Locke to Lyons

Katherine Locke



Straight From the Shoulder, The Seventh Cross 1944, Wilson, The Snake Pit 1948, People Will Talk 1951,

Flesh and Fury, A Certain Smile 1958

Gene Lockhart



      Carousel 1956, Joan of Arc, The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit, Madame Bovary, Miracle on 34th Street 1947,

The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Cynthia, Going My Way, The Shocking Mrs, Pilgrim, The Devil and Daniel Webster 1941,

They Died With Their Boots On 1941, Meet John Doe, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, His Girl Friday 1940, Dr. Kildare Goes Home,

A Christmas Carol 1938, Sweethearts, Algiers, Jean Eagels 1957, The Vanishing American, Down Among the Sheltering Palms,

Face to Face 1952Rhubarb, Apartment for Peggy 1948, The House on 92nd Street 1945, Madame Curie, Mission to Moscow,

The Gay Sisters 1942,  The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, Blondie, Of Human Hearts, Smilin' Through 1922,

Crime and Punishment 1935, Brides Are Like That, The Garden Murder Case, The Gorgeous Hussy, 

June Lockhart




       Wesley, Lost In Space 1998, Sleep With Me, Strange Invaders, Easy to Wed 1946, Keep Your Powder Dry, Miss Annie Rooney,

 The White Cliffs of Dover, Adam Had Four Sons, Sergeant York 1941All This, and Heaven Too 1940,  Meet Me In St. Louis 1944,

 Son of Lassie 1945, T-Men, Time Limit, Curse of the Black Widow 1977, Butterfly, The Night They Saved Christmas 1984,

 Deterrence, Forever and a Day 1943

Kathleen Lockhart



     A Christmas Carol 1938, Blondie 1938, Bewitched 1945, Mother Wore Tights, The Glenn Miller Story 1954,

 Plymouth Adventure, Brides Are Like That 1936, Mister Cinderella, Career Women, Men Are Such Fools, Sweethearts 1938,

Mission to Moscow, Lady in the Lake 1947, Gentleman's Agreement 1947, 

Gary Lockwood 



             Night of the Scarecow 1995, Model Shop, 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968, They Came to Rob Las Vegas,

It Happened at the World's Fair 1963, Terror in Paradise, The Magic Sword, Splendour in the Grass 1961, Warlock 1959,

Wild in the Country 1961, The Seven Curses of Lodac, R.P.M. 1970, Stand Up and be Counted,

The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One (TV movie) 1974Project: Kill 1976, Survival Zone,

The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (TV movie) 1987, 

Margaret Lockwood

Lorna Doone, The Case of Gabriel Perry 1935, Someday, Jury's Evidence, The Beloved Vagabond,

The Street Singer, Doctor Syn, Melody and Romance, Rulers of the Sea, The Lady Vanishes 1938, 

Alibi, Night Train to Munich 1940Dear Octopus 1943, Love Story, The Wicked Lady 1945, Bedelia, 

Jassy 1937Pygmalion (TV) 1938, Highly Dangerous, Cardboard Cavalier 1949, Trent's Last Case 1952,

Captain Brassbound's Conversation (TV) 1953, Cast a Dark Shadow,

The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella



Barbara Loden




Wild River, Splendor in the Grass 1961, The Glass Menagerie (TV) 1966, Wanda 1970

John (Davis) Lodge



           The Woman Accused 1933, Little Women 1933, The Scarlet Empress 1934, The Little Colonel. The Tenth Man, Sensation,

Premiere 1938, Bulldog Drummond at Bay 1937Bank Holiday, Lightening Conductor 1938, Ourselves Alone, 

Jeanette Loff




Young April 1926, Uncle Tom's cabin, My Friend From India, The Black Ace, Man-Made Women, Love Over Night 1928, 45 Calibre War, Compromised 1929, Party Girl 1929, King of Jazz, The Boudoir Diplomat, St. Louis Woman 1934, Flirtation 1934, Million Dollar Baby

