major assignments

imposed on me

overwhelmed I must say

no time for tea

dissect of frog

never really liked this

wrapped by a snake

not exactly bliss

researching the books

about hanging moss

grey threads of wisdom

tree story embossed

and the mating habits

of the gnatcatcher so small

busy in his flutter

proudly standing tall

observing the least skipper

in pocosin black

and the yawns I heard

stopped me in my track

alligators skimming

the surface of prowl

studying intention

of their teeth and their howl

the report is needed

I must be prompt

but give me a break

I'm totally SWAMPED!

DeaBeePea 3-25-16

Felidae Anatolia

Introducing Felidae

a temporal man

lobes so bright

a short-legged clan

relying on cerebrality

the cortex habitual

in a large skulled home

but the long body a poem

versing in continous flow

nutrients of rosettes

camouflaged in tow

as he hunts

in opportunism

to confront

so coy and ascending

climbing and barking

in silence remarking

searching for Jane

deceptive in tame

whether rainforest or desert

his long tales remain

food chains so linked

topping the lion on brink

an etymologoical hybrid

clouded in snow

elusive in darkness

serene in starkness

a spotty past

so solitarily cast

male ranges

so pubbing in leap

served as elite

beverages of dung beetles

to speedy elands

and even chitals

devised as vittles

the power of Oba

heraldry in arms

Dionysus aride

a nocturnal journey

through Pella astride

Photo by Maria Ginex Zorka

DBP 8-3-14

Bust Your Conk

The cats are boppin

and doin' some moppin'

Menckens jive

has arrived

Cab singin' heidi-ho

tellin' allligor

to blow those chops man blow!

The Harlem chorus

as the Vipers dig

that stick of tea

cools that gig...

all those hep cats


it don't mean a thing

if it don't

that git box


and big suitcase

drummin' those rocks

and plumbin' and thumbin'

those Jitterbuggin' chicks

Hoochie Coochers

hot and skirtin'

she's blip

with those hips

and Gatemouth 

beat it out

that old blues shout

creepin' out like shadow

no jive turkeys here

and hipsters

grin those crumb crushers

teasin' those blushers

with trickeration

its time to bop

jammin' so Mezz

along with Pres

Kill me Mr. Growl

make the frolic pad howl


with the Doghouse

boogie man is here

This sends me

solid murder I cheer


and riffin' my scotch

Hulitoon by Rebecca Hulit

DBP 8-2-14


The quiet fields of gold

every sound in clarity told

insects busy and abuzz

whispering winds

whistle through petals afuzz

The grains announce

the harvest pronounced

as the sun peacefully, declares it's scape

transforming horizons

with it's glittering cape

The festive monument

a plant so joyous

in Moresca it foments

shyness behind

it's humility in growth assigned

Nature's recourse to love

as destruction permeates

the personified world, a glove

gripping negligence and naivite

effusive or anxious in blur

Hazy recollections

of agrarian culture

the silence is golden

as our dreams transpire

to nurture us embolden

Photo by Marco Pucci

DBP 8-1-14


Imagine if everything was...


Elastic bands of rubber

would be hard to flubber

Shirts would give me blisters

and we would hate our sisters

even more...chuckle

and how would mothers

be able to suckle

and a mattress would be sore

and I probably wouldn't snore

underwear would hurt

my genitals no longer pert

Towels wouldn't fold

hard to wrap I am told

and curtains would fail

to draw on rail

my body would rust

from failure to adjust

for a carpet to lay

would involve great delay

a complete wall removed

not behoove

but most important

is the assortment 

of stubborn and headstrong

people would belong

in a society of hardheads

we would surely dread

so let me twist

my mind to conjure

and stretch my mind

so love can conquer

DBP 7-31-14

Clear Gums

asking Mom

permission required

candy not assumed

but rewarded and desired

many efforts thwarted

but Saturday would come

often surprised and comported 

Chocolate milk and gums

my mind astrum

I remember being, 

in Almong joy, agreeing

to coconut kissing my tongue

in condiments among

Or a Big Hunk

the nougat so titian

Annabelle's truffles

make quite a kerfuffle

and Patterson's Longfellow

an infinite treat

Somedays with my nickel

ribbon candy is my tickle

and for Dad

butter mints

or Humbugs, no fad

Demel’s Violet blossom

the leaves of piquant 

and Aunt Mercey's hard tack

now fancy that

Sleeping in Haystacks

with peanut butter dreams

Dad's home made panocha

the maple mist streams

and I shant forget

Mrs. Crawford's Taffy Apples

and frying up scrapple

delighted with treacle

The tin sits alone

on a school desk throne

so weathered in tone

my teeth conjure cloying

my memories enjoying

DBP 7-30-14


modulating radiated waves

with amplitude, frequency, phase

scattering seeds so wide

as we listen, in time we bide

we think it is passed

but no...not so fast!

