The Great Race

Based on a Hulitoon by Becky Hulit

the massive creature

with outstretched legs

his razor sharp teeth

his competitors beg

his fearsome grin

and thunderous roar

defeating this giant

a monsterous chore

but assuming his victory

is actually a stretch

for the diminutive ones

a fast path they etch

snappy and quick

those little ones rock!

so predicting victory

for the colossus...a croc!!!

DeaBeePea 5-13-15

The Umbrella Story

from a Hulitoon by Becky Hulit

Mary's was black

that sailed her in sky

poppin' her into

a London stew

and so was Don's

on that rainsoaked street

singin' and splashin'

till a policeman meets

Marilyn's was red

but was a polka-dot prop

for the platinum sand

and her early red crop

Deneuve was surrounded

in Cherbourg's parasol

fushia and crimson

in solitude's bound

lost in translation

so chic and clear

as the raindrops glitter

on transparent cheer

DeVito and Steed

the cane was boss

pointed and strong

open and cross

but one was a weapon

the other a fashion

co-ordinated with leather

Emma Peel's passion

but this one travels

and pops and whirs

going to Kansas

in tornado like stirs

it's going to serve

a needy storm victim

before they're soaked

and demanding in dictum

DeaBeePea 5-7-15

A Little Magazine

It comes with a knock

from door-to-door

dressed in dark

pages to Hark

proporting to be

a watchtower of life

witnessing trials

with steady smiles

creator's promise

peace and secure

a new order to guide

us through with pure

but opinions vary

perspectives reflect

the minds propensity

of boundless deflect

so on occasion

I might read a letter

to see a message

that proposes a better

an open mind

and calm response

and I dally on

as my imagination is launched

DeaBeePea 6-10-15

Unsolicited Criticism

a job assigned

taken in stride

not 100% sure

of procedure applied

so what I do

is wing it with aplomb

using sense

and professional calm

after weeks of facilitating

and doing what's right

it seems at the end

that procedures where slight

but being told

in front of contingents

when a private meeting

would have provided astringence

so I sent a memo

of the effect

that consideration and courtesy

creates a better respect

one on one

is always the best

when assessing performance

give it a rest!

DeaBeePea 6-11-15


With your smiling faces round,

'Tis then I'm hunkey dorey'

the minstrels sang ducky

an Essence of Old Kentucky

Everything was hunkum-bunkum

for immediate flight procurred

celebrated scraps rejoice

in pugilistic times, a choice

hunkee doree, hefty or kindy dusty

no reason to admire

etymology cannot find the reigns

the source of these domains

Hunkidori was Superlatively good

spoke Japanese Tommy

an African American dwarf

on Tammany Hall stage he stood

and you are all Hunky-dore

as fresh as a lily, as sweet as a pink

conent and tranquil

freshly, proposing a blink

honcho-dori, our main street

a sailor's croon so blasphemous

walking the streets in groups

three sheets to the wind as troops

so 'Bob's your uncle' might I say

it appears that you're within

the embattled realms of wealth

with little apparent chagrin

DeaBeePea 6-9-15

The Evolution Revolution

evolutionary processes

diversity at

every level of life

biological organisms


to individual organisms in rife

Charles Darwin naturalist

scientific theory

On the Origin of Species

natural selection patterns

more produced

than can possibly survive in thesis

morphology, physiology


but differential fitness procurred

generation to generation

passing traits

the progent of parenthood in spoor

genetic drift on continents


mutation takes it's path

Preserving traits


natural laws persist in salty bath.

Pierre Louis Maupertuis


in natural production's cloth

Georges-Louis Leclerc


different organisms ensue in swath

Erasmus Darwin


a filament lighting centurie's span

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck's


spontaneous generational plan

parallel lineages


progressive tendency and parental disguise

Georges Cuvier


reflecting on divine design's ties

evolution is all encompasing


but also a irrifutable human handling

accepted by Darwin


in scope, love and understanding.

