At this very moment...
everything seems in slow motion it is not for any particular reason I am not depressed or forlorn or lacking confidence or in a drunken daze I am in a lazy realm an almost moodless trance watching things go by being happy with doing nothing but being enriched in soulful observation listening to pretty voices imagining sweet smiles my imagination caressing beauty DeaBeePea 4-10-16


the haughty dowager
speaks out of turn
"I am devasted"
she plaintively cries

shocked at promiscuity
and indiscriminate decorum
pretending innocence
through little white lies

"I will not allow this
blight on my family,
we've been respected for centuries
and loved thoroughly by all"

the snickers could be heard
with hands over mouths
enjoying this performance
of overtly hypocritical shawl

the young cousins in vamp
mingled and flirted
ignoring prestige
sipping drink with nimiety

the gossip flew
from voice to voice
and the legend continued
in its textured piety

DeaBeePea 4-9-16


from personal reflection
it is actually true
that I outgrow nothing
whether black or blue

I just disguise my plays
to appear mature
even though they're the same
leaving my spoor

games and contests
against myself
testing resilience
leaving scores on the shelf

a bookcase of analysis
meaning very little
but fascinating in its way
rows of falling skittles

but I don't get too silly
and aging is a plus
defining my life better
secure foundation and truss

but I do salute women
who prioritize at best
understanding the reason
for our behavioral fest

DeaBeePea 4-8-16

Sing Me To Sleep

I don't really care

what your song is

all I know

is one important thing

it don't mean a thing

if it ain't got that swing

so as I lie

if you sing to me

it doesn't matter 

if it's a lullaby

just don't be shy

and make your voice fly

I might not fall

asleep right away

but when I do

I'll be in jazz empyrean

my mood will be epicurean

dreaming in cerulean 

blues in the night

bouncing off feathers

kissing my dancing desire

as I look into her eyes

your trancing guise

my slumbering prize

DeaBeePea 3-20-16

Out of Range   

he was now out of range

now a very sad man

living in the city

where buffalo never ran

freedom's decline

left him desolate of hope

as his new land of concrete

was a desperate grope

a cowboy forever

no stirrups to hold

his feet in direction

for his travel so bold

he missed the wind

dusty in flight

and the whispering grasslands

forever in sight

and his four-legged friend

mane and tail in the breeze

flowing in it's gallop

nothing left to appease

the deer and antelope played

in his world of steppe

his dreams marching forward

no burdens of schlep

it was now his destiny

to return to the plains

where his heart and breath met

calloused hands on the reins

 DeaBeePea 3-12-16 

Saint Ides

her fest day of Ide

of January fete

a fostering mother

of Erin's saints

Cluain Credhail

her patronage crowned

wisdom and purity

and gentle speech renowned

consecrated in faith

St.Ita Church her nativity

four acres to plough

open-handedness of sensitivity

she replied when asked

of Gods list of misdeed

a scowling face

obstinacy and greed

far ahead of time

her monastery a college

of sisters and brothers

sharing their knowledge

a miracle worker

of austerity and song

a lullaby for Jesus

sung by her throng

her cancerous death

whether truth or myth

a conflation of sanctity

and her suffering herewith

DeaBeePea 3-13-16

The Swim

your smile has lost its light

your eyes seem out of flight

feeling you creates no stir

and memories, such a blur

I don’t know what is missing

Our lips are never kissing

And I don’t seem to care

For the passion I once dared

But I think I know the solution

That considers no pollution

A skinny dip in lake so sparkling

crystal clear from moon in darkling

our naked skin is touched

with silky ointment smutched

re-awakening our forgotten lust

washing off apathy’s dust

DeaBeePea 3-15-16

Interesting Question

who I am is

is hard to define

I have had many answers

over time

what I am

is rather funny


I'm a hyper-man bunny

when of course

can be seen as non-entity

if you see life as infinite

with an unknown identity

where I am

can be a physical question

or a mental state

of manic suggestion

but how I like to think

is rather certain

my parents in love

closing the curtains

DeaBeePea 3-16-16


many differ 'chauns

but I prefer

the Monaghan one

of Cluricawne

an evening coat

with shallow tail

a beety red

a color of gloat

a vest of green

shamrock in shade

hidden in the forest

so hard to be seen

his breeches are white

down to his feet

no striped socks

for this fellow so bright

shoes so shiny

not actually a boot

he looks more scholarly

with his feet so tiny

his hat is pointed

cone-shaped and long

the sharpness a weapon

if mood is disjointed

but like all he is impish

a gold-seeking knave

a tricky little bugger

anything but wimpish

DeaBeePea 3-17-16

Leprechaun International

James Lepre-Caan

not known for misery

but once got caught

in a psychotic plot

Lepre-Khan Noonien Singh   

controlling the earth

three-quarters at that!

what a mischievous splat

Genghis Lepre-Khan

Mongolian invasions

his claim to fame

an Uyghur script his claim

Kublai Lepre-Khan

his empire not to Yuan

beating his brothers

in military smothers

Madeline Lepre-Kahn  

the operatic pixie

and Monsters paramour

spurning his purring roar 

Sammy Lepre-Cahn

a melodic elf

with "High Hopes" for sure

a pocketful of miracles to endure

this poem is "Chaun" game

only for amusement

just an imaginative jaunt

Nameology to flaunt

DeaBeePea 3-17-16


images of comfort

strolling in the park

a romantic connection

rubbing nature's bark

frolicking on the beach

the shells a minor threat

jellyfish along the edge

celebrating plantars in wet

a native way of life

music around the fire

chants of faith of miracle

avoiding stressful mire

jokeful images of dancing

footless in her hair

or on the coals of torch

repellant to the flare

freedom is the emblem

no nails through the toes

unencumbered through the forest

through leaves and wistful blows

DeaBeePea 3-19-16


spring has a ring
green sounds that sing
the exploding of roots
and sap running wild

more sun to cheer
the days of the year
temperatures rising
for the flowering child

the rivers flow strong
for their journey so long
the bouncing of boulders
and eroding of shores

nature tranforms
an ever-expanding dorm
searching for nests
of blossoming doors

some trees still bare
small buds in stare
searching for morning
and it's breakfast tray

soggy and wet
the ground beset
with duty and provision
and wildlife's pray

opening and closing
colours exposing
gaiety spreads
the squirrels dancing

walks in the thickets
sun breaking through wickets
the underfoot spongy
imagination branching