Arthur Loft



Risky Business 1939, Ice Follies of 1939, Street of Missing Men, The Girl Fron Nowhere, Pride of the Bluegrass, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Cafe Hostess, The Roaring Twenties 1939, Double Alibi, The Crooked Road, Colorado, The Saint in Palm Springs, Life Begins for Andy Hardy 1941, Texas, Good Morning, Doctor,  Blue, White and Perfect, Secrets of G32, The Male Animal 1942, Broadway 1942, Dr. Broadway, Night in New Orleans, Orchestra Wives 1942, Girl Trouble, The Glass Key 1942, Mission to Moscow, Crazy to Kill, Silver Spurs, Wintertime, Jack London, Charlie Chan and the Secret Service, Buffalo Bill, The Hitler Gang, Wilson, The Woman in the Window 1944, Salty O'Rourke, Blood on the Sun, The Blonde From Brooklyn, Along Came Jones,  Uncle harry, men in Her Diary, Scarlet Street 1945, The Blue Dahlia, Traffic in Crime, Cigarette Girl,  Charlie Chan in Honolulu, The Lady Objects, I Am the Law, City Streets 1938, The Main Event, Extortion, Rawhide, Who Killed Gail Preston?, The Circus Shadow, Paid to Dance, Public Cowboy #1, Woman in Distress, Night Waitress, Winterset 1936Legion of Terror 1936, Ace Drummond, Postal Inspector, Two-Fisted Gentleman, Shakedown, Parole!, The Music Goes 'Round, The Lone Wolf Returns, Girl in the Case, On Probation, Stand Up and Cheer!, Secrets of Hollywood, Behind Jury Doors

Cecilia Loftus



     The Old Maid 1939, The Black Cat, Lucky Partners, It's a Date, The Blue Bird 1940, Dead End Kids at Military School,

Once in a Blue Moon 1935, Young Sinners, Doctor's Wives 1931East Lynne, Diana of Dobson's, A Lady of Quality 1913

Ella Logan                                                    



      Flying Hostess 1936, Top of the Town, 52nd Street 1937, Woman Chases Man, The Goldwyn Follies 1938

Jacqueline Logan                     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacqueline_Logan


              A Perfect Crime 1921, White and Unmarried, Burning Sands 1922, Salomy Jane, The Light That Failed,

The Dawn of a Tomorrow 1924, Manhatten, When the Door Opened, The King of Kings 1927, The Leopard Lady, The Cop,

The River Woman, The Bachelor Girl 1929 , The Middle Watch, Nothing to Wear 1928

Robert Loggia                                                     

http://www.nndb.com/people/318/000023249/                                          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bcmu2WTNauQ

       The Garment Jungle 1957, The Cop Hater, Cattle King, The Greatest Story Ever Told 1965, The Three Sisters, First Love,

Speedtrap, An Officer and a Gentleman 1982, Jagged Edge 1985, Scarface, Overnight Sensation, Prizzi's Honor 1985, That's Life,

Big 1988, Opportunity Knocks, The Marrying Man, Harvest , Funny Money, Grand Theft Auto III, Cold Blooded 1995,

Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8 1987, The Last Tattoo, Gladiator 1992Independence Day 1996

Herbert Lom



                      The Young Mr. Pitt 1942, The Dark Tower, Snowbound, Portrait From Life 1948, Night and the City,

Mr. Denning Drives North 1952, The Net, War and Peace, I Accuse! 1958The Big Fisherman, Spartacus 1960,

The Phantom of the Opera, A Shot in the Dark 1964  , Dorian Gray, Dark Places, The Return of the Pink Panther, Asylum 1972

Hopscotch, The Man With Bogart's Face 1980, the Lady Vanishes, Skeleton Coast, Curse of the Pink Panther 1983,

The Dead Zone 1983, , Going Bananas, Ten Little Indians, Son of the Pink Panther 1993

Herbert Lomas



        The Magic Box 1952, The Man Within 1947, Welcome, Mr. Washington, Inquest 1939, The Lion Has Wings,

 Jamaica Inn 1939Fire Over England 1937, The Black Mask, Java Head, The Man From Toronto 1933, Perfect Understanding,

 Daughters of Today, Hobson's Choice, The Net 1953, The Dark Tower 1943, Rembrandt 1936, Fame 1936, Lorna Doone,

 When London Sleeps, The Sign of Four: Sherlock Holmes' Greatest Case 1932, The Sign of Four,

Audrey Long



        Indian Uprising, Cavalry Scout, The Petty Girl, Desperate 1947, Born to Kill 1947, A Game of Death 1945, Pan-Americana,

 A Night of Adventure, Eagle Squadron 1942

Richard Long



        The Stranger, Ma and Pa Kettle 1949, The Egg and I 1947, Kansas Raiders, Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town,

 Saskatchewan 1954Cult of the Cobra, Fury at Gunsight Pass, House on Haunted Hill, Follow the Boys 1963,

 Tokyo After Dark 1959, He Laughed Last 1956, Playgirl 1954, The All American, The Stranger,  The Life of Riley 1949,

 Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm, Tomorrow is Forever 1946,

