I wish I knew...

without sounding morbid
or weird in any way
I wish I knew my death day
minus details so sordid

I could plan my own wake
the day before
and party like mad
why not?, for Pete's sake

all my favourite jazz
and an old movie or two
beer, Scotch and wine
and a lot of razzmatazz

and I could recite a poem
thanking all my lovely friends
for making life so cool
and making me feel at home

but I guess I'm jumping the gun
I have a long way to go
today and tomorrow ahead of me
and lots and lots of fun

DeaBeePea 4-12-17


People so often say
it was a nightmare
something of a whirl
that eluded their focused stare

stressing them out
evading the zone
that they call 'comfort'
well, it has become overblown

it should be accepted
that this 'panic'
is a part of day to day
proper perspective, avoiding manic

celebrate confusion
and smile at life's terror
after all
your presence is an error

DeaBeePea 4-11-17

Nightmare 2

two horses were on a date
the stallion said
It's getting late

and I am so tired
and off to bed
so I can serve tomorrow as hired

it is so early said she
I guess you are one
of morning, not me

I am one of moon's bright stare
one could call me
in truth... night-mare

DeaBeePea 4-11-17


sugar, corn syrup and gelatin
that's all their is to it
to create a national craze
that are now an Easter hit

but their use has widened immensely
from chocolate covered to smores
popcorn, brownies and cookies
of chocolate chip to adore

and a recipe for Peepshi
I'll let you look that up to read
looking like a sushi roll
a sweet tooth I concede

as for being on pizza
a topping grandly deluxe
I certainly have my doubts
but trying it is the crux

and it's amazing to know
of their indestructibility
insoluble as they can be
placing them in candy nobility

DeaBeePea 4-15-17

Experiment With Courage

on this Easter day
I see courageous spirit
rising when doubted
for this strength I pray

patience and belief
in a modest mission
looking down
spilling relief

the meek shall inherit
as we all begin our fight
against cruelty
and our ability to bear it 

I spread my love
in humble fashion
hoping that faith
blankets us above

DeaBeePea 4-16-17

Hello? Anyone here?

If no one is home
should I go in
and be a nosy posey
deceptively thin

deftly squeezing in and out
of crevices and closets
finding hidden secrets
of striking apposite

going through drawers
naughty me
inspecting things under
that you normally can't see

finding letters
of lost love and pain
and history's tale
that might leave a stain

the option is to leave
and come back again
missing out on the opportunity
of my plundering reign

DeaBeePea 4-16-17

Animal Crackers 1

how I loved
that box with the strap
a Saturday purchase
at A&P's trap

nice and crisp
and toys as well
lined along the fence
of my animal farm dell

I was confused
that all the breeds 
tasted exactly the same
but I did not secede

I even poked holes
in their crumbly centres
to make a necklace
I was quite and inventor

there are facsimiles
but the originals are best
of Barnum's legacy
I joyfully digest

DeaBeePea 4-18-17

Animal Crackers 2

a pre-code classic
with the crazy four
those Marxmen extraordinaire
when the laughter pours

Margaret Dumont        
as Spaulding's foil
and the theft of garters
and even a birthmarks spoil

famous lines
are an elephants pyjamas 
and native girl photos
a developing drama

absurdity and madness
and quips of avoidance
no sense at all
in pre-polaroidance

sweeping romance
and blonde obsession
painting theft
and protagonist depression

and never leave out 
Harpo's magical harp
"I'm Daffy Over You"
and witticisms sharp

a rambunctious blend
of disorganized chaos
and a fateful attempt
at story-telling pathos

DeaBeePea 4-18-17

Footnote to joke references:

In the morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know.

We took some pictures of the native girls, but they weren't developed. But we're going back again in a couple of weeks!

"Ever since I met you, I've swept you off my feet."

Animal Crackers, Paramount Pictures 1930

That Was My Song

many years ago
I joined this group
fighting DDT's
this air-born soup

there are bands today
playing tunes
similar to this
while they're not full of prunes,

the song is old
I sort of feel like it's mine
those days of determined march
pride and battle to dine

DeaBeePea 4-17-17


be aware
and suspicious
of those who say
they share

unless you see them
in the act
it's possible
it's just a dare

I recommend
you get your own
and eat all your fare

DeaBeePea 4-19-17


It's my turn for paradise
maybe a tropical island
marooned with a woman of beauty
this would be my by-by-land

or a cabin of log
with a view spectacular
a horizon of mountains
awesome, the vernacular

maybe an ancient city
Byzantine Hagia Sophia  
hearing the voice of chariots
a primeval panacea

tho, in sudden silence
my soul does rest
and I ponder
my life as best

not full of wishes
or strident goals
just amusing dreams
and moonlit strolls

DeaBeePea 4-19-17

April 20, 1959

as young as I was
this LIFE edition
opened my little eyes
as it garnered recognition

it sat on the table 
for quite a while
which made me glad
it really had style

"A comic Marilyn   
sets movie aglow"
it was quite a photo
it was a paper-bound show

the glittering gold
and silver jewels
platinum waves
and smile of befool

it left an image
on my growing mind
at the time, misunderstood
but soon I resigned

