Image 1


a caramel bug

of scorpion pods

abdominal sections

twisting nods

claws of a crab

thorax of crispness

a crunchy sound

from shoes impress

juicy sacs

that pop in a snap

leaving a mess

on grounds wet lap

legs like plate stands

reflecting swirls of light

from transluscent exoskeleton

and teeth that bite

DeaBeePea 1-29-15

The Mystery of the Chinese Lamp 


Red silk disguising blood

The lampshade murder

fringed in taunt

embossed in mystery

a gilded clue that flaunts

a detectives scud

comb on comb

softly entangled, sedate

on the vanity plate

smudgeless and calm

domed with  Kublai’s  crown

a prism like dungeon

blinding the truth

inviting a sleuth

to detect in sniff

an evenings whiff

conjures the opium

for dens of thieves

that deceit retrieves


DeaBeePea 2-2-15


betrayal a difficult gauge

hidden often, no rage

it comes in forms

so hard to decode

but hurts the most

when shrewd and bowed

friends white lies

to hide true feeling

end up destroying

respect in stealing

frankness and honesty

a girder of friendship

for lasting brotherhood

and opposite blendship

prolonged in mystery

a painful jab

waiting for answer

that appears later on slab

so most important

to clear the air

have faith in your heart

and instincts flair

DeaBeePea 2-4-15

The Mystery of the Chinese Lamp Part 2

Detective Chan

Stands upright

Absorbing sounds

That are quiet and slight


And then he detects

Zephyrs and odors

strangely balanced

in perfumous effects


everything still

to perfect in calm

exacting placements

suspicious in chill


fingerprints concealed

threads unfound

but shiny plate

is a clue revealed


the shine and fine streak

could only reflect

the use of a chamois

of particular sect


on lamp detected

a symbol of hate

and spite of wealth

for Chan to  conflate

DeaBeePea 2-7-15

Two-Way Hinge

Doors can be walls

Don’t come in

Signs of rebuke

And pending sin


Sometimes are locked

In suspicious blame

Implying dislike

which imposes shame


embarrassing noises

come from inside

groans and moans

recommended to hide


other doors demark nobility

statuesque and high

pedaments and sidelights

glorious reply


inviting us to enter

confidence abound

loyal doormen open

to mammoth organ sounds


so aperatures, are watch we choose

entranceways or barricades

slammed or open gently

hospitality and accolades


DeaBeePea 2-4-15


What a pain in the ass

Just when you think

You have a home

Someone screws you

…kicks you out

en masse

so you look and look

places are crap

dumps and dives

puny rooms

overpriced haunts

no room to cook

too far from town

if you’re a walker that is

no bicycle lanes

or markets nearby

and lots of noise

to make me frown

so  I soldier on

knowing the end

something will arise

that conjures a smile

a new place to live

with a private john!

DeaBeePea  2-1-15

Pencilled In


Starring wishes

A dancing flourish

recital of feet

confidence nourished


Erasing fright

staged  in courage

an energy forage

lead in savvy


stucco rooms

plastered in tradition

Isadora’s scarves

flowing in audition


penciled inscription

a figurine in river

more image to endorse

sensuous to deliver


2-1-15 DeaBeePea

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

a royal Academic

a historical brush

swipes of mythology and allegory


Returning to nature

joining Rousseau's philosophical haft

artificiality rebuked

civilized expression in craft

alluring air of health and youth

sensuous attractions

framing bourgeois morality

portrait of character in depth

concern and rebellion

Young girl with blue ribbon

cheeks of worry

red-haired fury

a young mathematician

penned in preeminence

Stroganov as a Child

visual transcendence

DeaBeePea 2-1-15

Image 3


warning from sorceress

mermaids encircling

words of Odyssey

sirens of songs impure

ballisitic torture

tied to mast

wings of sparrows

and bosoms of lure

puckered seduction

nose in rejection

scaled hair

and tong-like hands

rainbow journey

from crown to tail

blues eyes coated

in waters silk bands

swimming in flash

a sailors fear

rowing in escape

from enchantress drone

the legend lives

hanging to bow

the oars are snapping

like memories bone

DeaBeePea 1-29-15

I'll never go back....