Walter Long



City of Missing Girls 1941, Dillinger, Fighting Mad, Union Pacific, Pick a Star, Drift Fence, Annie Oakley, Naugty Marietta, Operator 13 1934The Thin Man 1934, Six of a Kind, Blondie Johnson, Dragnet Patrol, Pardon Us, The Maltese Falcon 1931, Beau Bandit, Moby Dick 1930, All Square 1928, Eve's Leaves, Raffles 1925, The Verdict, The Lady, Wine, Desire 1923The Shock 1923, My American Wife, Shadows, Blood and Sand, The Sheik 1921, The Fire Cat, Excuse My Dust, Scarlet Days 1919, Joan the Woman, Unprotected, Intolerance: Love's Struggles Through the Ages 1916, Daphne and the Pirate, The Birth of a Nation 1915, The Avenging Conscience 1913

Adele Longmire



Battle Circus, The Turning Point 1952, Something for the Birds, With a Song in My Heart 1952, Peopel Will Talk, Bullet Scars 1942

Anne Loos

Hitler's Children, Carolina Blues 1944, What a Woman!, Together Again, Ever Since Venus, Once Upon a Time, 

Jam Session 1944, Pillow to Post, A Guy, a Gal and a Pal, Rough, Tough and Ready, Over 21 1945, Hannah Lee, Pushover,

My Sister Eileen 1955, The Solid Gold Cadillac 1956, The Music Man 1962, All My Darling Daughters 1972, 

My Darling Daughters' Anniversary 



Marjorie Lord



     Border Cafe, Girls' School, New Orleans 1947, The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair,

 The Adventures of Smilin' Jack, The Argyle Secret, Johnny Come Lately 1943Masked Raiders, Chain Gang 1950, Stop that Cab,

 Rebel City, Port of Hell, Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number 1966, Sherlock Holmes in Washington 1943, Riding High 1950

Louise Lorimer



To Mary- With Love, Gangster's Boy, Manhattan Heartbeat, Gentleman's Agreement, 

Once More My Darling, The Snake Pit, Mister 880, The Heiress, The Glass Menagerie, 

The Prowler 1951, The People Against O'Hara, Japanese War Bride, Crazylegs 1953, 

Wonder Valley, The Benny Goodman Story, Mr. Corey, Compulsion 1959, 

The Young Philadelphians, -30- 1959, Ada,  Marnie 1964, The Impossible Years,

The Choirboys

Marion Lorne



                    Strangers on a Train 1951, The Girl Rush, The Graduate 1967, 

Louise Lorraine



Beyond the Law 1932, The Jade Box, The Diamond Master, Shadows of the Night, The Wright Idea, Chinatown Charlie, French Leave, Hard Fists, Rookies, Winners of the Wilderness 1927, Exit Smiling, Pals 1925, The Verdict 1925, The Oregon Trail, Fighting Blood, The Altar Stars, The Radio King, The Runaway Bride, With Stanley in Africa, Adventures of Tarzan 1921, The Flaming Disc, Elmo the Fearless

Shots: Babes in Hollywood, The Wages of Cinema, The Taming of the Shrewd, Sweetie, The Siege of the Lancashire Queen, Little Red Riding Hood, The WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1922, The Outlaw, A Movie Hero 1920

Peter Lorre



     The Maltese Falcon 1941 , M, 1931 The Comedy of Terrors, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961,

 The Buster Keaton Story 1957, Beat the Devil, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1954, The Vedict, The Constant Nymph,

 Casablanca 1942, Stranger on the Third Floor 1940, All Through the Night, Mr. Moto's Last Warning 1939,

 The Man Who Knew Too Much, Crime and Punishment 1935, Bomben auf Monte Carlo, The Patsy 1964, The Raven,

 Tales of Terror, Silk Stockings 1957, Quicksand 1950, My Favourite Brunette, Three Strangers, Arsenic and Old Lace 1944,

 Strange Cargo, Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation, Mr. Moto's Gamble, Crack-Up,     


Joan Lorring




         The Midnight Man 1974, The Big Night, Good Sam, The Lost Moment, The Other Love, Song of Russia 1944, 

The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1944, The Corn Is Green 1945, The Verdict,

Jacques Lory



The Razor's Edge 1946, Of Human Bondage 1946, Heartbeat, Yolanda and the Thief, The Falcon in Hollywood, Rhapsody in Blue 1945, Action in Arabia, Paris After Dark, The Leopard Man, Casablanca 1942, I Take This Woman, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Dramatic School 1938, Suez 1938, Marie Antoinette, Fools for Scandal, Maytime, Cafe Metropole 1937, The Firefly, The Road to Glory, The Merry Widow, Topaze, Our Blushing Brides

