Are you Serious?

When I grow up
my verse has stopped

the potential for this poem
has been dropped

For I am a man, you know
but still a little boy

this is not a typical
a pattern
and it is not a ploy

the truth of reality
this rather silly sex

on women we put
this ridiculous hex

we play power games
and something called war

and a fascination with games
we're actually quite a bore

but I am one, so I have to live
with it
trying to do my best

but growing up?
expressing a poetic quest

but at least it's fun
that's all
all I can say about the situation

we are 50% or so
than the other half of the nation

DeaBeePea 7-3-17

My Fire

The fire inside
is not worrisome
there are no ulcers
or stomach aches

I feel no obligation
or any kind of duty
to put it out
or put on the brakes

I like the flame
it keeps me warm
and gives me the weapons
to announce my scorn

and I play a role
that I feel has been given
this particular profile
ever since I was born

to scorch those people
who have no respect
to our earthly blessings
and miracles gifts

and if this broiling
causes some anger
than that's fine with me
I don't mind rifts

DeaBeePea 7-2-17

Canada is 150

I am not a flag waver
or a firecracker soul
but there is room
for celebrations role

we have failed to listen
to groups that we label
as on the fringe
and somehow less able

our anger and intolerance
boil to mud
then we pay the price
as we land with a thud

we toy with God's world
a trash can of abuse
and leave our system
hanging on a noose

But there is a quiet
and peaceful kindness
that skims the waters
of our growing mindfulness

so lets not overdo
our hooray for the past
or current dilemma
of broken mast

but sail to the future
in the winds of unity
destined as a nation
of sharing community

DeaBeePea 7-1-17


I think of politicians
and life coaches
and sometimes even writers
in their verbal diatribes

sportscasters and evangelists
and God forbid
sometimes even me!
so difficult to imbibe

but this year the torrents
have been that of water
rain, rain, rain,
in it's cloudy and soggy release

the crops are rotting
and the streets are flooding
people are now praying
for some kind of drying peace

are the God's angry?
are they mad at us?
for all our carelessness
and refusal to obey

or has this liquid just built up
over years of withhold
bursting from a giant swell
exultant in this giant spray

I must admit, I do see the beauty
in this fountain of miracles
but I guess enough
is surely enough, I declare

we need the sun
and it's warming soul
to grow the fruits
to feed our despair

DeaBeePea 6-29-17

Another Step

you speak of another step
and where indeed I am taken
an important thing to qualify
as my destiny might be shaken

if it is in the direction of right
then things might work out fine
but if the direction is wrong
it takes me across the line

there then is a need to improvise
and find a way out of this quandary
that might require me to speak
and air out dirty laundry

but I always trust myself
because I know what I truly want
with consideration of others
and negotiating thoughtful detente

DeaBeePea 6-28-17

I Am a Ceiling Fan Yes… I am a ceiling fan That is, a worshipper Of those man-made skies As I raise my curious eyes The national gallery Of Melbourne fame A glorious web Of triangular frame

The Teatro Nacional A coffee and banana celebration But errors are apparent The artists knowledge is errant Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood A stunning collage of murals Biblical scenes resplendent Cascades of reverent swirls The Strahov Monastery Is Prague’s hall of glory So sumptuous and ornate It’s fresco library innate Now the Windy City And a dome of tiffany art A cultural centre of glass A stunning sky of compart The Library of Congress The capital’s authority A lettered archival tribute To authors of sonority The Senso-ji Temple Okyo’s ancient retreat A giants dragon with talons And it’s bright and pinkish concrete The Residenz of Wurzburg Displaying four world continents A collosal Baroquian palace An infinite chalice The Ottoman Sultan Ahmet Istanbul’s Byzantine divinity A Blue Mosque of mosaic In soft and quiet sanguinity And not to forget The Sistine Chapel The Renaissance culmination Of Michelangelo’s rumination DeaBeePea 6-30-17

The Special

from big apple's roar
to Miami's Latin flair
a winter's caravan journey
rolling on Seaboard's Air

In 1925's boom
a land of opportunity trail
luxurious and blazing
35 hours of rail

a real estate temptation
for those of wealthy means
red and orange and green
these cars were made for Queens

boasting a bakery on board
fresh flowers at every stop
wine and liquor deluxe
and champagne of very top

demised in '53
it's story comes to end
this flying fortress so grand
might be coming 'round the bend

DeaBeePea 6-27-17

Meditating About Meditating

I guess I'll go
to meditation
to "peacen" myself
and find my station

to locate my space
and see inside
without a thought
to take me off-side

but sometimes I ask
is it all worthwhile, if
all I do is...
come out of it with a smile

now that's okay
but there should be more
my mid still racing
about various scores

Clouds and colours
Birds and tress
by the occasional sneeze

Not only that
but even a snore
can be found to be purring
in the universe of lore

But I'll keep trying
and maybe, this new place I'll find
reverie and mindfulness
in this forgiving unwind.

DeaBeePea 6-26-17

July 4

Canada had its big day, now I guess it's your turn. But I ask, do you have anything to celebrate ?

