Deep Breath...What Now?

deep breathes

not often taken

usually more of a pant

in anticipation not forsaken

considered meditation

in its quiet application

slowing down the body

as it rest in active ration

but handy they are for hiking

with feet of endless mind

journeying with imagination

on a trail of twisting wind

I don't hold the air too long

in dizziness i might spin

I have more to do today

in tomorrow's impending din

DeaBeePea 1-4-15



Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow; The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.

the bells of Christmas

have lingered to say

happy New Year

in there knell of pray

the evil spirits

are kept away

as the jingle and jangle

begin to stray

the midnight toll

is doom to some

in fear of more

ominous strum

but I don't see it

as a predictive gong

it's up to me

to induce the throng

hugs and hope

to spread so wide

a modest offering

in quiet guide

DeaBeePea 1-3-16


a contraction seems silly

an apostrophe for an i

what's the difference really

except a brief lazy nigh

using 'won' for 'will'

in our mental 'nots'

not abbreviations

or acronymous thoughts

the portmanteau

is a bolder stretch

creative and adjoining

in a smoggy fetch

'IT IS' my opinion

as a proper writer

that I will approach snobbery

and speak as moral fighter

DeaBeePea 1-3-16


This is a forgotten art

as I ponder

my life as a dart

most things in haste

going from one thing

to another without baste

hurriedly cutting wings

and chomping drumsticks

like threatening things

would be an important step

a resolution of slowly

in life's ongoing, daily shlep

DeaBeePea 1-3-16

The New Year's Option...

I admit

I am a "hanger"

New Year's is just an excuse

to make some clangor

I could just as easily celebrate

on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th

avoiding all the pitfalls

of a Happy new Year myth

I don't mean to sound cynical

there is a lot to be thankful for

it's just that the years run together

as I get older and tend to snore...

DeaBeePea 12-31-15


the big question is

when warning is received

is this a situation

where you are to be deceived?

is this caution forwarded fro

for your protection?

or just a safeguard

against the sources own rejection?

when you are prompted

maybe it's best to ignore

for your own self interest

might be best to explore

you might be threatening

a powerful throne

but to heck with their agenda

if your experience is thrown

so don't be afraid

the danger is theirs

you're the innovative compulsion

that only hate and fear dares

DeaBeePea 12-30-15


can be made to sound glamorous

as Sangdana or pipik'lach

in all gourmets delight

and giving it class

skewered or roasted

or a soup base deluxe

international in versatility

and high in protein the crux

but when you're informed

you begin to wonder

if eating this stuff

is all a big blunder

DeaBeePea 12-29-15


isolated is good

at least to degree

posturing your thoughts

while sipping on tea

identifying yourself

and comfortable in skin

reading and writing

and enjoying private spin

solitary in peace

celebrating goodwill

smiling at spaces

that leave my mind still

but never be insular

I don't think that's good

there's so much out there

in the cultural 'should'

DeaBeePea 12-29-15


I like the way the English talk

with dignity and subtlety

the serious they mock

they speak of naughty bits

and other things

finding snobbery the pits

the utter futility of bollocks

speaking with use of cadswollop

exercising verbal frolics

the full monty of vernacular

is British fun and games

and really quite spectacular

having nookie with the bird

nudge, nudge, quite a mover...

his manly nature stirred

laughter and innuendo in driblets

the rumpy pumpy ensues

Oh My Giblets!

DeaBeePea 12-27-15

The Day After

I love the peace

alone in my room

recollection of voices

like the wisk of a broom

but some of them linger

provoking my thoughts

as if there was meaning

hidden in jots

but that is silly

it was a day of festivity

not meant to be studied

by imaginations nativity

it is a second thanksgiving

for friends and plethora

rejoicing in friendship

and the seasons aura

the repast and wine

and music divine

and humble gifts

my presence benign

DeaBeePea 12-26-15

A day of peace to all my Misfit friends. 


will visit friends at four o'clock

then back for dinner very soon after

martini's first

then roast beef, wine and laughter

then gifts to open

some wrapped some bagged

but the activities don't matter

it's being together and smiles we've tagged

and sharing our happiness

and wishing the same

for all those unfortunate

not playing this game...