Anita Louise



             Bulldog Drummond at Bay, Blondie's Big Moment, Nine Girls 1944, Dangerous Blondes, The Sisters 1938 ,

 Marie Antoinette, My Bill 1938A Midsummer Night's Dream 1935, Anthony Adverse 1936, The Story of Louise Pasteur 1935,

Millie, That Certain Woman 1937, Madame DuBarry, The Bandit of Sherwood Forest 1946, Love Letters, The Gorilla, 

Green Light 1937, The Most Precious Things in Life, Millie 1931


Tina Louise



God's Little Acre 1958, The Hangmsan, Day of the Outlaw, Armored Command, Fanfare for a Death Scene (TV), 

For Those Who Think Young 1964, The Seventh Floor, The Wrecking Crew, How to Commit Marriage 1969, 

The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, The Happy Ending 1969, But I Don't Want to Get Married! (TV), The Stepford Wives 1975, 

Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby (TV), Nightmare in Badham Country, SST: Death Flight (TV) 1977,

The Kentucky Fried Movie, Mean Dog Blues, Advice to the Lovelorn (TV), Friendships Secrets and Lies (TV),  Canicule,

Hell Riders, O.C. and Stiggs, Evils of the Night, The Pool, Dixie Lanes, Johnny Suede, Welcome to Woop Woop 1997, 

Growing Down in Brooklyn, West From North Goes South 2004

Bessie Love



     Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages 1916, The Sawdust Ring, Polly Ann, The Midlanders, Gentle Julia,

 The Vermilion Pencil, The Lost World, The Broadway Melody, The Barefoot Contessa 1954, Nowhere to Go,

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone 1961, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Ragtime, The Hollywood Revue 0f 1929 1929, The Magic Box, 

The Story of Esther Costello, The Greengage Summer, Vampyres 1974, Children of the Damned, Isadora,

I'll Never Forget What's His Name, Reds 1981Lady Chatterley's Lover 1981, Gulliver's Travels (voice) 1971, Ragtime

Montagu Love



     The King of Kings 1927, The Noose 1928, The Wind,  Bulldog Drummond 1929, His Double Life 1933, The Crusades,

 Limehouse Blues, The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo 1935, The Prince and the Pauper 1937,

 The Life of Emile Zola 1937, The Prisoner of Zenda, The Adventures oRobin Hood 1938, Gunga Din, Juarez,

 The Man In the Iron Mask 1939, Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet 1940, Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror 1942,

 The Devil and Mrs. Jones, The Sea Hawk, Northwest Passage 1940, Little Old New York 1923The Crusades,

 Lloyd's of London, Shining Victory, The Mark of Zorro, The Constant Nymph 1943, Devotion

Frank Lovejoy




   Julie 1956, Shack Out on 101 1955, Cole Younger, Gunfighter, Beachhead, Strategic Air Command 1955,

 I Was a Communist for the FBI 1951, House of Wax 1953, The Hitch-Hiker, In a Lonely Place 1950, Home of the Brave,

 Retreat, Hell!, Black Bart 1948, I'll See You In My Dreams 1951

Celia Lovsky



The Foxes of Harrow, Letter from an Unknown Woman, The Snake Pit 1948, Chicago Deadline, Bright Leaf, Night into Morning, 

The People Against O'Hara 1951, The Blue Gardenia, Three Coins in the Fountain, Foxfire, New York Confidential 1955

Death of a Scoundrel, The Opposite Sex 1956, Man of a Thousand Faces, Twilight for the Gods, Crash Landing, I, Mobster 1959, 

The Gene Krupa Story 1959, Hitler, 36 Hours 1965, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1968

Edmund Lowe



    Dillinger 1945, Someone Must Pay, Eyes of Youth, The Last Call, The Spirit of Evil, East of Suez, Ports of Call, East Lynne,

 In Old Arizona, What Price Glory? 1926The Slippery Pearls, The Cisco Kid, Chandu the Magician, Dinner at Eight 1933,

 The Garden Murder Case 1936, King Solomon of Broadway, Espionage, The Girl on the Front Page, Heller in Pink Tights 1960,

 The Strange Mr. Gregory, Dangerous Blondes, The Witness Vanishes, The Last Hurrah 1958, Goodnight, Paul 1918, Transatlantic 1931, Born Reckless

Carey Lowell



            Empire Falls (TV), Fierce Creatures 1997, Leaving Las Vegas 1995, Love Affair, Sleepless in Seattle 1993,

