as dusk turns to dark
and the insects hide
it is time to gather
all side by side

guitars and marshmallows
jokes and stories
memories of school
and past won glories

kindling our friendships
wondering why
this isn't done more often
under the starlit sky

old flames might be present
or moved far way
some are now married
to a friend of past play

we laugh about others
but mostly ourselves
remembering our silliness
and trivial delves

as the larger logs dwindle
and our eyes get lazy
our wit becomes slow
and our ponderings hazy

we then retire
to our zippered sleep
listening for noises
within our dreams to creep

DeaBeePea 6-13-17


they are everywhere
splattered like paint
brushstrokes of curiosity
our perceptions to paint

not always round
sometimes obtuse
poking our imagination
our heads going loose

but we should never doubt
or fear these images
opening our mind
to conceptual scrimmages

some have gravity
and others may not
demanding our desire
to direct an onslaught

a swirling mind game
that has no winner
just a blast of inspiration
for a maddening dinner

feeding my confusion
on a never-ending ride
my planetary tolerance
is my hearts searching guide

DeaBeePea 6-21-17

Dreary Night

seemed to be black in white
in gothic mood
and blind in sight

staggering so aimless
heads spinning 'round
each life so nameless

the moonlight seemed uncertain
the stars seemed angry
forming a doubtful curtain

spiralling as if to grab
taking all my notions
and perforating with stab

slimy was the stagnant air
the shrieking to slip and slide
shiny was the glossy glare

all liveliness was hidden
death in my blood
my heart seemed forbidding

where was the end?
as I wished for sunshine
looking for that stony bend

where that house would be
with candlelight
flickering just for me

aboard my magic horse
galloping for that dream
of dreariness' divorce

DeaBeePea 6-21-17

Where are you... 

Where are you?
we can see you...
but in some strange way
you don't seem to be here

you are 'unfindable'
in your current haze
looking into space
hiding like a deer

lurking and mumbling
virtually incoherent
as if your in dreamland
stricken by a spear

an arrow that has poisoned you
with a very strange fear
your eyes popping out
dramatizing your facial leer

I hope you come back
you are truly missed
you are after all, a character
and we want you near!

DeaBeePea 6-19-16

Sorry Gang...

Oh... I'm sorry gang
I've been gone for a while
stuck in uncertainty
losing my smile

lost in confusion
stumbling through closed doors
injuring my confidence
falling on many floors

but I will pick myself up 
and dust myself off
and try another path
pessimism to doff

realizing potential
only a matter of belief
in why I am here
to turn a new leaf

DeaBeePea 6-19-17

Any News

waiting rooms
a place to sweat
each second an hour
a born again fret

checking with nurses
who seemed rather busy
looking at me with angst
as if I was dizzy

each gurney went by
but it wasn't her
am I in the right hospital?
I asked myself in blur

finally it came
so the bundle came home
a miracle for sure
our loving sweet gnome

DeaBeePea 6-18-17

Is that the bell?

Johnny was playing, and didn't hear the bell
because of all the oinking, down in the dell
he was feeding the pigs, as they played in the mud
his dinner was waiting, and all those spuds

His hunger grew, and he tapped his belly
oh for some stew, and raspberry jelly
better late than never, he said as he ran
expecting the meal, from Mother Anne 

but there was no food, he was really late
then he was scolded, empty was his plate
he cried for an hour, then accepted his error
never to forget, this starving terror

DeaBeePea  6-17-17

Excuses and Liability

My excuses
are a liability
I make them up
to prove my reliability

they prove my dishonesty
and the fact I'm a cheat
but they are creative
which is really neat

I know they will doom me
but I'll deal with that
for now I'm surviving
in this bubbling vat

People buy it
I guess I'm lucky
that people are stupid
and that's just ducky!

DeaBeePea 6-16-17

Without a Paddle

one day is calm
and I sit 
as I slowly spin

seeing all angles
but stuck
in a mindless din

other days are rapid
as I fly
in currents rage

trying to wave
at passers-by
unable to engage

And I sense that
I'm sinking
one day at a time

So lend me a paddle
so I can steer
my reason and rhyme

DeaBeePea 6-15-17


Am I a pig?
that I've been called

occasionally expressing
some, not enthralled

but generally, I am 
a feminist for sure

not acting oinky
sexists not to endure

But, I must confess
in the mud I creep

mucking and rolling
but it's only skin deep!