DeaBeePea 6-8-15

Connect the Dots

A childhood pastime

Suspenseful event

Following the trail

To see what was sent

Those minutes of drama

Waiting for answer

Connecting the dots

the imagination enhancer

a deer or a moose

skyscraper or mountain

a natural geyser

or manmade fountain

a creature from mars

or a terrestrial beast

gradual momentum

till answer released

but one wrong turn

could crate havoc’s throne

and my vexation would win

over the perimeter zone

DeaBeePea 6-6-15

Temporary Despondancy

It's like a well

a place to fall

a slippery edge

our feet enthrall

but that bottomless pit

is really not there

it's created by running

too far in the glare

the web of worry

and forgetting to know

that limitations exist

even in spirit that flows

start from within

and create the story

write the plot

from your own modest glory

pull up the pail

and drink the sadness

and bless those of need

being strong in your madness

DeaBeePea 6-5-15


from Hulitoon by Becky Hulit

Travelling in the cosmos

lost in space

with Zachary Smith?

a whole new race!

finding Alpha Centauri

in red-tongued madness

not knowing his rapture

of latent sadness

Not easy being green

amdist this flourescant scene

asteroids and bubbles

confusing his dream

he thinks he's a roll-up

of nylon and berry

awaiting a child

who laughs at his scary

so the journey continues

in the nightish sky

his thorns pricking black

the blood of the high

DeaBeePea 6-5-15


Lines are special to me

memories of days

the late show ends

I'm in sleeping daze

at three o'clock

my eyes do open

to see the lines

of black and white flock

a slight little buzz

no music or speech

just a reminder of space

and nothingness fuzz

each side of the line

goes to infinity

where our thoughts begin

taking us to divinity

but what comes back

is the old movie's kiss

and the way it creates

a dynamic bliss

DeaBeePea 6-5-15

Surface Tension

Drawing by Kathy Mailloux

smiles and laughs

hugs and kisses

ne'r the praise

predominance pays

a famous couple

honored and spewed

tactful words

never unglued

but all this glory

and blissful skin

is covering much

evil within

this act of joy

is just a ploy

avoiding issues

that should solute

this surface acting

is only retracting

and causes tension

that is worthy of mention...

DeaBeePea 6-2-15

I Wish a Dish

I wish a dish

I know what you’re thinking

A reference to women

And their enduring blinking

I could have a crush

On a beautiful gal

That gives me a rush

In unexplained rationale

But I’m referring to a meal

That is my desire

Like a savory knish

Or lemon pepper fish

It goes down like a whish

This creamy stroganoff

Accompanied with wine

Or Noodles Romanoff

Food with a squish

And beverage to swish

Such wonderful bliss

To my heart can’t miss

Of course,

I could share this mush

With a girl

And a blush

That would be OK


And a movie to kiss

With Lillian Gish

And good music as well

That swings and tickles

The perfect night

Under moon so bright

DeaBeePea 6-1-15


cunning and smart

a quartermaster in crutch

with friend Captain Flint

his shoulder a glint

leg lost under "Hawke"

a dexterous limb

dancing and hopping

his spirit so brim

intelligent and grinning

modicum of puzzle

hardworking and likeable

gradually a villainous guzzle

father-figure to Hawkins

much shock and a blow

when mutiny changes

from ally to foe

compensating virtues

thrifty wisdom in treasure

physically courageous in lame

and jovial in measure

"Pieces of Eight"

sings his mate

"Stand by to go about"

in historic fate

a buccaneer history

two-hundred years bold

Madagascar and at Malabar

and Providence told

an African spouse

a rendezvous plan

after Skeleton Island

is plundered in rouse

a laugh that sailed

rolling like music

taking its riches

to homes so galed

DeaBeePea 5-30-15

Tunneling Parameters and a Tree

Photo by Marco Puzzi

streaks of night cloud

panoramic foliage so stretched

like growing shadows

on sky gently etched

the bushy groves

funneling to convergence

and grasslands penned

anticipating their emergence

the lone tree of cherries

a spectator in story

waiting to see

a peek preview of glory

DeaBeePea 5-29-15


let us rebuild

the perfect place

the fort replaced

with homes of grace

a fruitful sun

of Provident birth

and many paths

to joyous mirth

sprouting from ruins

a meeting temple

for all to share

in singing prayer

every soul

can feel right here

and caress their evil

in humility's bowl

raising arms

to forever peace

and tranquil death

with hopeful breath

DeaBeePea 5-27-15


A part of a pancake

or nog to drink

boiled to firm

or fried with links

looking at you like sun

or flipped gentile

stirred like crazy

for an omelette meal

sweet with bacon

beans and tomatoes

nicely browned home fries

and buttered toast too

black pudding and mushroom

an English way

kissel and grenki

on a Russian tray

steamed dumplings and Jiaozi

for Chinese tastes

zabaione is magic

as Italy’s so paced

so many choices

with a simple crack

or avoided by boiling

a reputational brack

deviled is luscious

my choice if optioned

often at parties

a social adoption

DeaBeePea 4-5-15

"Being in a circle of experts, when you are a novice"