we have WLAN, wi-fi

satellite navigation so high

and GPS, to find

our way, as we are inclined

reflection, refraction or diffraction

non-ionized stations in traction

we thank the men

of Menlo Park, so inventive yet again

and the Brazilian priest

who never ceased

to instill hope again, amen

The beach became the place

the transistor the iconic trace

a Regency TR-1

rocking in the sun

as Shelley Fabares

sings, as the waves roll away

Edward R. Murrow

and the flying saucers furrow

the BBC and tea

before the Beatles came to be

Goodman plays at night

and to everyones delight

he's heard in California colleges

before the strike of eight

Analog television uses radio

the AM sound from studios

then FM comes when I'm a child

the sound so clear

and soothingly mild

then they said 10-4

it almost became a bore

but a part of an era

that we had in store

"All That Jazz"

my favourite show

yes, radio it was

with a lot of pizzazz

whether Amos and Andy

or audio candy

I love the radio

mono or stereo

DBP 8-7-14

A Trivia Bent   

Not frivolous to me

this minutiae game

it might be my path

to trifling fame

movies and jazz

almost encyclopedic I say

I challenge my friends

to a pursuit today

it may seem inconsequential

this warehouse of facts

memorabilia gathered 

keeping reputation intact

Blues in the Night in '41

Woody's first version

Black and Tan Fantasy in '29

the Duke's first excursion

in '39 Gone With the Wind

boasted thirteen nominations

and Hattie McDaniel  

the first of her station

but it's not a contest to me

just a fascinating odyssey

of trite items to know

in my imaginations geodecy

DeaBeePea 3-23-16

As an Anachronism I decided to super-impose two eras and styles of poetry. This is an interpretive juxtaposition of "Pretty Halcyon Days" by Ogden Nash (1975) and "I Saw From the Beach" by Thomas Moore (1808). 

Pretty Halcyon Days/ I Saw From the Beach


Sitting in contemplation

A pleasant distant view

The beach, the sand and the sun

Bare feet, my solitary pew

The morning glistened

A swimmer moved beyond

The ocean within reach

Was I dreaming of spirit spawned?

In idle wonder, hands extended

No stars to guide me 

Slowly, the waters left me

The bather standing inside me

The past was a blur

Obligations had waned

And my youthful promises

The receding tide has stained 

The pleasantry seems hollow 

Naked, before the indiscriminate shores

The ebb and flow is a dance

As evening bares me, liquid floors

My emotion becomes brave

Solid and bitter

I cannot turn around

As my old life is frittered 

My cravings are confused

Silly in their want

As my new strength 

Keeps me from a spinning jaunt


The exquisite flame still burns

Turning passion into precious coals

Of the air and the sand and the sun 

The athletic earth and it’s slippery controls 

DeaBeePea 3-24-16

An unsolicited verse:

Christmas Card in March

Late is never

If it comes from the heart

Unquestioned friendship

True from the start

Snow won’t dampen

The paper of greeting

The stamp stays glued

Togetherness in meeting

Addresses change

The result of living

In an uncertain world

Where hope is giving

It sits on the table

Announcing its love

Folded to stand

Fitting my soul like a glove

DeaBeePea 3-25-16


there is a lot of talk
about today, but
I am not speaking of Easter
as I sit here, on my keister

I am talking about NOW
and all this banter
about living for the moment
which makes me, kind of foment

centering on a split second
seems kind of silly
when the future, as well as history
is an unsolvable mystery

intrigue and laughter
looking back, and ahead
what a glorious trip
upon my wine I sip...

