pride

respirational confidence

a Roman slide

The aquiline knows

a prominent bridge

suspended in status

middle eastern ridge

Oxygen intake

carbon dioxide release

and a direction perception

of canine perspiration

Mouth only for some

smell a priority

foraging for knowledge

in an air of authority

a nose for value

a shopper’s delight

supporting my glasses

as I read in my classes

not very attractive

sometimes called snout

I’m not really sure

What the laughter's about...

DeaBeePea 2-22-15

Unroofed Streams

the dream pavilion

strand board so smooth

oriented and untreated

flexing in the sun

it's veins on the run

infinite lines

timbered in waiting

for children to stream

in flocks of vision

tricking as they envision

a world that is better

transparent in their awkwardness

strong in question

metaphorically drawn

to utopia so sawn

the adults an audience

so studiously bystanding

at structure and imagination

and laughter innate

of the playing, so insulate

shifting geometries

and spatial forms

positioning the mind

in activity and creation

forming startling aspiration

habitating dreams

and accepting reality

an architectural balance

and human emotion

of faith and devotion

DeaBeePea 3-3-15

What to do when you are lying in bed...sleepless

The Book



trying different

pillow positions


about the next few hours

and what they will

entail... decision

will it be more

of the same


and plotted but non-existent dreams?

or is it

all the things to do

when you decide

to give up and rise to an unknown theme

I found out

that there are times

like today

when the plotted becomes a book

a mystery series

about a man named Dizzy

a jazz club owner

and private eye not took

fast talk and friction

lots of off-colour diction

a sort of Hammettian approach

that teases and lingers

so once my current prose

is done and on the shelf

these pages will start

to enfold from the edge of my fingers

DeaBeePea 3-3-15

Point of Focus

A director is always

aware of this

it's what the audience

looks at first

It isn't always

in the centre

but there's usually action

or a visual burst

and when in the morning

I look outside

what's the first thing I see

as the sun reflects

so many visions

spectacular view

birds and tress

and the horizons deflect

the point of focus

mmm... I must think

what is it I see

that captures my thoughts

then suddenly

I realize, so acutely aware

that it's what I don't see

to which my mind is caught

It's for what I'm searching

a message of hope

a smiling image

that cheers the day

a positive impulse

jarring my eyes

inspiring my purpose

before I join the fray...

DeaBeePea 3-3-15

A Newspaper Column...

maybe I should start

a newspaper column

discussing problems

that sometimes are solemn

other times tantalizing

sometimes surmising

a romance...

now that is quite a circumstance!

"I'm having a bubble bath"

she says quite calmly

so I think "Ummm..."

my mind like a sweaty palm

so I comment on her rubber ducky

trying to be plucky

and avoid issues

that might get mucky

"I don't get enough"

she tells me quite frankly

I have no solution

I speak in dilution

my mind channels

to various panels

thinking of options

to change subject of adoption

cooking special entrees

that use special spices

that make her more ruttish

the ingredients smuttish

I like that she writes

than she tells me it's erotic

and sends me a sample

that is quite a topic

"very nice," I remark

it's graphic and dark

"It expresses my needs"

she talks and exceeds

my expectations for bluntness

and literary proceeds

I suggest social avenues

and ways to meet friends

without implying certain things

where her story, not mine, begins

it's fun and adventurous

and eye-opening for sure

but I must ask

is it too much to endure?...

DeaBeePea 3-1-15


the importance of exercise

ailing to exorcise

it's all about mind

and activity kind

relax and sweat

a winning bet

through happiness and fruit

in yourself as a conduit

refreshing and bold

your breath not sold

you build it with belief

that your body is sheaf

many tied miracles

that in movement are lyrical

so just let breeze

blow your hair through the trees

your lungs in transpire

sweet dreams to aspire

DeaBeePea 3-1-15

Down the Rabbit Hole...

Do I go with the flow

or burrow and grow

in adventurous plight

and incisored delight

Where do I arise

in aghast surprise

In the dark facing

my prey disgracing

or in the sun

a meadow of fun

shaking off my dirt

feeling quite pert

a meal to consider

so off I go for onions and libber...

