Looking Glass Redux

A fairy tale collage

Mocking the tales

Tortoise in party

Because he tort-oise

With purpoise

A New Year prevails

Not melancholy now

as chirping Lory

With no one legged master

…or older sis-tory

Dreaming in gold

Amidst the clatter

Shouldered by ears

Long John’s silver tongue

of plundering ear-as

Alice’s poetry rants

A confused recited trance

The scales up and down

silly melodies crooned

at party full of clowns

the hat is large

a morphous shell

no reply to why

ravens like writing desks


pondering over

a riddler crossing

an emerald city road

painted in pink

awaiting a bitty-toad

fairy tale fractured

the hare is long gone

so slow and sure

no race at all

Alice has no an-sure

2-10-15 DeaBeePea


Punch and Judy

Nothing wrong with Punch and Judy?

it's been around since fourteen hundred

or does it condone

the violence of home

Mock hangings on heritage day

popular with children in ration

a complaining culture

suing our fashion

just look at the facts

Punch beats his wife

belts a baby no revel

policeman, hangman and Devil

British seaside culture

Bottler and punchman

busking engagements and private parties

with Joey the Clown so hearty

A crocodile’s scowl

a skeleton’s glower

Cinderella tale

A cruelty of will

A stick and run-ins

ghosts and final foes

required elements

for audience to glow?

extravagant relief

not moral and instructive

no model of conduct

harmless outrage in belief

statement of roles

mocking in stereo

percussive sounds

knocked about our souls

DeaBeePea 2-6-14

Image 2


Sun lotion capsuled

in the sands of bal masque

near sundials hands

tinted for play

the grinning teeth

of ancient mollusks time

on blanketed waves

covering silver sublime

the beachcombers part

brushing with rest

toweling breezes

kissing with zest

salty air

singing no despair

frolicking passion

the shoreline of hearts

DeaBeePea 2-6-15

The Elbow


a synovial hinge joint

but there are many variations

and applications in point

humerus in upper arm

so kindly joined

to radius and ulna in fore

freeing our hands from core

a cubital form

that can be attacked

by tendonitis and fractures

and infectious pain racked

A length of pipe

a sharp bend to redirect

a quick turn in river or road

new path to resurrect

a jostled frenzy

bumped and bruised

or nudged in tease

to satirically displease

out at the elbows

in second-hand apparel

or lacking money

a perpetual peril

Snugly close at hand

a sleuthing snoop in snare

raising arm like a chair

or a waincotting's gyre

Yes, it does occasionally

get in the way

I knock it often in skitter

which makes me titter

but elbows are useful

but my parents said

never on table

or you won't be fed

DeaBeePea 2-7-15




of bastard toadflax

cedar scent

illimitably spent

croaking and squawks


martens chasing

river erasing

shores inviting

trickles and leaves

rocky greaves


blustery fire

chinking divorced

aging bole

logged in past

as raging rain

and firebox stew

bring solemn peace

room for hearts dreams

romantic shemes

the weedy path

to water so bright

the chimney espousing

exhausting, not rousing

carousing hands

busy as bees

wrapping love in trees

branches tickle

gifts of mickle

faith in indigenuity

silent thoughts

close to myself

vacation to share

with numenity so bare

DeaPea 11-5-14

Ginghamic Evolution

a textilic yarn

wefted and kind

carded, medium or fine

a Dutch tradition to bind

once was striped

then changed to check


perpindicular fleck

fitting shell for fashion

then on it's own merit

iconic in dress

as starlets did wear it

Dorothy was blue

Bardot in pink

gingham had risen

seemingly in blink

from Daphne blue

to kittenish tones

from prairie winds 

to sirenish sones

it came and went

but art nouveau

tended to be

without this squarish row

but it's tranquil grace

and sweet nubility

reminds of of alteration

we resist in inculpability

DeaPea 11-10-14


the box sits alone

name announcing

pride and joy

it cruises ahoy

to passers by

as if a vessel

floating a wave

the country gave

hellos and gooodbyes

so quickly strewn

memories instilled

anxiety refilled

cross the street 

when it was discrete

lady in robe 

as dew touches toes

barking dogs

cars warmed up

a letter to read

as coffee feeds

DeaPea 11-7-14


(photograph bu Marco Pucci)


into home

comfort to impart

to sit my heart

Resolve my confrontations

cobblestones of thoughts

scattered spots

footsteps marking

Distant doors

beckoning lair

choice to chair

meetings or solitude

Ideas on path

to driveways of renown

sprinkling our lawns

that pets have signed brown

And blades of green

hold dew

in our eyes


On and off, chilly and fresh

children evading

streams to outlast

in screaming blast

Roofed in symbol

safe in image

kindness and obligation

dreams that scrimmage

DeaPea 11-11-14

Amorous Aroma

Sleepless nights

interrupted dreams

twitchy feet

grasshopper song recite

Unexpected stutters

forgetfull and dumb

empty pockets 

gifts and bows and rum

Driving in daze

care for clothes

dust off tie

holding hands with rose

Singing in shower

looking at flowers

second glass

wine to toast

Kissing goodbye

waiting for phone 

to ring in tone

answer calm, hiding delight

Thinking of years

in pair to play

the perfect glove

It smells of love...

