Irrelevant and fatal
It has lost its vision
With its misplaced incision

Where are the people
In all of this?
Walking in puddles
And searching through mist

I would rather have a machine
The hateful leaders
Making decisions
With logical precision

So we have two choices
One is to figure out
How to clasp palms
Re-adjoining our doubt

The other to ignore
Carry on in space
A community revolution
With democratic devolution

It’s the worst it can get
This ignorant movement
Air-headed days
Of reversed improvement

So if anarchy is the way
Let’s give it a whirl
Anything is better than this
I ponder, in poetic bliss.

DeaBeePea 3-13-18


Yes, I write
And ideas take flight
Embellished tales
With a sarcastic bite

Nothing stops
It’s a downpour of thought
And lazy dreams
That imagination bought

No initial purpose
Just an exposition of mind
That despite its rigour
Intends to be kind

I like the bareness
And honest spark
It sends a light
Through soulful dark

And others pen
With ink of power
Inspiring hope
But doubts so sour

The messages are clean
Unfiltered and true
And are sometimes confusing
In their personal spew

But they are they
And I am I
And when it comes to edit
There is a constant sigh

But with my friends
Of diligent spy
we assist each other
and might share a cry

punctuation is one thing
and premise may be questioned
but attacking purpose
brings forth indigestion

so we bring forth intent
and honest hearts
but must be open
to interpretive parts

and in my finality
I have to state
You get what you get
And that is my bait!

DeaBeePea 3-12-18


Ongoing process
An invasion
But my filter
Is a clean persuasion

The challenge is constant
Many shots
But most are balls
That bounce away in blots

Soft or hard
The razor is dull
Because it isn’t personal
In its stupid lull

Line after line
Of scattered thought
That dark and light
Have permanently bought

I often laugh
Holding back tears
Of hardened emotions
Through so many years

And it sounds so simple
To talk of love
And its celebrative passion
That fits like a glove

But it brings a smile
Thinking of those
Who are so bright
Wearing happy clothes

DeaBeePea 3-12-18

Am I Ready?

the springtime message
the miracle breath
an anointing of hope
an answer to death

redefining our steps
as we remember past years
knowing the resplendence
and the happiest tears

but am I ready?
in my cautious slumber
to tackle this blessing
avoiding my cumber

my head now turns
seeing the light
and the silent smiles
that simmer so bright

so I jerk myself
to avoid the for granted
and kick my heels
for a path so canted

DeaBeePea 4-28-18

Slippery Bridges

this supernatural dance
this lady of aura
a powerful wavelength
of spindly arms in flora

this blessing is new
as history is brief
only the togas of wealth
and jewels for a thief

her murexial shell
protects her from the vicious
with a luxurious sheen
to bridges propitious

the gamma rays instill
this magical walk
holding the rails
in this mysterious talk

losing consciousness
in a romantic haze
satiny and dignified
through rainless days

mourning and pomposity
are always threats
but our princess, no worries
or darkened regrets

the music continuous
evoking endurance
of love and the soul
in my dreamlike occurrence

DeaBeePea 4-28-18

Why I Write

I have nothing better to do
it is as simple as that
if I attempt other things
I become a rat

knawing at life
tasting the beggar's toes
losing my soul
in thoughtless throes

in unconscious mind
I scribble my notions
and come across
some deadly potions

love and laughter
and the absurdities a float
building bridges
to cross my moat

a mental fear
that disappears
when I grab my quill
and collect my tears

they form a pond
that soothes my skin
and I swim in joy
with a sheepish grin

and I thank my cronies
of creative lilt
for love and kindness
as we needle our quilt

DeaBeePea 4-28-18

Am I Going
(Thank Rebecca for Going to Mars)

I don't want to terraform
with my lens
and my skidoo

a lightweight super-fast jet-boat
traveling through the drips
of melting countries glue

this panorama of turquoise, fuchsia and rose
my large telescopic eyes
amazed at the pods in view

the contrails are mesmerizing
spelling a condensation trail
amidst the blood of blue

pondering my arrival
in carbon dioxide and frozen water
searching for a clue

if those impact craters so welcoming
are marks of glistening saucers
or meteors that blew

the Roman God of war awaits
as I travel in the time of sol
pelted by morning's dew

the heliocentric reality
of Mr. Copernicus' mind
spells out my destinations pew

my unpolluted mind is joyous
hoping for a message
the palate for which I drew

DeaBeePea 4-28-18


Thank you to Rebecca Huklit

this explosive miracle
daisies in the dew
as searching eyes blew

thoughts of hope
red feathers of the sun
the splashing leaves do run

this floral kaleidoscope
in a global sphere
in this bright four season year

celebrating infinity
meandering love
and the Mesopotamian dove

but the hostility wanes
as the fillets are knotted
and festivities plotted

this blossoming world
the golden green trails
and passionate sails

guiding us over seas
the float is our dream
in our silent scream

DeaBeePea 4-30-18


yes this can be done
but the playing field
is besot with landmines
and manipulating rules