DeaBeePea 3-12-15


negative connotation

bad vibration

repetitive force

silly and course

assuming we are stupid

insulting and putrid

if I want you I'll call you

don't bother to stew

just do your job

and avoid the fob

be a community example

and make available your sample

announce your presence

make yourself omnipresent

be innovative

and kindly liberative

endorse the consumer

as intelligent with humor

yes you're commercial

but please, not superficial

DeaBeePea 3-1-15

Undiscovered Country

What is discovery?

we call it discovered

other places uncovered

so we journey with plan

certain goals to scan

capital potential

building surface of rock

water to drink

resources to link

but as we realize

our really true prize

we turn our heads

in shocked surprise

our home is actually

a stranger to us

as we create new priorities

for ecology's schuss

so when we venture

for a country unindentured

the future is bright

avoiding evil's delight

DeaBeePea 3-1-15

Holding Hands

the clock is struck

short dongs of two

letting me know

of night's eleven-thirties boo

I was concerned for tomorrow

a half-hour away

and what would become

of my issues at play

so I thought for a sec

and had a plan

that I could stop it for good

avoiding times span

if I held the hands

of the clock in still

there would be no next day

and I could suspend in thrill

of this magic moment

floating in space

will the world stop

in it's spinning disgrace?

no concern to me

my job is done

I am living in "forever"

and having perpetual fun

DeaBeePea 6-24-16


The soft brown snowflakes
In the tiniest balls
Landed on the Lap girl
So legend befalls

Later that night
She fell asleep
But the spots remained
Warming in keep

Her hair turned red
And her skin somewhat pale
Making her robust
And much less frail

She was stubborn to remain
In new alleles style
Despite the change
That caused quite a rile

So now she was the fire
A queen of the north
A radiant stipple
Princess Ginger henceforth

DeaBeePea 6-23-16


Nomadic in nature
Of early Indian days
Often called Gypsies
Sometimes derisive in plays

Expelled and executed
In the tragic past
As well as “crown slaves”
Their culture harrassed

Ethnic cleansing performed
and children abducted
the continuing travesty
and hatefulness conducted

but these thwarted folks
are a spirited lot
playing their bolero
jazz and flamenco in plot

celebrating freedom
of worship and speech
adopting religions
unwilling to impeach

but there are Hindu traditions
dictating roles
of women and children
protecting their souls

repatriation persists
and act of intolerance
fairness, a lie
in evil so operant

the dance and colour
and jeweled procession
roams through their days
like the sun is their own

headdresses of coins
extravagance to contest
the most desirable bride
of the kumpanias test

shyly expressing
their historical roots
taking baby steps forward
in the ride back from bruit

DeaBeePea 6-23-16


the words that rhyme
with a momentary crisis

end up being
rather severe I'm seeing

one noted crisis
is the existence of Isis

an organization
with a seizing predation

but there is a goddess
of a thronal bodice

the patroness of fertility
and magical agility

the other considerable crisis
is destructive lysis

a blood cell killer
and medical pillar

but on the good side
it has a healing abide

recuperative powers
returning the flowers

so I'm not in panic
or a seizure of manic

no crisis here
but I know one is near

DeaBeePea 6-25-16

The Yarn Yarn Mystery

a ball of yarn
found near the stillness
slouched in the chair
where she did her darn

the storybook revealed
at the final page
at the mystery of the fleece
an envelope sealed

addressed to the scribe
Miss Wanda Woolery
to question her plot
in a rather sharp gibe

the marrled tale
confusing and unreal
had been altered and toyed
the theme now pale

what happened to my prose
she thought in dismay
all my work has been changed
no ombre effect imposed

the ring of death
around her neck
suggested another story
twisting her breath

crocheting the evidence
the detective considered
the knowledge of ghost-writer
creating de-eminence

he soon found out
that the victim was she
who authored the book
leaving no doubt

that Miss Winifred Weave
was exposing the fraud
and was ready to confront
the misconceive

DeaBeePea 6-26-26

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