Fire and Flood

regardless of opinion
and cases to sight
fire and flood
is ignorance's delight

there are natural cycles
and the Depression blight
but there is a trend
as clear as alpha light

the ice-fields are rearing
and the jet stream shifting
the major cause
is man's moral rifting

we have to be ready
for more of this tumult
created by ineptitude
our punishing result

DeaBeePea 9-3-17

September Days

the plot does twist
as the breezes tickle
a change of colour
the leaves so brickle

donning thicker socks
and fleece-lined jackets
the morning dew mists
our windows as packets

the news is blunt
but not meant to scare
it is dear September
with an Indian air

we sing it calmly
in cool refrain
with back-to-school children
in a contrasting vein

but the sprinkle of gold
and orange-red
brings faith to us all
of autumns thread

DeaBeePea 9-3-17

Nightmares on the Day Chair

that strange co-existence
open-eyed slumber
restless sleep
consciousness encumbered

in the hi-backed barrel
of a sunny chenille
this intermittent dozing
has my mind in a twill

so juxtaposed
that it's driving me mad
nightmares and dreams
the ending is bad

but there's a moment
when reality lights
hazy and cautious
daring new heights

these brain eruptions
are indeed a warning
to temper my day
from the early good morning

but this chaotic rest
is my ultimate connection
to all the uncertainty
heading in my direction

DeaBeePea 9-8-17

The Sixth Sense

unproven and scorned
of clairvoyant tests
with playing cards
and tightened vests

psychokinetic power
Rhine vs Cox
anecdotal bias
and belief outside the box

Jastrow a doubter too
but experiments persist
dream telepathy and ganzfeld
because hope still exits

an inexplicable desire
to admit to this perception
giving us universal conscience
explaining sanity's deception

maybe a magic totality
of all the other five
a cumulative creation
for imagination's thrive

DeaBeePea 9-13-17

In the Dark

that lovely dark
of shadowless romance
imaginations silhouettes
where dreams do a dance

a voluntary please
to easily escape
but it's usually paradise
with a numbing agape

sometimes there are twinkles
sparkling pokes
startling my eyes
that creation stokes

but I often feel
as the black sky taunts
that my view is intimate
cozy in my haunts

so I welcome the light
with shading reservations
waiting for its set
for my spiritual cognation

DeaBeePea 9-12-17

At What Point

a million points
some sharp some dull
paths of uncertainty
actions of mull

patience a virtue
but torturous trait
defining composure
our ineffective bait

the trees on the trails
absorb our anger
and our sweat is wiped
as we scream in clangor

so I will meander
on rivers and winds
testing the flow
bur ne'er to rescind

the goal of my mission
though humble in mast
is to write "The End"
amidst a happy cast

my mortality answers
the major question
that hope and sincerity
spreads the progression

DeaBeePea 9-11-17


my mother's word
to dishonour me
never as bad
as I thought it would be

seldom a spanking
or vociferous yell
just a light humiliation
that quieted me a spell

Why not?

no one can answer
this frequent inquiry
which leaves things hanging
without an expiry

so unless you try it
you'll never rest
til the ultimate finding
to this intriguing test

Heck, Why Not?

If you can absorb the heck
you're well on your way
to breaking the wall
to this ongoing play

try it you'll like it
is often said
or you can't lose
they say without dread

but look around you
and take a look
you might be being used
to write this book

a story of courage
that some will admire
but some might laugh
to your inherited ire

but it's a fun way to be
you only live erstwhile
so give it shot
and do it with style

but don't blame me
if disaster ensues
it's only my advice
it's not what I'd do!

DeaBeePea 9-10-17


good for filling crinkles
and hiding wrinkles
as they land with a tinkle
decorating with a twinkle

cleaning with tincal
my old jeans with an incle
as I watch old bullwinkles
with TV snack table and winkle

as lazy as rip van winkle
but as smart as garfinkel
ethnomethodology to unwrinkle
previous knowledge down the sinkle

not much more rhyming inkles
as my mind ponderinkles
so I will sign offinkle
goodbye with a blinkle

DeaBeePea 9-23-17


the shortest route
called A to C
avoiding B
efficient you see

but who's to say
that A to B
isn't gorgeous
the place to be

and B to C
a waterfront view
my sneakers wet
in the morning dew

a right-angled way
to see the town
much less obtuse
missing the frown

and if there's a bike path
all the better
that fits my plan
to the letter

though sometimes
I do have an interesting slant
I turn the corner
in my sight-seeing chant

DeaBeePea 9-21-17

Brick Wall

life is brick
a wall
of varying

sometimes allowing
to see the

other times
it's high
a hopeless venture

waiting patiently
a crumble

the climb
not fruitful
another wall
and then another

in between
my brothers

my ideas
layers of thought
a castle

remembering myself
seeing things, as a

my world
by definition
of good

all the walls

DeaBeePea 9-19-17

And Then I Looked

it was morning
and that feeling
overcame me
one of indignity

a icky mouth
and clammy skin
tussled hair
no sense of benignity

pajama bottoms
starting to fall
and a coffee urge
banging my head

the mirror was coming
a few steps away
and there was an awareness
of coming dread

and then I looked
and yes it was true
this unkempt monster
challenged my eyes

"Oh my God" I cried
the worst has happened
I am what I feared
now I suspect my demise!