 The Guardian, License to Kill 1989, Me and Him, Club Paradise, Dangerously Close

Helen Lowell



The Virtuous Model, Isn't Life Wonderful 1924, Madame Du Barry, Midnight Alibi, The Dragon Murder Case 1934, Side Streets, 

The Case of the Howling Dog, The Goose and the Gander, Transient Lady, Valiant Is the Word for Carrie 1936, Dr. Socrates,

Living on Velvet, Maybe It's Love, Page Miss Glory 1935, I'd Give My Life, Michael O'Halloran, She Had to Eat, The Go Getter,

Racketeers in Exile, Snowed Under

Judith Lowry



             The Miracle of Morgan's Creek 1944, 13 Rue Madeline 1947, the Miracle Worker 1962, Andy,

  The Trouble With Angels 1966, Valley of the Dolls 1966, The Night They Raided Minsky's, Sweet Charity,

  On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, Cold Turkey 1971, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds 1972 ,

  The Anderson Tapes 1971, 

Morton Lowry



   The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939 , The Little Princess 1939, Winter Carnival, Hudson's Bay, Charley's Aunt 1941,

 A Yankee in the R.A.F., Tarzan Finds a Son, How Green Was My Valley 1941, The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe, The Verdict 1946,

 Calcutta, Corvette K-225, Pursuit to Algiers,  The Story of Dr. Wassell, The Unwritten Code 1944,

 The Picture of Dorian Gray 1945, The Son of Lassie, Too Hot to Handle 1960

Wilfred Lucas





Ingomar, the Barbarian (short) 1908, The Renunciation (short), The Two Paths (short), His Trust: That Faithful and Self-Sacrifice of an Old Negro Servant (short) 1911, Three Sisters (short), His Daughter (short), The Spanish Gypsy (short), In the Days of '49 (short), The Primal Call (short), The Rose of Kentucky (short), The Long Road (short), As in a Looking Glass (short) 1911, The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch (short), The Girl and Her Trust 1912, Fate's Interception (short), Leena and the Geese (short), In the North Woods (short), The Chief's Blanket (short), Their Husbands (short) 1913A Florentine Tragedy (short) 1913, Baffles (short), Acquitted, Macbeth 1916, A Wild Girl of the Sierras, Intolerances: Love's Struggles Throughout the Ages 1915, The Rummy, A Love Sublime 1917, Souls Triumphant 1917, Sins of Ambition, The Westerners, A Woman of Pleasure, The Breaking Point 1921, Through the Back Door 1921, The Beautiful Liar, Flesh and Blood 1922, Jazzmania 1923, Trilby, Innocence, Daughters of Pleasure, Cornered, On Probation, Youth's Gamble, The Bad Lands, The Sorrows of Satan, Clipped Wings, The Arizona Kid, Just Imagine 1930, Cracked Nuts, Politics, Caught, Pardon Us, Monkey Busines 1931, The Phantom, Convicted 1931, Cross-Examination, The Silver Lining, Working Wives, What Price Hollywood?, Big City Blues, The Secrets of Wu Sin, The Dragon Murder Case, The Unwritten Law, Lucky Larrigan, Racetrack, The Intruder, The Three Musketeers 1933, The Big Cage, The Sphinx, Strange People 1933, Mary Stevens M.D., Blood Money, The House on 56th Street, Advice to the Lovelorn, I Cover the Waterfront 1933, The Lost Jungle, Upperworld, The Count of Monte Cristo, Cleopatra 1934, Love Time, Naughty Marietta, Charlie Chan in Paris, Stranded, The Arizonian, Stormy, I Found Stella Parish 1935, Tainted Money, The Lady Consents, The Country Doctor, The White Angel 1936Modern Times 1936, The Devil-Doll, Dimples, Mary of Scotland 1936, California Mail, Black Legion 1937, Dick Tracy, Marked Woman 1937, Hot Water, The Westland Case, Marie Welewska, Checkers, Night Spot, Rascals, Safety in Numbers, Four Daughters 1938, Brother Rat 1938Angels With Dirty Faces 1938, Woman in the Wind, 6,000 Enemies, Each Dawn I Die 1939, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939Four Wives 1939Virginia City 1940A Chump at Oxford 1940,  Edison, the Man, Waterloo Bridge 1940, Brother Orchid, They Drive by Night, The Sea Wolf

Claire Luce

Under Secret Orders, Over She Goes, Let's Make a Night Of It, Vintage Wine 1935, Lazybeans, Up the River 1930, 