DeaBeePea 3-19-16


I thought you were a friend?
he angrily spoke
so many years
you helped me when broke

suddenly you ignore
my requests for help
and you act like I'm useless
...a silly yelp

my echo is sincere
I admire you fully
a good friend indeed
never a bully

but suddenly you act cold
as if I've disappeared
I don't understand
my emotions you've steered

I feel used and controlled
you've never done anything
to improve your lot
treating life like a fling

I'm tired of your complaining
and negative vibes
you wear me out
as my trust divides

you don't seem to recognize
your downward spiral
blind to your problems
that have become stupidly viral

I have lost respect
for you, and that hurts
but you are your own worst enemy
sending friends to the outskirts

DeaBeePea 4-2-16

Gaslight Where were you why were you there are you sure of the time no reason or rhyme did you love her, be honest we'll find out the truth we'll know if your lying not fooled by your crying you were seen at the crime running away give us an explanation and then a confession we'll treat you fairly if you admit your guilt your sentence will be reduced and your reputation induced you don't have a chance so help us with this and you'll feel relieved that you haven't deceived DeaBeePea 4-5-16


condescending and frequent
what a deadly combo
creating a quagmire
of nagging gumbo

don't fall for it
taking advantage
of the verbosity and wealth
of literary plantage

you have to learn
how to decipher
sincere from meretricity
to avoid being victim's lifer

it can mean to serve
but beware of slavery
history tells us
it can make us unsavory

DeaBeePea 4-6-16

An "unauthorized" poem for Krist Maria Robertson, a wonderful facebook friend.

Horsing Around

she has been called
as fresh and free
as a waterfall

Victorian gingerbread
trims her dreams
and deceitful politics
demands her call

for fairness and love
as the rhythms dance
on jitterbugs wings
at humanity's ball

the waking of the forest
and its gentle whispers
as the horses whimper
with their maning shawl

carolinian leaves
flutter to her voice
as she laughs and giggles
as a blond bombshell

bubbling in cuisine-art
dishing it out
you'll have to meet her
she's quite a doll!

DeaBeePea 1-12-17

Brief Poem

in low-rise, medium-rise, high-rise,
multiple cuts
Waist minimizing waistbands
Butt enhancing designs
Package boosting pouches
Fast-drying fabrics
Anatomically correct
boxer, bikini, and thong
trunks, boxers,
and G-strings too

and finally now
truly a selection stew

but tradition I defend

Fruit of the Loom

is what you'll find
in my room

DeaBeePea 1-15-17

Ode to a Friend

Nancy Beal
certainly makes me reel
she is so funny
and is as busy as a bunny

she's from out of town
which makes me frown
but that's okay I trust
'cause she's near the Sawdust

we share our musings
along with our boozing
but remain quite dignified
as our conscience guides

wine and words
and liking birds
a nature lover
like a hummingbird hover

chipmunks and hats
and JC stories
rather prolific I'd say
in her author's glory

DeaBeePea 1-11-17

Here We Go

Here we go round the mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush.
Here we go round the mulberry bush
so early in the morning.*

Here we go round the trumpy dump,
trumpy dump,
trumpy dump,
Here we go round the trumpy dump
so early in the morning.

Here we go, climbing the wall,
climbing the wall,
climbing the wall,
Here we go, climbing the wall,
so early in the morning.

Here we go, seeing that face,
seeing that face,
seeing that face,
Here we go seeing that face,
so early in the morning.

Here we go, listening to crap,
listening to crap,
listening to crap,
Here we go listening to crap,
so early in the morning.

Here we go, being so sick,
being so sick,
being so sick,
Here we go, being so sick,
so early in the morning.

Here we go, packing our bags,
packing our bags,
packing our bags,
Here we go, packing our bags,
so early in the morning.

Here we go, hoping for light,
hoping for light,
hoping for light,
Here we go, hoping for light,
so early in the morning.

Here he goes, being impeached,
being impeached,
being impeached,
Here he goes, being impeached,
so early in the morning.

Here we go, with this song of hope,
song of hope,
song of hope,
Here we go, with this song of hope,
so early in the morning.

*Local historian R. S. Duncan suggests that the song originated with female prisoners at HMP Wakefield. A sprig was taken from Hatfield Hall (Normanton Golf Club) in Stanley, Wakefield, and grew into a fully mature mulberry tree around which prisoners exercised in the moonlight.

DeaBeePea 1-20-17

I Like Rice

flexible and meek
treated in oblique
from China to Mexico
it's something I seek

from pilaf to risotto
paella to biryani
spicy or cool
it's simply uncanny

wild and basmati
and jasmine so fragrant
fried or steamed
creations so flagrant

such as making crisps
or a goji berry dish
it never ends
this crazy wish

the Vietnamese do it well
with peanut oil
and with chilli tuna
makes me recoil

so you get the gist
it's a marvelous grass
whether long grain or short
it's hard to surpass

DeaBeePea 1-19-17

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