the food was cold

and waitress so bold

banging plates

not worth the wait

stale bun

steak overdone

salad was brown

that made me frown

I was hoping the coffee

wasn't as thick as toffee

so I decided to tip

with a penny to flip

sarcastic reaction

a bonus of fraction

on my way out

she threw me the doubt

I just laughed in scorn

never to mourn

DeaBeePea 2-1-15 


thin skinned

is kind of gross

transparent layer

to see inside

organic mess

blood and vessels

glands and tissue

going on an autonomic ride

bones and inner bruises

arthritic sections

a liver to scorn

and heart that stutters

sanguine fluid

maybe blue, for all I know

not all that attractive

as my old heart mutters

DeaBeePea 2-2-15



I read it in audience

shocked and derailed

almost in shackles

feeling imprisoned

cold and naked

looking over

my shoulder in fear

reaching for space

a place to run

sky falling down

perspective undone

now to my anger

I see it before me

a piercing eye

raping my soul

a wealthy invasion

dollars and guns

my freedom is gone

my heart in tears

DeaBeePea 2-1-15


sometimes we feel

black and white

a newspaper of war

or old movie of love

fight or surrender

commit or resist

no chance to win

nothing seems right

we must have courage

and recognize license

we do have options

to avoid personal blight

differentiate between

obligation and want

be selfish at times

to fulfill inner vaunt

what is truly good

for us and plan

is good for others

and their dreams that can

DeaBeePea 1-31-15

Triangular World

exploration of glass

as fifteen sails

search for utopia

avoiding gales

the palm tree borealis

and symmetrical waves

invite Christophers ships

and two mystic braves

the contoured cirques

point to the west

through red streaked mountains

and black tipped quests

the golden shadows

a ominous message

from the setting sun

a burning presage

no word of shape

flat, round or three sided

the new world as blue

as Isabella's ring so guided

DeaBeePea 1-30-15

Strange Clouds

a kaleidoscope

and aggregate

a collage of fluff

black, purple, orange

a hideous rainbow

speaking gruff

soft and spongy

but course and sharp

moving in jerks

bangs and crackles

rattling windows

effect of dirks

frightening to all

a message from above

making us ponder

being told

miracles to honour

and universe to wonder

1-31-15 DeaBeePea

Fun with "X"

The pounds you lose are X-pounds
a rays widow is an X-ray
a retired cross-dresser is an X-changer
a former Cretian is an X-Crete
a former model is X-posable
a former ironer is an X-presser
turned down bids are X-tenders
a former thinker was X-pensive
a former thespian is X-acting
a old banker is an X-chequer
someone who is no longer as happy is X-pert
a harbour that's water has lowered significantly is an X-port
humanized its are X-its
a retired gardener is an X-ceeder (cheated here)
refuted allegations are X-claims
torn jeans are X-panse (cheated again)
old prairies that have evolved into hilly regions are X-plains
looking through old law books, you find X-torts
dead birds are X-terns
in a storm when you are camping, you might end up with an X-tent
when you'ver recovered from a difficult ordeal, you are in a state of X-toll

DeaBeePea 6-15-16


he died
the musical man
a throwback somewhat
those crazy fifties

he sang
in a group
rock 'n rollers
The Nifties

wild he was
not a family man
but he gave his love
with the biggest smile

he didn't adjust
to the new disco style
his Doo-Wahs continued
for the longest while

at reunions we play
his checkered-jacket stuff
in fondest memory
ne'er a needle has missed

at his wake
we formed a ring
around his memory
calling it the "Plot Twist"

DeaBeePea 6-18-18


We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,* temperature's rising,
Pola Debevoise
breath-taking, je ne sais quoi

She started a heat wave
By letting her seat wave*

my love so falling
Rose Loomis
my mind in a brumous

In such a way that*

my heart begins to flutter
in my imaginations clutter

Gee, her anatomy*

creates in my mind
thoughts that bind

We're having a heat wave,*
A tropical heat wave,

the jewel that blinds me
Lorele Lee
of silk and satin pink
shocking my senses in blink
We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,*

in societal syncopation
Sugar Kane Kowalczyk
liking it hot
cruising through my mental blot

She started a heat wave
By letting her seat wave*

a bus stops warning
watching Cherie
net stockings of glee
running from possesions knee

We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,*

a misfit of probity
Roslyn Taber
trapped in fate
deciding freedoms bait

I'm having a farewell wave
A tropical goodbye wave

Norma Jean's glow
Marilyn Monroe
her hidden tears found
in my heart, spellbound

DeaBeePea 6-18-16

* denotes "Heat Wave" by Irving Berlin

in honour of Marilyn Monroe and "Heat Wave" as performed in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"


we must be buoyant
in our perilous journey
as we become entangled
in corruption as we're dangled

we lose ourselves, occasionally
in this fettered world
as we float away
in a confusing stray

but we must hold on
and remain our truth
loyal to humanity
and maintaining perceptive sanity

as we see our image
in a floating mirror
we remain in touch
with our hearts, nonesuch

as we pass in time
the universal aquarium
is our home amidst bubbles
where love solves our troubles

DeaBeePea 6-19-16


Is it gossip
Or politeness
That hissing
From the lips

I fear the motivation
Might be
To stir some trouble
With deceitful tips

Just being seen
Whispering in ear
Creates a lot of suspicion
And curiosity all around

So people ask the question
Is that pair in tandem
Plotting against my agenda
Sending my future aground

DeaBeePea 6-20-16

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