... maybe searching for an independence from reality
... that small island of refuge
... broken telecommunications
... allowing you a chance at normality

... a view of common hair
... whether bald or long
... as long as it doesn't
... give you that daily scare

... that constant head-shaking
... creating a sore neck
... you all must get a break
... from this crap, for goodness sake

... and all his mannequin women
... with plastic faces and smiles
... you don't really need that
... making you sour like a lemon

... so as you bask on your island
... think ahead four years
... this nightmare might be over
... and you can return back to sigh-land

DeaBeePea 7-4-17

The Day After

Every day

Is a day after

As we ponder somewhat

In our mind’s rafter

Why I did

What I did

It seems so silly now

Realizing that I flipped my lid

Or I said nothing

In passiveness

When I should have spoken or yelled

In a voice of massiveness

Or just relaxed

Enjoying the day

Instead of worrying

Being joyous in play

But most of all

I should have embraced

That beautiful girl

With the smiley face

DeaBeePea  7-5-17

A tribute to a friend in jazz. Serenade in Alex I was hummin’ to myself I've got the words, I've got the tune, And my murmurs recollected Those days under the moon I thought of that voice Singing to me in swingin’ tease One night in Monte Carlo The sweetheart of the nightly breeze

It 'twas only natural to hear the romance and love And a kissing glass of wine Yes! It was a melancholy lullaby Winging through the clinging vine My hearty was topsy turvy In an Annette Henshaw craze My inner panic is on Doggone I mean in daze If I have, just one more chance To hear that red-head voice Each night I will say a little prayer For that ever-lovin’ voice Putting an end to all my sorrows The moon rays spray a dance And blessing me with sweet tomorrows Carrying my backward glance Fare thee well, Mamma’s gone goodbye I hear that bobcat song So now’s the time to let you know what’s on my mind I’m confessin’ in my spinning throng That joyous liberty Of my own creation’s love As I walk with Alex Pangman Looking at the fog above DeaBeePea 7-5-17


spinning and streaking

At the beginning of night

The glittering rainbow

Of cloud and light

The sun is gone

Hiding in shadows

These rainbows scatter

as the wind barely blows


frozen in time

sudden crystallization

in the highest sky

marshmallow illumination


I take my latitude

Aware of the ghosts

That reflect off me

So magically engrossed 

DeaBeePea 7-13-17

Getting Hotter

yes indeed
I'm getting hotter
I'm not getting that word
"You're getting colder"

I'm in a sweat
a constant challenge
taking on tasks
that make me smolder

I tend to see
myself as special
warming up
for those special events

but I'd better be careful
I'm also older
and losing logical
common sense

I keep saying
your not God's gift
to women
so stern in finger

I'd better smarten up
and change my ways
and stop that habit
of delusions alinger

and settle in
to a more passive style
writing and dreaming
of a world of peace

but once and a while
I let it slip
forgetting who I am
in crazy release

DeaBeePea 7-12-17

But That's Not All . . . !
or Thoughts of a Modest Man

not only am I modest
and a true gentleman
I am dietary wise
very much a lentilman

I am rather good-looking
and as smart as a whip
and a connoisseur of wine
love taking that sip

I am of so many talents
a great sense of humour
and a writer of stature
it's more than a rumour

modesty is my mantra
as I accept myself in quiet
for my simple greatness
my presence quelling riots

a humanitarian leader
and romantic in song
with a businesslike pen
listing my throng

it's sometimes difficult
being massively astute
so I refrain if possible
from too loud a toot

DeaBeePea 7-11-17


went the abyss

in silent smirking

its blackness haunting

in its endless creep

in an echo so baiting

angry and defiled

or of peace
where battles cease

another world masking

to an inner nation

to a crashing flump

or spinning
to a new beginning

DeaBeePea 7-9-17


I don't deny
deliberate delusions
dignifying derogatory
and demeaning defence

and frankly
fastidious and fortunately forthcoming
frowns and friction
are finely phrased fiction

but all the alliteration
applies analogous assumptions
angers artistic authors
and accompanies acute attention

So in summation
sustaining silly similarities
secreting suspecting sounds
sometimes sonorous songs

DeaBeePea 7-8-17

Rivers of Wax

those bottles of drip
Bordeaux in wax
colours so chosen
as the festivities tip

a French cafe infusion
of candlelit romance
like tears of joy they speak
suspended in illusion

stout or tall
and graceful in flow
above the torches
bleed their call

the smouldering rivers
and burning streams
memories of autumn
and the Left bank shivers

this tradition is endeared
the wick we flame
a glowing reminder
flickering and mirrored

DeaBeePea 7-7-17


“Did you get my message?”
People inquire
And I say “No,
why, are you dire?”

they look at me strange
sensing sarcasm
as if I’m implying
they’re having a spasm

you see, I have something old
it’s called a land line
a forgotten memory
of days so fine

I don’t always get those
Calls right away
Dare say, I go out
To drink and to play

But I do get back
Sooner or later
Because my friends are important
There is nothing greater

But when I leave home
I like to be free
Away from obligations
Like a free-flying bee

So give me call
I am happy to hear
That you’re doing well
And would go out for some cheer!

DeaBeePea 7-6-17

will you accept my challenge? be honest be kind but speak your mind say what you feel and make me reel

be your special self and don't sit on the shelf dispel the rumours of mean-spirited humours gather the crowd to uncover the shroud to laugh and sing giving life zing perform as a misfit if that makes a hit and spread goodwill for love is top-bill an occasional error shouldn't bring terror we're only human and that is true... man DeaBeePea 7-10-17


I'm sitting here
for pandemonium's
chaos so grand
people swarming
where, what and why
no answer, so
in noon day's sun
still demanding madness

DeaBeePea 7-14-17


Is there such a word
Everything is so crazy

DeaBeePea 7-14-17


black and white cat-foot
frolicking so bold
black patches tumbling
in bamboo gulping mode

vulnerable but strong
this giant silhouette
swirling and lunging
in pandamonium's sweat

DeaBeePea 7-14-17

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