Hallowe'en Memory 1


Little Johnny

father just heavened

a tragic start

to his years of seven

Twas hallowe'en night

a call I received

his mother perplexed

of festivities perceived

siblings invited

to hallowed diversion

he was all alone

for trick-or-treat excursion

so I walked him along

from door to door

my hand on his shoulder

suit of spaceman he wore

greeted by neighbour

"Hi Johnny my son...

how's your Dad my boy"

with smile of fun

"He's dead, sir..." said Johnny

in stony refrain

as I stood in disconcerted silence

absorbing the pain

DeaBeePea 10-31-15


in reflection

it does not seem

that I sigh

very often

in reflection

is it because

I do not have

the thoughts that soften?

the voice

to a whisper

expressing relief

or cautious passion

or does my guardedness

protect my image

sorting emotion

into a daily ration

or is life safe

for me in shelter

never to experience

risks and fear

I guess that is true

in many ways

so my only exhale

is of amorous cheer

DeeBeePea 11-1-15


Isn't this

the only way

to live

you walk


you know the way

but really your lost


misguided direction

if you believe

what you hear

your path

will swallow you


and dangerous

so if you are


of potential

avoiding cretinous acceptance

with spirit

and adventure

sense of humour

leading the way


believing what you find

feeling its heart

and beat

then your lost

in wonder

and calamity

whewing and grimacing

eager for more

not knowing why

but waking



not a bad place

better to me, than

ignorant bliss

DeaBeePea 11-2-15


One day

I got lost

I asked for help

and only got crossed

the young lady said

"I could help you sir

if I only knew

where we were"

how did you get here?

my question darted

hoping she knew

from where she started

I went for a walk, she bode

there was a fork in the road

so I took it...

DeaBeePea 11-2-15

A fictional report based on historical information.


by Hermick R. Pundix (fictional)

Then there was her friend.

Her name was Mysteree.

She was from Danvers.

I was told that she was an alien.

The day that I was introduced to her I was startled.

She amazed me.

Her face was contorted.

She had an impression on her forehead.

It was not a "mark" but a permanent "scar".

It seemed to be unsealed, as if cavernous.

She peacefully raised to two arms,

displaying her pale palms directly to me.

"That is her shield", replied my friend.

Her timid smile was sweet.

I felt an "obligation" to be her friend.

I requested to be alone with her.

To solve this "Mysteree."

1934... declared an alien.

Bought by Oliver and Ma Venalon.

Abused and tortured.

Sent into the woods.

Captured in 1939.

Brought to Doctor.

Frontal lobe incision.

Violence. Prison.

1942... Sanctuary.

Volunteer for institution.

First member of patient rehabilitation team.

Wrote report in 1947.

Lobotomy Analysis... "The Tragedy of Fear".

DeaBeePea 10-28-15

The Joy of Sadness

It'll Rain a Sunny Day

It'll storm a quiet sky

I'll cry my happy tears

absorbing the blackness of the white snow

and scattering of gathered leaves

I will read the blank pages

reading about the hatred of love

looking at the dullness of stars

while my living bereaves

the growth of spirit burns

the sweetness of my beer is bitter

tasting the gravel in the syrup

that coats my skin in droplets

as I listen to the music of dance

the stillness paralyses me

toasting rocky champagne

to the thud of tinkering goblets

my ecstasy runneth over

rapidly careening off saddened shores

walking as my panic runs

clothed in a nylon balaclava

I am awake within my sleep

as wonder makes me empty

my hardened pillow taunts

sweeping dreams with poisoned piassava

DeaBeePea 10-28-15


those munks in the bush

striped and spritely

nibling on oak nuts

forest dancing lightly

those hilarious swine

of groans and grunts

like bulls in china

on their truffle hunts

and those croaking fellas

so bullish and happy

hopping and singing

on lily pads snappy

the statuesque elks

of Candian lore

with dendritic heads

and bullwinkles snore

and the passerine birds

vibrant scarlet in flame

crested songirds of garden

playing granivorous game

Yes... I love them all

but know them, not really

a relationship adhered

by the respect endowed freely

DeaBeePea 10-27-15


if something is taken

of what is it a token?

if it is haste

will it be broken?

or will breaking be of heart

inexplicably divided

with the victim of steal

shamefully derided

but the perpetrater was guilty

but somehow the blame

is on the "without"

in dishonored shame

why did you do it?

I thought you loved me?

I'm sorry, I needed it...

and I thought you'd say no

the relationship strained

and trust now in lee

beg borrow or steal

a curious blow

DeaBeePea 10-26-15


so glad peace

is spelled differently

than the kind

that refers to pie

it differs in it's occassional

lack of sharing

and selfishly cut

want of applaud

and also is a piggish term

that implies that woman

are a toy to conquer

in chauvenistic lie

but it is all linked

as respect is the savior

giving each a chance

to revere there own God

and have faith in community

and the voice of children

being gentle and kind

and embracing our cry

DeaBeePea 10-25-15


I met a country pumpkin

he whistled as he rolled

over hill and over dale

the sun and breeze extolled

he donned an old straw hat

when paused to take a drink

from the serene and mirrored pond

that made him stop to think

my friends from patch are far behind

I wonder where they are?

