past midnight

I slow

quiet and dark

in starlit glow

world asleep

the lights are dimmed

sometimes a storm

as the tree is trimmed

the wind and I

a hissing dialogue

ear to eye

snapping branches

ideas that crack

windows rattle

wine in self prattle

horizontl motions

remote decisions

the old movie speaks

lovers caress

with words in elegant leak

secrets spread

to past of dead

futue planned

conformity banned

mid-morning awakening

too late for some

so afternoon beckons

in a matter of seconds

the wee hours

large in passion

high in imaginations tower

DeaPea 11-20-14


no one is one

she is a gem I tell

...engraved in shell

an ocean of serenity

relieved in image

freedom in gold visage

walking in intaglio

a silhouette of gentility

oval ornamental

singing at onyx

jazz in Tazza

dancing on piazza

resting in agate

a magical spell

a hardstone of belle

Victorian and glyptic

porting in vase

triple in phase

spreading flowers

in blacas sheen 

oil of the olive to preen

each frame kisses

her life and her dreams

feeding the dove

...soaking her love

DeaPea 11-16-14


Contour lines

and pine tree knots

stuck like cells

newspaper thoughts

purple paws

a people eater

no thumb to grow

New Year's tail flows

nose like shoe

flange that scents

finding clue

to invaded rents

a heliotrope ballet

listening to prey

snake-like creep

over old movie sky

the turquoise ears

in harmony with iris

shrewd as partners aligned

crawling in headlines

friend or foe

a zigzag purpose

scant in frame

and free of blame

DeaPea 12-5-14


a paradox of vision

choosing the valve

that gives me safety

without restrictive delve

I don't want walls

or boundaries of glass

or rules to ridicule

my celebrative chasse

my juices flow

in searching waters

that serve to oceans

of infinite mater

my nutrition not sprinkled

on the surface of home

but planted throughout

my journey of poem

cheating rhymes

and humour sublime

temporary walls

that we hold in climb

we need the courage

to break down the barriers

and speak out against

those prejudice carriers

so I swim and float

in a place remote

but sharing love

with a passionate quote

DeaPea 12-4-14


bluebirds brave

coloured storm

flashes of brilliance

with beaks they pave

sunset flashes

orange dashes

feathers transfixed

windy crash

bursts of green

blown leaves in scream

eyes imposed

on hurricane's pose

explosions of red

flames of destruction

infernous wings

fearless deduction

quelling nests

peace transpires

fowl are safe

flock of choirs

DeaPea 11-28-14

Bed of Leaves

Orange signs

leaves and shivers

kaleidoscope eyes

November quivers

fearful blue

furrowed brow

coat is new

for winter's mew


The Chilly Treatment

I got home late

expected fate

cold shoulder treat

no kiss today

anniversary forgot

no flowers bought

the couch in slumber

cold chili pot



what happens to glitter

if you try to split it

does it twinkle more

or is shine afrittered

dissecting sequins

adhesion breaks

slicing stars

flying to Mars

snowy crystals

cracked by feet

moonlights cast

defracting the shiny bleat

glitter reproduced

exponential growth

photosynthesized spirit

of Christmas wroath

dancing gloss

spruces floss

glitter is perennial

in festive centennial

DeaPea 12-1-14

Glittery 2

Shining image of Carole Lombard is a sequined gown...

movie star

spangled constellation

paillettes in flicker

diamantes reflection

multiple facets

slap stick humour

glittering glamour

Indus Valley clamour

zecchino zest

In Name Only

dressed in heart

passionate start

floral embroideries

haltered neckline

tulle ball celebration

Basqued in waistline

tea-length hem

Silhouette of time

Twentieth Century shine

pouf shouldered to dine

tiny cap sleeves

spaghetti straps

bustling skirts reclaim

the numbing crashing fame

DeaPea 12-1-14



the rippling tide

rolls up on sand

as I watch each second

it's changing band

ever quiet

carpeting beach

tickling feet

teasing in reach

foaming with joy

a salty smile

back and forth

in pendulum style

drawing lines

sedimentary letters

a history of time

that infinity fetters

the castles tumble

as moats surround

as children sleep

in nightly sound


Shore 2

I dance in luau

on shimmering sand

listening to laughter

the beaches band

echoes from castles

and volleyball screams

and beautiful curves

and bikini dreams

surfboards flying

umbrellas shading

towels spread

seagulls parading

a lifeguard scanning

as swimmers play

and reddened backs

on clear display

DBP 11-29-14

Shore 3

I love my fries

with cajun spice

near the sand

on beachside stand

but the gulls desire

to invade my poutine

so I run and hide

to escape their routine

DeaPea 11-29-14

Shore 4

Do I dare to walk

on the beach in day

with my speedos on

in clear display

I'd have to be crazy

to try such a thing

they'd laugh at me

or tomatoes to fling

DBP 11-29-14

Shore 5

I walked to the beach

and noticed something funny

things seemed different

although it was sunny

people were laying

relaxed in mood

but then I realized

my God...they're all nude...

