the drylanders

Ford's monument

to heroes

as the stagecoach

stirs dust

and hostile lust

shooting spines

so succulent

as areoles

flower, so bright

ribbed or fluted

transpiration diluted

solitary globes

monolithic columns

clustered stumps

and tuning fork mountains

tubercle stars

webbed conical bars

running roots

cupped pericarpel

and flower buds

psychoactive claim

spiritual healing

sandy kneeling

bees and bats

and hummingbirds

fruits and pads

from fig cacti

syruped and boiled

Mexicans toiled

Phthalo green

puce and pink

Avocado and folly

wisteria hysteria

a Heliotrope ballet

a needled splay

DeaBeePea 2-9-15

Image 5

Looking Glass Redux

A fairy tale collage

Mocking the tales

Tortoise in party

Because he tort-oise

With purpoise

A New Year prevails

Not melancholy now

as chirping Lory

With no one legged master

…or older sis-tory

Dreaming in gold

Amidst the clatter

Shouldered by ears

Long John’s silver tongue

of plundering ear-as

Alice’s poetry rants

A confused recited trance

The scales up and down

silly melodies crooned

at party full of clowns

the hat is large

a morphous shell

no reply to why

ravens like writing desks


pondering over

a riddler crossing

an emerald city road

painted in pink

awaiting a bitty-toad

fairy tale fractured

the hare is long gone

so slow and sure

no race at all

Alice has no an-sure

2-10-15 DeaBeePea


Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

A coat of many colours

some say tartan

some say plaid

Blue, red and gold

terrycloth bold

for style, quite mad

His beach bag ajar

his toes quite frigid

water as cold as ice

It swirls and teases

in the northern breezes

it’s not at all nice

His skin now red

goosebumps instilled

aid fingers erect

A bad hair day too

as a swim seems taboo

Fear I detect

But he should’t worry

about his fate

if he jumps

Because after all

is done and said

dead men don’t wear plaid

DeaBeePea 2-10-15

Image 4


King of beta

City of the world

felled Canaanean blade

a javelin burrowed

Remorse of Tyche

jealousy, lost fortune

jury hung in bribe

uncertain proscribe

Incident in Grand Serail

a civil clash in throes

occupational defense

a green line exposed

Doha proposed

solution revised

challenge suggested

His corpse a prize

His face appears

found by Maronites

the face a spear

petrified in jeer

DeaBeePea 2-10-15

Bat Thorn

Dry and bister

Herbaceous and proud

Gathered in mountains

Decorating shroud

Meadowed so still

Picked in haste

Protection from fear

And teeth in taste

Well-drained bodies

White and stale

Poisonous at night

In vampires bale

Held in hands

And transfixed in dread

After the bat

Dusts air for dead

Toxins a wolf’s bane

Periwinkle guise

A monkshood aconitum

Transylvanian lies

DeaBeePea 2-10-15

Ballerina Orchid

Australian girl

creamed in tutu

pointe in fuchsia

shadowed chromes in swirl

A maiden in poise

posed in reach

hands embraced

the singing of toys

Rooted in Russian soil

of Tchaikovsky’s toil

leaved in balconies

the admiring sun

Applause of rain

and sounds of swans

stemmed in silence

in dainty feign

DeaBeePea 2-11-15

New Shoes

not often bought

an after thought

expensive but slipshod

quality flawed

second hand stores

with traditional garb

often have loafers

worthy of chauffeurs

classic brand name

for little at all

a little polish

blowsiness abolished

the Oxford look

a preppy feel

reminding me of college

and all that knowledge

laced and tied

on I amble

selectively soled

my identity scrolled

DeaBeePea 2-11-15

Just plain bored...

What is it like

to be stranded in yawn


no passsion drawn

nothing to do

idle confusion

sitting in silence

creating delusion

likely depression

or evil memory

acting as cult

grating like emery

no laughter within

or dancing thoughts

descending motivation

activity fraught

but boredom is roused

by negative desire

self- imposed exile

that leeriness requires...