DeaBeePea 3-27-16


whatever denomination
or spiritual foundation
it is a day to ponder
our current situation

all this conflict is stupid
yet some even espouse it
trying to negate fear
but only really causing it

we are all one people
trying to define the reasons
for our existence on earth
and all our empirical seasons

so let us join our hands
and sing our universal song
the one that speaks of understanding
creating a peaceful throng

DeaBeePea 3-27-16

Wall although today we hear of walls keeping people in or keeping people out that is not what I think of at all when reminiscing about barricades something my youth was about they were for bouncing different kinds of balls deflecting and reflecting and running with falls announcing my success or failure to catch that round thing of rubber that bounded so far I would dive and do somersaults grass stains on knees and sometimes the ball would bounce off the car I loved that side wall so many hours of play didn't always need a friend I had those bricks everyday DeaBeePea 3-28-16

Smoke and Mirrors

he spoke of evil 
smoke and jeers
he disguised our vision
broken mirrors

appealing to hate
smoke and fears
laughable in mind
jokes and mirrors
but we're not fooled
smoke and tears
aware of disaster
choking mirrors

cracked from the flame
smoke that clears
wading through rubble
spoken mirrors

voices of hope
smoke and peers
of united love
evoking mirrors

that reflect our faith
smoke and cheers
inhaled with joy
humanity cloaked mirrors

DeaBeePea 3-28-16

This is a tongue in cheek 'ribbing' of who I am... it's always a healthy practice to make fun of oneself. TWIST
am I a twister? hiding my blister worn from BS that tends to bless my imaginative soul a shoe so drole walking on glass to reach en mass those willing to listen as my lips do glisten in ego-centric speak reality I deke bending and braiding opinions I'm raiding making them my own a mission I've sewn a curlicue of madness not much sadness except for sorrow from suffering I borrow a licorice taste sugared in haste so many dances that my writing prances I am a helix a bit like Felix naughty and quick with a witty flick I'm not saying brilliant but maybe resilient as I convolute truth as a why asking sleuth DeaBeePea 3-31-16


the single entity
not knowing
to survive
in multitude

the senses
a sponge

being moved
the moment
head is shaking

recognizing courage
when all
but somehow

not measured
by wins
wallet full

the experience
that someone

my fear
realizing that
I am weak

can be strong
this image
unto thyself

yes, moved
by the apparently
who find
an answer

not tangible
soul and reality

incredible journey.

DeaBeePea 12-3-16


I'm usually an observer
the pandemonium

this crazy frenzy
a commercial emporium

walking to the wind
open space in front

staying out of lines
watching those in the hunt

but I'm not immune
knowing where and what

keeping my wits about me
trusting in my gut

with an occasional taste
obligation to stay in touch

so join the fray, if you will
no thanks
it's simply just too much

DeaBeePea 12-2-16


not always easy
this difficult option
leaving your post
after you've given the most

but you have to stay sane
and stay positive
life isn't worth it
if you're having a fit

make suggestions
but if they fall on deaf ears
it's probably time
to start a new climb

don't saddle yourself
with the label of quitter
stand up for what's right
and fly like a kite

the quality of life
can be measured innumerably
so breath the fresh air
of your own special blare

pack it in if you must
as long as you carve a new path
leaving a mark
and a place to embark

DeaBeePea 12-1-16

The Grudge Anthology

Grudge 1

holding a grudge
only pains yourself
making life slow
a journey through sludge

DeaBeePea 11-30-16

Grudge 2

holding a grudge
it pretty dumb
considering it's because
you hated her fudge

DeaBeePea 11-30-16

Grudge 3

holding a grudge
might be well-founded
considering he cold-bloodedly
killed your budgy

DeaBeePea 11-30-16

Grudge 4

don't hold a grudge
after all, you did say no
and it would have been nice
Oh... you are such a snudge!

DeaBeePea 11-3-16

Grudge 5

If you're holding a grudge
just take it easy
cleanse yourself
and go for a smudge

DeaBeePea 11-30-16

Grudge 6

that's a silly grudge
brought on by envy
admiring his industry
and dedicated drudge

DeaBeePea 11-30-16

Grudge 7

don't hold that grudge
in pointless disdain
after all, I ask
what makes you the judge

DeaBeePea 11-30-16

Grudge 8

the developing grudge
was brought on by gossip
and your silly observation
passed on by nudge, nudge

DeaBeePea 11-30-16

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