DeaBeePea 9-18-17

If You Feed Them

green heads
and funny ears
gigantic fingers
and nostril gears

extraterrestrial beings
quiet and humble
gentle smiles
and a murmuring mumble

not particular
they'll even eat garbage
and turn it to energy
like mineralized cabbage

and if you feed them
moldy cheese
they'll love you forever
you'll be the bees knees

and they will take you back
as a guest of their asteroid
for metamorphic change
into a red-headed android

and you will stand out
in your flaming scarlet
desired by others
as a mischievous varlet

a lovable scoundrel
of earthy quality
a pillar of nothing
in superfluous frivolity

DeaBeePea 9-17-17

Ode to Autumn

the autumn flow
such a colourful dance
everything moving
in a rustling prance

breezes and winds
and floating leaves
people walking
and acorn thieves

the grasses waiting
for the falling snow
as the trees are baring
their coats of glow

golden shades
and pale blue skies
cast a tapestry
as summer dies

we give thanks for this
joyous painting
and whispering play
of a chilly acquainting

the time is thin
but casts a spell
as we dress to disguise
our doubts we quell

hope and reprieve
before we sit
around a cozy fire
with night-before wit

DeaBeePea 9-16-17


my body will be perceived
as dead

but I am not sure
what really is
that connecting thread

dead or alive
just semantics
as far as I'm concerned

because after all
in many ways
I'm out of this world

I have found my non-position
imagination furled

possibly, a part of me
will be spinning somewhere
looking at the earth

just as I am now
shaking my head
in frenzied mirth

celebrating, only because
I like to celebrate
much better than tears

and someday, I will forget
and stop counting
the years

DeaBeePea 9-15-17

Being Interviewed

in the crowd
right up front
pushed by the crowd
it seemed like a hunt

the man with the mic
asked me a question
"What's it like being a star
in all the congestion?"

Dumbfounded I said,
"Quite a rush really,
very hard to explain."
I spoke quite freely

although I wasn't quite sure
of what was going on
I prepared for the next question
as the light shone

Then he asked
"Are you happy with your performance?"
I though for a moment
thinking of my conformance

"I guess so," I said
unaware of reference
then he asked me if it was
my actual preference

"I didn't choose it at all."
was my only response
then the man was confused
unsure of my nonchalance

"I thought a top actor like you,
would be very selective."
he said quite sternly
with assertive directive

I looked very strange
my eyes in a glaze
and he looked at me
curious of my daze

he knew the interview
was destined to stall
so he said politely
"Mr. Firth, that is all."

"Excuse me sir," I reacted
I am Mr. Patterson... David that is
I am here to see the stars
and the red carpet biz

"Oh excuse me sir,
I thought you were Colin
you look a lot like him
and were here to fall in

under the light
at the red carpets end
in your glistening suit
and fanciful blend

"That's OK," I replied
I enjoyed this moment
my minute in the sun
and the special bestowment

DeaBeePea 9-14-17

Today's Joy

before my eyes
a young lady so bright
smiling and smart
her soul like a kite

as she flies through life
in a humorous vein
but resolute too
like a driving rain

mother and soul mate
a special mission
but she rides the wave
to a shore of fruition

an embodiment of love
on this special day
Happy Birthday Logie
for you I pray

DeaBeePea (Dad) 9-14-17


erasing is my fear
it might never come back
that magical whim
or spontaneous knack

it's okay to add
it can sometimes assist
as an augmentation
growth hard to resist

and we tend to look back
as we re-evaluate
realizing first opinion
may not currently rate

taking that styrene-butadiene
might be a mistake
that fist flow of thought
is a valid first-take

being unedited
though possibly a risk
is the clear and crystal voice
so honest and brisk

so protect each word
and shot from the brain
it's a vision of you
and your venting drain

DeaBeePea 9-28-17

Another Universe

this other vision
are God's at play?
competing for recognition
of creation's day

a new or other Genesis
was it dark before light?
or did a strange murky hue
paint a mystical sight

did messages of Earth
impact the plan
the living creatures modified
a complex blueprint of man

was the chain of command a sphere?
with life a bouncing ball
uncontrolled interaction
and energy the call

a balance of volunteer friction
co-ordinates of spin
time is unpredictable
and talk a humming din

a form of chemical anarchy
as we sit and watch in awe
of a twilight zone of continuance
without an inner flaw

DeaBeePea 9-28-17

Mum is the Word

Countless varieties
And well-bred cultivars
Herbaceous perennials
To celebrate centennials

Plants or subshrubs
In layers of phyllary
Blooming in fall
Answering November’s call

A flowering herb
Of birth in China
In The Double Ninth fair
As the seal of heir

The petals of happiness
Of Far Eastern celebration
And those of purple so dark
For Hoboken’s park

daisy-like or decorative
like pompons or buttons
garden hardy and exhibition
with night lights exposition

boiled for tea
and sashimi garnish
a blossoming nectar
and moonlight reflector

a message of adversity
and lamentation’s grief
of love so slighted
and honesty delighted

DeaBeePea 9-27-17

Yes or No

what is this yea or nay
come out with it
and answer yes or no!

is it some way of
to soften the pain
of stupidity's blow

is a direct answer
too difficult to deal with?
for those obsessed
with popularity's glow

afraid of discipline?
in this unclear world
slogging in indecisiveness
in these murky throes?

don't be afraid
people will like it
if you are a straight shooter
in your humble and sincere know

information gathered so lovingly
with care for our future
occasionally brewing conflicts
that reality sews

DeaBeePea 9-25-17

Follow the Leader

we dare not take this advice
it just wouldn't be nice

'cause I don't want to tell a lie
or act like a really stupid guy

to treat women like dirt
and say things that hurt

or show us how to hate
and practice such cynical bait

to mislead with falsehood
claiming to be good

siding with evil partisans
who are simply manipulative artisans

no thank you, I say
I'd rather be in my own play

imperfect but humbly caring
taking joy in community sharing

so if Simon says do that
be sure to know his hat

he could have ulterior motives
causing angry emotives

DeaBeePea 9-24-17

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