...he asked in frowning kind

viewing horizon near and far

I told him time will tell

they will be on their way

when the tendrils of time let go

you will see them that very day

DeaBeePea 10-24-15

One Weird Habit

I dare say

if I tell you this

you will be convinced

of my madness

but it is justified

according to me

as it has never created


and what is that?

you ask

as you list

my many eccentricities

and I will answer

without fear

of laughter

or unanimous concentricity

I count my steps

from A to B

but before that

I predict my impressions to be

I ponder distance

and turns of diagonality

and condition of gait

as I go around the tree

731 I adumbrate

that seems right to me

being within 50

seems an adequate result

but as I approach

this evaluation of parade

I have a block to go

what an gauging insult

so I widen my stride

in strenuous stroll

trying to decrease

my error in result

682 my final count

49 short my equation

all in all successful

in dubious animus

so in final thought

I ponder this motivation

and conclude that I'm really

yes... quite a mess

DeaBeePea 10-18-15

Blind Spot

I am safe

in the blind spot

both adventure

and plot

I am never sure

of myself

only what inspires me

and keep on my shelf

but others claim

to know my being

and I balance the two

without seeing

an adventure for sure

never stop learning

and shaking my head

at curious burning

I often hear "you"

but seldom say "I am"

not to be pidgeon-holed

in an ideological dam



The Doctor's Office

waiting to find out

what you already know

and what pill you'll be given

that might cost you some dough

it always seems

that some come and go

while you sit there

in magazines tableau

but what is ironic

if your sickness is abating

you'll certainly get worse

because you're sick of waiting



Did Dr. Jekyll hide

by being Mr. Hyde?

is going for ride

a way to hide?

Is going to the other side

a way to imbibe

a different experience

of which to abide?

Or is the chide

of my nonsense

an insecure slide

into my former inside?

I shall not be denied

in this crazy ascribe

and shouldn't inscribe

more of this jibe

but I ocassionally describe

things in guide

of my satirical stride

So wearing this hide

of disguise in confide

my shadow died

in the sunny day pied

DeaBeePea 10-13-15

It is Thanksgiving in Canada

I am thankful

but not overly so...

I have friends I love

and very few foe

I am glad I am not aplenty

as greedy I would be

I have just enough

to sing praises of glee

thankful that I can

help those that aren't

though I could do more

for the poor and errant

but the world is troubled

our gifts thrown away

wasteful and uncaring

neglecting wars allay

but today I will celebrate

and enjoy my time

which is not forever

but it always has rhyme

DeaBeePea 10-11-15


it seems that it is coming
from all directions

my head is spinning
panning all reflections

more colours than the rainbow's
and sounds in collage

new ideas and musings
in a mountainous barrage

is it a weakening taste
or wisdom's realizations?

that causes this explosion
of a senior man's creations

or am I getting younger
in a magical way

and letting loose desire
in a chaotic comical say

it seems my eyes are wider
and my heart is letting in

all the things that matter
causing a deafening, but inspiring din

DeaBeePea 7-17-16

when I head out with early morning's dew I see these strange people sometime's twos they are not walking but in a slightly quicker pace but not fast enough to be calling it a race it doesn't appear effortless and they seem to be in strain and i wonder if this exercise is actually hurting the brain it's suppose to be for stress relief a part of wellness program but in many cases is backfires in the AM running cram so although I don't criticize I warn them to be cautious don't overdo this healthy bit the thought of it makes me nauseous! DeaBeePea 7-21-16


it happens to me often
this taunting track of hear

repetitive sound of melody
echoing in my ear

but once it travels through me
a number of times in flow

I start to improvise upon it
as a jazzy so-and-so

referred as sticky music
a waxy clog of listen

and making it swirl in my brain
in  a spinning recognition

one might think it palinacousis
but that is very divergent

hallucinations encompassing
the temporal lobes convergent

some kind of subconscious attachment
involuntary retention

so I just go with the beat
as a drummer of little convention

DeaBeePea 7-22-16

I confess I have asked for advice it's usually easy common sense and easy vice but sometimes I feel an obligation to help someone in difficult station and I wonder if I will hurt them the last thing, I want for a friendly gem so I inquire to another voice should I do it? and the answer is indirect in its skit but I am comforted because of respect as long as you're honest and sincere in confect they will know your heart is speaking and appreciate the care of love's wreak DeaBeePea 7-26-16


There are many
"whoopy" incidents
during each day

a part of
sometimes reluctantly
joining the fray

dumb mistakes
pratfalls and errs
cause me to pray

that I don't expire
from carelessness
a very sad way

to leave this earth
when having fun
exuberance at bay

some people might say
to this say

but it's authentic
as I spill
my morning ray

of hot brown sunshine
on my lap
time to pay

DeaBeePea 7-31-16

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