Susan Luckey


The Music Man 1962, Carousel 1956, Teenage Rebel, Deep in My Heart 1954


Arnold Lucy



     School Days 1921 , Masquerade, All Quiet on the Western Front 1930Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde 1931,

 The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934, Sherlock Holmes, The Rise of Catherine the Great, Victoria the Great,

 The Devil's Toy 1916, Good References 1920, Unfaithful 1931, 

Laurette Luez



Ballad of a Gunfighter, Flower Drum Song, Man-Trap, The Adventures of Hajji Baba 1954, Jungle Gents, Valley of the Kings, 

Paris Model, Siren of Bagdad, African Treasure, Prehistoric Woman 1950, Kim 1950, D.O.A. 1950, Anna and the King of Siam , 

Unfaithfully Yours, Killer Shark, The Story of Dr. Wassell

Bela Lugosi



Bride of the Monster, 1955, Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla 1952,  Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein 1948,

The Body Snatcher, Zombies on Broadway, Return of the Ape Man, Voodoo Man 1944, The Ape Man 1943,

The Ghost of Frankenstein 1942The Wolf Man 1941, The Devil Bat, Black Friday, The Saint's Double Trouble,

Son of Frankenstein 1939Murder by Television, The Raven 1935,  Mark of the Vampire,  The Mysterious Mr. Wong,

The Black Cat 1934, White Zombie, The Death Kiss, The Black Camel 1931The Midnight Girl 1925 


Paul Lukas



                    The Vanishing Woman, A Sphynx, Two Lovers, The Woman From Moscow, Captured! 1933, Halfway to Heaven,

 The Devil's Holiday, Unfaithful, Beloved Bachelor, Working Girls, Downstairs, Secret of the Blue Room 1933, Little Women 1933,

 Confessions of a Nazi Spy 1939,  By Candlelight, Gift of Gab, The Lady Vanishes 1938, Father Brown Detective, 

 The Casino Murder Case, The Three Musketeers, Strange Cargo 1940, Dodsworth, Mutiny on the Elsinore, Dinner at the Ritz,

 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1962, Watch on the Rhine 1943, Temptation, 55 Days at Peking 1963, The Roots of Heaven,

 Tender is the Night, Sol Madrid, The Challenge 1970

Keye Luke



               The Painted Veil , Charlie Chan in Paris 1935, Charlie Chan In Shanghai, King of Burlesque 1936,

 Charlie Chan at the Race Track, Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo, Phantom of Chinatown, Charlie Chan at the Opera 1936,

 The Good Earth 1937, Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble 1944, Oil for the Lamps of China, The Green Hornet Strikes Again! 1940,

 Charlie Chan at the Circus, The Casino Murder Case , Mr. and Mrs. North 1942, The Adventures of Smilin' Jack,

 Secret Agent X-9, Tokyo Rose 1946, The Sky Dragon, Manhandled, The Feathered Serpent 1948,

 Love is a Many Splendored Thing, The Bamboo Prison, Project X, Nobody's Perfect, Noon Sunday, The Hawaains 1970,

 The Amsterdam Kill, Alice, Yangtse Incident: The Story of HMS Amethyst 1957, Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders 1974,

 Alice 1990

Lulu (Lulu Kennedy-Caims)


 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lulu_(singer) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lulu_(singer)


 To Sir With Love 1967, The Cherry Picker, Alicja (voice), Men In Love,

 Whatever Happened to Harold Smith? 1999 

BarBara Luna

http://www.barbaraluna.com/  (Videos included)

Tank Battalion, Cry Tough, The Blue Angel 1959, Elmer Gantry 1960, The Devil at 4 O'Clock 1961,

Five Weeks in a Balloon, Dime With a Halo, Mail Order Bride, Synanon, Ship of Fools 1965, Winchester '73 1967, Firecreek,

Che!, The Gatling Gun, Women in Chains (TV), Gentle Savage, The Hanged Man (TV) 1974, Woman in the Rain,

They Only Come Out at Night (TV), Brenda Sta (TV), Pleasure Cove (TV), The Concrete Jungle 1982, Fool's Paradise 1997,

Lady Against the Odds (TV), Noriega: God's Favourite (TV)

William Lundigan



            The Way West 1967, Inferno, Elopement, Down Among the Sheltering Palms 1967, Love Nest, Pinky 1949, Dishonored,

  Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case 1943, Andy Hardy's Double Life 1942, The Courtship of Andy Hardy, Santa Fe Trail 1940,