I'm not very good

never done it before

but I'll do my best

in my effort to soar

instrument in hand

graphitic and grand

poised for skin

portrait within

a still projection

quiet and moulded

as if breathless

expecting gold

perfecting and touching

smudging each dot

shading a mood

dissatisfaction clutching

encouragement and praise

next time now better

learning my lessons

mind unfettered

DeaBeePea 4-3-15

"Being in a pub and having to decide whether or not to have one more drink:"

It's rather amusing

the emotional fusing

as the drink conspires

creatring desires

but it's all a mirage

that allows one to practise

new relations

no fear of a cactus

humorous and silly

some cocktails frilly

with girls the same

cheering in clang

so I ponder the minutes

creating visions

as if something special

around corner's rescission

now safely home

under old movie's dome

tomorrow's day

a poem and a ray

DeaBeePea 4-3-15

Planning a Holiday

maps and articles

websites and bureaus

following a dream

and checking the toll

sharing your passion

and finding others

that envision the fashion

and coral shoals

a single journey

becomes a joining

some for museums

others for taverns

bicycles or trains

hotels or hostels

fantasy places of twain

dazzling imagination's caverns

next year, or

maybe next

or the year after that

hope never dwindling

a friend over there

another near to that

a festival or fair

in celebrations kindling

comprising in peculiar

cruises and planes

some fear one option

from romantic conceptions

past reflections

a deluge of paths

plan for complexion

or simply joyous inception

DeaBeePea 4-3-15


Used more

than kumquats or squids

for flavouring dishes

or soups under lids

battered in rings

caramelized so sweet

added to poutine

that can't be beat

white or Spanish

and red for salad

shallots for the French gourmet

a cheesy ballad

not hard to slice

but tears do pour

chilled and chopped

sharp knife from drawer

some eat them raw

but breathe is abhored

nutritious though

reputation of yore

I've even had

in sandwich deluxe

peanut butteer and bacon

recipe in flux

I can't imagine life

without this type

of genus allium

that needs no stipe

DeaBeePea 4-4-15


when I hear this word
"don't worry"
comes to mind

I am progressing
in that regarding
not much to bind

it enables me
to venture inside
my protective rind

seeing what really matters
being set free
my honesty signed

not always laughter
but at least a smile
in my innocent rile

saying very strange things
from my warped psyche
of weirdness style

contended somewhat
with what I am
through limited trial

few concerns now
not living forever
on life's laundry pile

DeaBeePea 7-4-16

Saturday Morning

always ill-defined
perilous in its blind
what day is it really?
as I flex my mind

original docility
turns to motion
music and wine
thoughts of devotion

lunch that is breakfast
the sunnyside is up
positive vibes
pulsate my cup

waves of brown
touch my lips
that bitter memory
weekends slips

ups and downs
that lovely chaos
remembering my name
seems like bathos

so the bop rings in
an interlude to tap
and awaken my passions
that took a nap

afternoon lingers
into evening we sail
looking to Sunday's peace
my purpose prevails

DeaBeePea 7-2-16


I haven’t much to say
Except that gooseberries
give me goosebumps.

They are so delicious
Such an exciting explosion
Euphoric flavorful thumps

Now sexual arousal
Is stretching it a bit
As I bite from this sprite

My vestigial reflex
Is hard to explain
Eating Piloerection Pie

As the snap is legendary
A puckering profuse
Vitamin C’s delight

I must get some
It’s been a while
In my crumble sigh.

DeaBeePea 7-8-16

Being Away

It’s no big deal
But some people freak
When you go away
In a seemingly uncaring deke

It’s almost like they imply
That you have no right
To leave your place
Unsettling the sight

But if you let it
Get to your fun
It only makes it harder
To get things done

Upon returning
And being told what’s occurred
While you were away
Suddenly life is blurred

DeaBeePea 7-8-16


Scribbled and scratched,
Thought of as illicit
Artistically explicit
Simple words or elaborate sketch

Spray paint and markers
Common tools
To form these pools
Of colour and splash

Defacement and vandalism
The owners despise
but there must be a reprise
to share this spatter

social and political
these messages bash
b-boying with panache
the hip-hop messages careen

Controversy continues
but many agree
that a public decree
of art should be brushed

but it all began
in what state of mind
we ask in kind
of the glorious past

those striking sepulchers
figures storytelling
on rocks and boulders
arid basalt rhymes

DeaBeePea 7-8-16

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