A face on the petal

an emotionless grin has bloomed

dark and still fettle

in sunless gloom

supreme in mettle

glancing in gentle spume

a flower of night

in sanguine plight

DBP 10-21-14















10-22-14 DBP


Infernal desire

Eternal desire

Internal desire

Diurnal desire

Infernal fire

Eternal fire

Internal fire

Diurnal fire

Supernal desire

Finital desire

External desire

Nocturnal desire

Checkerboard cat

gull black and blue

cumulus sky

portal to accrue

feline so black

Faceless fowl

cloudy vision

entrance to bowel

of uncertainty

and evil

dungeon retrieval

death's door...

DBP 10-22-14



no utopia

the wealthy son

Maria the sun

wealthy industry

money ministry

towered high 

above underground ply

machines for power

Frederson cowers

the pleasure garden

emotions harden

visit of children

viewing privilege den 

underworld explodes 

unconcerned modes 

Thin man dispatched

to dungeon so thatched

trading clothes

as smoke upward flows


made by wrench

Whore of Babylon

apocolypse forging Avalon

mediator salutes

intimidation disputes

murder of lust 

forgotten trust

children deserted

as flood inserted

demise of nation

and fire of Maria's station

hands now linked

as evil sinks

DBP 10-23-14

Prisoners of History

the empty halls

of terror past

not gone or forgotten

disgust so vast

removing enemies


dissecting people

of envious kind


a hideous song

the melody stops

the baton too long

overalls and badges

triangles of colour

a game to play

the blood becomes duller

final home of gas

the solution of hate

dehydration and cold

a tireless ending date

no need to study

it's with us in heart

as we cry huge tears

that tear us apart

but today we know

that inhumanity is snow

that falls on us

when our head turns slow

we walk down the halls

hand in hand in smile

hoping for peace

and love's black bile


Little Boy and the Automatic Brigantine Adventure

warm water and Tide

extra soap for effect

his little ship erect

with his fishies of gold

hurling and whirling

a Galleon dream

made so true

in washers gleam

agitated journey enfolds

the carp are diving

following the train

of waves contriving

to tell a story

of a Mayag Sailor

lonely in lost

endlessly tossed

the rope that ties

a thread of red

unyielding in spiral

never to be fed

docking seems hopeless

a tornado-like storm

only one solution

to quell this to norm

turn it off at the switch

for I am commander he calls

I have rounded the Cape

in victorious swell walls

his carp seem languid

and lifeless in hand

wonder who killed them

he thought sadness amid

the vessel is battered

and needs repair

the lid can be closed

tell of this, he dare?

10-8-14 DBP

Wacky Dictionary of Indulgent Paradigms


cacophonous violin playing (needs buffering)


with enduring attention (so wearing)


It may not merit your notice (credibility)


but my voice may ring true (profound deliverance)

Georgette Heyer

social equals lavishly sprinkling respect (beware, buyer)


due allowance for my shortcomings (presumption)


engage with me if interest ensues (depends on nonce)


excessive in politeness to cater (verbal potential)


of the severe penances, awaiting martyrdom (may require fission)


requires eager anticipation of repast (a monger)


my favourite parameter, no need to explain (a loving thrust)


dramatizing something superfluous (truth dissapation)


gives the procedure a melodramatic lustre (linguistic legging)


might insinuate the asking for assistance (losing friend not funny)


expecting gleeful acceptance (may I degress?)


according to mood and level of sanity (misbehaving)

DBP 10-8-14

The Slug in the Snail

the war proceeded

a travesty of Pulmonatic history

superior motive fills

the leaders of biomass and gills

the marine navy

challenging the land army

so slow in force

but seeing no recourse

diversified in apparatus

some gaining more status

the larger in biomass

having global aspiration

the ground force however

had sharp radula you see

which made them scrappy

when fighting snails of sea

it was quite a battle

high casualties were known

and injuries to shell

cracked to the bone

to finalize the fight

the ocean team got guns

new technology had entered 

the world of molluscans

General Escar was hit

shot in the anus

a terrible place

actually quite heianous

the slug was removed

before critical sickness ensued

saved by a doctor

using garlic serum approved

he led them to victory

though nothing changed

occasional fracas

led them to posse comitatus


Bend Your Brain 2

The last poem was short

so I'm writing another

it was going to be longer

but I can't think of anything...oh brother!