DeaBeePea 4-20-17


Birds are cool
and what I notice most
is that they don't need to learn

they perch in still
for hours on end
in a seeming trance

getting a sense
of surroundings message
whether food or fear

and we therefore
can view at length
I wonder if they know
our observation

their morning chatter
is quite a chorus
a joyous choir
of celebration

DeaBeePea 4-22-17


Being asked 
To step-up
It happens

And it’s usually
A great need
For me to say

Yes, I’ll do it
But there usually
Isn’t time
To think about nay

And then 
You find out
It’s a chaotic mess
A crumby display

But you’re there
Numero uno
And suddenly
It’s “HEY!”

The blame arrives
From all angles
And you begin
To pray

And the words
“I quit”
The mantra at play

Oh well
At least I did 
and I did pay

DeaBeePea 4-25-17


The small wrinkled man
Was asked with respect
Why he was in a cookie
And of what did he expect

“That’s a very good question”
He remarked with a smile
A sultana grin
And oatmeal style

“I was a grape of white
And Thompson my name
And I could have been crushed
And danced on to maim”

“Dancing and singing
A party of sorts
While I get destroyed
Torn up with no tort!”

“I was white and juicy
Good for Merlot
But I feared that journey
So an alternative route I go”

“Dipped in oil
Of a vegetable kind
Relaxing in the sun
Tanning my rind”

“So that is the reason
That I am a raisin
my wit is dry
And my face awry”

“And I’m unduly honoured 
To be on your plate
In a cinnamon waft
And a taste so great!”

DeaBeePea 4-23-17


quality vs quantity
now that's a tough call
if I don't get enough
sometimes I bawl

I'm a hungry man
a ravenous gent
waiting for a feast
with a fatty bent

now that's my style
a buffet for the soul
that makes me smile

as well as burp
excuse my interjection
it's mighty good
for my growing mid-section

but the quality of the wine
is a nice addition
to save this meal
from a critic's indisposition

DeaBeePea 4-25-17


life has no weapons
to this as sorcery
when green is jade
and red is porphyry

kicking about
and all rubbed down
dusted and sat upon
developing character so stout

preferring scars
and the fighting cries
the feel of rough hands
and worrisome eyes

success is an option
standing in protest
but steadfastly working
happiness' adoption

finding profession
without the title
questioned of worth
a work-boot recital

something now bright
hidden around the corner
what is desertion
is just a new flight

thinking of those
who served you bold
and all their marks
that might make you old

the cabbages are grown
with faith and kind
so big and round
life is sewn

DeaBeePea 4-26-17


to float without a paddle
a victim of the wind
and guided by the waves
the consciousness is pinned

not knowing a direction
not caring of the shore
removing all your anchors
the opening of a door

that takes you in suspension
no entrance that is clear
the exit only a reminder
that mortality is a fear

swimming is desperation
an undefined desire
to return to something familiar
standing in a mire

DeaBeePea 4-28-17


today the sky
is brilliant blue
a pool of wonder
a waveless clue

on how to swim
in this confusing milieu
floating free
away from jeux

the shore disperses
there is no beach
just an airless universe
I cannot reach

knowing infinity
is our real truth
with very few answers
in our mindful sleuth

And as I look up
and see the birch tree
its narrow white rivers
against the sea

it asked me to venture
in spirit and mind
and think beyond
tearing the rind

now I'm bare
and almost frightened
but is the strange joy
of being enlightened

and when the clouds come
I'll consider this time
of peaceful peeling
and this ladderless climb

DeaBeePea 4-29-17


I am grateful
for nonsense
and craziness
though the laughter may be fasteful

I am grateful
for snow and ice
though cold
as they are skate-ful

I am grateful
for women
so testing
and yes, they are so bait-ful

I am also grateful
for women
because they
are sometimes date-ful
but not always

I am grateful
for death
when it comes
for it is heavenly gate-ful

I am grateful
for time
even though
it is so often late-ful

I am grateful for life
because as I breath
I sigh
and it is stertorously bate-ful

I am grateful
for thought
and confusion
as it causes me to be equate-ful

I am grateful 
for change
and as I hope
I become patiently wait-ful

But, I am not grateful
for greed
because it could water
the seed so hateful

DeaBeePea 4-28-17

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