Valentine Retrospective

Many valentines

of distinctive complexion

Cupids and dragons

romance and seduction

Old friends, new whims

casting penumbra

reflecting parts of me

in emotional tundra

Casual acknowledgement

customary mail

unsure of message

possibly assail

Loyal consonance

freedom’s allocation

kind encouragement

fitting heart’s carnation

Thoughts of could be

or maybes and ifs

cumulative Februarys

feeding the seraphs

DeaBeePea 2-16-15

What’s a Challenge

A challenge is device

To intimidate and bait

A ploy of agitation

It’s usually not hard

But we question and petition

Our capable scope

We try to be profound

So palaverous and tautologous

But fall on faces so red

but after all the foolishness

we smile in accomplishment and attainment

laughing to ourselves

our misfit friends

applaud and nod

you did it!


DeaBeePea 2-16-15

When I Ponder

There is very little time

When I do not ponder

Especially for a rhyme

Or a line that has rhythm

In metre with above

Creating no illiterate schism

Sometimes I cheat

A vocabulate invention

A satirical sporadic bleat

It’s almost as if life

depends on it with rigour

When really poems are rife

I will excogitate in addition

To see what to alliterate

In keeping with tradition

DeaBeePea 2-16-15


three months?

not really

as winter bows in anger

warning that it will be back

and spring keeps dodging

the colds winds and their clack

when winter finally wanes

it seems summer makes it's claim

as April's moderation

dwindles quickly from it's fame

March, April and May

dedicated to their cause

but there are many ways

to define it's seasonal laws

in Sweden they say

above zero is the day

that spring commences

and thawing starts till May

seven consecutive days

solidifies the message

that summer might be coming

a time to start green-thumbing

of course it depends

on latitude and elevation

continental climate

and hemispheric location

Candlemas, if it is mild

can be consider the new born child

blossoming ideas of rebirth

rejuvenation beguiled

renewal, resurrection and regrowth

a liturgical Christian feast

a third day celebration

as eggs are scattered in motion

the weather can certainly vary

dry, wet, monsoonal, cyclonic

spring memories, of gardens and rain

romantically iconic

DeaBeePea 3-6-15

Well...that kicks the bone marrow theory in the head...

flexible tissue

a magic stem

coagulated in sync

cell makers them

inside bones


four percent of body

mollecular hypnosis

500 billion cadre

vasculature as conduit

systemic circulation

lymphatic system suit


support the immunity

transplanting concepts

a mystical community

stem cells curious

neutrality required

believing the occult

neck biting inspired

theories come and go

there's more than medical know

DeaBeePea 3-6-15


no sewing room

a sign of doom

no womanly habits

and no pet rabbits

a needle and thread

lost in dread

my messy drawer

disorganized to core

no Singer machine

my mother to seam

I don't knit either

or hook rugs neither

I have no loom

in a hobby room

or design those quilts

with squares so built

I guess what I'm saying

is that I need to start playing

and get a place

with a darning room to grace

DeaBeePea 3-7-15

Stop the Clock

Is it a game show

charades so fast

or is it a race

the finish line disgrace

is it in practice

to check your progress

have your new supplements

helped you with with increments

is it referring

to doomsday predictions

a theoretical fear

that brings death so near

but maybe time

isn't important at all

we have no control

over the movement we scroll

DeaBeePea 3-11-15

The Lady in the Dreamcoat

The lady is lost

her cape all ablaze

caught in fandango

an invisible phase

vermillion satin

heliotrope swirl

winging in song

naked arms atwirl

the darkness looms

lit by plumes

kaleidoscopic refrains

flowering trumpets to bloom

variaciones dance in air

cantes reply

the rainbow melts

the suitors cry

hems of Naples yellow

kissing floor in sweep

and avocado sleeves

send the heart to night’s sleep

DeaBeePea 3-11-15

Anna Perenna

The first full moon

a Roman schedule

March the beacon

days newly strewn

the goddess' grove

Anna's celebration

in frequents of plebes

a social trove

unadvised by King

the completed circle of the year

to be happy, without fear

a cheerful ring

lads lay beside their lass'

Anna bestowing endurance and love

the wine, a nectar of peace

like basalt figures relieved of tasse

Anna escaping

Numidian raid, sister's advice

she flees in the night

from terrorist raping

the river Numicus

swallows her

now an estuaries Nymph

a feminine truss

a perennial stream

carries the new goddess

a Plebeian idol

realities dream

the month of Mars

is his loathing memory

of Minerva's vengeance

and mistaken Ares

Perenna the estruscan god

imported to Rome

her motherly throne

found in Buscemi trod

DeaBea Pee 3-10-15


is forgetting

really forgetting?

or is it

a subconscious desire

to omit what is required

to avoid certain things

catastrophic peril

or result so feral

or is it ominous

a mystical force

acting upon a course

of which you are unfamiliar

guiding you down

a strange path to crown

a new identity or turn

appareled anew

coloured for view

others see you antithetic

the you awareness blooms

your smile a plume

remembering is routine

forgetting is a ray

of new light for the day...