DeaBeePea 12-25-15

The Day Before

when you think about it

as the day before

the word of the day, becomes


Preparation for what I ask

as the list grows long

and my body grows weak


but after lessons learned

this, I will not permit

as I stop to ponder eve


who are you trying to please

in this frantic scramble

have you forgotten yourself?


be not a hindrance to yourself, or others

pass the day in spontaneous glee

and be a purveyor of peace


and celebrate Christmas as a state of mind

making the world the kind of place today

that it should be every day of the year


DeaBeePea 12-24-15


Please save the trees

and all the bees

I will get down on my knees

in the beautiful breeze

and pray for keys

to natures appease

and as my hope wishes and sees

that carelessness does freeze

I try to come to ease

at the beautiful ecological squeeze

the moment, mine to seize

the miracles I do tweeze

in guilt I pay my fees

as I sometimes partake in wheeze

but in the holiday seasons chemise

dressing my spirit in tease

of snow and flakes reprise

in my festive teetering trapeze

DeaBeePea 12-23-15

If I was a sea horse...

I would ride the range of waves

letting gunfire be my guide

going the other way

to a place called "Salty Dog"

the wind blowing my mane

tailing me with its gust

prehensility my thrust

unsaddled ne'er to bog

as my hippocampus smarts

my coronet so proud

galloping toward my drink

of frothy myriad shrimp

the cowboys I reject

naked in the dust

from cattle town to cattletown

rain and sun to keep me primp

the tide ebbs as it flows

monumental rivers are its break

looking to horizons

where my oasis offers fete

I hear the train in distance

as as I round the ridge

I see its bright red dorsal

and smoke my lungs do whet

arriving in Dodge City

a sea-horse town of legend

the tavern is alive

with the sound of snipefish searing

I will stay this raucous night

and rest my weary rings

back to the ocean tomorrow

for a western reef of clearing

DeaBeePea 12-22-15

Happy Yule 2

the giving of time

so valuable to all

realizing the value

of friendships call

hugs and kisses

and wishes well

inviting us in

at the ring of a bell

sit at the table

a toast of wishes

laughter and thoughts

evacuating our dishes

chatter never idle

in the passing of time

all in respect

no social climb

offering peace

tranquility's resolve

helpful suggestions

problems absolve

like a blankets solace

we all embrace

in thank yous sincere

and hopeful grace

DeaBeePea 12-21-15

Happy Yule...

Happy yule

as my senses re-tool

miraculous flavours

as my buds start to drool

wine in a pool

I'm really cool

and morning will come

in it's attempt to be cruel

DeaBeePea 12-21-15


they certainly vary
these often planned things
taking time "off"
to hear the rings

church bells or hay rides
long drives or shows
relaxation or panic
you become in the throes

some work well
others NOT
you learn from these errors
that can leave you wrought

but so far, this one
is doing rather good
peaceful and quiet (mostly)
and I'm doing as I should (mostly)

DeaBeePea 12-24-16

High Hopes

A sleighride through dreams

Bells of dark silence

Each one, light and merry

these tales of Christmas past

Santa overseeing, from the roof

His magic

becomes a sparkling truth

as he enters, the bricklaid mast

We lose our sense

of time and space

is Santa here?

in this white illusion 

The mornings becomes bright

as holly surrounds our wish

the snow of roofs gathering

Rejoicing the intrusion

DeaBeePea 12-5-16

Snow Day

Christmas eve

Preoccupied by green

As we gathered to celebrate

Yuletides magical weave

And as we walked

The few short steps

The heavens began

Their pure white talk

And when we arrived

There was a general nod

That this was a yuletide

That soon would be awed

Our families were bright

And fanciful in play

And our homes were peaceful

In their innocent lay

There were signs in the windows

“Welcome Logan” was announced

They were embracing our daughter

In a joyous enounce

Six adults

All joining hands

With eight little ones

In this festivity, so grand

In this out of-world-place

Where we joined for a moment

To share the mystery

Of this special bestowment

And… as we looked out

the flakes were so round

and gentle as they fell

to the beds they found

it seemed an omen

that things would be soft

and happiness would command

it’s mirror aloft

twenty-eight days

this fleece was piled

as our wonderland grew

with its humble smile

this place of hope

is a time remembered

carried in faith

until that rainy September

DeaBeePea 12-23-16


I looked in the mirror
and saw no change
not a bad hair day
in my normal range

a bit of a smile
a questioning glance
it's not April Fool's Day
I don't want to take a chance

I went to Church
I don't expect a reward
but maybe I scored a point
for doing nothing untoward

my mind has slipped
a few times today
unpure thoughts
taunting me like prey

but the future looks good
as I ponder and write
about life in general
and its amusing plights

so give me a call
or a facebook message
I'm often here
awaiting my presage

DeaBeePea 1-1-17


So far
I haven't typed
January 1, 2016

it's easy to do
and hard to think
a year has passed

and we're creatures of habit
so used to "6"
and not that funny "7"

but I think I'll like it
after a while
that number of "lean"

I like the number
it's easy to do
and can be done so fast

and next year is eight
which can be a bugger
an unwelcome leaven

DeaBeePea 1-1-17

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