A Mess

My drawer for DooDads

is full of fads

elastics and clothespins

and little plastic bins

spools and twist ties

and crumbs from pies

batteries and freezer bags

and old party gags

different kinds of pins

and bent little tins

that missing lid

found it...glad I did

electrical tape

and envelope of Kool Aid...grape

and some things that work

DooDads that lurk

in shadows of kitchen

just look for it...and stop that bitchin'

DeaPea 11-17-14

A Skunk Named Wildflower

Hulitoon by Rebecca Hulit

a coloured bed

a plate to dine

lizards and salamanders

frogs and snakes

rodents, and roots

the supper makes

scavenging a track

a hive attack

solitary in burrow

trail to furrow

bits of kits

with zorillo as pillow

anus glands have sense

for self defense

One with no fear

great horned owl

can bring a tear

white striation

vibrating in spray

tails arise

saluting the day

DAVPAT 11-18-14

Tail Spin

Powder Puff Derby

cross country sprint

zooms and flutters

spectacular squint

tragedy in abundance

parachute clouds

bail out redundance

reckless in lust

hat-check aviatrix

prize money instilled

second for love

third for freedoms thrill

cross purposes winged

aileroned in wind

streamlined birds

ragged and blurred

oil leaks an storms

and airport dorms

final friends in air

adventures flair

DeaPea 11-10-14

The Allotment

to read all the classics

not enough instance

to watch all the silents

black and white endurance

to taste all the dishes

cuisine of my wishes

to take in all bebop

a dizzying hop

to walk all the trails

and travel all rails

touch toe in the oceans

cool waters in motion

escort all the beauties

in gentleman's duty

climb all the mountains

whose peaks aspire

so with all this desire

one thing to ascertain

it seems an infinite epoch

to dream in happy reign

DeaPea 12-9-14

Watery Concourse

We meet like two rivers

That journey afar

Twisting and turning

Streams colliding aquiver

Our conflicts and yearnings

Over rocks of resistance

Our ride of passion

Romantic insistence

Some shores are barren

Others a throng

Cordial waves

Whistling a song

To share our delights

And marvel at sights

The silt of our soul

Over stone covered knolls

The mouth is vast

Oceanic and sweet

We kiss under moon

And giggle in swoon

DeaPea 12-10-14

Contrary Queen

Mary is quite contrary

her garden grows

in James' younger bows

fathered in Darnley's

murdered past

The silver bells ringing

sanctus singing

a vassals vessel

the black and white rows

faithful winging

and cockle shells

in bilateral symmetry

a scalloped message

a cowslip passage

abdicating rain

A cuckolds laugh

in towering wrath

the north is rising

Elizabeth, no compromising

eight years no path

a consorted queen

an escape to liberty

an ethical lien

as tragedy looms

her letters read

in death's still rooms...

Contrary 2


I wrote a poem

that no one got

so maybe I'll dream

a simple one in theme

on the contrary I could remain

in a complex vein

and confuse you all

and receive no acclaim

but in reflection

the best direction

is humour and impression

in humble expression

Contrary 3


on the contrary


let me put it this way

it could be true


maybe not

it is possible

but I doubt it


on the other hand

it could be

looking at it

from another perspective

being reflective

there is another way

of seeing things


being realistic

I think it's safe to say

that it could be right

or wrong you see

because things change

the winds can turn

fires can burn

old things away

so I don't know

so I see the contrary

but stick to my view

always able

to switch my hue

a hypocrite true

12-6-14 DeaPea

Back to Me

my echo

resounds so often

I don't know which

is an echo

or a fresco

a new creation

or audible sensation

imagined inspiration

a wish

or a flying fish

a mountainous answer

or Swiss-like yodel

a leather clad dancer

the sound of music

destroying a punic

a remembrance of past

fables cast

to teach of our mast

a guiding wind

my wears are winged...

DeaPea 12-8-14

Crushing Green

traveling to strawberry fields

in imagination

picking my fruit

nothing to get hung up about

my eyes are closed

nothing matters much

'cause I am alone

looking for my song

Everything is okay, I guess

I don't really know

if it's a dream

I think I disagree

do I mean no when I say yes

as I walk

over dotted meadows

blood from sky

I think maybe it's me

a message cast

from magical music

of a shot down genius

DeaPea 12-8-14

The Letter

my words do stumble

as my assurance crumbles

I sweat and stammer

in indelible yammer

my knees are knocking

my toes are squirming

my eyes look skyward

as my hands look for docking

I'd rather write this

on paper in verse

to show how I feel

in words less terse

my pen is flowing

my heart is glowing

I envelope my heart

my love to impart

DeaPea 12-10-14

Ode to the Brothers of Sanskrit

a man named Zingiber

an official of the rhizome

delicate in nature

a doctor of spice at home

Relieving cough

a lozenge of men

endurance to boast

no headache to toast

four brothers beside...