DeaBeePea 3-14-15

Bend Your Brain 3

I like to test

my little brain

twisting and crunching

numbers with pain

Sudoko and puzzles

quizzes and trivia

the results I wish

I could be so oblivia

but I get frustrated

and hate to admit

I'm not a genius

and want to just quit

But reading is nice

and relaxing too

and I learn quite a bit

without exhaustion and fit

It is good to think

in a creative way

it identifies your id

and puts ideas at play

DeaBeePea 3-14-15

I Am So Out of Itness

The skill

is to develop your talent

making use

of "I am so out of itness"

It's a common flaw

but isn't bad

it helps you avoid

issues of fitness

The challenge sheet

is Becky's creation

so not to worry

it's limited in station

But if you can't get to it

then your challenge doubles

and is only the beginning

of all your troubles

a coffee or a drink

can help a bit

but sometimes it better

to stay in fog and sit

but my advice is only suggestion

take it a day at a time

and wait for HAHAHA

it doesn't have to rhyme...

DeaBeePea 3-14-15








A story

On canvas

or tapestry


Or told

By liars


On fate

Single message


Or stained

bad intent


With hate


In books

Or places

We gather

There are

No answers

To creation

And spite


so slathered

DeaBeePea 3-13-15

Very Pretty...

the longest list

that could exist

trees so green

horizons seen

flowers so vivid

subduing the livid

scattered rays that spray

their light onto prey

delightful in effect

pastoral and specked

rippled water that sparkles

in tones of archil

and dainty girls

with bouncing curls

along a boardwalk

of chattery talk

a honeymoon chalet

away from the fray

so much is pretty

like a little kitty

DeaBeePea 3-14-15

Getting There 2

as we all know

men are inadequate

when it comes to,

directional advice

it hurts their pride

to appear so dumb

when it's really logical

to have a questioning device

but ego seems prevalent

in a man's manner

so the lady must do it

her head shaking in motion

the road map is accurate

although he often refutes it

"I know the way" he says

ignorance... his faithful devotion

DeaBeePea 3-14-15

Swing Into Sunshine

Hulitoon by Rebecca Hulit

Bride of Frankenstein Hair

Splashing a glare

corkscrews of gold

Rotini of flare

Big smile so blithe

big eyes beware

the pupils dilate

and the lashes dance lithe

Spinning stars, forming crown

Over a jungle of fibre

aureate wings

halo for a halcyon gown

Gilded tresses

the sun sweetly caresses

the Solar Queen

aubadious God that blesses

DeaBeePea 3-14-15

Climate Change

climate was stubborn to change
and in a way
it still is

for years it was happy
with its wardrobe
without frizz

but man was greedy
with its game
a stupid quiz

so weather reluctantly
has fashioned anew
as if show-biz

and our so called leaders
are being cautious
in accord

assembling a co-operative plan
which is only words
a listless sword

the time is urgently now
so I ask
in my bitter chord

are we going to accept extinction?
or act in intelligent haste
our final reward

DeaBeePea 8-27-16

Designing Your Own

my beautiful world
tracks to every town
as we sing choo-choo
in our fully green gowns

no refuse to speak of
except that is clean
metamorphized to energy
making us gleen

human rights as law
a part of every heart
a community so humble
no one torn apart

planning is infinite
not in four- year bubbles
avoiding the mish-mash
and people-timed troubles

Our arms are buried
destruction is stripped
losing inclination for power
the violent are gripped

thinking of our brethren
joining in our poverty
sharing beyond borders
for nutritional liberty

Education that is pertinent
improving quality of life
giving us caring skills
and belief in loves rife

a place of integrity
ruled by our conscience
bartering with hugs
and kisses ebullience

DeaBeePea 8-28-16

Stage 1

the early struggle
asking why
feeling victimized
happiness goodbye

finding depression
a sympathy tool
some come to help
others think you a fool

so you yearn for someone
as sad as you
and pat yourself
not alone in this stew

envious of others
who appear in good shape
saying "Why not me"
in your darkened cape

you join the club
of those lost in despair
and the best of friends
you don't seem to care

your life unravels
anger ensues
and your complexing problems
are far more than the blues

but when stage two comes
you see the light
looking in the mirror
hating that facial blight

you give yourself a kick
and face the facts
that only you can dig out
of these perilous tracts

so you carry a smile
what a different it makes
the rehearsal is over
no more takes

DeaBeePea 8-29-16


this is all fine and dandy
certainly a commercial success
but all this virtual stuff
is kind of a silly mess

people seem so impressed
by living an almost world
but why don't they just live it
and see reality unfurled

many people are known to say
yes I was there, although
I don't exactly remember
but I have a lot of pictures to show

it's the psychology of experience
that's been torn askew
we must get back to the basics
a system that we all once knew

except for today's youngsters
who have a new way
to observe and understand
there future, I do indeed pray

DeaBeePea 8-30-16

What I Think About

Accused of being preoccupied
with sex
like it's some kind of
a hex
but people tend to
the argument holds
no weight
I'm just an old
loving women from pacific,
to atlantic
dreaming of old movie
like dancing in the dark
in haze
as lilting jazz denotes our
for a sweet and gentle
as the day, turns into
my loving heart takes
I will continue to
those beautiful images of
feminine fortune

DeaBeePea 8-31-16

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