so first you have to clarify
intent and values
sometimes not lucid
by those luxurious swimming pools

so maybe it's better
to forget the whole damn thing
and be protective
of rights within

and slowly speak
with an honourable patience
and look for a breath
with a new found spin

but that inhale and sigh
may never come
until the plan
is thought deviously through

so that arena must be altered
with humankind's heart
and it might take years
or an infinite ensue

so I must rectify
this saddening doubt
incremental and firm
swimming in lively lakes

peace be with you
and loving smiles
conquering confidence
no drowning mistakes

DeaBeePea 4-30-18


Thank you to Rebecca Hulit

the snail of the sea
and one of fresh water
came to a meeting
and one brought their blotter

but a problem occurred
when the land snail failed
to arrive at this soiree
solutions to have nailed

this pulmonate gathering
was not about speed
but heliciculture
and its threatening deed

although the newest use
as wrinkle cream
was certainly discussed
it was not an integral theme

the garlic scare
was certainly expounded
and using it for escargot
was really unfounded

and an intellectual talk
of an evolutionary nature
from gills to lungs
and this human-like stature

they gnawed their radula
in grinding anger
that actually sounded
a deafening clangour

and of course they referred
to being misnamed
being called a slug
was like being framed

they concluded little
but continuing their lore
progress was slow
in their pontificating bore

DeaBeePea 4-30-18


shall I discourage
with this earthy title
making you cringe
in this tempting recital

it is a worthy topic
of smiling conference
bringing an end
to a terminal reference

when the time comes
of physical release
will I know hope
and joy's hopeful lease

will I remember
all that is good?
and thinking that I
did the best that I could

don't carry regret
to that breathless day
because you will continue
to suffer the fray

live life with passion
and remember no lines
dividing us forever
in jail-like confines

encourage the me
to sparkle and glitter
in a modest light
in an innocent chitter

speak of the miracle
of each shining star
and believe in creation
as the beginning of are

use any language
and version of us
that speaks of our evolution
as a story thus

of infinite life
and never-ending tales
each chapter a moment
as our spirit sails

DeaBeePea 5-17-18


is it too much
to ask
that hope is the
emotion to bask

instead of cynicism
and shaking heads
and tossing in beds

cannot morality
be the number one issue
and everything else
be a floating tissue

simple words
like love and passion
dictating our day to days
an overflowing ration

peace and respect
and modest giving
without concern
for material living

yes for consideration
and no of intoleration
realizing our imperfection
help without hesitation

it's not that hard
just an open heart
and a minutes thought
for a caring compart

DeaBeePea 5-15-14


am I aware of deviation?
in my repetitive patterns
setting a goal
of arbitrary role

doing things
that are the same
but each time vary
as my consciousness does carry

a wayward emotion
that is new to me
as if I am reborn
into a very strange morn

with a warning sign
of uncontrollability
a strange fear
that something exciting is near

this makes life worth living
in a baffling afront
testing composure
and unpopular exposure

but the freedom exists
in this place of rules
if you follow your heart
in your individual part

fitting in with a smile
and taking turns
encouraging others
in their poetic druthers

so this meandering journey
is really just a breath
the daily being
and joy of fleeing

DeaBeePea 5-12-18

Ode to Ford

there is a man named Doug
and quite frankly
he's kind of a thug

he has no mind that I can see
and has an ego so manic
and the personality of a tree

but actually that's wrong
because trees are pleasant and kind
and sing a happy song

Ford is a model T
that stands for twit
that makes we want to flee

a place I call home
so I pray he loses
so I don't have to roam

he has no idea of what to do
and he speak's in slogans
yes indeed, he has no clue

he connects to the people
who whine and sputter
on their crumbling steeple

blaming and finger pointing
with no direction
certainly not one to be annointing

so hard on the nerves
yes, Mr. Ford is taxing
in his dangerous curves

on his aimless highway
of infrastructural doom
no thanks, I'll do it my way

DeaBeePea 5-7-18

Cinco de Mayo

it is 1862
Pueblo is rustling
the French and Mexicans
and guns are bustling

financial ruin
a desperate plight
Mr. Juarez
the bills, an unpaid sight

the creditors came
from European lands
some compromise was reached
except France with awaiting hands