DeaBeePea 2-11-15


bleached land

pure in hand

milkweed and barely

sheafs in gentle strand

admiring deer

confused in peer

the open house

small and queer

the stucco book

a chaptered nook

pages strewn

suspended in hook

like Susans in stare

a curious snare

but nothings inside

their comforting lair

submitted by friends

a hand to lend

sweet smelling grass

and rains kvass

DeaBeePea 2-12-15

Sing With Me

I am a low tenor

or maybe bass

I like to think

of no disgrace

so sing with me

I hope your soprano

things might click

if we have a piano

someone to accompany

to fill the chords

and add some rhythm

as harmonies poured

the perfect duo

because we're in rapture

each note a letter

to each other to capture

our arms entwined

our voices pure

Our Love Is Here to Stay

an anthem so sure

DeaBeePea 2-11-15

My GOSH It's Cold

yes, it's cold

and mightily bold

without thick socks

my feet to scold

my shaven head

is cool in dread

without a toque

I could be dead

my gloves don't work

they seen to shirk

their duty to warm

my hands in irk

but if bundled up

and a little hot sup

and snowshoes donned

it can be pleasures pup

DeaBeePea 2-13-15


minus seventeen

the wind careens

snow capped in ice

a crystal's glean

frozen and white

winter's bite

blasting force

an algific smite

barren trees

and hidden leaves

branches painting

the sky's brittle sneeze

a crunchy walk

around the block

but not too long

in frostbites knock

DeaBeePea 2-13-15

Little Women


High spirits

evolving from love

Marmee’s daughter

four slangful doves

visiting neighbours

ogre, unexplained rift

a turreted boy

and blancmange gift

upstairs and do your sums

clildish prattle

illness and aimlessness

a far gone rattle

a few trifles in honor of the day

and compassionate breads

shivering and hungry

bearing their threads

I will never do it again

A lying compromise

Blackboard sketches

A wipeable stain

19 hairpins and popovers

simply fastidious, bumpkins

angels in hoods and mittens

she is some pumpkins!

Undine and Sintram

fatal formal ease inspires

a satirical play

The Witch’s Curse of dire

Collapsing in set

liberty…. fly with me

Christopher Columbus’

A moustached journey

Mona the hag and black Hugo

in Roderigo’s rescue

a fell design

whistling her sign

Young ladies and

ungrateful wretches

save me, save me

luring Pilgrim’s Progress

From dishes and dusters

as The Phantom Hand

Jo’s magic pen

forever a myth, of true ascend

DeaBeePea 2-2-15

Horse Head Rendering

This connotates

something to me

that smells of murder

humanities plea

although it might only

be a tribute to Mare

a loving honour

to pet in despair

but it reminds me of hunting

and plaques of death

celebrating men

whose courage I detest

I prefer them living

or graved in dignity

the flowing mane

in galloping reign

DeaBeePea 2-6-15

Elephant Bath

A tartan towel

Awaiting its toil

As falling foam prowls

watering Pink Williams

Floating on bubbles

Pachyderm of cocoa

as frothy beads ascend

illusory in rococo

Where are they from

the tusks of air

or tub of spumescent oceans

four-legged and far

fauceted features

a porcelain creature

hot and cold

in ivory moods

The dawning on floor

To create a slip

A slide out the door

To a human world

A sub-Saharan mastodon

Immersing here?

A mythic legend

a floppy eared muskateer

DeaBeePea 2-7-15

Hard to Believe

Fred and Barney
rubbles and flintstones
rocks in their head
I make no bones

they smoked their Winstons
as Betty and Wilma toiled
sitting out back
their image was foiled

and they waited for happy hour
to drink some beer
Busch Bavarian
making them adhere

to the sponsor's request
to promote their wares
despite the threat

DeaBeePea 10-7-16

so many things
a storm can be
and mean in its ferocity
of whistling rings

it appears to be outrage
with its mighty whip
howl and force
tearing the page

of history and lore
with given names
as hazel and bob
where the tears do flow

but I take it as warning
that we're here together
sharing the land
each cloudy morning

we must be benign
and be the link
maintaining our existence
carrying the sign

of our universal role
in this amazing spiral
of continuous rebirth
building our soul

DeaBeePea 10-9-16


the list is endless
my chain of thanks
a connection of love
on solid banks

made by friends
and family forgiving
making each moment
inspirational living

whether laughs or cries
it all seems like illusion
this miracle of faith
in a magical fusion

the connection is assured
if encouragement is sincere
and from me it is
I respect you so clear

whether near or far
our hearts are joined
with hope for better
and a home of peaceful quoin

DeaBeePea 10-9-16


I don't like my chili chilly
preferring spicy hot
habanero orange
too much I would be fraught

but just the right amount
is a zest that I can sweat
with a touch of cranberry and syrup
just like a saucy aigrette

over an oaty bun
on a cool and breezy day
with all the colours waving
as leaves resplendent sway

the autumn chill accompanied
by flavours so inviting
as I don my sienna sweater
a taste that is truly inciting

DeaBeePea 10-10-16


it is a psychological study
when these are delivered
am I being flippant
or traveling upriver?

trying to show
that my mind is so quick
sending a message
with a very brief flick

some are witty
some fall short
but as I ponder the effort
it makes me retort

am I evading emotion
in humour's disguise
trying to be flashy
with a sarcastic reprise?

but I guess in the end
it's me being me
which amounts to something
in my loyal decree

as long as I don't overdo
these quips in a click
because sometimes they're short
of explanations wick

DeaBeePea 10-11-16

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