DaeBeePea 3-10-15


it used to be

5.15 a case

now that was long ago

when I was in a different place

now it's much more

and the brands... galore!

it's hard to keep track

ales, lagers and bitters to pour

stout and porter

Bavarian and wheat

Blondes and creams

and honey so sweet

IPA and lime

and now the fruity brews

it's almost too much

as I line up in queue

cans and bottles

and kegs to load

no room in the fridge

for this barleyed lode

and when I pour it

caution in practised

or it overflows

serving malpractice

it's also good with a shot

a chaser of scotch

a single malty delight

as a slug a swatch

enjoyment pursued

and caution for sure

drunkenness and driving

no way to endure

DeaBeePea 3-9-15


a morning aide

for those who need

to wake up with vigour

and do thoughtful deeds

light roast or dark

acidic or smooth

Arabica or Robusta

an early soothe

but too much can send

you into a spin

too many scoops

from that metal bin

I like it black

but some like it sweet

double double double

I think is indiscreet

but whichever way you like it

I sometimes partake

in an Irish version

now that takes the cake!!

DeaBeePea 3-9-15


the word spelled "conductor"

should apply in specifics

referring to a trainman

or orchestra leader, non-scientific

the word for a medium

a conduit for hydro-electric

should be spelt "conducter"

so each one is eclectic

DeaBeePea 3-9-15

Bathroom Critters

Hulitton by Becky Hulit

I don't hold a grudge

they need a home

and they eat the sludge

in the drain's dreary cave

silverfish and earwigs

in their marble empire

slithering for dampness

the wetness they aspire

sometimes mice chase them

but their not always good

bitter, crunchy and foul

sometimes better withstood

the spider is still the king

reigning above in web

quietly planning attack

as the creatures begin to ebb...

DeaBeePea 3-9-15

Conductor 2

authority is nice

it gives one exposure

a sort of regal prance

and dignified composure

they are similar

those men of music and tracks

one stays on schedule

and one keeps time with a whack

and paper work is essential

notes and schedule so scribed

the team is in sync

duties to imbibe

and they either uncouple

or devise the use of couplets

which is stretching it I guess

but critique I will not fret

and horn repairs of course

what more can be said

and tickets are important

for the customer as he heads

to experiences delightful

as the doors close for good

a journey of music or scene

it is a conductor's indubious preen

DeaBeePea 3-9-14 


It was a bumpy night
listening to crap
a deafening odor
with its melodious thump

spinning its medicine
a taste of infinite money
taking me as a chump

not true, not true, not true
the needle is stuck
permanent denial
i hope he flumps

China China China
yes... I know all that
off-shore deals
I need my stomach pumped!

You're a mean woman
well, sir
you're not exactly sweet
I would say, an immoral grump

Mexican rapists
all over the place
let's build that wall
and keep those criminals out

and the Muslim scourge
we should mark them as enemies
rid us of evil
oh... his jingoistic shout

and those women!
who claim to have been pinched
and probably more
I have no doubt

his TV show
got a lot of ribbing
Hillary jabbed him
with some clintoneous clout

Canada wasn't mentioned
I don't think he knows
what's north of the border
or the various routes

financial wizardry
goes beyond wealth
it's about egalitarianism
but I guess that's his irk

friendship with Putin
not politically astute
but military support
would clean up the murk

taxing the rich
what a wicked exchange
the wealthy must prosper
it's one of the perks

environmental responsibility
who the hell's heard of that?
pricey and a nuisance
and far too much work

I guess you know by now
what I think of this guy
nothing personal sir
but I think you're a jerk

DeaBeePea 10-20-16


I believe
I was called a noodle

maybe twice
this label
became the object of my concern

for many reasons
one... I had no idea what it meant

was I soft
and stringy?
I actually thought the opposite

I wasn't Italian
there is certainly nothing wrong with that

I once heard
a guy called
spaghetti face, but that didn't jive

and at that time
I wasn't really aware
of fettuccine, cannelloni or fusilli

so I punned
the situation
because that is what I always did'

so I assumed
that in some way
I had pasta rumour that was controversial

pretty silly
but that was me
when I was a noodle

who didn't have a poodle

DeaBeePea 10-20-16


so long ago
was sprouted the idea
"the medium is the message"
which was quite brilliant

focusing on obvious
missing structural change
introduced subtly
or over time
the seed

we understand our toys
in terms of use
failing to comprehend
total effects

the unintended consequences
our ever blowing storm
a cascade of interventions
no planning

so each innovation carries
responsibilities hold
acute awareness
and discipline
we're freed

DeaBeePea 10-19-16

Magnify 2

we magnify
to see
that everything
is like us

we are all circles
and dancing
in molecular fuss

creating energy
burning and cooling
in dignified bluff

dividing and subdividing
little direction
in maddening chuff

always creating
the future in haste
making a mess
an orbiting maze

but settling down
for a sleep at night
resting from sun
for dreams soft haze

DeaBeePea 10-18-16


the world is a glass
that magnifies
but don't be fooled
it's the people's eyes

exaggeration is rampant
ideology exposed
non-intellectual emphasis
ignorance supposed

superfluous ramble
blowing the crap
an explosion of stupid
burning the map

but my inner eye sees
this game of nonsense
and I try to avoid
being pulled at expense

but it's getting so big
the glass with shatter
and finally we'll see
what really does matter

DeaBeePea 10-18-16

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