DeaPea 11-12-14


The 39 Steps


roaming hills

in lying fear and chills

The Manchurian Candidate

a recurring nightmare

brainwashed storm

hidden objective formed

Seven Days in May

overthrowing heart 

disguised in caring fate

disarmed with hate

The letter Z

satire of power

deceptive glower

he lives as dead

Advise and Consent

a hidden past bent

perjuring his faith

in freedom's name


two-and-a-half minutes

key in hand

osculation so coy and grand

Touch of Evil

madness sprung in jeers

in brotheled devises

the game leg that hears

The Big Sleep resigns

spinning in confusion

seductive intrusions

and hair dropped in trance

Chinatown in disruption

aldulterous corruption

bandaged courage

a nose for intrigue



a blurring cat

a speeding car

a sudden downpour

teeming lore

an Oscar flasher

a low-neckline bombshell

a shooting star

visions afar

a wall of hail

a burst of flame

a deer in dance

in my sudden glance

a jet black cloud

an orange sky

a blinding sunset

horizons have met

a line in chorus

a band of brass

an audience so deep

our emotions steep

a blizzard to imprison

a building that soars

a smile that evokes

passions stoked

DeaPea 11-15-14


distant signs
miles left
time acknowledged
but direction splayed

going home
or commencement plan
indicators all around
nesting pillars

resting logs
skybound trees
foggy mist
chimneys of breath

laughter binds
causeway extends
friends belong
throwing stones

DeaPea 11-5-14


pasta machine

kneading dough

layering filo

turkey bones

and vegetables grown

and fabric starred

by the running yard

flour and yeast

loaves in feast

pine nut pesto

gourmet manifesto

Heathkit sounds

yellow yolk

on margarine white

hooking rugs

and balsa flight

amplitude modulation

lye of ash

bacterial cessation

salish loom

wicker broom

needle and thread

stitching shred

the rubber bung

seal the wine

so young,

paper and pen

diary sung

and always find


searching mind

DBP 11-3-14

Bill of Sale

Sale so quaint


poverty faint

so luminesque

a Town of shores

of bunts and trawls

billowing sails

and playful pails

Bill was old

a fisher of tale

lingering on beach

wandering in dale

once so celled

stealing bread

starving, not dwelled

now kindly in age

generous in time

provider of sea

and stories in rhyme

amortized faith

potato and kelp

love not mortgaged

community help

rising and setting

laughing and crying

village in mourning

William is dying

a wake will be held 

celebrate in guilt

past errors made

forgiveness staid

a legend protected

faith insurrected

the children hail

Bill of Sale


Eye Contact

Meander and Mysta
met one day
both in solitude
kneeling as they pray

considered homely
by those who are blind
refusing to see
the kindness of mind

blotchy skin
and bulging eyes
seemingly engrossed
like soulful spies

but something transpired
a magical string
that wound them together
a wrapping ring

they turned and faced
light smiles were drawn
a few steps closer
their heartbeats spawn

they kissed as if
it was Antheia's command
this strange sensation
an enchanting strand

their bulbous eyes
pressed and twined
fastened in dimension
a permanent bind

DeaBeePea 9-19-16


the beautiful monoliths
reaching for stars
is their contents a feed
destined for Mars

a message of brotherhood
cylindrical sharing
quiet on farm
but universally blaring

the chutes and ladders
adorning the silo
with tattered arms
like Venus de Milo

ancient and strong
a livestock's breath
an Antioch sculpture
whose falling would be death

DeaBeePea 9-25-16


Yesterday when I was young
the taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue

but although some memories are strong
there is a narrowing throng

and it seems that what is now
is beginning to raise my brow

I sometimes want to hold on
to the bittersweet and special past

but as time lingers on
I rely on my angry blasts

despite their turbulence
they actually make me laugh

and I sometimes see myself
in my humanistic seraph

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.
Now it looks as though they're here to stay.

but from the other vantage
they stick with their disadvantage

but they remind me of who I am
bursting the emotional dam

I ask so often how
these things transpired so recklessly

but I suppose the answer
teases me so fecklessly

the experience of wonderment
is the story of my words

as I shake my head in amazement
at yesterday's singing birds

DeaBeePea 9-25-16

Thank you to P. McCartney and Herbert Kretzmer


taking refuge
from fear and hate
we look for that welcoming
golden gate

sometimes we run
with conspicuous dare
other times we hide
with a fear to confide

someday we must hope
and try to build
a world that is home
a peaceful guild

it could be considered
I'm an exile from sin
but friendship consoles
and quiets the din

so let's share this status
of evacuee from that
which we try to avoid
like a suspicious cat

DeaBeePea 9-25-16


imagine a world
of the last straw
it would be a rather ugly picture
awful to draw

we would lose half our yield
of cereal crop
and the grain and chaff
an excessive drop

the livestock would lose
their temperature control
facing the cold
with their empty bowl

sleepless nights
without palliasse
no rest for the weary
or that sweet tired lass

or the fuel of the future
biobutanol's demise
would create quite a ruckus
but hopefully, an alternative rise

and we would miss profoundly
those decorative dolls
of Belarusian descent
with woven shawls

marquetry and plaiting
we tip our hats
I can't imagine
these arts gone kerplat

so let's hope there is never
a final silage for us
it would be tragic
maybe even make me cuss

DeaBeePea 9-25-16


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