DeaBeePea 6-14-17


I am thankful for this kissing breeze
so intimate in its windy call
dancing joyfully as I pause
to reflect on miracles and their cause

This creation is in God's hands
as the birch tree reaches out to me
the rippling waters sparkling smile
resting in the suns golden dial

Praise my friends gathered today
as our horizons open wide
fluttering leaves and faithful laughter
Peace and love forever after

DeaBeePea 6-2-17


a ribbon of the moonlight in steel
slashing the sky in two
the stars are simply mesmerized
spinning their motionless wheel

multiple mirrors of flickering glass
dancing to the shore
as I sit in awestruck wonder
in the waters magical mass

I ask how this can be
this performance by evenings cast
knowing that God has done this
to awaken me to a plea

talking to the moon of half a face
with a smirk of teasing nod
as I sink in laughing humility
but rejoicing in this shining place

to be taken to immune belief
that there is only one command
this universal candlelight
wavering its star-topped sheaf

goodnight to friends and sky
as my body passes to dreams
thankful for tomorrows prayers
as today's breaths quiet and die

DeaBeePea 6-2-17


So many visions

That Skye-dog so bright

Independent and rugged

Of diehard bite

Malted barley is vatted

Blended or single

Down the throat

It’s a tantalizing tingle

That non-bifurcated skirt

With pleats at the rear

Royal Stewart or Black Watch

A sporran to revere

The place of the Gaels

Ben Nevis to rise

As the taiga biome roams

To the  Inverness skies

Savoury sheep’s pluck

Onion, oatmeal and suet

Not immediately appealing

But delicious, who knew it!

The Bard of Ayrshire

A pioneer of romance

The ploughman’s poet

A bluntly lyrical dance

The rocks they slide

in an attempt to be shot

over pebbles of ice

where the battle is fought

to end this tribute

on a thorny note

we raise our glass to the thistle

and it’s lavender coat

DeaBeePea  6-22-17

The Strawberry Shortcake Experience

In England began

In the century 16

Biscuit and fruit

As dessert cuisine

Hot butter , sweet-cream

With those berries so bright

For fruit harvest parties

a chance to delight

a touch of juice

is always right

coating the cake

in syrupy sprite

Then later the French

In 1910

Donned whipped cream on top

With a large dollop

The Cambridge favourite

Was… so juicy and red

Quartered and sugared

On this cake-like bread

No… this is not a rag doll

Complete with freckles

Red yarn curls

And strawberry decals (deckles)

But it is a way

To enter Strawberryland

To immerse in ambrosia

So nectarous and grand

DeaBeePea 6-23-17

Summer Song

This summer melody
On glassy lakes
buzzing flies
and dandelion flakes

birds in chirp
and wind through the reeds
finding their way
through lacustrine weeds

the colours of music
so green and yellow
the warmth and whispers
so soft and mellow

each paddles stroke
cautious and gentle
and interwoven chatter
the wake sentimental

speaking of love
and shoreline romance
the arching sun
in its rays of dance

so percussive and terse
the rain’s interjection
Nature’s reminder
Of magical perfection

Waterfalls and pebbles
Bubbling a theme
A ballad of pleasure
In a piccolo stream

The lapping of water
against the docks
and in the distance
the chiming of clocks

the day is long
the orchestra is tired
the sun is setting
as night is inspired

My dancing stops
As the canticle concludes
An after-solstice pause
Before my next etude

Autumn is calling
But on this day
The warmth of my heart
In in poetic play

DeaBeePea 6-23-17


shine little glow worm
shimmer, shimmer
subdued and tremulous
in a modest glimmer

gleaming faintly
not to over-expose
quivering in stillness
in quiet repose

vibrating in sunlight
as heat waves reflect
your glossy jacket
a squirming reflect

the faint light unsure
of entozoon identity
but no, it's the star
so let's practise lenity

without your shine
you have no defence
but your crowning glory, is

DeaBeePea 6-24-17

that poor little shimmer
had no glimmer of hope
there was no faint light
to allow him to cope

he was veiled and tremulous
and sporadically glistened
wanting to rest
before his consciousness listened

"I don't want to be sporadic"
he declared with dread
just give me shade
so I can go to bed

then I can stop my flickering
and be a modest glow
shining in silence
and be a starlit show

DeaBeePea 6-24-17

that poor little shimmer had no glimmer of hope there was no faint light to allow him to cope he was veiled and tremulous and sporadically glistened wanting to rest before his consciousness listened "I don't want to be sporadic" he declared with dread just give me shade so I can go to bed

then I can stop my flickering and be a modest glow shining in silence and be a starlit show DeaBeePea 6-24-17

I’m Glad I …

I’m glad I’m happy

being me

it took a while

but now I can see

I’m glad I like people

It makes life easier

And makes my nature

A little,more pleasier

I’m glad I like jazz

It really swings

And inspires me

Like no other thing

But of course there are books

by Dickens and Woolf

I’m glad I like them

But that’s not enoof

I’m also glad

That I like wine

Both red and white

Fresh from the vine

And I’m glad there’s beer

Now of microbrewery fame

From porter to pilsener

It’s a heady game

And not to forget

I’m glad that I write

Espousing my nonsense

My mind in flight

So in summation

I’m glad my being

Offers quite a variety

A soulful freeing

DeaBeePea 6-25-17


As summer blooms before

and we feel the warmth of light

we celebrate God's children

with a playful innocent delight

Lucian's eyes are twinkling

with that magic glow of wonder

and his little feet are twitching

to those voices... that sound like thunder!

we pray for his health and future

and his special place with the Lord

and Bless dear Nick and Jamie

to a life of joyous accord

DeaBeePea 6-25-17


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