 The Sea Hawk, The Old Maid 1939, Dodge City, Three Smart Girls Grow Up  1939   


Ida Lupino



The Trouble with Angels (30-Mar-1966) 
The Bigamist (3-Dec-1953) 
The Hitch-Hiker (29-Apr-1953) 
Hard, Fast and Beautiful (23-May-1951) 
Outrage (14-Oct-1950) 
Never Fear (29-Dec-1949) 

  My Boys Are Good Boys, The Devil's rain 1975, While the City Sleeps 1956, Women's Prison 1955, Jennifer,

Woman in Hiding 1950, Lust for Gold, The Man I Love, Devotion 1946In Our Time, Life Begins at Eight-thirty 1942, Moontide,

Out of the Fog 1941, The Sea Wolf 1941, High Sierra 1941, They Drive by Night 1940The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1939,

Artists & Models, Anything Goes, Smart Girl, Search for Beauty 1934, Artists & Models 1935

Helen Lynch



Women Without Names 1936, Elmer and Elsie, City Girl 1930, Emergency Call, Speakeasy, Stolen Love, Romance of the Underworld 1928, In Old Arizona, Ladies of the Mob, Thundergod,  Love and learn, Underworld, Cheaters 1927, The Return of Grey Wolf, Movie Strick, Smilin' at Trouble, Three Weeks in Paris, After Marriage 1925, Smouldering Fires, The Tomboy, American Manners 1924, On Probation, Valley of Hate, Cause for Divorce, The Dangerous Age, Minnie 1923, Glass Houses 1922, Midnight, Live and Let Live, The House That Jazz Built 1921, Scars and Bars (short), Business Before Honesty (short) 1918

Ken Lynch                                                               http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_Lynch


             Dr. Terror's House of Horrors 1965, The Plank, Carry On Loving, Days of Wine and Roses 1962, The Playbirds,

 Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair, The Riddle 2007, 

Helen Lynd



Melody in Spring, Sweet Surrender, Hats Off 1936, The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt, The Kid From Texas, 

Flight at Midnight, Of Mice and Men 1939, Lucky Partners, The Strawberry Blonde 1941, 

Power Dive, The Great Man's Lady, So Proudly We Hail! 1943, Any Number Can Play 

Paul Lynde                                                    http://www.paullynde.info/                         


       The Villain 1979, Hugo the Hippo (voice), Charlotte's Web (voice) 1973, Gidget Grows Up, How Sweet It Is!,

  The Glass Bottom Boat 1966, Beach Blanket Bingo, Send Me No Flowers 1964For Those Who Think Young,

  Under the Yum Yum Tree 1963, Bye Bye Birdie 1963, Son of Flubber, New Faces



Carol Lynley

                  The Light in the Forest, Blue Denim, Return to Peyton Place, The Last Sunset, The Stripper, Under the Yum Yum Tree 1963,

The Cardinal, Shock Treatment, The Pleasure Seekers 1964, Harlow 1965, Bunny Lake Is Missing 1965, The Maltese Bippy,

Once You Kiss a Stranger...1969, Norwood, Beware...The Blob, The Poseidon Adventure 1972, Cotter, The Elevator (TV), 

The Washington Affair, Bad Georgia Road, The Shape of Things to Come, Balboa 1986, Neon Signs, Flypaper 1999



Ann Lynn

Screamtime, Hitler: The Last Ten Days, The Love Machine, Baby Love 1967, I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname, Separation, The Uncle, Four in the Morning 1965, The Party's Over, The Black Torment, The System 1964, A Shot in the Dark 1964, Doctor in Distress, Strongroom, Flame in the Streets, Striptease Murder, The Wind of Change, Piccadilly Third Stop, Naked Fury, Moment of Indiscretion 1958, Keep it Clean, Johnny You're Wanted



Betty Lynn



 Apartment for Peggy 1948, Father Was a Fullback, Meet Me In Las Vegas, Sitting Pretty 1948, June Bride,

Mother is a Freshman 1949, Cheaper by the Dozen 1950, Payment on Demand, Take Care of My Little Girl,

Ricochet Romance 1954, Million Dollar Mermaid, Behind the Wall, The Singles 1967

Diana Lynn



The Hard-Boiled Canary, The Major and the Minor, Star Spangled Rhythm 1942, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek 1944

Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid, The Bride Wore Boots, Every Girl Should Be Married, Easy Come, Easy Go, Ruthless, 

My Friend Irma 1949, Peggy 1950, Bedtime for Bonzo, Meet Me at the Fair, Plunder of the Sun, An Annapolis Story,