Napoleon III
a bully was he
carving up lands
in a military spree

stormed in Veracruz
Juarez in retreat
General Charles Latrille de Lorencez
thought be couldn't be beat

the Mexican army
of helpless ragtags
and Indigenous wanderers
of inconsequential flags

the undermanned army
of Zaragoza troops
defended the fort
at Puebla's low stoops

it lasted a day
the French were slaughtered
an impossible victory
the enemy blood-blottered

the resistance was bolstered
and now we celebrate
a symbolic battle
for the underdog mate

DaeBeePea 5-5-18

Tribute to Monty

the ladies auxiliary
flying purses
butts and bruises
and buttock curses

hollow heads
and burpy farts
stone-dead parrots
and nudging parts

early credits
breaking fourth wall
far too silly
a 16-ton fall

And now for something completely different
as Cupid's foot
crushes the title
so aptly put

hide and seek
of olympic scope
the Spanish Inquisition
and the upper-crust dope

the dandy lumberjack
and repeated spam
the cheese shop spoof
and silly walk ham

ill-defined humour
of thought-stopping jolt
leaving me scratching
like a mindless dolt

DeaBeePea 5-3-18

Political Analysis

we are in a state
a paralyzing disease
that has destroyed us

partisanship and quips
a waste
we need one answer only
BS erased

sincerity and integrity
a focussed view
simply selective

most important is why
coherent listening
with verbal dictation

when and how
with humour's sense
and a smile of term

aware of purpose
open eyes
stepping softly
but with intentions cries

so let's stop the garble
instinctive reality
honesty's ration

DeaBeePea 5-2-18


exploring myself
my oh my
there are lots of regions
so much to discover

uncharted territory
and very few paths
like that of a cold lover

created by past fears
that must be dissolved
strange polarity
and a temperate zone

planting flags
on special days
when I reach a place
with tired bones

my imagination
is my Santa Maria
as I look for lands
of hopeful words

hoping not to be plundered
which should not happen
for my skull and crossbones
is merely a flock of birds

will the is journey end?
that is hard to say
as there is no destination
other than content

and I suppose I am there
but I still want to travel
there might be a new life
and mystery to unravel

DeaBeePea 4-29-18


Why keep it
As ponder my past
Trying to think
of thoughts amassed

it was made to others
and myself as well
as long ago
as the farmer’s dell

have I kept any
or does it matter
of what I do
amidst the clatter

I think it does
But it’s hard to know
]ust where I’m at
As old winds blow

The ones to my heart
Are most important of all
And it’s not too late
To take this skate

Thorough my iced-up soul
And finding truth
There is a reason for me
In my emotional youth

DeaBeePea 5-21-18


We’ve lost our way
Our moral compass
Has fallen
Now broken glass

We look at mission
And fail do define
The heartfelt notes
from the pompous chime

we say yes to arrogance
and stupid claims
offering solutions
of selfish aims

we are blinded to voice
our minds shut off
to simple love
and caring coughs

our throats are dry
from cynical rivers
flowing past us
in tickling quivers

so lets wake up
to the glowing sun
and believe in good
so the hate will run

DeaBeePea 5-21-18


I am not sure why
I just do it
Breathing and snoring
But, it’s never boring

I guess that’s why
It just keeps going
This perpetual motion
That is a poignant potion

Continue to scream
Not sure at all
About being heard
As the cocktail is stirred

People nod
And there seems to be love
But nothings occurs
As the picture blurs

I still have hope,
yes it keeps me going
But I’m losing patience
Fearing impercipience

So I will wake up
With open ears
And not get too worried
About cheers or jeers

DeaBeePea 5-21-18

Political Reality

we must not be too eager
to face political reality
for it is established
in hypocritical duality

we must take hold
of our rightful place
and make our political right
a chance to save face

for the people
is an old phrase indeed
buts still holds true
a momentous creed

but who are these people
some who have poverty
others poverty of mind
losing their charity

there must be a voice
both of love and calm
but loud and harsh
with an open palm

I have no answers
but faith is utmost
in truth and fellowship
and humility in boast

DeaBeePea 5-21-18

Garden Time

Peat moss and mulch

And black earth to boot

Pig manure

for things to root

Bloomsdale spinach

and Simpson lettuce

Icicle radish

And a kale fetish

A garden gnome

And rusty cat

And mushroom ornaments

Now fancy that

Lina Sisco's bird egg bean

And oriental yard

Vines and runners all over the place

And maybe some Swiss Chard

It’s a lot of fun

And some days I sit

And talk to them

And laugh a bit

And the reward is great

As a salad appears

Fresh and tangy

I’m full of cheers

DeaBeePea 5-22-18

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