DeaPea 11-29-14

Trail Mix Journey

A Dharma bum

a mix of mud and raisin

using my scroggin

in nature's raising

smoozing my schmogle

at sultana's feet

orange peel speed

viewing grains in soil's peat

Sodden moss

and wineskin's chamois

cranberry stains

bee balm in rain

Pumpkin seed stones

touching heels

orange sun

and banana chip leaves

Shredded trunk

and coconut flowers

almond branches

dandelion showers

and pretzeled roots

touched by boots

painted marks

on motionless barks

Merging in diakcsmege law

a harmonious studentska miks

Sweat and awe

negating saws

my glucose imagination

holy studentenfutter!

my feet do stutter

but my spirit in creation

DeaPea 11-28-14

Alice Doesn't Live There Anymore

don't they know

the signs of vacancy

a place that attracts

those in vagrancy

they keep delivering

local news

but no one's home

to depart views

but someone takes it

or else there'd be many

stuck in the door

cud for jenny

the lock awaits

the golden key

private fare

for holder to see

the news is good

she is well

moved to seashore

in wavelets swell

a few belongings

unsure of peril

old floppy disks

and a rusty barrel

DeaPea 11-30-14


I mean to put things

away until spring

but I sometimes forget

but really I'm lying

I don't forget at all

just lazy and denying

I look out the glass

at seasonal pass

no leaves to shade

my view over glade

the barbeque rests

under cotton sprinkles

the umbrella tilts

from winters wind that crinkles

my footsteps on deck

lock almost frozen

banging and smashing

in impatient thrashing

temper, temper I say

then laugh, no dismay

out front I ponder

looking over yonder

then see in the foreground

stuff to impound

the lawn mower shivers

next to wood pile quivers

but it's early December

time to remember

that maybe a thaw

will regroup my paws

DeaPea 12-2-14


Orange butterfly flowers

oaken hand to catch

commotion in infinite cage

transforming skies to sage

olive emeralds sing

spinning forest ring

wings of petal dance

in mornings quiet prance

DeaPea 11-16-14


when I ponder

what DooDads should do

how much they should try

and nurture anew

looking before

I think more and more

about all my errors

they bring back terrors!

I guess I wasn't perfect

but I tried to infect

encouragement and love

and help from above...

DeaPea 11-17-14



I wonder what it would like

To empty the brain so chock-full

Of nuts and illusions

And fantastic heart-felt delusions


Meditation is an attempt

But it’s never worked

But I suppose I’ll keep trying

But my brain isn’t buying


Ringing off verse

Is something I do

Frequently and with gusto

Calm I must though


Or maybe I’m just meant

To be a whirling dervish

Without much control

But having fun, on my creative stroll 

DeaBeePea 6-4-16



as I recall the time

the progress was slow

mostly in mime

the Coppermine Journey

and Affluent Society

... Pointe-aux-Coques

our literary Diety

Ellen Fairclough  

carving a path

that was started by many

and finished in wrath

the Arrow took off

in streamlined infamy

but was later throttled

by those lacking industry

the peacemaker took over

a Liberal legend

but politics won

over logic unimagined

Now that April's Here  

please Girdie Me a Globe

travelling tips anew

as mobility dons it's robe

but Lost Villages drown

in the seaway project

and Springhill crashes

seventy-four lives wrecked

but I was 5

ne'er a thought transmitted

except for curiosity

and the cats it knitted

DeaBeePea 6-4-16

Small Island

finger and thumb
forming a circle
encompassing paradise
in a telescopic rhumb

my soul engages
a vacation of dreams
meditating perfection
proposing infinite age

my Darwinian life
spreads like a blanket
kissing the earth
the quilt of rife

I then arise, and dance
... through the labyrinth
from shore to shore
with an inward glance

a sense of happiness startles
and loneliness rears
its bitter face
the impact fatal

so I embrace the joy
of freedoms repast
and pray for the moment
of nirvanas employ

DeaBeePea 6-7-16


I saw a photo
of three coot chicks
I'm speaking of the water birds
not the girls with lipstick

they look so frazzled
rusty manes in a mess
face in blush
looking somewhat distressed

their beaks are glistening
in a fuchsian glare
and the black ring of courage
strangles their stare

I don't want to hear
about the tousling and such
because they are so "coot"
and I like them so much

DeaBeePea 6-8-16

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