You're Never Too Young 1955, The Kentuckian 

Emmett Lynn



Grandpa Goes to Town 1940, Wagon Train, The Fargo Kid,  Puddin' Head, Road Agent, Robbers of the Range,

Shepherd of the Ozarks, Westward Ho, In Old California, Joan of Ozark, Outlaws of Pine Ridge, Tomorrow we Live, 

The Sundown Kid, Carson City Cyclone, Hitler's Madman 1943, Hangmen Also Die!, The Unknown Guest, Cowboy Canteen,

Frontier Outlaws, The Laramie Trail, Goodnight, Sweetheart,  Swing Hostess, Bluebeard, When the Lights Go On Again, 

Nevada, Hollywood and Vine 1945, Shadow of Terror 1945, Both Barrels Blazing, Romance of the West,

The Man From Rainbow Valley, Santa Fe Uprising, Landrush, Stagecoach to Denver, Trails of the Mounties, Relentless,

Code of the West 1947, Ride, Ryder, Ride 1947,  Brimstone, Roll, Thunder, Roll!, Cowboy and the Prizefighter 1949, Valentino, 

The Red Badge of Courage, The Scarf, Journey Into Light, Red Mountain, Oklahoma Annie, Skirts Ahoy!, Cripple Creek,

Apache War Smoke, Sly Full of Moon, Confidentially Connie, Jubilee Trail, Bait, Northern Patrol, Ring of Fear,

Prince of Players, Stranger on Horseback, The Night of the Hunter 1955, The Twinkle in God's Eye,

The Ten Commandments 1956, The Buccaneer, 

Shorts: Shot in the Frontier 1954, Hooked and Rooked, Gold is Where You Lose It 1944, You Were Never Uglier, 

Wolf in Thief's Clothing, Cactus Capers, California or Bust 1941, 

Eleanor Lynn



         As Husbands Go 1934, You're Only Young Once 1937, The First Hundred Years 1938, The Shopworn Angel, Hold That Kiss,

  Fugitives for a Night 1938

Jeffrey Lynn                                                     http://www.answers.com/topic/jeffrey-lynn


          Four Daughters 1938, Daughters Courageous , The Roaring Twenties 1939, Four Wives 1939, Four Mothers 1941,

Whiplash, Million Dollar Baby, A Letter to Three Wives 1949, The Body Disappears, Hometown Story 1951 , Doorway to Suspicion,

Butterfield 8 1960Tony Rome 1967, Lost Lagoon, When You Were Born 1938


Leni Lynn



         Spring Song 1946, Showtime, Heaven is Round the Corner, Give Me the Stars 1945, Angels With Broken Wings, Hullabaloo,

 I Love You Again, Babes In Arms 1939, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1939, The Women 1939

Rita Lynn

A Gun in the House (TV) 1981, Madigan, Cast a Long Shadow, Joe Dakota, The Wayward Girl, East Side, West Side 1949, Western Heritage, Code of the West, Mr. Hex 1946



Sharon Lynn

Thistledown 1938Way Out West 1937, Casino de Paree, Enter Madame!, Big Executive, The Big Broadcast 1932, Too Many Cooks, Lightnin', Discarded Lovers, Men On Call, Man Trouble 1930, Wild Company, Crazy That Way, Sunnyside Up 1929, Happy Days, The One Woman idea, Fox Movietone Follies of 1929, Speakeasy 1929, Red Wine, Son of the Golden West, None But the Brave 1928, The Stranger, Clancy's Kosher Wedding, Tom's Gang, Curlytop 1924




Ben Lyon                                                    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Lyon


       The Dark Tower, Confidential Lady, I Cover the Waterfront 1933, Week Ends Only, Lady With a Past, Night Nurse 1931,

 Indiscreet 1931Hell's Angels 1930, Wine of Youth 1924

Sue Lyon



Lolita 1962, The Night of the Iguana 1964, 7 Women, Tony Rome, The Flim-Flam Man 1967, Smash Up on Interstate 5,

End of the World, Towing, Alligator, Invisible Strangler

Gene Lyons                                    http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Gene_Lyons


           The Young Don't Cry 1957, Kiss Her Goodbye, Sylvia, Daddy's Gone a -Hunting 1969

Lya Lys

Maman Colibri 1929, Morals at Midnight, Buster se Willen, Clear All Wires! 1933, The Big Brain, The Merry Widow, Jimmy as Sally, The Lives of the Bengal Lancer, George White's 1935 Scandals, The Great Gambini, The Young in Heart, The Return of Doctor X 1939, Murder in the Air 1940

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