Tumeric the young

the orange and zesty

Cardamom the cool

minty in jest

Galangal the black

so dark and strong

and Asarum the Kong

the wild and untamed

These peppery gents

the China Seas they roam

to islands piquant

pickled in delightful brome

Of robust might

with tropical girls

in dancing swirls

parading in clusters

a feast they muster

as the Canton flows

the volatile oils arose

decorated men in busker

the bread of life

origin of Tamil

their white icing eyes

glaring disguise

DeaPea 12-12-14

Sand 1



in Hand

Sand 2

through my fingers, finely filtering

the sand falls to my feet, tickling

slipping between my toes, millions in mickle

Sand 3




Sand 4

a three line poem about sand is what I will try to write

but I am determined to make it long in spite

so this is it, beige, grainy and fine in sight

DeaPea 12-12-14


Days like today

when plans abound

I know that morning

is my only time to sound

my verses of challenge

that I write in attempt

to answer questions

of philosophical bent

so I wait for the idea

imposed by a member

that tinkles my fancy

before the end of December

DeaPea 12-12-14


dancing feet

ruby shoes

golden paths

puffy sleeves

copper kettles

spirits fettle

flour sifters

daydreaming drifters

pigtails twisting

fancy dreams

and picnics bright

...lovely time today

with teddy bears

gaily gad about in pairs

and precocious gals

scraping knees with pals

teasing boys 

pulling hair

lemonade piquant

or cream soda supreme

lace and stitch

embroidered in niche

bodice of blue

lollipops and berries, indigo hue

sugar and cream

ribbons of silk

and idle summers

skipping stones

Kansas fields

laughing yields

halcyon days

memories praise

DeaPea 11-10-14


the word has changed

its intrinsic vane

now it seems

that unexpected

has truly transected

as years before

so many things

surprised me...

a rainy day

ice cream cone

generosity, so unrequitted

television special

and Chinese food

a mark below B

a pugilistic act

a bad teams wins

upset was the word

never before

seeminly absurd

all these things

but now they appear

daily in spear

that we have become

immunized from fear

anything can happen

less revere

and emotions severe

bland in gear

so now in pause

I reflect a cause

to be the assault

on calmness fault

DBP 11-01-14

The Point

the nodus of my life
seems to arrive
every so often
with a surprising dive

it's supposed to be once
and critical
but is a common occurrence
usually apolitical

involving self-perception
something undefined
a strong feeling within
about purpose and its sign

but I'm adjusting to this predicament
aware of this jolt of aware
possibly a view ahead
of mortality shining so bare

so now despite my flair
there's a mellowness afloat
laughing at myself
as these moments sound a note

this vortex is in my head
as I construct a spinning image
resembling a very strange world
that fits my plan of scrimmage

it's not science or math
and if it was, I'd have the answer
and if that was the case
I'd be a finale dancer

so this nodal composition
which to some, not harmonious
allowing for my imperfection
proudly and modestly erroneous

DeaBeePea 8-31-16

Open Here

as curiosity and hope
take quick hold
as we tear so bold

red stripes
and tiny tabs
ignored as we follow
our lonely hollow

transparent or boxed
our nutrition unfolds
then after reflex
we realize our hex

we were directed
but anxiety ruled
and we left a mess
our muddled confess

these directions it seems
are just a trap
to show us our improvidence
retarding our confidence

DeaBeePea 9-7-16


walking in Cyprus
a brush in my hand
needing encouragement
from a exhultatious band

the female had conquered
my negative scorn
failing to recognize
the lust of my born

so I formed with my words
an illustrious woman
perfect in nature
that refueled my base-human

I dreamed and adorned
this image with love
in the falsified world
that I touch with kid gloves

this Galatae ideal
was a sign of my weakness
avoiding reality
accommodating my meekness

an irony of creation
this model of perfection
that soon opened the window
of personal detection

DeaBeePea 9-6-16


What I learned
at 5.5
is that the convergence

being foolish
and dumb
was finally exposed
a hearty sum

nightmares truth
struggling to tie shoes

a long half-day
fundamental mapping
distractive giggling

remembering my symbol
the smiling brown bear, I look
adhered above
my hook

the best part
it seems to me
was walking to and fro

filled with rain
umbrellad at home
under one roof
foundation dome

DeaBeePea 9-5-16


Excuse Me

sorry to bother you miss
but I'm lost and need direction
I've never done this before
unlike a man for sure!

but if I don't inquire
it will prove what my lady-friend claims
that men are too proud
to ask for their way, as it were

DeaBeePea 9-4-16

Excuse Me

Excuse me for my rudeness
but words are hard to choose
to describe what I have experienced
aboard this conversations cruise

I think you should "ship out"
for you're ignorant and crass
and your opinions self-serving
I'm sorry for the ego bruise

DeaBeePea 9-4-16

Excuse Me

Excuse me, for my politeness
consideration and smile
I make a habit of this
I haven't been mean for a while

I can see you're perturbed
at my rather sincere demeanor
that doesn't mesh
with your inappropriate style

DeaBeePea 9-4-16

Excuse Me

oh, excuse me
I didn't mean to spray
all over your face

I guess I'm allergic
to your stupidity
and the narrow-mindedness
that you display

DeaBeePea 9-3-16

Rickety Pickets

the workers were mad
badly treated
when they stood in protest
they were told "Shut up, be seated!"

so strike they did
putting up quite a fight
and watching them march
was quite a sight

but the President was mean
and built a blockade
no food or beverage
not even lemonade

they surely would starve
and give up their battle
and be herded away
just like they're cattle

but early evening they escaped
sneaking through woods
finding Alice Whites place
and meeting hoods

they had quite a time
carousing and drinking
and now the steward thought
"What was I thinking?"

so he got them together
and they ran back through the thickets
and in a wobbly line
staggered with their rickety pickets

DeaBeePea 9-30-16

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